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Michael Savage Joins Howie

Sep 11, 2013|

Michael Savage joined Howie to talk about the President, Syria and the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

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All right joining us now on is the EC one time talk show host pyramid WRKO when he is now again I'm a talk show host on W war KO. Michael Savage it's great to have you with us here on the Howie Carr showing WRKO Michael. I love Boston gladly back I even once lived in -- I believe it or not. That's. That's I did not know that I in my I'm glad to know that. Michael what are you what what do you think of this fact that that the mainstream media is not -- -- -- thing about these bikers descending on DC today it's like -- it you know that I'm sure they're gonna play -- the million Muslim march but now but the million Muslims have been outnumbered 21 by bikers it's nothing to see here folks move along. Ali what more do you need to -- in the story that broke today about the devices to Kerry and McCain. Left and nope engaged the and is an advocate for the Syrian rebel group she received money from them -- get any worse than a president taking advice from a fake PH. We worked -- -- I know I know the story broke last wicket she says that the Bengie said there was no why she said the where there were there was no widely you know war. Problem with that with her background to. No one has no problem with it because Obama doesn't see the difference between a -- Ph.D. the real ones -- for the -- -- working for America what the difference to him. So that you read his speech last that is we all did about my headline was talk loudly and carry a lipstick. On it gets any better than that one. Yeah I would globe had a great -- line that many years ago they it was a it was a whole -- hold the line headlined and it ended up but it could apply its applied many -- sense that and it's -- play at last -- more much from the Winamp. -- -- that awful. Yeah but that was that I mean -- -- -- -- these speeches he he he begins the mean you don't know what he's gonna don't I've never seen a situation like this and in in my lifetime I don't -- American history where. Were people you always and win what do president's speech you you have to know what he's gonna say right. You know like FDR wasn't noticed that we surrender on the. There's so many intelligent people. With Harvard degrees and Harvard affiliations you can't be right now ignore -- I don't they know everything. Now I know I know you you know who I went to Harvard Michael you know that I that I went down the central -- -- Mike Abbott park straight at it. All right you're Boston guys are you are you got the joke I was on the Red Line yesterday the Red Line. I can on the thin line for an open because of that. So while Michael so -- you're right now -- and after rub my look -- on here at W work KOU c'mon at 10 o'clock correct. I -- on inside -- at times but that will change in time. Yeah it's great to be back and archeology thing is the show will be delayed broadcast so we'll get it like cause out of Boston but. It would be great to have the audience there at night when their insomnia you know insomnia kicks and they get established those late at night and and be ready for use the next. Well a lot of you know a lot of people I have been complaining since since you got taken off I mean it's odd that a it's not that they don't like Michael Michael mark or men. Mark -- very good too but they miscue was well and died there the I am already here and people on the streets talking about how they're very happy to have you back with them. Well that's that's size that you are always had affinity purport to be honest with you it's very similar to separate fiscal politically. Architecturally in some ways the socially culturally very similar. In many ways and being an odd ball in this city meaning a realist this video. People who live in another universe. Gives me a our relationship with the basic people across. Oh while -- might all got to ask you I about the the the events in New York City last -- -- Carlos danger went down in flames. For mayor. One I didn't even. -- the Bellagio one. The Bellagio and Joseph load all the guided said he would -- crushed the kittens on the guests on the subway. I thought where you know what about mr. Quinn what happened I didn't follow that that generation I really didn't. She and her wife held a held a -- consider a gracious concession speech it's the only question now is whether look whether -- the Bellagio got to 40% and is not gonna have to have a runoff. Well -- can only go to work with her white for a bombing at a department of education's. I thought she would she the favorite she was gonna win and now she she really slept but but not as much as. How -- he was gonna win according to -- According to our friends in the government media complex. We're -- the exactly what you want to have met in the -- there again grant that you're right -- polls she was a -- But but you know YE Anthony if they Weiner went out and in a blaze of glory he gave the finger to the to the news crews as he as he went into his limo problem. Well let that picture up -- so. It's it's pretty big bad appendage for once -- Like. You know I mean c'mon this is great late night stop and how we. What Anthony Weiner borrowers operation blessing -- -- Vegas. -- the -- away with his finger out saying come on -- -- -- go where's -- gonna go. I now I. I don't know is