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Obama says we should stop being so mean to him

Oct 18, 2013|

The Whiner In Chief has a "do as I say, not as I do" mentality. Shocking!

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Okay. OK okay. Okay. Okay. Welcome giving clear record of decision Jeff Porter plus. I'm so ahead. I want everybody to know why I love Obama. I loved the dear leader yeah. I love Obama here. And I love everything about this president American people's hopes and dreams are what matters. Not ours and our obligations in parts of them are regard for them compels us in the hall. Democrats and Republicans. To cooperate. -- I'm sorry. I'm certain insulting you move forward and I love you. I love I love this country and I just one assault to get along. And I know it was just I guess there was always the Republicans and conservatives like -- partly dealers -- the visit. -- not you we have martial law but that means in my colleague knows what it means is that you can put a bill on it just minutes. Your take on what we're facing right now on this country. Look at the rerun of the consideration. Because they're -- group narrowly conceived. Dog and I believe both and racial justice Sam gender equality and had a big American dream. Is this struggle and -- weird thinking like it's almost gladiator Tyson and I'm happy that the positions where. The Republicans speaker Boehner Paul whole -- divisions well we can't do it. We've got to help for the. And compromise and good faith we are Americans first slight disagreement and not mean this can't generate. This could be catastrophic insane chaos nuclear bomb program obsession to. -- To millions of people. These threats were about the clock causing economic chaos of some ideological extremists were -- responsible members of congress gimmicks demand a ransom extortion and this cockamamie idea of France and take or hostage taking -- that's not being faithful to what was the. Welcome good scooter keyboards Jeff -- busted bulldozers. My friend. I'm cleaning up a whole lot of liberal people that are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 6172666868. Is the number we have martial law. You can fax -- at six days 6 AM for those of you want to Twitter. You can tweet us throughout the show throughout the day out of the corner report. KUNHNER. You wanna talk. About -- -- face to present. You wanna talk about -- hypocrite in chief. I mean you wanna talk about amass derby essar. Alone won't -- It was on full display yesterday. So. They government shutdown is now as you know over. They've now basically reopen government until. The middle of January. They've lifted the debt limit until early February. And the dear leader pretty much got everything you want it. Now. After nearly two weeks. Whereby this president. And his allies in the in congress where he deliberately sanction. Harry Reid Barbara Boxer you can run down the whole list Sheila Jackson only. Where they're running around calling Republicans calling conservatives calling Tea Party people. Arsonists. A nuclear armed terrorists. Kidnappers. Deadbeats butchers spool it ticks extortionist. Obsessive stuff. Are extremists. Now yesterday. We -- blinking and nine. He stands there are kid you not like he somehow -- -- he stands there like a black -- all of a sudden. We have to get beyond their differences. We can't allow anything to degenerate into hate. -- we have to learn now to do the business that the American people sent to us to -- We have to stop all of the heated rhetoric and the name calling to cooperate. And compromise in good faith we are Americans first I still disagreement. Cannot mean dysfunction you can't degenerate into hatred. This guy's unbelievable. I never questioned never question the fact that Republicans. And Democrats and independents love this country. Love this country. I never question. But I have to say when you start acting. Like you're committing domestic abuse you've got a problem. And it went on for two weeks. This and now this is a very important point. It's now come out it's an open secret now it has been multiple media reports. All bomb all wanted the government shut down. This was in fact the planned. Strategy of his top conceal the area's top advisor Valerie Jarrett. She told them you wanna win the -- fourteen mid term elections you want the Democrats that they backed by house you wanna be able to ram through here the rest of your remaining socialist agenda. In particular amnesty for illegal immigrants. They what you have to do is you have to get that Republicans. In two -- shut down. And then she said used as an inflammatory. And and -- injury rhetoric as possible you have to polarize them Cheniere arm slander him. Destroyer. Her words. That was her strategy. So that's why they called in Harry Reid in the senate Democrats and they say you waging a scorched earth policy. What we want from you very simple is you column as many names as you can possibly call. So the American people end up despite rising the Republicans. And blaming them for the shut down and portraying them as a bunch of right wing -- extremists. Now don't listen to me. Listen to Newt Gingrich roll it cooks it. I think this is a very sensitive to this country. Sadness sad but political or religious personally this is sad day because. The -- instead they've first of all because the president adopted the strategy