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Rand Paul says "We are becoming a police state"

Jul 31, 2013|

Rand Paul talks to Jeff Kuhner about Chris Christie ("if he wants a war, fine") Obama and taxes, Bradley Manning and the coming police state

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At about -- note. Would you say the same logic applies to him. The the only difference might be in some kind of courts can't figure this out I'm not a lawyer and expert committee and the law this. But in the in this certain case here of the director of intelligence slide the American public which is against the law he came to congress. He lied to congress and so that they were not doing the spying on Americans. So really there is one question that nobody seems to be asking should he be prosecuted for lying to congress. And then the other question would be is secure ball is flying and you review your bosses slide. Is that. Immediately yet either illegal leak or is that simply. A whistle blowing episode of some -- would have to decide that. I doubt you know I don't know that I have the legal knowledge to to give a conclusion. -- senator one final question. You touched on it the Director of National Intelligence James clapper clearly lied to congress about the NSA surveillance program. Do you think that he should be held accountable. Do you think you should be fired or be forced to resign. Do you think there should be any kind of penalty. Inflicted upon him for misleading congress misleading you and misleading the American people. We do not think the largest ought to be adhered to there and if it's lying to congress is against the law then. You know. Anybody who lost to congress should be punished. I do think that as long as he remains in the position of leading intelligence. That the peace and credibility problems not with with those of us in congress to oversee it. With the American people. That we will wonder you know when he comes to congress to tell us about programs such as this is he telling the truth accuracy lying. And that that really I think has taken away its credibility and really has taken away from the credibility of the intelligence. Community and it makes it hard for congress to trust them to us. Senator used to use the term police state. In describing the NSA. And all of now -- Government surveillance programs that were that we're now finding out were revealed. By had -- everything else. Do you think America is sliding towards a soft police state. You know I think we're going towards apart we're we're losing privacy so I don't you know may have you -- police state that we might get there are some -- But really we're losing our privacy and a lot of things need to be reassessed. And we need to revisit the court needs to look at whether or not. You know war can be issued her. A billion phone calls one warrant. Weather warms -- to be specific to the person. We have to revisit whether -- should be allowed to observe your activities in your backyard. Or whether or not the government should after the war. All of these questions are important in this era technology. And so yes I'm very concerned about privacy. -- senator Paul final thing when you come up to New Hampshire the next time you come on up to New Hampshire. We got a lot of listeners in New Hampshire. You think you may come on now we'll I would love W in his studio here on the corner report. And how we take questions from the audience. You had -- it will be allowed to encourage track -- -- thank you so much senator said all right thank you god bless you sir keep up the good work. -- through Kentucky senator Rand Paul you heard it he said it. We're losing our privacy. Were on our way potentially to a police state America it's time to wake up. Jeff corner on the corner report.