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Officals In The Killing Of Danvers Teacher Ask That A Search Warrant Be Sealed.

Nov 5, 2013|

Does the public have the right to see the search warrant? Jeff says no, what do others say?

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You know hello -- all our friends -- the NSA. Boston's talk station and AM six -- WRK no talk with. Our report this is Jeff -- laughter. Bulldozer that's 172666868. Is the number you can -- -- so fixated fixated. And for those that you want Twitter you can tweet me out of the corner report OK you wage and he are. My friends and good morning. -- then jam packed show for you today I'm telling you. We've got some phenomenal stuff you don't wanna touch the dial. The dear leader. He's now selling I never said you can keep your health care plan. I feel like your health care plan you can keep your health care plan and don't know he's saying. That they you can keep it if it hasn't changed since the law passed. So basically he's trying to spend in BS is way out of this one. We're gonna have a that's story. So much more but. And the issue to me. Of at least this segment. And one of the most heart wrenching stories out there it's a local story many if you're familiar with that but. I gotta tell you it's now getting very heated. The killing the stabbing of Colleen rates are as many of you know just to quickly recap. She was a math teacher at Denver's high school 24 years of age by all accounts an absolutely outstanding teacher. Salt of the earth kind of person. Great woman. Loved by the students love by your peers beloved by your friends loved by your family members. Just a pillar of the community -- someone who wanted to teach was born to teach. And tragically. Recently was the victim of a heinous. Heinous murder. Whereby a student a fourteen year old. Philip Chisholm. Allegedly. Because he didn't like the fact you can -- be getting a bad grade if he was of one of her students in math. And her math class. Apparently followed her into the bathroom stall. With a pair of box cutters that he gets stolen from the art class. And then began to assault -- stab her. Mutilate her he then dumped her body. Into a garbage can. Into a trash bin recycling -- to be precise to occur in the back and there she died in the warts. This is a story that has touched people not just -- -- verse -- in the Greater Boston area not just in Massachusetts. But frankly around the country it is a story that has gone national. For obvious reasons. What is the world coming to we now have a fourteen year old. Killing 24 year old Stewart's sorry 24 year old -- fourteen year old student's killing 24 year old teacher's. In cold blooded brutal fashion. But behind the scenes there has been. A brew I mean I'm talking an intense. A vigorous. Campaign by the lawyers of the media in particular. Who want to search warrant unsealed. The police are now conducting an investigation. The grand juries in the process of conducting an investigation. And there is a search warrant. That the police have used to get information on Philip Chisholm. On we. -- possibly the motives for why he killed. Colleen writ -- They've also talk to many minor minor short witnesses. And especially regarding what took place several hours. Before the attack. And the murder of call mean -- sir. And sold the lawyers for these media groups. Are desperately trying to get the search warrant unsealed. And their claiming that this is freedom of information. They're claiming that the public has a right to know. That they have a First Amendment right under freedom of expression freedom of speech serving the public. That as journalists. They should be able to be entitled to all of this information. To inform their readers and inform the public. And this is now been going on behind the saints. He Colleen rich -- family. Desperately does not want this search warrant unsealed. And the reason is simple. They have just buried their daughter. They are still grieving. They are still in deep pain they don't want more grisly details to be revealed to the public. Now the fact that the prosecutor is determined not to unseal. The affidavit the -- the affidavit for the search warrant. The fact that he wants to keep this seal. Has been increasing speculation. Well why why would they wanna keep it sealed. What are they trying to protect Colleen -- certain ways or something inappropriate going on between Colleen blitzer and Philip Chisholm. So yesterday in court. In front of judge Michael C Lauren sonong. Where they had a a hearing over lifting the impoundment of the affidavit of the of the search warrant in other words -- should be sealed or unsealed. To lift the seal. The I -- the -- prosecutors in the case. Clearly stated that they want the entire public to know that there was. Absolutely no evidence none whatsoever. Of any misconduct or wrongdoing. By Colleen -- -- of any sorts. So this is not that they're trying to protect her reputation. This is not somehow that maybe there was some kind of hanky -- year illicit affair going on between this boy a and and this. This woman this math teacher. They're saying that this is gonna impede their ability to continue the grand jury investigation. There are certain heinous grisly details and I can just imagine what that was -- that are gonna be released to the public. That the