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"Suggestive" Video Leaves Students Suspended

Oct 8, 2013|

Beverly students were suspended for sharing a "suggestive" video of a female classmate.

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Welcome physical report Jeff Carter plus there. -- 6176666868. Is the number. You can text that sets 68680. And for those of you on Twitter you can tweet us at the corner report KUNH and ER. My friends we have a jam packed show for you today good morning Boston I'm telling you I got such a big stack. You don't wanna touch as dial so much stuff is going on locally nationally. And believe me this is the place to be. At issue numero uno and here's a local story. By the way Lotta developments on obamacare. And as a huge rally up at T national memorial. But we're gonna a pro amnesty rally but I'll get all of that a little bit later in the show. But here is a local story. That for all of you parents out there should be of immense concern. In Beverly. A number of high school and middle school students are now facing punishment now you may say Jeff what's the news here what's the big deal OK yeah high school students middle school students. In Beverly what's the problem. I want all of you to think about office. And eight grade female student who remains unnamed obviously to protect her and you know to protect her anonymity. May need a video. Eight suggestive. Video quote unquote. When she was dating her boyfriend. She sent it to her boyfriend. Now warned -- not telling us exactly what they mean by -- suggestive video but obviously. It was kind of you know there was some nudity involved. So she sends -- suggestive video. Now remember this is an eighth grade student aid to rape. To her boy for. Her in the boyfriend then break up. -- what is the boyfriend do they get back at his former girlfriend he then sends the video off to his friends. And his friends watched this suggests that video and then they pass it off to the Air France. And before you know it this thing is spreading like wildfire. Among high school and middle school students in Beverly. And so school administration officials. Are now going after some of these students they want them punished. They have to doesn't Beverley hill high school students so a half dozen Beverly high school students have been suspended. And now they're looking administrators are trying to determine what the punishment fish should be for eleven other middle school students. Who viewed the video. And apparently those that are high school students who watched a video but then deleted it they were suspended for one day. -- you watch -- Monday. If you watched and pass it along to your friends or other people you're suspended for three -- The boy and the girl were also suspended and they're been given counseling. He -- the Briscoe middle school administrators. Plan to meet with the parents. Not only of the boy and the girl but also of those that watch the video. To determine other punishments as well. Now. Some school officials say they want to students this face severe consequences. But not have their lives ruined by the incident so they don't want these kids to be charged with a crime. They want them to continue to be able to go to school they don't want them to face charges or have some kind of a juvenile record. But the fact of the matter is this this is to me what is horrifying. First of all. What is it with this obsession with suggestive video hosts. What is it now forget the fact -- adults are into it. Which I don't I don't understand for the life of me I don't understand why you won a film yourself. Moved -- mean who whatever pulling and Anthony Weiner why would you wanna do that number one. And then send it off to somebody else. Or send it off to other people online really what's the thrill. Eight and you don't think that once you've sent it off that it may get out they -- to the public or to other people. Like have you no shame. Have you no sense of embarrassment. That people could be possibly looking match. Herb you know your your -- sexual parts your genitalia doesn't Matt. In a -- that embarrass you but anyway but let that go OK those are adults. It's a free country whatever adults want -- bill -- I I'm a live and let live kind of got. But we're talking about children. We're talking about kids. This is an -- great pieces an eighth grade female stored in she's in the eighth grade. That's I was asking Britain and cooks -- set -- I'm missing something eighth grade what does that mean thirteen. Maybe fourteen I don't think so -- every thirteen maybe fourteen -- was likely thirteen she's thirteen. The woman at the moment the girl is barely in puberty. Correct me if I'm wrong doesn't puberty basically started about twelve or thirteen. Soul you've got kids kids. Taking basically ruled semi nude pictures of themselves or videos of themselves. And they think it's okay to send it to her boyfriend order a for the boyfriend to send it to other people. And here's another thing that I'm thinking. Again call me a young folks the I'm 44 years old but honestly