and vilify his opponents and refusing to negotiate anymore. He got what he wanted on his charms and -- it teaches us what he's gonna do next. Which is vilify his opponents and refuse to negotiate. -- mean that was that's shall we saw for two weeks. You're just could be catastrophic insane chaos nuclear bomb Republican obsession to undermine. Health care. To millions of people these threats run -- the clock cause economic chaos of some ideological extremist if you were responsible members of congress gimmicks to demand a ransom extortion and this cockamamie idea ransom take a. And now. And now. She's lecturing us. On how we have to come together and cooperate and saying -- by yeah I'm not call each other names and pull down their rhetoric and this is degenerating into hatred now want to we operate. And compromise in good faith we are Americans first and that's -- disagreement. Cannot mean dysfunction now. Degenerate into hatred. My own -- and in. Soul what are you doing when you're calling them terrorists and anarchist -- Suicide bombers and extortionist sent a ransom acres and obsessive and and and again and on and on it went what oh what is that. That's fostering peace and love. That's that's what that's fostering reconciliation. That's a great -- a beautiful way to negotiate -- it's a great way to sit down and negotiate. Notice. Now after having caused the problem. After being the most divisive. Polarizing. President. May be in American history. This very man who waged a scorched earth campaign. To portray essentially conservatives are sub human. Have you noticed he doesn't even call terrorists terrorists. What -- call Nadal Hasan the Fort Hood shooter I was workplace violence he wasn't a terrorist. What about flash -- and speed bump here in Boston where they radical Islamist terrorists. Where they are big extremists. Wrong home. This -- unbelievable. But when it comes to his own 2222 up and members of his own country. To members of the Republican Party to the loyal opposition. Duly elected by the American people. Everything is fair game. And if you wanna see. Just what kind of a socialist thug. Liar and gangster this guy it's. Now. She even intimate -- yesterday's press conference. That there should be no criticism of him. That he's now urging Republicans and everybody and not just on Capitol Hill but Americans everywhere. No don't listen to talk radio. Don't listen to all these voices of dissent. Don't listen to all of these voices that somehow. Criticized the dear leader or oppose the dear leader because god forbid we should have freedom of speech and freedom of the press and freedom of expression and his country. I'm on my own. He's the dear leader. We have to just bowed down and accept whatever he bounces whatever re impose on us and be grateful that we have such a brilliant man in the White House. Because he's infallible. You see Jesus. That's you can criticize Jesus small problem Moses you can criticize exist. The founding fathers across the -- all you can slammed up all day. But did dear leader -- -- all along. And show this all comes back to blaming you guessed that. The real media opposition in this country people like you mean people like rush people like how we have people like mark glove and people like Michael Savage -- can count us on two hands. Where the problem. Why does a girl -- and always loses elections there tends to do lately but why -- -- so the American people because they still count blacks as three fifths of I mean this was the stuff. That the left is vitriol. That they were just spewing for the last two weeks. So yesterday the dear leader now notice he didn't chastise MS -- BC. He didn't chastise members of his own party. Didn't single out dirty Harry. He didn't single out Barbara Boxer. Didn't single out chair Sheila Jackson Lee he did say these guys on MS left BC you guys got -- on Adonal element. It was all Republicans. And conservatives and in particular. Talk radio cook's -- -- maybe. We don't have a pocket and rate trust. The NSA shouted out. The NSA didn't want us to play the clip whereby there's a dear leader. Going on about conservative the talk radio and we shouldn't be listening to talk radio. And that talk radio is now overly dividing this country on and on when he's the one. That has been the most divisive figure that this country's ever had maybe in history now. Before I take your calls. Here is something. That the media doesn't want to point out. And I pointed out in several columns and it it can't be stressed enough. Never before in modern American history. Has any government passed a massive entitlement program without significant. Bipartisan support. Whether that be Social Security. Whether that -- Medicare. Whether that be Medicaid. Even a major piece of legislation is not an entitlement but a major piece of legislation like civil rights. Why. In fact more Republicans voted for civil rights legislation than Democrats but let that go -- we Democrats liberals don't want you know the real history of civil rights in this country but let that go. Why. Why has that always been the tradition in the United States because it's when you imposes massive change upon the American people. You wanna have enough social stability and political consensus. To say hey look. Enough people ball from both parties Republicans and Democrats agree that it's necessary. What has never been done. Ever. Ish to impose