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TSA Will Now Have Dogs Screening You At Airports.

Jul 2, 2013|

TSA confirms it is using canines to pre-screen passengers in various airports.

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In this battle my friends. Boston bulldozer. Is starting to clean up a liberal bull once again. My friend's. Major changes are now coming to security lines. Across the country and in particular. There is a test program. That is being launched at Denver international air. -- it's also being tried out in several other airports in Indianapolis in Tampa Bay in Honolulu. And they want a triumph there there pilot programs if they succeed. They're gonna want them all over the country and believe me it's gonna come to Logan Airport. So get ready for this my friends. According now to the Transportation Security Administration the TSA. It's no longer enough that we have TSA officials groping house. It's not enough now you have to go through an X ray machine. It's not enough that they have to basically. I feel you up. -- whenever they feel like kitten Momo Momo -- Now they wanna unleash sniffing dogs. I swear to you so -- Denver International Airport. There are now per canines professional box with TSA agents. Who just roamed the line it's. Sniffing. In all your -- lose your hands your pants whatever it is. And apparently they see these are extremely professional dogs very well trained they are trained to look for explosive ups. They're trained to look for potential bomb materials. They're trained to look for all sorts of potentially dangerous weapons that terrorists could use. Now the TSA is justifying this. By saying. Well yes. It's it's not it's not comfortable to have a dog. It's -- professional attack dog sniffing match you win and going through your bags in your carry on in your feet -- your -- was a -- bad. But. If you pass the test from the dog I kid you not they're saying you don't have to take your shows off. You don't have to take your belts off. It'll make it quicker for you to go through the security line. So they're saying in a way it's gonna save traveler -- Because these dogs they say are so good so professional. So meticulous. That basically there's there's no error there is no room for error. They will couch any potential bomb making material or bombs or explosives on you. Because that's how highly trained they are and how sophisticated their senses -- And so now this is being tried. At Denver International Airport along with others a couple of other airports Indianapolis Tampa Bay Honolulu. And most people interviewed according to press reports love. They love the dogs sniffing him. They love the dogs and my guess whatever you know feeling -- going around -- licking -- whatever it is the -- to do. Because if it gets them through this security line a little bit faster. Because they -- to take off their shoes or take off their belts. Because apparently the technology is not caught up to be able to catch every possible explosive. They're saying the dogs are more efficient and better than the machines. Most people seem to like having talks. To how to unleash the dogs and to have the dogs sniff them. I gotta tell you. I think it's ridiculous. This is another example of the PSA going overboard why. Because. They're already being in -- There already groping ups they're already. Touching us in our private parts they're already touching our junk. If they're already putting us through X ray machines. So now we're gonna have basically attack dogs. We're gonna have these canines. Sniffing in and and I mean this is my experience at an airport I'm waiting to board a plane. I'm waiting to get through security line and I'm gonna have a dog all over me. And and I got to go on at the TSA agent wants to feel on the upper he feels me up -- -- -- grabbing me. And then have the potential potentially even put me through an X ray machine. Because that is why get on a plane. So. We're now you notice we're slowly starting to take on the trappings of a police state big bud bit bit by bit. It's not only one shot but now they see your whole body within X ray they get their feel you up. If you did that on the street that would be considered sexual harassment. They can basically harass you now at the airport. Now they have dogs guard dogs. They just stand there and go up and down the line sniffing. Look king -- came growling menacing. But people like that because it'll save them one minute to get through the security -- as you know to take off your shoes so. The you know I mean so people seem to like that to mean. We should just do the exact opposite policy. Forget the guard dogs. Forget these eight dollar an hour TSA agents you don't have a right to grab my genitals you don't have the right to -- my body parts I'm sorry call me crazy. Why don't you just do with the Israelis do which is targeted profiling. An old lady is not a threat. An old Irish nun is not a threat she doesn't need to have a dog come up -- her. Growling. And and and sniffing this poor lady. Because somehow they think this oral eighty may have a stick of dynamite on. And and blow herself up on the plane the other thing is. The hijackers who brought down the the the Twin Towers. The the hijackers who pulled off 9/11. They used box cutters. So bad that was it. They just -- box cutters. So we're just adding another layer and another layer and another layer of so called surveillance and security. Treating everybody like common criminals. Basically like we're drug dealers. Were having aren't you know basically guard dogs were going to be sniffing -- like liquid liquid potential drug dealers. As if like it's the DDA. Looking for cocaine and somebody's back. So another indignity. Is being inflicted upon us. Because we have to treat everybody as a suspect. Because we don't wanna do any targeted profile because god forbid. That would offend the Muslim sensibilities. And the sensibilities of care and the Muslim lobby in