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DC Shooting - More details about Aaron Alexis.

Sep 18, 2013|

Should we blame guns? Or should we deal with the problem of mental illness in our society?

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Welcome to the corner report this is Jeff -- Boston. Bulldozer. 6172666868. Is the number you can connect this -- 686. Sadie and for those of. You want Twitter. You can always join us -- the field corner report KUNHNER. Were tweeting throughout the show and throughout today. Jam packed show for you today you don't want to miss a sellable to take my word for it. Clearly though the lead. Is now everything that we're finding out. About this shooter. Aaron Alexis. And what took place at the Washington navy yard. What is now coming out and the picture that is now being drawn. About who Aaron Alexis the silent shooter as he's known his background. His mental state of mind. -- what was were finding out in terms of his -- run ins with the law. And his unique relationship with the navy. Is now proving. Everything that we talked about yesterday. Almost two with. Everything that we talked about on the show is now have been as either being confirmed her husband confirmed over the last 24 hours. Let me begin with the most obvious. We have now found out through multiple media reports and various navy officials. Have now confirmed that in fact Aaron Alexis was severely mentally ill. It appears -- paranoid schizophrenic. That he suffered also from -- sleep disorder but in part primarily he was hearing voices in his head. He couldn't stop hearing voices in his head. And weeks before the shooting. He actually hold people at the veterans administration. He actually hold people in an incident with the police. That he's not right in the head. So weeks before all of this took place he admitted it. That there's something seriously wrong with him. And in particular there is an incident on August 7. Where Israeli police report coming out in. In Rhode Island in particular written new port there's a navy base there. A naval station there and at 6:30 in the morning on August 7. Alexis summoned to new port call -- to his hotel he was saying at -- area. The cops come at 6:30 in the morning the cops asked him what's the problem. He says that when he boarded a flight in Virginia he had an argument they quarreled with somebody. And that this person he believes. Was chasing him. Hunting him down. While he -- at -- Newport because he's supposed to be doing some work at the naval station there. And that apparently he says he believes that this person I sent three. What do you wanna call it assassins. To go after. He said he never saw him he's just imagining them but in his mind their tool black males one black female. And they keep hearing their voices through the wall. And that in fact he was a previous hole -- and they were chasing him from hotel after hotel after hotel. Because they keep bombarding him with these words in -- outs. And the cops are looking and utter disbelief. Obviously think and his guys Loney is a fruitcake. And then he goes on to say that not there was a microwave machine and he believes there were controlling a -- I can do not that they're controlling a microwave machine. Sending vibrations into his body. And making crazy sounds in his head so he couldn't sleep at night it was a way of harassing him. And basically getting back at him and punishing him for having that argument with the individual in Virginia. It was obvious to the police. Weeks before the shooting. That Aaron Alexis was a paranoid schizophrenic big guy was looming as a fraud kick. And just to add insult to injury. The police on the scene obviously seeing this is a very disturbed man. Then -- the police report. Who -- naval station that he was going to he said I'm working at this naval station in Newport. In fact that's why I'm in town but I'm being harassed by this guy who's using him a microwave machine dissent voices into my head. And vibrations into my body. And there's he's black this group these two black males and has black female and these three people are pursuing me and they're after me and harassing me and I was at this whole Salmonella have battled Elena went to another -- well because I can't sleep because this is a part to destroy me it's a part of a secret plot to get after me. And they're like wall or the navy needs to be aware of this guy. They facts the police report the navy gets the police report at the naval station. And the officer says we're gonna look into this. And of course they never do. It's also coming out. That they need be in 2007. Knew that Aaron Alexis had shot up a car in Seattle. With the construction workers who came to an adjacent driveway he just didn't like the way they looked -- a group. And soul when he -- had a gun and he shot up the tires of the of the car. They knew about this incident they knew about the police report. They knew that he admitted to a rage fueled blacked out which is why he says he couldn't remember having shot up the car. The point of being. They need being new. They had a man who had serious psychological. Emotional problems which shot up a car and they admitted him anyway they didn't just admit him. They gave him a security clearance. This guy wish -- and promoted every step of the way throughout the navy. Even though they knew that he