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Immigration rally was held at National Mall despite shutdown.

Oct 9, 2013|

The National mall is closed due to the Government shutdown but protesters were still allowed to hold a rally under their First Amendment rights.

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Welcome to the corner record this is Jeff cooler air Boston's bulldozer. 6172666868. Is the number. You can tax assets 686 -- -- for those of you want Twitter you can tweet us out of the corner report KUNH and -- Good morning Boston. Pub -- as spanning all. That's I mean -- To me that's clearly the lead story. Of everything that's been taking place over the last 24 hours. Yesterday. In an absolutely. Stunning rally up but the national memorial. Major labor unions the AFL CIO. The SE RU. In alliance. With pro amnesty groups. Broke tested at the national Memorial Day held huge rally several thousand people showed up. In which you read member of congress after member of congress. Go and giving a speech. Calling for amnesty for eleven to twenty million illegal immigrants. And my friends. I couldn't make this up if I wanted to. The members of congress. Led by Nancy the Paronto post. But their wish Charlie Rangel. There was Luis Gutierrez. It ran down -- whole list. There was Keith Ellison. There was John Lewis congressman John Lewis all of these. This same cabal of Liberal Democrats. Every single one album. They showed up at the National Mall to speak to this rally. In golf carts. They drove up in golf carts. Golf carts. That were provided to them by the white hoax. Even though there's a government shut down even though apparently you're supposed to be norm mining. For any of these things notice when it comes to the dear leader and his golf course off at Camp David. Are there is golf carts. And then I kid you not he provided golf carts. Paid for by UN mean had to somehow there was money to be found for the golf carts and so they gave money to the golf carts. And Nancy the -- on a Pelosi and Charlie Rangel on -- old gang what drove up there in golf carts up to the National Mall. And when they went on stage. They personally thanked. The dearly here. They said they wanted thanked him for the exemption that he granted so the money could be freed up so they can come in on golf carts. So we basically help pay for the golf carts and they want to personally thank him for the golf carts. Now I want all of you to think about this content you have to stand back then. When it comes to war World War II veterans. The barricades. Remained closed if they wanna go to an open -- World War II memorial. In World War II memorial. That they helped built in World War II memorial that was erected in their name and their honor so when it comes to these 89 year old World War II vets who stormed the beaches of Normandy. And went from island to island from Iwo jima Okinawa to defeat fascism. And to win this World War II. Mount on long haul you don't have a First Amendment right you don't have the right to going go to that mall you don't have the right to organize you don't have the right to go and visit it you don't have that First Amendment right that Wright is not -- But if you're an illegal alien. If you aren't even legal citizen and most of the people in the crowd were illegals. If you can't get this country illegally. First of all. They keep saying -- a First Amendment right this is your First Amendment right to common rally and protest really. Number one. The constitution. Only applies. To citizens of the United States or legal residents and immigrants of the United States. It doesn't apply to illegal citizens are to illegal aliens. Illegals. To non Americans but let that go OK let that go. -- we believe in the First Amendment that's what this one of the founding principles are key principles. Of America I get them. Okay no problem. But hold on now. Illegals can come. The illegals can protest. Illegals can hold a rally during a supposedly government shut down the barricades are open for them. But the World War II vets. Those Americans. -- sacrifice almost everything to defeat the greatest system of evil ever invented. There were that did destroy Hitler's Germany and imperial fascist Japan. The greatest generation that lived. And for them -- on my own home the barricades remain open non non non mall the park service -- among mauled the park service says you can't you can't broke you can show us what protest to show up you gentlemen gorgeous they respects. In -- bend your head down look around maybe say a prayer. But not all you wanna bring in thousands and thousands of illegals and not only -- bring in thousands and thousands of illegals a kid you not. It was a show. This thing was it this was a concert. This wasn't just are really I kid you not it was a show. So then for most of the rally. Six time Grammy winners lost big as though not dead. They performed the National Mall it's a Mexican band which dedicated each song every single song. Do the estimated eleven million immigrants