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City of Boston reacts to the cover of The Rolling Stone magazine.

Jul 18, 2013|

Reactions to the cover of The Rolling Stone magazine.

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Jeff -- Boston bulldozer. 6172666868. Is the number. You can also affect -- -- -- savings it's savings and for those of you want Twitter you can tweet us at the corner report KUNHNER. My friends all law to cover today. But clearly. We're. -- -- Of this hour and really anyways of the show is the continuing fallout. Over the Rolling Stone cover. And it has opened -- once. A lot of people in the city of Boston are rightfully. Enraged. Angered. Exceeding. But the decision by Rolling Stone magazine. To not only put it usual -- -- any of flash bang as how we calls him the evil Sar. I'm not all mean to put flash bang her on the cover of Rolling Stone. But essentially. To glorifying him. To perch rate him as a pop star to improper trading him as a rock star. I only iconic rock star figures are usually put on the covers of Rolling Stone magazine. That's. That's the that's the magazine's bread and butter. If you wanna find out who's arrived if you wanna find out. Who is a genuine bond a fide. Iconic star yes stick c'mon Rolling Stone magazine. On the cover. And so there was Joseph Carter parent you know all looking all sexy. Ad dole wide curly haired. Almost like a young Bob Dylan in there he was. And if accompanied by 111000 word puff piece. By one of the contributing editor to Rolling Stone magazine. Which blames his family. For Joseph -- haven't quote fallen into radical Islam unquote. He came from a broken home. Are his Brothers seem to have a split personality. He seemed to be told people in one body and and not all soul. The mental instability. Was a factor. And those are the issues that led his boy who sold. Is it angelic face he -- is such a baby faced little boy and ordinary teenager. And suddenly show exam. She just became a monster. And so Rolling Stone basically wanted to treat him as a -- a fight rising star star is born. And so of course. The people of Boston the people of Massachusetts. Were absolutely sickened and revolted. That they were glamorizing. And glorifying. This man. Who butchered. For people. Crippled and named dozens. And wounded 260. People in all in one of the worst terrorist atrocities. In American history. And just like clockwork. Journalists like I predicted to all of you yesterday. Who Ryan's did -- defense. Of Rolling Stone magazine. Core runs for the defense of Rolling Stone. None other -- the liberal hack herself -- -- -- liberal hack Marjorie begin in today's call. I'm telling you you can always count on her to take the wrong side of an issue. It is just it's almost like the sun rises. The sun rises in these sets in the west Margery Eagan. If it's a terrorist if it's a criminal if it's a gang banger if it some pervert bears Margery Eagan. Always defending the losers so. There's Margery -- and today's call and check this one out. I you'll understand. She leads. Why you're still raw Boston and anguished marathon survivors recoil from the up close sold full full roll. A proposal haired short cards are may have on the cover of Rolling Stone he looks more like Bob Dylan on its cover. And 687478. Then -- heartless terrorist who slaughters in names. All. Marjorie. Being back at you so much for understanding people's feelings. In all people who been crippled and lost their legs that they would find it offensive. That Rolling Stone is glorifying this guy thank you for that sensitivity. Marjorie. But then she goes on to say and I knew this was coming. With fed doesn't make Rolling Stone wrong to publish this picture from -- home. Which has already appeared in newspapers around the country and all over TV. But doesn't mean the magazine is giving him rock star treatment. Look what the word monster right next to him. -- all Marjorie. They put no hole pitchers put Rourke stars on the cover of all their of their -- all of their magazines and issues -- it's all. So why would we think they're giving them a rock star treatment when they're putting him -- the prestigious law. That every rock star and pop icon covets. -- home Marjorie I know it's all a figment of arm. Engine nation. And noticed now this is the argument that many liberals are using. But these pictures being used in newspapers. And magazines across the country so. And what's your point. The reason why it's put on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Patched up the way it is it's. Accompanied by a puff piece. Which tries to rationalize and excuse. His descent into radical Islam and mass murder. Is because it's easier to glorify him. To turn him into another celebrity. To make him look appealing. To make him look sympathetic. But that's whole point. They could've done many things with that cover. They could've put him on the cover. With some of the people in wheelchairs. They could have taken many other pictures. The one where you looks more evil and menacing beside his brother caught on the video surveillance camera as they're about to drop the bombs. There are many pictures of this a flash bank. Many pictures of flash your bank. But they choose to go one. That makes him look as sympathetic. And as sexy. And as a much of a heart throb as possible. That's the point a Ding bat Marjorie. That's the point but then she goes on -- check this one only a live could make this argument. That surely doesn't mean -- needs Walgreens or CBS censoring my reading material. Who censoring your reading material. Choose because and how to tip to them. And I can and I congratulate them. Just because CVS. Just because Wal-Mart. Just because today -- it's just because stopping sharp just because Cumberland farms just because draws. All of them don't wanna carry the magazine. Of censoring your reading material. Go online rolling out Alex I'll I'll I'll lay it out for you Rolling Stones dot com. And you can read the article for free. You have a computer don't -- Marjorie if you don't go public library