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Markey takes on roller coasters

Jul 23, 2013|

Midway Markey is going after roller coasters. He is calling for tougher regulation. At least there is nothing else going on.

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After this 52 year old mother on the Texas giant roller coaster. Cheers and senator Ed Markey to bush for roller coaster reform. Tens of millions of families traveling to. During the summer they go on vacation they think that these rights are safe. And back doors in the new congress that could endanger. I'm I'm not making this one up Myers well my friend. My feel like I want to do -- you're a man I want to Osaka Kyoto. More. Newly elected senator Ed Markey I kid you not this is the issue now he wants to be known for high -- in the senate. Roller coaster reform. I kid you not. He wants national safety standards. Implemented. For every amusement park in every locality in every state across the country. The same federal standards. Why. Because at an amusement park in particular at a roller coaster at a Six Flags amusement than Texas. They. A person died who fell off the roller coast. And so Ed Markey now says I kid you not because a woman fell from a roller coaster ID Six Flags amusement. That now every roller coaster has to be examined. Every roller coaster now has to be made up the national standards we have to have new safety standards quote a new national safety system. For all roller coasters and other right. Marty once national safety standards at US amusement parks it's something he's championed for years even before a similar death in Massachusetts. When -- more dark -- fell off the Superman roller coaster at six flags New England nearly ten years ago. Now this latest death in Texas that's him talking federal oversight for roller coasters and other rides once again. It's a patchwork. All standards and in some states it's very -- it's unclear at this. I mean. I mean this I mean what I mean the I look at this man I'm really are you that much of a moron in a -- I mean now we need the federal government taking over and all -- having oversight over the roller coasters all across the country. -- we can't have states determine safety standards for these roller coasters. Not by the way I gotta tell you roller coasters -- want the safest things you can go on ES people's bodies. It happens every four -- 56 years -- about somebody falling off a roller coaster. Well look you go 50607080. Feet in the air upside down. A high speed something's gonna happen. Now not what he puts a gun spearhead our personal like roller coasters and every nauseous when I go on a roller coaster. But no one puts it is like these guys that bungee jump. I mean you're gonna fall you're gonna jump out on on on a rope that people are gonna die I don't know what the value. But they're very for the most part very safe. I mean. People about why it happens. Mistakes happen. And let the states have their own standards regarding roller coasters. But look what a fraud disguise. Never let a good crisis go to waste so. He's got to try to portray himself think about this as a pro Family Guy. So you can go one as summer vacation and none of the roller coaster here Iran is perfectly safe. Well. The federal government has standards for all sorts of things they have federal standards for airline safety. And Qaeda that is Gianna airlines had a -- federal safety standard worked out in LaGuardia just yesterday the plane landed they're front wheeled and come out. How did that federal safety standard work. I mean you wanna talk about a prophetic fraud. He with seventeen trillion dollars in debt I want you think about this we're seventeen trillion dollars in the hole. Obama care is collapsing all around us. Our taxes are going through the roof. You've got EDT fraud now we've just found out the latest gamble and I'm getting anecdotal evidence now from Sean O'Connell people. It's even here in Massachusetts not just in New York. -- buying barrels full. Barrels. But these wal marts and other places. And stuffing them with food and then as shipping them off -- Haiti the Dominican Republic and and Jamaica. Ford stamps for foreigners during using EB ET cards to stuff up plastic barrels fifty pounds of plastic barrels and then shipping them off. Get their relatives in France. And this guy is concerned about roller coasters. Why they roller coasters of let me ask you this on your list of priorities right now room jobs. That deficit. Your health care. Crumbling role it's lousy schools. Immigration and amnesty for illegals. The safety your roller coasters do you get a -- you stay up it might sang and there if I go to Six Flags is it safe. That's our -- that's our beloved esteemed senator for us. 6172666868. You know it is my friends. I think he doesn't know what to do with himself. Really I think he's just wiggling his bombs and he says nine munitions. I need something to do we are I don't know what to do with myself and had less flexible foam -- kill us. A look at roller coasters somebody's got to look at roller coasters. 