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They Were For Obamacare Before They Were Against It.

Sep 27, 2013|

They were for Obamacare before they were against it. Howie went through the Senate Cloture Vote Roll Call to determine which republican senators failed to vote to shut down the federal government in an effort to defund Obamacare.

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-- what's the poll question what are the results thus far. Is there any hope for getting rid of obamacare any time soon I fear not know you know at 74%. -- Thinking that someone it's 74%. Are. -- partly that's the way people pronouncing it as a pollster. Dick pronouncing it to pop I don't know -- or -- off. All right see India and a lot of pronounce it its Mexican Mayo as far as I'm concerned at all but saw. All right so why he just he just went who want to to this sub scribe against the Republicans will be cut from rather than any cuts from this. From what he said will get some as we go along here. It's it's it's -- the same you've heard it before I don't I don't believe that he refers to Iowa. To the missed keep anchors anymore but that's that's left to his. To his cold holders like Barbara Mikulski. Lord. Conservatives are contrasting the heckling and -- leveled against. Crews with the overwhelmingly positive reaction won by his fellow Texan Wendy Davis she's a state senator. For for open wildly unsuccessful filibuster of a bill in the Texas State Senate restricting abortions performed. After twenty weeks this is John fund. Talking about how they've you know they if she she's great she's really she she's been. You know she did Wendy Davis is just a beautiful person for a four. It -- for taking on a the end of political establishment and you know fighting for a portion. You know -- Ted Cruz is fighting for better health care for Americans and he's he's an evil evil person owned by the way he looks like Joseph McCarthy. Especially all the all the -- all the liberals they all have to point out that he looks like Joseph McCarthy like that's that that's. -- number one what does that have to do with the price of tomatoes. And then number two like that really makes them mighty. 8888. Wind shouldn't. Political analyst that they're repeating what they've read a million times from somebody else the people like Joseph McCarthy does kind of look like Joseph McCarthy soul. So -- bleeping war. Let's see when they when they cover the crew speech at all they showed few clips of crews actually explaining his position mr. John fund talking about the networks. Although he did sort link throughout the course of his 21 hours ABC's George Stephanopoulos called cruises speech bizarre and NBC's Natalie Morales. Referred to what is along when that protest. Of course George Stephanopoulos is the guy who -- tried to trip Mitt Romney with a question about abortion and the would be used against him in the general election early Republican debate last year. He's also the guy that one -- Barack Obama described himself as a Muslim. During the 2008 campaign. Steffi corrected him that he's not. Senator -- posts -- Muslim leaders posts that your Christian. By contrast Stephanopoulos is ABC show this week featured Wendy Davis and it spotlight segment an interview during the dinner theater where she once worked as a waitress. There was little criticism of the on unruly mob of Davis supporters in the gallery that shouted down Texas State legislators. Indeed most -- news reports made no mention all of this crowd. Although it's likely that they're disruptive behavior was just as responsible was Davis for the fact that the bill would make it to a 44 vote and Austin before legislative sessions midnight deadline. -- This is William back to the calls one more. One exit McCarthy and our RFK's boss yes he was yes she wasn't according to what people in the know. When he died in 1957. Senator Joseph McCarthy. Rfk you know into his brother was going to be running for the democratic nomination Thursday -- sort of -- liberal. He he had the sneak back into Milwaukee but he wanted to go to the funeral he would enjoy it. Robert Kennedy liked. Joseph McCarthy -- by the -- over the old man. It's. At least congress doesn't look like tree Juan Martin. OK. Luxury -- Paul. Rick Rick this is Rand Paul today in The Washington Times the American people made it abundantly clear that they do not want Obama here in fact the majority of elected officials the same officials who voted to implement this health care mandate do not want it either. Which should infuriate you the most is that the same elective officials who. Implemented this mandate of recently declared themselves exempt from. That is to say those -- these officials are forcing you to -- taken something that they themselves are refusing. If obamacare so great. Why -- -- federal employees and elected officials getting special treatment opting out. If President Obama representative Nancy Pelosi senator Harry Reid chief Justice Roberts lava Obama care so much. They should live under this is Rand Paul their actions speak louder than words and it is or -- -- for these leaders to -- an attempt to claim that. Obamacare is a step forward for Americans. In fact only 12%. Of Americans think Obama care will have a positive impact. On their lives according to a recent NBC Wall Street Journal poll. The lists all the headlines you've seen police have lines we broke a lot of them