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Howie Rants On Secretary Of State Kerry

Jul 9, 2013|

CBS news initially announced that Secretary of State John Kerry was on his yacht while the military coup collapsed the Morsi government in Egypt. The State Department at first denied that claim then reversed itself and said yes, he was aboard the yacht — but he was still working, keeping in contact with the White House about Egypt via telephone. Howie ranted is Kerry a disastrous Secretary of State.

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1877. -- tonight we're three and -- I have yesterday your post. Hooker loving ex governor Eliot Spitzer is throwing his hands into the ring for city comptroller. -- -- during his pants and tutoring that's pretty good running on the libertarian line for comptroller Kristin Davis the madam or arranged hookers for the Mary Spitzer AKA client number nine. One of one of its pictures favorite former call girl was actually do -- But should a column in the New York Post our guests I guess it went away over the years. The this Scott stringer he's the Manhattan Borough president that it will leave no stone unturned in bashing Spitzer on his sordid past insiders said. It's all fair game quote even the black Sox unquote one source said. One person may not be voting for Spitzer is is apparently estranged -- over the post last month reported that Spitzer has been staying another digs. Woman answering your home phone declined to comment last night. Spitzer last night insisted. That the two were still together as a unit the townhouse where he's been staying with his parents since reportedly splitting with Silva. 1877469432218774694322. All right. Sarah Palin weighs in on yacht gate I guess we could talk about the update right now he's one of the courthouse was -- one amateur golf what did you go after John Kerry yesterday. You know I tipped the colonel loft on the thirsty to the fact that he was he was on Nantucket so that the -- can have some fun whether. And then I -- column on Friday for the apparel about it and that has been mugged than momma T get sick and that's kind of off limits for awhile but now she's okay -- -- suffers stroke or radio. Heart attack or brain tumor so I guess she's going to be okay. So now it's time to you know. -- to discuss this mean this is. I think Sarah Pailin is onto something here which he says that you know it wasn't so much. That he he took off. From being secretary of state. Mean obviously after all those years close to thirty years in the senate. He still thinks of himself as a -- -- and in the salons get a recess on the fourth of July. He's not used to anything happening on the fourth -- high. Or nothing that he's responsible for. Actually he's never been responsible for any company. Being on his boat isn't the issue this is Sarah Palin blatantly deceiving the American people is the issue. Our government yet again either had no idea where the boss was or worse yet they lied to us. Correction in Obama speak we were told that the least untruthful statement. Our government directed its swiftly boat changing denials to what one can only surmise is their perception of who we are. A nation of sheep heads down grazing away gullible ignorant and undeserving of troop. Confronted with photographic evidence the State Department merely cost Republica handful of -- and it's happened -- effort. That kind of sort of explain the whole thing away. Something about well yes so the evidence contradicted all their public claims but hey no harm no foul. And like all good herder dogs with calm authority to award commotion the bureaucrats sparked the suggestion that we all just move along now. It's true isn't it I mean. CBS had a picture. The the the young producer. What do news producers who was following -- talked about it dreary assignment. Had followed. Had followed him back to Nantucket and legacy and he took a picture muted of a camera crew with my guess we took a picture of him on the boat and he tweeted it out. On on Wednesday night and someone called me you know and that's -- -- -- -- on Wednesday night about this you know -- that gets them in the paper on Thursday as it turns out it worked out for the best. But -- latest thirsty they were saying he wasn't on the ball. There was a -- even before the -- pictures which broke on which with the first -- picture on enough Thursday afternoon. Fourth of July he was on federal street in in Nantucket. And then. Then he goes back to Hulbert have even though even though we know somebody's taking his picture you know please look at away from the camera when someone takes a picture because -- I think it was likely -- just a friend of someone who works that Harold who took the pictures or guess he figured. There aren't in the there aren't in the keeping paparazzi types out here chasing me around this was just you know yeah. One off thing. So he goes back and gets in the and he goes back Hulbert avenue when he gets is C gets into his shorts and is a -- ending his. Boating -- and then he goes out on the high. And in this in the State Department is still saying no he's not no he's not on the -- he's mom. And then they said. -- he is on the boat but he's got he he's got the he's fully and in charge of anything that's happening in Egypt and -- He's he's fully connect it. And then they issued another statement saying that he wouldn't do that he would never do any business on the boat on the you know that he was just on for brief on a -- where. -- -- -- Do you gold mountain and pocket the half a seven million dollar buyout first seven point five million dollar book is about. And if you go down on one of the hottest days of the year. And it's a fourth of July in you just coop for a