the United States. Because we have to beat Paul or rent. And compassionate. And understand. And being. So not only am I gonna get groped. Not only do I get felt up not only am I going through X ray machines -- god forbid could give me cancer. Down the road all the -- I got to go with the growling dog. As I'm waiting in line really enhancing the flying experience. Don't Adam might might -- might -- don't Adam you may lose ran. Scrutinized buggy managed buggy justice put your hands up in the air woman is buggy. I'm okay volume not a terrorism -- please leave me alone -- 6172666868. Is the number. Would you support. Having to go through. Security dogs. Guard dogs. TSA came ninths. At Logan Airport. Do you think it's a good idea do you think it's a bad idea I wanna hear from you Scott Europe next. Welcome. Well -- come back out so art -- trouble you're traveling. But I would not support. Pick guard dogs dot. -- let her around ballots and act two ports to make my first point is. Like you have -- let my kids go out the back yeah so it's -- to be -- July. I'm gonna light up some Roman candles some fireworks. OK so I'll watch in -- So ecstatic on the plane there's going to be some residue left from the fireworks tonight -- with Mike -- at that point one. Point Cho is I like to walk in the firing range aged. All I'm going to be borne out by. -- Hello Scott. -- work I think for we lost them I think your point is and it's an excellent point. Fourth of July Thursday. You laid up some fireworks. Residue explosives. You fly on Friday or you go to the fire arrange a lot of people do this on a weekend often. Bang bang bang you're shooting up a target you are residue on your fingers. Now you fly. What happens when you start flying the dog is gonna smell. Powder gunpowder or some kind of residue explosive. War oh barking. You're -- gonna go bizarre and it -- If if we have out of. I mean -- then they're gonna descend upon you. And before you know it. They're gonna -- they're gonna frisky you there to bring you went to Rome they're gonna interrogate -- what do you have on you they're gonna tell you take your clothes off. That's what this is gonna lead. More invasions of your privacy more degrading treatment. -- not and that's a mother and and if you're a terrorist. All we need a box cutter. All you need is some knife you can take over playing with a knife. So again. Common law abiding citizens are gonna be harassed in the name of political correctness. That's how I see it Russ Europe next welcome. Jeff let us not forget that they -- gonna have to have a separate line. With no dogs for those that are allergic to -- yeah. Russia has brilliant I never even thought of that. But no you're right what if you are allergic to dogs. All I know it's one thing. If these jackass is it would just properly profile -- but -- ethical for a while yeah. With the brother. -- -- And -- commit such an obvious point but no we all gonna be inconvenienced. So now you're gonna it's like he's Germany Italy -- threes Germany through the checkpoints the dog to be sniffing. They just sniffing using work through the checkpoints so we're gonna have dog's mouth like -- Germany. Steve Europe next welcome. Yet the mortgage I don't and I'm very steep yeah. And I don't pretend it bought -- here's the recently don't call outs because they want every -- To get used to these incursions into our privacy. And into our freedoms. Because its biggest target a particular group. Then you're not going to be able to expand their you know outdoor you know there -- true so -- into every once privacy. You don't agree I mean the whole place and it has nothing to do was actually trying to -- -- terrorist it has to do with getting the American public. As a whole. You don't student government stepping on our toes constantly and every area. You know that while I mean looks chief look what's happened to a since 9/11 K it's been twelve years. Here's here's what we live with now. You can't fly a plane. They cannot without taken off your shoes. Taken off your belt. And absolute stranger. Can -- -- -- I'm not trying to be vulgar but can grab your private parts can what's happened to meet. I just feel you up grab your part describe your private parts. Daniel go through and actually Rashean actually machine -- mother in law my late mother in law of god bless her soul. And older how he in lady literally her life was a Bible in one hand and it's cooking school when in the other hand wouldn't hurt a fly. Came to visit us at Washington DC. She had a little pieces of metal what is in her underwear. Anyway but the point is they were putting that want that metal detector one and -- We only know we know we know. Holder or something wrong they brought her into a room this eighty year old woman. -- strip searched her. He took they took all her because -- can we only hours -- And now so they took -- for. And they took offer shirt. They took off her underwear. Until they finally all orders a little -- of metal -- what it was something in her underwear. I mean she said I've never been more humiliated in my life. Okay. Now we find out our government can read our emails. Can look at our phone calls. Can track her movements on the phone. Can track her movements on the Internet. I mean. Security cameras are now everywhere they want even more security cameras everywhere and now. It's bad enough I gotta go after all this now I got growling got to guard dogs. I got growing sniffing dogs. And now they're going to be all over me circling around me at the airport. I mean god forbid I should go to the firing range -- -- always gonna make. -- my trip from from Maryland. I seem like there are a write in paradise -- to what they're gonna put me through because god forbid our shot off a few rounds. At a at a gun range. 6172666868. Is the number should we have. TSA. Guard dogs. Airport screening passengers. It's happening in Denver in Tampa in Indianapolis. And it is. I wanna talk about what's going on here. Eight and six -- Welcome back -- career record is his Jeff Carter Boston's bulldozer. 