was seriously mentally ill. They knew he was on and off medication. They knew that he had been shooting up places in shooting up a car and they did nobody did anything. Up to one including several weeks before the slaughter before the atrocity at the -- New -- Now what do Biden singing. Over the last 24 to forty hours. That has the moon bats that has the lives in this state and across the country up and our ups. Every time there is a shooting in this country every time there is an atrocity. Whether it be Virginia Tech. Whether -- be Jared -- and the shooting in Arizona regarding Gabby Giffords. Whether it be Aurora Colorado. Whether it be new town and now we have the navy yard shooting. What has been the common thread what is been the common theme. Every single one of those killers and shooters were severely mentally ill. Every single one of them. Four men they have all been severely mentally ill. And yet we as a society. Who refused to stand up and say it's time now to re open the mental asylum it's. It's time now to re institutionalize. This severely mentally ill. It's time in other words to restore the laws that were in place for decades before the liberal left in the 1970s. Dismantled every single one of -- and essentially opened up the silence. Opened up the mental institutions. You wanna know why there's so many homeless people. Most of them are mentally -- Most of them are usually paranoid schizophrenics. Most of these shooters and killers are paranoid schizophrenics. And the liberal left not gone it's gone it's gone as we have to get rid of guns we have to punish everybody for the actions of a few. -- Second Amendment gone -- And now we're finding out here's even some more information just to show you what a bunch of hypocrites all of these liberals are. What is been the mantra over the last 24 hours from CNN to MS slept BC. To the it to the lunatics at NPR to New York Times to the Associated Press to wherever you wanna go. They are fifteen. The New York Times they are fifteen they are fifteen he was an entire fifteen it was IR fifteen you get rated BAR fifteen and that you don't have the massacre -- -- -- -- we gotta we gotta go to BAR fifteen are as it's it's it's a machine gun style rifle. Even -- to semiautomatic but let that go -- it's a machine guns filed a rifle -- Jim Braude. That -- what is sidekick but nobody listens to there's Jim Braude. And I. Are -- staying. -- -- These -- so weapons of mass destruction. I'm glad almost. Aaron Alexis. Bought -- Remington 87. Shotgun. He bought we're now finding out two boxes of ammunition he had 24 bullets got -- that's hole. Legally purchased in Northern Virginia. Because he had been given security clearance and and accessed cold he was able to enter the Washington navy yard. Despite his history of mental illness despite his disorderly conduct. Despite the fact -- been discharged from the navy in other words background check after background check after background check failed. He then walked into the Washington navy yard this is now with the police and law enforcement are telling us. He went into a bathroom. He loaded his shotgun. He walked up to a security guard boom. He walked up to a police officer boom. They both lay on the ground he then took their handguns. He started on the fourth floor the aiming at people in the cafeteria on the first floor. He began to shoot our people deliberately picking them out from the crowd he then went down into the third floor. He shot some people in their offices. Then he went up to the fourth floor again in the court or shot some more people until he was finally gunned down by the police my friends. An eight. We have we have an entire media. All of these Mandarin these lives in the media and politicians like Dianne Feinstein and now Obama and I'll get into that in a second running around emblem running the around as saying the problem is the eight. DAR fifteen the F fifteen was never you almost. It absolutely nothing to do what this crying. According to the gun owner. Sorry forgive me the ethic and the other shop owner who sold -- the gun he had Eli even aware. Not. That Aaron Alexis and wanted to -- MER fifteen it's true that several days before the shooting. He used an eight. The New York Times is running all over this story. But that was -- a gun range. It was not used at the Washington media art. So they're going on and on about and they are fifteen and they're going on and on about banning semi automatic weapons and semiautomatic rifles. And it wasn't even used. He had a shotgun if you remember. That Joseph Biden remember this afternoon town. When he gave us his grand advice on how to defend ourselves. Joseph Biden set all the best way to protect yourself is just got a shotgun and fire one shot off -- -- there. Right now we're practical way you're shocked on small boy you gonna have a shot on to defend herself some. If you wanna protect yourself get a double barreled shotgun. Have the shelves and twelve gauge shotgun. And I promise you as I told my wife we live in an area that's wooded who's somewhat secluded. Said Jill if there's ever a problem just walk out on the balcony here walk out. Put that double barrel shotgun and fired two blasts. So he had a shotgun. Got -- And then he killed the people who were supposed to have guns the security guards in the police officers. -- that none none of the employees were