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Navy SEAL Raid Was A Failure.

Oct 7, 2013|

Navy SEAL team failed to capture or kill of their Al Shabab target this weekend.

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Welcome to the corner report this is Jeff -- Boston's. Bulldozer. 6172666868. Is the number of you can -- -- 686 say the end for those of you want Twitter you can tweet us out of the corner reports KUH and ER. Good morning. Boston. Hope all of you had a wonderful weekend I had a great weekend. The event with bill Kelly his. Retirement high net worth summit slash expo. Was a huge success I got to meet so many of you there and it was just an honor and a pleasure to see so many of you to speak to so many have you. Maybe met little Ashton many of you met -- the kids were thrilled. Managed to actually watch a little bit of football yesterday so I had a fairly good weekend pretty good weekend let me tell you who did not have a good weekend. If it's. -- dear leader did not have a good weekend. There's secretary of state dropped Francois -- AKA appeal appeal epi didn't have a good weekend. And our poor. Navy seal team six -- did not have a good week and they had a horrible weekend. In the early morning hours on Saturday. They commando unit from the famed US navy seal team six. Launched. An amphibious. Secret raid on a Somali town south of the capital of Mogadishu. Now many of you may say Jack Jack Jack. Why. Why did navy seal team six launch another rate. This was in response if you remember to be attacked at the high a high scale mall. The upscale mall and the high end mall in Nairobi Kenya. And that group that led that attack the very same group by the way that storm our compound in Ben Ghazi. Was I'll show -- which is an offshoot of al-Qaeda. I'll I'll show Bob hard liners terrorists. Were holed up at a beachside Villa. And so in an attempt to get them and have them pay a price to. Strike out at them in retaliation. For what they did. To the people in Kenya the high end a mall at the upscale mall in Nairobi Kenya. We launched an amphibious rate. And eerily similar leg Jimmy Carter with those helicopters that were not able to function in the desert every Ron when we tried to rescue of our hostages. In 1979. If you remember that utter debacle under Carter. Our navy seal team six Boyce. Did not have the element of surprise. They came on speedboats they landed on the shore and to their shock and horror they were immediately met by gunfire. Twelve well armed terrorists with machine guns. Began to spray our boys and the boats with with gunfire. Our boy he's afraid that they were gonna get killed. Afraid of more -- of -- of civilian casualties. Then decided to retreat. And the only way they were able to retreat was when they brought in a helicopter gun ships. From -- some of the ships that we had offshore to give them cover as they then fled back onto the ships that they came from. In other words. It was a failure. It was an utter debacle. Here we call when navy seal team six. This very same unit that killed Osama bin Laden. The very same unit that was called in to kill both Somali pirates if you remember that a couple years ago. And instead of having success the mission was an utter failure and a disaster. The high level target they were seeking was not killed was not captured. Nobody at the beachside -- none of the terrorists were captured or killed and in fact our boys how to basically fleas. They had to retreat offshore back to their to their navy ship or else they would've all been dead. My friends. This administration is so incompetent. We can't even kill a couple of small leaks. We can't even capture or kill a couple of some police. In a little dinky little compound with them having some small arms fire a couple of AK forty sevenths. That's how incompetent this regime is. And over the weekend when they thought it was a success you should have seen the mainstream media play this thing up. I thought George Stephanopoulos was gonna get a heart attack yesterday. -- read daring early morning rain all the urge the dear leader did dear leader is back. Bears the dear leader confronting terrorists all over the world there's a dear leader keeping us safe. Ship killing LK though one man at a current. And again it was all propaganda NYX. Nobody was killed -- terrorists was captured nothing happened. And so now I'll show Bob I kid you not is now posting pictures of their fighters. With black ski masks on. -- pointing to sign number one. They're they're they're they're they're front they're there. There there there there -- they're first finger pointing up to the camera -- were number one. Or another one giving the middle finger to the United States literally saying we again have now stare down the United States. And one. Not only did they pull off that spectacular. Terrorist attack in Kenya. Killing countless people. But now when we attempt to strike back when we attempt to retaliate. We can't even touch him. We can't even land on the beach -- And my friends -- right get to the heart of the matter. How was this any of our business. How is this any of our business. Don't get me wrong I tremendously sympathize with the people of Kenya. But they've had terrorist problems now for years many countries have terrorist problems that's the nature of the threat of radical Islam. But they didn't attack an American base they've been attacked an American installation. They didn't attack the United States. So why is it have you noticed with this with this president in particular with the dear leader I have you noticed. The man who was the mastermind of Ben -- Is in Tripoli Libya. Giving interviews to be Associated Press to Reuters the Washington Post to the New York Times. At a -- He's what he's smoking cigarettes drinking cappuccino. And he's bragging how we orchestrated the attack on Ben -- Every reporter in the world can find