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Were The Deaths Of Navy SEAL Team Six An Inside Job?

Oct 24, 2013|

The latest on the investigation of what happened to Navy SEAL Team Six.

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Welcome back to the corner reports 617666868. Is the number of I know that. I wanted to do this story yesterday but there was Red Sox the start of the World Series. And so I'd delayed it for today just to give it the proper time and attention that it deserves. This is a story. That I recommend every single one of you. Go out and read. It is by Rowan Scarborough. SC AAR BO RO UGH can be found that might paper The Washington Times. I used to edit rowand for years. He is one of he finest most respected national security reporters. In the country and in the world. Democrats will admit to this Republicans will admit to this. Everybody in Washington will admit to this. His sources are utterly impeccable. And he always has numerous sources for almost every claim that he mixed. So when I tell you that this evidence is rock solid. Take it to the bank. He has a long special report. On what happened to navy seal team six. And I got to tell you it reads almost like a Hollywood movie. For those of you that are not familiar with the story and several months. After the assassination. Or the alleged assassination. Of Osama bin Laden. Navy seal team six. Became a household name. Within days of the operation. The Obama white folks. Desperate to claim a great victory in the war on terror. Wanting Obama to win reelection. Wanting him to now seem as the tough guy on national security the man who kept us safe and killed Osama bin Laden. Could not stop bragging. About how they were behind the decision to order navy seal team six to kill Osama bin Laden to assassinate him and -- And so. Usually navy seal team six like many special operations units in the military guys will -- -- they operate in the shadows. They operate in the dark. Missions are done and you're not supposed to know who did it. This is done for many reasons. But one of them is to protect the units themselves. From possible revenge or retaliation. That's why you keep their identities secret that's why it was such a shock. To so many members in the military community. And -- navy seal team six that Joseph Biden any public event. Openly revealed that it was navy seal team six. That was behind the operation. The assignment. To assassinate and killed Osama bin Laden. And so within hours of that public announcement. Numerous members of navy seal team six called their parents called their spouses called their wives. And said all my guard delete everything he's put a target on all of our backs. Fast forward now several months. The war in Afghanistan is now intensifying. The president has ordered in troops search. On one fateful night. There was a firefight that took place. In which army Rangers were involved. And what they were doing now according to -- wins in depth report. Is that they were now looking these very same army Rangers. We're now looking for any known pop terrorist Taliban leader by the name of car -- here. And he was operating south of Kabul where he moved in in and out of Pakistan. The Rangers raided a house fought to behold here. And so but they weren't able to nab them there when he was sure it was him it was dark it was at night and so he began or somebody began to -- Now this is the key point. The army Rangers were never in trouble. They were never in trouble. Because the military would later claim all we had to send off the Navy SEALs because their rescue the army Rangers the army Rangers were in trouble. They are fighting for their very wise they needed a rescue operation. That's the only reason why you call in special forces units to help our guys. Who were on the ground in an intense firefight in fact as many army Rangers will now tell that tell -- in this -- don't say in this piece to Rowan Scarborough. We were just hunting for -- fleeing enemy. And so we had Apache helicopters. We had drones overhead. There had been several fire fights but now we were chasing the enemy the enemy was on the run. What was important about the initial -- from the army Rangers is they had the element of surprise X. So now in the dark as this guy escapes through the back door. They call and not for a rescue operation but for reinforcements. And then the military did something that is almost never done. The military we've been ordered navy seal team six an elite special forces unit. Telling them that our boys were in trouble. Our boys were pinned down and they needed to fly in and rescue them. Did you need any restaurant. 22 Navy SEALs. Along with five members of the army three air force man. Along with seven Afghan soldiers and one Afghan translators 38 in all. Got on board -- in a helicopter. Special operations units like navy seal usually go on the finest aircraft. For some reason they report on in 1960 style jalopy. It was from the Vietnam War era. They were then told to fly to this location. Every previous special operations unit on a mission like this. Usually has cover an assistance by other gunships. This one went in with no protective cover whatsoever. They were then told to land. Two and a half miles away. For more the compound was that they were had gone looking for this Pakistani terrorists. And then they were told two weeks. In the air. For three -- source. They were sitting ducks. Now remember this is very important. Because there had been a previous rate. Because US army Rangers on the ground. Because there had been a firefight. Because US gunship helicopters that were firing on the enemy because you have drones over