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Teen punished for being a designated driver.

Oct 15, 2013|

Erin Cox, a North Andover teen, was called by friend at a party who was too drunk to drive. According to her high school, she was in violation of the zero tolerance policy. She was demoted from captain of her volleyball team as well as suspended for five games.

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I'm back my friends. We don't know if you've got till it's gone. Well. I feel I very much appreciated today. By my by both brilliant -- they had a -- genuinely miss him. And I miss them I missed all of you my friends. It's great to be back. Find the the microphone here at W. 6174. Point 666868. You can now access at six days six days -- first -- visual on where you can -- as. The coroner report JUH and he -- jam. Show for you today I got -- free stuff. Huge stack of stories it's. A lot of stuff went on a while I was gone up in the great white north -- visiting family. -- couple days brings us that Trace us. But it it is about costs we have to really be careful now at that's right Paul K another term comes from like killed eighteen hundreds. By today's standards. Let's get your right -- a lot of people are not quite in Canada you know you're completely right Cox I don't know what I'm thinking here I don't know what I'm thinking here so -- up in Canada. You know the land of the maple leaf I can say that well may be offending well I'm offending other leaves out so I got to be very careful. But was upstairs saw some family rating was there on business. I'll explain it all to the next couple of days. But am anyway looks it was successful there was very successful trip up there grace is happy that kids are happy I'm happy. A lot of we're happy and their happy everybody's happy. My I did a great job Jeff well I mean I heard I I got a lot of emails from you about probably. That's at stake -- I mean and I just in the audience. Boy I think what if you guys disagree with obvious think on everything. It was issue after issue after issue. And then what I couldn't get is in their I am in Montreal. Dealing with my Italian in laws basically you know treading water myself. -- -- -- dealing with them on and on this in this. In our communal -- anymore Jeff you're deliberately ignoring as Jeffrey -- you're you're you're giving you're too good for us now Jeff. I'm like no I'm just busy but anyway let that go I'm checking my emails. And I get emails from people like I'm never gonna listen to the show again. If you let a guy like Avi Nelson fill in for you don't you have any control over your show what kind of a feel and are you imposing on us -- -- -- I'm not a puppeteer I can't I can't control his mild. I can't from you know what -- Hundreds of miles away in another country control what comes out of his mouth the -- is the Phil and he has a right to his opinion. It doesn't mean it's my opinion doesn't mean it's the -- opinion doesn't mean his bill cooks his opinion -- Britain his opinion. But honestly I was getting people emailing me saying I'm never gonna listen to this to your show again because your -- and Sox. I'm like why you blaming me for the film. I'm not the Phil and the Phillies is that Philip. But anyway I'm back. My friends a lot all locked the cover. A 6172666868. Is the number. This story. I got you wanna talk about making your blood boil. This story is not just making the rounds locally it is now gaining sixteen nationally. It's going viral. In fact people are so hot about it I was just coming mr. Cox when I was driving in this morning. I you don't like how long drive from Canada you and I came in yesterday. I stopped off at longhorn steakhouse right -- -- -- you know right now my house. And I am having myself a nice for Lei green beans a little bit of salad kinda cheated how to cite a French Fries but let that goal. And there I am enjoying nice steak. You know enjoy my French Fries with ketchup and join the green beans. And I hear the Booth behind me. Don't boost in front of -- the people at the bar and the bartender. Are all talking about this very same story. Now. You wanna see. Limousine liberalism. Run amok. You wanna see cool -- liberalism you wanna see what liberalism has amounted to check out this story okay. This story encapsulates every match shell. Everything I've been telling you about the liberal mindset. Bearing Koch's. COX. Is by all accounts almost universally friends peers at school. Family you name it. Being an absolute model student this story comes out of North Andover she goes to North Andover high school she seventeen years of age. She is a senior. She is the captain of the teams volleyball team. She's an honor student. By all accounts and I've seen pictures ever you know they -- pictures worth a thousand words. This I mean if you want a daughter. This is a daughter you wanna have. I mean she looks wholesome she looks sweet she looks upright she looks studious. Just a model student athlete the all American girl. I hope my Eva. I'd like my -- but to grow up to be Alexis who came. Erin Cox. Is at home. She's minding her own business. She was in our party. She wasn't drinking she wasn't doing drugs in fact she's