6172666868. As the number. The TSA. Will now -- using sniffing dogs at security lines. In Denver in -- but in Indianapolis. As pilot programs as programs. You so boredom. Or do you think this is just one more invasion of our privacy. I wanna hear from you. Drew you've been holding patiently thank you sir and welcome. Good morning Roger. -- talked about. Dogs and people being alert. I state that I -- to a dog and they're probably need to go chase. I mean you can't. They're probably. Not completely take I don't you know I have -- my underwear are open to that. I know. And the -- sesame and what it was he had a bad and what she says they but they're decent -- wearing or Saturday morning. And I hope that it might talk to like adult he was eight international captain. He told me that if you ever why make sure you're dressed up because you're flip flops -- -- short and that while nobody's completely. Record so. They -- if you. That's a reason why can't stop the district decided that it was his business to find -- while -- stop. That. Was very -- He may -- -- you make a very good point I mean I've noticed that about. Look we've talked about this regarding the NSA spying scandal. And the younger generation today. They are being reared to be serfs of the state. Every notice everything there's no sense of privacy and notice with kids do. There photographing themselves moved. We're so I mean who they send off to their friends or I'm at a pizzeria and now I'm having beats later on we're gonna go see the movies or and everything they do is on display for everybody else deceit. And I've noticed that among especially younger kids. They have no sense of propriety. They have no sense of what's your business what's not -- business. I mean they asked the most literally the most invasive. Ruled questions. It's it's incredible. You know I -- notice that trend they went back remember Clinton the Clinton years. He was running for reelection in 1996. Anyone in front of a crowded MPV. And 001 of the young girls in the crowd said boxers or briefs. What are you Wear. Boxers or briefs. Any response he thinks he's been so cool legal briefs. How I remember thinking first of all. What type of underwear you Wear clothes that any of your business. That's number one number two. Do you have any idea how ruled that question since. And that a president would answer that question. Excuse me young lady. What they Wear underneath my parents -- some of your business. But this is slowly -- culture that we're creating. And so and I got to tell you go it's completely true to better dressed I am at an airport the less harassed -- him. I don't know what it is I don't know what they think always a business. And -- some professional Moeller were somehow terrorists don't Wear shorts or I don't know what it is. But if you're better dressed if you have a shortened hired her really well dressed. All and that also serve. -- there when I'm when I go casual all then they wanna check this they wanna check that but you've won a business suit. Sir thank you sir come one problem -- have a nice -- serve more right on through assert. It's like I don't -- -- like -- a dignitary or something. Steep Europe next thanks for holding welcome. They're just gonna every I can hear you Steve did you meet. Did you expect like also historic couple points -- no one. They don't worse not present at credit history is there were conditioning degeneration the children. To -- warrantless searches and seizures. But the second collectors are taking you to talk to someone that's remote you're what are urged talks to -- note that the odds are apparently we're lazy. It's a boat though a moderate to watch what you just church football team of people. Is unmanageable they couldn't do it there's another government program. Ann and Steve you're right you're right on both counts my bigger concern is you go to the gun range -- whenever. And you fly the next today. And that dogs smell some kind of XP you know whatever gunpowder or whatever on -- -- dog is trained for not he's gonna go crazy. And you're gonna have an army of of TSA agents descend upon you. Forget catching your flight my friends because you're going to be in for some serious interrogation. But it's OK I think it makes us feel safer weren't doing something and anything but we're doing some. -- Europe next welcome. -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm doing well and yeah I sit around Hawaii and I do not Honolulu were quite a bit yeah they've had a dog out there are more than ten years. If they -- David -- everybody who they need I was a little eagle and I think what used to be legal -- what an intimidating. There was part of HP -- has -- a little -- department. And they used to walking around the terminal area. And it would walk around while people were -- -- -- equipment for the game and just shift the bags and you know I'm all the people we're just waiting. So -- -- control wild pitch and I guess I was just progressing. About probably the original pilot program about progressing that other locations. Matt did you could you cut the -- could you pat the dog did you play what the dog. You credit you perhaps first to come they would allow kids to pat about the Garnett did you happen. -- and it could mean big dog was slightly dog you know what I like it was a move. -- atrocious start but you know talk about an invasion of privacy. -- not and Mac people knew the dog's name like -- -- If I I wish I couldn't read it what are it was. Open generic but -- I was it was an around the airport so people that we're now that I'm. Yeah regardless. Did you feed the dog let's say you want to give you don't like animal conductor like animals Max is something a spike is to see you again though don't let my bad -- despite. But I don't know. But here's a couple of a couple of animal crackers were you a spike. -- at call Matt can't sleep because of.