the sky. The enemy the Taliban and the terrorists were tipped off. Now our navy seal boys they had no element of surprise. They now everybody in that -- knew the Americans are here and more common. Now they're ready. And silks sitting in -- got. -- sitting duck. Nowhere cover no supports. And a helicopter that goes back to the 1960s. Then an Afghan terrorist jihadist butcher. Snuck down low with a rocket propelled grenade. Struck the chicken hawk helicopter on the blade creating an immediate fireball. Everybody -- -- a helicopter fell to the ground there was a massive -- Lotion everybody was killed. This thirty bodies were dragged back home they were flown back home in coffins. They were met. At Dover Air Force Base by none other than to dear leader. This was the worst atrocity. The most number of Navy SEALs killed in American history. The most number of Navy SEALs ever killed in one battle. Many funerals were held. Across the country. Mostly in small town America. In Rockford. Iowa. Petty officer first class John Tom -- -- -- Was lying in his casket. His beloved Labrador Hawkeye. His dog. Was so loyal. He lay by his casket to the end of the funeral. That's fifty other seals came to pay their respects. At Dover Air Force Base. President Obama grabbed Charlie strange. Who just lost his son his boy. And he said I want you to know that your son was hero. And Charlie strange as he tells Rowan Scarborough in this article. Told him. You don't have to tell me about my son. I know who my son once. I know who -- what he did. I want you to tell me what happened to my bully. What really happened. Rowan Scarborough. Managed now begat. The secret investigative finals that the military conducted on their own investigation. Of that tragic shooting. Of navy seal team six and action a helicopter. According to the military's. Own internal investigation. That they have tried to keep away from the public from UN for -- and especially from the comics. The military said they should never have gotten on board that plane. There was no reason for them to fly that mission. They should never have gone to that a landing site they should never have been left in the air for that long. That the negligence and the mistakes here were in fact criminal. And to this -- the black box which could tell us everything that took place has now been lost. And nobody wants to retrieve it. And my friends. Now military officials are coming out and stating the obvious. This was an internal sound -- harsh. By our Afghan military partners. Who wanted to kill the Navy SEALs. In retaliation. And revenge for Osama bin Laden it was an inside job whereby somebody in the Afghans Afghan government. Knew that the navy seal team six were boarded on that plane knew they were sent on that plane. And then hold the Taliban when there were coming and where there were comic. And they were waiting forum and that's when they killed them. My friends we were betrayed. Our boys were betrayed. By our so called partners in Afghanistan. And now there's a conspiracy of silence. By the top brass in the military and by the dear leader himself. It is time now for an official congressional investigation. Justice demands no less. AM six. AD WRKO. And here's attacks from 97. Just because of the show and 47 has been in service since the 1960s. It's still a good helicopter. Served in the military venue might know. You know what 978. Don't play that military card with me okay. Because it's in the military's own reports. Their owner reports their own internal report. Said that this share this a chinook was so well dated. Had such a bad equipment and had no business being out there in the field nevermind being used by an elite units. So bold stand -- self serve in the military and then you know. Because every military expert even the military's own investigative report says. That -- should never been used and a firefight nevermind with the -- fighters. OK that's number one so -- part of your BS. Stop covering up for this criminal administration. Now. I have to stress this point because I'm reading now from the reports status this I have to stress this -- They reactionary force. Is usually sent in as a rescue. Meaning our guys are in trouble and you send men. You don't send in our reaction force which was navy seal team six. To stop a group of the enemy escaping out the backside of the village. Especially in a dangerous about Lee. In a dangerous entry like they were doing. So another words they should never have been sent pain in the first place. They're called to report which is the official investigator report. Suggests that the special operations command in Afghanistan. Rarely -- stumbled a reaction force. Much less the elite seal team six. It's sort of chasing fleeing Taliban fighters. So the military's own internal reports said. They were on a -- helicopter. They were sent at the wrong landing place they should have been given infinitely more airport air cover and protection. And they should never have been sent on the mission in the first place. You know why they were sent. Because the Taliban have placed their loyalists in the very same international security force that we've been partnering with the that's lawyer boys are getting shot in the back. That's where we're getting executed at the offices that we have there and that's why somebody tipped off the Taliban to shoot down navy seal team six. And it's about time we got -- truth out there. My friends are boys were betrayed. And it's time this regime was held accountable. Jeff corner on the corner report see you all tomorrow and remember. We're beating liberals one day at a time. This is Jeff Carter did. Rush Limbaugh this is very Armstrong.