old home getting ready to. I thought I might minus any sleeping. She's at a home in bed getting ready for the next day. She gets a call from one -- for France. Her friends. Were at a party. There was underage drinking going on and her friend says -- Aaron Aaron I'm drunk I'm intoxicated. I don't wanna drive. I don't want anybody else at this party to drive me because frankly there are all drunk and intoxicated. I don't wanna I wanna get into an accident. Can you please come and pick me up. Now let me ask all of you this question. If you are dear friend called you up. And said hey. I'm drunk I'm intoxicated everybody around me is drunk and intoxicated. I I can drive I don't want them to drive me if they drive me I'm worried you may get into an accident I may get killed somebody else may get killed. Can you please come and pick me up and driving home. What would you do. 199 point 99999%. Of us would say hey sure hang on listen have a coffee try to sober up a little bit. I'll be there and -- fifteen minutes all scooped you up no problem okay just hang tight don't wary I'll be here. Thanks for calling because the worst thing you could do is get behind the wheel drunk or get in a car with somebody behind the wheel drunk. So Erin -- shows up at the party. Right at the moment that she shows up. For whatever reason the cops appeared as well I'm not somebody called I don't know. If you're making too much should always whatever the reason -- the police are also there. And they start making arrests. And now according to multiple news reports. About a dozen about twelve underage drinkers. Were arrested. Basically for being intoxicated. And there was about another fifteen underage youth including -- -- who was there. They were summoned to court now. She was not arrested. The officer on the scene -- one of the officers on the scene spoke to her and testified he would testify later in writing. Then it's obvious by the way she was dressed how she appeared the way she looked the way she spoke. That she was completely sober she had not been at the party she never had a drink. She just was there to pick up her friend. To meet. The issue should be close -- big this is case close. She went to pick up her friend drove her friend home. Nobody got killed there was an arrest some students were arrested okay what this has to do with Erin Cox nothing. In fact if anything I'd say Sweeney he did a great thing you've picked up your friend. And you prevented may be a potential accident. -- on on home. Imagine how long have. Not what the liberals at the North Andover high school school district on -- monitor North Andover school district -- well. Not -- the liberal just stop all. These liberal bureaucrats. Which they -- stupid mandates. And they're zero tolerance policy package or not they said well hold -- Pulled all of this violates the book. We have zero tolerance policy. And that handbook says that any still wouldn't. It's not just that you shouldn't be drinking. It's that you cannot even be near any student or remain in an area were other students and engaged in underage drinking. So just being in the presence of a place where there's underage drinking taking place is an offense. And god violates our quote zero tolerance policy on quote. And so they punish. Erin Cox. Being stripped her of being the captain of the volleyball team. And then they suspend her for five banks. So instead of being given a pat on the back. Instead of being saying hey Aaron Gray dropped. Hey Aaron you're a great friend hey Aaron -- -- got up it. God knows what hour she called you out and went out of your way to help your friend and prevent a potential tragedy. And do you know how many teenage drivers we have that are getting killed are getting in accidents were drunk driving. It's an epidemic. It's almost one story they. And so she she part she potentially prevent this another tragedy like this taking. They have to set an example out of her day after skip school her. And sold this poor girl. Now has been stripped of being the captain ever team they suspended her for five games. And I got to tell you this is. Yeah and that it's gonna be put on her record can have a permanent record. And then you wanna add insult to injury. Not -- you think about it's the parents are livid. The friends are living it -- that were at the party drawn our live it. Her teammates are living. This school every all the stories at the school are -- -- I might add that I think the longhorn steakhouse yesterday. The kind of both Miami was limited lit livid at the woman in front of me was -- the bartender was livid everybody at the bar was livid. -- Look why punish her. -- punishing good behavior. You're punishing this incredible role model student. Because of your insane zero tolerance policy. But he gets worse. Do you think these liberal fascists at the north bend over school district. You'd think they would say to rule this truly is pretty stupid on our part -- all this is a little bit how do we say he had direct a draconian. All moment kind of under the -- stepping has got to slow down a little baby here in north and over. No. They send all lawyer. To court. And they doubled down home. The lawyer doubles their own. Headset and