you can read the article for free. So -- censoring do stupid number one number to know if you want the physical copy. First of all he can find all over the city number one but number 20. -- pick up the phone. Or you order online. And it cost whatever it is 56 bucks. I do it all the time for certain specific magazines that I want and they mail it to you and you gated within a few days. So who censoring your reading material Marjorie. I mean the dishes. It this is like argue with a brick wall. And then I don't want to go along with the rates -- usual they show -- honestly it's just drivel. It really is issue she can't write she can't put a sentence together she can't argue it goes. On and on and on. That this won't conspire homegrown. Terrorists. Of course it will. Because your glorifying him. Because your celebrating home. Because you're turning him into a pop icon. If here's some. Radical jihadist lol life and some albeit to a mule town in Chechnya. -- -- wanna be on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine say let me go to Boston and blow -- some Americans. -- some infidels Abdullah Abdullah we -- pull Boston. We leave money BP. We live on the welfare. We had to pay for -- did before everything he's done infidels and then we go post save Boston moment we go to Boston medical. But Beckett no Boston Red Sox the game against the Yankees yes yes yes and then we bring bumps and we don't bumps. And we kill people and can't pull them and then you know want. They give us lawyer and legal appeal court. And then we go we get may have cover of Rolling Stone magazine and everybody mostly become famous all the world. Elvis. Bob Dylan Bruce Springsteen and bad everybody. Jays see everybody. On the only. Star Magazine was important and famous. Of course of course it inspires more terrorists. And then she goes on to say but it was al-Qaeda is magazine inspire. That's really inspired him no dummy. This is what's missing from the Rolling Stone piece. And it's -- been missing for much of the coverage. Of what radicalize the Brothers would radicalize the Brothers. Was their faith Islam. What radicalize the Brothers. Was the fact that they attended local mosques in Cambridge and in Boston. Where they met the radical in mom's. Who we immerse them in the ideology. Of holy war and Jihad. That's the real problem here Marjorie. Their worst suicide bombers all over Palestine. All over Pakistan. All over Afghanistan. All over Saudi Arabia all over Chechnya. The fact that they have curly hair. And cute the brown on its. Doesn't excuse the fact. That they go out. And practice and you pay a -- barbaric form of religion radical Islam that teaches them to hate and kill infidels. Mostly Christians and shoots. That's the point two Marjorie. Pick up a book would it kill real. I mean this is common information if you wanna find it. So my friends we have the liberal left now rushing to the to the eight. And to the defense of Rolling Stone magazine. And then I have to say this I have to say this before I let this thing go on move on to other reaction. She did -- goes on. And I find this bizarre. And it's not just from her. It's from a lot now of a lot of young liberals and liberal women in particular young women I have no idea why. Again about his looks. And how sympathetic. Q looks. And help curly his hair roots and how gentle his eyes are and how handsome his faces. I think she's not a sexual thing for this guy. I'm telling you I think there's something wrong with these women. I don't know what it is I don't know if it's the romance of a criminal I don't know if it's the romance of a terrorist I don't know what -- this. But they can't -- -- the fact that they look at him in court in -- find something appealing sympathetic in semi section about the guy. And honestly I look at him and I see nothing but a discussed and terrorist. I don't see dole -- I don't see mr. sexy. I don't see any of that but they're like obsessed with this guys looks. Do you suppose that movie star looks. My friends I gotta tell you there is something seriously wrong. When leading liberal columnists. In each city. That was victimized. And terrorized. By tool terrorists. Stand there and sympathize. With the murderers. And would those that put them on covers to glamorizing glorify them. Then with the people who've lost their arms and legs and their lives have been shattered forever. There is something perverse. Frankly there is something sick. And there is something self creating -- bubble thing. You're not gonna believe Rolling Stones defense of their cover. And many niece speaks out Mayor Menino speaks out and people in Boston speak out and. The magazine said the fact that Joseph Carson I have his young. And in the same age group as many of our readers makes it all the more important for us to examine the complexities of this issue. The number. Well Rolling Stone now is coming under tremendous. Criticism and fire. For our glamorizing usual carts are may have been sticking him on the cover and having a suppose it puff piece. Notice. When it comes to who the new town shooting. When it comes to move Colorado. When it comes to gun violence. Cool issues are black and white -- it's all black and white just get rid of the guns does Second Amendment just get rid of the guns we need gun control that -- bad symbol. And nothing is complex. But when it comes Stew when Islamist mass murderer all. Very complicated it's a very complicated issue look. The parents didn't get along the mother was overbearing. Bit older brother seemed to have some mental issue is that. The life was tough taking all those welfare checks coming from Chechnya was not easy it was a bit of a culture shock. There they drink a gold medal here we have regular -- how melt. This was an you know -- -- Campbell jerky is big down there here you have McDonald's we most need be if that was hidden stuff it's five to integrate yourself into American society. -- very complicated story. Very and religion has nothing to do that by the way it speaks to all peace. So how do you ever religion of peace we peaceful