them. Except our government. So we don't go after any of the perpetrators have been Ghazi who killed ambassador Chris Stevens and three other American to maul on long haul that's smog that's not a priority for the dear leader. -- long long home. Have you noticed. No investigation into flash bang and speed bump. And -- attorney of Brothers. How come we didn't strike out at one of the training camps that they were involved in in Chechnya. How come we didn't find out who funded them how come we didn't find out who trained -- not think. So if you kill Americans. There's no response from this regime. -- -- All nodded cheerleaders too busy talking about the Redskins and how they should check occasion not forget that story later how they should be changing their name. The football team the Washington Redskins he doesn't like the -- it's. It's it's too offensive. To native Americans it's too offensive. But suddenly you want you to -- his ancestral homeland. Suddenly now or don't mess with Kenya. Suddenly not offered got a -- you can kill Americans that's no problem. Much more you can kill ambassador you can blow up -- city you can -- blow up the by Boston Marathon bombing you can plays bombs and kill people. When you kill Americans no problem. What's cool you touch -- out. Pool will not -- now we -- rule now we have to send the navy seal team sex. Now all of a sudden on now we have to go after you now we're gonna chase she went event that Somalia. That god forsaken place. Now then. You wanna see how incompetent this regime is I I couldn't make this stuff up. They weren't even aware. Of how successful or not successful -- what's. And they were already running out in front of the camps. Claiming victory. Claiming that the terrorists have all been captured and killed. That this was a stunning surgical operation on the part of the dear leader and peppy Le pew. So here's -- BI cage or not. Running to the cameras there's upbeat saying you can run but you can't -- Roll it Brittany. We hope that this makes clear. That. Obviously -- America will never. Stopped in its effort to hold those count. Conduct acts of terror and those -- the numbers of al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations. Literally couldn't run but the champ -- We will continue to try to bring people to justice. And an appropriate way it was hopes that ultimate. These kinds of activities. -- gets everybody in the world and we'll stopped but we all are very very great. To those. In the armed forces the United States who conducted his operations we thank we're glad there's a. I'm a single bootable. Did they even bothered to check. Had that the operation was a success already -- that bears upbeat running in front of the TV cameras there's upbeat. You can run but you can't hide all yes you can you can -- not only can -- you can run that you can my own hole you can hide not only can you forgot forgot not hiding. You can come out of hiding -- sure guys. You can shoot back no problem. And then our guys we are guys have to retreat is there a -- and outgunned. -- yes. You can run you can -- you can run you can hide you control bucket into what you think. And -- is running around. -- claiming this is a victory. My friends. Another lie. From this sliding regime. And so the question I have for you is this. Is this a dramatic setback for the United States. How does this not just emboldened Al show Bob al-Qaeda in North Africa. Are they not gonna use this now for more recruitment. For more support. And do we not look again like a paper tiger on the world stage. What do you make of the latest rage in Somalia. Do you think that this is a success the way the Obama regime is proper training it or like -- do you think it's an utter failure. And why are we getting involved. When terrorists are killing the civilians. In Kenya. When we have enough problems here at home 61720666868. Is the number. Is in the atrocity that took place in Kenya any of our business I say no what do you say Boston all of your calls next. Welcome back to the school record 6172666868. Is the number. Mike your first thanks for holding well. So there are probably the timing of that -- -- gonna come like about a week audio but you were large. Come and look at article about how the bin Laden raid would stop. -- gets all week later tonight shields -- six to its side into a place where you know that it cute it excesses to operate in secrecy about it. Apparently these people waiting for them and -- -- curious that's all. As very suspicious Mike I think there's no question about it I mean first of all somebody must have tipped them off because they're waiting for our borders. I mean guys barely got off the boats and I mean literally -- thought it out I mean there -- gunfire coming in. They never had a chance the -- the lucky thing here at least nobody was killed. But so not want you to think about office. Twelve somewhat weeks with AK forty sevens. Were able to essentially stare down the United States. Twelve -- twelve guys what would AK 47 -- able to stare down the United States. And you got that -- Running are you by Jacques Francois Kerry you've got AA AKA kept -- you've got happy running around the TV cameras saying you can run that you can't -- As if somehow they should be afraid of us you know they're gonna take from us we shouldn't be afraid of the great Satan. But it twelve guys that machine guns and Barbara brought about twelve -- machine guns brought about. So my friends I'm telling you something is up. I think this was wag the dog. I think what they were clearly trying to do here was to make the dear leader look strong in the wake of the debacle in Syria. They know he's a joke on the world stage so they said okay let's try to kill a couple of terrorists. In Somalia and makes -- dear leader look again -- strong and he's going after and killing terrorists. And now they can even do that. But notice. Then does he not