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What is next in the steps towards Syria?

Sep 6, 2013|

There are reports that the admin has planned a bigger attack than originally said.

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-- Yeah this very. The celebration you know but also to. Other players. On the ground -- bad. A red line for us it was so we start. A whole bunch and -- who's been. Why don't. First -- I didn't separate. Won't -- right. -- America and yeah this is critical is on the line. We'll know the question is how credible. I'm gonna. Traders saying we are forbidden to use -- weapons. We're record this is -- Boston's bulldozer six point seven these things that 6860. Number. You can Texas Tech six save -- -- -- for those of you want whether. -- Friday. Good morning boss then. And we are now heading. Into the last stage of this serious debate regarding congress. Things are now slowly coming to ahead. Here is where things stand before. The president. He's on the cusp of an historic. Defeat. According now for multiple media reports according to our sources at The Washington Times people that I've been talking to. People that are bureau chiefs have been talking to. When you talk to both Republican and democratic leaders in the house. -- the president right now if the vote was held today does not how he doesn't have the votes. He does not have the votes. As things stand right now. -- the American people if anything are now more against the war in Syria than there were even a week ago. The anti war movement and opposition is growing. It's growing in congress it's growing in the American people is growing among Republicans is growing now among many rank and file Democrats. -- international opposition is growing. Nobody wants this war. Except for the president and his lackeys in congress. Nobody wants this war. And so let me give you the absolute latest -- In your house. It now looks at -- about 200. Solid no votes on any congressional authorization or resolution for war. They're barely able to scrape up several dozen so far yes votes. According now to some of the political for example has a story. It looks like the overwhelming majority of the Republican. House caucus is going to be against this war. Boehner remains supported Eric Cantor -- support it but once you get beyond the Republican phony leadership. Once you get beyond those turn coats. Emotion of the people in the house of representatives on the Republican side don't want this war. So the only way Obama can eke out a victory and now everybody's admitted. That the only way Obama can win this thing in the house is by an extremely close narrow vote. Is Nancy Pelosi the Iran. Along with Steny Hoyer the house minority whip. They're gonna have to whip at least a 115. To 103 Democrats in line. They're gonna have to comment and twists I mean some serious arms. They're gonna be twisting arm after arm after arm and so here's my prediction. Because the senate is gonna vote on its first early next week. And there there's more support for the war in Syria but even that's not a certain thing. The house is not even gonna vote if the senate both sit down the only way the house is gonna vote is if the senate votes yes. So Boehner is desperate not to have a vote because if you actually votes for this war it could cause the could cost him his house speakership but. What's now happening is the Senate's gonna go first next week. And then if they vote yes it's gonna go to the house. Pretty war resolution to be approved it has to be approved by both houses both chambers both houses of congress. So if the house vote should know if it votes yet. Then this war resolution is dead. And the president will not have the legal constitutional. Authority to go to war. This is now what the stakes are. And so let me tell you what's gonna happen this weekend. Because I seen it in DC many times. It happened with NAFTA it happened with it did a law unpopular law after on pot he saw with the obamacare. You're gonna see. A major democratic leaders and administration officials to a hard sell that every single wavering Democrat or Republican. And basically they're gonna bribe them. They're gonna go to each one is OK what are you want what what's your price to vote for this war you want what you wanna school. He -- a hospital but he won an airport named after you -- what do you want what pork can I deliver to you. How much money can I take from the American people and use it to bribe you and your constituents so you gonna vote for this war resolution. That's what you're gonna be seeing now over the next two to three knicks. I just I'm telling -- -- you're gonna see stories come out how suddenly they're gonna start dangling. All sorts of juicy carrots. To get these wavering. Members of congress. Especially Democrats and mouse. Who are very very concerned about this war. They don't want to walk the plank. For the dear leader. They don't wanna have to walk the plank for Obama and his criminal immoral unpopular war. And so basically get ready to see a lot of stories about you you thought it was bad under obamacare the Louisiana purchase the cornhuskers get back where they just bribing members of congress senators write their practical on the senate floor. You're gonna see the same thing happened over the next couple weeks. Sorry -- next couple days next week is going to be the vote in the senate. And after about if it passes -- go to the house. This administration. Is desperate. It is absolutely. Desperate. NATO always against it. The UN is against it the brits are against it. Do Germans are against it the Russians are against that the Chinese are against that the Arab League is against it the European Union is against it. The overwhelming majority of the American people is against it. Polls are now running almost 7080%. Now against this war. The best I've seen is 15%. Strongly in favor 12%. Kind of in favor. 