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The Government has reopened.

Oct 17, 2013|

Obama signs bill to end shutdown.

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-- reports Jeff Carter Boston's bulldogs -- 6172666868. Is number. You can also Texas at six saving six days and for those if you want Twitter feud between guests at the corner reports say UH NER. Good morning. Boston. Well my France. Very dirty deed has been done. Last night. First the senate. And then how oaks. Voted to end of the government shut down. At least until they're gonna keep the government funded at least until the middle of January. And they also -- -- bell saying -- Which will lift the government debt limit. Until the middle of February or early February. It is without question. A defeat for John Boehner. It is a defeat for Republicans. It is a victory for the dear leader and for the Democrats. I essentially. Obama wanted. A clean continuing resolution. That funds the government that does not defund obamacare -- does not be -- obamacare. That does not even touch obamacare. Any essentially got what he wanted. He also wanted to lift the debt ceiling. Without any significant provisions or strings attached and he -- got as well. So in the short term there's no sugar coating this the Republicans blew it John Boehner blinked. The house Republican leadership blanked. Mitch McConnell blinked. And so in stunning fashion. Mitch McConnell the senate Republican leader mr. squish. Made an unholy alliance with dirty Harry Reid. Desperate to get the establishment Republicans. Back in control of the Republican Party. They never wanted a government shut down they never wanted to confront the Obama regime. They never wanted to challenge obamacare head on and so essentially they cut a deal. And the deal gives the Democrats and Obama pretty much everything that he wants now. It's true Obama wanted this for a much longer period of time we're gonna basically be back at this in three months. So they've essentially just kick the can down the -- Now the only sweetener. That they've put in which is not much of a sweetener. Is that apparently. There's going to be -- a super committee -- in a conference committee. Whereby a house members and senate members of both parties are gonna sit down. And a committee and they're gonna try to hash out budgetary issues. And she areas of common ground or compromise. Whereby they can implement certain spending cuts to try to rein in the seventeen trillion dollar debt. And are out of control deficits and spending. That's not gonna happen. They have to report by the middle of December believe mean nothing is gonna come of it it's gonna be all smoke and mirrors. So basically by January of next year we're gonna be staring at another possible government shutdown and another possible debt limit. By early February. Now. Many house conservatives are arguing that they now live to fight another day. That this was just a skirmish. A battle in a larger war. Let me tell all of you might take on everything that's happened and then I wanna hear from you. The way I look at this is this is this is as follows. John Boehner has shown himself to being inept incompetent house speaker. He doesn't have the ability to stand up to Obama. He doesn't have any serious principal or backbone. He never really bought into the government shutdown strategy. He didn't want that he had not pays for it he had no stomach for it. And that's why the Republicans were divided from the get go and because they were divided from the get go. The likes of Ted Cruz and the likes of Rand Paul and the rights of the likes of Michael Lee. Basically fought this battle with one hand tied behind their back they weren't just fighting dirty Harry. -- -- weren't fighting Nancy the Toronto below -- they weren't just fighting -- dear leader and the Obama regime and the mainstream media. They were the long knives are out from establishment Republicans. Like John McCain. Who were at every term stabbing him in the back. Trying to portray them as somehow these crazy wild man now let me ask you this. If you don't know that your country is going bankrupt. If you know that this spending is utterly unsustainable. If you don't know. That Obama care is the most disastrous. Law may be in American history. Where you know all that millions of people are gonna lose their health insurance. Or millions of people are gonna lose their -- ups. Or you're gonna see. Hundreds tens and tens of thousands of doctors leave the medical profession entirely. So people aren't even gonna be able to get treated in other words people will -- Is it not your moral duty to stand up and oppose. If you're not sure moral duty to stand on principle. It should not sure moral duty to say this is fundamentally wrong and you must warn the American people and stop this before it's too late. What I don't get and what is -- the height of perversion. Is the same people in the room. That people who were saying we're standing on the edge of a precipice. This we're going broke. Pages lifted debt ceiling again. We're now it's seventeen trillion dollars. We're sliding next hearing to eighteen trillion and then nineteen trillion and then twenty trillion and eventually we're gonna