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Holly Robichaud - Charlie Baker can fix this state.

Aug 26, 2013|

Holly Robichaud joins Jeff to talk about who can turn this state around once governor Deval Patrick leaves office.

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Her report hours three this is Jeff Horner Boston's bulldozer. Cleaning up the liberal -- 6172666868. Is the number. You can text the set 68680. And we are now joined by the one and only. Paul -- -- Rashard. Long Republican columnist and blogger at the Boston Herald. Welcome to the corner report -- I -- how you doing on this Monday morning. I'm doing pretty good I gotta tell you I read your column in today's Boston Harold. And I got to say -- I think this is may be the best column I've ever seen you write you. Hit this baby. I mean I'm talking way out of the park this is a Grand Slam. It's a brilliant. Brilliant critique. Of Deval Patrick. And adjust for the listeners out there. -- -- saying we have the ultimate anti -- -- candidate. And who is that person and why do we need him so badly. Well did well did you know cut that -- -- -- bait car. He'd look at what's happened since got a Governor Patrick. You know took office to take. This guy who ran the -- gonna cut our property taxes he would do that to okay he actually lied to act okay. He -- increased -- this sales tax by 25%. He's increased taxes on cigarettes he's increased fees seeking to increase. On the gas tax and we have aghast to actually have been eating be on we get -- to accept meets with the attack is coming everywhere heat that forced the Amazon.com. This that collecting taxes if taxes everywhere well you know the one guy that we know backpack and it -- -- no new taxes pledge is is Charlie Baker. You know the Democrat he cannot trust them they they they always say oh we're gonna catch a property taxes which they cannot -- Okay and and then they raise the taxes every time we elected Democrats they gold turnaround in the increase our taxes that the big thank you. What are we get for all these -- is -- get better managed government do we had better roads do we have anything is better in the state of Massachusetts. Now we -- out okay. We have 332. Million dollars wasted on a crime lab scandal we had. 63 -- student in New England compound its failure at our state government to oversee New England -- up 63 death. We have more kids dying of Foster kid that we've ever had okay that the failure of that the department social services. About 180 million dollars worth of fraud within the welfare department we get 275. Million being spent on. Well ask for health care for illegal immigrants can have a hundred million dollars being spent on. At it in state tuition for illegal immigrants. We do not have a better manage state because we spent all the money on taxes. Do we need somebody that knows how to manage and it's Charlie Baker when Charlie Baker was secretary of eight -- for bill weld we cut taxes 41 times. OK we did more what we actually had a better managed yeah we didn't have a all that's fraud waste and abuse Billy not we. People I -- You know Democrats at least they would. When that when we don't raise taxes they'll be people die in the -- the problem is we bring you catch it. And -- Democrats have the people dying in the streets because the only good compound. Think it's -- that all these agencies that have gone broke like the MBTA. Which many 250 million dollars on maintenance that we don't have to be spending. -- the MBTA there wake about 259. We have an MBTA pension boards get one while palace what's going on with attention. But tell me -- tell us -- on the board I think we need -- knows how to turn around an agency and that. Whole army can't touch ironic as I mean you're just cutting your cutting them up you're cutting him Deval Patrick meaning me into ribbons. But there's so many good points and thought. This one I did not know this and I you know I I read the papers religiously but. -- there's more people in the MBTA collecting pensions. And working for the. -- -- -- -- -- That's absolutely true okay and CEOs took two years. -- -- as the favorite -- their child caused the filing for more than two years. And that and I amendment to force the MBTA to disclose that pension -- and they wouldn't do it. Finally this year it that you know they passed fit and then the MBTA pension boards that you know that we don't have to comply with that. This now -- as secretary transportation. Didn't release it but it's the MBTA pension board still were not released that data. And we believe this stuff that came out from the secretary of transportation is missing a lot of that data. But what we do know is that there are more people collecting pensions then better paying into the pensions system. And then on -- will not. Khaled who got that pension -- do you believe that's just would be an upset MBTA pension boards and they won't -- Who -- pension. And -- getting bailed out and was getting all these cushy pensions right -- -- -- off now the other thing is okay but now holly let me ask you this. We're paying