ourselves. Georgia health care company cuts 101 employees due to -- obamacare. Michigan school district cut hours for employers become mobile because of obamacare. Cleveland clinic announces job cuts to prepare for obamacare and small businesses consider dropping health care plans under obamacare. Just to name a few. Based on separate analyses from the Congressional Budget Office and the wait. Some accounting firm. Between twenty and 65 million Americans could lose their employer sponsored health insurance policies and according to the CBO the Health Care Reform law. Will destroy wait 800000. Jobs. I find it absolutely despicable that mr. Obama his administration in the elected officials huge job this mandate down the throat of the of Americans. Are now giving themselves waivers. I have offered an amendment that would outlaw any special exemptions for government employees this amendment requires all federal workers to purchase health insurance from the new -- bomb exchanges. Instead of receiving taxpayer funded subsidies. I'm also introducing a more broad constitutional amendment which states that congress shall make no law that treats citizens differently. From the leaks in the federal government that's gonna go along way. 1877469432218774694322. Elizabeth your next with how we cargo ahead bill Elizabeth. Yes. Thank you very much for letting -- speak our -- I would like to know. Why he is being. He should be made leaders and the same insurance policy that everybody else as he shouldn't have special treatment. And how -- he's not working for the American people. And he's not he doesn't believe in god he's working this -- So as long as they -- Then maybe he got his scapegoat right there. I don't know who has worked and I don't always working for was with on a preacher is not working for you and me. No positive. Always works he works of Satan because I don't believe that man police think -- Because he wouldn't do -- to the American people shut everything down at her and Nancy Pelosi is just a wasted time. The well I'm glad the Catholic Church said that you know she can't she can't take. The blessed sacrament you know it's it's about time the Catholic Church started cracking down on these people. Who support abortion. You know forts -- trimester abortions oil electrical partial birth abortions. And you know and and then and then go up and that take communion I couldn't believe that Ted Kennedy's funeral is watching all these people they can communion. Thanks for the call Elizabeth. 1877469432218774694322. Obama wants everyone to be treated equally now but he doesn't have to be a regular person he can't have special treatment. Is it is it is just so classic though isn't it. You know he wants this for everybody else -- was so wonderful what was going to be in it was going to be might -- in -- was -- improve everything that was going to be cheaper to improve health care -- And now now not just him not just congress. But all of -- now all of these big unions that this thing. Why did they back it did they not know what was going to be a disaster. Or did they not care or did they did they just assume that they were gonna get waivers. Again. I thought union people were interest that supposedly and every -- that they were interested in working. People. This has finished all working people in quoting their own workers. Why would they sign on to a bill but they must have known it was gonna screw people who weren't in unions. Why. Would they go for that. Jay you're next with how we cargo ahead -- -- -- -- Because there are part of an oppressed tribe. Like you yes I am part of an approach to yes ultimate cheap carriers so it's a double trap you with Tea Party -- tea Bagger. I know I am very very straight to party here. Okay. It's an did you find it again do you find it a bit ironic that someone like. Barbara Mikulski given what rumors we've heard about her would be referring to people with home for as well with using homophobic slurs. Because she's a Democrat I have not at all the you know. You don't respect him about this healthcare -- all I want is to have. This seems sort of judicial discretion that Eric Holder as we choose not to enforce a law. You spoke that's all we want we want freedom because we're gonna press -- I would do you know -- jail with you I don't I don't ask for any special treatment just give me the same treatment that the that the elites on capital -- -- So I really don't know where you are an illegal alien yeah. I don't want any special treatment I just want equal protection under the law. In separate issue. Yeah that the calendar about the the patriot cheerleaders. Yes I did thank you very much appreciate that. And because of your judicial experience and you know looking at the other children -- sense of people yes on a regular basis what is your verdict on the patriot cheerleaders. -- everybody every last warmest not guilty. Tony from the I don't even know why you know why they were rod dragged into court further for this this foolishness. You know even in even on cold winter's day wrapped up in ID there were wrapped up and all sorts of -- year. The they would they would be extremely not guilty as you as you well thanks. 187746943221. 