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The door is now open- Transgenders fight for recognition in military

Jul 24, 2013|

First it was gays in the military, bot the transgenders want in on the action. Why is the military being used for social engineering?

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There are repercussions are going to beat the Mets. There is now story after story after story this is from -- -- newspapers one of the biggest change in the country. Eyes the military begins to embrace. Gays and lesbians -- were homosexual rising the military. One group feels left out I cage or not. Transgender. Troops. And so now there is a growing Porsche. Backed by our secretary of defense checked he Chuck Hagel. Two and now openly allow and even encourage. Transgender. -- I kid you not in the military. And what's really given this thing a big Porsche. Is there was a recent memoir. That was released last month. By former navy seal team six member Chris back. Well Chris -- Used to be a boy or a man or every wanna call -- he was a male. But as he revealed in his memoir. He has now become. Kristin back he's gone from Chris Chris then he's now like -- -- not a woman. He had all kinds of hormones injected and then he had a sex change operation and I'm. Staring at a picture of -- right now he's got long hair he's god breast implants see. I mean he kind of looks like I mean I'm honest I'm not trying to make fun of on just being really candid. You looks like a guy looking like a girl. I mean. It doesn't look like a woman multi -- he looks like a guy trying to be a woman but anyway he's got now that. I always say the biological plumbing to say that he's a warm. And he's now calling for transgender troops to be openly embraced in the military. According to Wayne Williams Institute study at the UCLA School of Law. Conducted in 2011. And I don't believe these numbers I think are inflated numbers but let that go. They claim that this study that about 700000. Americans. Of more than 313. Million are transsexuals. And so there are small subgroup but a very vocal subgroup. They're part of the LG BT community. And recently at an event at the Pentagon. Defense Secretary. Chuck Hagel. Said. That this is now a question of civil rights. And equality. Just like gay right -- homosexual advocates have been pushing for marriage equality. And sexual orientation equality in the military. Shockey Chuck Hagel said well hold on. Civilians can switch sexes and they can keep their drops. Even if they work in the defense industry. If their civilian employees in the defense industry let's say Europe a contract or whatever. You work at a civilian got the job -- a desk job in the Pentagon. Should get a sex change operation Europe Chris she become -- or your pandering you become Hank. You don't get fired you get to keep your draw. And now many of the transgender advocates the LG BT community. Are now saying well also. Great Britain allows transsexuals in the military. Israel allows transsexuals in the military. Canada allows transsexuals in the military. Soul they're saying the US military. Disqualifies. Transgender troops. And so according to -- Chuck Hagel he says this must change. This is a violation of their fundamental civil rights. And if they wanna have a sex change operation. And your part of the military and suddenly your christendom now Chris than. Warriors suddenly say you know here's some man funnier announced that only Sam. Got you should be accepted by everybody. This will not be demoralizing this will not be disruptive this will not break down unit cohesion it's if Africa an issue now of equality. And as civil a civil rights. And so according now to an army sergeant. Who remains anonymous can he's gonna get -- out of the military. If he reveals his identity he joined the army as a woman. But he's now become a man. He's had a secret sex change operation. -- he said look I was at the Pentagon when secretary hagel were saying were here to celebrate LG BP's service. And I'm kind of looking around for the rest of peace these meaning the transgender. So he wants more transgender troops. More transsexuals. To come out out of the closet. And he says hey look if other troops can now celebrate marriage equality. Gays can now marry gays and lesbians can marry lesbians and make an openly serve. How come we can't support those that are transitioning to the opposite sex. And it's already beginning. Our President Obama. -- pointed it Amanda Simpson a senior army official. Is a high it is the highest ranking openly transgender official. She now works at the Defense Department civilian employees. So she's not technically in the military she's on the civilian side. But she's a senior official. She says transgender person she was a man is now a woman. And this is now in the next frontier. And they're basically saying we wanna serve our country and if we can do the job what's the problem. Just because it was a man and now more woman or because I was a woman and I'm now I'm -- what does that have to do with my performance. Now I gotta tell you. I I warned you I told the American people I've written column after column on this because they've seen what happened in other countries. All you have to do is study other countries. Once you allow openly serving gays and lesbians you're gonna get bisexuals. You're gonna get transsexuals. Are gonna get transgender. You're gonna get every freak show and pervert out there. Now claiming they want to call. And civil rights. Now I want you to think about this. Trip I want all of you to seriously think about this because this is coming. He may not like it. He may find it depressing you may find it demoralizing. You may say Jeff I don't wanna deal with this there's enough zany missing craziness so there. But I want -- but it's comic because the lives are not gonna stop. Because they have made the fatal mistake. The fatal conceit. That the military. Which is organized violence that's what the military it's. It's -- disciplined. Organized violence. Its sole purpose. Is to fight and win warts. He is a national killing machine. In defense of the national interest. Has been turned in to a social engineering laboratory. That's what this is all about. Let's try experimenting. On the -- are on the on the military. Because whatever is going on in civilian life that must be mimicked in the military. You see we used to know. Most normal societies. Used to now. That the military is a bunch raining. Hardened warrior Ers.