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Million Muslim March in DC on 9-11

Aug 15, 2013|

A muslim group plans to march in Washington DC on 9-11-13

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Welcome back at the corner report this is Jeff Horner Boston's bulldozer. 6172666868. Is the number you can also -- -- at 68680. My friends. Didn't. Stunning story. This is not a joke this is not -- I want you -- when you draw people easily hold the steering wheel I don't want to get into an accident. There is eight million. Men march. Being planned for two more in Washington DC to being planned on the anniversary of September 11. 2000 this year 2013. Now you may be thinking million man march who would be marching. You know on Capitol Hill -- the White House in Washington on September 11 on that. Very important anniversary. I'm thinking for a. Could it be people wanna strengthen the war on terror. Could it be people who think I don't know we've gone too far with the NSA surveillance or with the Patriot Act. Rim on on on home. My friends a group called. The American Muslim political action committee. Amtrak. Is planning a one million Muslims. March. To Washington DC on September 11. They want a million Muslims. To march in Washington. On the day eat you know I want you to think about this could go all of these people. All the worst. Terrorist atrocity. That has ever taken place. Domestic massacre in American history. They massacre perpetrated. In the name of his Guam by radical. Islamists. And not only are they gonna be marching. On September 11 hopefully -- gonna try to get a million people to march. But they're actually gonna do this by issuing demands on the American government. And what are their demands according to a statement released by an impact is what they say. We at the American political action committee being sorry the American Muslim political action committee. Are planning an historic event for 9/11 and 2013. Where one million Muslims will march to Washington and demand that our civil rights be protected by our government. We are demanding that laws be enacted protecting our First Amendment. We are asking President Obama to fulfill his promise from his first campaign of a transparent government. And lastly. They are asking for the release of the 9/11 commission report to the American people why because they are now arguing. That 9/11 a sensual leak was an inside job. That 9/11 was not perpetrated by Muslims it was not perpetrated by radical islamists. But it was essentially Don. By. By a -- -- of abortion neo conservatives. To launch a crusade. And wars against Muslim countries. And so they're gonna be calling for an end to the war on terror they want all Americans pulled out all American troops out of every Muslim country. And they are now gonna descend upon the capital. To stop what they say is the slander and libel of Islam. And not only dot. But they're also saying. That they want the lies to the American population. About the jihadist nature. The terrorist atrocities committed in the name of his mom they want these lies now exposed. And they now want to be able to fully practice their faith including. They're implementing sure real law here in the United States and as they put it why can't we just shared the perfection of the -- And the beauty of our beloved Prophet Mohammed. And that's what they wanna do here in the United States and so if you go. Two the Compaq website. They basically a list what many of their demands are. And what they're basically saying is their goal. Is stick and any linking of Islam with terrorism orgy autism. The day. Who was there actually criticizing the history of the Jewish zionist lobby a pack. Saying that it shows to be more effective to be quote radical and quote. And express one's -- strongly and honestly then to be fearful and timid. And so what they want is they want now to cut military spending. They wanna end the Patriot Act they want and all the wars on terror they wanna stop are all American troops from being present and any Muslim country. And in particular they want to end. The control of zionism. And the Jews. Upon Washington and upon American government. And furthermore. They want to spend money provide monetary support to Muslim and Muslim friendly political candidates. Encouraged Muslims to run for office. And provide logistical and monetary support. To any one. Who. -- supports Muslim interests. They wanna educate Americans. About the about he rolled that Islam plays in civilization and in America. And in particular. They want what they say more Muslim involvement in politics. And they want Islam. To essentially craft our culture. And they go on about 9/11. That they believe 9/11 was an inside job. That they wanna get to the truth of who truly was behind 9/11. That it. -- that the government lied about it that this had nothing to do with nineteen Islamist hijackers. That this was a. To start a crusade for war against Muslim countries around the world. That's the million Muslim 1000000 march that they're now planning in Washington DC. Now. I ask you this. I want you to think about the goal of these people. I want you to think about the hot spot obese people. On that sacred day. Where in the name of his along. Nineteen radical geologists. Fifteen of them from Saudi Arabia. Crashed at the world the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center. Slammed the plane into the Pentagon another one was probably on its way to the White House or Capitol Hill. Crashed in rural Pennsylvania. 3000. Americans were slaughtered. And they're telling us. -- that really didn't happen. They're telling us that Islam had nothing to do with the they're gonna tell us that we now have to respect Sharia law. They're telling us. That we should make America based upon the -- one. They're gonna tell us with a straight face that you don't have Muslim suicide bombers blowing up children and women in Israel. In cafes. They're gonna tell us with a straight face. That you don't have radical jihadist all across the Middle East. Slaughtering Jews slaughtering Christians slaughtering moderate Muslims. In the name of the crime in the name of the Prophet Mohammed. What do they think we are stupid. What's next the sky is purple. This guy is not -- they think we're that stupid. Now. Notice the climate has changed. Notice now that they feel under this president let's be candid emboldened. That now they can come out they -- play there's this wouldn't of flown under bush. You say what you want. In 200620072008. There is no way you