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Nancy Pelosi Says We Are At War With Syria

Sep 3, 2013|

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi told her 5 year old grandson we are at war with Syria. Howie was horrified and did not support the former Speaker's view of our relationship with Syria.

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You imagine a Republican. Being. And knocked cold. By a pipe cleaner and in cantor the leadership to to vote for this disk cartridge. Knowing that and knowing that nobody in your district supports us. There's an ABC news Washington Post poll right now seeing 59%. Oppose I think that's pretty low. Pew polls says 29% approve. For these 29%. 187746943221. Mates and where they have peace. Where -- the candlelight vigils how come they couldn't even get scores of people that that that the at the mansion. Last night and we've -- where they got dozens they got about twelve dozen to a dozen plus half a dozen. People came out that was that. Because everybody else was Obama man talkative moms is poised. Where there were wrong were they were trying to score some mall way. He couldn't be bothered to -- on them but they they couldn't that they couldn't be bothered going down for a demonstration because it's it's Democrats. 187746943221. Dissenting assume now that you know foxes got these people -- against -- and but they're all former congressman. First they had to Ron Paul now they have a Dennis Kucinich. Why -- so I guess some some something some of the stuff that Ron Paul wrote it's pretty good I'll read it to you in just a moment but first 1877469432218774694322. That is -- toll free number of how we car shook it like to join us here this afternoon every weekday afternoon. If you would like to walk by club in my book rifleman you can go to you can get it from how we car show dot com how we commercial dot com we have a new special now order rifleman and get a free copy of hard knocks. That's right free copy of hard knocks them all. And that's that's -- that's available right now Howie -- show dot com that's our September special. If you would like it was to the show on the and I go to our web site which is how we card dot com how we cart dot com click on the live audio streaming. Also how we cart dot com you can take partner daily Internet poll question daily Internet poll question is sponsored by. -- house mortgaged the local source for Jumbo loans and refinancing at 807620000. Cindy was -- poll question one of the results thus far. Will congress support a military strike on Syria. Know. And now it's 63%. Say now okay how much are done. You know there -- -- that they don't seem to care what -- what what the people want them and look at it look -- look what. Begin to one immigration and most last week -- the the amnesty for for tens of millions of illegal aliens to go on welfare you believe that. But that's gonna that looks like it's gonna pass the immigration the the amnesty people. The wanted to what make sure that you you know the Republicans can never win again we just become up a Third World hell. The day they they say -- -- that the great thing about August was. There were no one there were no demonstrations at the congressman's town hall meetings. Three -- -- demonstrations and town hall meetings there weren't any town hall meetings whether what do town hall meeting in congress. Because they don't wanna hear from people who wore who who can't get a job in the end that don't like the idea of having to pay welfare. When they can't get a job for thirty million more people who can't get jobs and are gonna be eligible for affirmative action. And I gonna need translators when they get like that. 18774694322. Let's debate raging now we have Marco Rubio is speaking I'm sure is -- speaking in measured tones I'm sure. He's going to vote with the press because he always votes with the president thought about it disappointment. Let's say. Here this is from -- Ron Paul. Would seek. The president made it clear the congressional authorization. Is superb for -- asserting falsely that he has the authority to act on his own with or without congress. But congress allows itself to be treated as window dressing by the imperial president is just astonishing. Williams Ron Paul the president on Saturday claimed that the alleged chemical attack in Syria on August 21. I like the way you -- alleged chemical attack like that in. -- -- presented quote a serious danger to our national security unquote. I disagree with the idea that every conflict every dictator and every insurgency everywhere in the world is somehow critical foreign national security. That is the thinking of an empire. Not our republic it is a kind of thinking that this president shares with his predecessor and it is bankrupting us. In destroying our liberties here at home. According to recent media reports the military does not have enough money to attack Syria and won't have to go to congress for a supplemental. Appropriation to carry out the strikes it seems our empire -- at the end of its financial ropes rope. Paul limited strikes of the president has called for in Syria would cost the United States hundreds of millions of dollars. Joint chiefs chairman general Martin Dempsey wrote to congress last month but just the training. A Syrian rebels and limited missile and air strikes will cost in the billions of dollars. We should clearly understand one another war will do to