why he's deliberately lice and says while -- -- was arrested. She -- she's she's arrested if she was arrested -- zero tolerance policy and a woman was dragged off in handcuffs daddy's a complete line. She was never arrested. She was just summons to appear at this court because there was underage drinking in which then -- there was a personal affidavit signed by a police officer. We signal she was completely sober she was just there to pick up a friend she had nothing to do -- it's. Full stop. So now the family. Now what you think about the family. This is your daughter. Now they have to get a lawyer they've gotten Wendy Murphy. They are now suing the school district. They now want -- Erin -- is positioned restored as the captain of the volleyball team. They want to suspension lifted and they want her record clients to. But now they got to get a lawyer. Now you go to sue the school district. The school district now is vowing to go after and lash out against Erin Cox and her family because god forbid you should spew should challenge these liberal fascists. Did this Gestapo. These these these these these these bureaucrats. Then that that run that school district what parents. High school heard about the party though they didn't think what she did was admirable. They said by being there hearing it was in violation of their zero tolerance policy. Against drugs and alcohol and clear Wendy Murphy is trying to get the school's decision reversed -- with the kid asks for help. From a friend. You want -- to say sorry I can't help you I might end up in trouble at school aaron's mom went to court to get help but things didn't go away the family hope. The school sent a lawyer there to defend the school. And that lawyer said out loud to a judge and it was a lot. I mean. Now the mother says that this girl airing this fraud trial. Girls at that age you know they're very sensitive. She's very proud of what he's accomplished in school she's a very good girl everybody says that. And she says she's taking this very hard. She feels utterly humiliated. She doesn't understand what she did was wrong. In fact she thought which he did was a 110%. Right and you know what this message to school ascendant. Is that next time your friend calls. And says I'm drunk I'm intoxicated can you please come and help me and pick me up and take me home. You should just say while I'm sorry I you know what I don't wanna get suspended. I don't want my record. To be tainted by this I'm not gonna have my life derailed by this you know what -- drive home drunk take your chances. That's that's the message. Is the most perverse message you could absolutely be sending to our young people today. My friends this is liberalism in a nutshell. Some bureaucrat imposes a mandate. With no common sense. No human feeling. No sense of decency no sense of right and wrong and people innocent people get crushed in the process. And so my question to you is this. What do you think Erin Cox and her family should do. Did Aaron -- should do the right thing in picking up her friend. Or do you agree went to school district. Is that because of their zero tolerance policy she shouldn't have come nowhere near that party. And she deserves to be punished she deserves to be suspended. And she deserves to. Her captaincy stripped 6172666868. Is the number. Is -- Koch's right. Aaron -- wrong who do you side with her or to school board I wanna hear from you Boston your calls next sequestration. Hasn't stopped a RKO talk. It's hot for hill and our constant talk about the heart rate her daughter eerie feel after being demoted from. From captain for volleyball team. -- -- Great stuff. Alan -- was happy to hear her daughter came close friends say she goes to a party because someone there's says okay. I'm hoping homeowner wanna go home assistant save the she gets scared and literally minutes later the police show up. What parents high school -- Welcome back to the corner report 6172666868. Is the number. Bob Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Should take -- aren't due out about -- week. We had a great truck fleet and the -- all I'm that the way to -- a little roll -- that he's locked into your wallet but that you have put you into and -- -- that's the first thing. There should be -- let's -- secure college education and I really doesn't stop. Without an error occurred -- captain should restore. -- so -- -- And shaking in -- cap that sent back to a certain college education they took second and Matt community should come out. And whether it's super ten tournament administrator allows they ship taken and wasn't articulate time. I amen brother Darren thank you for event called Bob that you are anticipated my next point. I want and although moron. Who insisted that this zero tolerance policy be enforced I I want them all the moron behind this that so I'm gonna punish -- Koch's. Because I want his job. This guy should be fired. This obviously this guy has no common sense no sense of compassion. No sense of right and wrong this guy has no business being anywhere near a school nevermind having authority over kids. And so if I were the parents not only what I sued the pants off of this school district. I want bad guy who was