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Did we fail the Tsarnaevs brothers? Globe OPED thinks so.

Nov 4, 2013|

Gish Jen wrote an OPED in Sunday's Boston Globe asking if we failed the Tsarnaevs brothers.

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Welcome to the corner we market -- Plus didn't bulldoze their 6172666868. Is the number. You can catch that -- 686. JD my friends and -- superb show for you today. A lot of really important stories I'm telling you I got some. I mean you want to talk about some bomb and I mean bombshell stories on obamacare. On now the latest assault on the military through the navy seal its. But clearly. What is Timmy the issue. Of this morning anywhere at least of the first hour. Is this unbelievable piece. I mean this stunning piece. In the Boston Globe as many of you know it's it's now got new ownership. It's still a liberal rags. -- you're not gonna get many more readers are gonna continue to hemorrhage readers they're gonna continue to hemorrhage support they're gonna continue to hemorrhage advertising revenue. But. The major event this weekend obviously. Was the incredible. Red Sox parade. Which went across the city they hit routes across the state. In the whole state took immense pride in the victory of the Red Sox and rightly so I was happy I was excited. If anything they -- to excite. I had some people texting me saying come on Jeff take it easy stop wetting yourself on the air is so excited. But clearly it was a spectacular victory it was beautiful to see something like this in the wake of the Boston Marathon mom thinks. Not that it'll ever heal what happened not that it ever will bring the victims Barack. And not that it will ever. -- make us forget what happened on that fateful day. But it was a nice victory for the city in the wake of that horrific event I think that's what made it even extra special. And Brittany was there in the crowd in fact she was there at the -- I spoke to before the show she said the atmosphere was phenomenal. There were huge crowds people were warm people were happy this CD really came together and was unite. Now. What do the liberals -- Even backed. Even -- Costs to be ruined. Even facts. Pass to be divided. Even shocked. We have to now getting into discussions of race and racism and I kid you not. How marked perhaps we will ensure carts are may yet. Flashing bank. Maybe we'll let him down own. But this thread so I swear to you. -- this Red Sox victory you really should make us think about how we weren't taller rent to mount framework come. Mission at the mouth and didn't believe in diversity. Amount. Which is why you may be usual cards sorry millionaire vacated flash bang AKA evil it's our. And drop those bombs along with speed bump and killed all those people at the Boston Marathon bombing of the Boston Marathon. Here is any piece. By Jewish. -- November 3. Sunday's Boston Globe in the metro section is one of the most despicable pieces. I have ever read. And you want to know everything that's wrong with liberalism. You wanna know why it is so fundamentally morally and intellectually bankrupt this piece my friends says at all now. Before -- get into the piece you need to be aware of this because it's gonna come into play. Jewish -- Is a second generation. Chinese American. Who was actually born in New York I was educated here -- at Cambridge and Harvard and basically never wanted to leave Cambridge. She's and Wilbur lefty. Are a die hard multicultural liberal. Show -- -- -- -- in the people's republic of Cambridge she's an off third she's she calls herself a model as I ya -- you look at her -- was almighty god. You seriously. Try something else try waiting patients that's my advice to -- -- because writing is not your Forte but let that go. And then she's -- I kid you not with her identity. But called these lips. That Asian identity is different from white identity which is different from black identity which is different from Hispanic identity. She's obsessed. With her own Chinese heritage and her suppose it Asian identity she can't stop writing about it in fact her latest book is. Quote tiger writing meaning I guess that tiger Asian tiger like she's an Asian so she writes with an Asian state of mind. Art culture and the inter dependant. Self rule -- Or really profound basically it's BS. It -- BS sir I'm I'm trying to look pretentious here. She has this peaks. In the Boston Globe. Now I'm not gonna read all of it -- frank a lot of it is dribble she tries to quote Shakespeare. She thinks she's being profound she's not. But this is the part that I want again. -- This series winning the world the World Series this series was about redemption. Resurrection. And resilience on so many levels it was hard to take them all went. Next paragraph. Underneath it all -- as the biggest resurrection I'm quoting now directly from her piece was perhaps of Boston itself. The marathon bombing was a blunt trauma much for for which even the fact of crowds gathering without incident with some much -- itself. But it was a trauma to that had renewed a special don't. I don't know if you have -- if it renewed his special -- with the -- but she says it renewed a special vote within the city of Boston. Because she's not gonna -- want to say. You were such a racist city. And may be just may be behind at all. This again. Ugly legacy and scheme of racism but this time against the Chechens to turn your Brothers so here's what you sense. But it was a trauma to. They had renewed a special -- For Boston has after all always been as a city upon a hill. Except. It except that Celtics legend built or -- except that the Sox were the last