call me a -- What is an eighth grade student. Doing. They think. Both her and the boy. He was in the eighth grade allegedly she was in the eighth grade. They're thirteen. Would what are they doing gaining. I'm looking at this summit where the parents. You mean you're okay with this this is Kosher freely you think this is acceptable that a thirteen she's thirteen. She's already got a boyfriend. They're already holding hands skip who knows what they're doing -- all of you sure you're okay what it and then you find out that your daughter I want all the men out there. -- that that the men and the women out there. The mothers and the fathers you were thirteen year old daughter. Not only has a boyfriend. She sending suggestive videos of herself to were boyfriend. Your son. In the -- great. Has a girlfriend -- thirteen he has a girlfriend and he's receiving and watching suggestive videos. Of his thirteen year old girlfriend. Now you may say Jeff. You know your your being allowed Jeff you're being very old fashioned here Chad -- and chip and come on now Chad did so it's a different age -- it's a different -- -- -- But come on now thirteen year old everybody's got to have a girlfriend and our boyfriend that come on everybody's having sex -- -- C'mon that's why they're giving up almost a free condoms or write a column Condo homes. That's why they're handing them out in school that's what you got birth control pills that's why you got sperm -- Jolie's that's why you got sexual education now. Going as young as 678 years old. Because everybody's having sex -- Jeff. It's a different aged Jeff come on you gotta get with the times Jeff. Now so people say mean. Well Jeff what should you know what's the appropriate age for your children to be dating I'll tell you this it's not thirteen. It's not thirteen. You can call me Leave It to Beaver. Call me mister 1950s. Call me as some Catholic they're crazy fundamentalist calling whatever you wanna call. But thirteen and all my passion at thirteen says he's got a girlfriend I -- what sign excuse me. I'm sorry I am money what did you even hit puberty you're thirty when you're thirteen what are you doing with a girlfriend. No girlfriend. You're gonna hit the books you're gonna go to school and you gonna focus on sports and athletics okay. That's what you gonna do you're still a kid. You don't have the -- emotional. Psychological. Or even physical maturity to be able to have a girlfriend -- fascist value that's OK you have your lawyer call my lawyer once you hit when he won. OK Simon you have Monday your own rules. You pay your own bills you get -- lawyer and you're lawyer will talk to my lawyer and you can show me for parental abuse because I think -- allow you to have a girlfriend when you're thirteen to in my favor. You were thirteen -- And you've got a boyfriend. -- And not only do you have a boyfriend. Which are taking videos of yourself -- Or whatever suggestive. Sexually suggestive. What you -- most self respect. Be -- no regard for yourself. What you already thirteen inning you're gonna start prostituting yourself -- this. -- first of all. Give me that iPhone -- that you'll you'll. Lost all your privileges fascist fascist I know I have your lawyer like I said Ashton. Have your lawyer call my lawyer when you're 21 years of age and living on your -- okay. Hand over -- no more video cameras for you know more iphones and -- not nothing nothing. And I'm telling you right now your mother and are gonna Saddam if you have a very serious conversation. -- boyfriends for you. Wind and you wind and need there everybody else is doing it daddy hey every. -- can jump off a bridge and a jumping off a bridge. You worked -- young you are still a girl. You're not even -- teenager. You're just a girl. You were not physically psychologically. Emotionally equipped to have a boyfriend you understand that. Period. I want you to have some innocents. I want you to focus on your studies I want you to focus on athletics I want you to focus -- actually growing up. Forget a boyfriend you don't need a boyfriend. Now when they're sixteen. They're in high school. That's a different story. Man that's part of life you have -- you know I mean I started dating when I was sixteen yes but there's a big difference. Are emotionally. Psychologically. Even physically. Between sixteen and thirteen. Yes. Sherrod is leaving the. We'll lose that since it gets very though that's proxy and they're they are -- Leave It to Beaver. He says it's only dated thirteen -- suddenly now listen tennis boom I'm like yeah. I'd like to get the definition of what dating at thirteen -- is dating at thirteen will be a lot different -- -- at sixteen. I mean it's sixteen you're going out with them you don't movies of the -- thirteen is it just like talking on the phone and things of that nature. It seems they're doing a little bit more than talking oh yeah but you can't you can't define this this this idiot. Hello all thirteen year old I gotta tell you there's obviously something wrong and that girl's house. That's exactly what I'm thinking were the parents this -- a thirteen year old it's it's really all depends on the child -- thirteen year old mature enough to handle some. Tight quote data. Nothing gets that argument -- thirteen year old is not a complete and talking about mature enough to handle some type of danger urging -- set -- more mature than most thirteen year. That happens my niece -- thirteen she's a very mature thirteen year old. I'm telling you I'm not saying there -- not a clock and might even beyond that I sometimes she listens in the. Morning she gets up early sometimes she -- she's up in Montreal. But she leaves the radio on the computer are the computer on on screen and she's listening okay she gets ready shall we listen to uncle Jeff. Maria. If I catch you with a boyfriend. You're in big trouble my friend you hear me. No boyfriend free earlier Leon. I want you to continue focusing on your studies you're getting straight -- I want you to continue to get straight a sweetheart okay. That -- trust me you'll thank me when I'm when year old know all boyfriend for you period full stop. I have -- in my the only voice of sanity left now I gotta tell you this before I take the phone calls. We're talking with -- Britney before the show. -- -- -- -- -- -- She's telling me that she knew when she went to middle school she -- girls in their sixth grade eat. That not only had boyfriends. But they were having sex with their boy France. Having sex with their boyfriend did you mention an abortion Britain did some -- at this sixth graders were having abortions. -- -- She's not here OK anyway she I I don't wanna. She's got a mandate britney's out on a date but anyway but let that go. OK look so for I don't quote me on the abortion thing but she goes on to reach this moment mean. I was in middle school and you wouldn't believe the girl having sex so many of my peers and you don't Steve -- -- -- all having sex what -- world you living. -- sixth grade six grade they started to go out. The what Syria. Yeah she was -- She said you know when she wanted to high school is when she had her first boyfriend Michael yes but that's my yes that's my point. When they're a little bit older a little bit more rich or that's when they can start dating a little bit courtship. It's part of becoming an adult yes that's the transition point from being a kid to becoming an adult. Sixth grade are already beating having sex seventh grade eight grade 1213. Honestly I don't wanna -- -- need here. But isn't even possible. And they -- -- dead dead dead added that the parts the body parts that they did does that even work. I mean don't have to be puke -- much of the hit puberty -- wanna -- anger that -- -- and -- -- morning -- -- gotta be -- your -- To even do it. I knew was possible. So -- 1112. Year old are now having sex. -- my friends. There is something seriously. Wrong going on in our schools and with the parents. So let me ask you this let's open up the -- months. Question number -- to double barreled question number one. What would you do. In what do you think this squall should do if your 1213. Year old child. Boy or girl. Was taking suggestive videos of themselves and sending it off to other people that's number one. Should they be suspended should what kind of punishment is appropriate but number two. When is it too young to date. When do you think kids your children should be allowed to date boys or girls. I say call me crazy sixteen. Fifteen maybe sixteen at least when they're in high school but grade eight absolutely not. 61720666868. Is the number. We'll take all of your calls next. You know -- is around to talk about it. It could be you know what that she. What started as and not so innocent video text from a then eighth grade girl -- -- eighth grade boyfriend last spring there. It was her. Lewis and it was very. Inappropriate. And that the police investigation when that snacks. Was cheered him until almost twenty Beverly high Bristol middle school students on school grounds last month. Welcome back to the corner report Boston's bulldozer 6172666868. Is the number. Anthony you're up next thanks for holding well. They -- a lot of adult store I can I get my wired into our media pixel analog video. And I are -- I -- I tell my Saturday's friendly city girl rest stop you know perhaps make it looked they looked in good I can't area at all might startled even. -- I don't realize they're all the door of the track and the boys just want to get -- their parents that if I told myself no look Kiki welcome that's the one that's gonna make all of my when he gets all. Up not -- it ethnic and bury your children and be a wonderful wife do you Mets got -- their. -- 6172666868. Is the number. Scott you're up next thanks for holding welcome. I've I I've gotta slash back -- and I -- in the late great. They're they're the closest thing I knew about excellent National Geographic Gregory. I remember that but are more serious note when I was in the eighth grade it now in 1968. Brazil would say girl in -- class. That would take a couple employees. Home after school and have Sachs in 1968. A bottom bed and the guys who come