bring a book report. They're the crazy once. Let me say this about Ted Cruz. Because now the establishment Republicans. In alliance with the Liberal Democrats and the mainstream media. The elite establishment media. Are now trying to make it seem that Ted Cruz was the problem. That dead crows was responsible. For the death for the shut down that somehow Ted Cruz was responsible for bringing the United States to be. Edge a day of the abyss to the edge of a financial and fiscal Armageddon and collapse. It was dirty Harry Reid. Who would not sign any appropriations bill sent to him from the house because he didn't want obamacare defund it. Or delayed. Not even delaying it for a year. When we conceded disaster that it it's. The web sites aren't ready. Premiums are skyrocketing. You've got the navigators were supposed to help you enrolled they don't even know what the law is it's a disaster from eight to Z. They couldn't even believe this thing for one year why because they want to create in independent -- that the dependency they wanna create constituents. That will become dependant upon government subsidies so eventually they can achieve their real goal which is a single Payer government run healthcare system. And the fact that you're gonna see people die because of this my. Single Payer health care in Canada I killed my grandmother. Single Payer health care in Canada killed my mother. The fact that you gonna have people waiting in -- ways to get treatment. Because there's rationing does not enough doctors there's not enough nurses there's not enough. A resource series. They don't care. They absolutely don't care. And -- what is remarkable and all of us. He's the one source speaking the truth. The ones -- -- putting the interest of the country first the ones we're putting the interest of you -- the little guy first. They're the ones that are now being demonized. Ted Cruz is now being -- turning him in now into the second coming of Joseph McCarthy. In fact you wanna see what a bunch of -- says there are in the Republican Party and this is the real story here you -- and all the real story of the government shut down. The establishment Republicans -- Ryan all Republicans. Have now been exposed for what they are. They are beholden to the corporate bond -- in the Republican Party. They are beholden to the consultancy costs. And a lucrative consultants. They're beholden to Washington and to the lobbyists. And did the echo chamber. That dominates that city over you the American people. And so you have the likes of Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and Rand Paul. Who are facing an assault not just from the liberal democratic left. Push from the establishment Republicans. For members of their own party. So here you have Obama. Getting another blank check. More debt on the backs -- you or your children in your grand children. Where they haven't even put any kind of an obstacle to obamacare nothing not remembered there was even one provision they were floating not I want you think about this look at. They wanted one provision Melamine even the lips. In your heart of hearts you know why I'm right on its. According to obamacare now. There is no way to verify anybody's income. So you could be making a 100000 a 350000. Half a million a million. And still receive taxpayer subsidies. They have no way to actually verify the income of people whether actually eligible for obamacare subsidies or not. Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell even stripped and backed out of the bill. So basically anybody. If they wanna apply for a taxpayer subsidy no matter what cheering com you can get it under obamacare. Even that was too much for the dear leader even that was too much for the senate Democrats. And instead of standing with Ted -- and standing with Michael Lee and standing with Rand Paul and more importantly standing would fuel the American people. Who don't want to obamacare. Look at John McCain -- maniac. It wasn't enough that he wanted to take us into world war three in Syria what did cheerleader but now he's not attacking Obama. He's not attacking dirty Harry Reid I swear to you. And all the big enemy is Ted crows. Roll it. -- election center crucial issue where. He says he's standing with the American people. The American people disapprove of Republicans now by 74%. The highest ever since we've been taking any polls. The American people have been hurt. To the tune of forty billion dollars while we went through an exercise that could not succeed. I am proud of the record of a lot of us for fighting obamacare we spent 25 days and -- 2009. Up until Christmas Eve morning. I campaigned across this country from Mitt Romney said. Elect me Romney -- repeal and replace obamacare. You cannot change obamacare until we have a Republican president. And Republican majorities in both houses and that's reality. And to tell American people. That you can't. Defund obamacare. Was a fool's errand and that perception of the American people. Unbelievable. Basically saying that Ted Cruz was there was a fool's errand he -- Ted Cruz like the American people. -- -- Now I want you to think about this okay. What was the central promise. That Obama made Obama. The dear leader made about