behind a decision whatever whoever the person wants I want that person fire. Sean in Europe next thanks for holding welcome. They've got another -- I'm good how -- you Sean. Great thanks so much I -- -- about about -- this issue thought ought be out drinking whatever you know. That they now I'm I'm I'm I'm what this does such a former marine Maria and at the marine in the single bad. It's just wanting to keep my kids it's gonna help people who need a total respect. And I can't see anywhere wouldn't go wrong bombs provided do we know that not thing pops up on the squad that that's kind of been. Not heard about yet which I'm not assuming there would be -- You know -- in the same and the same. Looking at just the way to school district is looking at that's where. I'm what she's just until Pollard should until they -- a short upper house and being in the -- and not peoples but that it will electric presence. By that same argument I apparent the -- that they liked it up I committed the same that. So therefore I issue IPO was also for the underage kids stricken at the party guest I shut up and -- Obama out. So. On the saying this whole thing seems ludicrous and vindictive you know all. About it. -- -- -- and John you know what it is okay what it is it's an attack on personal responsibility. -- that this is what this is. So what they're basically saying is no I'll -- I know what they want I'll tell you what they want. Call on the pull means. No I won't pick up your friend. Tampa called the ponies because we can't do anything without government. Government has the -- involved in memory thing. So mall -- you don't drive the car you're solve. And go to the party and pick up your friend mall all you have to call the poll mean slim campaign caravan. And then maybe we can bring in -- council learn. And the counselor then can counsel all these dilemmas on underage drinking. -- so we needn't. And it's something else my friends. With all due respect to these school officials what business is -- of theirs which students do off of school to school grounds. That's the parents is problem that's not the school's problem. If your kid is drinking underage drinking at a party how is his school's business. It's your business is -- your child. What is not their business. That's another issue here. If there were drinking on school grounds of course that's a different matter but this was at a private party -- someone's house. Kids are drinking or not drinking due to school -- -- that's money your business. 61720666868. Is the number should parent Koch's have been punished. For helping to pick up her friend. Underage drinking at a party. Or do you or do you think the school district was right or like I mean do you think this is liberalism. Run amok robbed Steve Bob John and Charlie John hang on I'll get all of your calls. It's -- -- or constant talk about the heart rate her daughter airing. Feel after being demoted from -- never volleyball team. He's suspended from -- gains in her senior year. This isn't -- trouble waking day. Were raised -- You know he can't rule compassion. -- always -- be -- if someone is in the Alan -- was proud to hear her daughter came to a -- -- She goes to a party because someone there says can you couldn't come -- Oklahoma wanna go home this isn't safe for me. -- should get scared and literally minutes later the police show up. Welcome back to the corner record Jeff Carter Boston's bulldozer back in the saddle my friends. -- -- Honor student and former captain ever volleyball team. Went to pick up a friend -- underage drinking party. A friend set I'm intoxicated I'm drunk I need a lift please come I don't wanna get behind the wheel of a car. She shows up to do a good deed and help her friend. The police show up almost simultaneously. And because of that. The school says this violated their zero tolerance policy that she was around students who drank underage drinking. She has lost her captaincy of the team she has been suspended for five games and now she has a permanent stain on her record. To school district is standing by their decision. People are infuriated. Do you side with Erin Cox do you side with the school I wanna hear from you Boston John Europe next welcome. Good morning that the spirit are welcome back thank you John great to be done. You know I I think people should do what I'm gonna do what I got my car I let it. Jim and up or -- I help my talk today MW lied to -- CE BE I think box by activate our program that EV ERR but -- gonna nominate Alan Cox. RWE BBE I I actually spoke right here or are there. -- this -- -- all of all think that they like in the -- I. Recipient the sale were not gonna do and I also can't help but think the last name. Sorry go here but what are apparent. What are they can't overlook don't know what pocket about that so Courtney Paris but even if they are present at all ever -- So it's built where our host the -- drinking at bat out there is an adult -- name on that beat who is guilty. Up being why shouldn't that -- who it's got the opening -- caught. -- And don't report what's going on what the post well I think that are more important. You are an inspiration. Well we monster here don't ever let anybody I don't