the United States economy not to mention the effects of additional unknown costs such as a spike in fuel costs as oil skyrockets. When we take all the money we're gonna spend in Syria and just -- pleaded to tracking. Again wouldn't that wouldn't that's the best way to create peace in the Middle East let's do let's let him. Hey if if we're not giving the mini money because we're giving our own oil -- -- spend all their own money don't sink back into their stone age levels they won't be able to buy any weapons from the west. And things will be better how can things Monte how could things be any worse than they are now. I agree says Ron Paul that any chemical attack particularly one that kills civilians is horrible horrendous all deaths in war and violence are terrible and should be condemned. But why -- few hundred killed by chemical attack any worse or more deserving of US moms in the 100000 already killed in the conflict. Why did these few hundred allegedly killed by a -- count any more than the estimated. 1000. Christians in Syria killed by US allies on the other side and and our allies al-Qaeda. A thousand Christians killed. What are going to war for them. Why is it any worse to be killed with poison gas. The to have your head chopped off by the all US allied radical Islamist al-Qaeda that's still borders. As has happened Christian priests and bishops in Syria. For that matter why are few hundred civilians killed in cereal with a camera looked at by chemical weapon any worse than the 2000 to 3000. That have been killed by Obama's drone strikes in Pakistan. Does it really make a difference whether -- civilian -- killed by poison gas from I don't drone missile or -- life. 18774694322. So there is and so -- the colonel was was wrong there is a he had an estimate even if it's just from Ron Paul about how many Christians have been killed so our allies al-Qaeda at all have been killed a thousand Christians. But nobody cares about them. But now -- These 14100 people have allegedly been killed although the French say it's only allegedly 280 and we're gonna we're gonna. Go to war for this 18774694322. Ralph you're next with how we cargo ahead Ralph. Yes thank you -- Davidson very good point says there's three things I'd like to bring up so quick. One is I don't know if you heard about the twenty year veteran. Associated Press reporter Abbott David I think and they -- I don't know noise and heard about this guy that. That they met with she met which. These were -- rebels are invading invaders I call him. And that they said that they had the Syrian serin gas and they had an accident and that's what happened. No I have seen them on video as well as he is the rebels quote unquote. We're using serin gas on rabbits so you can look that up there that's one thing and then that came from Turkey that Sarin gas. And -- so -- that's film everything and in the course I watch it because I need to know. But then it got Blake got Saudi Arabian cutter. Played a big part of this and Saudia Arabia is that ahead of this Saudi CIA in Bandar bush remembered him. Yes you don't want that bush showed him with all the time. Right right there they are big story about a man -- Wall Street Journal last week that I read when I was off and it was a very interest DOD set about governor. Bend our battles a great -- with a great quote he said he said gutter is this is a nation with eight there with 300 people on a TV channels. That's not a country he said I have -- -- Wear them. But they're swimming in oil solid bet plenty of money to give to these to give to these terrorists. -- and media -- the saudis seem okay now commitment to his bank account was connected to the 911 hijacking his his. Well my bank account played late. And it even letting prisoners go like. A hundred doesn't. At condemned prisoners at a Saudi prisons they keep their families that's and that they -- guys to go in this area. And terrorize. And really that hard they got cut out of the Syrian soldiers in the guy is eating it on the air. Right I do remember that yes. And then you've got this third point is that there at the end and Wesley Clark. You have -- talked about the project for a new American century. Where they're gonna take down Libya Syria Iran and Iraq Afghanistan North Korean Lebanon. And it it it's. It's it was it was written project for a new American century there and overthrow all these and then in 2000 mind. Why don't we want -- do we care about these I knew what I understand what we hear about North Korea for instance why do we care about say Lebanon. Why because -- Australian in the way of the bench stairs from the city of London. That didn't like that -- -- they want he want to go with a gold -- well that's that's a definite threat to this. Federal Reserve note currency that's. Thanks. Thanks for the call route 1877469432218774694322. Are thirty or next what powered car go ahead are -- Especially so you might call him. You know REI capital large that the movies -- I have -- above. Are without your sense of why -- heard everything that she said. Applied for work today and I think you -- -- -- Margaret Thatcher we have read people. -- -- our new video could honestly say that nobody brought up for the first side and and -- what is -- -- Britain has voted against helping us so there's double. Do you blame -- my third well. Yeah absolutely not I mean editor you know I thought I feel that they have a final or intelligent government that we have. Yeah I don't know what but I Cameron was think about I mean you know he he's he may have a tough time surviving this thing this may this may cost him his political career. You lose a golden in Britain the have a tough time coming back but I guess this is my one of those you know what I hope confidence in the government although army well how can you say they have conference in the government if if you lose this how many what fifteen members of his coalition just say bye bye. -- later thanks for the call are there 187746943. 