obamacare. That if you like your doctor you could keep it that's a lie. That's -- irrefutable now that's been shown to be a law. That if you like your health insurance plan you can keep it that's a lot. Now people are getting kicked off insurance plans all over the country. People losing their health insurance -- have to be forced into these obamacare exchanges all over the country in fact many are coming out regular short. A daily coax a left wing blogger said. Same health insurance same plan same coverage. My premiums have gone through the roof can afford it. My wife can afford it I can afford it. I'm not gonna have any health insurance. This is happening to millions of people. Obama said that your premium cost would gold down 2500. Dollars they're gonna go up by 3456000. Dollars you are getting -- Q -- do you. So what is instead of attacking Obama. He turns around and attacks that groups. Why. Because they're afraid of you. They're afraid -- viewed the peasants. Are now going to be running the Republican Party they're afraid now that pit crews and Mike Lee and Rand Paul. Because they have been so eloquent and so particulate and so principled and so vocal and so aggressive. And standing up to obamacare and exposing its numerous countless flaws it's fatal flaws. That now they have taken over the Helm of the Republican Party. That they have taken over the leadership of the Republican Party sort of cling to their power. Dick cling to their committee chairmanships. To cling to their profile puff pieces in the Washington Post and CNN and the New York -- They now we're gonna go on a Jihad against Ted -- I'm up against it but let me just say this. This was not a fool's errand. Because mark my words. They shut down will come and go. But by next here. Obamacare. Will be even worse. And what is going to be sheered into the public mind. Is that the Republicans. Led by Ted Cruz and Michael Lee and Rand Paul. Maybe principled stand to save the American people from this oncoming train wreck. And mark my words my friends. 2014. Will be a referendum on obamacare. And this is where the Tea Party may be we lost the battle but we will win the war. How we Sean pomp and Kevin Julie -- hang on I'm gonna get to all of your calls next. Usually know. Once we have -- him. Able to miles. Insurance through eighth -- So that you can get the same good breaks as they -- Future employers -- big company you can get right now which means your premiums won't go down. Agree -- avoid it we'd love that. 617666068. -- Boston's talk station AM six. -- But -- Republicans question. Care plan and view the race saves today. How dare you and other Republicans. Have been too -- didn't do half way and they agreed on the cover up or shut up. And they have one before I didn't think -- but what the American people want -- Oh my god and everybody living together in a circle and loving each other and no acrimony and nothing would -- -- whenever but it won't and if anybody in the room that ligament and for the Republicans. Every didn't make me. To try to make everybody like them and what they ended up doing is creating one of the greatest political disasters I've ever seen in my life. Welcome back to the -- reports 6172666868. Is the number of that was of course Rush Limbaugh. He says it's one of the greatest political disasters in his lifetime. That the establishment Republicans capitulated. They bought into the conventional wisdom don't stand up to Obama don't fight Obama don't oppose obamacare. And now it's turned into a debacle for John Boehner and many Republicans. Do you agree do you disagree. How we Europe first thanks for holding welcome. Good morning jobs are look right now there's a massive somewhat of US treasuries. Are the areas -- -- we will no longer be able to borrow any money from foreign nations they know that the dollar bill is depreciating. And they that they know that that dollar build its gonna be worthless and and the full faith and credit of the United States is not -- be there. And when the bankruptcy does comments can be like Cyprus a bit next here and that ATM machines are gonna shut down. And there's smoke screen of obamacare. Right now weren't so much debt it doesn't matter whether we keep Obama care all get rid about. We are salt foreign debt right now all that ought to do it it's beyond our ability to pay. And endara so this this is nothing more than a smoke screen we -- we should just racetracks. We're gonna that's all. And it again would do we have solid first it did there's a good model every shot a backstop but two weeks people couldn't get their money out and the government. Took 40% of the deposit money are and replace them look I don't use are the pay off the national debt. That's what's coming here it's all this nonsense about obamacare not matter whether we keep that -- not people who bought bankrupt. How we before I let you -- let me ask you this question. If I could make you king how we for a day. Like I say how we. You can now run the United States for a day yes would you. Are you with the likes of Ted Cruz and Michael Ian Rand Paul who say you've got to cut the spending. -- -- Paul's father I would -- I would and did get machine that means get rid of the Federal Reserve band. Go