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Too Soon? Woman dresses up as a Boston Marathon bombing victim for Halloween.

Nov 4, 2013|

Do you think this woman went too far? Jeff thinks so.

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Welcome back to the -- report Jeff Horner Boston's bulldozers 6172666868. Is the number of you can -- -- 68680. My friends. We're gonna be giving away some more free passes to the one year corner report anniversary party. We're going to be holding in its August 6 o'clock on Wednesday. I want as many of you to show up as possible so stay tuned we're gonna be giving away some passes. A little bit later in the show. Now. I got some other stuff in the stack really important. On -- Obama care and you're not gonna believe what's happening now -- Navy SEALs just but anyway just trust me. This one this story's gonna -- even even by Obama's standards this one's gonna -- But before I get to that. Why am -- discussing this piece in the Boston Globe why. Jewish Jan whoever heard of Jewish guy and I probably gave her more publicity and amateur ever get their luck and poor reads the Boston Globe. It's because. As time goes on. And we're not even close to a one year anniversary we're just talking now what months five months six months whatever it's been. Already. People are forgetting. Already. People are thinking it's okay to insult the victims. And let me give you a classic example. There is -- you wanna talk about tasteless. You wanna talk about heartless you wanna talk about mocking the victims. This is a story that is ignited I mean a firestorm. On social media. 820 -- year old woman. Alicea let alone we show forgive me I'll leave show lynch. Went to a Halloween costume party at her work last week. And everybody all her coworkers were looking forward to -- -- -- these Halloween where I work parties are getting more popular now. But what do you think she went dress that's. I don't know if she common dressed as the grim reaper. Did she com and grass that I saw by the way here. Downstairs in the cafeteria I don't know why a lot of people men and women were dressed as Indians native American Indians where she dressed as a native American Indian. -- The -- she dressed as I don't know Count Dracula heard you know whatever. I don't know. She came dressed. As a victim. Of the Boston Marathon bombing. She came dressed she's got a shirt on are running shirt pants sorry shorts. With tiger says -- 731. She's got fake blood all rumor running right down or both of her -- And that's how she decided she wanted to do on the whole athletic gear the fake blood -- bit. And she went dressed with the running shoes everything as the Boston Marathon victim. And then. Adding insult to injury. Not only did she Wear the offensive costume to work. I'm -- an error her coworkers respondent. -- draw felt that they're draws are draws fell to the ground. But she then posted it online. She posted up on Twitter and FaceBook for everybody to see. And she's openly bragging about listen look at my costume isn't it. Cool I'm a Boston Marathon victim pop -- look at the blood in my legs. Look at me -- on the -- And immediately. There was an intense reaction. She was denounced by people from all over the state all over the country. Basically saying how low can you go. And in particular. One of the ball a real victim one of the Boston Marathon victims Sydney Corcoran. Weeded at this a Li Xia. Lynch by the way not the sharpest like ball McIntyre of that right now. Regarding her tasteless -- you you should be ashamed. My mother lost both of her legs and I almost died in the marathon. You need a filter or she needs more than a filter I said. She needs more than a filter. She needs and you bring. Now she's not to like I said she's not the sharpest tool in the shed you can see not. She apparently posted her license. -- driver's license online with her I addressed clearly visible. She's also prop up put out nude photos and videos of herself online so I guess she's a wanna be porn star. So obviously this woman you know where. The moral let's put it this way. -- moral character is in her strong suit brains and morals are attrition wrong soup. But. My question to you is this. Why would anybody wanna do X. I mean what's so funny about this. -- really. What's so cool what's so chic. Notice now how we cavalierly. Just insult to victims. How we cavalierly just dismissing victims. People got their legs blown off a limbs blown off people who behind. The super car it's no big deal is just one big Garrick. And this is what I am noticing now with not all but with a lot of young people today it's like. There's something that isn't computing in their heads it's as if they don't have a conscience. It says if there's no moral -- there's no sense of what's appropriate inappropriate. Right wrong good evil. It's all one big movie. It's almost like how how how Amish zombie in a movie. And this girl didn't get a and so eventually under tremendous pressure she got to put up a couple post saying she apologized. But even her coworkers relate this woman just doesn't didn't. So she eventually ended up losing her job she got fired for it. Because of so much attention that it talked her into her place of work. But it just became such a destruction in front of the coworkers were so disgusted. And her boss said forget it. It's completely unprofessional and you're gone you've attracted way too much negative publicity to our business and we want you out so they fired her. So let me ask you this. Do you think she should have been fired. For what she did it. Number one and number two. Are you noticing is well a greater insensitivity. A greater lack of feeling. For the victims. Of April 15 for the victims of the Boston bombing. And victims in general. 6172666868. Is the number if one of your coworkers. Came to your. How well. Halloween office Halloween party. Dressed up as a Boston Marathon victim. How would you react 6172666868. Is the number garrison Europe next thanks for holding -- well. And -- he'd Harrison. Idea is sort of make you comment he. I work at a hotel right on oil in the second bomb went off that structure my -- And down. You know she would have been well received a byword party that the people that but. You know at this point in time I can't believe it's a million sensitivity going on our surrounding the situation. And down it's just acting you know it -- case sat them. Bring enough pressure on them that local people like that you know. I'm with you garrison. Thank you very much. I mean I know I mean I was here. I was doing what 1012 hours of radio. I mean now we we all know what this city went through and now it's become it's Halloween costume. It's Halloween costume. I mean seriously what's next you're gonna like you where artificial limbs. Anyone know why is that what you want you want your drenched in blood and artificial limbs all well well well you know what's gonna come out next I'm telling you. With all of this attention now believes are giving to a flash ranked drew cards -- may have you Marjorie Egan now this idiot judge Jan. So good looking he's so handsome -- sexy Rolling Stone with a little sexy spray like a young Bob Dylan. Mark my words this year was a bit too shall I know what the lives it was a bit too shall this year. Next year you're gonna seek costumes -- visual -- earning a -- rank. -- guaranteed. GAAP I and I'm telling I guarantee it. Wrong by the time this thing is gone he's going to be a sex symbol is going to be a -- 617 -- of the misunderstood Chechen Muslim cause you the freedom fighter. 