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Ted Cruz Was Up All Night Over Defunding Obamacare.

Sep 25, 2013|

Ted Cruz spoke all night long in Senate to advocate to defund Obamacare.

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Freshman of wherever -- before news. To get things done for one of the things that's really completely changed American politics. Is that anybody. Can become a political activists now. Because of access to social media because of access to FaceBook and Twitter. And mind and -- Graham and all these other programs anyone can now take actions speak out anyone can now. -- like minded people halfway across the country and quite frankly halfway around the world then welcome into the -- Court this is there any order across the bulldozer in this country and my friends talk about what you are now listening is lies from the senate floor. This is almost historic what is taking place because mr. cruise. Goes to Washington. Ted crews began a marathon. Speaking session. It resembles an old style old fashioned filibuster but it's technically not a filibuster on the he has been talking for now for sixteen hours non stop he has been going on since 241 yesterday. It's been taking place all afternoon all evening all night. Marco Rubio is now speaking right now to give Ted Cruz a bit of a break you can do that one. Yeah I that's a -- he was saying he's right you must be polling well. Because suddenly now a lot of Republicans wanna join Ted Cruz. In his historic. Attempt to defund obamacare and challenged the president. And I gotta tell you. It is political theater at its absolute best. It is. Why US senators should be doing more often. It's what used to be done more often in the past when we had real senators. Who actually cared about representing their constituents. And the American people. And -- Ted Cruz has been at this now for nearly -- -- over sixteen hours. Which is more than Rand Paul remember in March when he went on his filibuster. Thirteen hours against the use of drones. Down or senator Robert Byrd from west Virginian 1964 he did fourteen hours. He's at sixteen hours and counting. You know Jeff yeah I was at Strom Thurmond did 24 hours the Democrat. -- -- Democrat. Filibustering civil rights Civil Rights Act. Now yet and hopefully we can beat dad. If he can go on for another eight hours he's going to be Strom Thurmond's record. And this has sent shockwaves through the political establishment. You have now the mainstream media they don't know what to do with this guy. Fellow Republicans don't know what to do what the sky and and Democrats are utterly paralyzed. Seeing how this man almost singlehandedly. Is channeling. -- discontent. The opposition. Did disgust with the Obama care. And he's taking on the entire political establishment along with a band of of of of Tea Party gorilla it's. Along with a band of fellow Tea Party Republicans. Mike Lee. Marco Rubio is jumping in Rand Paul has been there. There have been others that have been helping Ted Cruz because I don't wanna get into the weeds here but when you give a speech like this. You have to be either in the senate floor you're not allowed to sit but. If you take his place to speak a little bit. He can go to the bathroom he can grab himself a bite to eat whatever and keep themselves get some water and he's able to come back in just keep going. So he's been hated. Mike Lee in particular and Rand Paul rubio is now jumping in as cooks he said rubio is probably seeing this is polling extremely well. Independents love that conservatives love it libertarians love it. Grassroots rank and file Republicans. Love it and now all of a sudden people wanna get in on the action. But what is taking place here are my friends make no mistake about it. Is now you're seeing a political rebellion. Taking place among the American people could debate over Obama care is now reaching a boiling point. And as Ted Cruz is speaking for 70%. Of Americans. Who either want to repeal Obama care or substantially revise an -- obamacare. In other words who openly say this health care monstrosity. Must goal. It is killing jobs. It is destroying people's health care benefits. It is pushing people into a part time employment. It is destroying the greatest healthcare sector in the history of the world and -- Ted Cruz. Pointing out all night eve -- rating obamacare. I mean even this -- rating it. The -- -- the fact that premiums have skyrocketed. -- -- the fact that at least tax after tax after tax. Eviscerate in the fact that each state health care exchanges are an absolute mess. Why are members of congress exempt from it. Why are -- staffers exempt from that wire federal bureaucrats exempt from. And I gotta tell you then it's not just the length it's not just that this is a marathon session. He isn't just criticizing the Democrats if you listen if you've been watching or listening