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The Government Has Shut Down.

Oct 1, 2013|

What is in store now that the government has officially shut down?

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-- My friends the government has shut down. -- What are we all supposed to think now. Welcome critics who -- forward. 6173666868. Is the number. You can bet that that's six days six cities and you can always -- -- of -- corner report. JUHINER. And my friends and where we -- Who's gonna -- of what the things. The government is shut down. Oh my god yeah. This guy is falling. It's over my friends I think some of the jump -- window what are we gonna goal all my god the government has a partial shut down. All of my dog up the Pandit -- who's gonna monitor the panda cam at the nationals little. All my -- our the National Mall is gonna clean the National Mall law. On the Boston Globe today tourism is going to be decimated Madeleine Massachusetts. All of these sites nobody is gonna be there to clean everything the national parks. -- -- -- They're very -- since then. Has brought my weekend now. Today is. Shut down day in my friends. You get a relief for mobile useless bureaucrats of leeches in Washington. It's American freedom day. They that in my friends. -- 125000. Of them. Furlough. I guess my friend. But you know I think that was -- dozen speakers are doing is doubling tripling down. I'll -- Alabama -- hot it was always. -- ended. It takes -- to shutting down from. The end my friends it's the buckle up it's the Armageddon. It's Y two -- It's everything celebrate their helmets until one. When he wears -- make sure. That the women of America. And you think. And the men who care about women. Know that these latest Republican shutdown plan continues to war on women. They're recycling the war on women. Well what I see female bodies everywhere. This is -- Wanda my friends and -- 'cause I arrived at the stub -- so -- get thank you for being here we'll see on the floor while. But just when you have you. You say the president -- threatened to veto the bill. If there is threatened these he's city have to we will rebuild become -- red line yet. -- -- -- My friends. 325000. Of them. -- not working that not collecting it Jack. What do we actually bring it to congress and try to figure out how do -- somewhere in the middle with C. -- he's saying a 100% of obamacare or the highway. The president once saying -- or shut down government if you don't give me everything I want on obamacare. Weren't you. That's Obama my friends that their leader is is given everybody a nice little finger. I I've I gotta tell you. In all my years covering politics and I've been around the block a few -- I have never seen such. Hysteria. Such show phony manufactured. Crisis. Lie upon lie upon lie. As I've been seeing now over the last couple days over first of all it's a partial government shutdown and in reality it's a government holiday. And I got even more facts and figures for you a book when you find out how much these employees are gonna be making. When this thing gets resolved and a couple days. You're gonna see you Jeff Jeff you gotta be kidding me. I mean first of all. -- -- catch all of you up to speed on what happened last night. Last night. Was actually I believe one of the most historic votes ever taken in congress. In the House of Representatives and in the sent. And what you saw last night coming into today mark my words. Not in the short term. Not in the short term I think in the short term Republicans are gonna pay a political price but in the long term. Over the next year. What you saw last night was the suicide. Of the Democratic Party. And I've been working my sources most of the night. I've got all the absolute latest what's going on here is what took place. First a House of Representatives. Sent over a continuing resolution to find every agency every program in the government. But they were gonna speak with the exception of obamacare he was to defund obamacare. Harry Reid and a dear leader dirty Harry ended dear leader said there yet. Then they pass a second bill. Which would fund the entire government including mall still obamacare. But they were going to delay the health care law in particular the individual mandate for one year. On the grounds that it's not ready for prime time. The exchanges are not ready. Much of the law is not ready. Businesses and employers caught in one year delay. So if it's good enough for the boss why is it not good enough for the employees and for you to working stiffs of this country. It's a question of simple fairness. They voted yet. Again they killed it. But then something happened last night. I wrote a column on Friday. While the Rand Paul was also pushing this idea where I said. You send another bill funding the entire government. But you do something else he would touch one amendment. Whereby. You say in that amendment should -- say obamacare racial good. Should she say it's such high quality fantastic. Healthcare it's a Cadillac health care plan it's a Mercedes healthcare plan is the -- healthcare plan you can possibly debt. According given their leader you get to keep your -- you get to keep your benefits as a credible all destroys all this carpet bit. Shouldn't. Strip away the exemption. For congress. Staffers. Federal bureaucrats. Every labor union and every well connected -- business in other words no exemptions for anybody. If it's good enough for the American people if it's good enough for you the peasants. He's good enough for me it was good enough for -- -- it should be good enough for dirty Harry Reid and the president. And their children and their grandchildren. An unbelievable. And privately. They knew this was gonna kill. Privately many Democrats were worried because they know