back and a gold standard. Excellent call thank you protocol allowing 6172666868. I'm with Rand Paul on sorry Ron Paul on a lot of things. One of the biggest ones and the Federal Reserve. Dots the mother credit card I just keeps these deaths coming by printing more money. I think he's completely right I would dismantle that baby tomorrow John Europe next go. More significant argued that I'm good how are you John very well and -- crew of people that aren't org. Is a patriot and hero. You know it's that simple place that we both are. You know what they think in the future with your children out. Pick a position where you're at everybody's saying you're wrong but -- you all aircraft -- solely for the sake I am pocket. Our -- if he's just hopefully not show up -- the -- we're trying to say here I'll never buy out there. Well what insights are -- what's gonna happen at 7UP from about. You know and and -- -- liberal I myself I would expect you won't -- -- -- up well welcome -- -- are. The former liberal that are going to be -- -- -- say I'll let you know what you're talking about. Actually -- -- Let me just as -- -- a professor of history let me tell all of you very famous story. And I never want you to forget it. In the late 1930s. There was a poll taken in England. How many. Supported Neville Chamberlain's policy of appeasement. And how they supported the government's policy of this arming of disarmament. Because they don't want another war. And so one of the few people that opposed Neville Chamberlain was Winston Churchill. And so one member of the government got up and said does the honorable mister Churchill. Not understand. That over 90%. Of the British public supports the policies of this government on appeasement. And on disarmament and on Nazi Germany. And Churchill very calmly got up. Took a sip of water looked around and he said that's okay they'll eventually get it right. My friends. That's ten crew. Unfortunately it. Once again it appears the Washington establishment. Is refusing to listen to the American people. AM 680 WRKO. It is good for the American people. This should be good enough for the president Michelle the kids my family all of all the government families who who voted for the legislation they should be panic station. You have -- own gold plated health care plan and I don't think it's reasonable to meet the argument that the president's gonna shut the government down. Because he doesn't wanna -- obamacare because I'm finally got it in my life I need to my mom is a good level and she loves you just have to remind yourself. Com but I think -- part of the problem. Depending upon because the Republican caucus and sometimes can be unreasonable we'll look how far we -- he said one of -- funded. And now we're gonna deal -- and now we're just gonna ask for some very simple tweaks and reforms in if you actually called not -- little ball guess inside. Why won't you join obamacare it's good for America to -- -- Dollars and congressmen Sean Duffy. Morning show basically calling out to -- diversion scheme and the lives. The saying hey. If it's good enough for the American people. Why isn't good enough for members of congress how come they get an exemption. The so called bitter amendment which said -- it should force every member of congress and every staffer on Capitol Hill to automatically enroll in obamacare and get -- subsidies. None whatsoever. So you don't get to keep your gold plated health care plan. Now. Here is John McCain. Make a maniac. Yesterday with Greta Van Susteren. Saying owned she slow even on normal. At the only limits are willing to. And is now what is it took care of itself today didn't they didn't put the bitter amendment -- and I know that you can you -- -- -- out the staff but the senators made sure that they they did this. Government contribution why did not take care of yourself today. You know that's his -- convenience happen. It's convenient and again his contributes to the cynicism that Americans have they want us to live like they do end. Obviously that exemption -- -- they've added money for -- that I have. All noticed noticed she won't talk to a ten foot pole. Noticed. Are now -- also and I'll get to the -- a second that's I -- there's mortars and believe it or not my friends. There's so -- Dave loaded up the spending the continuing resolution and let out opening the government with pork barrel spending but you're gonna have to pray for. But that's coming and a second getting back to McCain. He changed and changed on this milestone moment just contributes to the show nationalism excuse me. Why didn't she say. You don't have this exemption we will not to re open the government. Periods. And the story. This is so flagrantly you moral. It's so flagrantly a double standard it's so flagrantly violates the rule of law. You can have one set of laws for members of congress and another set of laws for the rest of the American people instead it contributes to the cynicism now before I get to the blazing wants. You need to be aware of two provisions that. I don't -- I don't mean to get your blood boiling what you need to be informed of what these crooks in congress are -- that expression that Democrats. So. They needed Mitch McConnell supports. Because