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Chump Line Wednesday October 2, 2013 - Harry Reid's Intelligence

Oct 2, 2013|

Our favorite message on today's chump line was the snide response to Harry Reid belittling a reporter who asked him why we could not treat a child for cancer. Harry Reid thought the reporter was too smart for the question. Our caller thought Harry Reid was not smart enough to be a member of Congress.

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Trump line is brought you today by a beat out strong water. Visit next generation seniors dot com to learn more about north bridge company's -- memory care communities in southern Maine of -- stroke. That. And Indonesia. And yet you know since it. -- now. -- -- -- -- Rock plays whip out but as often as a member of the Kennedy family which is to say never. I think. It requires police -- if you can -- -- that's currently there are things. Who -- for at least -- those -- -- -- and has continually on the future as dangerous as it did did. I think yes I think. Susan Collins is just. Given us her real opinion of -- backers. Deranged wing -- It's a government sit down and as far as. You know. Make it fast. You know what in my life it hasn't made -- sound yet. We have let the -- about Jay Leno cut. The Jake from last night this is why Jay Leno is being fired by the ways it's is that it's this kind of it's it's this kind of frivolity has at a moment of crisis in our nation's. Okay. Because all of museums and state farm to close at the only reason here. While we got the government shut down but the beginning of obamacare so. Obamacare stop the -- that -- you cannot complete your doctor about the government making you sick you see that. -- -- Don't worry about a government shutdown. And I'm all -- about it start back up yeah. I am glad the government to shut down think about it for the first time in years it's like the talk on the phone and send emails but I. Okay. It's. The is one of your intelligence that exact question then. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But getting reelected. How -- getting elected to the two that senate majority leader's job. They always that's an old trick though that both parties do that. I thought she -- Better reporters that. No as a matter fact I'm not a better reporter than. -- which was a poll question Natalie. Remember what you wrote a column a couple of years back a majority of my district scofflaws but -- refuse to -- it. That's just made that up I never wrote anything mere. That. I tried said the vice I bicycle us drive me crazy. Because they go through the red lights and they don't Obey the laws the rest of us have dual bay but that's your problem I have with -- motorcyclists is but he is the pipes. You know I don't like that Norway's. You mean that was if you make -- normally stolen. Wrong again and college -- It was the Ringo. Starr and said dad. Maybe McCartney but it was not landed. Well icy -- make a joke to get a maintenance. He peace making a joke you get it yet it. -- he's saying John women as opposed to war boy at a mere eleven. The -- that the Germans sent back to Russia in a CEO rail car so that he could stir up trouble about one workout for the Germans. Not well it was a bad move. Hey how. Turkey farm. In Washington DC. They 77 you want that they don't have an exploit there. And that was subtle law remember that -- -- slavery. Prohibitions. Or was settled law this Second Amendment is settled law mr. Obama like to remind you. I can't believe -- that down. You know without -- support because it is more important it is preferred for children -- -- and. And let's just again for the record state it's not the gay cowboy poetry. Contest. That's that's sponsored by Brokeback Mountain. Association. Trust. Our airports and -- airport like Harry Reid yeah. It's a -- to -- good girl. -- You don't people don't wanna talk about this too much but. Here re re it was a boxer and when you when you -- when you take a lot of blows to your head. It advances the aging process from the guys most spring -- that -- -- -- in his seventies as it is. Yeah you're right I mean does -- confusing Nellis Nellis. Air force base and Dulles international airport. That's my that's not a good sign it you know it taught you know what else it's a sign of it's a sign of of mark east syndrome. Meaning that. Is he really still from Nevada just like his Markey released though from Massachusetts or is -- from. Beltway going. But it unintended consequences of Obama can't. Everyone has a mere fact that they retire early -- some of the work and relentless okay is he attended god clears the way above get free health. That's right. I'm gonna read a few more. -- it I haven't got that thing sitting right that's just in its right beside me I still haven't rattled or anybody the I've only read about fifteen of the unintended consequences. Let me read some horrible languages that they're trying to -- -- recruit people. Women's golf. Lou -- and a -- oh my Somali. Mice Somali. -- -- From your -- Nigerian English -- Navajo all we -- have an Indian language on there. Monty and ignorant. That's what these beacon -- negro like he has never need a bit. Never the -- In the he'd be LE. Neapolitan. -- That and make the ice cream I thought that was -- in the guy you're you you anticipate I thought that was an ice cream -- it. -- -- that woman they have to -- the Vanilla and the chocolate in the strawberry barrel in a row. And appalling. Let's see new all our clips from the Sudan or -- move from Ethiopia. What do you have these what they have some of the country's worst thing was that. -- gas and then. Portuguese creole also there's a fifth creole. Portuguese creole. Samoa and so our whirlpool. Slash. Sin in key. Shanghai and -- news. Sicilian. -- Actually have three languages from Italy. So many -- surround so Ronnie. Sudanese Arabic as opposed Moroccan Arabic as opposed Arabic. So he'd be pipe to tackle law and the girl scout cookie isn't it. Howard who. -- tight grid map that's in Eritrea. Poised son. -- knees -- and true keys. He. We need. What off WOL away. Yiddish your robot. Yugoslavian. And Zandi. Always yes. When you did this. Map is quickly help -- -- could collapse. So obviously given enough time you do -- abilities weren't correct pronunciation. Think -- the -- what was -- -- I -- I don't think -- use that word. I have never I don't think I've ever used that word ending anyway I don't have any plans what the future. We can help. Who are they get they get. We can call people who really operates as racist why can't we cause. People to -- anymore. Because they're Democrats. And -- hate speech. -- order. Who now. With a side order. It. One fortune cookies without. That was your last jump line message thank you for calling -- tires you shout. OK that's it for the -- blind tonight that you don't -- is the recorded voice mail message service about how we car show. And we may or may not play your message at this time each week they'd jump like number if you like to leave such a message is 6177793469617779346. Mind. Joplin was brought to you tonight by a veto of stroke war visit next generation seniors dot com. To learn more about north bridge company's new -- memory care communities in southern Maine a veto of stroke water. The price is one of your intelligence that exact question -- -- -- idea of the -- have what do you couldn't get elected. -- --