Colleen rich -- family. Just don't want the public to know right now. This is embarrassing this is painful this is humiliating. They've already lost their daughter they don't need more. They don't need more pain. They don't need more grisly details more she really nation to come out now. Let me ask all of you this. If this was your daughter. Would you want every single grizzly sic the tail of that attack. Or whatever the motive once. Would you want that released to the public. Would you want these. The yellow journalists. Who now wanna get every little. A tidbit. Every little -- tidbit every little boring piece of information. So that they can then sell more papers. Or draw more view horse and say all we have to search warrant. Your not gonna believe what Philip Chisholm actually did the Colleen brits are all we've got all the details. All organ or you're not gonna believe the whatever the sexual fantasies he had a -- whatever it is it's. Would you want that for your daughter. This year neighbor or your friends. No the most intimate aspects of how this poor woman was killed. And why this -- did it. And what reverser reasons drove him. In which your daughter went through. All of the gore re sick the tales the perversity -- Yes the public has a right to know. We know what happened. This boy. When we're gonna find out soon whether he was mentally ill were gonna find out soon if he was on medications if he was on drugs all this is gonna come out during the trial. But the point is this boy allegedly. Went and and stabbed to death and -- -- this teacher in the east in the bathroom stall killed or dumped her body behind the woods. Isn't that all anybody really tell you need to know. Now but they want more. The media wants more. Because they wanna sell papers. They wanna get more viewers they wanna get more people like eyeballs on the screen. And so they wanna get as many sensational aspects of this as they possibly -- how did he dole it. Was there any a sexual assault I don't wanna get into more graphic stuff but that's what they're searching for. Because obviously the reason why the prosecutor is protecting Colleen -- are up to and her family. Is there's gonna be some really disgusting gory details. And they don't wanna have to put the family again through this circus. Just after they've buried her it's gonna come out in the trial. It's gonna come out in six months or nine months or whenever the trial takes place. But the fact of the matter is -- we we let this family grieve in peace. You know. I remember. When I was at the -- for my mother in law. And grace was very close to her -- And I'll never forget this I don't know why some things in life people -- religious state in your mind. And I remember a very close friend of ours who was a former professor of grace's doctor -- crushed -- he's now retired. We were in the you know when this sort of condolences lined there we are enormous Walken and condolences -- deepest condolences and you walked up to us recently signed -- is very hard my deepest condolences. But you need to understand something and it just made us feel so much better he said. Burying your parents. He's one of the most natural. Things you can do. It's one of the duties of life. If you're lucky. Because the worst thing that can happen. Is that your parents have to bury you. There's nothing worse than apparent coming to bury their own trial. It's a natural way of the world. Our parents came before us they pass away we buried them we pay their respects and then eventually our kids will bury us. Hopefully I'll live a very long life I can see Russian -- get married and have grant -- have grandchildren to have children. But I'm thinking as now -- have children. If I lost my even. If I lost my -- He it would break my heart. I can just imagine what the parents must be going through now. And let me be you know you even make another point that needs to be said final losing a child is tragic. But by all accounts. And I say this affectionately obvious she was a woman this was a good girl. It just no doubt about it it's this was a good girl. This is the girl you want your daughter to grow up to me. How happy smiling hole some a phenomenal teacher. Born to teach. Well loved by friends respected by colleagues and peers adored by students. -- that everybody I mean this is. They want -- I mean all the friends are saying we wanted her to get married we wanted to see here at the wedding we wanted to see or have children that's all she talked about. All of that is now gone. Now we got to get into the details of what how we stabbed or where he stabbed there in what what what else are sick thing he did order. But is this now what we need to sell more newspapers. You can't wait six months so gonna come out in the trial don't worry about it. So let me ask all of you this. I stand with their parents. I stand with Colleen rich are scrambling. I believe that these search warrants and all of the grisly details. Should remain sealed. But let me ask you this do you think the public has a right to know. Do does your right to know. Every aspect of this case. Because after all we're paying for the case we're paying for the prosecution we're paying for the investigation. Does that trump the privacy rights of Colleen rich -- I am I saying no what do you say Boston if this was your daughter. Would you want all the details -- known