that now they have handed Republicans a huge issue. Incredibly. -- 48 against states. Did killed a third kind. 83 kind. Now. Let me tell you what this means in practical consequences. After last night's vote. That denying that exemptions be stripped from obamacare. What we have now seen naked -- is the Democrats have revealed themselves for who they are they're not Democrats. They are socialists. They are now telling the American people loudly and clearly and unequivocally. That they believe they're above the law. That they believe that there should be one set of laws for them and another set of laws for the American people. Journalists like the old Communists. They now believe that teary ruling elite. The ruling clocks. Who now make their own laws and have their own privileges. And so what you saw last night. Why is the Democratic Party fully announcing to the American people. They no longer believe in representative government. They no longer believe in Republican government because the basis of Republican government is equality under the law. That's the most sacred principle of any Republican government of any democracy. Where they're now saying is this we believe. In an arbitrary. Authoritarian. Socialist state we believe essentially. Any soft socialist tyranny. Where there are once several trusts. For their alerts. One set of rules for our friends. One set of rules for our cronies. And for eighty to 90% of the American public to you the president -- lost. Here on your -- You'll get low quality healthcare you get the cramps. We get deductions. We get the exclusive and gold plated health care plans. We get there all of the special perks and benefits separate to us. Exclusive to us. And to hell with you. Would they have now done. If they have now shown themselves. To no longer believe. In Republican constitutional. Government. Because that's what it means equality under the law. We now have a role regime and they roll party. Peddling a role local -- And so if the Republicans are Smart. They have now Jewish check -- the Democrats. All they have to do now. It is no longer -- legislative battle. Did factory now sent three not one not two they have now sent 33. Loss to rebuild its. Funding the entire government. Funding every program funding and every department we -- exception of obamacare and even on obamacare. They say the law should be delayed for one year. Because it's so it's not ready. And you've given all of these exemptions. And now you're basically an all these delays. And now you're even telling us you won't even apply you won't even apply the law to yourself. You won't even apply obamacare to yourself. So I don't get an exemption cook she doesn't get an exemption you don't get an exemption but they say they get an exemption. All the Republicans need to do. Is now they should be cutting the ads as I speak. And rolling them out in state after state market after market. Ted Cruz Rand Paul Michael. John Boehner Eric Cantor you could run down -- list should now be on every TV talk show doing every radio interview doing every newspaper interview saying the exact same thank. The Democrats have just told you this law is so bad they don't want it for themselves. Shall I ask you. Who runs this government who runs this country huge the American people. Or the ruling class in Washington take your pick. Are we a socialist dictatorship. Or are we a Republican democracy. This is what's happened last night. Harry -- Gave the collective middle finger. To the constitution. To the rule of law. And to equality under the law. That's what happened last night. This is now an issue. That the Republicans can not only win but I believe they can now break the back of this regime they can now expose them. For the liars. -- charlatans. And the political thugs and radical socialists that they are. This is what they do in Russia. This is what they do in China. This is what they do when you Roman. This is what they do in Venezuela that's exactly what Chavez -- one set of laws for us the rulers. We get the special plans we get the exemptions we get a gold plated health scare stuff we get we get the best meal we get the best. Health care we get the best government benefits we get all these special perks and privileges. And then there's another set of laws for the public for the presence but that doesn't apply to wants. And let me now say this very clearly. What we -- Tea Party have done. Is we have now stood up. To that socialist criminal gangster in the White House. We have now stood up against this unpopular draconian law. At the American people don't want and now we are on the right side of history. And in particular. What is it that the American people want. They want the government fund. What have the house Republicans done they funded the government. Not once not twice but three times. Completely. And what else to the American people want. They want obamacare. To either be repealed or substantially revised and reformed. And again that's what the Republican Party has nine. They have given everything that the American people want and in the end. There is only two people to blame for this government shut down only two. Dirty Harry Reid and president Barack Obama did dear leader. Sequestration has made no I don't. Active recorder records Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer 6172665868. Is the number. You can text -- at 68680. This is from 857. -- the week has abruptly stopped growing when prowess of stop giving low -- home. I'm already getting hungry and mass starvation everywhere against the government shut mountain what are we gonna all my friends. 