50 -- I'm gay and that Tea Party my considered tea Bagger. You know all I. Ask Barbara Mikulski. At the end NASCAR Barack Obama he used the used the word team Gregory used to think it was pretty damn funny but again now he's now -- He's more serious he's leaving at yeah he's leaving it to his. Spence their senators to one call people keep actors Chris you're next with how we -- go ahead crests. They have it blocked by many times thank you. What it a couple of good points to make about this I think one is it's how Long Will take -- what some Smart question lawyer figures out that. The premise of Roe vs. Wade is that a woman's body is private they're forced to get to -- excuse but now everybody's body come public cabinet. Yes it has hasn't yet you're right. That undermines -- but aren't there aren't there are some religious groups that are gonna try to be that are gonna try to they're going to be exempt under the us. I don't know I just know I -- I I thought maybe said he knows -- lawyer and I just I thought the premise of Roe vs. Wade was that whole personal body issue in and now. With death panels and and then making decisions about about your healthcare your body now apply in the and it's their business so. I I think that that. Well again and again Chris I said this earlier I mean it is an ironic that these are the same people used to run around saying get the government out of our bedrooms. And now they want the government in in figure it. Let everything they wanna be in your bathroom they want him in your hospital they wanna -- Rome they want amend your emergency room they wanna -- operating room. Where where does that end. There have to be other people in my situation if you let I worked for small company appeared -- -- there's there's I think 35 people. In the year obamacare passed he had to have -- right away we had like this emergency insurance. In the very very frustrated insurance company shrugging their shoulders holding their hands up in the air -- there's -- -- from what they knew at the time about the law that our insurance could go up and went up 10%. And actually at the very same people. In the very same kind of leaving it went up another 10%. And then this year it was gonna go up 20% so -- Mike Bossy who -- time he's been shopping around and finally found another company we had to change companies so it ended up only go -- up. Another 10%. In the top it off because they -- insurance companies. I had to change doctors. So that's not anecdotal and inept -- actually is what happens and I can't -- But he said to what the president said he would you if you quit you could keep the dark. -- It out not only is it not affordable. For eight. The doctor had had reported two years my whole entire married lives I had to change because he wasn't part of the program for the new insurance company. And so yeah a whole the whole lost our temperature it is just to close in real quick and we are very ignorant thing called legislative intent. I do what they passed the law they passed the law with a certain parameter of -- supposed to take place. Since he's altered that law pieces repeatedly. So doesn't that mean they get to re argue whether or -- was valid as he's totally. And people were -- somebody said last last -- white isn't that why doesn't someone take this to court saying this law is no longer valid because she's changed the laws unilaterally by fiat you know we have a right to do this. So the laws now Null and void but I mean again -- the Supreme Court is not gonna change the law because you know you have these war. You might well have robots they never they never. Deviate. From what the left wing agenda is and apparently they have something on John Roberts the force sent to all on witness. I thought you've been Roberts you know you could see in his answer first of all -- have that sort of -- right but you look at his answer it was like she must've. It was very brilliant because it almost put him down the line in other words he says no it's not legal like this but he had to give them away all of the -- so we called -- attacks right. -- -- I think if it gets revisited on the legislative intent that the era how he's gonna be able even if they have something on him. I don't see how he would be able our side with the fact that the laws and drastically altered obviously. No what no one can get rid of these guys you know Alaska they got rid of was what Arthur Goldberg you know because he was taken money from -- some guy that. That have a case before the court I. Yet they've -- they they can't get rid of Supreme Court justices they can do whatever they want I mean that's the thing they they have. That they have. More power than the president long term because they're on their arm for life thanks for the caucus which we could get -- 18774694322. Let's say let's -- Supreme Court said slavery was constitutional yes they did they did say slavery was constitutional. But they said it was -- to round up but somebody took it to the Supreme Court rounding up the Japanese in 1942. The DC. That was constitutional right. And abortion was not constitutional line until 1973. When the Supreme Court just -- they -- the -- were overruled all the state laws against it. McCain and the others are afraid of the media they know how much power they have they will seek often make themselves exempt to the media will let them. Yeah well -- -- they're getting away with -- Kelly you're next with how we -- ahead Cali. It's buying -- stuff because that today as I was that the actors in I was there for eight sports injury okay. Nothing to do that you know. Not taking care of yourself. And she -- -- the