living in the United States illegally and they keep they. Median house minus eleven million figure on -- his tortured a twenty maliciously eleven million just for the sake of argument. So you at a Mexican man. Playing every song. -- every single one did dedicated and in honor of people who come here illegal. And then. When everything is said and done. I want all of you think about this. Not only do they get the permit to rally and protest. Not only did Nancy Pelosi and all of these Democrats arrive in golf carts paid for by you when me. Notice there -- golf carts for the World War II vets. But not and none of them showed up for the World War II vets but suddenly when it comes to the illegals which is essentially volts. That's what this is about this is about importing eleven to twenty million democratic voters. That's what this is all about. All of a sudden. Terrorism money durst. Permits there's permission and then. When everything was said and done. -- Max. There was garbage every where there was food everywhere there were cups and plastic cups and humanely there was debris and garbage everywhere. You know what the National Park Service had to do. Peace people that are now unpaid. How to -- clean out the trash. They had to not only allow them to do the rally. But then they clean up their trash. They had to clean up the ball mall the National Mall. After the easy illegals came in there and held their rally for 456 hours. My friends. Let me tell you what's going on here. And there's no sugar coating -- What you saw yesterday. From our political clocks from the Democrats. From the ruling regime. Was -- collective blank -- It was blank -- It was king George the third and Mary Antoinette all rolled into one you have Obama. King -- king Obama and you have Nancy Pelosi was nothing you Marie Antoinette. And there they are which are basically telling you was this. If you're a veteran blank you. If you're an ordinary citizen that wants to go to mount Rushmore while they don't want should not stopping off on the side of the world Yukon border mount Rushmore you can go to Yellowstone you can go to the national memorial you can go to the World War II memorial you can go to any of these -- you owe the taxpayers blank kill. So if you're an American blank Q after World War II veteran blank do. Bloody fearing you -- goal. On on if you're somebody who broke the law and came in here re legally all you gonna vote democratic. Going to clinic you -- -- Roland obamacare. Dog come on down own it's all wide open let's talk let's open up the barricades. Just like we open up the borders come on down. And so there is Nancy damper on -- seat. In the golf cart given toward by the dear leader. And even openly saying Fred QMR president thank you for giving us the golf carts thank you know. Thank you for allowing -- stop this rally. They are telling each and every one of the. -- do you think you forgive me if I'm they're giving you the middle finger. They're telling you your needs don't matter. Your interest don't matter your tax dollars don't matter -- your rights don't matter. You don't have a First Amendment right to go to the National Mall. You -- World War II -- you don't have a First Amendment right to go visit the World War II memorial but all -- now. If you air Pablo Pablo Escobar. If Europe Pablo Juarez. We're just. Demo of from Solana. And army as citizens -- mama amnesty now all I am now I want Romario. Arizona won a million dollars Sarah we know we're all right now. Then no problem. Just sign up vote for the Democrats and come on down. It's not gonna change. It's not gonna change. Until every single one of you says enough is enough. It's not gonna change. Until every single one of these stops complaining stops whining. And says in the 2014 mid term elections. I am gonna vote. And I'm gonna get my family to vote and I'm gonna get my friends to vote and I wanna get my colleagues to vote. And I'm gonna remember the race. And I'm gonna vote every single one of those bombs that showed up at that rally and every single Democrat who sponsored this rally and supported this rally and promoted this rally. Because I am tired of them stomping and trampling all over us. That's the only way it's gonna change. That's the only way my France. And so my question to you is this. What did you make of the rally yesterday up on Capitol Hill. And do you think there is blatant hypocrisy any blatant double standard. Whereby you legal immigrants are allowed to protest at the national memorial. At the National Mall for -- suppose it first amendment rights yet World War II vets. Are not even allowed to visit the World War II memorial. UN I can't visit any state park we can visit any monument we can visit any memorial for us we get the barricades for them. Come on down. 6172666868. Is the number Charlie Europe's first thanks for holding welcome. Good morning comrade yes. -- -- noticed went to old Bob MacKey seemed to make up his own -- he has and all of a constitution but for using illegal all of a sudden isn't meant