508. Led congress except the same health care as we the people and they didn't and my friends now. Republicans can break come on back issue here. The most simplest retort. Not good enough for members of congress are should be good enough for us to -- I don't want I'm always -- to work what anyone. Either party. To make sure we Affordable Care Act works better. To make sure government works better. Tomorrow as well it's work -- anyone to grow our economy faster and forge created new jobs faster camp. To get our fiscal house in order for the long -- now. I've demonstrated this time and time again now oftentimes to the consternation of my own party now. But one faction. From one party now in one house of congress. In one branch of government now. Doesn't get to shut down the entire government home just to refight the results of an election. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. Under the -- as -- said it again. Have you noticed this guy does not understand the the president of the United States did -- Gumbel did cheerleader. And I his ears were really big yesterday all of you coach could you could tell he's really piling on the ball. Mr. President. This is not to Russia. Would all due respect this is -- Venezuela. This is not our system works we capture something called checks and balances separation of -- we have the legislative branch which is the branch closest to the people. They controlled the purse. Shall bid. You know I understand in Russia when Putin wins an election he tells the -- mother Russian parliament met. While on the middle mile one else everybody bullet pulled ahead. I understand that that's public works there right all you admire you and all that. -- Venezuela and Chavez when he was running that plays into the ground saying thank you legislature blank you'll. I won an election -- every -- whatever I want just roll over but you see. The Republicans in the house they won the election. And this is the whole point of our constitutional system going back to the founding fathers to the framers. The power of the purse lies in the House of Representatives. -- don't stand there and dismissive look at some irrelevant government agency and very horse like all for a partial and in one part there -- -- The house Republicans. Who control the House of Representatives. The body closest to the people has now really seized the power of the purse. You were not a king book you're not a dictator. You have to negotiate. You have to put Mike's. So again he's showing you he doesn't give a damn about our constitutional system. He's telling you he's openly telling you are one election given what I want. Everything rollover. I'm Mr. President that's not how -- it works here in America maybe in Kenya I understand about. Maybe in Russia I understand that may be any -- since -- all that's that you always on the phone now with the president of Iran. So maybe they can tell you I know that's how it works for the mullahs but you see here we have something called the Republican government small wire. With a conscript ocean. What does separation of powers and checks and balances. And that means bills originate in -- they controlled the purse strings. And US the president because you're only the executive branch in fact you're the weaker of the two branches -- -- You have to negotiate dumbo. The whole point is our whole system is based. You cannot trample upon the rights of the majority. Forgive -- you cannot trample on the rights of the minority. That there are constitutional safeguards in place. So. You have to negotiate with them. This man is showing you by his words by his actions. This -- -- wanna be dictator. And I gotta tell you this. I know the conventional wisdom is and we know what the mainstream media is gonna do. They're gonna vilify Republicans are gonna demonize Republicans are gonna blame their shutdown on Republicans. But Indiana I think this is gonna boomerang against the Democrats. I think they've overplayed their hand. They come across as imperialists. They come across as arrogant. Frankly they come across a sluggish. So the Republicans are there. They've cut they have funded the government not once not twice but three times. Do you now dear leader let me ask you this. Because you're running around saying all. Other military won't get paid law enforcement won't get paid planes a little fallout of the sky there's going to be more Border Patrol agents every the whole thing is gonna come crashing down. If it's sold buyer and the way you -- dirty Harry say it it's. Why are we playing golf all we can't. Just has been playing golf. He played golf Saturday he played golf Sunday he played golf yesterday all of this guy does is play golf. Nancy Pelosi equity was show up to vote for the bill amounts. For -- -- this CRA the continuing resolution in the house dirty Harry Reid couldn't even reconvene the senate on Sunday. I don't think we should have a government shut down and and the only reason we mind is if Harry Reid and President Obama forceful. You know if you look at this process over the last several weeks the house has been working trying to negotiate a compromise and and the prompt problem has been Harry Reid the president. Have refused to compromise they've refused even to talk you know I mean a lot of people in the commenting on the fact. That President Obama is willing to negotiate with the Iranians but he but he's not willing to negotiate hard on. On Israel's negotiating -- Obama care he's not negotiating with a with a gun pointed that is had decent album. And I noticed Wolf Blitzer look at the look at wolf look at wolf. I thought I was gonna get a hernia honest I thought it was gonna -- -- they had diarrhea is it normal what do you what do you don't always had my good hundred. It's cold in negotiations -- -- the Iranians are the one holding a gun to warhead. So the -- was wanna blow Israel off the map killing Americans -- all probable let me pick up the phone and call my friend. President -- the wrong. Are you a lot of us on. Are you up. You want to destroy available they had no problem we have a conversation with talk John -- model model not talk to John -- when morneau. 