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Fired for telling the truth.

Oct 25, 2013|

Earline Davis was fired for taking a phone call from Sean Hannity. She was an Obamacare helpline operator.

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-- the numbers. You can go to sets 686 JD power tools just cooler air bus and bulldozers. And the bulldozer is on overdrive they might France. There's just so much -- Planet. I mean -- thanks -- -- and I'm I'm -- about the bust out here its banks. The way they're trying to spend. -- the disaster is rollout. Of the obamacare website. Healthcare dot -- is now starting to reach really prophetic levels so then. You now even have not just Republicans. Not just even many of the contractors who worked on the obamacare website but even now many Democrats. Are saying that Kathleen Sebelius. Must be fired. For utterly botching the implementation of obamacare. Even camps are now saying she asked ago. But if you wanna see how arrogant this administration and its. How I'm how -- contempt that they have free you the taxpayers. Were footing the bill for his baby. If you wanna see how they think they're above the law and who their real masters are remember. When you work for the cabinet. You ultimately worked for the American people. When you -- serving government. Whether it be in the cabinet with your president whether you're in congress where during the legislative branch you work for the American people. You represent us we pay your salary we pay your pensions we pay your health care benefits. We don't work for you. You work for us you surveyed are beckon call. And if you're doing a disaster is drop by ditches shark I know that you're not used to this and government but in the private sector for example. Knock on wood the ratings for the show have been phenomenal. The ratings for the show if they tank. -- out of a job. If Brittany. Is not performing the way she should be performing she's out of a job of course she's -- performing that we should be performing he's out of a job it's called merit accountability. Try to accumulate it one day. It's called being responsible for your actions. Check out this arrogance you wanna see the contempt that she has this tells you everything you need to know about the ruling class. And about this regime in particular. So yesterday. Kathleen Sebelius is cost. Well. You were in charge of the implementation of obamacare. You were told to get the rollout ready. You're oversaw the web site that fell under your purview it was your responsibility. Republicans are asking you to resign the American people now want -- resigned even many Democrats say it's time for you to go. And check out her answer roll -- Britain. I don't know and it's no one has been tired and I don't mind. My goal is to actually get the website up and running. People are calling greens wesun. Well that the majority of people calling for me to resign I would say are people who I don't work for and who do not want this program to work in the first place. I have had frequent conversations with president and I've committed to him. That my role is to get that program up and running and we will do just that. You don't excuse me. People that are calling for you to step down to resign you don't work for them. -- excuse me. Excuse excuse me our queen act Kathleen. Excuse me your highness. -- I'm sorry did I miss I think I did I miss the memo. I might diamond did we lose the war 1776. I'm sorry our our -- we did the British when. I'm sorry or are we run by -- -- by a monarchy here I'm I'm sorry -- guide -- guys maybe -- -- maybe I'm I'm as some kind of oh La La La land maybe I've been sleepwalking my whole life. And I am sorry did we all we lost that one all I'm so I thought we won I thought we had a constitution. But I get a Republican form of government. I'm not I thought our politicians who worked for us and I'm sorry or Wu -- I'm sorry. Well I didn't always she was a descendant of king George the third all I'm so sorry. Problematic and I get you some gain ground bets. Would you like a cucumber sandwich. Well what can I do for you because you don't work you don't work for us. That web site. With all due respect to madam secretary. Which paid for by Mike taxpayer dollars and the taxpayer dollars of the American people. We paid for that disaster. That joke of a website. You botched hit from the beginning. You don't work for the president you worked for us. You know your your salary that you collect. We pay for that salary. You don't walk you know that limo driver that takes you everywhere we pay for that car we paid for that limo driver. You know your gold plated health care plan which by the way you're not going on obamacare fueled the one that you've exempted yourself from. We pay for that gold plated health care plan and now you have the nerve. You have a goal. To stand -- have worked for most people hole yes you don't. Now but check this out. Now discourse to the heart of this regime. And this is what I've been telling you about this man in the White House and about this administration. They don't give a damn about little people. In fact if you get in their way they will destroy you stable crushing. They will crush you they would -- to them without even batting -- on its likes what it's like swatting a fly. If you stand in their way or if you embarrass them or humiliate him now. No one's been fired. 