61720666868. Do we need roller coaster reform. I wanna hear from you are you afraid to get on a roller coaster Jeff Carter on the corner report. -- Welcome back to the corner report that was them out of your left and Malarkey US senator Malarkey. Now calling I kid you not for comprehensive. Roller coaster reform. He wants a national federal standards. Massive federal regulations. Overall -- ever presidential. Floyd's case we need a commission and we are commission I really think every red cent. I want you to think about this. Tens of millions of people go to roller coasters or whatever amusement parks every summer tens of millions as -- pointed out two or three deaths a year. What's the percentage of that that's like point 00000001%. And this and now. Also the IRS gamble worth market. Ben does he -- immaculate. The NSA spying on its own citizens where's immaculate. Obama care. Now getting up all of this personal data. Snooping on on on on on up on Americans getting all of our confidential information where's my -- I could go on and on but. But Mike Gillis thinks small poll not pole all of you worry stay up late at night bring about roller coasters whether if you go to six YZ -- Falloff from from one of the roller coaster rides. Do you think we need roller coaster reform. Do you feel -- playing Russian roulette when you get on a roller coaster at 6172666868. Is the number. Steve you're up next don't. Jeff are you going to I'm yeah Steve thanks the first one man who went Martin Zimmerman. I'm not into these guys going to be just or really from this the first I don't try to all the race start against probably. You know that after they found out about it they said this slight teachers watching the McLaughlin. And I know probably like oh my god this guy pitched in college are from racists as possible. And how would -- and I'm sure when Obama got the phone it's all about them flat -- and so when he -- each. Well -- match. And -- and hot hot hot hot. What if I were marquee seriously I did Zimmerman hunt's case not I swear I say let me talk busy man George. Gordon is go to Orlando go to Disney World and has saved people falling from the sky. Because you seem to like to do that sort of thing falling from the roller coasters. You know what we should conduct a field study. Number should really we should set up something so that the listeners of corner country can all go up to Canada be late and tests the writes for safety. That's I would love I mean I would be a blast I haven't been up there on time. We get a lot of fun their corks -- -- we don't call the roll call out because they get sick but I can watch you guys. We've talked to the promotions department. We should do -- and I'll I'll bring little -- and with me I think I -- I like everyone to big rides but they have a lot of kidding really -- right number to bring little lashed and you can bring little know we'll have a blast. And maybe what -- think Britney likes to go on rides to Wear your vision is they -- britney's current medical condition I would advise against it. Agree with you Jennifer all of you she had a very traumatic car accident. Someone here at seven miles an hour on the left -- car completely totaled. Brand new Ford Fusion totaled more importantly she suffered a mild concussion. Back pain her neck hurts so Britney has not been the same the last seven appendix. She's a little small room. Mountain Zimmerman was apparent. Yeah. They -- -- -- and ripped at Doral and you would grab Britney out jet to -- friend of one of foxwoods and grab them out as well save them and then chased down on the guy that hit them. -- have been chasing after them but many disease all of whom he's black men's tournaments that's run the other -- not I. Amid this I don't need this I'm taking my -- off. Jim you're up next banks are holding welcome. So why today I'm good how are you jam. Are very -- not -- pay attention getter in the -- record of those who -- their attendance at the gate you know make sure belt project. You know I want it's gonna -- I pulled a -- right where people go out there right. You know. A dollar in Carolina. Where they couple up the right. Include. Woods is bloodstream truck background Jim that it could -- it struck out trying to you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- All -- all because he has experienced as you know with a K exempt. You know kids safe because he would go around a little ice cream truck and he would bring the bowel and he would give out ice cream cones. That's that's part of his background that's the unique perspective he brings to the senate. -- -- -- Sorry folks are closed for two weeks declaring -- repair America's favorite athlete Barney Clark. Sorry. About the little. That's now that's a market that does for us that's why we elected him. I mean I'm so proud of him being our sanitary -- I get up every day with such pride in my heart that this man's representing me in the senate because I don't feel safe. When I had going to Six Flags roller coaster I don't and now Monica's gonna take care about all -- up next thanks for holding welcome. But more -- people out -- get well -- AAR fanatic I expect notebook fought at all. OK so lord culture brought coaches are very dangerous OK I'm not concerned about that help. I don't care -- -- appeared skeptical about that more important right now about that artillery right. They -- ultra -- the billboards all that everybody gets far should erected the receipt of all or. He would say well one -- his one too many if it saves one Curtis and saves one person just a child. If it's take -- for the children. If it saves just one children and then I know what's Holden -- they're. Hot hot hot. You that you speak English a -- to speak my god what he does to the English language all Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Here people all -- on the -- -- this session -- and you can do all coaches as well as well so it. Yes it's called her own