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Here's your hearthrob, Rolling Stone

Jul 19, 2013|

Is Sgt. Sean Murphy a hero for releasing unauthorized pictures of Boston Bomber Dzhokar Tsarnaev

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Morning. Plus this is Jeff Horner Boston's bulldozer 6172666868. Is the number. You can Texas at 686 stadium for those of you want to where -- were always tweeting throughout the show throughout the day. The corner report. JUH. And ER. -- lots to talk about today. And pack and I mean jam packed show you don't want to miss this old. Did they show I'm telling you you don't want to miss -- syllable it's going to be. Four hours of just jam packed stories and information. My friends then clearly clearly. From a local point of view and in many ways from a national point of view. The lead story. Is the growing controversy. Which has taken a strange new twist. In the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. And you know what. Here it is. Now. A sergeant. A police photographer based eighty. Sargent Sean Murphy. Is now in hot water with his bosses. Because she was so angered rightly soul. By the Rolling Stone cover glorifying. Sharp carts are many have flash bank as how we calls on that the flash -- her -- evil Sar. That he took pictures. Of that fateful night when -- may have was captured in that vote. And if you haven't seen a picture two very powerful picture of the globe is run with it there Harold has run with it. And it sub it's a it's a picture of -- they have right after he was being arrested wreckage. All around him. His face covered in blood his hands covered in blood. And Sean Murphy's point wise that's the real -- carts are -- This is the man I really want everybody to see. Not that air brushed. Celebrity. -- -- picture. Of a young Bob Dylan wanna be that Rolling Stone splashed on their front page. My friends and for this. He has now been relieved for a day. He has been punished by the Massachusetts state police. And in fact there is now one internal investigation going on there is a witch hunt. Being conducted by the Massachusetts state police against sergeant Sean Murphy rolled a clip Brittany. For sergeant Sean Murphy. Who has 25 years a law enforcement he writes photography is very simple it's very basic it brings us back to dictate. An image like this on the cover of Rolling Stone we see it instantly as being wrong but Rolling Stone did was wrong this guy is evil. This is the real Boston bomber not someone -- bust for the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. And this statement tonight from the Massachusetts state police quote today is dissemination to Boston magazine of photographs of Boston Marathon. Bombing suspect shot hards are -- and police activity related to his capture was not authorized by the Massachusetts state police. That apartment or not release the photographs to media outlets the state police will have no further comment on this matter tonight. The US attorney's office also saying tonight that they're releasing the photos unacceptable and that's not all just a short time ago Boston magazine -- did. But the photographer sergeant John Murphy has been relieved of duty. For releasing the photos. He's expected to face a hearing next week. -- -- -- Unbelievable. -- or five hot tip I was so Fox25 executives some good reporting on this. I mean this. This is unbelievable. I mean. You're trying to. They're gonna go after this guy they're gonna try to destroy his career he's not -- -- front of a hearing he's facing an internal investigation. They've let him -- relieve them they've let him go for a day. I for what it. For for releasing a photo. That -- real turn if flash bang as he really is. When they captured him. With the blood all over with the wreckage all around them all not to sexy glossy glorified picture that the Rolling Stone magazine had a -- Cabrera of their cover no. And the reason why he did it. As any stage this very clearly when he released the pictures the Boston magazine. He set I was outraged. Again at the insult. Being leveled by Rolling Stone against the victims and -- from X. And that this is opened up raw when it's. That many victims and their families still have. And so Sean called -- brother. Andrew call your. Has now rushed out to Sean Murphy's defense. Saying when the MIT campus cop was gunned down one of the victims of this animal -- carts are -- have. At the funeral. He said Sean Murphy in his words he was quote amazing. He came -- he took numerous photographs. He was very sympathetic to the family he helped us in our grieving process he was with us every step of the way as he put it quoting help us a lot. And he said he keeps keeping Sean in his thoughts and continuing to honor him. He's a straight up guy. And Sean Murphy. Said I know all for a fraud through