22 might call your next what how we cargo have Michael. Thank you. Hey how we AA you know about the Arab League. You know it's about time they stop being paper tigers and man -- they've been. They're likes -- little children -- looked for help from the outside world but just 68 years we've. Supplied them with hundreds of billions of dollars they get the best. Fighter jets tanks the best trained and armed. Military in the region but they always come to the rest of the world to help out like four or now we're actually example -- and Syria. -- -- Why are they looking at taking care of their own neighborhood but they had turned the NATO which is supposed to protect Northern Europe. I don't by the way what is it won't why did they throw Syria out of out of the Arab League I mean what was Syria doing that was in any more atrocious. Than what most of their countries were going to their own minorities right. Arab league's got to really get it together because there's there's nothing now but a joke. What kind of like the United Nations you know I mean why why don't we need the united it you don't now -- we even have Liberal Democrats -- we don't -- -- -- -- United Nations. Mean that's a lot of good real estate they are on the -- -- New York you know I'd sure like to see that that made into some highrise apartment to -- got a great -- Bob -- -- over there you know. Only one more thing how -- If a Muslim owned bakery refused to help. Make a wedding cake for gay wedding because of religious beliefs would -- attorney generals and the media attacked the owners. Of course not that's that is of course a rhetorical question on your part Michael because you already know the answer thanks for the call. 187746943221877. 4694322. That's the toll free number about how we car show. This back to war back to war we're Ron Paul's statement here. In the sociology of imperialism -- Shumpert or role of the Roman empire suicidal intervention as a there was no corner of the known world where some interest was not alleged to be in danger under actual attack if the interest we're not Roman. They were those of -- allies and a plume had no allies and allies would be invented. One was utterly impossible to contrive an interest wide and it was the national a lot of that'd that'd solve that. Sadly this sounds like a summary of Obama's speech over the weekend we are rapidly headed for the same collapses the Roman empire we continued on the president's work out. What we desperately need is an overwhelming congressional reaction of the president's war -- authorization. Even a favorable vote however cannot change the fact that this is a self destructive and immoral policy. 187746943221877469. And of course John Kerry said it's the Tom Mueller moment. The seventy minute conference call yesterday afternoon -- derided Syrian president basher or sought as a home brewed detonator. Rule continue to act -- impunity. -- he urged lawmakers to back Barack Obama's plan for limited narrow strikes against the Asad regime. Democratic sources on McCall said. Kerry has a tough call sell what Democrats and it won't give much easier with Republicans Byron York has five reasons leading GOP isn't likely to give Barack -- war authorization. But here two of the most compelling number one this is this is obviously the most compelling. The nature of the Syrian opposition many Republicans will never be convinced that the US can come to the -- of the good -- rebels in Syria without also helping bad rebels in Syria. It's just too complicated they believe in there are simply too many bad guys. Why risky -- al-Qaeda or its affiliates these Republicans remain unconvinced by the arguments from some fellow GOP lawmakers like John McCain who point out that -- all the Libyan operation the US essentially set up a safe area for good rebels and been Ghazi. That's an -- that's his argument that's McCain's argument. Given what happened later in that Libyan city the skeptics will remain unconvinced. And number for the lack of confidence and Barack Obama there's no doubt the president has been extremely reluctant to take action in Syria as well we should be bright. He also showed parable judgment by cleaning himself into a corner with his 2012 red line comments on chemical weapons. For these reasons and more many Republicans will argue that they simply cannot trust special in trust's special war making powers to a president who they believe is not competent to use them. The fourth is probably the real deal killer on Capitol Hill but the third should be the real reason why the US stays out of the fight. The -- that map from the Wall Street Journal if you haven't see. It yet just that I just think you just check and I'll always it was in the -- Barack a couple of days ago. It's say it's got all these areas. These -- its route looks like just. Pock marked areas -- -- where al-Qaeda controls everything and in -- McCain has