second farm and I started put my had been 59 and then I stopped at that what the aforementioned -- about -- obamacare form. I and I thought both the but the everybody in the room heard me. Obama can kiss my -- -- the form back and said you can put that every piece to fill it out and she could have a huge -- -- -- get a part time they don't panic. So now they're new forms to fill out. Yes the former Alaska right away in and down than a few other questions toward the bottom they're just -- personal I'm sorry I don't remember what they -- And therefore Obama cares -- came right outside it was for obamacare. And I have. Did you read this thing the same day that you ran into this thing the same day that all that McDonald's announced that they were gonna have cokes and happy meals anymore -- you have water and milk. -- I -- but of course but of course they can be whatever they want to you know. -- final thought is of sports injury. I was taken care of myself. -- I know I know -- -- Kelly I mean -- are to -- argue your Massachusetts I mean archer of Houston filling out the form every year a year under pains and penalties of perjury that you have insurance I mean. We've got we've gotten many you know we've gotten sort of an early taste of this before the rest of the country. Although the thought and I didn't even know a question -- -- -- -- got in the house the other stuff do. And I never thought you know whatever question -- -- -- -- -- that has nothing to do my health. And it's so big -- -- of their attitude about a questions now for obese don't don't be surprised specs and other factors you have if you wait the few other things to make sure that. Here you know I guess senator Michelle Obama is -- weight requirement terrier in trouble. Right exactly you know no was no no water cokes for you what the McDonald's Kelly. 18774694322. On how we -- 1877469432. To -- basis -- please read the names of the Republican senators would vote with Democrats to reinstate the funding. For obamacare. Well. I mean of course that's not the way they're saying they're going that's not what they. They they're saying they voted the who 22 for cloture. On the debate -- and they voted against Obama and once they voted to for cloture. Then. Harry Reid only needed the one. He only the majority to want to get rid of ought to get rid of the the funding comic here. Peace. Of the legislation. So -- so it in the end. Only nineteen of whom voted against cloture that's the hope that count the cloture vote is the one that counts. As a white get into these situations where you know John Kerry and say I voted for the 87 billion before it goes against it. You know they all say they're -- that I voted against obamacare. You know why I voted out to dump obamacare out of the I was what the house members but nobody voted. They voted for war. That -- for a simple majority rather than the sixty votes so all it'll be easier to read. The nineteen. Republican's names who voted against cloture the that'll be that and that'll be the names. Bottom. Ted Cruz Rand Paul. Mike the Richard Burr. Roberts from Kansas that group will get to we'll get to the list that'll be listed. To what it took to worry about. 1877462. She's she's gonna come out in their -- -- but I am -- I voted against obamacare. Voted against that. But that's -- the vote that counts it's like the ball you know. Why are you coming to me about this -- -- I voted I vetoed it. Yeah you're vetoed it's because that wasn't enough money in that you wanted more money including the tech action it would have been reduced tax. This this additional -- There were totally unrestrained. By the troop at this point. -- -- out of my pocket about you know one party or the other to the Republicans are going to be line about this cloture vote. In the Democrat July and about today here in Massachusetts July and about this tax. Italy's goal. The legislature in Massachusetts saw that we're -- disastrous. Piece of legislation that had been inactive and the law the -- the computer. Services sales tax and they got rid of it in two months. These people are determined. The rival Brooklyn. Peter your next what how we cargo ahead Peter. -- are you. Long very long time first time -- -- eternal city I would and New Hampshire are calling. And they are -- opposite imported they had all gone and they want to argue with you about it. -- -- she's absolutely yeah I think -- staffers -- and picked by John McCain there will. It's unbelievable money they don't want all of the people. They just do they bought out here at all I just there it'll be a -- Yeah she's kind of a disappointment is entry. They dot in the exit data match. -- the people for the fact that they are stacked one on one of the -- argue about it and in -- They gave me a lot how how -- they are without. With with gross -- -- better -- people evidently that are tactical. She's been hanging out with McCain and Graham so she's got to be pissed that -- because -- those two guys hate them. It might set an opponent to date you know our other so called sooner appear than automatic rubber stamp for -- They are what mr. McCain. We can become a rubber stamp for. Exactly what's the difference yes what is the difference between being a rubber stamp for McCain in being your rubber stamp for -- 44 Obama. Banks. Okay 187746943221877. OK here than ninth. Here -- nineteen who voted against. Evidence against cloture. It. -- -- In the excuse me Idaho