conversations I've tied with the family members of the victims and with their victims themselves. Those many of whom -- gonna be crippled in Maine for the rest of their lives. Their life shattered forever. That when they saw that cover. When they saw holiday air brushed him and how they glorified him and they tried to tournament to some kind of a sexy teen heartthrob. That this personally reopened many wounds within them as he put it. It's captain many of them up at night. This is Sean Murphy. They can't sleep I've spoken to them they can't sleep. It's brought back the memories. Whatever healing was begun which torn apart. Because now there are asking themselves we injured this. And now. Some liberal mainstream media outlets are glorifying this guy. Turning him into some kind of rock star is born a rock star celebrity. I Sean Murphy put it. These are real people. We -- real lives and real families. They're never going to be the same again. Their lives were shattered for ever. What about them. What about the reality and the damage and the cruelty and a brute power. This -- not some punk. A young Bob Dylan playing a guitar with a harmonica. Some new musician coming on the scene he's -- cold blooded. Terrorist murderer. And so Sean Murphy said OK you wanna see the real joke words are may have not Pete not the phony airbrushed guy that was put on the cover. Here's what here's the picture I took of him right after we captured him but blood on his nose literally you can see is right hand. Blood soaked. That's the blood of his victims all over cents. Symbolizing that with the wreckage the ball everything destroyed around him that's the real. Shock horror. That's the real flash bang that's their real evil -- that's the real flash banker. So. That they're going after this guy I'm sorry my friends this is sick. This is sick. Now I understand there's a criminal investigation under way I understand there -- federal charges being made I understand as a trial. I understand all that. So you wanna. Do anything that could undermine the trial this is mark and undermine the trial but you shouldn't be releasing unauthorized information I get it. So here's how Jeff corner I was sergeant Murphy's boss day I was strong -- boss. A column and -- You did this city and the victims a huge -- -- I'm telling you right now thank you you did a huge favor. Now listen you know all the rules come on -- -- unauthorized. He -- be leaking information so I gotta reprimand you now okay social on look you know all the roles. Don't let it happen again I -- that's said and as you walk -- one with a with a finger -- John and I love you buddy would a little wink and right. But remember you officially been reprimanded okay. And he goes out. And then I go to the media and I say yeah well we had nothing to do with that it was not authorized I spoke to Sean I said this is not acceptable we don't just do this you don't release photos. Unauthorized photos. And he's been personally reprimanded as far as I'm concerned case closed. Instead. -- know what the cost is a hero -- is a hero in the city of Boston I love the guy frank going to buy him a beer Sean if you're listening I'm telling you now scratched out a bite. But come on in Sean you come into the studio. If you wanna talk about it I'll give you all the time you want. I'll take you out to the stock yard which is right near where the studio great food all treat what you want a steak dinner. I'll get to a nice steak a beer on Jeff corner my friend broke -- you did everybody a big favor. So but I go with the media I'd say it was on authorize you know we can do that we normally we don't release unauthorized photos. I spoke to -- about it it won't happen again instead. -- -- been relieved of duty. She's gonna be facing an internal investigation. He's got to go on front of the hearing. They're gonna go after this time they're gonna try now to smear him and slander him but don't think we try to do you rarely destroy his career. Because he released full posts. Of what really happened the night the kid was captured that butchered that animal was captured. Or something ship these webs with all due respect. There's something seriously wrong with these liberals. They bend over backwards. To make excuses for camera financial harm. You gotta read this piece they bend over backwards to justify an excuse -- savagery and and and and terrorist mass murder of her blood lust. But now they go after this this poor guy is now being a victim of a witch hunt. For releasing a couple of pictures. 