everything in the north. And you know how are you gonna and so now we're the so now worry infiltrating how work out -- rebels back. In from Syria but they're gonna have to go through the north. They're now what are what are the yards or even gonna make it down to to fight. A shot. Now they they don't play and apparently the -- the the the al-Qaeda troops. Are just letting their they're just hanging out in the north and trying to YA and trying to solidify. There were thereof tactical positions and in the -- war. And other living all the they'll they'll letting all the so called good rebels should do the fighting in getting killed image figure they're gonna move in for the be a bigger move -- impose Sharia and all those other great things that could go along with a a radical Muslim Islamic fascist regime once the what once the quote unquote good rebels and the -- whites have but decimated each other. Tom your next with Howie Carr go ahead Tom. They have no it's question arises -- saying he has intelligence and so are we know the UN -- somewhat. Passed its point of viability. The same premise. UN -- -- an individual so it took to issue blood and other physical evidence why don't we wait and sensed before we go out have clocked. Get the evidence from the UN and actually fiscally. And and find out perhaps books both sides what would -- -- or one side vs the other. -- researcher hurry worm we've got another intelligence source. You right. If you don't have if you're recorded a criminal case and you can't that be sure of something beyond a reasonable doubt that what happens. The body the the defendant is acquitted yeah right. -- we know what do we do -- do we have any sense but we're gonna know beyond a reasonable doubt who why who set off this poison gas. Not until somebody stands up and goes no I did it yeah. I don't think we're gonna have anybody doing that shortly. No no thank you Tom. 18774694322. Out your next with how we cargo -- So let me get this straight we got to hurry up and we got a bomb Syria because you're fine French allies will be disappointed if we don't -- -- -- All I got it now all that made perfect sense that. -- did it does and then again we've got you know they killed they they killed somewhere between 280 and up 14100 people. So why asserted so we have toward the goal win on the side of people who kill a thousand Christians. And have also been a slaughtering our -- up in the northern northern re reaches of the the -- white section of Syria. And well by the way impose special -- in the areas that they've been able to take control of the northern Syria. -- -- and another group that walls won't pay from it from this attack and no one's really talking about is. So we attacked them was a Rand do they're gonna attack Israel Israel had absolutely nothing to do that but. You know that that's their favorite place to attack -- Israel. -- and of course you know Obama doesn't care about that because there's only Israel. Right yeah I think the Israel is if this thing shows one thing that thing to Israel but they they knew before but this just reinforces that Israel is. Totally on its own. Totally on its own thanks for the call Al Ross your next with how we corridor had a -- You know -- way I was hoping that John -- had -- -- not enough not to get sucked into the role but don't act of -- but apparently not. In the first time. And -- he didn't even put up a fight rust question are you when he he put out on the first date. What but what an idiot. You know any politician who claimed to be in Taiwan in the past and votes for this act of war are. This as far as I'm concerned that to a face dishonorable. Come to you to refer to senator Barbara Boxer for one. That's right yeah and an analyst of a few others foresee how many of the -- come out and the last thing I wanted to say that's how he is. When allies of the Syrian rebels set off bombs in Boston what we -- -- -- strong a wolf we beat Boston still put. That's a very good point rests -- idea I don't you know what what is in. The which it was celeb expression cui Bono who who benefits cui Bono who benefits up I don't one core I don't wonder what it's like a benefit and that's United States citizens. And we we pick -- why are we doing cash. Why. I would -- we've we've seen a lot of pointless military action in our lifetimes. But this has got to be right at the absolute. Top of the list. We don't even though that 18774694322. Ellsworth your next what how we cargo at Ellsworth. Boy I am you've got to believe me. How about that change. Excuse me I mean I -- we missed the first part of your what you said we're -- site. I would -- king and Senator Kerry telling you. That you must believe me because you know who I ask. Bills on more like the others -- -- -- And the reason to this serious things that's being pushed by the guy at a White House is now he's got his ego is so are you speak now got to protest. Fight it or do something about because he made a statement a red line in the -- How does references to my military mighty military you mentioned George Bush ever saying my military. -- to it would kill it. -- it and rightly so well. Yeah exactly I did what I think I haven't heard from a lot of folks lately is. I don't care board they do insert a lot of people within their borders but what about the activity activity occur at the Suez Canal. I don't hear anything about that that's where we should be issued and not in. What I know I know