crews. NC Wyoming. Fisher from Nebraska Chuck Grassley from Iowa. Power he's the new senator for a month about it. In the off Oklahoma Lee the new senator of the Tea Party from Utah. Milan. From Kansas season of the new senator Paul. Rob Portman that's kind of a surprise good for Rob Portman. Rash. From Idaho. Roberts from Kansas rubio from Florida. Scott. Tim Scott the the -- the guy who took -- Jim -- place from South Carolina. Jeff Sessions from Alabama he was not he was caught on the port of originally these geek out on board. Richard Shelby former Democrat from Alabama Pat Toomey. Another guy who sometimes goes along with the leadership he voted voted and better. From Louisiana. So that's that and that's most of those the only ninety. Everybody else that that means that but Collins voted for cloture. That means that. That Kelly a vote for cloture. She voted for cloture and then she voted on not to fund obamacare that's any questions they said they also say that. But doesn't this all this you don't vote that matters is what this this one but I've got a roll call on my hand that you just print it out for me. That's but that's the vote that counts. 18774694322. -- given a home run in the eighth inning when you're road team is behind twelve to one. Yeah I did good -- a homer on. Won't tedium though. Terrier next with how we cargo ahead -- And their their local. We don't I'm disgusted -- what's going on. An old friend of the far reaching effects of Obama did because. If you -- but luckily it. This hoax or hasn't been in drug cost if you -- entry -- of the depression -- -- we can't. Introduce this is what we want here. You would use though I've never read this about the migraine headaches what do you talk -- you can't you can't drive a car if you had a migraine headache. Don't vote. Think it didn't actually perfect hole. Which you Harry we can't we can't we can't make out what you're saying well the check that out 18774694322. One. How we were wrong on Richard berg is John McCain like I thought I had read about the other day in Leo on the wires that Richard Burr was going to war vote the right way. But I guess I guess he didn't I guess he did these John McCain light from Winston-Salem town -- used in the city used to live in North Carolina. Bill you're next with Howie -- go ahead bill. Yet are a teacher if -- with -- based on the out today ticket site payroll -- -- line deductions paid for Medicaid supplements. I call -- -- -- and was told that. 2012. It's like -- task in -- affects -- out thirteen -- can become that got eight certain commercial order salary. Yet the additional into the Medicaid department yeah. And sat next equates to about 400 so much for the next four months. And so that is that news that I had not aware that. I don't I don't know the answer that I don't know much about Medicaid I don't know what problematic -- like about what about Medicare bill. Is that is that you only get so Social Security you pay in up to a certain point of your salary which is like a 1151000. -- whatever it is it goes up every year. Eat eat and then it stops you don't have to make any there's no more payroll tax on -- -- on Social Security Medicare never stops. We don't whatever whatever degree you get on salary you're gonna pay for four point 95% or whatever it is enough Medicare. That's all I know about a bill I'm sorry can't help you anymore thanks for the call -- that your next with how we cargo ahead Brenda. How late the previous Kotler reform bill though with the unit that connection -- aerial attack at all migraine without thinking -- I'll have had a migraine. Where. All else. And it really can get some money out of the -- able that -- -- claimed some disability and caught up apparently meant to end. Then did what he -- about in 2008 -- detonated. Change fundamental transformation. Well even better and stay throughout the that it believing it -- Nike. And then he acts in Al back crackpots like Nancy Pelosi say at that after nine saying. And we need to pass the bill before we leave that bill and needs to. Do you know what it. A brain and -- head. I'm at the end and how idiotic. Actual statement -- that. They hit it didn't get it absolutely amazing. They blind allegiance to me and this community organizer with absolutely no experience. No -- thinking that bind them out out of a paper bag at the plateau. I don't think so I don't think you could change penalties could change a flat -- -- I I wouldn't trust them to hold my lawn. I I don't I don't think I don't think he gives him eight for you I don't he's a constitutional scholar I wouldn't hire an ample parking ticket for me. Constitutional. Scholar might you know what to. My seventeen year old knows what he -- -- -- last. I don't I thought everybody knew that you -- -- -- bill is passed you have to walk by even if you're the one signed the bill you have to abide by what's in the bill but he doesn't abide by the bill if he doesn't like something he just doesn't do what. And nobody ever calls -- -- I. You'd like to duke it out he's a kid that doesn't get what you want. -- -- You going to end -- wanton and you know why now why now why in how did what no 111 how black. Actually -- it supposedly -- Romney an edge and let the cat that I'm not gonna negotiate with the what. Members of the Avant -- He'll negotiate with the north Koreans but he won't negotiate with -- with Republicans thanks for the call Brenda. -- -- --