6172666868. Is the number -- syrup next thanks for holding welcome. Hi Chris. I don't know so much am an issue. People not having empathy towards its big senate acted is that. They're just not being. You know kids aren't being raped which religion -- their lives are being tried consequences for actions are having a really anymore I don't I'm very skilled -- the Barents -- change. I think a lot of it is just that. Kids are growing not just being around everything around and because parents aren't putting that air got entered on the court saying that they're not being hot right. I don't know let it -- to enter the victim. You know -- make it very interesting point because I see that now increasingly with young people I've noticed even like basic manners. It's not there anymore I honestly think -- religion not everything like I would read you know you put your middle finger -- gonna eat it at that they are. -- -- -- trot out got to be happy note here you know going to -- only after like chokes. No future consequence -- their actions like you don't think they're afraid anymore. Now that I really I think you know that. I mean think about it if you believe there is no afterlife. You believe journal -- ultimately there are no consequences to your actions. What you care. We -- not gonna burn in hell for anything that you do you don't wanna get caught obviously you don't wanna go to prison. But you don't care. We -- we've eliminated. Any sense of moral -- salutes. There's a great movie by patent forget the source Woody Allen -- with the what why. Is one of his best movies. And it's called crimes and misdemeanors. And Woody Allen axiom looks into the topic -- is a character who no longer believes in god. And even murder becomes acceptable. Because he ends up concluding wow if there is no god and I can get away with that. -- I -- was not a punishment. There's no divine retribution. 6172666868. Is the number Eric you're up next thanks for holding welcome. In the morning Jeff how much earlier -- where you're getting the permission of banks from I mean. Everybody who saw I -- I mean universally people condemn what this girl done and she got fired for I don't think anybody anywhere -- that anything that the blue blood -- So much you only really you know people directly to go to no consequences. That we want -- -- everybody condemned it. I did I mean did anybody exchange hey good job that was great costume I don't think shot. So I'm in what we're saying that it's some sort of reflective of some sort permit the society and our entire decide -- just a lot of trouble except as you did that. While not want her number one our entire society did in just some people on social media did that's number one but number two no Erica I mean look there's no question about it. I mean nobody even 101520. Years ago nobody would even -- thought of doing something like this that's the point. And I mean you know I mean and -- high schools today look at kids his behavior. I ask you drugs. Sex. I mean -- swearing vulgarity violence. You tell me. Do you see these people as a whole some upstanding moral citizens. I don't see -- 61720666868. Is the number. Should she have been fired over her Halloween costume. And do you think there is a grip and -- growing insensitivity. Towards the victims -- well. Welcome back into the corner reward you can -- the set 68680. This is from 978 Jeff when I was an adolescent. It wasn't gone I would have -- from doing something socially unacceptable. It was my parents. Bingo 978. 339. You don't need help to develop moral -- parents who act like parents. 703 Jeff kids raised in daycare do not learn compassion. Only now. Parents can raise a child with compassion. 6172666868. Is the number. John Europe Max thanks for holding welcome. Reporter there aren't that I am good how -- you John very well. You know what this woman involved character it obviously corporate farm system that -- -- -- -- more -- our. I mean I don't know -- somebody is that this is like yeah. Appropriate and what are yet not not a lot and there are more she and her column on that some are not helped get it just. We're hearing here held a -- she just know that they are and is set by the fact that people think that it. You know and -- quietly OK this is a person like or. I'm I'm look at Bill Maher is probably not free why are also ought not -- up at least a response. Nobody plans are built rock it like it and our partners so. -- now but I mean that's walk. Some serious issues and you won't talk about its opener of lies in the fact that -- think I read somewhere on somebody that. And don't believe in Andy. And Mike caught them up everything that. Nobody believes anything therefore. And we are. Not us but don't -- set -- economy in particular. My hero on our job you -- see you nailed it buddy you absolutely nailed it look it's the MTV generation. And it's what it's sex. It's pornography it's violence it's drugs that's hole. That's all on TV Selz. So you have a generation of children hooked on this reared on this nurtured on miss. You're gonna get these these kind of people think it's funny to be a Boston Marathon victim noticed by the way Oklahoma City member Oklahoma City 1995. Did you hear stories of people walking around -- or for a whole week and I'm gonna be a victim of Oklahoma City. This is something that -- it's been about 1015 years now. We're really starting to see the effects of this now on on a lot of young kids soon Europe next thanks for holding welcome. I walked on earth -- one I think. The one of the -- and I think the Olympic training our young people. Do believe that we deserve this second backgammon and he gets being stupid yes that happened to do it -- I think -- is. I actually delicate Democrat something I'm critic keeping -- keeping my fact I had about like global. I think about -- TV show that Michael have a sense of humor and I was -- I'll. -- I think it's like American protect -- sample them a lot both our our. Foul up kind of like a little. Oh thank you very much for that call -- while I gotta tell you this. Even the Muslims would never dreamed this one up. Navy SEALs. Have now been ordered to remove. Something very sacred and very special from their uniforms. This is what President Obama has now ordered them to do. I will have -- unbelievable story what is it hang on my friends because you're not gonna believe this one next on the.