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Chump Line Wednesday September 25, 2013 - Menino To Do List

Sep 25, 2013|

Our favorite mention on today's chump line was a suggestion for retiring Boston Mayor Menino's to do list when he gets out of office ie get a driver's license, carry money in a wallet, etc.

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I have a pretty good idea. Yeah that's that your eyes -- wide. Mispronouncing the idea. What Cynthia what do you care. I'm pronouncing it and a good American way I'd be here. No it can't come out in public without and we. Technically it is that they couldn't take it in creating a tactic. That aspect. I think the maverick is ready for the glue factory -- me. That there -- we inherited part silly. Part of the perfect. The only nearly the -- via text yesterday you mentioned Marty Walsh is running for mayor after committing lewd acts against women. Course that's -- that's a joke and issue tuned in late. The fact is that -- then senator Jim originally was pinched him lol after he was -- -- committee having a park bench. And when the police began chasing him finally caught him. They asked him his name and he says I'm Marty Welch. -- -- This is actually. Finally. I -- mention anything about what we hope that it props for the wedding and acted like might -- that it could be united. What really my first child or or maybe we'll get a I was. How banks and the. Yes in case you missed it earlier in the show. Actually shapes that's the only woman who met last week in the on and she's missed on and for dollars 67 weeks. She was in the running to get the wedding to remember from Fox25. Here and she was behind and we decided that I decided that just -- her candidacy which over what she ended up winning it it. And she was introduced to the to channel 25 audience that she thank you by any chance for help around no crystal Crist looked roll the video note she didn't put. It's not BC and the listeners. Situation the listeners most recent thing Germany. There. That whole legacy thing we're gonna apply let me now. Exactly. You know lists and even -- -- say one in my -- little sayings no good deed goes unpunished. Well here it is no with the -- this case I'm not being punished but. It is nothing thing I'm not being I am I know being traumatized they acknowledged for mighty. From my selfless act of asking. The listeners to vote for good old actually. Mobile -- to do before the first of the year by Erica. Civilized. Democratic hadn't hit me about the city's. And I kind of a wall of money and it. It was pretty good. It's going to Obama on right now is one reason god. Men. -- video over demands. Hold greater transparency. Or. Hillary you. I don't think he -- books either. Not only the righted songs she didn't write his sports. -- -- in the senate approval like here. Now they want out and it. I'll take credit because they read it -- -- you know and it's all good anywhere. Again the people who voted for this thing have demanded that they become that they'd be made exempt. That. The be made whole. And that they get subsidies if there any increases. Those of us who were against that from the start we are gonna have to be the ones who live with us. Harry Reid. That Oprah -- better it going to be number. And -- wonderful wondered how bad. Air soft rifle yes indeed. That you would turn it down quite appreciate it and. Mom not so much for green eggs I like kimbo that like Camelot. -- -- -- -- -- -- The president. They've they've been there. Obama here -- I -- all agree on board. You mentioned guys run for president. All the nuts aren't on the Sundays are good. That was your last -- line message thank you for calling out retired -- shout. -- that's it for the -- like today that -- -- is the recorded voice mail message service of -- -- -- show. You can call leave a message at any hour of the day or night including weekends the trampling number if you like to leave such a message is 617779346961777934. Sixth time we may or may not play your message at this time each week that. Mobile but I mean -- to do before the first for the yeah. Feyerick. It'll light a critic hadn't hit me about the cities that kind of a war with money and -- --