to his speech. He's taken on his own party. He's been going on twenty minutes at a time 15201012. Twenty minutes a little chunks where he turns his guns not just on Democrats. But on his own fellow Republicans in the establishment and the leadership. Where he says all I'm doing is being attacked. All I'm doing is being vilified. Everybody is spitting on me. Yet nobody is able to sit stand -- disagree with me nobody's able to debate me on the merits. And then he turns around to fellow Republicans. And he says stop concerning yourself with the cocktail parties. You people comment to this town and you leave at 5 o'clock. And you're more interest hitting going a cocktail parties in Georgetown which is true by the way. Or what the editorial writers in big city newspapers like the Washington Post and the New York Times think. Instead of worrying -- buy out what your constituents want and what your constituents think you should do. You don't represented or work for the cocktail party people. You -- represented and work for the big editorial writers at the New York Times the Washington Post. You're supposed to defend and speak out on behalf of the people who -- -- you. I mean this is electrifying. Stuff. This is now a genuine political insurgency against the ruling clocks. And that's why now you've been seeing it over the last couple days it is now growing in intensity and ferocity. Whereby now Ted Cruz is being turned I kid you not into the latest Joseph McCarthy. Now all of a sudden the media all of now they're all coming out showing pictures of Joseph McCarthy I swear to you as saying look at Ted Cruz doesn't -- -- Joseph McCarthy doesn't he look like Joseph McCarthy. Does any of the same features and Joseph McCarthy. He's a demagogue like Joseph McCarthy he's a liar like Joseph McCarthy. These are reckless extremist like Joseph McCarthy. In fact. On -- There are soft ball Chris Matthews. Scroll ball on screwball. Making that very same analogy -- cooks. That would fascism comes to America will be called anti fascism but most of all I think of Joseph McCarthy. Take crews reminds me of this guy this smear or smirk whatever you call that thing that -- look at moral condescension. A contempt for all around them they -- recess facility toward those whose intensity is so desperate. To attract he gets it all right people pay attention when you start around the -- explodes described your chest. The demagogues mistake is that they you know look you not the dynamite. The only question is who or what has the nerve the person or the party to put this Princeton cowboy. In his place will be great but where real patriot a guy like John McCain. All the knowledge -- notice is that now John McCain is a patriot noticed that. When they destroyed him in vilified him when he was running against Obama in 2008. All of Danny was a radical right Winger then he was a -- says then you is somebody you couldn't trust with the nuclear button. Now all of a sudden to the establishment Republicans. Day. Rain in this -- browser a rain in this cowboy guys leaving the presents. What does this British so the president undermining the country. We can't have this this can't be going on there can't be real. Notice nobody is debating the merits of the issue. When Ted Cruz says Walgreens has just kicked a 160000. Of its employees into these private exchanges. They lost their health care. When Ted Cruz says that employer after employer after employer has either laid off people or put them in part time work. Because of the thirty hour threshold in obamacare. Some months. When Ted Cruz says that the average health care costs for every family in this country you me. -- -- -- He's going to increase by 7450. Dollars. All of you going to be paying 7400. Dollars more in health care costs. Just no rebuttal. So when he points out fact after fact after fact after fact. What are they say he's got explosives strapped around distressed. She's a political terrorist. He's a political anarchist he's Joseph McCarthy. He's got a crazy smirk he's ugly. He looks like before it then all he said he himself for the presidency a 26. He's a megalomaniac. He's an ego maniac. Obama is not a megalomaniac. Obama is not an ego maniac and on and on home Ted Cruz now all of a sudden. The dead crows now isn't very dangerous man him. Nothing on the merits nothing on the substance nothing on the evidence. Nothing on the faxed. It's smear smear smear lie lie lie. I don't mean you you saw the movie. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington it's one of my favorite movies I think I've watched it fifteen times. I love it it's all Hollywood at its best. For those of you that haven't seen. It stars Jimmy Stewart. Who plays a very idealistic. Senator. Who actually admires. Our senior senator who helped get him his position. And to shock and horror when he enters the senate. He realizes that the senior senator who hero of fierce who we grow premiering. Is actually a crook. He's actually immensely corrupt. And that the body in the senate is extremely corrupt. And that the political media class that's propping up the senate is extremely corrupt. And yet there is Jimmy Stewart. Who wants to fight the good fight because he believes that he was sent there to represent the American people and his constituents. That this is not what the constitution. Entails. That this is not what our founding fathers wanted for this country and old boys club. We're always business as usual and you live off the fat of the land and you essentially milk and exploit the American people. -- dare to essentially line your pockets. And there's a very dramatic scene where he's -- filibustering a bill and he's very standing and -- talking and standing at least talking. And he says I will not stop until I drop off my feet. And almost through sheer force of will. Almost through sheer principle. He ends up galvanizing the American people and they swing his way. Ted Cruz is acting like a modern day mr. Smith. Ted Cruz that's what it's mr. cruise goes to Washington. And with the help of Rand Paul and Mike Lee. And a handful of Tea Party patriotic Republicans. Who now are the last line against this train wreck of obamacare. Which will destroy your health care our health care. For generations to come. This man is now being destroyed. This man is now being vilified. Here's mr. Smith. Roll it cooks. Capital development late in the stands remembered. Take a look at this country through her I don't -- really -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You'll see the whole parade of what demands are outraged about your son is. And fighting for something other than just jungle. So they can stand on his own -- -- pretty decent like it was created. A lot of what is race car -- -- -- There's no place out there for Kraft. Agreed to utilize. Our compromise of human liberties. Yeah that's what the grownups have -- -- the world was given little event we've got to get those boys can't started fast and see what my kids. And it's not totally. Because this country he is -- Taylor he's -- you or me or anything else. Great principals don't get blossom was like I'm delighted. Everybody here it gets us. He's just another lost cause. I don't. You people don't know probable cause. He said once they were -- because we're fighting. The people want to welcome wants. There. Just one plain and simple. Now. That was Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington this is what Ted Cruz is fighting for. Listen now. To congressman Jim Moran of Virginia Democrat. Role at Cox. He's a demagogue go Chris and unlike a lot of demagogues he's also a phony. You know he talks of he purports to be representing the the lower middle class workforce. And yet here's a guy that when he was studying at Harvard. He'd only study to -- the graduates at Harvard law with a graduate from Harvard Yale a Princeton not a minor IDs like. General Browner Dartmouth. You know this guy is an arrogant elitist. Who said doing his best to manipulate. A large swath of the country doesn't know any better I think they're pretty they're gonna get robbed him. Pretty fast and realize what a phony years. Unbelievable. -- notice. They never to attack his arguments. To attack him. And what are they saying he went to Princeton. And he wanted to study with the best graduates in the world and the best graduates in the country. When most of them went to Harvard Yale and Princeton. Obama went to the Ivy League. Yeah that's according to the media that's why he's a genius because he went to the Ivy League. So this guy goes to the Ivy League and says yeah I want to be what the best I wanna study what the best I wanna I compete with the best. -- suddenly now he's the arrogant phony. This is incredible. And so my question to you is a very simple one. Whose side are the politicians in Washington on when it comes to obamacare. Are they on your site. Or are they on their site. No lines are open we. For you got -- six hours comfortable talking on the way. You can text does pets. What are your thoughts send us an attack at 68680. KM six day. WRKO. -- president I intend to speak in opposition to obamacare. I intend to speak and supported these funding obamacare. Until I'm no longer able to stand. To do everything that I can't. To help. Americans stand together. And recognize this this grand experiment three and a half years ago. He is quite simply not working. I want all this stay at the outset. And I am particularly honor. He should be standing side by side with my friend and colleague. Senator Mike Cleveland. Senator only has shown visionary leadership. In standing up and taking the mantle. Help leading the effort to defund obamacare. And welcome back to the coroner report Boston's bulldogs are 6172666868. Is the number. Ted Cruz is