few minutes on the ball on the hot on the seven million dollar yacht or do you actually. Enjoy. Your seven million dollar ball was bought for you by -- year second wife's first announcements trust fund. 18774694322. -- -- He won't leave me alone -- when you works and we were gonna get apostle bonus. The converse or for point this is bright part now. About official line is that an administration accustomed to lying about the big things doesn't hesitate to -- about the little stuff. Barbaric patient becomes a matter of reflex even when it's unnecessary. As Palin points out in -- post the Obama Bravo Sierra squad could simply of said -- -- spent it was expensive yacht the SS tax invasion is equipped with all the communications gear necessary. To keep the boss and touched area crisis. That's still have a bit of optics problem of course because you just don't look good to have the second doesn't look at that the secretary of state fooling around punishing hot. While the receipt -- Jeanne. That his president took -- some credit for installing is falling apart costing us valuable influence -- a key ally we spend a billion and a half dollars subsidizing each year. And none of those Smart phone pictures snapped by reporters in Nantucket residents make it look like Kerry was working -- particularly concerned about events and each. -- having a grand -- time. Which is funny because the fall of the more she regime wasn't exactly bolt from the blow demonstrations reached epic proportions several days previously. In the military and issued a 48 hour deadline to the orgy. Let me ask you this well. Not knowing John Kerry the way that all of us do know John Kerry after his more than thirty years of service. Tongue firmly in cheek as -- say that his thirty plus years of service. Do you really want John Kerry involved in in negotiations. With the Egyptian government whether it's the old government the Muslim Brotherhood in the new military government. The do you think. That he should have been on the job I mean again I'm I'm happy. I'm happy that he was on hand pocket I don't. I don't know what -- secretaries they could've done anyway you know it's kinda out of our control but but especially John Kerry. John Kerry has never been able to make up his mind to think about that that 2004 election. You know when he was when that win that that Democratic Convention held here in Austin. And the cops were threatening some kind of work slowdown or something like that. In John Kerry is up there and we -- where where -- you know where he's now cut the where is now -- the Secret Service vehicles or did yesterday. And he's sitting there like Hamlet you know in the in his in his mansion. And the two people that it's left to to negotiate a 88 optical from long between the the the police union at City Hall are the mayor of Boston. Mom balls in the governor a Republican -- from my Kerry doesn't do when he thing. There -- -- wanna carry to walk down the street from his house to the to the garden to accept the nomination that they want him to walk down the street. But yesterday could -- walk down the street to watch. Two to Mass. General that's even close are that's even closer than the garden but he didn't walk down there that he. 1877469432218774694322. H I wonder if Kerry sent an email telling stay at the State Department he was working from home like all my co workers at it right in the summer. Hall and this is your secretary of state -- Forbes -- front -- I'm working for my you're -- Today. On Nantucket 18774694322. Rich your next with power cart go -- rich. Is this just so typical of would be be liberal mainstream media they did they get another. Massachusetts. Golden boy of past and it's so laughable I have a friend out I'm a west large should say the left coast. But even there. Reading about this and they're -- and that there's pictures of John Kerry on his boat. But the mainstream media. Just give Democrats things all know old so it's kind of likable and Michael obamacare oh no it's not rickety you know what we did not true. Right well that Chuck Todd it's Chuck -- today blamed Obama care failure on the GOP sabotage. -- Ali got to play somewhere but it's not there all right you know it's it's John Kerry all that on the boat vacationing while. Egypt go -- -- How about ABC they they you know ABC concede that tweet just like everybody else yet again this is before The Herald picture appear which was about noon on Thursday. Then there's a tweet of John Kerry on the boat and ABC news reports the reports the statement of the State Department. -- well mentioning that there's a picture of him on the ball. -- in other words in other words who are you gonna believe the State Department or your alliance topics. Exactly how you're our leader a leader -- -- no no dolls. Thanks for the call rich Linda you're next with how we cargo have -- I now I can remember I asked my idol that night and he locked the election and I'm. -- -- -- Support her aunt and content that -- article -- performing arts. Sheryl -- won a -- they let it squarely to wait Daly had been waiting a -- -- -- -- the way you know yeah grants. I ever came out agree that crap that they say guilty. Yes you know what do you know what that kind of rain does to your hair Linda. Do you think you look at this here his hair is just there. I ice thought I'd head to hear transplants now as I could I can have ED here transplants and my here would look like he has mortality act. What is that camera and elite 8. PM well I even that. Important. Any slack that apple and an eight stated it questioning or Pratt -- we. Well yeah I don't remember well remember what the -- he's he's on this he's done this kind of thing before thanks Linda are all right 18774694322. On our car.