able to be armed because of Bill Clinton's -- in 1993. So a military base a naval installation nobody weapons. All of the employees were unarmed it's a gun free zone the guns were bent. So now the killer. The mentally ill man this cycle half hearing voices in his head. Walks in Schulz and officer Schultz is security guard takes their guns their handguns. And unleashes a bloodbath. How come nobody is talking about controlling the mentally ill. All we keep hearing. His gun control. Like Obama. Which we'll talk about next but nobody talks about mental illness control. Welcome back to -- a record 6172666868. Is the number. So never let a good crisis go to wakes. And here is the president of the United States did dear leader. After everything we're finding out because you talk about mental illness no. Does he talk about the fact that you had this massive bureaucracy that gave this guy is security clearance and had no business giving him a security clearance mall. Instead of what is the -- earlier talking about. We need firmer background checks and more restrictive gun laws roll it Brittany. -- to get congress to strengthen the gun control laws failed earlier this year after Newtown and now we have a master a couple of miles from here thirteen people dead including the shooter. We condemn in this country you live in the country where massacres are just part and parcel of our daily existence what we don't have to be and the overwhelming majority the American people understand there's -- common sense gun safety. Laws that we can put in place that. Could prevent some of this. Tragedy from happening. That's not gonna prevent all violence it's not gonna prevent all gun violence but. Your initial reports indicate that this is. Is an individual who may have had some mental health problems. The fact that. We do not have a firm enough background check system -- is something that. Makes us more vulnerable -- kinds of mass shootings. Unbelievable this this guy I'm seriously this guy's unbelievable. This guy had background check after background check after background check. Please discuss talking about. He was -- -- maybe all they did was do background checks and did another one when he worked for this subcontractor for Hewlett-Packard. So to get to get on this navy base. To work as a contractor at the Washington navy yard. They did multiple background checks. The point is he fell through the cracks. Notice the liberals keep wanting to add layer of bureaucracy after layer of bureaucracy after layer of bureaucracy. As the government continues to crumble and bureaucracy becomes more dysfunctional. So you -- even more background checks upon the background checks that failed in the in the in the first place. When the obvious. Issue. And the obvious point is. When the police saw that this guy was clearly mentally ill with the micro said the microwave machine sending vibrations into his body and and and and and nonexistent people chasing him and him talking about hearing voices when he tells the government the veterans administration. I'm not well hole. I'm hearing voices in my head. Nobody said -- lock this guy out there. Nobody said we have to re institutionalize. Him he needs mental well. As we used to do in this society before the nineteenth seven links. If those laws that had been in place before the 1970 X. When the liberals utterly dismantled them. Had been in place. Those twelve people would be alive today. -- children in Newtown in sandy hook would be alive today the most people in Colorado would be alive today. Those people in Arizona would be alive today. And yet nobody wants to talk about the X. It's more gun control it's more background checks. So this same bureaucrats. Who failed with this guy we're gonna give him even more power. That's the liberal answer to this to this problem it's incredible. 61720666868. Is the number Brenda Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Good morning gaps in college at the pilot died from Iran -- -- -- -- you sound a little while I said the independent that. Do you find it odd yet sound a little slower that fake the bit that. This this subject that buried yet tax. Had talked about that saddened that was a little bit loose count shooting which passed a ban that. Through that this eclectic community. -- -- And yet the people that are French action and that -- -- -- -- and not even the people trying to -- -- a -- I can write a book about it I actually due back Sunday. The liberal French I don't like actually the they've hijacked -- look like active community and make it. Almost. That intolerant. Also goes about trying to get -- -- family members and may even more intolerable hope for the and now we have a situation. Clearly need to -- Can't situation. It's himself lives and who would not -- that the discussion about twelve people dead. But -- know that act and knowledge is. When you walked into the door at about your right it's about it try to -- -- about the electronic leash and and that yelling memoir. They shut the door and let face -- trying to help a lot of one. And at the time that absolute light they act and read in the eastern sector -- central -- Such. That I didn't ID and then let people trying to get help from what we do not want to shine -- -- -- what. That they created. They do want to sit and Friday -- -- go in the other direction and it didn't -- and control