6172666868. Is the number. How do you feel that any. The government has shut down. Is your world coming to one end. Who do you blame Republicans or Democrats. And they're saying well are you feeling the pain yet I'm not feeling it. And 188881881. Someone made you sick as we speak and this is very. Best opportunity. To get some security at some relief. Tens of thousand Americans die every single year because they don't have access to affordable health despite this the Republicans are so good. If you -- these Americans out of before what helped her one warrior but we sacrifice. The health care of millions of Americans to milk on the government. For a couple of more months the -- -- truly believe that we won't have this -- and a couple more months. Even the Christmas. And Michelle. Come on now we're going to be -- YE Yang never even goes anywhere you went Christmas. But what I would have said. And of trying to look. Six months of this Christmas Day it's Christmas. 6172666868. Is the number I got Jay-Z and beyoncé -- I -- more important thanks. Paul took responsibility for -- is a responsibility. To make sure have a great Christmas vacation even a Christmas. All Europe Max thanks for holding welcome. Good morning Asia barrio I'm good how are you Paul good I'd like to paraphrase a book I had a -- excoriated animal farm. Falling and also recall but take a more equal than others and that's George Orwell brilliant. Seems to me that's where is working out to Democrats. Do it takes a more equal than we -- And Kenosha about Maria great blog called your rent dot com very conservative -- I just found and has the same thing your run through it here Michelle both occasions and a one stroke quick fix for the Republican debate just advertise the fact. That we strip it from the congress. It's a win win situation. -- they'd -- last night was history and thank you for that call Paul look last night the Republicans made history I hope they realize this. By forcing the Democrats. To be on the record saying we will have an exemption to obamacare. We will not play by the same rules as the rest of you. You've got to. They've now shown you what they are. Is they are essentially authoritarian socialist thugs. They don't believe in the rule of law they don't believe in equality under the law so that's dirt they're telling you this don't openly telling Davis. So the Republicans now have a winner what I would do is I would just run -- now I'm telling you mayor's work has gone. The Republican should no longer be Durbin they've been negotiating with themselves I'd -- fine no problem. What I would do now no problem. Send one continuing resolution after another. Yeah fund the military pure -- the veterans administration. -- fund agriculture yeah fund our role would you find transportation. Six separate battles one after the other. -- -- -- She won a period were funding the government. This you want to shut it. The shut down as your fault it's our fault. Put the whole onus on Harry Reid and Obama and then just keep cutting one the same message. Last night descendant said the senate Democrats. Said that Obama care is not good enough for them. But it's good enough for you. These are equality under the -- isn't there. Is this a republic or is this a socialist dictatorship. They -- They got him. Now the question is it's the messaging is the communications. Its political strategy. Unleash Ted groups. -- cruised into the cruise missile unleash that groups that. Bob Europe next thanks for holding well. Aren't just about fortunately. I hate to I don't have any -- -- and I -- the Republicans for the simple reason they're gonna blow this like you said that they date they should be they should be just. Bombarding the airway HE -- have brand's previous. Come out -- and well we tried we tried to. And and they gonna put this all by the wayside unfortunately. I think I think. If if like you said. Abu -- last night Nazi Pelosi was skin and -- -- -- all those without all the Democrats and they got this resolution that they hold up. And that several -- -- Republicans wouldn't sign on and on and we did this way back in the end enjoy I don't whatever it was June. This is what the Republicans need to -- You nailed it Bob this is there is now. We can stop Obama right now. We can make this say referendum on obamacare. Look what is the American people want that the government be funded. It's being funded by house Republicans three times they've done it. What did the majority of the American people want overwhelmingly. That obamacare be repealed or substantially changed a revised that's what the Republicans have done. They've done everything the American people last at all. The ones that are blocking him are the dear leader and dirty Harry. Shall I would just keep saying it over and over and over again and yes there's the government shut down you know whose fault it is. Did -- -- -- him to get off the golf course. And maybe do some negotiating. You know I think Boehner should. Since he's so eager to be calling the president of Iran sharpen nuclear bomb around your chest I -- Boehner here's what you do you -- on the house reportedly put a little nuclear device. -- -- Now I think the president will talk to me. Oh and vote to blow Israel off the face of your semi coming year animal a blow is your comic kill as many -- as possible here's a nuclear bomb I don't like and and I deny the Holocaust. Bing bing bing bing there's Obama mingling with -- I got my cell phones ringing hello hello. John we need to talk. John what do you mean John what are you want John. And this is