a massive change that revolutionized. Is 16 of the US economy. That in fact is so intimate so intrusive so invasive. It affects nearly every American's personal life there -- what's more important than your health. On a straight party line vote not one Republican vote not one. And then the democrats' turn around and say all book all -- were open to Republican argues. All all and opened the Republican argues. Really. How about allowing insurance to be sold across state lines react. How boat. A proposal after proposal. Whereby you can have people. I have more competition. More choice how people have more access to health care -- and yet. Now they did not bad idea was shot down as well how about expanding health savings accounts yet. Every idea that the Republicans put forth or when they said. Don't have the contraceptive mandate and yet. Don't tax the medical devices yet. Every constructive idea don't have congress be exempted. If it's good enough for the American people should be good enough for the for the members of congress. Every Republican proposal -- idea has been shot down by the Democrats. So. You ram through. One of the most sweeping. Destructive. Laws in American history. That affects every American at the most personal level. Does the government revolutionize. And take over 16 of the US economy. And when the people react and say they don't want to cure the problem. It is Obama. That gave birth to the Tea Party. It is Obama. That has created all of this division and opposition. It is Obama and the way obamacare was rammed down the throats of congress and the American people that is now the reason why we are so divided and polarized as a nation. So when he stands there and says all we have to learn to get along we have to learn to cooperate we are born to negotiate. Hey don't cast stones. Look at yourself first. Here's the problem. The reason why this country so divided and so bit -- bitterly polarized. It's because of you. And because of your policies. Did that ever occur to you dear leader did that ever possibly occur because you're such a narcissistic did it ever heard you that maybe you're the problem. So let me ask all of you this. What do you make of Obama. Yesterday now coming out and lecturing the American people how we basically now have to -- -- by Yahoo!. We have to put our differences behind us we have to get along to go along. We have to now basically. Learn to cooperate and be more by car design. And more tall around. And more excess. Thing. Do you want more conflict. Or do you want less conflict on Capitol Hill number one. Number two. -- talk radio to blame. We are looking -- here is Obama. In his own words blaming people like me for all of the suppose it anger bitterness and division in America -- at Cox. Because we've all got a lot of work to do on the -- the American people and that includes. The hard work how regaining their trust. Our system of self government doesn't function without them out of the government has reopened this threat to our economy is removed. All of us need to stop focusing on the lobbyists and the bloggers and the Talking Heads on radio. It's unbelievable. So basically he's been so do you blame talk radio. Do you blame the Talking Heads on talk radio AKA people like the corner man for all of this supposedly. Bitterness and division. In the country. I wanna hear from you 6172666868. Is the number. Your calls next. We've all got a lot of work to do on behalf of the American people and that includes. The hard work of regaining their trucks. Our system of self government doesn't function without them and now that the government has -- and the threat to our economy is from. All of us need to stop focusing on the lobbyists and the bloggers and the Talking Heads on radio -- look at. I think this is a series of sad sad but from -- religious preference this bad day because. He's just ended first of all because the president enough for the strategy and little by little routine if you do go to sleep anyway. He got what he wanted on his terms in a way that teaches us what he's gonna do next. At noon rush pine needles. It was a fool's errand followed recruitment taking -- somehow went through government we defund obamacare. Why does a group of him and always loses elections are tends to do lately and why they got themselves the American people because they still count blacks as three fifths of find a man who was always. Obama has no interest. In reducing the debt and the deficit. That's never -- To increase entitlement he believes he's he's as senior level he wants to spread. Well he's been open about that. Welcome back to the corner record six point 72666868. Is the number. John -- first -- You're -- disappear artists that I am -- huge. Very well thank you on the safe to -- I thank Mr. President I think that wreck the economy won't be removed. On the what are you seeing you -- 2017. And I think everybody else that well it -- so that you can probably -- out he's a lawyer president. Compromise. What Democrat they want it wouldn't if they were not according to the right vote as. As are registered voter so they could get more congressional seat and keep slavery and fight for. All these people or -- respect -- effort -- -- -- all the apple Kopper might affect them. Are looking for that equation so you called at -- delicate partner I got where they overcome. -- ridiculous. Excellent excellent. To you