that they have to go by that. 3COM. But the First Amendment did you notice that yes. And did you go to some other things you don't expect going to be the same wish -- get most money George sell world. We'll do anything with progressive insurance and make sure he takes care of the republic of Mexico where he wants this immigration bill passed. So 26 he comes up he's got all these people Pro Bowl form. You know -- Would note that the last five years has been trying to get disabled checks they've been denied you know why he's got up island Washington. You go room filled with paperwork on this table that he won't get much but -- -- days. Picture at the Charlie when it comes to giving obamacare and amnesty and welfare -- BP to illegals. All saw. The -- limitless bottom money. It's just it's -- there is no end but how much money can get them. Chris Europe Max thanks for holding welcome. I just -- Most India call mere talk show for a long time now they head down. You know I'm totally agree it's but he because I'm well I'm a veteran myself and my great uncle. Met Pearl Harbor and out to utilize today and you'd wanna go there remember all of comrades that he lost that day. And so or -- -- so for vets like you we don't have first amendment rights. Now and I mean this is pretty bad when all these illegals to come under this country and think that they can run an -- not right at all. And I -- I don't know how well success but it's completely wrong with the government does every single day. Chris you've got to vote. He did you have to vote you have to be you have to exercise your power as a citizen and it's time to vote these bombs out don't forget this in November. 6172666868. Is the number. Is this a case of double standards is this massive hypocrisy. Dave Steve Kevin bill hang on I'll get all of your calls next. Welcome back to the corner record 6172666868. Is the number. Brittany who you wanna go to next. Kevin Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Good morning kept you up a little pull a page out of brought his pockets instead of being on the local book about level he Everton boss didn't. Boston's strong meet Boston still open at age that's not hypocrisy. It is. That they -- for a cause dissension. Slapped in the face. Obama has allowed in five million immigrants since he's taken offense. Mainly from Islamic countries. In changing the fundamentals. Where you walk around what -- yep Boston you talked DC. America's while they're welcome to anyone. -- yes. Participate. Apply. Down side not let us know -- yes it is -- -- legal. Some. I mean back to let the UK men are right or states -- your parents -- something overstate QBs that. Get down eighteen months thirty months. I mean -- -- not okay but yesterday I would have supported every want. The whole million and I would -- to all those members of congress. Okay compile leaving their -- These jets ashamed but what's gonna happen to America where we have unemployment now we're just gonna bring down on the wages. Deadlock that convert every once. Bingo. Bingo thank you for that call Kevin bingo. This this is what I don't get. And misses in particular. Okay my dad was a union man who he worked at a private union in a factory you worked in. I'm a union guy. I private unions of I understand you want better workable work conditions you want better wages I'm with few. What many of you working people in this state don't understand. Is that many of the unions especially the public sector unions are deliberately against you. And especially on this immigration bill. You have the collusion of big business and big labor so I want you to think about the spoke at the next time you pulled the lever for the Democratic Party or the next time you think. This public sector union guy is representing you. This CBO. -- -- corner. They not to Rush Limbaugh and not how we cardinal not come up talking some conservative talk show host. The congressional budget office of the CB oldies or official government statistics. This CBO admits that if you give amnesty. Did these eleven to twenty million workers what's gonna happen is that the wages of Americans are gonna drop like a stone. You working dice your wages all of us but you in particular. Construction. Textiles. Restaurant business Paul -- factory work manufacturing. Whatever it is it's gonna drop. And I don't mean drop a little it's gonna drop several dollars an hour it's gonna drop thousands of dollars a year. And you know what's gonna end up happening. Many -- you're gonna lose your jobs. Because these illegals are gonna under -- wages and they're gonna hire them and you replace you. So this notion. That the AFL CIO or the SE IU -- all of these unions targeted Democratic Party. That Elizabeth Warren or -- -- -- fraud. That they stand there and represent you -- shaft in -- Although take your money although take your cool news although take your volt. And then once in awhile they'll throw you a few problems. But they are giving it to you right in the Mac. Because they're the ones that are allowing all