quality. Shouldn't they shine a light -- -- I'm sending a note that straight I -- doctor and -- that social workers and. It may like I'm crazy are they want it -- and yet. You need to congress can challenge. And back to -- in the car and different little total interest. I'm getting a little emotional -- such you know what -- -- pretty emotional until you are a lot -- completely -- involving different era I. Should you be a little bit emotional child. I don't wanna -- that didn't look at it getting it and intimidate I -- get -- really at an -- don't have any -- that they I would I expect. And we respect you more like that you just don't now. But don't look at me like some crazy person -- meet the content how much they do not know what he's doing Jack. They had no picture that's straight they don't want anyone might write about who -- -- got a million questions and they do not question now I'm. You not request that can wait no let's back and look at it does -- do -- -- backs in the psychiatric community. Actually thank you for that call Brenda -- -- to do you you know I could have said it better myself. Now think about this. We unleashed the mental institutions in Massachusetts -- several mental institutions. A silence. They were closed down. Or I think corporate he said I think there's still one OK they're used to be many because to -- multiple. I silence they've now been post except maybe for one. We've unleashed a flood gates. And because you don't wanna do involuntary institutionalization. For the most severely mentally ill. Look what a threat it is to all of us. Look how it could threaten all of us in society. And instead of saying we got a serious problem here. We just stand back and say all are well another massacre Falwell and another twelve dead all well. And the liberal stand there and a pound their chest and -- to say it's non violence of a walker -- Madonna is an inanimate object most people use guns are law abiding decent Americans. By your definition of guns were the problem this this this this could be ocean it's the whole country be sure each other in the head which opened. It's the mentally ill with guns and. And rather than confronting the problem of mental illness. We just continue to ignore it. 6172666868. Is the number. Coming up next. Charles Krauthammer. Columnist Fox News commentator but also by the way a friend of mine. Was a psychiatrist. In the nineteen sevenths before you went into journalism. You'll see what he cents. About how they would have handled this before these liberal laws were put in place and how many lives would have been saved. -- and your calls next. Welcome back to the corner report Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer cleaning up the liberal -- 6172666868. Is the number. Here is syndicated columnist Fox News commentator and former psychiatrist. Charles Krauthammer. Saying you know. When I was practicing medicine when I was practicing psychiatry in the 1970s. A guy like Aaron Alexis. He would have been institutionalized. And none. Of the Rampage. And atrocities that followed would have happened to roll it Brittany. Thirty years ago the cops to would have been brought him to a psychiatric emergency room. He probably would -- -- -- psychotic said he probably would do would have been hospitalized for a couple of weeks and that's the way it was gone inside of these. What movie you went out practiced psychiatry but today that doesn't happen the cops left. He was left on his own he was a man who shouldn't have been on his own he should've had -- state looking after him. And he ended up with killing people who no way that's what he wanted to respect the civil liberties of everybody. But there is a point in which if you don't take control of the people who are clearly. -- out of touch with reality more damaging than exposing them and of course tragically. Exposing a lot of innocents around -- 6172666868. Is the number. Here is my question. TU. The audience of corner country. To the people of Boston. And the larger New England area. In the wake of the shooting. Knowing everything we know about Aaron Alexis. Do you blame guidance. Do you believe it's time to pass more restrictive gun laws as Dianne Feinstein says. As Obama says as the New York Times says as the Boston Globe says. Or do you think it's time for us to deal. Which he rampant problem of mental illness in our society. And our refusal. To institutionalize. The mentally in 06172666868. Is the number. Bob Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Very -- modern -- out about. Date Chad you have you have now what what what are we doing here where -- start taking create enough but another look up. It will not create another -- collapse that we're gonna discriminate against come on you can't do this. What are the Republicans go wake up drink your rhetoric consultants. Take this issue to the American people -- ring true. And it'll be something that you can beat them ultimate head -- and I just don't get this I really don't get it. Thank you Bob well I mean how would you say why I have one word for all the lips I think this is gonna be a winner for them and 2014. And they're trying to use the politics of gun control to exploit to death of these twelve people. Colorado. Colorado. He tried it in Colorado mayor Mike Bloomberg tried hitting Colorado what that a recall. And those who pro gun control state