back to brag about it each grade out -- in 1968. And about a and then it around and teacher. And now the girl was taken at a school a month later. Are you saying it was it was considered such a scandal they just took her out of the school they expelled. All it was there was a big scandal. Good guys got in trouble the girl was taken out of school. But it just keep your kids here question about texting. I think they should be suspended. Also the girl is pretty. -- for a week and and I think that both sets of parents should be brought him. To lack discussing gravity of the matter. Excellent excellent call thank you very much Scott Timmy. You got serious problems at home if you got your eight you know eighth grade signed eighth grade daughter under -- -- sexting to -- another. You can eat you got problems. And this is not gonna end well for both of them I'm telling you you have sex that's young. It's gonna have serious by psychological repercussions. I mean that's -- you talked about. Bringing boys at the age of thirteen to -- Pushy a -- -- Yahoo! which becoming a ten dollar street walker. That's young you already having sex is just giving away like for not think. Robbed Europe next welcome. What. Our -- me on the Iraq. Okay are good morning guys. I'm just living -- my father of about a strategic so far little free adult sons now a lot of water trichet trench. -- but I'm a kid from Brooklyn -- true Internet and I have a lot common sense. I usually don't you know I'm told and -- total agreement are about what you were talking about -- -- -- -- year. Because everybody else got a different world because some of -- other -- about this being a -- It'll issue as well Aaron why we equating hardware equating your -- is that -- latest cool but. To circumvent the spirits even the media about a debate discussion -- the score -- absolutely -- are -- -- -- Unless -- what happened on the grounds of this school. And org it's there yet she members were they trying closes in -- Well why -- circumventing the parental authorization is beyond me easy to get parental. Guidance saying its initial bout. How to discuss sex with you is -- -- do what is turning this over to a bunch of wackos to begin with I have had many administrators -- you don't have their heads on their shoulders as she. Which sexual you know which students insult or. Let me -- -- allow their bullets -- reply. Well rob this division said Robbie touched on look this is the vicious circle. You have these schoolteachers. And these administrators. To. Court teaching our kids at 789 years old are sexes sexes match oral sex is loads sexes twelve feet. -- -- come -- -- ten year old girl you don't auto worker condom on a cucumbers come on now so you're teaching them about sexy putting sick ideas in their head. And then when they're like twelve or thirteen suddenly you're shocked you're shocked that they're having sex. But let me assure you your results so they didn't do anything and break any -- yeah whatever it was -- so what what we're talking about it all of that stuff here is no war and -- that's Charlton Arafat. That's sorry for them even be in the final moment -- well I'll. If you -- well yeah I mean you start dealing with underage girls and got young taking nude or semi nude pictures Dutch child pornography. They're doing it would end. Saturday -- party at their legal authority that's -- DA's office that's so local police departments most of. But what are all the parents -- the police are getting involved -- that's the point the police have launched an investigation. And so that's why the police are getting involved it's dealing with a lot of students in the school because they both go to the same school. And that's why it's become a school issue it's become disruptive because all the students are saying did you see the video over -- -- video over. 61720666868. Is the number. Jack David and the Brian Gay hang on how many get all of your calls next. These seven degrees in Boston good morning I'm Angela Anderson 42 all things. -- Welcome back in the corner reports 6172666868. Is the number. Very quickly recap. There is now a sex scandal brewing at the Beverly high school. And middle school. And eighth. Grade female student name remains unknown. Apparently had a boyfriend eighth grade my question is what are eighth graders doing having boyfriends and girlfriends were the parents but let that go. She then took apparently suggestive videos -- self essentially new to. Sent them off to her then boyfriend. They broke up. Don't boyfriend and sent that video too numerous other students in high school and middle school. Half a dozen students in high school have been suspended. Another eleven students in middle school are also facing suspension. The parents of both the former boyfriend and girlfriend have now been called them. My question to you is this. What do you think the penalty should be for these two children. And that's what they are children. Do you think the parents bear some responsibility for this. And when is it too young to date. To move thirteen his two young. Call me crazy maybe