people suddenly commit these terrorist acts. Every complicated very complicated. So you mean to tell me according to Rolling Stone magazine. All we had a certain age demographic that's what we cater to land we put him on the cover because you feel -- age demographic. Also basically if he was low thirty years of age. It's not nineteen to 29. He wouldn't have made the cover. Because you catered in 1929 year old so basically it was thirty years old when he planted bombs in them Campbell people apart not new you don't make it. But if you're 29 we squeeze UN. So called wanna be Jihad he's out there let me give you a tip if you're cool getting a bit long in the -- let's say you're 2829. Goal while bear. Bomb something quick. Because you're not gonna make the cover of Rolling Stone don't hit that thirty mark once you're at thirty now no longer part of the demographic they're looking to what the court. Are you kidding me this is your defense. Here. He's meaning me. Our esteemed governor. Coming out with his statement on the Rolling Stone cover. Roll it Brittany. The governor objects only to the picture it's apparently pretty good reporting. But the cover is. Had a taste. -- -- -- -- It's pretty good reporting have you read the piece. You gonna say to me that's pretty good reporting are you kidding me Cuomo you don't he would -- -- It basically blames the parents. It -- goes on and that I had a rough upbringing there was tension in the family the mother and a father didn't get along. There was a trial separation and they don't like each other there was a lot of arguing in my house they didn't like about. As Joseph car was sensitive event. I didn't understand why his parents couldn't get along so we looked up to his older brother his older brother became more radicalized sort of follow his older brother he also became radicalized. Basically blame mommy and -- Blame mommy and -- It knows nothing about radical Islam it knows nothing about Chechnya it knows nothing about how many terrorists have been coming from Chechnya. It says nothing about the Saudi angle -- Or the local mosques where they got radicalized the mall we don't want talk about that mall poll. Or that other terrorists have been radicalized in these local mosques -- on on all. Don't. But it's a pretty good -- -- pointing Nam. But basically Mike washes the whole thing in their presents them as a semi -- and mammal liberal and about what I think and we gotta be compassionate to everybody and when he had to cover I'm frankly -- we don't see a problem with him but obviously so many of your percent. It's a little distasteful. It's a little distasteful. They could use the different slightly different picture. And meaningful. I have to be careful now because I'm running for president in 2016. So I can't alienate Rolling Stone in my a liberal adoring fans in the media. But I also don't want peel off everybody in Massachusetts. So here I am basically on -- on the fence. I'm not usually. A big fan as many of you know of Mobil's. But I have to say on this one. Mumbled it's. Stepped up to the plate to mom -- on this one. I have to say showed some in her intestinal fortitude to. And he wrote off a scathing letter to Rolling Stone magazine. Which I have to say I thought -- -- much hit the nail on the head let me just read a little bit just a part of it. He wrote an angry letter to the founder of Rolling Stone -- and winner. And -- he called the cover ill conceived at best you're being very generous mr. -- And saying it overshadows the story was designed to sell and in particular. To respond to UN anger these -- feed into your obvious marketing strategy. Mayor Menino wrote. Among those we lost. Those who survived. And those who help carry them forward there are artists and musicians and dancers and writers. They have dreams and plans. They struggle to serve life. The survivors of the Boston attacks deserve Rolling Stone cover stories. Though I no longer feel that Rolling Stone deserves them bingo. Mom bowls you -- I have had our differences you know all that I know that but I gotta tell you. On this one you're dead on brother you are dead on. What about the victims. What about Sean calling her. What about Lizzie -- and her two kids. Both of whom lost their right flanks. What about this woman that's. Featured in today's Boston Herald. Daniel. A -- I'm supremely Mary Daniel. A medical school graduate. Whole world in front cover. Who lost her left leg in the attacks. What about the boy. What about all the victims. What about those that are never gonna see their children again. What about them. Do they -- Richard. Do they get do they get on your cover. Are they given sympathy. Do they get your compassion. No mall according to you in the Marge regains of this war. -- a home the old man. The ones that deserve compassion are the murderers or the terrorists. They're the ones that need to big -- profile piece. This is an absolutely despicable story. With the despicable cover. Which reveals the hatred. That are liberal who leads. Our our liberal media. How for the people of this country. And for since the 1960s. They put Charles Manson on the cover. Because he murdered people. And that was the dark underside of the 1960s that many don't want you know about now how big glorified violence. How they glorified murder. How they made people like Charles Manson or the Weather Underground the Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn in these heroes and their romantic heroes. Who were liberated from the constraints of bourgeois middle class society. And now they're doing the same thing with this fog. This stuff with flashback. Rolling Stone magazine. Is dead to me. They are dead to me and every person in Boston and Massachusetts. Launches boycott this one issue. Boycott them permanently. If you -- smear the memories of the victims. And their families. You wanna smear us and everything we've been through well you know what. You've declared war on us it's time we declared war on you. Jeff corner on the corner report. Area scattered clouds in Boston good morning everyone.