wanna know the big lie of American history. At the progressives have been spreading for the last thirty years forty years. Did Democrats were the party of slavery. They were the party of Jim Correll and they were the party of segregation. They're Republicans in fact were born against slavery or at least the expansion of slavery to the territories. So when you have these idiot -- bats like Chris Matthews where mama all three for some Republicans want to -- some. He doesn't always talking about. Kevin Europe next welcome. Good modern -- that haven't trapped on the part of Mumbai some might be asked how old. Many of -- did terrible moral code a mole type I can't do what try to. We can be -- media in C let's say if you treat kindly all how the White House we Puerto. Anyone anticipating fiscal wants time and time and time again we we knew last month. When Barack Obama just took the opportunity to beat up on new Republicans. As whip out his windows. Rice will be enslaved by trop but some aren't then maybe I think it is in the compound at the White House and we -- -- took a one wild. And then. How low could not -- well. Couple questions and slow important questions to be raced up on rating. On monetary system went from the Tripoli -- -- -- now until a caution that recent address. In tying -- in he says -- -- -- and -- 11 o'clock in the morning. Oh and so lured to a -- okay. Wind is nothing but in match play bring up all we could people how much I read. Free PFR doctor Benjamin constant. Not for them to be confused. That. My strong criticisms in this sour look there's just nothing but a fraud in his all his cronies and ponies. -- you know that look like Hitler. We space the judge saying beast Stalin was the same way -- -- I want this I want nothing but he's want to -- -- act. All they do is invade other countries does this guy does. -- breeze I want me someone harmony and all he does is torched the opposition. And advance his radical socialist agenda. And then wonders push back wall. Momo -- you're the one that are being the visit here are the ones that are dividing us. My friends. He's nothing more. Then a cheap community activists and. 173666868. Is the number. President Barack. Obama. This dear leader held a press conference yesterday now saying it is time for us to -- our partisan differences behind us. We now need to learn to get along to cooperate. To stop with the name calling. To stop with the petty bickering and the what he says the generating and -- hatred. And everybody's looking around the Rome saying. This is the two faced president. GM the Democrats were the ones that just waged a scorched earth policy so my question do you is this. Who do you blame for the polarization. In America today. And do you think like the -- like the president that talk radio is primarily to blame. For the poisoning of political relations in the United States Janice Europe next thanks for holding welcome. How exact the I appreciate your program might he do I'm listening. Some plotted out our might get -- on my computer and I live stream. But anyways I think you know I listened to talk radio I need to get my news from some we have. Although I'm pretty intelligent lady I can make you know it and it can draw conclusions some -- going to affect the game and I was watching him on TV when. He could have been said he was going to change -- -- -- -- -- and I screamed into the TV train bombing and two blocked. But I think he without my TV given his like little speech saying. And then he can't get adequate without condescending. This attitude that panic like unbelievable. And anyways he -- I didn't -- -- public institute. And the idea that they have any idea -- congestion time you know immigration and not this time bill I invite them. I would hope -- Otherwise I'm content and okay. I've -- -- good -- and recruiting and indicated and says get open sometimes can be effective for up. -- put into Lebanon through the in the months and so I I came -- and I think that the number than my book. So I called them an early in the column and I think it's called the comment line and they can then get no. I would -- 94 and it is not try and calm again. I think -- 1150. And she should -- well she can't we just comes from the shut down. So we'll get trying to get up in my name she says they'll turn it around 12 o'clock and then cut. She's -- yeah I wouldn't mind them icon that radio. And didn't say anything. So I think you know what I was just watching. Obama on TV in Houston biting our fittingly the public can continue the united he would have been hit not such. Yeah he'll listen about you know Obama. On -- -- commentator. -- bill and the immigration. I think you know that's ten total opposition. And then the following list crap. I would -- -- up on a little -- the idea how. So you know big thing isn't it. From the top of this whole attitude. Are you know why we don't you what you're saying they don't care what -- -- -- it can be expected to hasn't kept. That's urban sang and Janice you know what now you know what it's like to be John Boehner what happened do you either. I don't you're Janice maybe he thought Jana is John maybe. I'm not maybe he did not do they certainly sound like John did is we John Boehner. This every time Boehner wants to talk to Obama and everybody complaining about bad. Mr. President -- I want compromise a little bit here and obamacare now. And then this