in high school 15:16. I -- with fuel but thirteen that is way we on. What age would you allow your child to date 6172666868. Is the number. Brian Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Good morning Jeff yeah I don't I think I'm very. After talk about that because I would seven year old seventh grade daughter just turned thirteen a week ago. So mom. So concerning a question pocket god forbid that the -- unlike you I would really want to help Garrett are calm like he said. They're -- it if your child pornography even that particular picture yourself from getting over the Internet. Yeah a lot of trouble for I really want -- To release some real good clash punishment. -- that she never does something stupid but again it will -- but -- as a parent. Yet I think the parents. I had a lot of responsibility -- -- it it's funny I hear your kids are young but when you kids get older. Everyone is not like -- you know I mean it's one of the things -- -- got. You know we got to watch -- for -- -- he got to protect them that you don't want them. Could be a social outcast -- -- -- you know I mean because it is well before Mike I had she heard the word you know twelve and thirteen. I would look under the impression that you can you know who -- But the thing is -- and even when you're when everyone schoolmate on your chips code they'd all had excellent why. It really as a parent it really urged. Brian let me ask you this if your daughter came home and said daddy. I have a boyfriend his name is -- and and Jimmy is a great guy and we're going out camera holding hands them in -- knees now my boyfriend he's my man what would you say. Well it doesn't actually wanted to get so I can't defend their opinions who I can't. And who can put option they -- true. I two goal of the -- you're old enough. Thirteen year old and they notified quickly -- it's funny they always. They're good cycle through best friend Kevin White background and this is my best friend and every -- control. And with Mike Lowell the best friend is always a girl however. The thing is every so often they become foreign political. And the -- he felt that before -- -- daughter has already told you shouldn't hold me but she call her friend Matt. You know odd -- current boyfriend. Andy -- goal here actually did you find out why -- -- boyfriend and a big car big ball quite this bad. They're one baby sat across from each other during launch. Didn't -- that they want to field trip and good talking about this walk what they should have been looking. That info in it if my daughter came home instead I had -- boyfriend Edward Keating. And boyfriend and beating bush used. In the vernacular a little bit about what you would report sixteen year old would you look at -- -- might be. But opinions. And -- -- year old and thirteen year old hat eight point. I got your friend happens to be a boy I see what -- -- All right. They are important but you. -- the same activities the same hobbies I see -- -- saying Brian I know that I'm with you want yeah that's fine all. Now I'm with you one note to me when I'm in them these two were. You know they weren't Jewish admiring a rock formations together. These two or while watching rock -- together these two. Error. Involved. There was a relationship. It was a -- a boyfriend girlfriend relationship. -- mean if my daughter at thirteen. Is having a relationship with the guys know. And yet not under my roof -- like I said have your lawyer call my lawyer. Dave. Welcome to the coroner report. I don't. You do. You know ordered the problem fifth right now there's too many little kids -- that I felt all over the place. Everytime you walk down the street that actually American -- -- -- -- all of these children have felt all. Number it true that Paris should be held responsible for letting it go ought to wait they have that they can't just do what they weren't built. And number three this year have Mort he just like that brave men do and their teachers they used to have Molly Wood debris -- that can feel. The recent -- model to ball everything that changes -- teaching little kids today are Bob affect fellow with the school yet. So that teachers should be -- -- -- a lot of things category tonight. Bingo bingo very good call they look first of all and I think kids way to young are having access to these cell phones and iphones. And I know you I know -- peer pressure I know everybody else has it but why don't mean just think about it. One of the 1213 year old human life. Police Iran really are you out of it. Until I mean you turned out OK now. You're fine right I mean you know you want traumatized by this you didn't die from a -- -- like that like. Kids feel somehow like they're entitled to everything right away. And the parents have to realize there is a lot of dangers out there on the Internet especially when their unsupervised. At that young age. That's number one number two they've hit it he hit the nail on the head. You've got all of this -- said going on in schools you've got all of these teachers peddling sex promoting sex. I mean for forget sex there already