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Does music and hip hop culture lead to killing?

Aug 22, 2013|

Kuhner compares Johnny Cash and 50 cent.

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And welcome back to the corner reports 6172666868. Is the number. One of these black teenagers accused of killing Christopher lane. James Edwards. Sister. Spoke out did the media. Saying come on now don't blame my brother for what happened it's it's a larger cultural problems -- roll -- look like. For people to know in his community. That if we would reach out to do you. And do more things lifts him this stuff could be prevented it. Gary exactly like your family couldn't do that. I mean like what it's not my fault I had to spend more money on what midnight basketball courts. That's that's the solution so again again if you noticed somehow that America is to blame white people are to blame others are to blame. Well let's talk about the culture. Among many inner city blacks. Let's talk about to wrap and Nepal and the lyrics. That these teenagers were listening to around the clock. Around the clock is like Adam -- with a -- a violent video games same thing with these black teenagers. So. I got into a bit of a -- Twitter war with a guy named Gerald art. Gerard. Is going on with me saying how dare -- blame hip pop and rap. So we. All of Johnny can misspelled Johnny Cash but let that go all of Johnny Cash -- fault. I killed the man just for fun quote unquote. Is -- a line from the lyrics from Folsom prison blues number that famous song that Johnny Cash did about the Folsom prison. So I I think we have a little bit out -- -- are here's Johnny Cash and a famous song Rowland cook. Always. -- -- So basically. It's a folk song. About and -- song if you for such a very good song. -- he's it's a song song imprisoned. By this guy who basically threw his life away because he killed somebody. And so it's it's everything it's almost a warning. About you know you think you're playing with guns. You think you shoot somebody think it's Michael west stern and you've lost your whole life. But it's so it's almost a warning against gun violence but let that -- so it's part of a folk song now. Let's compare Johnny Cash because that's everybody's now that's what this person on Twitter was telling all want but Johnny Cash okay. We pick fifty cent now you're gonna say who's fifty cent. Now and the NY fifty cent that's half a dollar wanna go for a -- want -- all one dollar but let that go its Kurdish James Jackson. He's a very famous rapper cooks he says he's Great Britain he says he's great right Brittany. Location doesn't care former -- he says he's. Simon concert he says I'm telling you Jeff this guy can really throw a concert -- fifty cent AKA Curtis James Jackson. Began drug dealing at the age of twelve boy that's a nice career let's during the crack epidemic. So you basically dealing crack at the age of twelve are very promising future. And you left drug dealing to pursue a rap career. But when he began to pursue his rap career check this out he was shot. And he was struck by nine bullets -- he was shot in the face. During an incident in 2000 how this guy survive that is beyond me I -- I call myself the invincible man. Personally that would be -- might change nine bullets and you'll get killed one in the face might I swear my stage name would be the invincible man the invincible but let that go. So. Fifty cent she huge rapper. The love in the African American community. JE -- loves them all the I think the Obama -- Sam got voted of people that Obama likes to hang out with that the parties at the White House. That's what our president or fox -- that's what -- Jay-Z glorifies that's what MTV and at depth television black entertainment television glorifies. Here's fifty cent -- -- -- heard from one of his talks. Forgive if we have my rhythm isn't quite bear forget whether -- -- a give me a little bit of the beeped us have seen today actual site erratic OK here's the beat. -- That's something try to take events and getting shot in the face. If there is beat the cockpit and -- it the drama really means not then. Tell me all right body and blow your brains out. Brains out. There's no time Dukakis. No way you can stop it from -- and words run up on you -- them thanks so bangs out. I knew what I got to do I don't care if I get caught. -- DA didn't play business blanking blank statement court. I'll kill you IEA Blaine and hear what I'm saying M only trying plain and pet she is slipping and I'm much fuel used. -- playing and hear what I'm saying. Homey I mean playing. Now do you think again I'm can be DeLia -- -- get off. And your brain jump out that -- like Jack in the Box. In the hood summertime. Is the Phillies season. It's hot out there is blank that's a good enough reason. Yeah yeah yeah. How is poetry. Now so this is series the -- on the FFB after after all over this song now. Compare this is. To Johnny Cash. Always. Okay. It's. We'll look. And I did okay. Yeah it's an ominous and there's a sense pink does this -- still lives just saying pink. It's the same thing Joseph hockey dodge was inspiring people -- L -- -- late fifties and now. If you listen to the lyrics. What is it doing. These -- glorifying the gangster lifestyle. It sank we -- I shoot people do you should shoot people I'm going to shoot people isn't it great to shoot people. -- a 100000 jewelry around your neck coverings all over your finger I'm in a Mercedes this is the lifestyle. This is the way to live this is cool this is it. That's now you listen to this. Over and over and over and over again. You're gonna tell me you're not gonna see what happened to Chris -- Come on who are we kidding. 