61720666868. Is the number. Let me ask you this. What do you make of Sean Murphy's decision. To -- photos of what happened the night -- Joy Behar was captured. And should he be punished. I say no. Obviously Massachusetts state police say differently. What do you think is -- a hero or should he be punished 6172666868. Is the number. Jeff you're up next thanks for holding welcome. I just -- -- shouldn't be punishment -- early photos released and that night at the media was built their cameras of the boat of the yard of the hole seeing a gunshot being fired that's all evidence of those have been released. So what's the big deal and it's important that I could jolt our name was John let. And he was as white as like could be and Christian who had -- -- this be happening jobs well let's get that. Now. -- to -- knowledge if it was like I mean if there was it was Jeff corner are just a candidate Jeff corner. -- -- I'll lose my mind a start blowing up the city Chrysler dropping bombs whatever I'm so angry at the Obama administration I'm I'm dropping box okay. You think Rolling Stone magazine would put me on the cover. Air -- mean. You know say all. He looks like Greece -- Bruce Springsteen. But with with less hair -- you think they -- you think they'd have me on the cover. And I have and and glorify India find me and in turn me into a celebrity but I don't think so Steve you're up next thanks for holding welcome. The -- just misty. I got a hundred box that says Deval Patrick won the weasels and it administration called -- the Arnold honesty police. And census stand that guy and I want to know all what happened to get any jurisdiction on this guy. He knows -- I think you're right. I really I honestly think you're right on this one. While they wanna make -- they wanna make an example out of him. Because you see in this state and the rights of criminals. They supersede they trump. The rights of honest law abiding citizens and yes the rights of cops Jeff corner on the corner report. True justice. -- -- -- Welcome to -- your country weekday mornings now six -- ten on Boston's 71 to get in touch with Jeff on Twitter. We didn't have to -- reports. Sargent Sean Murphy. -- 25 years of law enforcement. He writes photography is very simple. It's very basic differences back to the case. And it looks like this on the cover of Rolling Stone we see it instantly as being wrong but Rolling Stone did was wrong this guy is evil. This is the real Boston bomber. Not someone -- in Boston for the cover of Rolling Stone -- Welcome back to the corner report. Sergeant Shawn in my. Trouble in hot water with his superiors. Because he released photos to counter these Rolling Stone glorify cover. Flash bang. I I I'm where I'm with -- Britney I really hope Boston rallies around this -- Releasing photos to Boston magazine of the night that -- may have that jar was captured. Blood on his face blood on his hands. He doesn't look sexy he doesn't look like heartthrob Bellini looks like a cold blooded killer surrounded by wreckage. And now he's been relieved of duty for a day. Pending an internal major investigation. There is a witch hunt underway. And this guy's face he's fighting for his career right now. 6172666868. Is the number Natalie Europe next thanks for holding welcome. High gas. You know I think that the pill is now definitely wagging the dog every vacancy at this -- officer. He did the right thing he isn't sure how the public paid for those photos we go right to see them. And my fear is that now these. Crackpot defenders of the terrorists they're going to be using it to gain sympathies are about are the police cute excessive force against fro the police. Under the Baltic Buchanan it's another thing to use against the police and I'd like -- -- just really how Boston's strong -- -- has. Thank you Natalie. Coming out of Boston's strong we can't release a photo of the real show car turning have. Where that -- that week we can and and the governor won't stand behind them. The mayor won't stand behind them his superiors won't stand behind them. -- couple photos relaxed. He was upset the whole city was upset about the Rolling Stone cover rightly so and just to show you how arrogant and smug and condescending. Vis -- A radical leftists and Rolling Stone -- like this -- So you know they've taken a lot of heat not just from Boston from across the country the whole country's behind us on this. Everybody's furious with the cover everybody can see it for what it is. Glorifying a terrorist. So one of their senior editors Christian poured. Put up posted -- tweet went on Wednesday morning saying you know what I'm really tired of all of this criticism of our cover is that we said quote. Our -- it I guess we should have drawn a expletive on -- cars face or something. And unquote. Excuse me. And he's taking this -- -- home. This sarcastic Sharkey to home all I guess we should've just you know drawn -- -- -- On -- cars face or something now he had to apologize right away but that's their attitude. That's their attitude and then another editor comes out. She I Simon of Lasik -- sent. Comes out and says look I don't know what the problem is is it