unbelievable. Dice. He's got him by the consoles Suisse. And David Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Or hard court that I hey David how are you my friend pretty good match record on -- on air in US -- to they also put the Republican a year delay. Yeah Hamachi I guess they get a kick dad out so don't give the Democrats and talk with. -- -- get -- why would triple saying in one resolution. Completely by the government. But all -- All federal employees all Americans know Accenture. Including federal judge is the White House almost depth it's ever want and then let the Democrats. Are about one. Those that -- shot -- -- acts. With that -- Obama impersonating you out. Get bearish picture the American people saying -- Now affordable care -- -- for who aren't Smart Gordon offer me. -- -- -- -- -- On our Charlotte is Laura salt of -- sure wants nothing but to bounce when you don't present tough to keep going forward okay sore remember. Obama cared not for me. Not for my friends in congress shall Mario labor bunch but for you'll you'll wait in line I'm too important to wait in line. Did that -- they get a one word. Can't -- on how this government shutdown could have been avoided. Go ahead shoot. -- -- had we not run Romney. Well BC that was the that was the danger of running Romney. Because he had Romney care. The election was never truly fought over obamacare. And it was never clear alternative on that issue between Romney and Obama. I think that was his big mistake. Now how we elected Romney country would have been very different. But the lakers won their welfare. So Mike and I tell you my friends you want your welfare you that your welfare but don't come crying to me. When you gotta wait three weeks to see a doctor 6172666868. Is the number. We are now. Any post government shutdown era they government has shut down now for six hours and 47 minutes. Are you seeing -- are you seeing dead bodies anywhere. Or are you seeing dead women anywhere. And what -- what Howard the roads out there are the roads are the lights not functioning internal police officers is their anarchy on the streets. Please let mean all Collie and because apparently according to the media and the Democrats the sky is falling have you seen anybody jumping out of windows yet. 6172666868. Is the number more of your calls next. No punches -- nothing left. Sure if he thinks it says and -- -- in every -- seven at ten excitement I may jump out the window. Does the government shut side and deal with that we're gonna build we're gonna tell us what to -- and home might go out all these employees being. Furloughed if he's nonessential personnel. What are we gonna go. Bringing a jumping into sending Paul you're up next thanks for holding welcome. There are you Doris I'm good how are you Paul Burke Greg Cheryl thank you sir I think we need to -- about Republicans need to spend a little money and not. Use the media. You know so there and I just miss these guys. You know I don't know what the people know it you know congress -- -- to -- then then why are they different and might expect. They call box all they gotta do now. This ransom money and go on the airwaves. Put it on some of those showed that American Idol although low information a lot of show the people what the what does all -- -- about trust and commercial completely. That's a great that's a great idea why we are seeing media we aren't mainstream media so -- -- open up our wallets and not spend the money. We're -- came card -- keeping up with the car -- -- let's throw a few ads -- there American -- throw a few ads there let me see breaking bad a parent has big -- -- Let's put some in there. And all these low information boards -- innocent holy cow. -- you mean what. They don't have a but I got to -- -- -- -- Oh my -- Where do we got to step we've got to stop this thing real -- the Republicans are actually fighting for us normal normal key to shut down going we want to shut down. Guys -- -- few checks it's all yours Paul Europe next another ball Europe next welcome. Good morning Jeff he ball I got to live report from -- I would by the post office do you are on fire. And I actually started slow but they were driving -- are able we got -- -- in order until. It's not -- is the mail going out. I think it is but I'll play your job worst case scenario I got a neighbor has -- -- dictate from there they have goat milk. They're well I thought I was telling -- are gonna forage for food. Our final jump up the window might make it past the show we're gonna go on the but there's some good garbage dumps we're gonna forage for food. And see if we can survive and get by Tenet. We're gonna see my friends Obama try. Steve you're up next welcome. Yeah -- -- what adjustments. I think more and I don't actually want to thank the Republican since I got dragged for about 10120 today. And I want to thank them but keep the Nikkei 200000. Idiots off the road. Because the -- -- to be a little smoother at the going a little up or great and I industrial average finished up a little early today that. Want to thank the federal work or an outlet and all. I. No I swear to you I swear or is it just me or is the traffic out of I'm missing things now through the government shut down prism. But I go hand useless cars on the road. I actually got into work a little bit earlier I said well hey this is government freedom day where I imagine. We should have this every penny they just keep the government shut pound every -- -- is incredible what Steve you're up next welcome. -- -- -- I don't London claimed applauding your opponent -- school don't know a lot of union. Current lieutenant. Colonel who went out. This is Jeff Carter and he had to Rush Limbaugh this is very Armstrong this is Howie -- catch we've we've basically this summer and this.