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Max Robins Monday October 7, 2013 - Justified and The Blacklist

Oct 7, 2013|

Max Robins TV Guru and blogger for Forbes.com was with us to answer all of those nagging questions about the boob tube...including today The Blacklist, the passing of Elmore Leonard and Justified and the defection of George Will fromm CNN to Fox News.

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All right joining us now it's Monday night to Monday afternoon and this time every Monday. We are joined by an actual problem and she is league veteran. Broadcast. That journalist. He's been covering the broadcast industry I mean as a journals for many years. He is his column is now carried on Forbes dot com Forbes dot com and you can read his musings. Two or three times a week. And he's here to answer your questions about TV one. 877469. 4322. Macs are you don't want. How are yeah good good we got a lot of questions for you here today and I can I can I just get right to what's. -- -- RO OK so listen this morning amid Mike -- coming back from the exercise bike and a guy comes and says what happened to George well he's not on ABC any more he's on fox. I was ashamed to say I hadn't even noticed but I guess maybe it appears to be true -- -- give me the lowdown on what happened. Well -- this site skinny I talked to a body minor in business actually this afternoon. Who knows both Georgia and sort of tort lawyer George Stephanopoulos. -- he would he ran into Stephanopoulos who is quite upset about. We don't leave me on this wasn't about money it really had to do with you know George George is no young whip -- anymore and big they do this week PA BC show that George is -- door for many many years from New York. So he had to travel. Up to new Yorker every Sunday he wanted to stay in Washington it was getting to be decried government so. You know our stability fox you know short. Chris Wallace they do from DC so. It was really you really had to do with location more than anything else. Real problem that's what I was about. I understand. Since I was afraid Max that it was you know like ABC you know trying to keep up within NBC in the politically correct sweepstakes was having -- With the used to call in the Stalin era purge them from running -- capitalist rotors. Nut you know about I -- most networks I mean I know -- you know whether it's the Fox News server MSNBC grace space pace stakeout. A certain political territory. Most other places you know if you say. If it's somebody who -- you know put butts -- -- and keeps him in front of the screen. They don't care third you know left right -- batter and let her completely off reservation and and short the world if you know along with Cokie Roberts I -- -- has been activated for the David Brinkley he was a mainstay of error. I don't know if we'll have -- still -- the same kind of clout reach. He once did but they did not want to lose and it wasn't it. I haven't seen this column in Newsweek magazine lately one point ultimately and Agassi is treated as a leadership itself you know it was. Thought it was a it was a joke actually I don't. -- -- how you look at. I couldn't have a little more you know. At the -- and I tell. 339 says -- speed this and more money talk please tell me it was a misprint when I read that Steven Kolb -- 35 million a year from Comedy Central. I'll -- my guess is always in the Stephen Poulter as they can somewhere close and a job. 35. Million. -- that people do really well it he. Spiritual. That's why did David David Letterman and Jay Leno weren't making that counted though anymore. Well that Letterman is making pretty close split kind of dole and the thing about it is. Is it cold -- probably has better demos is bringing you know more affluent young male younger male audience and they've whether. While that's amazing did you hear the did did you hear rob. Chris Matthews on what on with cold mayor earlier this last late last week. Know what went to work what do what you waited waited. Chris Matthews due to a -- himself now. Riley gets it from up there I kept notes really does that was -- you're not inspired by god and I notice. But why did you call it killing -- to give -- And we're really been waiting for killing Al Riley looks like. How come how come some people can get away with saying things like that and just for example I can't get away Lewis and stuff. I don't know I think I think it. It's. You know what Chris Matthews is I mean the accomplishment this is is that the -- you were looking. Across. And blue collar not me or you -- usually at best for -- private school education and coach. Yeah a lot of sound -- that's what it means for those of you didn't have the benefit of his abilities classical education. My goodness how they get away with -- I just don't gather at 18774694322. Is stargate really coming back. I I still don't have a definite about that I'll do some research I know it's got its loyalty and I wouldn't be I would be surprised to see -- kind of stargate the next generation happen. Let's just. Justify it will be back in January great show great so one of my favorites and you know what I should write about the -- comes back with -- of people wanted to. Follow me on Twitter I'm always grossing the new columns spirits and -- Robert. Okay what's the latest call about Max I'm sorry I haven't site and check that out yet. All got to look at okay I'll go the way it is one views about the YouTube music awards. Two in the -- Clinton Harry Carson dot com. -- -- -- fit than the UV and -- YouTube. And it should be the YouTube music awards serve our our next year and shipping November 3. They are and that could be a big question awards you know. Arcade Fire Lady Gaga Eminem -- comfortable. That's my favorites on YouTube like the turtles singing you bay from 1965. How about and how about -- -- singing gimme three steps from 1976. These are some of my favorites. There you go all the thing about it is is that there is. Those aren't Mozilla posted -- cuts the cuts didn't make the cut but one thing I love YouTube videos I really do problem. And opened YouTube isn't -- search engine or music. Or. I'm not surprised the way I mean again it gets everybody right gets -- gets people like me who hate. Everything that's come out the last twenty years and gets people who like Lady Gaga right. Yeah it's -- -- -- something different but you know that's one of the wonderful things about it to be able to go back to -- Some of these great acts like what ever parish on her music you like and and so they're gonna do dispute splashy a lot of music concert awards show on November 3 stream it globally worldwide and this is just one more step. In YouTube really wanting this year of that advertising I've from the legacy networks you know they want to beat. Everywhere they and use it as a great place for them to do it. -- fact he -- they've they've brought in Kyoto people who ship's sponsor of automotive companies would be Europe title sponsor. 