27%. Is the most highest number I've seen in a legitimate poll. If the world true or red line. As the dear leader. Ridiculously laughable reclaimed. How come the world isn't enforcing it. Welcome the world is not behind us. How come to this day. We only have one other ally officially on board may be me because even their -- they're gonna vote in parliament may be the French. How come nobody else is putting boots on the ground how come nobody else is being part of this military operation. How come it's literally this is the coalition of the unwilling to. The argument made by the liberal left when bush took us to war in Iraq was that this was a unilateral. Action. Which had no international legitimacy. Bush took -- in -- 48. Country six. Spain Poland Australia Japan I could run down -- list. We've got France. Maybe. Maybe. -- -- So I'm gonna make the dear leader a deal right now. I'm gonna make him an offer because I hate to see him flounder like this he's basically drowning politically I hate to see him drowning like this I'm gonna throw him a lifeline okay. You save the world -- a red line you say the whole world is behind us even though everybody opposes this. You say that this is a stand now for world civilization we can't let. Bashar -- get away with using a chemical weapons okay. If you can get a third country I I don't want a dozen I don't want and I don't want to forget double digits I don't even want six. I didn't -- half a dozen. -- three. They'll beat us. The French well you know what that's worth but let that go -- probably surrender at that first shot fired back but again let that go. Just give me a third country. -- Tanzania. Somalia. A -- to -- 35000 people I think we can get licked enshrined. -- how about I'll tell you what not forget that. Get the eskimos. If you can get the -- step up and the Antarctic -- -- -- rally behind this war Jeff corner is gonna back you on this one. Because I hate to -- elect as their leader. It is falling apart his coalition is falling apart. He's worries falling apart and my question to you was this it's a twofold question. What should congress do. Should congress vote yea or nay. And what do you think congress will do. Do you think congress will give the president the authorization. That he seeks. 61720666868. Is the number. Bruce syrup next thanks for holding well. I -- -- -- or I'm good how are you. -- -- -- bring up the fact that. -- I think a lot of of the world governments are starting to realize that. These -- really go to the rebels senator -- and missed the Turks caught a couple of perished trying to cross and the cereal with a 20 liter bottle full Serb. Serin gas in liquid form. -- mention it banished I could do. This video online -- -- 01 of those terrorist boasting about how they're doing this kind of stuff. I think the world is catching up that this hoping Obama side being. The bad guy I think they're catching up what I mean I was a child not a good guys but -- -- better guy. Bruce the Russians have sent a hundred page report. To the United Nations. Documenting. Extensively. That the rebels used chemical weapons in March in the suburb of a late goal a -- ball in Syria. Do you -- admitted. That the rebels used chemical weapons earlier this year in in Syria and allow apple. So. The evidence is overwhelming. The rebels used chemical weapons. So how come -- only picking on a silent. A dear leader can you explain that to -- welcome your only backing one side and not the other side because the reason is obvious. The saudis want this war. They sheiks and the sultans and the emir Ers are not going to be using our boys. As mercenaries to do their dirty work against the silent. Now I know why you were borrowing to the Saudi prince because that's what you don't you just voted them Kevin Europe Max thanks for holding while. Kept human -- -- most of the eskimos that victim acts sticking you with the police don't insult them. Yes the extortion and OK it is going on it's going to be full fledged. But he -- I look at this whole situation. That -- which the turmoil. I -- back. Took the Cairo speech 2000 inmates who Wear the king and and I -- this lead into the Occupy Movement. And I hit them myself last week. What did the shop. So -- do to really ticked them off. Well we had jar and since what -- every. I -- probably even -- out -- -- ought to time and time again I'm sure there was campaign moneys -- -- And I did believe this small story. Did talk a little bit of I think it's got some traction. Small country -- top insult you were. Carry your your break Kevin you're breaking up on us I remember about cell phone connection. But no look I think which -- trying to get out is we know the saudis have been arming the rebels that's now all coming out. We're now finding out the saudis. Gas swaps. They've been providing the rebels with chemical weapons. So the rebels have chemical weapons they've been provided chemical weapons they've used chemical weapons. And you want us to bomb a solid. Mr. President. Because he used them which you won't punish the al-Qaeda rebels when they've used them. That's why the world is saying this war is ridiculous. It is hypocritical at best. It is criminal at worst. Coming up next a new report from ABC news. Says that the administration is planning a much larger war. Then they're telling you the American people that story. And tonight ABC. He knew his learning that strike could be a lot bigger than we thought. ABC's chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl is what the president tonight on the ground in Russia. President Obama's first encounter here what Vladimir Putin. Plastic piece it's seventeen seconds smiles aside the White House sees is zero chance of changing Russia's staunch opposition. To attacking Syria any progress on Syria today in the top. -- -- -- -- -- Later mr. Obama headed to a dinner of world leaders nearly an hour late. Leading him to take a long walk alone to a Russian -- to dine with leaders who for the most part -- not take part in a military strike on Syria. A -- or not. ABC news has learned. The president's national security team is preparing for a significantly larger military attack -- most anticipated. Welcome back to the corner reports Jeff -- Boston pulled those are 617266. 