600 million dollars down on Iraq holes. Our premiums through the roof Americans losing health insurance by the millions of people losing jobs. No one's been fired. No one's been held accountable but. I played this a couple days ago Sean Hannity -- -- -- -- very good terms with one of his producers. He is by the way I'm telling you go to sleep on this -- my sources are impeccable. One of the nicest guys at Fox News whatever you think of him as a radio talent. One of the nicest guys on Fox News everybody -- nicest guys in the building. Recently because remember obamacare stood. Made that speech on Monday in front of the rose garden and he said okay the website is now it doesn't work but put up a 100 number. -- 100 number. 100 whatever was four for -- 2001 they make up sang like fifty times 104 -- -- -- car salesman 104 for an on 2000. So Sean Hannity said okay. I've got fifteen million listeners. He says to call the number let's call the number. And so he called. And there was a woman and operator picked up the phone. And he said -- radio talk show host you -- you agree to be on the -- she's a journal problem and he began asking her detailed questions about. Obamacare. What can you -- How's the response been. And I have to say this woman. Salt of the earth really nice you can just tell by her voice. She was gracious she was kind she was honest. There's something almost infectious about this woman just a really nice person you can say just a good heart. And there's not a a bone of deception and her. And so she said -- most people are really unhappy I mean I'm being honest with you are not happy. They call and they're not happy with obamacare they're not happy with the premiums they're just very angry it's not what they fought. And so. She then reappeared. On Sean Hannity show yesterday. Brittany. Roll the clip. All right however the very next day early was five years. And she joins me now to explain why are Elaine thank you so much for being well outside of I appreciate you coming this -- All right so. You of them by the way you work kind -- you were patient you are helpful. He answered every question what would not what you're job was -- to answer the question the president gave out the number. Yes act that was okay did they ever tell you can't answer questions on a radio show was that -- party trading. Are necessary and I never knew about that now. OK so you took my call answer our questions which I think was actually benefit because we have a big radio audience run over 500 stations and and so that would result in fewer people calling. But the next day what happened. They fired me. Telus walk us through what happened you come -- work and what happened. I got I got escorted. Eight tire which is human resources and it was. Four of us including myself in office and a lot about the Doris. And they waited. Until they could they had him speak -- follow one of the -- ladies. And then they got cut that's how I got contact Larry and then I came. Barely understand what she was saying but I've been here ACC and we can't have that type of stuff had a job. And that we have to release here and that's when I'll put my bed stand on the desk. Well -- what happened did you get escorted out. Yes I got it -- -- it out but before I got escorted out they got our stuff out my locker and you did he really go back to your locker. No -- they did not let me know when -- locker. That's the regime. Took the drug thugs. I -- You know what you know what you would garner -- trouble. Is because she admitted that many of the caller she was staking one Hannity -- said -- very upset they're very angry with obamacare. It's not what they were promised. And so if you humiliate their regime. If you make a look and a bad light like a bunch of socialist totalitarian Communist thugs. Poppy you're fired you're gone like a dog. They throat like a dog she couldn't go -- stuff out of the locker going all -- embarrassed Notre Dame you're out. -- we you're out here on the street you just lost her job could go fire -- Now. -- he's a good man. And so he offered the Carter Shaq he's gonna Carter check for her salary waitress she admitted to 26000 dollars a year. And he's gonna do everything possible to help her find a job so this woman will land on her feet she's gonna be OK knock on wood. But you've just gotten a taste. Of the gangsters. That are running this country. And gangster numero uno is the man in the White House so my question to you was this double -- question. Should Kathleen Sebelius. Resign. And do you think that poor woman. Curling down verse should have been. Early username should she have been fired simply for telling a radio talk show host the truth. About what's going on with obamacare. Notice. Kathleen Sebelius. And she doesn't and fire. Anybody else in the Obama regime over obamacare they haven't been fired. But though one person. On the ground. Who honestly answers -- radio talk show most. She's fired. 61726660. -- Mike you're up next thanks for holding welcome. Hello -- my. This is the easy part right the computer. Put. -- it will be the worst part where everybody gets their actual crisis right off. -- -- -- -- It's funny the way you put it familiar rides are completely right. I mean is this the way you say you know it's like this is the easy part after botching that. The real tough part is when people start finding out how much they're premiums are gonna go through the roof. That's a -- and -- and if you still lucky enough that other health care. That's gonna be the tougher part 6172666868. Is the number. John you're up next thanks for holding welcome. I just a real I'm good how are you John. But first a look at just commend you serve or not speaking -- Apollo -- now reaching the people look -- such useless because if you stand up. We don't hear that that that often but just witnessed -- the real quick. I watched the news last night -- -- -- on the Internet and not just jarred and stop our piece of paper and I got up this morning and equity suite at the bar at all my. My climate -- in the last two years like 14%. 