provocative to see him looking like a regular American kid but that's kind of the point. You know it's the same thing with the -- Juan Martin's case. Suddenly it's not about trade on jumping on top of George Zimmerman beating his face send and whether Zimmerman had a right to defend himself. -- on all knowledge stored there and went around with a gun looking to kill -- one mark and now it's but we just showed him as a regular teen emotional bid. That's not the point and you know wait -- You -- brushed him. -- you made him look like a celebrity you put him on a deliberate -- on the cover to make him seem like he's a rock star. That's the point. Do you -- all looking like a regular teenager -- -- a young Bob Dylan. You get dressed up -- photo to glamorize them to say to sex a fight him. Shall bid that's the point that's why everybody's so insulted. It's just it's you they love to just split in people's faces. Without any regard to the victims. Sean Murphy is completely right. These were real people. With real lives with real -- weeks. Destroyed for ever. And you can't see that. There's something seriously wrong here my friends. Roger Europe next welcome. Yes good morning Roger I'd like to ask any of bureau listeners that there is a lawyer out there and help sergeant. With the pro Bono. Law -- on same game a lawyer for free. But -- but that being said several years after. 9/11. To recall all these. New York newspapers. Saying that the other part of the country it's about Nevada and it didn't happen there they wouldn't be so what to make movies it's rhetoric sicker. It's just. -- -- -- -- -- not define a Rolling Stones at an article on it so you know what I guess it was just close enough to hold on to those people. That's where I'm looking at -- I mean it was the other enable a little Little -- little. Newspaper. Roger look how they mean Rolling Stone is based in New York. Have you forgotten nine elevenths. Have you forgotten the Twin Towers. Have you forgotten 3000 dead. Have you forgotten the World Trade Center. You don't go by that almost every day. You don't see that picture still on the wall of the people that will -- the fathers the mothers did the Brothers the sisters the sons the daughters that will never come home. Have you forgotten. Hear. How we've forgotten Sean call your already. Have we -- and what about the ones that have to live with this withheld their legs without their arms. For the rest of their lives. Have we forgotten already. And you can't even do a decent story. You can't eat you can't even do dean is a big decent honest investigative journalism without trying to glorify the man who has killed and crippled. How many of our people how many of our citizens and Boston. -- -- And the irony is this these radical leftists he's got wine sipping. Cocktail going back in Greenwich Village or the in the east side of on the east side of a New York these these these phonies. These -- may have Brothers if they had a chance would blow them all up to smithereens. They would see if they were in a -- we shall carts are name had he would slit our throat from ear to ear. That's how stupid they are Jeff coroner on the corner report Sean Murphy. Is he a hero. Or should he be punished Scott Europe next welcome. Good morning. I love your show. Better that they're just fired up about it at the bit in evil -- -- that's that's all ears as our role installed concern. All Victor -- we're trying to do was pushed PH and sell newspapers. In their sick twisted mind they thought. They would may actually make money off set this up this tragedy has -- as far as the sergeant is concerned. I would not put it by a -- heart -- Emily just try to assume blocks didn't. For putting their started a satellite. I mean that's how twisted. It is to get. It's just it's everything. It is upside down these days personal responsibility is thrown out. But with no. Thank you start. Look if there's any lawyers out there this guy probably needs a lawyer. -- would be great if you guys could contact him pro Bono. To Sean if you're listening. You have an open invitation. To come on the corner report give your side of the story. I will back Q I'm telling you most of the listeners will back Q -- Boston will back Q. And I'm telling you. Steak dinner at the stockyards. Sean whatever you want on its my treat my friend because as far as I'm concerned you're hero. 6172666868. Is the number. Sean Murphy hero or should he be punished I wanna hear from you your calls next. Sport this is Jeff Carter Boston's -- 617266. 