now going into his seventeenth hour alone along with Mike Lee. And a couple of other Tea Party Republicans Rand Paul by his side to speak out against Obama care. Is electrifying the country he is now galvanizing opposition to obamacare. The ruling class is trying to destroy him Democrats. Establishment Republicans the liberal media who you side with. Ted Cruz. Or the politicians in Washington sly Europe next welcome. So. I -- airport that broke his lack. Do not -- last night and I heard on C span. And -- And little Dick Durbin tried to step up to the plate. I -- society that's. A little bit no like I can see little bit cutesy little Dick Durbin. Well well let -- take each side to step up at a play and go to -- with -- -- -- And it was just unbelievable EO liberated. You know each of Dick Durbin was trying to say -- warned that full. Are an Obama key areas that every day and you know it's kind of because -- thought I might white. She get aggravated with me sometime predictor accurate view. You -- almost Ratner about this stuff its key talent you know is on the right side to be this super secret that the like -- about it so much in. Well obviously you're married to meet -- probably a little bit -- She sat down and we got to watch in this exchange between little Dick -- And that Bruce and my wife was just sitting there like where -- mile wide open. -- -- Just destroyed don't dismantled them yeah right this -- -- can be brought up the fact that you're there and hear how one of the land air. But at the same time you in the Democrats went to the market neutral way. I am you know I can you got you you've got to find that -- -- they record but he -- until I'm. You know. That opinion in this instance -- Israel head crew member accrued when he was that percent. In a spot in in Texas in the primary against David Dewhurst and everybody says it all the Republicans were jumping back in David Dewhurst big city yet it -- group I'd eaten -- gonna win this. He destroyed David Dewhurst. He's a warrior. -- Gloria and in what. What we need to do is we need that the only shame will thing about this all. Our east and -- -- -- coverages that. Only. Like our our -- and you know that you held you know it's like more and more and more people don't watch this right. Action it would seem that every word out of a mild. Is -- true true is it your all that's why we're gonna we're gonna get that little exchange we're gonna find it. Between Ted and little deck we're gonna find out exchange between -- a little bit and then -- will play it for everybody. Sal Ross might Brenda pom hang on I'm gonna get all of your calls next. Here is the patriots. Ted Cruz. Trying to tell and warned the American people obamacare. Is coming through all the cooks. Hey listen to me why don't they here's what we have to say. They aren't listening to the millions of people Democrats Republicans independents libertarians across the spectrum who say our elected officials. They get to Washington. They stop listening to the people. Freezing most of the morning on that July Anderson. I was at WRKO's. Six AD when that talk stop. Scooter is still ripping it up on Twitter. Millions of people are asking for accountability. Her responsibility. For truth. From their elected officials truth about how obamacare. Is failing the men and women of America. Flower field at all they don't own rocket kit Kat. Romney doesn't -- It is time madam president quite simply. To make our DC -- listen. -- -- -- Always came to -- madam president. As a point I intend to make over and over again because it is fundamentally what we're trying to do we are trying to gather the American people. DC. Welcome back at the corner report 6172666868. -- number. Standing shoulder to shoulder with Ted -- Boston's bulldozer. My friends Ted Cruz is still going out it. On the senate floor he is still standing. -- rubio is now talking in his place but this thing is going on -- sixteen hours going into seventeen hours. Here was an exchange about. Let me be eight hours ago. Between Ted -- the patriot. Attacking. Obamacare. And little Dick Durbin. Trying to defend the indefensible. -- -- these pleas for help for help are coming from all across the country. There. I'm happy to yield for a question with. Do you think your answer to Judy is you need a better job. After working a lifetime 62 years hard work. The best she can do she's never had health insurance and I think your answer was Judy get a better job so let me ask you another question. When I voted for obamacare Health Care Reform one of the things that motivated me. Was the fact that health insurance companies would no longer be able to discriminate America against Americans with pre existing conditions. I've had a situation in my family and child. Who had a serious physical problem. Who could not qualified but for group health insurance that was available to me as a member of