of this massive illegal immigration they're the ones that wanna give them amnesty. They're the ones that are gonna have them take your job and you know what they're gonna say -- -- welfare check. Don't you newly created job -- welfare check. That's exactly what's going on in this country. And it is amazing. You have big labor big government big business all of the big special powerful interest. Now aligned. To bring in all of these illegal immigrants and give them amnesty. As they keep telling you were for the little guy -- for the 99%. Against a 1%. Northern knocked. The rich always stay rich and get richer. What they're doing is they're importing cheap labor and they're importing bolts for the Democratic Party and that you when your family are gonna get hammered. That's your problem. 6172666868. Is the number Steve Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Yeah you wanna get up. Well I want to correct -- lunch and then you're talking about Germany and Japan the that most evil empire. I believe we want our -- what Obama and this regime. But that. And that there is an actual people I don't know what people think is gonna happen one certainly another just say 51015. Million people. Certainly our you know out of these so called shadows. And I got that and -- into a media economy. -- -- You know the economy right now which -- -- out so so people think is gonna happen when you know when something like this occurs when they you know if they get it amnesty -- You can you can it's actually. You know Berry bald -- marketplace. -- this much instability. And and they expect good results. It'll destroy us. There are you know bankrupt us I -- we will collapse if if amnesty is passed we will collapse and you know what the perfect storm as it's a perfect storm. You have eleven to twenty million illegal immigrants so. Were already now about high unemployment well you bring demand you're gonna see many more millions out of work or you're gonna see wages drop but then you've got obamacare. So not only are they gonna be stealing the jobs of Americans not only are they gonna destroy the middle and working class in this country -- you'll be able to earn anything with your money. But. They're all gonna be eligible for so called free healthcare. It's gonna cost us four -- 56 trillion dollars it will turn us into -- banana republic overnight. So that's why I keep telling Americans. My friends. The ruling class is not for you there are against you. And especially the little guy. The little guy you're the one that's gonna take it in the -- you're the one it's gonna take it on the chin. And that's why they're afraid of people like me. Because the only one that's really standing up for you are people like me. Because I'm the one that's saying no this is about Freel. It's good for them if I'm a Democrat if I'm some democratic power broker are up on Capitol Hill I'm looking at this -- some under reelected for the rest in my life. We're gonna be in power for different generations. From a big business Thomas someone make a ton of money confidence. From a big labor promising hey I'm gonna get more more members -- more donors. My -- is going to be taken care for years but you're the ones are gonna be left holding the back. And that's why. Doesn't matter left right liberal conservative Democrat Republican independent. -- it comes to amnesty. It should be one simple answer no -- Heidi signal when Spanish are Britain. Not all OK I did not okay and whatever no that's set period pulls up. 6172666868. Is the number. Coming up next. Priests. Now may be a rescue it. For giving communion. To our troops because it violates the government shut down I kid you not that story next. Come back your corner report busted bulldozer cleaning up -- liberal bulls and I got to tell you the corner man is on over drive today. Now. Illegal immigrants. No problem. Come on bound we're gonna do a very small barricades Freel could you -- its First Amendment you have freedom of expression freedom of speech no problem. If you're World War II -- not. If you're an American citizen and you wanna go to one of these memorials are part at all. -- and here Pablo. Escobar remain Conrad problem okay well now check this out. Father ray Leonard. Is a Catholic priest. And as -- -- I did not know there're that many Catholics but apparently now 25%. Of the US military is Catholic. Many of them like myself very devout Catholics. That's about 275000. Service members. Such a -- almost 300000 members of our military are Catholics. So father ray Leonard father -- Serbs a military base in Georgia. But check this out. Because of the recent government shut down. He was not allowed in fact he was prevented. From celebrating mass at the naval submarine base in kings -- this past weekend on Sunday. And in fact at the chapel there was a huge sign that said shut down. No Catholics service still further Norris. Now. According to father Leonard. He said that his parishioners. The boys the boys and girls our troops were quote furious they were angry. Here's