all these taxes you have all these mismanaged corrupt agencies all this money's being -- squandered in waste fraud and abuse. But is the unemployment rate I mean all the is -- at least economic growth -- a what are the unemployment rate numbers from Massachusetts -- they are they -- low. -- -- election we kept those signaling to everybody about the unemployment going up it's going up it's going to happen this steady increase last year. Went out seven point 2% unemployment in the state of Massachusetts. If you add in the people that are underemployed that it had to taking their part time job but a lot of their field. Still no longer able take -- -- -- job you know that day you know that's that would be -- you know where they were before. OK and you are taking two jobs to try to make we'll make ends meet. We haven't those are underemployed people. Between. Are underemployed people and their unemployment unemployed people we have faced fifteen to 16%. Employment problems here in the state of Massachusetts. That's another reason why we need Charlie Baker because this is a guy who's worked in the private sector and create private sector jobs. We you know Democrats are coming -- and yet they're gonna create jobs they get pretty public sector jobs. Really do need to -- at the firemen. Thankfully I can't fish -- In -- -- that have hit it can't can't private detectives have and I get children to -- my people don't understand it. And when you've got a governor that theory every job creator of the state of Massachusetts. Well we're not going to be able I'm repeated we're not going to be amplified the attention not could be -- look I'm not firemen and the police department because we -- -- not payers. And the data -- that you think yeah cleaned up. Along what did you mean that every we have so many companies that are just ended up leaving the state of Massachusetts and that's not coming back. And now would you know with the tech -- we've said all you know high tech companies. Don't come to Massachusetts because we're gonna tax you even go Kelly Services cheaper over and -- cancer. -- but let me let me just play devil's advocate. OK we have all of these taxes but at least per capita our depth level should be extremely low for paying all of these taxes. You shouldn't Massachusetts is that -- be extremely low. I guess -- that. We have a high -- in debt per capita up. Per capita than any other statement in the country -- people talk about you know how in debt California and California yet have a huge debt but per capita -- we have more cat. Then. How unwilling to act on -- -- when I saw that your column today I I thought it was California as well our civil they're going bankrupt or Illinois. If you ask me trivia I'd say. Cool California Illinois it could go either way. But no access the people's republic of -- juices were the most. -- indebted state per capita in the entire country. Yeah and we get a huge problem here until we need you know we need somebody that knows how to turn these things around. And you know Charlie Baker was secretary paid out for a bill weld. I'm after the right to pocket and we thought Mike Dukakis was really have that governor. And -- but he -- he's looking pretty good compared to Deval Patrick and you know. What a lot of people are saying well we're gonna need don't -- -- and you know I think it is -- out. It opens Statehouse after Deval Patrick we're not gonna need that we're gonna need what you would say is they bulldozed there. Holly let me ask it is very quickly. Baker did not win the last time around. People say he's not that telegenic he's got a bit of a squeaky voice he doesn't. He's not the most engaging or charismatic politician out there. What makes you think that Charlie Baker can win this time around one and two. What about a primary challenge from -- Gomez could he beat Gomez and Republican primary. And I heartbeat. Okay adding yet -- is big Gabriel Gomez did not say who people think for some reason he did so well that that last stop election. I he did not do you know so wow okay he he set a new low in republicans' turn out. That's not good. I think Charlie Baker is you know what I think he's an compressed slightly out that's just my my two cents okay. You know compared to Steve Grossman. Yeah I think -- -- -- do just fine. Is on that front you know I think you know it's hard you know his last campaign he didn't have the best people looking at the same people that -- -- Kerry -- campaign and make it terrible job in -- don't. Don't let them do it again OK in the. We have been talking with holly -- we -- lone Republican columnist at the Boston Harold. You've got to check out her column in today's herald it's an -- salute knock out really well done Ali thank you so much for coming on the corner report. Any time Jeff thank thank Brent. Take care 6172666868. Is the number my friends coming up next. The president was on a recent must store I swear you touting the economic recovery. -- I mean what economic recovery but let that go. And you're not gonna believe what he said about the deficit. Next on the corner report.