congress. -- gone on the open market to buy a policy I'm not sure -- -- one for my family to cover my child. So when you say you wanna abolish obamacare. Do you wanna abolish that part of obamacare which says you cannot discriminate against people for pre existing conditions when it comes to health insurance. If those people or victims of asthma diabetes. Cancer treatment mental illness. Do you want to abolish. Obamacare and that prediction protection. I thank the senator from Illinois for that question and let let me answer it into a different place. Let me talk generally about what the senator talked about about his health insurance and my health insurance is a member of the senate and only took a preexisting conditions African. The first one I will make. Is that's. The senator from Illinois passionate. And then has been quite eloquent. Describing what he perceives to be the benefits from obamacare the and yet I think it speaks volumes. But that the senator from Illinois and I and every other member of congress has been exempted. But President Obama from the plain text of the statute. -- and then he says. Who goes on. To pair him all heart. I hit. Provided endless it was inserted quite deliberately that if we're going to impose rules on the American people we knew we should be subject to the same rules we should be put. In new exchanges like millions of other Americans you just talked about the wonderful exchange. -- obamacare provides that you and I should be in those exchanges. And it also provides that just like the other people in the exchange that our employers can't subsidize it once we get that extra. Now once it passed into law. The Democratic Caucus met with President Obama obviously was not in that meeting the Arab public reports of what occurred there read press accounts from the press accounts. All indicated that the majority leader of the democratic members of the senate. Ask President Obama please get us out from others we don't wanna be in any exchanges. -- There he's like -- delegate this is incredible -- is phenomenal -- is that covers bridges and the measures that covers everything doesn't protect against cancer mental Olazabal -- against -- -- in a moment deposit -- run the -- did Billy -- is saying OK I'll be exempt ourselves from a how do we get out from under -- and it -- There was little bit. Holding is you know what. 617666. -- it's 68 is the number. Sell you have been Brenda forgive me Brenda Europe next thanks for holding welcome. At the great way to that the morning cracked up laughed and I mean yeah how -- -- and -- Eight mil on a daily basis and the army idea alleged friend the only neighbor that you'd say and bang and I and I just look at how I -- -- and -- I think. -- like you don't play crap like a liberal let them come back. We can probably get -- senate you know and an -- and -- and have a people out of it anyway what I wanted to say and I asked. -- Cancun. But the parallel between you should include -- I mind which. Like at -- the bat that you actually in the low -- and -- a saying. But can. -- -- -- In the late in the wilderness -- And I'm in fact that you look and eligibility age to end of the ground and keep. The condensation and I'm -- -- I expect have a different ideology I -- a liberal progressive are like a little. And character that they don't have to stand on they need it deflecting and it strapped and load. And I -- that aren't typically right elevating let's let. So little that's my -- -- who are those that call very. Up there -- and I'm surrounded by -- I'm sure depending on how to act into the camp which. And hot out there let's let them know. Fighting and getting into an eye -- that doesn't stop -- Yeah. -- I and I here we are coming from because I'd injured that most of my life on the show. You should see they hate me like it. They never did never argue on the merits they never argued the fox can ever argue my my point during the logic is just. You're stupid you're white trailer trash you deserve to die or kkk. Not seek fascist racist sexist homophobic of all it's just -- smear lie smear lie smear. But let me get to the heart of the issue we talked about John the Baptist. Let me tell you why. I think Ted Cruz is who is who use. And I think I understand that curse and I'll tell you why it resonates with me. Ted Cruz's father. Fled Communist Cuba. My parents fled Communist then Yugoslavia today Croatia. His father fled communism. My father fled communism. He was born for a couple of years in Canada but obviously raised in Texas. When you have a family member. That has seen what socialism does. That I've seen with communism does. And you live in this great country. And everything that we have. And all of the benefits that we have and all the freedoms and liberties that we have. And how exceptional it is and how unique it is and how great it is. And you listen to stories from your father