that's what that's why I'm -- and Ellsworth I mean this -- if ever there was a that there was a reason and we increased -- -- you know to open the every public -- in the United States to play asking. This is set you know because if it's so it's if a bunch of freaks. You know that it. Take out of ship in the Suez Canal and block this somehow blocked the Suez Canal we can't get in the oil. Guess what's gonna happen here the the price of gas will be a -- eight bucks a gallon may not be forever but will be enough to cause a recession and god only knows how long that will take to get. And a recession. Thanks for the call. Ellsworth Callista your next with how we cargo analysts. How aren't good. I -- I don't think it's ridiculous. Without a quality you then considering it because look at. Thank god today -- -- direct attack on us and we did not think about it except that back here it's one thing that each other and now. And blame and blame it on some guy you made a movie nobody ever saw. I had read and they like what about it for weeks what ever. And now looking expect -- than some and that didn't have anything to do without -- that. You know we're just don't waste all the time and resource that aren't. And it. It it's ridiculous yesterday does it what you heard a direct attack on I didn't see it can't implement for. It wasn't easy now let's say it wasn't even an indirect attack on us how not all that we don't even know who can't get back. It's like get their two kids -- on the playground and I can walk up and it takes bipartisan basis like it's. Yeah it's ridiculous. You yet you don't get and you don't get in you don't want interference somebody else despite. No question if neither one of me neither one of a white -- very much I mean this -- This isn't that you're always to make the joke about the Iran Iraq War isn't there some way they could both lose. This is this is one of these wars where he isn't there some way both sides could lose. We know. -- we're getting a humble we're getting on the side it probably. But worst of the two sites. And it's now like anybody's ever gonna win airlines they've just been fighting forever they're never gonna stop nothing we can do it's ever gonna make them uptight. Right yes the religion of peace there's not too much peace. In the religion of peace and the biggest threat -- Muslims is other Muslims. And then you're right there what what can we do if somebody if these if these people -- I don't slot are one another there's -- There's nothing we can do about it is is that not the lesson by Iraq. 18774694322. On how we are. He'll start -- up well over a hundred points today and then Boehner came out and said. -- G1 it was swell idea assisted. Them. Launching cruise missiles that Syria. And the stock market immediately plunged. They were I guess operating under the delusion that there were some talks there was some adult supervision in DC. That might be able what do you -- foot mound here. But there is -- of course as we've seen from beginner camper on the house side and from my. -- keen to end and Graham on the on the senate side by the way we have a great -- a couple of books signings over the weekend in and day at the yellow umbrella enough. In Falmouth met -- at some Monmouth some good people much of people related to solve some of always victims as matter of fact. And we went down to what team is ice cream shop which I I cut the ribbon grand opening of cup owned by a couple of friends of mine Tina and Scott Bauer. And the like to thank the Falmouth fish market and picnic boxing match before bring in and some delicious clamps. Like on now on the keeper in the main try to get some fried clams and they didn't disappoint me from Thelma fish market in the picnic barks. In match -- thanks guys and thanks -- everybody came out of both book signings that book and everybody. 187746943221877469. 4322. That is the toll free number of Howie -- show. Should check out this weekly standard depth piece carrier frequent visitor with Syrian dictator -- all of -- In February 2009 Karrie -- a delegation. Bear to engage Syria to engage Syria we're gonna engage them again. -- got a nice -- have an Irish pres they have a nice picture of Drudge been run whether for a couple of days. Mama to be heat and and carry it looks like they're in some kind of Arab restaurant I guess this is our offices and not. This in Damascus or where it is probably Damascus and they're they're eating with with mr. and mrs. Mr. and mrs. brutal dictator. Kerry praised a solid leader in 2011 is being up. Every generation moon. What -- personally believe the economy in the smaller belief okay the president assault has been very generous -- -- in terms of the bush cautioned we have that. -- -- -- to have discussions more than just about anybody I've ever seen. -- -- I almost went to the -- several trips the -- all I almost pros the most sought to do shorten things to build a relationship with the United States and sort of show good faith. That would help us to move the. Process forward. What poor access. But port access. Move the process forward. Well I was four. Basher or all of Sean before it was against. My boss I'm sure all saw it. Chris your next with how we cargo ahead Chris. She stated Alex. So I look at our health economics or didn't. I don't think this is quite as bad as the Indian food but it's it's certainly unnecessary. Very unnecessary we should not get involved. I mean -- Well -- if