his wife is is who is white was nowhere to BC she was somewhere -- on the island working supposedly and -- are all -- With the Syrian rebels Spitzer also went down but down the tubes last like. While that's shocking isn't a bit of a -- it was going to be who was governor of this State of New York. Who uses focus and puts it on a credit card that's a really brilliant move. It's it's called money laundering money list. It's a cool time and then getting court bought it he would have been court and -- -- out on a credit to -- -- I don't know it's so yes they you've got to plot is so you're are you want and you're you're on today rights or you'll be talking about the million you'll be talking about the bikers I'm -- right. Well yes -- late at night but they can't call it -- from Boston. Nobody what you'd be Batman -- when your own show starts at its rent at regular time you'll be talking about it website. Hold it what are talking about the show is on 9 PM eastern what are my talking about. So what it's -- night PM eastern. I believe it's going to be like on WTO 10 o'clock the second hour. Got so you'll have yeah so you're -- to know what to -- where's your two hours of live broadcast the live broadcasting. -- because of you and your honor for the first. Number of course from WRK go to the Savage Nation -- -- give them a free copy of trickled out purity I cannot -- the wake of these properties. All that's very that's very not know -- would expect you to do that -- A lot of great. Feel it is to get back -- RKO Howard I know you've been there for how many years now. Long time long time. All -- -- to home you know so it's you know -- -- I've I've tried to escape but you know they came back and got me so. I just thought you were out just when -- torture I just hope you're back to. -- BI you know you you won your lawsuit I didn't win my losses and I've I've been really -- gradually -- on that it really and heartened me greatly when you won your lawsuit. Well that was only two interviews in my life. What you your god and focus sometimes aren't -- No I am in the area I occasionally goes down here to to pick up the cultural beauty of the folks that I ran away from an. -- -- Well I know somebody who goes to the same synagogue that you and so one of my neighbors goes this in some regards Richard and sometimes so -- Go to synagogue please don't don't -- and we'll just where she told -- -- -- where this synagogue in Boca. I never go to synagogue in Boca. -- I went once and never went back and I'll tell you why. A very conservative woman invited me she said these are very conservative people in the -- I got up -- and started -- Denver knocking. Saying he'd say the American economy's. Guilt because he's Jewish I -- -- I never went past -- I didn't want to hear it. I guess that's where she met you she must have met you that day. She was asking me about -- this was a couple of years ago after she said -- you know at a Michael Savage guys yet he follows me on W market now. I don't know I don't remember but no hi I have a problem with organized religion the honest with few of of levels that after the -- Muslim terrorist attacks. Which comedian god -- no in between I don't be involved -- have been a political organization of any kind. How it's something crazy about people used god the name of god to kill others you know. Yeah well they certainly they're certainly going at across how effective these these these Muslims heard. More Muslims get killed by Muslims and by anybody else out -- Christians and Jews killing Muslims they have to worry about their own cult religion as more than any of us. I would it's a 100% true that the average. Middle class Muslim and there are many millions have more to fear. From the radicals and the average American Christian -- you does and they know what they've seen their that they are at their insanity and action. Get to integrate forever of Muslim -- -- a restaurant here at -- just go. And until he's a great guy that he is he's sort of a mud from the way most Catholic stock packed with today you know the -- -- cap. -- cafeteria Catholic is another way of putting that -- He's a restaurant owners are great guys -- he's an older man you can -- what lapsed Muslim I don't know what he's a Muslim. So we said you know what happens when Jews fast. I sit -- said Muslims stalked I laughed hysterically being hit in the restaurant business I mean it's very. That is that is a that that is a pretty good joke. 18774694432218774. Or you are you so are you wise socially when you -- -- in San Francisco prolong a long long time right now I mean. I actually love it out here at the climate is beautiful. The architecture is great as good voting people leave you alone it's one thing if you could just avoid certain areas it's it's a beautiful place. That's my home I've been here for so long. Since 1974. Connecticut my doctor is a real PH -- from Berkeley. Not like Obama as advisor who's working towards a bit and I never left. You don't you know those you know above that because of issues probably in the front running for the up profiles in courage award. I think so because what she's -- put up with all the criticism about a play Ph.D. Right exactly I mean you know -- -- if you do something like this you know bay you know you why you you know you push the hardcore left the line. You're you're in the front front row for -- up profiles in courage award. Well how are you not seeing the way they do which is working for something at the same as achieving yet