think she will -- if you. You did that -- things. Carl bless you John. Look I'm standing behind -- Koch's a 110%. I'll tell you what I'd like to do. I wanna talk to some parents and hand over North Andover I wanna hold a rally. I'd like to bring an army of people right in front of that school. Protest. And I want but school administrator. I want this guy to snap -- look at us in the eyes and tell us why it is girl's life is now being destroyed because she did the right thing. And then I want him gone. I want him fired. Period full stop. 6172666868. Is the number call lean and -- you're from north signed over correct. I am from and I -- over I am outraged. This ridiculous that I attacked money is being spent to find the lawyers that go to lie how original it back. Not into that count it had been at it before and not. Been drinking and attracted my kids went to private school had no I this year. But I think everybody started at 730 should call the north -- of high school I just tried to call them. -- -- -- -- 978. It's going to -- 78% to 94171. Want to. -- -- that second Britney can you take that number down. They get down how many given out throughout the show can you give it again calling. 978978. 794794. What Kevin White -- 1711. I don't have a plan adequately hold on the last -- we'll get to the plan B -- please don't don't don't hang up everybody out there. Please at 7:38. O'clock. Give that number or call. And let the school know that you stand with Aaron Koch's and that you want this decision rescind it. And I'm telling you my friends we're gonna win this. Under this kind of pressure we're gonna win this but I need you I needed to make that call. 9787941711. Commonly give it throughout the show. But we're gonna do this for Erin Cox because it's the right thing to do Colleen I'm sorry to -- -- -- off go ahead man. My plan B and I would do it but I have to go -- -- -- EDT cards -- the putt up on your web site in the of this group like members. If they can't quite until about how they don't know what to deal. Oh my -- calling. We're gonna do everything we can we're gonna win this one my friends none -- we're gonna start standing up to the liberals in this state. They're gonna start to realize you know what this is not -- a one party dictatorship. This is this is not a dictatorship you don't get to destroy people's lives just because you feel like it. Elizabeth thanks for holding welcome. Good morning -- why are you Elizabeth. -- -- -- comment. With the New Hampshire and even -- I'm the mother urged to read our children now. True or not she needed an -- -- it won't want it you're right well. That child we live in very very much like the demographic in the Andover north you know our. When. I got to try to pull out of my high school which for them to get the biggest sports. I'm we'd up what what what copy NH I gave you enter into scholastic a athletic association. It's not -- school for a hold it and you try and create children to participate in our sport you have to sign -- paper you have to say. That you know you will recognize that if they are. -- caught in an environment where drugs alcohol tobacco are being consumed. They will be suspended from the sport team. That being said I definitely think that there's a couple of things here that we are making chill. I'm obviously -- girl was in the wrong place at the one time. And unfortunately. I -- could be goes unpunished that's an old expression. I will say this. I'm I didn't wrap my head around carrying cool even. EBay and he's thinking and even. Think about the port hardy I tell my kids don't even say the port -- there's no party -- party -- having a party at my -- For the simple reason that. I'm you get these people who -- they will actually take it an -- and so I'm. My daughter had friends who literally -- suspended from sports -- it's a hard thing I can understand where. All these people are coming from our -- Oh boy if you start opening the floodgates to say. That. Every kid who -- you know lob the it's significant competition I I my heart goes dark it is to this little girl. And now I'm hoping things go go right track car. Well we're gonna do our best thank you Elizabeth looked generally look I don't condone underage drinking at all. But first of all the outlet the parents the parents who had their children throw that party. Jimmy the don't ask a question I'm asking you mean. You're okay -- 1617 year old kids getting slosh in your own house. That's number one so bad to me is where the primary blame should be should be -- that's -- should be laid out that's number one. But number two. Again I go back to this point. What distorted should do -- school hours off of school grounds. To none of the school's business. It's just not it's -- parents it's your business. Where you're try what's your 151617. Year old eyes that's of course that's your business. And you're the one that should see fit to punish the child mocked a school. If it's on school grounds that's a different matter OK so that's another point but now. Let's just say you disagree with me on -- OK fine we can agree to disagree. This crew wasn't at the party. Just -- never drank. Just strong never participated. In fact she did the most decent