6868. Is the number. What do you think is gonna happen to sergeant Sean Murphy. Neither and lose his job. You think he's going to be black ball within the department. Or you think he's just gonna get away with a slap on the wrist I wanna hear from you Boston -- Europe Max thanks for holding welcome. That the -- a hero. And that's what the media did a Rolling Stone did with this the same thing with crave that Latin. I sent out an email to get its act trader yesterday. Train line that is is depicted as being something car to the next this guy. And he in fact -- expelled from schools several times for try eating putt he had very Gillick tools. Putt he hit jewelry in his school locker. CL I don't think he deserves to be hit I just to be killed by any means. But why did the media have to take any -- and make them in true. A rock stacked -- never get anything rhyme. At the supposedly. Trained lions academic -- three point Manning. And it's really I would have he had. Linda you look there is they've turned tray -- on Martin into a saint. And now they're trying to turn and flash bang into one Angel. I mean that's the cover the cover is like he's like an Angel faced. He's a wanna be Justin Bieber. He's got he's the second coming of Bob Dylan or the second coming -- of the of The Beatles. The way they haven't put up on that picture if it's incredible. And then he was misunderstood. -- and he was his regular teenager earned. But he got a bad overbearing mother Ernie had an older brother -- fell under the spell of his older brother and but jar it was a very -- I -- you read the piece is unbelievable it's very sensitive kid. Quiet soft spoken and that was on the wrestling team we don't understand. What happened to our Beers are. It's so much potential. He could've sold more records than Bruce Springsteen and and and and and Bob Dylan put together. He could've been like Donny and Mark Wahlberg on New Kids On The Block. He could've made so much money it's so much to contribute. And then led astray by his mother and his brother and and the American society in 9/11 and the racism in America and Islam phobia and what he saw happening with Muslims around the world and aegis is being felt under a spell. Barbara a Porsche car and isn't Torre couldn't find himself in America I'm are on welfare. On all -- he BP cards he just couldn't for some reason we didn't give them enough and we didn't get Romanov. -- hit a friend or something seriously wrong. And then this guy Sean Murphy. Who's like just I speak to their victims. No legs no arms no nothing. They're crying they can't sleep at night. It's it's it's brought back old memories. It's torn apart all the wounds I've had it. Are you wanna see your real picture of those guys are short real picture of this guy and send at the Boston magazine. And he's the bad guy. He's now relieved ability internal investigation we have to get to the bottom of it this is what you think this is the breach of they haven't gone after -- small and the way they're going after the big Ghazi. The guys who killed those people and Ben -- they haven't gone after them. The they haven't gone after -- slower the IRS the way they're going after Sean Murphy. It's incredible. Honestly we should -- this separate. I give my metal. I mean I don't know what else to do a slice Sean -- steak dinner he want a beer whatever you want buddy go picketers stockyards on Jeff cornerstone of my friend. Mike Europe next thanks for holding welcome. More I guess you might you know that -- prior -- that she should ask those very good questions for Nancy Grace about how trade Lamar. That. -- excellent questions. I want to say that one way of rhetoric concerning Governor Patrick we don't know whether came -- or not but this one way. To find out the left and came to wave his hand to make it go away. He has that I believe he has the power just a wave it and -- suspending investigation of circuit Murphy editor at. The -- of -- people think thank you very much sir we appreciate you very much. Thank you Mike. I noticed a lot of journalists that listened to the show. And in particular from The Herald. Joseph Barton -- Hillary show -- whoever. Give the governor's office a call button hole. In fact all of you called the governor's office. Called the governor's office and say we want chew on the record mini me you love to flop your mouth up and now you have an opinion on everything mini me. What's your opinion on this why don't you come out in public and tell the cops laid off Sean Murphy. He's a hero legal Malone -- won't do it again don't worry about it re released a couple photos not -- no harm no foul. Don't -- hero leave Sean along. Let's let's see -- meaning he stands on this issue. -- Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Good morning Jeff Oreo I'm -- Utah I would give us Sean Murphy three lashes with a wet noodle and tone to get back to work and not do it again. Yes and so car is not a rock star he's a rock kid. If the state police wanted to gainfully use here time. Take a look at the two incidents and one of them was years ago once somebody stopped. Outside writer and or budget demanding ever see our retirement of the