we get all worked and we do and we tell our right he let's just stay out. You don't if you don't venture father always tell you nothing good happens at 2 in the morning I'm glad I'm -- or amend that statement. Nothing good happens in the mideast. Not a I was there myself from 20082004. And Barack and it was basically a year a lot or are they. I think -- -- fire and keep our guys about there. Flack flack for Iraq. -- -- -- -- -- The less we need to even the even acknowledge the existence of these people. You know let them let them you know why you know what -- they wanna go all -- dope as I say as I said earlier quoting Sarah Palin let I'll sort it out. Thanks thanks for the call Chris 18774694322. -- your next with how we cargo have -- Fired off some the only the only part about this whole deal that I at an issue it. -- the fact that. You know we if Obama really care about children and people you know he claims because of Africa yeah you were ordered out of Africa and we child soldiers and an all of the civil war right here we go. I know why don't know that aren't here now from New York. Martin Martin might keep that I hate to bring up the a word here but if you care about children how you before partial birth abortions. Which he's been for you now. I mean he even Ted Kennedy and Schumer. Draw the line that partial birth abortion it's and yet he doesn't but now -- now we're supposed to think he cares about children. It doesn't make any sense. I mean my own personal beliefs on -- abortion not obviously different from years. But I think the real. Problem here is the fact that we're not seeing the real reason why we wanna go to Syria. And I don't I personally don't know what I think your readers I'm unaware of profit off a bit -- now what America doesn't conquer improperly. What was the last time we profited off of some off -- some military. Adventure. Mark a war Iraq and Afghanistan not the American people not turn on the very few elite. I did the only did the only profit I mean it's this is. It's it's destabilize the entire society these these these military. These military. That adventure from calling them adventures these wars. But we had a Martin by the way the resort where a partial birth abortions -- -- -- the kid's living he's viable right. I mean eight again I what's that if the kids for kids Bible does it matter a bit. You know -- what's they guy's name and Philly chops up their heads are if we get -- needed to get gassed by somebody somebody. In Syria. Thanks for the call Martin -- you're next with how we cargo at Eric. Yet that the timing of all that's okay yeah the -- recess. I were talking about the economy. Thank god easy fast and furious CI -- it's all look so. And society. Yet don't forget they have the speed there aren't forgetting amnesty. Has taken this has taken the this is taken everybody's eyes off of -- the -- -- all obfuscation. Should be that would be the -- Intel. And Washington DC all those. People will or will you be so called warriors. Whatever terror there rating 9%. They actually react to the. They have and they have a right I'm -- is that the Syrian intervention has an even lower rate than congress which means it's got to be in single digits. Her soul. -- can -- brought abortion. Sharp knew it I mean. We don't trust. Or the lower represented general representing oxygen and another thing in Afghanistan. Didn't spend a boom now caraway and it's been big current era in on this stage since since -- The so called war that we have been leaving com. Our think being changed properly since the very beginning -- one -- as president. -- Shapiro. Thanks for the caller Aaron you're next with how we cargo ahead Sharon. We're real good. My understanding of the news reports may be wrong however. It's an effective intelligence community intercepted. Communication. From a leading Syrian official that basically question of -- military unit as to why. They use such weaponry. That would lead one to believe that. Leading officials on the Syrian government didn't officially direct nautical westerners abused drug. And yes yes that's certainly seems to be true. By the way you know what we're just coming up on the we just came up on the east what is at the sixty to 74 anniversary of the start of World War II. Did you read the story about how how they say how they get them the military provocation that they used against Poland in recent. They then use these things down through the ages they beat the Adam the US the the Germans. Dressed up and polish uniforms they took a polish I put him in polish army uniform shot him. And then they invaded a German radio station on the board and then that's I mean it's -- it's this down through the ages it's wagged the dog all over again. Well. Much the idea that I was thinking of was you know -- number of at least. President Bush wouldn't when you get the state of the union authority demanded. To the television and overall they're -- officials of those responsible for 9/11 to actually bitten. Which ultimately led to war so therefore I was I was thinking that. Could the US. Government demand that the Syrian government and over the military officials that were responsible use of weaponry to the UN. And try him -- war crimes and if so. What are we asked me why don't we asked the rebels to hand over the the people who killed a thousand Christians and Syria too while were out at Ferran. Now let's -- -- what happens when us and now we car.