McConnell could bring a significant number of Republicans. To reopen the government and in particular raise the debt limit so they can keep spending money that we don't have. So firm Mitch. Squishy Mitch. To get him on board DS what they poured into the bill to reopen the government. And our three billion dollar package. Are three billion dollar spending. Proposal. And appropriation. To you guessed it. Find a massive dam. Where do you think they're gonna find this massive down. All what a coincidence. Mitch McConnell home state of Kentucky. Yeah. Home state of Kentucky. The grip the damn that he wants that he's been asking for funding now for years they slipped bad maybe in there basically I scratch hill. You give the dear leader what he wants and we scratch your back Mitch. Now it doesn't -- mayor Childers three billion through by the way this is -- to reopen the government they put in three billion dollars for that little pork barrel project check out this one now. As you know there was a special election yesterday in New Jersey Cory Booker the Democrat won. The reason why there was a special election was because the previous senator -- I. Caught us senator Franco Wattenberg. Liberal democratic hack if I've ever seen one I mean he was an automatic yes for Obama. On anything I yes for Harry Reid on anything he was essentially the bag man. For the Democratic Party. He brought in money and he pulled the -- does he was not a loyal apple as they say in the mafia parlux. Frank Lautenberg. Is worth. Over 56. Million dollars at the time of his death. He -- loaded. -- -- the richest members of congress he sold loaded then he purchased they one point eight million dollar Condo. At the west and Ritz Carlton in Washington believe me I've been around the west and Ritz Carlton it's it's not five star at six star. I mean it's you wanna talk about all our. A swanky plot you want talk about a swanky Condo you don't get swank here cannot place. But to reward Franco walked Burke. For being the hack that he is I swear to you look it up. They stuck in the bill. A 174000. Dollars which is the equivalent of one year salary. For all frank. True he's widow. Bonnie Lawton Burke. They -- kid I kid -- not eight per vision adaptable. Hey frank Wattenberg is win at all. On 174000. Dollars saying well poor frank passed away. And I guess you needed a 174000. Dollars and because frank was such a good loyal hacked he was such a great malt liquor he was a loyal soldier we reward our loyal soldiers here in the criminal gangster regime so we're gonna give you 100. By the way you paper. On 174000. Dollars. Took the widow. She doesn't -- me the money. -- -- -- I don't respect. You communion shall we were smoked I'm -- take -- you you think cure me and I think -- -- I think this is. This is what they did. Last night with our money my friends. And this three banks that are saying stop with the corruption and stop what this is not a control. You're robbing the American people blind cruise Paul finally there's the problem. Only -- liberal law law land. John Europe Max thanks for holding welcome. -- -- Yeah I'm very did you John. I can able. Aaron -- saying we didn't have any Republican during world war -- All all the -- news drop -- state stated the turn of the people want you to -- -- the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I had a couple more things are that's what I -- the true and you know you're right right but it ruler who flew on that anyway. You've got everybody thought Obama Modine. They're in this shut down all the crazy things he shut down people haven't seen nothing yet. This -- unbelievable that people can be push and the last thing you Democrats are. When you get your government that you -- What's gonna -- -- actually pretty Whitfield government you are have to keep it damn mouth shut and certainly hadn't -- I want out that's. But sort of. Thank you very much on -- I keep telling them the Republicans are gonna come back to power eventually. So what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the -- -- don't come complaining when people are spying on your emails. Force. Listening in on your phone calls. Or or reading your your your text messages guts -- You're the one that started this so you're gonna have to live with the consequences. Tom Europe Max thanks for holding welcome. -- -- -- I mean that everything's self explanatory. And and the decision that maiden and the what we need -- more people. Like let cruise Paul and -- and to oversee the positions of -- -- leadership everywhere in and out of government. That's what we needed it and hopefully we'll have up. -- Tom let me tell you what I think needs to be done in fact I'm thinking of making this my column in The Washington Times this Friday. John Boehner has got to go. John Danish cargo. -- the guys useless. I -- this I mean. -- he's the guy no really I'm telling I think this guy belongs in the wrong country I think this guy belongs in France. I I mean you look at a -- the French they love the pan themselves they're obsessed with sun bathing and -- themselves I look at him he's always been a tanning salon and Barack the French like wine he loves wine. They love wine and she loves wine and cheese he loves to stay up -- at night drinking what his buddies. Very for. If John Boehner should be in France. Because all he knows how to do is surrender. Just like the French. That's all I'm and cry and it when he went and surrender put his hands opens and is not didn't fans. That's John Boehner so okay well if you guys you wanna become a banana republic -- my guests. But don't come crying to me Anthony Europe next welcome. Jeff first tomorrow I'm going -- -- -- -- registered independent group of I'll look at gonna really upped the work during my vote. Second of all all this talk about changing the read it may be good offensive. I don't worry republic get back there now I want you got it ain't changed the maybe girlie man -- -- That House of Representatives. Went. This stenographer greatest knock her -- House of Representatives. Went a little knots yesterday and started ranting about the US government. It's becoming an absolute sensation like did you not on Twitter you'll hear it next. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And blocking a great break. Where the need a little money to consolidate -- pay -- high interest credit card debt for you wanna do some home improvements or maybe just wanna put some cash back in the bank network capitals cash now -- we'll help you get it done and right now you can lock in the crazy low -- PR two point 79%. 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That was Labor Day weekend the system's failure delayed processing unemployment checks for a 150000. People. The employment development department apologized for the lie and posting a message on its website that employees were working all around the clock and through weekends to handle backlogged claims. And still not fixed the Sacramento be investigated they discovered. State officials knew -- advance about the computer upgrade problems but they pressed ahead anyway -- -- believing only a few people might be affected. The state spent 188. Million dollars on the system upgrade but failed. Earlier this year the state abandoned another broken upgrade. But the state payroll system that cost half a billion dollars. Governor Brown's press office try to blame their problems on phantom federal spending cuts the media obliged just like obamacare 600 million dollar website has described the computer failures as a glitch. Now the real world calling its massive incompetence -- -- wouldn't cut it. The officials in charge California's unemployment system greatest state payroll upgrade and obamacare honcho Kathleen Sebelius would have been marched out the door in disgrace. Within hours of their very public failures. But -- government failures acceptable even rewarded. Charles answered the phone it was the police his personal and financial information was found it. On an identity thieves computer disk Charles called lifelike the industry leader in identity theft protection. You see life locked uncovered multiple fraudulent credit applications they shut him down they help Charles restore his good name and credit. Identity theft is a global crime and you cannot fight it alone. Stories like this. Remind me why I chose to protect myself and my family would like flock ultimate. 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We worked too hard to not keep what we've learned and pass it along to the ones we love. And a major part of managing your assets is knowing how to avoid unnecessary taxes. Bill Kelly and his team will help you do just that so call now and ask for your free asset transfer report. The number again 88881881. That's 1888801881. Welcome back. -- Boston -- -- 6172666868. Is the number. -- there was something really strange. And you wanna talk about bizarre that took place yesterday. Towards the tail end of the house vote that ended the government shut down a stenographer just she snapped this demographer snapped. And started ranting mindlessly on the house floor how to be escorted out of the room. Now very little is known about her so far. But here is the audio of her rent and I got to tell you my friends brace yourselves. It's something. -- -- Brittany. Yeah not enough -- yeah yeah not being I mean you want to keep yeah. Didn't. Yeah. -- Yeah. Make it's. Yeah. What hey yeah. I yeah I cannot -- I should -- a -- now apparently. Members of congress have told the Washington Post and others they -- this demographer -- well moment. Very nice day like her a lot they have a lot of sympathy for. They're saying Adam. Insists there was disturbing she just snapped. She just our shut down this step or she's speaking the truth. Constitution was written -- free masons. -- historical fact my friend if she does she chose. Grabbed the microphone. Actress went on -- -- she's the stenographer. -- -- is way I used by what they say it is -- into the says the pipe but but but but -- As huge as I've just grabbed the microphone and just lost that. I yeah I young coming up and coming up next. Who was the architect behind the government shut down strategy. And you wanna hear about an unbelievable -- states story New Hampshire we till you hear this one. Next. This is Jeff -- we had to Rush Limbaugh this is very Armstrong. This is how we card catch we've we've basically this summer and this is AM 680 WRKO. Boston Boston.