baseball team in the league to integrate. Except that Celtics legend Bill Russell had his house broken in two and his bed defecated -- But what about peace. And this this to me right thing for peace gets really discussing. Did we fail old let's -- mini camps somehow. It's not clear that we did. And yet for people who usual car especially who had seen them at school where it's. Aideed and party and play sports with him but lurking fear has been that we failed to truly open our hearts. That we accepted him. But only up to a point. Work to blame. We're a full. For what flash bang and speed bump into. That he's Muslim extremists came into our city. Who took advantage of welfare benefit after welfare benefits after welfare benefit. And somehow. Did -- week that we -- we failed puts our name yet somehow that we failed them. Are you kidding me. So let me ask our Jewish -- this question Jewish. Don't think. When we gave them refugee status from that hell hole that is Chechnya in all the land that's been. Are at war with Russia where basically Russia has napalm the place into oblivion don't -- Did we not open us ourselves up to them enough. -- when flash rank. Got a 2500. Dollar scholarship from my after our goal on a high school here in Cambridge did we not to open up our hearts and -- him. As Tony when we helped give him subsidies and pay for him going to the university of mass and Dartmouth when we help pay for his education. And he still had a -- up 1000 dollars that he would left unpaid to the university. Did we not open up our hearts and left him. Filming when we gave him and his brother in the finally go full chart may yet. Public housing. Welfare. EBP carts. -- -- -- They said education subsidies. And when we didn't while we -- -- welfare. Beating -- get enough food stamps. Tell me when his brother was beating his wife's head and against the wall. And nobody did anything what we didn't open -- hurts them -- to them it is within -- one offend their Muslim sensibilities. I don't mean where did we not open up our hearts and often am Jewish. -- what other benefit should I have given them. What should we have just given them their own Moscow is that it. I mean they wanted to mosques. They had a bad they could go pray anytime they wanted to -- but maybe what we should have built them a custom made mosque inside their apartment. Tell me how about when he was selling marijuana. Only what we should have given them what a security detail so we could've sold as marijuana a Jewish. This to me. Is everything that is wrong. With the liberals in the state. Which the Boston Globe. And with people like Jewish agenda. And notice. Even in this moment even now 2013. How many black players on that team how many Hispanic players on Mac team how many Asian players on that team. And yet normally home they were the last team to integrate. The ugly legacy of racism. All Bill Russell somebody broken -- Sosa defecated on his bed and. Our Jewish let me ask you this. Tony how -- race relations like in China. The only Jewish power race relations like in Chechnya. -- Tell me how our race relations like him Mexico. And page fish. Here you have the least racist country in the history of the world. And all liberals know how to do each cherry pick. That individual flaws. Of this country and somehow conflict everything about race. But let's get back to the heart of the matter. This is Cambridge liberalism. At it's worst you want -- all Cambridge liberalism we one understand the mind of Elizabeth Warren. You want to understand the mind the most of the lives in this state here and it's. You have two people. The evil churning -- who came to this city. Were given refugee status. We're giving welfare benefits through the -- who. Had everything given to them on a silver platter. They convert to radical Islam or they become radicalized under the mother in particular to radical Islam. You have there flash bank. Tweeting all of these verses. In the crawl on the justifies holy war. And then they go out and commit one of the most heinous atrocities on American soil ever. And the problem is not them. The problem is racist Boston and racist Massachusetts. And this on top of at all on what you think about this. From a woman. Who. Constantly obsessions about race. Who's obsessed about her race. It's just about everyone else's race who can't stop talking about racial identity. In fact here let me give me the rest of the of the peace just showing you. These liberals they see everything through the lens and prism of race it's really Hitler must be laughing from the grave. I've said this before I'll say it again their liberal fascists. It then it's race class and gender it's all identity politics all they can see is the color of a scam -- check this out. She says she goes on to say the many miracles. Of this series looms the figure of David Turkey's mount -- tell -- I saw David Ortiz you know what -- phenomenal baseball player. That's what I see when I see that great relief pitcher Koji phenomenal baseball player that's what I see. But no not the liberals know I don't know not Jewish -- normal home and home normal because she sets. And -- which she celebrates now. The fact it Ortiz can't speak proper English but isn't that a great thank -- speech with an accent. In the post game interviews. One native English speaker after another managed to say nothing much while poppy. With his -- accent an easy enormous heart set it all for all of them. And what about the pictures of poppy with Koji slung over his shoulder and pounding us posterior with the joy. That's not an image of a couple of cocaine players of color know that's an image of man at home and free to be themselves. Our own shocks are now world champs. With not one but two foreign born MVP east he gave his post game remarks were translator. And yet these men are indisputable -- irrevocably box. If they are are very heart they are Boston. Boston's strong Boston -- out. Who cares. If there's to a foreign born players hugging each other on the mound in one guy's pounding the other guys are rear end. Or who cares about the fact that poppy speaks with an accent. -- who cares that the two greatest but the two best players in the series were foreign born. What is -- few. You you look at the relief pitcher cold you all you see is Asian. You look at popular you see is that Hispanic Dominican Republic what are you sick. I'm really are you are you sick. You're you're the inverse of the Clinton. Declined goes around and says white block the Asian brown that's all they can see that's all you can see. So even out of the Red Sox. Even out of the World Series. Even out of the parade. All the liberals can do is -- All they can do is play the race card -- all they can. Do. Is somehow make us feel guilty. For what happened at the Boston Marathon comics. My France. Liberalism. Is the ideology of self hatred. Of hatred for America. A hatred for everything this country stands. And you wanna talk about self loathing. We didn't fail to turning ups. That's our natives failed themselves and they failed us their mass murdering thugs. Pure plain and simple Islamic Jihad lists you know what the problem is it's not Boston. It's radical Islam. 6172666868. Is the number let me ask a couple of questions. Number one. What do you make of this piece. But more importantly. It's now very clear. From at least this columnist at the Boston Globe and we know all many liberal shared his view because we see the Facebook's charts. We see all the people going on on behalf of -- cards signed may have and protesting for him and defending him. Did the Boston Marathon bombings occur. Because we failed to embrace the serenade apps what we didn't we didn't celebrate goat milk come off and -- jerky. I don't know what we do celebrate Jihad enough I don't know. But did we fail is it because it's we failed to truly open up our hearts tool. -- -- any -- are we somehow responsible for the Boston bomb links we collectively because of a failure to understand it's financed number one. And number two. Is the Boston Red Sox victory. A victory for multicultural -- That we now have foreign born players. Being the best players on the Red Sox. The more international we are the more cosmopolitan we are the more multicultural we are the better we are as a city. And as a team and as a country. 6172666868. Is the number. Do you care. That the two best players on the Red Sox were in fact foreign born and that one happened to be Asian and the other one had to be Hispanic. Jewish -- says that's a big deal what do you say 6172666868. Is the number. All of your calls next. After a long. Welcome back to the point. Point 6172666868. Is the number you can text the set 68680. This is from 7810. I think absolutely nailed it. The article itself is not nearly as troubling as the number of morons in this state that will mod their heads in agreement with that I agree with you. That -- is what's really troubling. Here Jewish Jan. She's -- I'm -- I did some research on her but she advertises that she's a second generation trying. She's American she's a novelist based out of Cambridge she's also a correspondent for the Boston Globe. And in the peace. She goes on. About the history of racism with the Red Sox how they were the last team to integrate. And she's happy now that we have all these foreign born players. An additional that we really now we're becoming more multi cultural. We're becoming more open to different races different cultures around the world. But the one part in particular she says that the Red Sox victory. Hasn't been able to really smooth over one lingering doubts. Didn't we as a city failed that -- may have somehow. And she says it's not clear that we did you think. And yet for people who unusual car especially who had seen them at school. Who had studied in partied and played sports with him. But lurking fear has been that we failed to truly open our hearts that we accepted him but only up to a point. It's our fault. We just didn't understand. Checchi and jihadist culture and -- We just didn't say to them in home. Not just the food stamps not just the scholarships. Might just paying your must most of your freight at UMass Dartmouth. Might just -- BP cards might just the section eight housing. My home. Can we try some of that delicious -- gold milk believe I wanna have Chechen gold milk please can we put that in the and nice parade. When we celebrate diversity and multicultural -- on campus and we do that and we have some -- militias gold jerky. May be drenched in that Russian blood can we do that a little bit just sharing your culture a little bit that we understand you a bit more. Please may be able you know what will start won't make Chechen mandatory in most schools as a second language maybe that's who we should have done. Yeah we're gonna speak charge and now. We're gonna learn our kids besides Spanish besides Portuguese. Besides Arabic were also gonna teach the objection. Would that maybe Obama -- you think maybe that would have convinced them up Obama's. This is what passes for commentary in the Boston Globe. My France. We have met the enemy. They're called liberals. 6172666868. Is the number. Coming up next. A woman posts a picture for Halloween -- with -- Halloween costume. Dressed. As a Boston Marathon. Victim. Is it too soon -- skill next.