senators got recalled. So. You wanna play his game go ahead but I'm telling you the American people you're not gonna snooker us on this one sly Europe next thanks for holding. I think what that depth is like. Look art to a couple -- -- want to touch on your arm I know you know everybody's talking about mental help then and it all kind of stuff and yesterday everybody was talking about everything under the sun video game movies at all kinda stuff. You know a lot more simple been there and that -- -- 100%. Big government. Is completely incompetent the fact is that this guy. In 2004 pulled out of done in public and shot up somebody's car because you said they looked at him. This respectfully. In 2000. Seven. He shot who are you department -- through the flaw public upstairs neighbor. -- dude at the bottom line is if if you take your gun out shoot somebody's car up in public. You Bob. You don't get away with that I mean that's outrageous act as a double double undermanned and and and I would say that anybody would do that should. Right away and there are if I have looked so idiotic you would knock it you'd have your guards take it away big government. Dropped the ball 100%. This spoke with our record. Hot. It you know it's just prove that. You know we live in a country of 300 million people and some of these people small amount these people are just plain crazy and the government isn't 182 incompetent. To protect outs from them. We didn't have to be able to protect our cell. And as time goes on well there's also the growing. Here that we -- need to protect ourselves from that. Government. I'm because -- -- as they are working. Relentlessly did is our -- and take it much fire power as possible from us they are are being. Then sell to the -- government import IRS agent. EP OK so security department workers are being trained with they -- it being bombed this is a fact. There are you buying more ammunition and more weapons then the military. -- on the sly look you touched on so many good points look. Notice. Department of Homeland Security either arming themselves to the teeth. VHS is buying millions of rounds of ammunition -- they're buying light armor tanks. They're buying all kinds of heavy weapons they're buying all kinds of machine guns no problem. No problem. We can actually send weapons to al-Qaeda rebels in Syria when it comes to OK don't we arm -- to the teeth no problem. But when it comes to law abiding Americans all of a sudden normal long ball. We got to take your guns away because we don't want to deal with the meant real psychotic senate and our country. Because the -- -- -- and the Jared Loughner is and the Aaron Alexis is receiving several weeks. And no we can't discriminate against them god forbid you should institutionalize. These people god forbid. When they talk about hearing voices. And shooting up their neighbor's apartment or shooting up someone's car now. Here's a 64000. Dollar question that nobody in the liberal media's obviously asking. How amazing guy with -- with an arrest sheet. How does a guy with this discharge for disorderly conduct how does a guy who shoots up a car -- -- they admit that. The the floor of the of his neighbor upstairs. How would you promoted in the navy. After the fact. How was he given not only that he's given security clearances. Not only that. He's now able to work. On one of the most important naval military installations in the country. Was affirmative action to meet so obvious. Are they that desperate to have a minority recruited are willing to turn turn a blind dying. And instead look at them. The bodies are even cold yet and it's. Guidance it's -- control is the Second Amendment it's now here's another thing and marketing here from the left. Apparently is politics liberal promise baltics and play a role on this don't get me wrong but what if the issue was reversed. What if he happened to be not black but white. What if -- happened to be not liberal any pro Obama supporters it's all coming out but he happened to be bush Palin supporter a conservative. All pool. Bloom all. Go left the media wouldn't stop -- debts they would be running what this thing to look targeting. All look at that he Wagner stand backers the tea Bagger is look at best this is that terrorism domestic terrorism. They hypocrisy on this is unbelievable from 82 easy Mike Europe Max thanks for holding welcome. Particular call him Mike. You know -- We're -- -- on violent -- just in the past month there's so we had -- -- but murdered -- A site go bomb. Based it just you know Leo -- remedy nice to -- girl agency coordinates and go back a little bit com member of the astronaut no woman who wore diapers to cross state lines go kill her ex husband's girlfriend. And then last week quote we are a woman from -- verdict teacher that Rihanna over a lot of reps husband's girlfriend broke her leg stroller car so medical obviously right here alive and well. Killing people. And Mike have you noticed if a gun is not use if you use a knife or if you use a car. Whatever. Oh lead pipe it doesn't get the media attention that guns -- And and they don't I guess that's the point is not sexy. You know it's just it's not sensational enough. So you know you give -- instance after instance your completely right you have mentally severely mentally ill people killing people. And but it's only when you usually gone then. And the lives are up in our ups if I if I if I might have no problem. If I run you over no problem by throw Molotov cocktail and annual no problem. But god for it I use a shotgun. -- got to disarm everybody. 