another. If let's say gang -- killed and fifteen and the machine gun and -- -- about this man. At the purely that he wanted to be a professional doctors so damaged the -- haven't been a perfect -- doctor already. Michael he was Michael he was we have we talk about this a lot he was turning his life for a well actually it was a good -- -- very good he he he was planning on marrying his beyoncé was the mother of his three children. And what. -- I could see why you have fun there. Now we have a lot of fun on the radio here Michael and I'll keep the I'll keep the audience warmed up for -- -- -- of a -- you were talking about Muslims have a lot to fear from their -- -- remember when the aboard the the Arabian under the nuclear scientist got he got a hit like gang land -- on the streets of Iran. I -- I said could I -- do -- visit to Pakistan he used to work downstairs. And he and he said I said. To Iran Muslim city all was plenty of people for sale. -- -- Oh boy chased by the way your main competitor in this -- his old -- -- resident. Is. Why is it walk -- -- on opposing stations in this financial Hannity I called Walt back. Him and -- I got I -- go along with him I feel I know you don't get along with vehemently -- you. I think he's a very nice guy just whose time has -- national. Yeah he's I mean it's it's. The biggest problem right now Michael is it'll be in a -- real hardcore Republican I mean it's hard it's hardcore it's tough to be -- Republican. When Boehner goes over to the White House yesterday afternoon and is helping Obama find -- that piece of crap speech from last night. Well I've not been a Republican in my whole life of me that's my litmus test I was I am an independent I have been a long time. And by -- independent conservative and right now how we -- an anti war conservative. How is it that there are hawkish. I mean how this happened hawkish liberals have a piece they become walks spending -- channel their granddaughter around war and peace. What are the supermarket today in a big of a carton of milk Michael and I saw Cindy Sheehan spoke don't want it. Whereas -- well I. Mike I have you know I live in the Mets governor I. I -- -- live in Cambridge. Yeah I you know I -- own property in Boston I drive through Brookline Newton every day I live at Wellesley. I had yet to see a single. Candlelight vigil about this war -- usually doesn't single candlelight vigil. Oh you to think crying on -- exactly. Yes. That's what god made federal court houses -- -- negative candlelight vigil outside of. I would you know liberal. Anybody that has a Deon is a good any bomb as the. I know I don't like -- and I'd love to see in these guys on the Internet within their full dress uniforms saying I did not serve I did not sign up by two -- fight in the civil war a Syrian civil war on the al-Qaeda side. Unbelievable isn't it. It's unbelievable but what do you expect I mean this is what and by the way. The anointed one has three and a half more years how we weren't real real trouble here. And now. I don't well I guess I give you one -- before Portugal might only be one good piece of news I'm sure this had been bothered you want. Since last week since -- or arrive power over his distinguished new senator. Ed Markey we call -- blood and guts. Memory voted present on the war resolution. Oh yes well -- -- well he's -- he has the he's not been given permission by by Reid and Schumer he can vote no one. And what god. God it happened is that perhaps that the country get run by such incredible intellect. -- listen Michael we're glad to have you back on RK like I said it's -- of people have but people don't want you back for a long time I know there this is that. This one time where -- -- phone calls -- make a difference a night in radio when -- you're going to be on with us from a from 9 o'clock -- from my mind to midnight every night two people can get the first hour be recorded the second two hours will be alive so he can call it. And that bad deal still stands at five people calling for Boston tonight on our KLU that they can get a have a free copy of but trickle up poverty right. You got it absolutely and how we wanted to thank you very much for standing. You're welcome to me it's a pleasure to be back WR. Okay it was a Michael Michael you know I don't go to the senate argue there is among Jewish but if you're ever -- enough Palm Beach I'll I'll buy -- -- and our club. Up. It's it's -- it's a club of -- on the what's a nice club it's a real light up you know what I think it's very close to where you went to the synagogue right downtown. I used to belong to to how do Donald Trump's mar a lot coach -- your backyard. Yeah -- we got this is this is a this is for this is north of Amara -- give -- CNB Sydney given we've got my phone number and if he wouldn't admit LC you over Christmas sort. Excuse me holiday. This house down aero sometime this -- god willing. It's every great Michael I'd love to what I'd love to see and have a tradition so my friends -- -- your body your. I got so much good -- billionaire -- tight friends down there they've done that I'd love to let him have a piece let him -- -- your mind. Many liberals of any stripe and I think to myself it's just -- and approval. -- I assume that these dogs are are pure -- right. Oh yes -- a 100%. Go right when dog actually. Excellent excellent to very good -- portal will fit in well in Palm Beach to. Michael Savage is back on the air with on nine WRKO and it's great to have you -- this Michael thanks Ali right bye --