6172666868. Is the number -- Europe next thanks for holding up welcome. Jeff I've got a couple of points to make point number one and don't quit your day job. You did -- I have a couple -- re going to -- I'm not kidding I haven't stopped laughing yeah we did yeah. Got a beautiful -- supplies that point the telescope funny if you know. Yeah. She's seen me on the dance floor -- -- point. Every hill and this is more theory that I thought the interview with the split percent to last night and -- -- the father had the thing I'm thinking to myself. What do you make you're blaming everybody also look -- off. I'm cool open Detroit I had a great family they raise seven kids and not have a separate got in trouble. And I'm sure it doesn't take a village to raise the child it takes two parents. -- committed parent. Who are with your kids all the time and and in this day and age with all the technology out there. Can't you to look over your shoulder and see what you're doing this -- head poking out as FaceBook with guns. Shooting the -- and I want if he hit this happened on that you bite out -- parent. It never will help the police stop blaming society look in the -- are because that's the person you've got to blade -- can't pick it up but not. And blowing the -- that another person. A man -- a man in fact reports are now coming out that it looks like some of them are members of the -- So in fact they were part of a -- And you know on this is this is what gang bangers do and so where is the father wears the mother how come they weren't cracking down on disciplining their kid. And honestly if your son is listening to this. I mean I'm not saying once and awhile if he's listening to this all day and he's not going to school. And he's trying to copy this and imitate this -- looked at me with my gun I'm taking pictures with my gun -- -- GL a jewelry around her neck. The cut tools at DePaul. You don't think there's a problem. You don't think you should put your foot down and start disciplining your kids call me crazy Steve Europe next welcome. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think it's even worse by the -- inspiration to people. The whole urban America got light -- Actually part of the American culture which quite frankly it has been because our country's -- What was not built on solid since -- baggage that. Go around murdering people and selling drugs into legal worse things German based window. It would -- by the people who wanted to work hard and do better -- -- their children. And and there are important sure yes there actually boring thing to at all America into the mainstream. Well I like that screaming -- Bingo you took the words right out of my mouth their main streaming. Who hip hip hop rap -- America. Exactly. What children cops I mean it's you know it's not black and white he's got a few more to the suburbs or actually ridiculous thing. We're all working hard being responsible to -- actually shot lights all captured or in the wrong things -- want to do when the wrong thing. You don't want to change it doesn't matter if you're black white if you're nuts chronology that so called corporate. Well -- you while you're you're going to be you know due to don't want the wrong but I. All they'll -- you on the spot put a bullet in your brain and steal your car they don't give a damn if you're white brown or black. Sly Europe next though. A little slot. Yet you're I think you're I can hear you can you do -- access. Real quick it's -- -- -- statistic in memory and explain to open up critical listeners. 868086%. Of all shooting in this country up perpetrated by Democrats. Problem. It's easy to. -- I mean if you Google it you come -- but that number but it EDT you don't have to Google it if you just go to the prison you know look at. Every person that ever pull the trigger on somebody. -- break it down by a racial demographics. Arm and what party. Beta so it would have been -- I'm 86%. You know outshooting perpetrated by Democrats it's it's not hard to figure out. And spent on -- Democrats what they ought you know protection away from the rest of us. Armed. I was talking to somebody yesterday and they -- enemy all out. What did you what are your point you know you're always trying to save it -- that Democrats in the left. Are trying to. It'll push all this racial tension and you know how the big benefit from -- Well here's here's what it is. Democrat from. But we Democrat politicians wouldn't be elected Democrat. This stuff comes from the very top. -- say no. -- As the Democrat party to -- have absolutely nothing positive. Do all four -- as an agent or as -- people in society. So the only way to keep the air -- From. Switching sides. Is that make sure that they hate the other side. And to convince them that you went nine and conservatives and Republicans are racist. Even all the Republican Party was formed in opposition to slavery. Even though it was Lincoln a Republican who freed the slaves. Even though it was the Republicans led the fight for civil rights even though in the Civil Rights Act in voting rights act of 19641965. Infinitely more Republicans than Democrats voted for because the south was dominated by the Democrats. Soul of the party that liberated a black man. That now wants to push capitalism and personal responsibility and strong families so blacks can and turn the middle class in fuel to record numbers. That's the party that wants to -- blocks. Again 1984. What's black is white what's white is blocked Jeff corner on the corner reports the only stimulus that really work. Point 61761616. Is the number. You -- patiently -- thank you and. Out. According -- did this. Just like you must added it stepped up. Johnny Cash song I'm pretty sure just unstuck -- F and Folsom prison and I effort -- REF and Reynoso you've got them playing particularly action. -- -- You -- alone blame me or Wal-Mart because you. Are unemployed triggered you don't have a great job by -- -- I guess what can barely understand that what you wanna blame somebody else because you picked up a gun. For fun and -- somebody. I just I don't know how you look -- that await your mind. I mean you're liberal they've. Compact sit and you have -- her seriously you know -- -- schizophrenia. Commuters bipolar disorder well there is Derek is a a libertarian -- liberalism. That's how you do -- you blame others for your problems. It's a pin it's a psychological ailments which says it makes our doctors savage says it's a mental disorder. -- syrup next. Job Brady did Bruce was thought about it I'm good how are you my friend won't be -- that route. Because certain. All or possibly there was -- -- -- dumpster dive and you get compared to what like a major. And drag him down you automotive field box assure -- that. I want to show you might ask you're watching I got blown out into the gulf the awesome I don't go work. I love it and thank you Bruce I -- -- -- -- quite -- -- want to assure you brought. That. -- trust me nobody wants to see my rear end but trust me on this one now. Contrast this. With this success of doctor dynasty. It's one of the biggest shows on cable is breaking all kinds of records. And now the cultural media elites in this country are saying room. Why is this show doing so well while so many liberal movies and shows are bombing. The answer next. This is Jeff Carter appeared to Rush Limbaugh this is very Armstrong. This is how we -- -- we've -- basically this summer and this is hey M 680 W.