thing you can do you've got a friend a good friend who -- drunk. With all of the stories of drunk driving all of the stories of teenagers getting killed my garbage there was a story just a couple of weeks ago. About a young girl dead. Because she got behind the wheel drunk. And that girl calls and says please I'm drunk I'm intoxicated I don't wanna drive I don't want anybody cured and try to -- Please can you come pick me up now I know meeting and say she should have called her parents come on they're teenagers. They know mommy and daddy are Danielle. I did not -- my -- I'd be teed off so you call a friend. And the friend says OK I don't want my friend to get killed in a car accident. And you show up and by the court I'd lock there's the cops. The cops even testify or not she was sober she wasn't -- -- a -- Yeltsin visited him in her pajamas for God's sakes. And instead of saying -- great job great initiative great loyalty what a great friend you war. And all these idiots -- north bend over -- basically destroyed his girl's life. It's simple. It's a very simple. -- did the right thing period. -- you don't get punished for doing that. Not in Jeff corners world may be -- liberalism is a world. Maybe get north and over at that school district but Martin Jeff corners world and not in most people's world. Bob Europe next welcome. Yet jet I think presidential a couple of angles well deserved parity in this site schoolteacher. This nanny state thing established when he is sold on principle that I workshop back there and was drinking that something happened. Long after school was out for the Japanese. Would Klaas president and they want to know what he was gonna do about it -- -- here gave mature about business. Q is -- into the -- this that they get into everyone's like they. The government certainly -- church shall hear you're an athlete lawyer involved in the school. It happened with my -- here in the presence of alcohol. Stimulus addiction Socialist Party broke out because there's ferns and left an -- and so is not fast enough. And take away both his captaincy and characters cross country season. And southwestern pepper him an interruption or how long you are not fast enough. Not fast enough that's. We didn't get recorder news. And they were insisting that he was gonna -- It was or loses captaincy and how that and I would get down to the end registered so every -- it's in the presence of alcohol should be should stand with absolutely. Source of booklet that I want every atrocity gasoline it and I'm scrolling are suspended because they're spending Thanksgiving Christmas and fourth of July where party. That's so we won't that's knowledge -- So they dropped but this is going on all the advocates who do the right thing and a lawyer involved in school the more you can get stretch. Well thank you for that call Bob really good call. My friends the number of that school again North Andover called police call and voice your support for -- Koch's. 9787941711. All take more of your calls next. Coming up at noon and Rush Limbaugh on AM to succeed. Forward Eric. Thanks for holding and welcome. Expert about just welcome mom com you can also and also coming up. I'm not actually disagree with the air but I am gonna play devil's advocate a little about. I'm into that situation like this that I'm number had to -- they're they're going to be tank OJ well I just showed up just just pick somebody up when you know. I mean little historic church but the fact is that when the policeman arrived. They're -- -- there every excuse in the blocks from that from any of the children there. So I mean I'm saying that show that you wouldn't do any of that stuff below involve the party should that you are destroying -- what are what she's saying. And -- you know here. The police have said that she wasn't -- she wasn't at the party that she wasn't drinking that she was there to pick up a friend. Well that's achieved there and then that -- -- that's the problem would be we know that the school rule of us who option. And student leaders and certainly not supposed to be and our record during the school and they aren't there and honestly. Do I think she's probably doing the right thing yes I do not in the situation there. Is that she will probably alcoholic a -- that she's supposed to understand that this leader that's a situation that she couldn't copy of the senate compromise Serb. Yeah and she's ill and and every -- there will be well the kid did a portrait maybe Nomar but just a bit and at the same. You know even if they were at a party they may not been drinking but they may not the other -- yeah I mean. Eric honestly I mean I don't see -- the issue here is because the police who were there said that she wasn't at the party and she wasn't drinking she was there to pick up a friend. -- Europe punishing the one good samaritan. That's liberalism -- a match now 6172666868. Coming up next. The EVP cards goal offline for twelve hours you're not gonna believe what's been taking place in Wal-Mart. Also Bob cost us. Redskins. It's not a racist. Next. This is Jeff Carter appeared to Rush Limbaugh this is very Armstrong. This is how we -- -- we've we've basically this summer and this is AM 680 WR.