night after night after night. About what what life is like -- Communist hell hole. And then you see this very thing unfolding this monstrosity this disease. They -- panic sickness a copy of socialism and communism. Rearing its ugly head here. On our soil. On -- ruined. No way. No way. And that's what the mainstream media don't get about Ted -- they don't get this about me and they don't get this -- ball Rand Paul or about the they don't get this about us. They think were showboating. -- they think we do what they do they think they do we that we just stand there and make stuff up to get elected. They don't realize that for us. This is a life and death struggle. Bash for us. This is what life is all about. Live free or die. And that's what Ted Cruz looked crucial finding Ted -- a -- crews are finding I don't care I'm one Hummer fine. Destroying me she merely slander me. -- vilify me I don't care. But when everything is said and done maybe I'm not gonna win. And maybe were not gonna win. But that's not the point. Appointees you stood for what was true he stood for what was good you stood for what was noble. Are you listening Scott Brown. Are you listening John McCain. Are you listening Mitch McConnell. Are you listening gave goma's. Are all of you -- all Republicans are you listening to. Because this. Is the eternal America. This is the America of our founding fathers and will be damned if belated call without a fight. I got a text here. For 781. And to members of corner country on Twitter lets get this trending hash -- I am Ted Cruz. -- guide I am Ted Cruz go -- on Twitter. Called cruise's off this call Mike Lee's office. We'll get you those numbers let's show solidarity with Ted Cruz and let's hold the line against Obama care before it's too late. Hash tag I am Ted Cruz. All of your calls next. Madam president I intend to speak in opposition to obamacare. I intend to speak and supported. Until I'm no longer able to stand. Strong. We need to see how they're really. Stay connected with scooter -- how would you and mark look live -- could go. There is a problem in Washington the problem. It's bigger than obamacare it's even bigger. The most fundamental problem the frustration is that the men and women in Washington. There is but on the MySpace has been the problem whistle. Obama here but. And so what what you -- is there's an unprecedented effort. That you've -- ramp up over the last month or so. In which those who have opposed the idea of universal health here. In the first place -- thought this thing through the mail through congress and through the courts and so forth. Are there have been trying to scare at the scourge. People from getting a good deal. -- -- This body you're not listening to the. Welcome back in the corner report. -- this -- cheerleader who was with Bill Clinton yesterday -- -- gab fest in New York. Now. Ted Cruz is part of an unprecedented. A scare campaign. When a senator does is draw up he's doing these -- up. He's speaking on the senate warning people about what's in a bill a law. That now is gonna come into effect the exchanges and a couple days and the full long January 1. And he's trying to warn us about what's in the bill doing his job and suddenly gets a fear campaign. Hey it's unbelievable. If this is orwellian I -- the Twilight Zone. Now. Many of you wanna call senator Ted crews call 2022245922. 202. Two to four. 5922. And also called senator Mike -- from -- -- who has really been superb on this he's been backing Ted Cruz. Every step of the way in fact he's been in the senate with him for much of this it's not really a filibuster it's. Almost like a filibuster. For this historic. The speech that Ted Cruz is giving seventeen hours now and counting. Michael Lee 2022245444. 2022245444. So now Europe next thank you for holding sir and welcome. -- -- -- Yeah yeah I mean I can hear you can you hear me OK I guess I don't start off well. Again. You are you you you are -- Smoke screens. Or so you'll either trying to do you know our community. Hand in the -- you are pretty sending him down. Finding a Democratic Party to go let -- cool you know why he strived to. Have a conversation with a right and it it it is saying it is saying you know Corbett did or not. Sal you touched on it. This president the dear leader is willing to meet with the president I'd be wrong and negotiate with him. He's willing to negotiate and meet with Putin met murderer he's willing to meet the negotiate with -- fog has sought. But he won't meet with -- groups. You won't meet with the Rand -- he won't meet when John Boehner. I don't get that tells you everything you need to know about discussed. More on the other side. Ted Cruz hero or villain I wanna hear from you Boston 6172666868. Is the number. More of your calls next. This is Jeff -- we had to Rush Limbaugh this is very Armstrong. This is Howie -- catch we we basically this summer and.