what he said my parishioners were upset. They were angry and dismayed they couldn't believe that in America they'd be denied access to masks by the government. And he said he was stunned there were hundreds of military personnel. Who said not only did they wanna go to mass they want to take communion they want to go for confession. But they were tonight. The government told them yet. When father ray said listen. I'll do a volunteer I mean -- you don't even have to even. Pay some kind of a contract or whatever not all just a -- do it forget it okay L opened the door although the master prompted with thing help close the door. They said no. I want you to think about this. Now priests. Have been told by this regime. That they can't -- -- That they can't administer the sacraments. They can't now according now to what the lawyer. For the archdiocese for the military services the General Counsel. He's now come out and said John shall I getter hope image socially Gator over pronouncing his last name correctly. Apparently now they have been told by the Obama regime these priests have been told. That if they go ahead and administer the sacraments in other words preside over a wedding. Proforma baptism. Hold the maps give communion. That they won't they are they risk being arrested by the Obama regime. According to him it is technically now according to the Obama administration. Even legal. To be performing these sacraments. While the -- while the government is being shut down. And so now they have these priests have now been warned that if you go ahead and hold -- Or god forbid baptize a baby or god forbid hold confession here confession or god forbid administer communion. You're gonna be risking area to be put in jail. You tell me how is this not an assault on religious freedom. Noticed when it comes to the illegal immigrants. When it comes to illegal immigrants. They have the First Amendment right to freedom of expression and freedom of speech but when it comes to the more important freedom in the First Amendment the first freedom. Which is a religious freedom. All then there's no such thing now is religious freedom mom on my own home now the dear leader says I'm sorry. I wanna inflict pain on their shut down. I want to humiliate the Mets I wanna humiliate the troops I wanna make sure you're denied communion. I'm gonna harass the Catholic Church. This is part of the administration's. Larger war on christianity. Larger war on religion. And especially its war on the Catholic Church. That's what this is fundamentally about. Now many priests are now openly sank. They have a moral obligation. A spiritual obligation. To administer the sacraments. To hold mass to hear confession and to give out communion. And you have many military personnel were saying look I'm not risking my soul because of this guy in the White House. My faith -- everything to me. And many of -- saying we are gonna malpractice. Open Civil Disobedience. And if the government wants to arrest -- go ahead and arrest us. And my advice to all of these priests. I know many of you listen to this show. I know your man of god. I know your man of peace. I know you're not men of confrontation. But I'm telling you you have a higher wall behind you and that is natural law. You have a duty and responsibility. To take care and shepherd your flock. And my advice to you -- you going you open those shops. And usage and you knew he knew hold mass on Sunday X. And what are they gonna do are they gonna send in the Gestapo. Are they gonna send them the KGB what are they gonna do send in the park service where they had to send in the park police. Where they got into -- kicked a church doors down and arrest everybody. It is now time for us to tell this Charlotte -- socialist gangster in the White House. They tried this in the Soviet Union. They tried this in Communist Eastern Europe I know they're doing it in China but this is the United States of America. And here we bow to -- -- We don't let anybody take away our our freedoms especially our right to pray. In the religion of -- shorts in fact religious freedom is why the puritans came year in the first place. This entire country was founded upon the principle of religious dissent and religious freedom. And you think you're gonna take that away from us their leader. I've been warning you now for five years. This is not a traditional Democrat in the White House. This is an out of control radical socialist who will stop at nothing. To dismantle. Everything that is great about this country. And so my question do you is this. Should the priests. Be allowed to administer the sacraments. To our military personnel. Or. Should they have to bow to the dictates of the Obama regime. And the guidelines of the government shut down. Is their allegiance to their flock or is their allegiance to the dear leader in the White House 6172666868. Is the number. Bill Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Good -- America. Why is in morning again in America where you went up. Things go well things and