6868. Is the number. So there you have it it's now starting to come out. They have been selling us a false bill of goods they've been caught in another long. Remember what is been one of the selling points of this war. It's gonna be limited. It's going to be proportional. It's going to be a small punitive strike we're just gonna spank a sought. We're just gonna teach him a lesson -- fuel missiles. Hit a few of his targets and say no don't do that again the -- Don't use chemical weapons. And now we're finding out the national security team. They want a devastating air campaign. Massive aerial bombardment of missiles long range bombs fired from beat to beat 52 bombers. They wanna unleashed several hundred tomahawk missiles. And according to what the national security team is saying. I kid you not almost giving a verbatim quote. They say they can do more damage to a sought in 48 hours in two dates. Then the entire Syrian rebels have been able to do in two years. This is mission creep up. -- a regime change through the back door. This is not going to be some small little limited war. They're gonna making they're gonna turn this into a potential massive quagmire. Paving the way for al-Qaeda. To seize power in Damascus and if you think there aren't going to be any consequences. Let me tell you this is another story that many in the media are ignoring the pro war Obama media this is from the Wall Street Journal. According now to the Wall Street Journal. Military officials at now admit in private they told the Wall Street Journal they have intercepted secret communications. From the Iranians. Whereby Iran has now ordered its militants any -- Where there's tons of Shiite militias tons of Hezbollah agents tons of jihadist floating all over that country. That if we bomb Syria. Iran has now ordered its militants any rock to strike at our embassy there. To strike at American troops and advisors there. And to strike at other American interest in Baghdad and across -- rock. We're gonna start seeing Americans coming home in -- backs. Fishing is gonna start spreading like wildfire. It's not gonna be limited to Syria. It's gonna blow up right away any walk. And then from Iraq it's gonna spread across the region. These morons. Our sleep walking us -- disaster. -- underline to -- every step of the way. And that's why congress must vote no 6172666868. Here's the number this is CNN last night roller cooks. But the president's political allies in congress those we tend to be in the middle in the left. Might not wanna hear that this may be involve air assets in the air crews and -- might wanna hear it described in a more limited way -- yet you have to wonder if it's being described in a way to politically since the president. To trying to gain support him. This is incredible. I mean is to see. The ministry of propaganda. The big media the government media complex is even telling us archaic. To get all these reluctant to lawmakers to vote yes say it's limited. And then we're gonna cut to doorway into this war you know first it did appear pole then you dip your leg and then before you know what you throw everybody in and drought. They're just awesome right into the river. Here's more CNN. A low -- and you could conduct the entire coast of -- war air war within the terms of that senate resolution. You know it's first of all look at the time that's there's a lot of we're not talking to three days or week. We're talking sixty days plus thirty more days ninety days. If you have a sustained bombing war standoff cruise missile campaign. That's an awful lot of armaments raining down day after day after today on Assad and his forces. In the name of degrading those forces. Degrading can mean destroy. And that's another thing. Have you read this resolution. Can practically gives the president a blank check. So you've got sixty days to wage this war and then if he feels like it is a thirty day extension so let's ninety days. And and they say all you can't use troops for combat operations but at that point it out yesterday. They're planning to put in 75000. US ground troops it's a mammal now in the Defense Department there was acquired by the British media. To secure our saw its chemical weapons once -- -- regimes destroyed. So were gonna have troops on the ground. At the mercy of all of these jihadist who can start picking off our boys one by one. This is you rock through the back door. Now I want you to think about how orwellian this is dumb man who say he was the anti war candidate. Is now becoming the war president. Only in America. Chris Bob lead Marc Anthony hang on I will get top all of your calls next and Senator John McCain AKA -- maniac. He hears from his constituents at a town hall and I'm telling you they weren't very happy we will play that for you next. It is 54 degrees. Clinton White House and and you want