49 point 8% of the US population -- -- government entitlement. All the scandals regarding IRS and a safe fast and furious no insult accountable Obama gets train there global box yeah. The fact that not the people wedge -- that except at the insult -- so what's good for the populace of this country but not put up. The rich entitled to beat people in congress and the senate. It also. This sixteen million Americans. And it's slicing the numbers right and -- walked and that's why are charged because the Obama. Millions more people are seeing here chart signing up or anti Reagan was is within the new. One month booking into. We are now one month according to report one month away from the bomb. And but this Porsche wants this poor woman. -- -- hardworking woman with two locates well you fire her because they're great sin in Obama's America does that tell the truth. Rodney Europe Max thanks for holding welcome. Taking my call. Let's be very good I think just one little like Kathleen civil. They had to go to Canada -- part of Miller my energy website. Designer. To conduct -- we have. You know the job they ought to do the job they did which wasn't very good by the way could there finally a guy like Bill Gates or some other one. Person -- company in the united. Ray -- is -- that's the thing to -- me advance for the minority they couldn't they at the -- -- say Bill Gates is his light. You have to understand that that's -- that's another problem here they they look around -- they -- we need a certain amount of women we need a certain amount of Asians we need a certain amount of black Sweeney is certain amount I was. Alex on the lesbians gays the bisexuals and transsexuals look all the Indians yet chief spreading -- Elizabeth Warren can give us some tips on that all day get that amendment -- let me see it or we need handicapped people rolled that in the grope. Let's see here. We missed out on anybody I mean. Instead of just get the best person for the job call me crazy. Eric Europe next thanks for -- Good morning yet. -- lady of course is what he should have been fired I mean. And everybody and networking and phone situation where you know that reform act I but the bank should somebody called up and that I'm -- radio station. And I wanna talk about. What you're doing -- bear that cost immediately should have been transferred to a supervisor. Or to their public affairs department wherever that would be an -- it's not. Heard -- are going to be talking to somebody who's going to be asking all these questions that's gonna go directly over the radio or somebody called up the radio station. Like even been called and got all the britney's ex and then they started out that the only birdie on one another through radio station tonight -- deal and then she did. You really think you are -- would it would be very happy -- that. Especially -- that's something that was meg you know derogatory towards your show up I that they should ever do we feel about Washington but. The situation like that when you're working for a company you don't go on the radio. And shake things about the company back to be seen as a negative thing especially when they're saying how I -- on the radio and I talked deal. And what happened that split and then the bomb bank that I work out. If somebody gets fired they do exactly the same bank basically you know he's got the magical publicly valued asking -- stop. It wouldn't feel the box right outside and your password out that's just the way it works in business so I don't know why you can think it shouldn't be work than any other way that. Author did a couple of reasons number one. It's not as she does she's not working in the private sector she's working for the government. It is a contractor but it's for -- it's for health -- dot gov it's or obamacare which is being paid for by every American. Number one number two -- president. Said call the number you want information call that's what he said you want information call the number. Shoulder radio talk show host on nannies and got fifty million listeners as -- of having fifteen million calls I do one call. And all we did was Oscar basic questions. He just simply -- can I and roll on obamacare I'm trying to win role I'd kind of create an account she said all you have to get paperwork for that you have to go back to the website but I can get on the website says while I'm sorry I can't help you. We can't get them all you hear you have to wait for the web site to be fixed. And then she's the woman says can take at least 42 hours that was humiliating to the regime. So and then he said okay fine can I ask you this I'm really upset our other people upset she said yes -- long -- gonna call the people are upset. Dots why they fired her. So I ask you this question that we don't have freedom speech. We don't have freedom of expression now in this country. She's an operator. Who is supposed to be registering people for an answering questions for obamacare. The president told every American going call he called. She was very candid in her answers it was embarrassing to them. Because we all -- this thing as a disaster when a train wreck so welcome to the old Soviet Union. That's how they did that's how they did in Communist Yugoslavia. That's what they get to my grandfather. All you know part of the regime you're fired get lost you're out you don't you don't embarrass the dear leader then it was Tito indicator was called Tito. Now it's it's Obama did earlier. But I love you lips. Every violation of civil liberties every assault on human freedom. Every assault on individual freedom and liberty you guys just an angle -- missile. I swear I love you -- is there anything. Anything that this guy does that's wrong when are you gonna say really when are you gonna. Say stop assaulting the very freedoms of this country where you want is give them all the way. 6172666868. Is the number should she have been fired. What do you say Boston 6172666868. Is the number and notice. She's fired. But Kathleen Sebelius. One of the key architects of this debacle. All of our money squandered. Normal -- don't touch her. Touched a little beyond. -- now on the very next day early what's my -- -- and so much for being well outside of I appreciate comments yes I. All right so. You -- -- by the way you're kind you appreciate your helpful. He answered every question who would not what your job was that. To answer the question the president gave out the number. Yes -- that was okay than they ever tell you can't. Answered questions on a radio show without a report your training. And as far as I never hear about that. Yeah okay so you took my call he answered all questions which I think was actually benefit because we have a big radio audience brought over 500 stations and and so that would result in fewer people calling. But the next day what happened. They fired me. Telus walk us through what happened you come in the work and. What happens it's how I got I got this -- they tire which is human resources there. It was. Four of us including myself an office and a lot about the -- And they waited. Until they had him speak -- follow one of the head ladies. And then they got cut they've probably got contact Larry and then our kids. Barely understand what she was saying but I've been here she's so we can't have that type of stuff that the job. And that we have to release here and that's -- but my beds found on the dance. Welcome back to the -- reports 6172666868. Is the number. Moan moan don't know you can't tell the truth about Obama care model home mom knowing his farm is Emma Bunton. Isn't -- bulletin. And America not only an Obama isn't bought them. So Kathleen Sebelius mold problem just keep on spending more money. The more Dario but more -- good money after bad right now on arrival -- problem. But this Porsche girl woman this portion -- ties it up by the very affectionately like you know basing his -- average person I'm just doing her job. -- -- 781. Jeff whereas the mainstream news coverage of sixteen million Americans losing their health insurance coverage. It's is different Soviet bloc country being polite to constantly by the government. And the government media complex mingle -- 978. You have a -- mainstream media you're getting it from sources like me you're getting it from other news outlets. Yeah Fox News you're right Fox News but. They just villages talked about the prices being much higher. But they don't wanna talk about sixty million losing health insurance because that would blow the entire premise of obamacare sky high. 781. That Jeff. You don't understand how this thing works she told the truth that's why she got fired Sebelius tells lies that's why she remains on the job. Bingo 6172666868. Is the number. Hi Doug I'm hope I'm pronouncing that correctly welcome to the corner report. How low how -- Did we lose -- that OK I think we lost a dot. Mike Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Good morning -- -- -- -- look at call yeah morning. I wanted to say that they're here right on the money you know this woman is telling the truth and that's why she's being fired. But I think but can't they disagree with the idea I think the reason they went to them. -- Freedom of Information Act that doesn't extend across the border there are congressional subpoenas are much more difficult to get them becoming an important -- -- those kind of things with the in the no bid contract. Because gone to Google pick up on apple to become the oracle and Microsoft. And they didn't. I think I didn't know that he was in no bid contract -- no. Bid as it came of the while Washington examiner -- something up and if it was an indefinite delivery. Indefinite crisis so they cut the target and I think they wanted I think he came up to 95 million what that companies actually got paid. Maybe maybe they spend 600 known got to think about what the public companies to do but that the coming on the -- I think 95 million. -- -- No obeyed my thank you for that call Scott -- I did he see just to show you how naive -- -- I just original bid contract or something is big is this I mean this is the president's signature healthcare law. Are we gonna have apparently millions and millions of Americans and rolling I just assumed. Basic good government practice you see just what do what do money schmuck I am not -- you CNET. That's that's my immigrant heritage coming out my from the old country from my parents you -- you think America. They just don't do things like that here. But small -- not met Cooper I gotta look into this -- I was in no bid contract. Andrea Europe next thanks for holding welcome. I guess amnesty in the continental out of the same thing out of what I cannot -- let no bid contract means that. -- divided I think and that in Boston. -- a hospital in hot and I don't want and it's a little mound after the capital. 