know how Tommy Howard they are going well. Every Obama get up and running out of people signing up they hold on hold on hold on how many people are in this country genius. All I think what about thirty million okay so what's what's a couple thousand out of 300 million solely a step -- and it. And I. Like it couldn't stop stop that Sunday at I don't know why I didn't mean it sort of pass that that to clean CR. Then everybody should open up there downloaded this. I'm I'm -- -- this -- -- -- why don't let me ask you this let me ask you this and I'm I'm -- you're stupid talking points that you get from the -- earlier tonight -- original talking points. Let me ask you this because I know you -- our constitution but at least you should know this. Which branch of government has the power the power of the purse string. -- out and so -- and still hold on now so they decide which spending bills to fund did not fund correct this and that doll and -- -- -- -- -- -- lol lol what's been funded. They sent let me. And instead it and that's finding. OK so let me ask you this then if obamacare is here to stay in because you say it's the law of the land it was upheld by the Supreme Court -- you don't think. -- -- I don't think we should have overturned Jim Crow then right because that was the law of the land. You can what do you wanna play many people in OK how about slavery should not have been over call overturned. And how about prohibition should not have been overturned there -- yes. It was overturned that's my point stupid yeah I don't -- it -- -- all China aren't they aren't. Who cares. To put the ball the fact of the matter is they have every right to oppose it pulled on are you telling me now that you want a dictatorship where people can oppose obamacare. So what's the problem that law have been -- blog -- Been repealed and be funded before let me ask you this while we lost that did did genius hung up BC couldn't handle an argument 617206. At 6868. Here's my big question do you genius and all the Democrats. If businesses can get a waiver for one year. If you unions can get exemption if congress can get exemption of businesses can get exemption. Tell me how come the folks welcome Mike can't get a waiver from obamacare how -- the listeners don't get a waiver from obamacare. What's so special about everybody else and not so special about us. -- think about that one genius. 6172666868. Is the number your calls next. Every time they tried it they didn't. They just make him. Welcome back -- the corner reports 6172666868. Is the number. Steve hero Max thanks for holding welcome. Good morning Jeff does -- Just let them into why the country -- -- but let you got morons like bill -- just you know repeat what the the president says you know what I think should happen here because it. You're you're you're talking into the wind we knew when you talk you know about. It again lurched up and we beat baucus that Democrats -- -- to -- to people and what -- congressman's -- it's opposite. Pitched up -- gonna change I think we should chat about what went up balanced budget amendment -- not -- the fiscal -- whatever -- all of this lot. But it but it -- now let's let's have a look at the government cracked -- rich guy Scott were always kidding. But it would just get it all who let. Well we have people get gold mine let a Social Security check -- EBP got off. The food stamps a lot village op Ed lynch well in the wrong -- ball well and don't survive it and the Portland stale on the street be almost I I get to the point or. All I can I can be terrible be beat already all. Thank you for that call Steve. 6172666868. Is the number Lorraine in Europe next. Don't. Yet thank you would cap a good part. In the Bible it says the -- did you see it clear what if traders expect why didn't god is god. So I depth light and the pre shared. Our first and Leonard stern to. Who bringing it should be ministered to -- -- -- Are they get caught evangelical. Group and -- air force. And eight they need they need support and they need to be ministered true you know they show you that something really. Sure oh right on. Even what the government shut down we have that dictator ship that -- violating. Beat the constitutional. All. And what can -- people there who is the only thing we can -- -- know we we've got you form some group. Militias so what ever. You know I -- reading until the dollar low because I believe the last election was stolen. It's not enough that people know they're like an election the people cast votes this guy locked and the people count the votes decide every parent. So you know we are again I don't know if you know. What that charge that the world order looks like in the -- an audience felt fort. But we are up again. Up a lot of power. -- thank you have our caller ring well look this is part of Obama's plan. And it's time for us to speak out. To speak the truth. And to vote. And to hold our politicians accountable and if you really want to know what Obama's plan is my friends I have got unbelievable story coming up.