military planning. Even if -- what you're seeing is only a two or three day operation when you go to congress and you're seeking authorization you want the ability. To react at -- and anticipate and so what you don't wanna do was find yourself a conflict. Authorized for -- week as Chris suggests. And then all of a sudden find yourself an engagement we have to go back to its. Welcome back to the coronary -- 6172666868. As the number. These pro Obama media already laying the ground work. For much longer. Violent. And intense war in Syria they're already basically dropping hints listening going to be a limited strike. This is going to be a lot of bombing and it's going to be going on for a long time and once you start bombing. Anything can happen. And so -- maniac. And John McCain. Who now I'm seeing on basically he's just making the rounds on cable news. -- you you just click on TV fox CNN you just anywhere gold areas with that have you noticed now he's got this arrogant smirk on his face. That arrogant smirk that people have you underlined. And you know that there are lying but they don't care that you know that their line. So -- is with that arrogant smirk on his face doing the Bremer our cable TV rounds saying all of Iraq bulls their moderates. This is going to be a cakewalk. This is all about their humanitarian intervention as some we have to teachers sought a -- our credibility as he -- our credibility is at stake. This is come on now this is a decision George Washington and in Damascus. I come on we're on the side of the good guys. Here is McCain. Getting an earful from his constituents. And I'm telling you they were not copy roll it cooks. I Senator McCain my name's -- and I met two years ago and I've always been loyal supporter of you. I'm always been loyal supporter of -- since the Keating five and go back. Anyway the point is great now no one's denying there's a lot of atrocities being committed in Syria whether on their apple side on whether on the other side as well. The point is that there isn't good option. What could happen in Syria for me to listen to you saying there's no good option I refused to be back. The good observation now is to take Saudi Arabia and Iran and force them to stop supporting get. And that these two. Outside in Syria and you can do it. You can't do it by and he goes by diplomacy. And negotiation or not and Senator McCain cannot I cannot afford to snag -- pig and blood to. Personally speaking I have a cousin who is eighteen years old death threats to build. Ten days ago. But I just pulled throttled. And that idea and they're not doing and -- -- to Syria from all over the world to -- this we cannot afford to do that we cannot pass defense and another. Propaganda then I picked. Do. You not you thank. You think. When a woman says he's obviously a Syrian descent my cousin just got butchered ten days ago by al-Qaeda and they're pouring in from all over the world. And this is gonna be another Iraq another -- -- -- -- and the people of Syria gonna get they're gonna get massacred by these Islamic savages. You think you would say. Yeah. Maybe I should reconsider. Maybe I should look at the evidence on the ground. Not make maniac but from my family's there there's so many good and the Mets are 103 and I want to save their country. And you need to also to the majority of the American. -- don't do that today there. Simple tickets they like these Senator McCain. Is not good enough. We do not want another engagement in the Middle East. We don't know how I got to take the best we don't what I've what I've -- iPad or not I am not the back nine there. -- He hasn't been our government going on over there. This particular sentiment in the I have my children had Leon the minority Christians. Don't -- he. Bite you and so many independent I. Just doesn't except that no damages. It's not I don't yeah it's not because why can't pay my cat is named bite. Them and tired. And yeah. My tenure there. -- hate the phrase -- used to be forced to leave Anthony and third it collateral damage. They go back to the time of Christ. There's a village now Christian village aromatic. Speaking the language of Jesus has now been taken over by al-Qaeda in Syria. Nuns are -- being massacred orphans are being massacred our Christian civilians are being massacred. There is a bloodbath going on. The rebels are cleansing Syria of Christians. And we're gonna side with Dan. Now look at this arrogant SOB is response look look how arrogant he is the -- -- maniac -- cook. Thank you very much thank you for your passionate plea thank you for your very compelling. And emotional statement. And all I can tell you is that I too have been to Syria I to know the people who are fighting there I met them I know them. And I know who they are. And I know Syria well enough to know that it is a moderate nation it is not a nation that will embrace these foreign fighters. But to say that Bashar Assad. Is anything but a merciless butcher. Then we have a strong. Unbelievable. Basically thank you for your comments thank you for your passion blank you. I know I know more about Syria than you do I went there on a one week junket. Were they they gave me Thomas and pita bread and they -- media -- pumpkin village treatment. Where they're there they work moment problematic we would all be black flags juicy and al-Qaeda flags flown on it's out of control. We -- heavy met police say heavy metal -- this metallic it's -- we love you'll. Well Bobby you'll was the Senator McCain and -- small market yet. Moment moderate -- imagine mother edit -- democratic but I like a lot of -- Libya. We know what people really -- Libya. Unbelievable. Bob Europe next