ads there -- access and background and how. Have the complete -- it will also -- Wilson international sites include. It can't talk tough not -- but but but but. All Europe Max thanks for holding welcome. Ordered out there at all. Jerry you got a local level who proposed new. Regulation on already regulated industries. But I'm wondering if maybe he's talking about wanting to regulate emotional -- You can't -- hot hot hot hot hot hot -- Does -- wanna silver's story I'm like I -- there was a spoof. But -- I thought it was like the onion you know that that that that -- newspaper that's not the army -- -- -- he's serious. This guy is calling for National League is under the cover all rides at amusement parks because of one woman fell from a roller coaster in pretzels. -- is insane. But no he's dead serious. Kevin Europe next to welcome. -- according just looking out. Marquis in congress shall like forty years the market do its thing about safety before this poor woman -- -- -- try to think it is all about that so that. You know I gotta say when you say forty years. I'm 43. To -- spinning congress for as long as a normal life. Men that's a long time I insist. And what does he got the show a -- I guess she's looking for his legacy this is gonna be because he's -- not listening to gang of may have a dispute. I -- single rubio would join him president haunt me Disney world in his home state in Florida maybe McCain will join them. And Republican national debate and dialog. On a roller coasters. Maybe did dear leader they don't distract us from Ben Ghazi just pay a roller coasters are very unsafe now. I'm worried about you and your children on a roller coasters we have seven national dialogue and soul search I have heard. Show what Obama was all over this because she wants actually go to Orlando and -- of the roller coast of the kids well I mean Arab I'd be very all the working vacation and that's that's a working vacation and is also -- dot there's. I mean the -- Six Flags there is that. Universal Studios I mean I -- I would that would keep Michelle Marxist Michelle very busy. And also tell me if you're thin her it's good for you when you on these roller coaster it's more comfortable. When you're too heavy you feel uncomfortable on the roller coasters Bob Europe next welcome. Very good morning -- did commit a manager American led the campaign slogan for this mic away my hockey hall low lying on roller coaster safety. If that's -- left tens of millions of families travel during the summer they go on vacation. No doubt it's four dollars a gallon on the -- no that's we're just forget about that I've. I'm lucky -- is getting a baptism my beautiful mind mindful. And grace it's a long story she wants the baby baptized in Montreal -- dollar family is narrow or friends -- there's a few twisted my arm. So basically my little vacation is going to be going up to Montreal for my little girls a baptism that set. That said I'm driving -- taking the par five and half hours the Montreal. -- getting in my child baptized and I'm heading right back that's it that's my vacation. You know why my killer because I don't have the money. To go on expensive vacations genius. Steve you're up next welcome. But -- I think that country need comprehensive. Tea Party regulations. I mean it. The whatever you do don't -- Extend our local borrowing -- -- -- I mean it could get traded basically doing -- -- good question that I. At at at at that match all the broken noses from the house of mirrors -- -- a house of mirrors haunted how loose the guy I mean forget bad guys. Football. Kids aren't hockey. Mom stalk her home rockaholics. Cox. If it saves one child just one. Bill Europe Max thanks for holding welcome. That they -- -- guy -- -- -- a country is gonna help and he portable people get killed on all. But -- But look fallout of fifteen years of my kids since they -- looking forward just all of that all over the country from all causes fear that line never seen anyone killed. So you know that sweaty yoga you know how it is now be sure not to get all the weight because now that is the new handicapped anyway. That's really had a gap. Yeah I mean bill I mean I don't go on roller coasters anymore they get -- when I was young I -- roller coasters all the time and nothing ever happened and I never saw anything happen. It's extremely regulated I mean it is remains almost annoying. Are you wait they are hooked you up and they check everybody in check everybody again -- you do a little cool and you come back down and finisher -- still setting in and unlock the seat and I mean what else do you want these people to do. You're going at high speeds in the year. Somebody's gonna followed eventually I'm sorry. Let's just his life. You've got to take a bit of a risk. That's why it's called a roller coaster. 61726668. -- Really take a solitude. Can -- you just pulling my chain again. Not really I think we should do well we'll talk over what sale of the UB a blast feel gory kind of be like now from -- go to school bus up front though you're like a school bus. And if we can just you know bring our listeners on boy are these blue ribbon commission devils are who has little blue ribbon commission to study roller coaster reform although it cannot -- -- Now we can inspect everything -- interview people we have a video. Because we wanna help our dear senator with roller coaster reform. That career in Manhattan that coroner report. The report notes this email basis -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --