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What really happened in Benghazi.

Oct 28, 2013|

Kuhner's take on the 60 minutes special segment on Benghazi.

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-- the corner record this is Jeff Horner Boston. Bulldozer. 6172666868. Is the number power for of the corner report. CBS. Yeah. We -- too little and way too late. Where were they in the summer for -- in the fall of 2012. When this reporting piece would have exposed what really took place and then Ghazi where have they been. When Hillary was up on Capitol Hill testifying. But finally. Sixteen minutes gets around to covering man Gaza. And look it didn't go far enough don't get me wrong. It doesn't implicate Hillary directly it doesn't implicate Obama directly because we know that they were involved. Not only in ordering. Our troops to stand down. But that they were directly involved in the systematic cover up of the terrorist murder of four denim markets. But. Just sixteen minutes is credit I mean they -- lives after all for the government media complex. Gay went as far as you could possibly go John as far as you could possibly go without getting herself too much and too much trouble. But even now sixteen minutes directly confirms. Everything that we conservatives have been saying about been Gaza. In particular. That the White House was to blame for what happened. That the attack contrary to what the White House said. Contrary to what Jay Carney said what Susan Rice said what Hillary Clinton said what Barack Obama said. That this was not some spontaneous. Mob. Protest thinks some. Anti Muslim video of the non video video. This was a planned sophisticated. Attack. On a barely protected American compound. And in particular. Lara Logan. Interviews several people. One of them is a lieutenant colonel green beret commander Andy wouldn't. Who was one of the top American security officials in Libya. And he met and he would colonel would met with ambassador Stevens almost every day. And according to the report. That CBS news filed yesterday. He was there. Three months before the attack. And according now to what words said. The al-Qaeda tried to assassinate the British ambassador in fact it came as no surprise. Because according to what woods said according to what Chris Stevens said. That al-Qaeda had openly stated its goals. Their goal was number one to attack the Red Cross. Number two to attack the British. And finally and most importantly to attack the Americans in -- Gaza. Let me repeat that. Our top security official. In Libya. Along with -- then ambassador. New and repeatedly warned Washington. Warned the State Department warned the Department of Defense. That al-Qaeda had openly said on social media in public speeches. That they -- dare to do three thinks. To go after the red cross and -- come and chase amount of the city. To go after the British and chase mapped out this city and then to go after the Americans and chase them out of the city. There -- to kill people in the Red Cross kill British ambassadors or forgive me British diplomats. And kill American diplomats and they try to assassinate the British ambassador. They succeeded with one. They succeeded with their second goal. An ambassador Stevens was petrified -- what's wrong with few. They dig gold one they accomplished goal to they're gonna come for us. And the administration. Knew this and did not think. Here his lieutenant colonel Andy would. In his own words roll it Brittany. We have one options to leave and does he or you'll be killed. Green -- come Monday. Lieutenant colonel and he would it was one of the top American security officials in Libya. At least in Tripoli he metric ambassador Stevens every day any. The last time he went to -- -- was in June just three months before the attack. Why he was there al-Qaeda tried to assassinate the British ambassador. Which -- to him it came as no surprise. Because al-Qaeda using a familiar tactic. Had stated their intent in an online posting saying they would attack the Red Cross the British and then the Americans ending Ghazi. And you watched as they as they didn't want us and the British mission and the anyone's left. For us. They made good on two of the three promises it was a matter of time believe they captured the third. And Washington was aware that. They knew we monitored it we include that and -- in our reports to. Both State Department and then DOT. And he would told us he raised his concerns directly with the ambassador Stevens. Three months before the US compound was overrun. I made it known in the country team meeting. You're gonna get attacked you were getting attacked him and -- it's gonna happen. These changes security profile shut down -- -- so I'm just operations. Move out temporarily. Or or change locations was in the city do something different to the profile of the danger of being targeted. They are they're. They're watching you did attack cycle -- such that they're they're planning final planning stages. We imminent use said during the final planning stages of an attack on the American mission ending task. It was apparent to me to -- was -- -- reading all these other. Attacks that were -- I can see what they were -- up to it was it was obvious. Discovery can we have -- number US already stop director there's more as much more but stop right there. Now. We've known this you've known this and -- enormous. But now this is here a few notable this is irrefutable. The man responsible the lieutenant colonel green beret commander responsible for the security of the US special mission and Ben -- Said we knew al-Qaeda was planning an attack. They posted it online they told the whole world to see them. They already hit the Red Cross they got they said that was going to be a -- number one then they hit the British are our consulate I was a packet number two. And they said attack number three and the biggest one was going to be a raid on our special mission and -- does it. Ambassador Stephen tonight talked about it. We warned us State Department we warned the Defense Department we told everybody who can listen for God's sakes they're gonna hit us get helped. Just give for -- get out to. Before you have dead Americans. Now. This is very important reference. This was not a spontaneous demonstration. Everybody knew of its. That was one of the biggest slice ever hole. Obama knew it was a line Hillary Clinton knew was alive. Jay Carney -- was a -- Susan Rice fuel was a life and my friends -- liberal media knew it was alive. But because this occurred September 11 2012. Remembered some very key point. What's going on in September 112012. Forget that it's the eleven year anniversary of 9/11. Would cannot let my goal for a second. -- in the middle of one of the most hotly contested. Closely fought election campaigns in memory look at the polls don't look -- my number one pick my word for look at the numbers. It was a statistical dead heat. And their boy Obama. Could would have gone down in flames had a truth come out about what occurred and that doesn't. Because the whole premise of his reelection was we saved GM and we killed Osama bin Laden. Al-Qaeda is to be precise al-Qaeda is dead GM is a life. Okay never mind what they did to GM they basically -- it but let let that go. Okay it was a bad. In fact they are resurgent. In fact after 9/11 they pulled off the most spectacular attack upon. An American target. This was the first ambassador killed since 1979. They humiliated us on the world stage they dragged his body through the streets like a dog. And they knew. They knew the attack was coming. And they did not think. They -- always or premeditated. Planned sophisticated attack and they did not think. They had an armed Bartz now this is another point that's opened up I did not know about this -- has a new character introduced here T the more you learn about this. This year it gets. There was eight. -- British former British soldier his name is Morgan Jones he's interviewed in the peace. For about a decade. He had helped us there with security in Afghanistan. Which security indie rock. He was basically an expert that was called in to keep US diplomats and military leaders say you've been doing it for about a decade ten years. Well now he's called them. Because lieutenant colonel army. -- let him lieutenant colonel. And he would is nervous. Ambassador Chris Stevens is nervous they're fearing now for their very lights. So they go let's get a guy who really knows how to do security we need him now desperately so they call and Morgan Jones. Now this stuff not saliva sank -- everything I was reading about this remember. We went to war in Libya. We bombed Qaddafi this was Obama's baby this was his policy and what could -- warn all of you then. I say you'll get something even worse after after Qaddafi you'll get al-Qaeda running -- You'll get al-Qaeda having a safe haven in Libya. Point Jan Chan. Shaft come on now here radical rightwing marriage have. Come on now it's peace and love and in Libya and now. The country where there was on the verge of a civil war but let that galway c'mon so Libyans get killed big deal. What what what are the Democrats and lives care about that. I said the place was gonna go to while Qaeda. That what you would get after Qaddafi is not a dictator secular dictator but now you're gonna get the radical islamists -- are infinitely worse Morgan -- sets. The first day he arrives in Ben Ghazi. Do we have a cup. Check out what he says it's al-Qaeda black flags. Everywhere. You're a former British soldier he's been helping to keep US diplomats and military lead is safe for the last day heat. On in nineteen describes -- sheer hell. More can Jones snuck into the bank Gaza hospital. That was under the control of al-Qaeda terrorists. Desperate to find out if one of his close friends from the UN special mission. Was the American he'd been told was there. Driven insane and it was you know. From time. It didn't take long to get tougher. To the room and I could see in transit through the glass. I didn't have to go into an issue of a new rules committee where I was I was ambassador. That. Trash talking. Morgan Jones say he'd never felt so angry in his life. The only I always a million. Ambassador Chris Stevens had so can mount concerned about the security. At the UN special mission compound. When -- -- was in charge of the Libyan god Forbes. Now the ambassador was being. And the US compound was engulfed in flames and get overrun by dozens of heavily armed fighting. Although the attack began -- Tomorrow organized assault unfolded about a mile across the city and a top secret CIA facility. Known as the antiques. It lasted more than seven Allen's and took -- more American lives. We do not have any indication at this point of premeditation or pre planned attacks my whole laundry into the White House's public statements today which was still being me do a full week -- -- It's now when -- established that the Americans were attacked by al-Qaeda. In a well planned missile. Five months before that ninety Balkan Jones first arrived in being -- in -- Libya about 400 miles from the capital Tripoli. Okay Britain suffered under this troubling it easy all kinds are there. Now so now this is the key point. This is the guy brought in by ambassador Chris Stevens. He says show we're gonna get killed. And this is what he -- -- -- -- He felt this would be an easy assignment compared to Afghanistan and Iraq. But on his -- strong through -- currency he noticed -- black flags of al-Qaeda trying openly in the streets. And he grew concerned about the god force as soon as he pulled up to the US compound. There's going to be that we could see and then we realized they were rolling solid trend continued softening to confess what do you think. And so yes so we're gonna have to. -- -- -- The -- jones' job was training the unarmed guns. Her man and the compound -- They were unarmed. You're going through a CD. In a sea of al-Qaeda black flakes. And these idiots in the White House think we're so stupid that we don't know al-Qaeda was behind this attacked. When everybody could see the attack was coming. And then this security guy walks in and he -- these unarmed guards these Libyans. And there inside drinking -- laughing and joking. As al-Qaeda sharpening the knife to slit the throats of our boys. Barack Obama is a wire. Hillary Clinton is a -- Susan Rice is a lawyer. I don't wanna hear anymore from you lives about what noble good decent people they are you know what they are there a bunch of criminals. And every single one of -- should not only be impeached frank they should go to prison. For what they -- leaving our people high and dry like that 6172666868. Is the number more. On what took place in Ben Ghazi next. What good is good news is no -- around to talk about it. AM six CDW. RK. That we could see. And then we realized the world and started drinking -- often interpret that what do you think. And some -- we're gonna have to. Comfortable these cards. Malcolm -- his job was training the -- can't remember the compounds gates. -- second Libyan folks and on to militia high paid by the State Department. Was supposed to defend compounds in the event of an attack. Hoping had nothing to do with the mission but they want him so much and he could not keep quiet. Because those. Saying because in a good mixer for me to come out there he also kept saying. If this place -- attack these guys are not gonna stand in front. I just say oh come on yeah. In the end our go cart board of -- in my own voice saying there. And then right after that. Lieutenant colonel Andy was. In charge of security. For the compound in Ben Ghazi. Says what I told them was we had one option. Leave Ben Ghazi. Or you will be -- This was ignored by the State Department. This was ignored -- -- Department of Defense. It's irrefutable. This security experts that we've brought -- said this place is not guarded. It's completely unarmed al-Qaeda is everywhere. What I want and always that's. Did these clowns in the White House when you thought the black fly through what -- Oakland Raiders. Where you thought this was some kind of a local soccer team the -- these black flags. Where is it is it their little they have this little game where they kicked our gold said they they they play soccer ball with the gold said you think why this was a gold soccer. There there there there this was the home team for the gold soccer team have been doesn't. Is that what you think in the black flags work. -- that's the international symbol for al-Qaeda so you've got black flags everywhere. You've got -- -- al-Qaeda militia as everywhere. You've got Chris Stephen sending cable after cable you've got Greg -- sending cable after cable. You've gone our security people sending cable after cable. You've got al-Qaeda openly announcing on FaceBook on Twitter on social media. We're gonna hit a Red Cross first bull -- this summer we're gonna hit the British consulate boom they hit it in the summer and the big one. And this later is gonna come up by Morgan Jones after the break. We are -- there to attack the US mission. We are very deliberately. To attack Americans. But according. To Obama. And to Hillary. And that can be cruel. And to CNN. And everybody during the election campaign this was all just wasn't terrorism mall. Mall. This is a little misunderstanding. About an -- you know how it is below -- -- -- -- anti Muslim video and they just they go crazy. They just start with the machine guns and they start attacking embassies and consulates that's just doesn't -- about so they are down there is a cultural thing. 6172666868. Is the number. In light. Of these new revelations. Now this is -- -- corner. According to the lips by their standard this is sixty minutes. -- the most respected new source in the world. According to the wimps. Should Obama be impeached over -- doesn't. Is it time now to hold Hillary accountable. Is it now time. For a Watergate style investigation. To give justice to ambassador Chris Stevens. And the other three Americans who died. I want to hear from you 6172666868. Is the number your calls next. -- it -- -- the president just said something which which is that on the day after the attack you what the Rose Garden garden. And said that this was an act of terror. You said in the Rose Garden. The day after the attack it was an act of terror. It was that is what did get a demonstration. Is that what you are saying please -- government. Five. One to make sure we get that for the record because it took the president. Fourteen days before he called the attack and -- -- an act of terror get the transfer. You hit it he didn't impact her so let me let me get that call it MacBook -- a little over here that would be good. He did. -- -- Terror and it did as well. If it is well take that big two weeks or so. For the whole idea of their being a -- out there about this tape. But to come out here and let this -- that the event. Welcome back -- the corner reports 6172666868. Is. They had to protect -- cheerleader. Croatia during the election campaign mom -- does teen -- on only cold and you can never never called it an act of terror. Complete life. I -- -- did that take July and complete remote object he went on David Letterman he went to -- you when he everywhere he went. He went on CBS small wasn't spontaneous social spontaneous. Now we're finding out that very. Opposite. Daylight. Americans died. And Obama -- Chris Europe next thanks for holding welcome. This president has lied since he's taken the -- for all process into -- and all mine he protects. He doesn't protect America he protects everybody -- Safina won nine games. And he did not support our troops and I've heard on the radio yesterday morning. That knowing general from the Pentagon. Had been -- -- need to quit because they disagree with him. And we keep losing my generals in the Pentagon. We're gonna be so dismantled. At the country because our country it's the best system. I told you in general I work for the kind of work for the navy get used to go. If we -- front soldiers and generals and attack happens then you don't client couldn't fall on. Would be so dismantled. It. Chris he wants yes men sick offense and portals. That's what he wants he wants people in the military that will lie. The way the administration lied about nine guys. That's what he wants it's I'm really I'm not exaggerating it's a criminal think. Now when you're on a mafia. You don't want any dissent. Rich told the line are also bullet to the back of the head that's the game Paul Europe Max thanks for holding. Welcome. Good morning just to -- Only we do a little while ago you were talking about Obama coming to Boston and possibly Fenway Park to me I'd look to see him come to expect we've -- I've looked at -- and tie up traffic kill a different way. And then. You know and every member of Red Sox Nation stand up -- -- this guy can. And in the but the problem at all I hear you but here's the problem -- jinx the team. BC you don't want his aura rubbing off on the Red Sox. I'm look I think they're gonna win tonight. I'm I really believe the Red Sox are gonna win tonight they're gonna have a chance to win the World Series on Wednesday. You put this guy in Fenway Park are ya ya. It'll be their sports the baseball equivalent have been does. Our guys are gonna get massacre. We're gonna snatch defeat from the jaws of victory normal mostly away please don't you've done enough damage stay away. Please -- Europe next bill. Major banks protect in the called just the take Bisping got beat coverage on sixty minutes from another angle. I don't think this big media ever expected that ever be able to -- beat force. To tell you this much water for this administration to excuse longer for this kind of incompetence. And I think that they're being forced to cover this because their own credibility in doing so. Has suffered so badly I mean Jon Stewart. Didn't hear the ATA rollout apart early show because he's turned some kind of corner on health care. He did it because the people he's been pushing and make him look like can in this -- for the last three years and every other big media source has been pushing how wonderful. These policies are brought their credibility suffered so bad. They've been forced into journalism not because they want -- Very very interesting point thank you for that call running very interest and correct. Here is again more from these sixteen minutes special yesterday compound was overrun. I made it known in -- country team meaning. You're gonna get attacked you're getting attacked him and -- me it's gonna happen. These changes security profile shut down by his -- -- operations. Move out temporarily. Or or change locations within the city do something to break the profile of the danger of being targeted. Dail are there. They're watching you get tax cycle are such that they are they're planning final planning -- operator operator. That's. That's lieutenant colonel and he would. He's the top guys that they brought in for security. I've been -- He's the one that sank you don't understand -- target you -- -- -- they hit the Red Cross they hit the British they're gonna hit she'll. It's not a question of if it's a question of one and get out shut it down doing something. Now. Watching this. They knew not only that al-Qaeda was behind us. They even knew we each individual was behind this role -- Britain. -- imminent use said during the final planning stages of an attack on the American mission ending -- It was apparent to me to -- case and -- reading all these other. Attacks that were current I can see what they were -- up to it was it was obvious. We have learned the US already knew that this man senior al-Qaeda and media Kabul and not sell Libby was in Libya. Tasked by the head of al-Qaeda to establish a clandestine terrorist network inside that country. -- Libby was already wanted for his role in bombing to the US embassies in Africa. It was a frightening. Piece of information. Because it meant a lot. Would raise the stakes change the game. When he takes. -- testify before congress billion this year for was ambassador Stevens is computing based in Tripoli. A 22 year veteran of the foreign service with an impeccable reputation. And in that environment. You are asking for more security assets and you are not getting them to attract. Did you fight that. I was in the process of trying to frame third request but. It was not. Allowed to come -- work so why didn't you get the help that you needed and that he lost four I really. Really don't know. That's what's been hunting Greg -- now. Really since that event. They didn't allow it to go through. He put in one request yet he put in a second request -- We need security get a Saudi air Dennis more troops do something. But that terrorists are coming and the third time they didn't even allow it to go through this is on Hillary's head. It's on Obama's head it's on Susan rice's head. And to this day. Nobody has been held accountable. And you know why they never gave security. Because of the CIA. Was running an illegal gun smuggling operation. From that compound or from an -- to be particular. From Ben -- in -- Turkey into Syria to arm al-Qaeda. Are very mortal enemies. That's the truth. And the liberals don't want to admit it. Is the numbers. On the bulldozer. Is on meg got overdrive there is so much liberal -- I'm game. I'm drowning under my friends. On sale now we get my first thought come as a premiums. 95 dollars. Get your skis are small board properly -- before you hit the slopes this winter. Visit get my perch dot com now where you can get your premiums ski or snowboard -- and up from steel costs for just thirty dollars. And don't forget to use the promo code bull buys. BO all by ice for an extra 13%. Off your next purchase. Valid through the end of October brought do you -- get my perch and Boston's fox station AM 680 WRKO. Before I get to the phone -- it's. Here was Obama. Not for one but two weeks after the Ben Ghazi a -- rolled the montage Brittany. And know what happened here well the here's what happened yeah you had a video that was released by. Somebody who lives here. Sort of shadowy character who who is extremely offensive. Video directed at the Mohammed and Islam making fun of a profit making been making fun of the Prophet Mohammed and so does this cause. Great offense. In much of the Muslim world. But. And we lost four people including the ambassador. And -- it was reported that. People just went crazy and wild because of this anti Muslim movie or anti mom but I guess moving. But then I heard this Hillary Clinton say that it was an act of terrorism is it what do you say. Well we're still doing an investigation. There's no doubt that. That kind of weapons that we're used. Ongoing assault. That it wasn't just. A mob action. Now you know we don't have all the information yet and so we're still gathering of those who love freedom for themselves must ask themselves. How much they're willing to tolerate freedom Brothers. That is what we saw play out in the last two weeks. There's a crude and disgusting video sparked outrage throughout the Muslim world. I have made it clear that the United States government had nothing to do with the video. And I believe it's message must be rejected by all who respect our common humanity. It is an insult not only -- puzzles. But to America as well. This has been described as a mob action. But there are reports that they were very heavily armed. With grenades. And as evidence doesn't sound like your normal demonstration and it looks at where we're still investigating exactly what happened I don't wanna jump the gun on us. But -- in well liar. I got married she is this guy could sell ice to eskimos the winning Europe next go baby. Hello I would you go. It's just -- that. That clip of Romney was a little ray of sunshine imagine if he was president we would be talking a lot out of replay it here perennials. No on -- listen if he was president right now. -- may be having a job could be a different country Richard thirty seconds go. Hi Jeff I've. Enjoyed listening -- or you're exposed day which I've I've. Had a baby. But from growing admiration for Lara Logan she's really -- -- she's she's a great professional. She digs into issues that are program on sixty minutes. Richard have you noticed she's a Brit. I'm Rick I'm a former Canadian it takes immigrants. To reveal the truth -- America today plus side of that. My friends we'll have more on this so much more tomorrow god bless you CNN. This is Jeff Corona --