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Ann Coulter Checks In On Scott Brown and Ted Cruz running in 2016

Aug 19, 2013|

TV maven and best selling author Ann Coulter joined us for our weekly round up of politics, news and sarcasm. today's topics included is Scott Brown running for president and can Ted Cruz run.

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Joining us now is in culpa from Florida are from I don't Wear shoes from Mariah actually really right now but she's joining us on the telephone line. And -- in what did you think guys have you seen that you've seen the stories about Scott Brown going out to the Iowa state fair. Yeah isn't listening to your pool and I -- once again how we -- -- -- with artists radio listeners. I love that Scott Brown never rumors earlier. You know that he was gonna run for senate from New Hampshire that's a fantastic idea. It's the -- not to run a senator for for president and remember we're not Democrat says don't call me with Obama was just a one term senator. But we we we can't get away with that kind of nonsense. Governor of the best. Presidential candidate I hate to say it because I'm not. Absolutely smitten with any of our governor -- right now. Yet and -- It's got to be a governor at that there and I think it's got to be a -- -- a lot more than one term amendment defeated even if it was from the state like Massachusetts which is very liberal so. So this is not -- to say that you know Scott -- the looters coming but no he can't run for president Ben Carson camp run for president. Allen left can't run for president we're not gonna start a third party we need to. Dixon Dixon ran for president and Nixon ran for president. And Nixon ran for president after losing for governor. But he event then there. And a very important that are used the one who brought down an older he. -- I'm just saying -- -- he had no. It's just having a loss on your -- resume is so. Along any place any time now know that that isn't -- governor is better. Way way better because they have executive experience -- in the senate. It's. Is always described as the world's largest debating society. You that you couldn't see. Functionally retarded and -- United States senator Scott Brown happened not to be happens to be very Smart on the. Describe it as the world's largest Everglades club. About a golf. But that isn't really proof positive you can not be. Retarded and be our governor of the state they're real responsibility to running most. Right exactly even if you're a Democrat you have to confront. Unfunded pension liability and let's say. Just pick one possible if you out of that. So I hate landing net I don't know why Republicans won't that this late. Stopped subtracting the voters they're busy they have job. These but these guys shouldn't be throwing their hat in the ring it can't be a business man it can't be an inspirational leader campaign. I mean to only that it can't be just the congressman or anyone in terms under it just it can't. Well I think the thing with with Scott Brown is and we may have talked about this would certainly talked about my show. Is that a lot when he made that decision in January not to run for a were for Kerry's seat when -- quit. We all thought it was a good move because he would just get it we body even if he got elected he -- he -- get knocked off when he fourteenth. What we didn't know was how how pathetically feeble. Ed Markey once you know. And he caught it probably one in a landslide. Considering that the that the right no Republican candidate not a bad guy Gabriel Gomez got 45% of the vote. It is first race ever against this guy who's been in congress sets. You know since the Abdullah felt more administration. -- I only have term ones small. Deviations from everything you just that. Either Republican needs you Graham what about guy you ran on being what was that the 67 vote but he amnesty bill. Yeah he while he did he yells -- -- Yeah he's. Given again I mean compared to compared to Ed Markey go and. No that is an embarrassment for the state I admit that very argument this. Ahtisaari is we are believed me but anyway yeah it's got a Scott made a mistake I mean we all made a mistake. You know we didn't know how weak the guy once -- -- -- we don't we had seen him for thirty years and now Ed in the house caught is -- trying to make up for this this error that he made at that we all thought was the right move. -- he's but but again he should be running for governor you know. Yes governor as a much better if you wanna run for president if you need to run for governor some place. And maybe you should eat out of Massachusetts. I mean you don't have to be governor. Whereas senator from one of the most liberal states that that you get a -- that's not part of the rule they would be nice it's always good to prove that you've been elected in the Blue States. But that's it that's Chris Christie's. I mean that's his thing. I -- Chris if you want a moderate in 2016. I think your choice is going to boil down to Chris Chris. I don't want a moderate but I do want someone that's on candidate and I mean number you know want to lose them now because. Because Christie has has so many positive. And he's the governor on the big Blue States and and he's done a lot of good things and considering you know what what. State he needs to get elected Ian. He's very conservative in the same sense that Giuliani is very conservative compared to where he had to be elected. But he had his temporary senator vote for amnesty after Chris Christie was on the phone with Chuck Schumer for a happening. And I mean that isn't a single vote -- saying I'm voting to give the Democrat thirty million new voters that mean Republican Party is bad. Or -- the country is that this isn't some little peculiar issue. You know that I haven't been in my -- the greens but these all and all lived -- and -- on the wrong -- so now on just the threat. It's a -- a -- -- is what it is but you know. It seems like hey if you would read these stories about that Ted Cruz -- meet people been saying the media Ted Cruz can't run for president I never believed that. To begin wet but it's it's seems like. Even the mainstream media now what's falling in two while in the line that he can run for president even though it was Warren camp. Well if somebody's got to answer that question is it -- the question of first impression. Because. But let you do have to be a natural born citizen if both of his parents had been Americans benefit of doing business in Canada. -- there would be no problems. -- group would be a natural born citizen. One of his parents was not an American citizen however what makes that an I would say that means he's not natural born otherwise we wouldn't have had any discussion about day. -- Obama with the Kenyan father. What I mean what he had been born in Kenya I don't think we want about rule across the board you only need one American parent and be born any place in the world. But spike in crude -- I don't know what the status of his problem was he had been imprisoned by Castro he'd come to America is in the process of becoming an American citizen. So it seems to -- his father is kind of neat with what other country he would he would citizen op. Still the only country he isn't even all legal -- is the United States of America. That may be enough to make a crude and natural born citizen of the issues I know what being a. -- the Dallas morning news today yes says that all all all basically he has to do was go down to the Canadian. Consulate or embassy in Washington. During a lunch hour and -- renounce his Canadian citizenship which he has. As a birthright. Yet that he would be he would be cool to run for president that's what -- that's the story today in the papers. My analysis is correct in not trust what you read in the Washington. Well this is the Dallas top mornings and yeah when you see it in the now. Whatever. I know I know I I just think I think cruises. Cruz is my favorite candidate or. Why am I -- -- we -- and we still have a little time for him to be kept animal what will happen going forward but it is -- on. -- the line. And I suppose we have some governors out there and you know I've mentioned before we -- getting ahead of -- what. Walter what about Scott Walker you don't like him. Why. I think -- only he had his state -- because the agency does not look presidential. He went he went to the maps with the unions and crashed them. Point -- -- -- -- -- the governor I don't I have I I I don't like criticizing Republicans put but it. I'm only we are only disgusting now he's being you know choosing someone as a nominee which is three you're the last night. And I can think of a few people running for governor right now this year who after a couple of years under their belt might make excellent candidate for president. There's also Rick Snyder in Michigan Rick Scott in Florida. You mean he may Blanchard right in Michigan. Yeah I can't get an idea that us. I'm no great Republican governors in blue purple the. I mean boy church every Blanchard is trying to yeah I appreciate it governor who was. Trying to deal with the massive Democrat who matches. And that's what -- you know that's what Romney was doing in 2004 with the police. You don't strike. Looming in Boston during the convention. And now an -- now Blanchard has his hands full with a problem a hundred times worse than that which is Detroit. Right -- at ease the want the best the cab. No use -- as -- -- He's a little like Romney this blaze quickly you know I shot -- guy does business -- very good with numbers. And the isn't getting very very very balloon thing and and doing good things. Will have a they both might be a little too heard you speak. But you know will pretty they're at least they meet the minimum qualification that don't go walker from -- debate we'll preview you know forceful. Yeah so -- so you just can't say rim Paul. I know I what do you think Rand Paul land. I won't I won't criticize them as I would have back when he was supporting rubio is amnesty bill because in the end he voted the right way. -- -- -- You're like -- yeah. -- -- The picture that I thought I didn't think that was a body -- but the very fact that he would. Even think about voting for amnesty is is there is a bad day. That obviously given me play hard but look all was forgiven but again. We're talking about running for president. And you remember what happened to just everyone remembers about moment if you're old enough. And what -- similar to the current President Bush had to lean down to take Michael Dukakis payment and the eight. -- -- -- -- Yeah that's what they'll say about trials you know be the the chances are the but -- or lawyer is always gonna win the trial. Yeah and for president I also think that hurt the Democrats by the way as well as something related not the same point. It's not exactly the type thing but oh boy did they have merit -- dead set on picking Hillary. But lately been following all this statement about the Clinton foundation even York time -- them on how it's just. You know mutual back scratching and -- in money -- friends they could travel around the world would do absolutely no good. Right well how about Clinton's defense is that we must be keeping honest -- -- -- running in the red. -- That's truly Clinton -- at the -- -- -- oh -- I think we do want to encourage our Democrat friends surround Hillary but. But slightly different point is that I I. -- And I wouldn't be enthusiastic. About Hillary -- Democrat I mean it is simply a fact. -- -- it backs of other than Ronald Reagan's wife left him in the country -- not why did these single of course they keep. -- I'm currently running news article about yes we got over that years ago and now we've moved into the wind it's nearly all the -- is running out. Whether that John Kerry John McCain. I mean even in our in our primaries Fred Thompson Rudy Giuliani. All polluters be only -- -- say Americans ever accept that as their president. Was Ronald Reagan and it was well on an alcohol would act that the time Beijing -- Atlanta to. So anybody even knew he was divorced would have known that. Similarly. I know that the country has never elected a woman's right. -- but it big I don't I don't like about it yeah it might capitalist. An important election I don't think I'd want to get. But don't go to Democrats that. You could say that I can't say that being of the opposite you have. Well. A lot of good -- it is important what the president looks like how we communicate whether he's able to talk. And a moment of crisis needs to look up your presidency of the deal with the world. And even even. I think there. Thatcher didn't have a problem like that though you don't. Margaret Thatcher era of -- -- -- it Eric Rodriguez Amaechi these people that have up front. After that the closest -- midnight and let me say I don't think Hillary is any market that yet and still even beyond that what Margaret Thatcher was. Who heard from prime minister. Of our secondary panel war. Could she have led in one during World War -- could she have filled church don't -- we all are the world's protect terror. Com and. Yeah sure you don't wanna put that in the past steps in and. Well it could be headed outweighed up -- presidential election is so important and you admire babbling about a three years in advance of the election to accept a. If you look at let's let's talk about Egypt. I mean what a disaster this'll play as. I mean. -- -- -- You know you you could say you know -- -- military dictatorship you don't want that people overthrowing a democratically elected government. But you know what -- is there any questions about whose side we should be on here and major. -- -- Adults who would that we should be on the side of the military. It -- in the words in the immortal words. Of Lyndon Baines Johnson a Democrat. Talking about Al Sissy in this case. He may be a son of a bitch but he's our son of bitch. Right I mean is there I mean why. I can't believe when Obama goes out there it says you know why don't we don't have any particular horse in this in this race what are you talking about. Oh yes I know this is crazy liberal -- foreign policy that. No -- all alone they can do with them. Well done and in fact I wrote this up I ended up not enemies in the column this week I went back and looked at like you know liberals were saying. When Mubarak was being overthrown. Who was really really good dictator -- -- was again he was our -- batch. Yeah -- how much of a phone a bit as far as these guys go. And and all this nearing from liberals that though have been neo cons think democracy can only be imposed the Middle East by the sword. Well well Egypt shows how it's done this big people's revolution. You -- yeah -- turn out so well looks like in fact democracy can only be imposed in the Middle East at the end of an American -- Right. Right it did John McCain again let's cut off aid to and and Lindsey Graham lets cut off aid to two watt Egypt. What what people think it up. And why is what is. More importantly. What -- Republican primary voters thinking when they voted for John McKay. I yeah I can -- -- all. I don't know I didn't vote warm that's all I can W I I I just don't understand this they you know. -- apparently. Is bomb or radical Islam and democracy are are not compatible. Right. All learning this I mean. The reason that the military moved when -- moved was because they realized that the Muslim Brotherhood was building an apparatus. To conduct a civil war in the military decided to move. When they were where they still had the the power. What is it -- you know I always say I always say to people you if you have a choice between gangsters and ideologues always go with the gangsters. Because again thanks for you could always buy off again next -- you know again thanks -- why again Inkster says give me money if you're in the business but you could leave the business right. -- says. You give me money I'll chop off your head under at least a baby after you give me the money I'll chop block your. II. I UB EL I again I'd insist this is something that I I don't think a -- there's a great column by by I think it's a -- forget what his -- Victor -- Davis today say -- -- it doesn't seem to understand human nature it in any form. You know he's he is a classic that. He doesn't understand that you know. There're certain you know sometimes your force with a choice of the lesser of two weevils. And you always have to that you you always have to consider that. Yet it human nature is very description that liberal to Italy actually yeah I like that. -- he says he said you know that you know sometimes in that you know sometimes you're better off with a guy who's run a pizza parlor. Or who had the clean -- public toilet because he sees the bad side to human. Whereas a lot of -- has had everything handed to a modest silver platter he doesn't he doesn't know what it's like -- to be. Going up against the -- The ranks. Of societal. Yes and doesn't know I mean anything's doesn't really know anything as the CDC. Liberal refrain. From this site is that they conduct. And uses separate topic but it's the same lack of understanding of human interest from communism to an apolitical. So we can raise taxes and please know we regulate these things. What is pile more and more regulate what I'm gonna do wanna make it. Are -- -- not close their business down -- focuses now they're gonna come the point 11 parent more valuable. But the small amount you're making that the government has been taking anymore. And he didn't say is that striking fact if you -- can't get to sleep at night opened up the speaking out publicly called beyond. Congressional almanac. And it goes through each race and you know who was running in the background about sort of thing religion business that's -- Republicans overwhelmingly have people who had actionable job to where I think the all the doctor earth. In congress businessman ran you know pesticide companies like the -- No no deep typical Democrat is. Chuck Schumer or your -- Ed Markey who yeah. This goes to break the law school to work for some local Democrat network the locker room. Legislature to a higher and higher didn't know they have no idea what life is like outside of politics. Listen listen man you -- you're you're being toppled asylum milkman he. Operated mr. frost the ice cream truck. -- was -- -- hospital he does have experience -- the -- private sector. -- -- This just I mean I can't I mean you know I'm just that that that Obama doesn't understand the week I have to be honest. If it comes down here here's what forty need to know that. The army. Is not boring down Coptic Christian churches. The Muslim Brotherhood is burning down. At churches. Patient the didn't need. A and it's why it's not democracy work -- here I mean we're talking about totalitarianism. No that's. That's right you do need. Democracy and. But nobody at the White House is saying there's you know that no stories in the papers about anybody say. Yo -- Hawkish advice that's a hawkish advisors to Barack Obama there's there's oxy moron they regarded me. Talks hawkish advisors to one to Barack Obama or advice to him that we have to support the military coup. No -- saying that part of it. Surprised that they weren't that liberal I mean at least I'm on television and maybe it's just the coolant in them. Which liberal state watching. What moment. I'm surprised they have not been more. Head up there have been usable on this topic and my sense was they realize they were and again about. About the overthrowing of Mubarak which turned out it was so. That it. There are little more fire option is gone. Who would've ever thought of that. Positive move bark is gonna get out of jail before Mohamed boss Morsi. Right right. Run it well I think good things. It is a good thing you know I mean the Muslim Brotherhood is -- took over was the first thing they did at the Cairo airport. They -- race to Israel from the ups. I mean how is as always this good thing to. What how was this a good thing too wise -- you know why are we saying that the the military has cut these guys back -- our. I'm now you know. I know well but you'd think -- I think -- well maybe in this finalized it's. I don't think what happened -- is that important you. It our president not go around starting conflagration. -- putting crazy terrorists -- power around the world. And it happens whenever a Democrat president always comes back to bite them Republican president in in the bought from Jimmy Carter overthrowing mission on on. And point and just starting com corporation Africa liberation pulling out of Somalia. After our group were dragged into the street with. Inspired al-Qaeda it would -- -- outward that they said Americans were now that was Democrat that wasn't Americans. And and now you know. Obama doing it all over but until we haven't been boyish -- and your thinking and -- commander in chief Americans. All all of the power of the executive branch including being commander in chief invested in the one man -- -- -- about the is nothing we can do about it right now. And now I don't use hope that -- that you hope the military can hang on and in Egypt and you know the other regimes that are pro western and in in that area cannot hold -- -- and you know what you know Glenn Beck made a great point today. I mean given what's happening in the mideast isn't it time. For a super earth for the the president to come out say. We've got to unleash American energy companies. To make the country's self sufficient again and meet again. Under the new technology we have more energy than any other country in the world. In yet we're still biting our our nails. Wondering if these these knots in Egypt are gonna shut down the Suez Canal -- -- drive the price of gas to seven box again element. Put the economy back into a tailspin. And what did. President Obama spends more time disgusting than any other issue in his second inaugural address. That's right global warming. No I would not be looking for new sources of energy. Under. This and that figure being involved. Oh man it's just it's so why is it just so pathetic I mean we have this. We have this opportunity I mean we've been bailed out we had no reason to expect this what happened to which we did we certainly did nothing to deserve it. But we've been bailed out by fracking and and the other new tech technological -- -- ways of getting energy that it so we don't have to rely on this crazy region of the of the globe anymore. It yet and yet this guy who claims CEO wants peace. Will not will model while they dare to be any drilling any fracking on public land. Know what they want is a lot of taxpayer money being spent on used was green projects right. It's all it's like the Clinton foundation it's all just away from liberal think funny is the -- big government always has -- very depressed in the promised all these things. And then you find out it's just lit rich liberal scratching the back of rich liberals bubbled up to the get poorer and poor. All right. In thanks for being -- -- we appreciate it what's going on with your book that you started -- I. -- consolation that's. Hey Ali daughter congratulations. Sang. It's so much fun it comes out October 14. And let me that on. We'll see what team have to have a special insert. Is that wow October 14 you you have a fast best publisher. Other doing it and -- Very fastest. -- publisher which is me. I know it's really bad I mean I know. Technology has gotten faster in Gaza the fastest books that are around. At one point in world history -- my book slander because knowing the public certainly crowned finally said we expect that it's got to be right away. And every until my editor told me the reasons. The reason everyone told you we couldn't do without doubt this no one wanted to do what fat tax I now know what can be done. This says that a new standard but now -- Gregory is setting an all newsstands. That's great that's really good October 14. Will be will be the area. Yeah definitely getting your listeners are my favorite colors on my book. Hey thank you thank you we have our -- banks and how far till later. 18774694322187746943221. About point guard.