have this group set up thinking right away -- we're gonna have a million whatever million Muslims -- Columbia the capital. So my question is this. To the Muslim community here in the Greater Boston area Massachusetts and I know many of you listen to me. Will you stand up. And denounce this. Will you stand up and denounce Amtrak. And say stop lying about 9/11. Stop denying the role that radical jihadist and Islamist Jihad in that attack. In that failed in that devastating terrorist atrocity. Or you gonna stand there and power. In front of these radical extremists. These G artists. My friends. What you're seeing now. He's what is happening all across Europe. This is how Muslim groups behavior in Germany. In England in France. Now they're emboldened. Now they're coming out in public. And saying we don't give a damn about your culture. We don't give a damn about your history. We don't give a damn about your casualties. We don't give a damn about what's happened to your people. We are Muslims first and foremost and we want sure real law. And we want you to cater to radical Islam. That's for sure seemed. The radicalization. Of the Muslim population is now coming to Washington DC. It's coming here in America dots with this rally signifies. 6172666868. Is the number. What do you make of the million Muslim march. On September 11 when he thirteen. Is it insulting to the 9/11 victims. Is it insulting to their family members is it insulting to the people of America. Or do you think it's just freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Mary Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Morning Jeff I was watching -- the Fox News this morning it. All you were mentioning that there is clean history book how it's being used in most of our I think a car world history. And it focuses on the month from his -- religion. And it please -- christianity in Jewish they intend patient and it's. Into the student from ninth grade and apparently they're saying that in the thick it exposed to christianity and executed them. Let there it is and -- Mary your phone is breaking up on us you were making a point it's a very important point about how islamists now being taught in our textbooks. Now have you noticed under Obama. Have you noticed. Islam has become one of the three religions of America. Have you noticed all of a sudden now it's been about five years now it began under bush. The religion of peace stop army's one that started it religion of peace religion of peace great religion has been hijacked on and on. But -- under Obama's kind of accelerated. And it's not just we don't we celebrate christianity and Judaism. Notice now somehow is alarm. Has been thrown in. So now we have three. Predominant faiths in the United States. Well now the radical adherents of his long are showing us the true face of his long Mike Europe next thanks for holding. Yup -- sell your. That you actually -- bigger Islamic. Murder your people right -- prior view in Boston. And then there's no outrage. You're the president comes two days later got that little piece prairie upbeat and and and that often and just seem to be OK with that. -- -- -- -- Mike bass -- slaughter 3000 Americans on 9/11. Not much outrage. They slaughter here is that -- in Boston on April 15 not much outrage. Now the they're saying -- have a million Muslim march in Washington DC Ben Ghazi they slaughter -- and -- -- there's no outrage. Now they're coming inning and that. Fort Hood there's no oil rich. But now they're gonna put us workplace violence that's sorry Jack you're right coach that's workplace violence while nothing Barrett I was just like crazy guy airport gate too much stress at work. Demonstrated they overworked up organic. And it just snapped. Now. They're gonna have a million Muslims descend upon the Washington DC to tell us none of that happened. All of it was somehow the fault of the Jews or of the Christians or Abbas. There's there's spitting in our faces. Jeff corner on the -- report. Played the power without extra power that could report about six this had every weekday morning on Boston talk station KM six -- Welcome back to the corner reports 6172666868. Is the number. The lines are blazing. -- Europe next go. Statement the corner hey -- telling. The powerful. These are got to negotiate last week. That Obama appointed in an email I'm fit for opening prayer -- -- post -- -- -- -- that. I did not see that story but it wouldn't surprise me Hank. We'll look at how seriously you know in the it has gone backwards bush would be like you say it say it all the time it's all right Washington has been bought -- The you know Saudi Arabia is that this shouldn't take -- of a nation it's part of that not a Muslim calibrate. Nation by nation and they've they've already infiltrated every aspect of our government should now we have a team around. On the house floor instead of you know god bless America. Thank you so much -- what I mean look I'm an op -- let's see now how much opposition there is on Capitol Hill to this million Muslim march. And you and you mark my words you'll see where -- little love it and I'd like to know who's funding am pack. I'd like to know -- the money. For the money people behind them back and I'll bet you I'll bet she. The money will go all the way back to Saudi Arabia I'll bet -- dollars to -- the saudis are -- Barbara Europe next goal. Hi Jeff that they are -- I I I've actually been chipping -- at least four times got married. Let my -- so I eventually run for at times and I'm. What I see is that not all are being Muslim people are you know -- crazier from only ones who. You know we have been doing some awful things -- -- in this country and other countries but I will say that. The amount -- first before parenting thing -- from even -- being nice people are and I've met many many. Great people anymore who love Americans. And who are looking for our freedom angle to. Really don't like -- politics there in Iraq and they really good people and they they treated me really well. But one comment about this you know this million must go on March. I think that the Christians. And -- Jewish people should get together. And they should form there'll march on -- September you love that -- Just additional -- out -- to solidarity to settle this kind of nonsense can stop. Excellent excellent idea. Have Christian Jewish. Million person march in solidarity with the victims of 9/11. Our counter march 6172666868. Is the number my friends. Time magazine. Recently had a cover. Glorifying. The child free life. That story next. -- -- --