185 that the best I have to cotton in the country to give them -- well. Why wouldn't they go and they know health -- in the in the alive in the private thing happened what -- -- began to look at that -- up and running. I don't understand it doesn't make any sense at all and the thing about this woman Eileen. I -- I've been here I think that they could if I had administration that this strong people in jail so. You know leak into the White House as an argument about that also. Well they're cracking down anybody who they fear is leaking and there I mean they're really threatening people with their jobs with their livelihoods with their pensions. That I do know so this this is what they do this and how this administration rolls they're thugs. I really look you can take the boy out of the Southside of Chicago which account takes outside of Chicago out of the boy. That's what you're seeing with the dear leader he is what I keep trying to tell Democrats are not listening to me. Because I know what they think all coup rumors a conservative. Corner has an axe to grind and look. This is not John F. Kennedy. This is Jimmy Carter. This is not a traditional Democrat in the White House look we can agree to disagree really taxes spending. We can agree to disagree it's a free country. What you have are radical socialist criminal gangsters. And I know this because my parents and my grand parents dealt with these people in the old world. In Eastern Europe I know while they think I know what their instincts are and I know what they wanted no. Now us for no bid contract Andrea essentially what no bid contract is this book. If you have question say OK Jeff Jeff corner becomes governor of Massachusetts -- -- whatever happened but let that go. And so I say -- we need to repay you let's say the Mass -- they're gonna fix the potholes I wanna really -- it. So to say the tax payers money I'm gonna have people bid on a contract. So contractors will come to mean say. Week in you know do the job for just I'm just turn out numbers. Twenty million dollars and we'll get it done in three months all caring mom -- let me go to another contractors are bidding. All we can do it for eighteen point five million dollars and I think we can get it done and it's a 21 half months. -- -- -- So all I can get the best price. For the best value that will be done in the best and shortest amount of time. That's why usually government contracts are supposed to be done through an open transparent bidding process. You're not giving contracts to your friends and cronies. So you're supposed to have an open bit. When you have -- -- -- big contract that means they pick who they wanted nobody else can bit. There's no competition there's no transparency. I did not know I mean I'd been reading on obamacare now for years I did not rule I gotta look. This is scandalous price is corruption. Now when I'm gonna look into I'm telling you right now is do they have ties to the Obama regime. That's what I'm telling us a journalist isn't my next question. Long did they give campaign money are they bundle Ers. Moon. How did they get this lucrative juicy contract. And now maybe that explains why the whole thing is a piece of garbage 6172666868. Is the number. -- in Europe next thanks for holding welcome. -- -- Think we lost -- OK Ben suddenly we lost you might cheer up next thanks for holding power. DL -- -- -- trek getting kind of regret when you put unions. He got a right to work state people work electricians and arguing against a sluggish committed. It's pushed the terms of the people or bad these drugs and you can't do it lists the union. You know the second the unions in the Obama in the same boat the influx. Lou they -- purist as far as their will would and should get. Trees sounded very polite to. Very helpful. Variation what did disingenuous. And a new rhetoric I'd say oh yeah actually should be fired. Well at the contract to a lower risk I see a woman Lake Zurich that very honest polite. Americans in that bucket that says oh yeah action should be fighting at. Who you elect eat should be working for Obama that plywood -- -- was this situation be why is he should be slighted that -- Thank you so much for that call Mike. She's a Christian. She was I heard a whole interview with Hannity. She's -- I believe she's African American don't quote me on that but I think she's an African American woman she's got two kids and nine year old and a three year old. And she just -- it in -- -- so I got fired but I believe in god and he led me to this point. And Hannity was gracious enough to -- her salary Tony 6000 dollars she lives in Panama City and he's gonna try to use this contacts there to get her job. And so she's very grateful. But. -- Mike exactly thought which you said. Locator she was open she was honest she was sincere she was friendly. She did her dropped two were best of her abilities nobody told her she couldn't talk to the media she never signed an agreement. And so she said okay the president -- she believes the president. She's one of those -- -- Americans that says well I wanna trust the president and the president said call 1800. And so I'm gonna answer questions and so for telling the truth. Now she's out -- around 6172666868. Is the number and I -- got to tell you all the.