guy turns around yesterday. Out -- always big years -- they were really big yesterday when he lies although they -- big. And then suddenly. Always on and oldest of his illness we're not listening call it -- shudder to start cooperating. This is unacceptable. For now suddenly we have to put America first. Well if you wanna Mr. President you wanna put America first. Get rid of obamacare. Get did defund it be lay it dismantle it just get rid of it you wanna put America first start with that. And maybe you can leave office but am -- asking for too much Bob Europe next welcome. Check out check out yeah. They're eight EE. If you look at if you listen to him just pitch and it mattered very -- -- -- -- car dealership someplace saying I was only driven on Sunday by a little old lady. He used top salesman. He's -- he's got all apps aren't cheap yeah yeah yeah. What that's sad I I honestly -- I have a I have a friend networks firm where I'm very well known Pauline. -- And that she. They'd get a poll yesterday that now think about -- anti state did it they they pull the poll actually eat. It was two days ago. And -- not -- numbers where it how bowl. 32%. OK and one of the questions were posed little hole on the -- most of us. Portion -- the United States government the executive branch all the congress. 68%. Executive branch this is why all this crap that's going on and that Paul were squashed. And I can't Jamal who did it because it was a guy -- the Mike Arnold get trouble. I thank you for that call Bob well look his poll numbers are dropping like a stone. The game is up the American people know who this guy is he's a Charlotte ten from the south side of Chicago that's what he is. We all that. So what he's doing now. Is now he's basically how he wants to demonize the Republicans. Create as much conflict as much chaos. As much hatred is possible to get his people out and when he fourteen so what's the big portion out. Now what is the most divisive thing you can do this country and at first I ask you what's the most divisive thing you could possibly do. Amnesty for illegal immigrants. You wanna talk about fundamentally transforming America you wanna talk about rewarding lawbreaking and criminals. You wanna talk about shredding the rule of law. Changing this country fundamentally forever. The deal on the budget is not even -- the Yankees not even dry. He's already now pushing to race mass illegal immigration. He wants thirty million -- legal immigrants coming in plus he wants to give amnesty to nearly twenty million illegal immigrants. And then when you portion Barack and you say -- UN saying where did this at once an incredible. Jerry Europe next don't. I think that they might call. You were asking about when you put the acrimony speaking in my opinion this data would judge Bork and Anita -- and what. And what the talk radio and the Internet has allowed us to do is to fight back and try to overcome the mainstream media. And that's why the acrimony appears to be getting nervous that more severe. Now you know Jerry. On you know I mean they destroyed Bork. Who I think would have been one of the greatest Supreme Court justices this country would have ever had. Now and and by the way you want it now notice game which was in the 1980s. Now may -- some of you weren't born then or whatever you were young. But -- by all accounts brilliant conservative jurist he was a conservative. But he was absolutely brilliant road and now here is how Ted Kennedy. Treated a lot here's the love that Ted Kennedy show judge -- at the time of the Bork confirmation hearings roll -- Cox. Through the whole Robert Bork's America there is a land of -- Whitman will be forced him to back Alley abortions. Blacks would sit at segregated lunch counters. Rogue police could break down citizens' doors in midnight raids. And schoolchildren could not be taught about evolution brightest and hardest could be censured. The dream of government. And a home very respectful wrong very tolerant all. And a very good -- very really I just what constructive criticism. And notice that's principled opposition. That's that's principal Bob when the left does it all Mulder is being -- dissent -- for her patriotism. But when conservatives oppose a liberal Democrat in office laws being very dismissive oh now you're gonna turn the country apart stop that stop bit. Carol Europe next welcome. I doubt that time I -- like Ted Cruz is generally is not that's really Powell did say if they're McCain. And I cried out today raised the debt sale and everything. And I said to them nextwave gonna have ram amnesty down our throats. At that point in the gave way to socialism will Obama camp. I think you need to deal we -- that you need that name called back you need to get that message out. And correct what they what -- and -- Through direct talks showed couldn't stop our crew that made -- And I said you know you can -- have -- -- with the new code base that they could possibly create a defunct Republican Party. I'd vote in democratic president Barack. You know tied. I tell you nailed it look this is the final piece of his revolution. You import enough democratic voters you give them amnesty and then you have -- one party democratic regime literally forever. That's the strategy. -- Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Call Glenn hold on I got to love up against the -- break I'll get -- right next Glenn.