state police official. It was pretty higher up in the hierarchy who have been chasing balls are all over the place. And try to pin -- on Billy Bulger and intake is 200000 dollar tension away. And the other incident was a world -- a at the airport without satchel full of money trying to smuggle it in a Montreal. And what MS state trooper caught amendment ladies Stewart just somebody also ran away. And the trooper has filed a report. And he got transferred over the western part of the state. Integrated and eventually I believe support me and committed suicide. Thank you -- -- you try to stop a killer and a gangster and you're you're you're you're the bad -- near the bad guys. -- Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Our -- Jeff yeah I I think -- he. -- -- because murdered girl but I still think he'd probably be punished you weren't what -- I -- is that. Are these charter jets defense -- and say well. I'll law enforcement released -- pictures. Of the news of his yacht club. -- this quiet and therefore. Our. Sorry I I think picked up. Frankly should get the gun apart -- even though he was doing the right say. That's Spybot but. Thank you so much neck I mean look they're gonna try I think you're gonna see the defense try to argue that it won't fly. Yeah I mean we saw the whole thing on TV these are not new pictures we've seen these pictures before. I mean or are they trying to -- the guy confessed. He -- on a bulky wouldn't blood he wrote he admitted that he did it the guy confessed. I'm anyway I mean we we we we got I mean out of the value. Grammy Deanna I mean that's diagonal to defenseless they -- New -- client admitted to a we got we got -- we got the markings on the on the boats opened. So what we -- picture of him bloodied up but that's prejudicial well. -- actually see the blood on his face when he -- this may fly in Chechnya but not here mark Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Yeah outlook at this supported web WRKO. Another creature murdered you do another conservative structural -- -- You guys have not confronted -- hard white guilt Protestant churches in the Boston area. As I would encourage you fresher longer all -- Serbs want to go encourage you to look into the Croce. New school curriculum. I don't think you've done very yet. I'm mark had no idea what you're talking about. I'd literally markup or pro Jihad. White Protestants I have no idea what white Protestants are committing pro G jihadist terrorist acts this is new to me mark. I'm seriously I'm a -- living -- parallel universe David Europe next thanks for holding welcome. How low David. They were lost David okay Charlie Europe next don't. Awarded comrade -- Charlie. All right what I want to ask you is OK when. Keep that up pictured by the policeman -- Greenfield writes yes like -- -- earlier caller said that. He probably had somebody somebody in the state police called the -- Patrick how do you know Deval Patrick. Because Obama always seems. Defend -- problems. I do you know that Obama heed the call Obama confused worried about this state the end we call would assume by the -- and we've been shortstop. You know in court or whatever -- be a lawsuit against the state -- who did little. You need to think all the present it can be changed the stick you know that they everything. We didn't stick his -- when that picture was revealed by Rolling Stone. Well I mean Charlie I mean if he came out I mean. I criticized him for this. He comes out and says on this morning looks -- and -- -- -- the -- was a little distasteful you think. A little distasteful -- me first of all I read that story that was a puff piece. -- that was a puff piece trying to essentially whitewash and rationalize. What that flash -- did. They don't want to touch the radical Muslim angle that's the real angle to this story that nobody wants to look into. So that they are so look we know what meaning means about. If you're -- he defends mentally here. If you're a child molester and he doesn't want chew up on the Internet. No all we don't doesn't want the public to be informed as a child molester in your neighborhood. So if you're a public union hack if you're -- BP cards or does he defend you. Cool so. If you're a drug addict if you're welfare deadbeat if you're a criminal if you're rapists if your child molest -- if you're a terrorist. Like a good liberal you have to defend them. It's only honest. Hardworking taxpaying cops like Sean Murphy goes the bad guys. Because he release that are a picture of what really took place the night vigil car was was arrested and that's the truth. And that we don't want that because these are good Muslims. You see there there they're almost there almost -- like Bob Dylan. You're ever put all of -- future Bob balance -- 6172666868. More fewer calls next the city of champions we're celebrating. -- --