retaliation. -- Boston bombing them all retaliation from Iran on him but Poole who worries families from act Kenya. Moved. Then on I must be all then. Pull out all the stops then just this must mean I'm just this must be -- makers is is his homeland was a packed. Kevin Europe Max thanks for holding welcome. Running -- yeah it's turning into materials may be when you're not as good down to popularity. That's you have -- -- closely following post to let people pick to win anywhere in the White House are following every story. I mean he -- oh he's brought out of room. You can have -- from a let it down to lock. It down until we let 1000. Want to know. He's position -- at least put Jimmie tie that. We'll assess the install I mean. These jets and I mean they papers in Jakarta Indonesia gap is how America has followed in this book how -- A big if that they APEC summit. Asia Pacific Economic Conference. Is it not be -- any intent to what he has CF and what is that (%expletive) The rules at the age Benson. Okay throughout the season and yet that we these place -- all the various places in the world can no I think gauge pump. But in the capital. Should first ask questions later. They -- our Kevin bingo. They -- Yeah exact send in the DC cops. You want a job done right you've got to send in the DC cops because our military boys that navy seal team six their hands tied behind -- back. We these crazy rules of engagement on all civilians could've been killed in Somalia. Shall we have to retreat. But when it comes to a poor woman with a one year old in the backseat dogma mall -- don't get anywhere near the dear leader did earlier got afraid. -- their leader heard gunshots from his window a mile away all that bushel pick hill. But it should show show show it was a showed -- -- got killed who cares about killed in the crossfire. And home then it was a very different story. In here you can kill civilians yes in DC when you threaten a cheerleader but when our boys whose lives are at stake. And ice -- now. C'mon now we have to be civilized we can't kill any civilians. Call the DC cops. That's what I would do. Next time I if I'm navy seal team six the value human into another -- -- on on all non -- -- on these rules of engagement forget it. You seem the only people -- can kill civilians are DC cops when I'm going -- -- should the place up. Maybe he'll be more successful. Matt Europe next thanks for holding welcome. LA they go up I'm Harry -- Get get hey I hear question -- -- -- you -- any bit aside you know looking and saying and other places that they just. A human being so we do I -- very liberal views from up by about -- work a certain that really I think the bigger issue here has got to look at why. Reaching a certain -- let -- you nailed it it it has not more to do it in a power player here whereby China and they make card I looked at. That's what it is Matt and and and non thank you for that call. Look of course I sympathize with the Canyon's. -- and you know we we've had a we know we got to Boston bombing here just months ago. I know we know what it is to have civilians. Killed and blown up by 86 G harvests. But that's for Kenya to take care. They have a military. They have a special forces units. They've been getting involved in Somalia for in Somalia for years Kenya as it neighbor Somalia. -- suffer the -- if they want retaliation. For what happened to their people in Nairobi when the policeman of the world. Our boys are not an extension of the Kenyan military. So and my point is this. Notice when our voice are killed when our boys under attack he will never call -- navy seal team six or anybody else -- does he stand down. But. Okay. Wool van warn all the dear leader we have to send our boys on the beach they're gonna have to risk their lives we have to retaliate. Should -- -- business. This is a tragedy that affected -- but the Kenyans deal with it. Charlie Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Morning call rent just -- -- beat Somalia instead let them in the strolled up. From god or to call it media from Mali called the majority. So little back in the country's -- I -- on the weekend also in your pocket what mosque instead of businesses got a restroom. They didn't get to twenty years they have these children didn't colleges fear they would -- in the mid -- -- Mumbai. We made calls. But we -- get true but we're going to be on not phone urgent Ted who's not that let these Somalia is back again. What happened was Brookfield mission they've got to get these guys trying that'd be in the next come back we get all of these come -- They're gonna -- something against us. Charlie then that's another issue that no one's talking about. How radicalized elements of the Somali community are in Minnesota in Maine in Vermont. I'm looking at this and many of them are now going to Somalia into these terrorist training camps. And so now even the wire reports are saying all most people have been beachside Villa there were all foreign fighters. We are all people of Somali origin who have come from the United States from Canada from Britain from all over the world. A sold twelve guys I bet shooter at least a couple of Americans a bad beachside Villa. Twelve guys would AK forty sevens. -- just. -- -- they literally just shot up the beach and forced our guys to retreat. If we can't take on twelve guys would AK forty seven's my friends were in trouble. Anthony Europe next don't. I -- -- -- the direct because the big big it can make it that's all they'll -- about a half an hour not thirty yet yeah. Pat pat pat apps apps apps apps apps apps apps apps -- The -- up well that's true that's another thing -- the canyons at least they know what to do with the once they capture him. 6172666868. Is the number. Coming up next. -- you Treasury Secretary. Under a deal on to the Obama regime. Now tries to defend Obama care is a disaster. We've got that interview next.