187746943226603. Wants to know when the panda -- is coming back. But to shut down question that's not a TV question -- mine's 602 to wake up. -- blacklist going blacklist seems to be doing pretty well about book that was that my friends on your increasing you know. It's a lot of -- James papers graded. I think it sure looks like it's got to wait I'm won't know what a couple weeks but good reviews I've watched the first two episodes like -- -- expect it until I. Yeah I don't talk against the football -- they put all these -- Promos on the football game and it seems like it's a waste because. All the people watching a football game on Sunday Sunday afternoon we're going to be watching the football game on Monday night. Right I mean I guess they're on for I guess they're going after the football season's over that you know did they get them that it's up -- let's see ask Max how much the turtle man makes on Animal Planet I hope it's not 35 million. I have no idea what someone says Letterman making 38 million. Thirty this is -- still on -- somebody says -- Scott Brown still unsure Asean's yeah I spoke there didn't get he probably would've got a year contract anyway you know he hasn't been their nearly a year. The election less than a year ago sky here next with how we car and Max robins from Forbes dot com go ahead sky. Hey Ali thank semi sure I mean all the way up from North Dakota here got a question. You -- go to show time ago. Been trying to catch up on shameless and they don't have it listed it on not available to watch it only got one. Episode of homeland up there I'm probably appear North Dakota trying to watch any idea what's going on there. I I don't you know it sound. This short arms. -- to me and it's kind of conspirator version of page yellows everywhere here. It's not it's not the -- is not I don't think it is quite up to equality page Yoko I'll. But I would just I would actually. I would email showtime and ask him I'm surprised they don't get shameless on the show is coming back in January. Yeah your age your logo it's got everything I've got great you'll go on the air. The other -- Max it seems like you you got to have you've got to give people the option of Bob binge viewing these days I mean that's the that's the new thing right I mean you can't read it that's like B and it's like be in in a model take. Yeah yeah it's it is you really I mean yeah we live in an -- bit universe. And and have people don't expect. So you know -- -- interstate ten. More and more executive pay for you they will otherwise. Let's see a -- -- scifi had such a hard go on TV scifi lit does well on some films isn't a cost thing. Yes it is what it is across. How did they ever did this did somebody -- Scioscia and -- 3:3 AM but does read I get ratings that show cracks me up they don't get that have ratings at 3:3 am -- -- Not heard ministry audience of three more. But -- it keeps people lately I think that's let's show it does have an audience well. I'm sure it's like you know. -- but also prepares another question. That's true that's true -- at least they have the you know they have the overnights now on the machine so you don't have to rely at least in the big cities you don't have to rely on people going out diaries -- and that would that you're right there would never get any ratings -- -- would be unable to remember what they watched the night before. Jim your next with how we car Max -- go ahead jump. A good afternoon captain and back -- I was party. How are you mentioned justified -- that's all all about Barack's got to turn you know after you. You just keep talking and lower ratio is my wife are finally. You know we picked up she's in one and we were -- from the very first episode of course but within a week we got these 23 and well anxiously waiting view or from now. But. My question is route with the Elmore Leonard passion how much how much future be justified beyond the this season. Oh I think I think it'll be a lot of future and -- not to take anything away from Elmore Leonard of course. He wasn't it did have an executive producer credit not a secure certainly character and it. Is that. The main character and it is based on an Elmore -- character. Well that's a shame you know could JG James -- oil -- tells me that's what you want is that executive producer credit. You know yeah that's where you make -- it's that's where you make the beau -- box. No money yeah yeah yeah and -- -- that it -- then and now he he got he heats up. Happened to the gold mine and now he's gone too bad. Yeah well and he wasn't always the show by the writers -- -- -- -- terrific and while he was an advisor on it helped out it wasn't like she was in the Reuters remembered -- -- -- out script so that's the show's got. It's for him -- But it really equipped with -- so much so much aren't obvious that it really does have -- or letter sensibility you know it. They're real humor. When her new episodes of barges the new black coming. I think we probably won't see those 2014. Yeah sure I like it quite good interest I would like. But it got better as a monologue got utterly open to what I want. 509 says how will you love like people can DVR and watch football. Well that's a guy knows nothing about football. Right W you couldn't you could DVR or anything else which you don't DVR alive sporting events Greg -- with powered car and Max Robbins well ahead Greg. And yet you guys know it -- seven. First. -- -- to cancel. I predict and so will be the next one after Wednesday night that showed a truly dreadful. Reboot. Just add right in part act in. I never cared that much for the original Greg did you know. I know I I nobody wasn't and I -- not for me anyway. The he -- he's Perry Mason as far as I'm concerned. You know. He re entry you're in the big tree and it opens -- as its New York which made Expos and and actually he's seen the new Esquire network programming that no I haven't checked out -- element obviously it. So what it's more ads would become new Comcast network more you know how about hybrid of discovery and down. PLC. -- -- -- -- -- -- Got it yeah I wanna check it out. Thanks for the thanks for the -- As someone wants this a good question is has Carlos danger by an approach for TV gig I think it fit in nicely at MSNBC. There he's suppose there was some there was might have been proposed league was looking for you to -- -- I think the guy is totally created. Advice to the pearl who warned. Yeah I. I don't. That would be great though maybe the monkey business channel that step then where others feared to tread Macs ago. All right Max thanks for beware those of you wanna read maxis column to read write off about the at we've got to linked -- my Leo website how we cart dot com. Where -- can go to Forbes dot com thanks for being with us -- I'll -- come from work and Columbus they believe it or not. Okay well Margaret Margaret C event. -- -- -- -- --