asking the kids in the six day after when -- in the second and third -- 67 years old. You will you like men you like women are you homosexual are you lateral sexual -- bisexual. Our -- transgender you you feel like maybe you're in the wrong body. They're already putting the sick ideas in kids' heads. So what do you think you're gonna have the money at twelve or thirteen and they start hitting puberty -- everybody storming out sucks let's have sex. Donna Europe next welcome. I'm -- -- on the deployment how you I think three girl. And there's that 26 it's funny they want to go to college but. Of them is normal when kids at that age state like. They like boy and believe candlelight Democrat like what is it true that even when I'm technical look at -- we had girl. Hey Donna Donna your phone is is got a lot of static. We're gonna put you on hold make sure you get your phone wind clean and them because you wanna get you back on. And the Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Hello and that they just let -- know when I'm Harry you and pretty good and you know bartender called only work -- ever -- storybook -- Some it was so weird situation a little while back -- the honor of a steel Donna and around -- provide been down there. And the other guys -- all break all along the -- guys are totally all huddled around one year younger are twenty some 211. And I want to explore globally and from more they're solid. And bill -- -- -- around. Resorts were touched on their role in whatever name was Brian. Is our girlfriend sent some pictures trailer opened just a word will will look at it turned the ball on the meat. Totally new record -- girl -- are you seeking -- well that's great for help and then I didn't go from below are some thoughts occur. -- -- make me think legitimate goals you know. Well first -- -- that's the brunt I was could have a guy who refer eligibility program reporting your -- -- but but a lot of apart bit of recruitment -- got a little -- to whom former car or not I gonna fall down for the girl. We -- because. I'm sure he doesn't send these pictures earlier and 200 been written out 64800. Now if let me. Young girl any girl any adult women out there listening right now -- school work whatever you're a guy actually reduce risk. -- remember most of the time or nine insert god they're not gonna -- cheapen themselves -- the guy you know just to emerge shortly. That your twenties so my thirteen. And over thirteen year old that's just that's ridiculous and and so anyway it started I thought I chemical data load that's so. You know it is and I told that -- the girl and it's hundreds. And women. Our girls to really like to believe. That people can be the best that they can be and they are very optimistic and that's great but. It's the reality sometimes -- not the case. And the excellent story well all look I mean I love you baby. It's just for me baby I just want -- on your cell sexy baby I just wanna see your pictures of view -- baby come onto it for me an original okay. Click click collect and then think if you want to -- disrespecting the girlfriend. I mean what a loser. What a loser. This is your girlfriend regards regards Terkel wrote I'm sleeping with regard to -- look at us. Take a look at this Rory. I mean. This is how you treat your girlfriend. Are you disrespect your girlfriend by having your -- look at her mood. 6172666868. Is. The number we're back on with Donna I think we have basic. A clean line Don are you back on. Are your loud and -- can start from the beginning -- you say you have three daughters go. OK I have three daughters and first thought -- -- -- -- rate them to be Christians. They went away -- campaigned in New Hampshire late for the sake beautiful beautiful camp. Great Christian values. But can't at age girl that age especially if they'd like bully. And when I was that kid we went to boy girl party back in the late sixties early seventies. What this thing as is that. As a parent you have to be totally on top of that unfortunate enough to stay home and raise my kids. And -- my girl she had that the double in her eyes if you know what I mean starting in sixth seventh and eighth grade. I'm glad I was home because I'm telling you every night after school I would if I knew that she was saying you know what this kid that I didn't like. Bit that the thing that they do what they go to each other's homes where there -- -- -- and so I would be survey -- the fifth ailing her watching her wish she'd planned calling her out content link following car. Constantly fighting with her. I wouldn't let it go to work that's friend's house for party because I knew the parent -- that that we're going to be -- it is going to be anti -- keep going on. And -- -- forward to now she's in her twenties in graduate school. If she told me even in high school that I would -- for being on top of her all the time and she's been a Christian relationship she's gonna get married there waiting until they get married for you know lack. And I'm I'm thrilled that may be the big bad poker. Really paid off. Gonna tell you what she did Donald