6172666868. Is the number. Who do you blame what to do you blame. For the navy yard shooting Rampage. Liberals believe we need more gun control laws do you think that would help or like -- do you think it's kind. We finally confronted mental illness. I wanna hear from you Boston 6172666868. Is the number all of your calls next. It's connected. And welcome back to the corner reports 6172666868. Is the number. Charlie Europe Max thanks for holding welcome. Good morning -- you have that morning comrades in public we get above. Flash into speed bump or their weapon of choice. Very interest bombs right. We're big crazy also wasn't a red flag will always finished security was won by Russia -- issued -- picked up. What about the crops that would this year and out of Bridgeport where -- the checked all -- we worked for what kind of work that he don't. Charlie is very very good point. I mean the Russians. Were calling up the FBI calling up Homeland Security. Saying you guys have any idea who these people are. Who who speed bump is -- monoline -- may have. Do you have any idea who he's talking to the giving an idea what he's doing in Chechnya. We got a blind the saudis were warning us the Russians were warning us and what do the government dole -- think. So what's the lives answer give the government even more power to do even more background checks. As everybody slipping through the cracks. Genius. Kevin you're up next thanks for holding welcome. We'll bring you up but let's around the same age as you like grew -- and it's during the seventies when every county in the commonwealth featured its own. Lodged late wreck two not -- -- so not everybody that guys -- the extra large butterfly nets would go out late. They've got to snatch up all the fruit cakes and chip of that to the acrobats. And everybody would everybody want you know beyond -- -- The end of the people were institutionalized. They -- -- -- received that help but they needed if not they go to restaurant table rocks and make -- macaroni structures. For the rest of us you know we can work and they're actually acts as well having to worry about some freaky Tiki jumping we're not shooting incident that. Yeah you know it's just you know I wouldn't change in the mid seventies when it will be when -- would lefties forested but more will be. One formal -- who's now that's right. You know -- I think that's when everything went nuts because of course they're -- -- that movie was. People like crazy they just think differently from the rest of -- -- we could just. Reached them but we could learn to communicate with them differently you know our sacred sacred basically integrate into society and every one a win win win and it's. It's chose not attend because after the you know curious what are you whether it was right down movie is. As they you know club to beat the rest of us if all of these institutions which has basically closed. We can't get to the corner report every morning Brussels -- don't you -- all about what are racist you are and and I will have consecrated went up you know. Kevin are really if we institution I see that's why the lives are against it if you institutionalizing. The mentally ill. -- in my liberal callers cant call the show anymore. I mean you have to think of it from their point of real. They've -- -- institutionalizing the mentally ill give up Philip these columns with liberal spin. That's why they don't want the institute they don't want to go back into the institutions. Admits it's a self preservation. Steve you're up next I got about a minute go my friend. Good morning Jeff listen to what we gotta do -- -- got that's not another government are bureaucrat says. Thought to the background check we need people to do background check of the people let -- all the background check it. But lately and I I I hear all these people that it's a small fraction of the Republican I did that open up everything it congress. Everything is all because the -- small group of Republicans. Although we don't think folded -- small Corey I'll get America. And they're just trying to cut us down and they all -- this small group but they were collected by people they were elected by the constituents these people got to wake up. Thank you so much Steve -- in other -- the American people are holding them up. You know all we could really run this country if there just wasn't for the peasants but doesn't I don't know what it is what I'm. They seem to have this crazy idea that. Bad bet but there the power in this country they seemed to have this idea that somehow what they call all the shots. I don't look I don't all these these idiots at the patriots of the American revolution the constitution. These founding fathers -- what they were thinking -- they actually sent home. The people should govern themselves who gave him a crazy idea. This is we gotta we gotta brainwashing them sing don't trust us we know what's best -- All of the talk about Obama being a brilliant president. All of the talk about how he's rescued and saved the American economy from the dreaded bush. New statistics from the Census Bureau are out about poverty levels in this country. You will not believe it don't.