thanks for holding welcome. -- that aren't job he -- it it's a new day in America earth and it that it that there just beautiful. Every day bush -- on the cheap BP whether you want particular knocking let's -- equal to himself so well Internet bit immature in the White House. Criticize him so. So relentlessly and now look what he's done. Now the other thing you know Clinton would write this while Courtney thank you couldn't even go pick caught the ought to. Bob I mean it is -- -- site that's the book by Ed -- the amateur. Where he -- Clinton really work. There are losing to Obama in the primary in 2008. And bill and Hillary are looking at each other saying. This guy what his lack of experience. He he'd be the feeble. He beat the boy. It's absolutely. An unbelievable and hopefully. This to put American people are pro wake up. And cute do Ezra at the famous flying in that should be inept -- and will be. This trial meet them and -- and it boy great it'll. Thank you so much Bob 6172666868. Is the number Obama has really stepped in at this time. I -- even his supporters are blushing. Derek. Who who did we just send all this quarter we sent -- quarter reelect into the White House. I. People are now saying bring back Jimmy Carter. Bring back -- If Jamie was Churchill. Compared to this Cologne and -- Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Radar -- -- and electronic ankle that he argue that what's important there. He had some I mean I understand that -- the opening doors. Human -- and Syria are all these -- picked up the day where there. Don't think that Russia has the capability. Bought a weapon now take now wanna crop August. Well and -- it and do what they've already said his fists. Yesterday they announced that if we go to war in Syria. They are going to give the Bashar Asad regime a very sophisticated. Miss -- defense system. They can shoot down missiles they can shoot down our planes they can shoot down and kill our fire fighter pilots are boys. Were asking for trouble. In -- an award that is none of our business and that the original vital US interest -- stake. Kiss my friends literally. This is lunacy is. And only -- dear leader keeps marching have you noticed that everybody start to abandon them and various I was in Syria for one way cool pool boy you're Syria for one week all that makes sure the world's expert now. 6172666868. Is the number. More or fewer calls next. Disagree po boy -- we love that call 6172666868. This is Boston's talk station AM six. WR OK no. Come back into the -- reports. 666868. Good number and here we. Circulating -- the one that I played yesterday. But there is -- even cannibalism. But there's another video Betty. Turning a lot of votes around in congress. It is a devastating. -- harrowing video. Whereby you have. Al-Qaeda jihadist said the rebels. They have captured seven Syrian soldiers. They have them lying on the ground. Their head demand of these that -- leader of the boss of this little militia is called the uncle. And the uncle leads them in prayer where they talk about worshipping the lord on the -- a law. And then getting revenge. Against all of -- Syrians -- oppose them. And then he shoots the first he shoots the first bullet. -- -- ahead to kill one of arm and then his other followers come in and start massacring the soldiers. These are the people. That we're going to be sending B 52 bombers that help them secure. A -- power in Syria that's that's short trying to help. In this in this in his civil war. Roll the video roll the clip Cox. And Canada what. And Hammond wasn't it ought to be followed. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm sure how many facility to thoughtful well what does -- look what happened to -- he left and our city is so blue eyed ball who. You know unease and an ideal candidate -- -- show -- got a bit of flooded cool weather hey dad. Let's go to the you don't want to school bus and got beat out the other continent -- -- -- that's Olivia nearly bubbled was at that someone at the man called out. The only the only let you basketball. I'm very moderate. A very peaceful you can see that ball might goddesses. -- -- this is one of the most of freedom loving peace loving -- rebels groups I've ever seen in my life. Aha. Are Karl -- but yeah. Praise be -- pass the ammunition. -- pull -- -- bar. And were going to be bombing for them. Larry you're up next thanks for holding welcome. Yes you yesterday that poll came out against this -- -- intervention. We're not hearing too much about that pronouncement from the -- From the liberal media Crowley. -- left. The UN's against that NATO's against -- and the Arab league's against that the Pope is against that. The Dali -- against that. Everybody's against it. I mean it's hip it's what lobbyists. And the only one that is it is the mad man in the White House how we Europe Max go. Hey good morning I got a bit of video for -- have been expresses the American dream that'll explain all of us. The real man behind the curtain that they'll never tell you -- is not facilities. Generally public. It's a bit Wall Street banks as usual. And go online and look at the expresses that the American dream that all popularized just simply Google -- -- -- -- everything you need to know what's going on now. And that -- Thank you so much how -- Well a lot of people have vested interest in this war the saudis the military industrial complex. You -- allow the warhawks. That of Obama who wants to save his a dwindling popularity and his failing presidency by distracting us wagged a skunk. There's a lot of vested interest. This is the leaks vs the people. And it's time that we stand up and be heard. Coming up next. Here.