tell you what she did you probably most likely saved your daughter from an out of wedlock pregnancy. I could very easily happen that's why so many kids -- teenagers are having. Having children out of wedlock. Because they're in a place unsupervised. The boys want what they want they wanna get an apartment forgive me they wanna get in her pants. The girls that are feeling attractive to the god I love you won't take care of you your my woman before you know it Frankie Frankie goes on. Safe sex is not as safe as people think it is and before you know it. Mommy daddy I cannot say this but you're gonna be grandparents. That is happening all over our society today because parents aren't willing to say nyet. No do what you did -- 6172666868. Is the number. We'll continue with this conversation but now let me throw something else on the fire another log on the fire. What about your -- teacher was a former Playboy model. Which you want. Which. Would you want her teaching your kids in school that story next. Stay connected with scooter rush how -- you and mark look there. -- -- Welcome back to the corner reports 6172666868. We. Would you be OK with the former Playboy model teaching your kids. And in particular teaching. Your kids Spanish. A few years ago. Chris the do we -- shared her dream to the entire world that she wanted to become a Spanish teacher. Now. Listen teaching kids is a beautiful thing it's a very noble profession. -- Spanish as a second language very important language. There's only one glitch year there's only one problem here. She did it. On Playboy dot com that's when she announced her aspirations as she was opposing gay -- She was now she's 21 years of age but several years ago she went by the name of Christine Nicole. And she was featured in the magazines Playboy magazine's February 2011. Issue. She was crowned by the way coed of the month. So she was basically a college student was failing to pay some bills by taking my clothes off. Now via flash forward two years. And now her dreams -- out. Now she's teaching at Rosie Sorrell school of education and social services in Dallas Texas -- So she's now a school teacher teaching Spanish to kids in Dallas Texas. But you may say Jeff Jen Jen. What's the issue here. Well the problem is that the students. Middle school students high school students have all found out at eight. My Spanish teacher pose nude for Playboy she was a former Playboy model just a couple of years ago. And so they went online. They have seen the pictures. They're sending them around it's the talk of the entire school. Every boys and girls hair everybody -- now note. And they can't stop talking about it it's -- led to an extremely disruptive atmosphere. A lot of people are complaining about it teachers are complaining about it administrators are complaining about it even some students are complaining about it. So once stood and apparently showing a picture. Of our Chris the deal Wii's. Two -- mother. And said -- this is my Spanish teacher. And the mother was like why why it. And so a lot of parents. Are upset. They're saying that this is not gonna lead to a conducive atmosphere to learning in the classroom. Has one mother put it quote. There are whispers in the school did you hear about the new Spanish teacher and she asks this question. Can you be an effective teacher won a classroom full of high school boys. Is envisioning you naked tenure female high school students respect you when they've seen you make it. Number one hold on number one. Let's be honest foot issues and Playboy not if she's hot there already envisioning her make. So like you know her being a Playboy they're not looking good -- looking better that way. It's Playboy let's be honest not really. Pornography it's you know. Loans knowing full well that's no it's not her not respond hi it's Larry all it's not hustlers are all like a second magazine. -- know it's a -- I think parents what else is out there. All -- mean Miley Cyrus at the VA amazes way able pornographic that wolf what you see in most Playboy magazines and how would you know. They've seen them both look. A matter of fact -- don't know this but they have -- to us are you seriously if Playboy depends a lot that's why get out of here -- -- about. When you look at subscription owner I think they descended to assess the as a courtesy yet. I will hold on Huckabee beat yet they got to send it to you wouldn't that's how we got to. Well thought -- notes will be someone that you historic like. 567 was stealing us top presented by I thought out Jeff what's the copied my friend my friend -- my friend. I have to Steelers teaching -- -- I -- I didn't know what is this for the AV ITI people or is this for our I don't think everyone gets it everywhere trying to magazines so I always though Tesla Playboy because it's in the black. Last time what you hawk and -- just take them home is that it I throw them away so they can't hit the wrong hands keep them people. So let me ask you this. Would you want me former Playboy model teaching your kids. I'll be honest with you my answer would be -- --