in the media 6172666868. Is the number. Should the search warrant to be unsealed what do you say jam Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Good morning just did you I think what we have here just the fact that in this country we have not yet reconciled. The First Amendment freedom of the press. What the right to a fair trial. -- and Great Britain which has whose bill writes. It is almost 200 years older than Alliedsignal which free bottled Abdullah -- side. They've they've taken the position the public's right to know takes. It starts when the trial was held. The trial has to be public all the things that are regulated -- who's going to be brought brought forward. In the course of the trial. The in this country they do not allow the press. To. To compromise the right if you choose to -- trial but that is another concern here. This district district and he has got together grand got to get that it's a generation ago that depicted Jerry. We had an England that say it. We we lost you but know look -- another thing I think that's another reason. I think if you start inflaming. The population about all these grisly details. I think it's going to be hard for this -- to have a fair trial not I think demean their peak and it. It seems to me he's guilty -- But we are America people do cover right to a trial they have a right to a fair trial. They have a right to a trial by the jury of their peers. So I think you make another excellent point. But -- mean when everything is said and done. I side with the family members. When I'm reading all these media reports on what's going on. When I look at what the the the case that some of these media outlets are trying to make I'm like look we already know essentially what happened in the case. Now what you want to sensationalize this you want sensationalism. You wanna sell more papers you wanna get more viewers that's what this is all about. I don't need to all the details of how we killed. I don't. So. You know can mean we'll find out will be a trial all this will come out eventually but let the family grief. The rights of the family I mean should come first 617266. 6868. Is the number Ronnie Europe next thanks for holding welcome. That you. Our culture -- really leans toward. Lurid disclosure. And discussion. In his suburban crude remark in addition. Amongst many other details resource. Disclosed. That is part of life ratio to root source here but -- was black. Who. Murdered that. Politically bird that poor woman. It's try to -- -- of our times but so Serbs. That's the way. It. The addictions to show restarted both legal. And personal committed. Certainly that it you have to go forward. -- thank you for that call -- 6172666868. Is the number. -- Europe next thanks for holding welcome. I Jeb -- I knew I am very good thank you I -- at this -- kind of hit home with me I work in the community did this fourteen years since. Sort trying to hit all. I turned the ball I don't well I do not believe that the public has a right to know all the grisly -- feels. Utter respect of for privacy. Iraq calling -- family and friends but the other thing -- and a couple of calls to our goal of the gentlemen hit on it. The GA. It's gonna have to try to get a conviction. In what you don't want it -- my ass lawyer who was saying all. -- this young man did not have a a fair trial because they already prejudicial before they walked him. And then this this case as you have said his head maximum exposure and maximum. How on earth. Are you gonna get an unbiased jury anywhere in Massachusetts not just an Essex County. And and that's all for that reason alone. Nevermind what the family feels. That they grisly details as you put it should not be made public that's just my feeling. Thank you very much -- 6172666868. Is the number more I gotta tell you. They haters are already out in force it's it's where were 24 minutes into the show boom I mean there are already now trying to turn mean big -- -- 617 I really got to clean this up. Jeff what you're doing now is even worse you hypocritical. Blank ride 617. So let me get this straight. I'm standing on the side of the Colleen -- family. I don't want gory details to spare her family even more pain and humiliation. After everything they've gone through and -- they hypocritical blank. You're unbelievable. You guys are unbelievable. So in other words so what do you want us to do just stand back and let the media have their way with this. What we want do you wanna get every blow by blow. You wanna find out every sick little detail at this guy did to work is that was that what you like is that what turns you want. I mean this this has nothing to do with the public's right to know. This has everything to do look the media has become a business. Who are we kidding. They wanna get as many advertisers they wanna get as much revenue they wanna get as many people. As many eyeballs as possible to big competition for ratings and so it's a race to the bottom. If they could have video of him -- erupted ball dictate the -- they won't put it below two nonstop. So we know what happened between all the details of this case. Now I'm trying to put myself in the in the in the shoes of the victims. The family members. I think they have a right to their privacy. Now we know what happened in the case there's gonna be a trial. I mean this kid is guilty as sin and Timmy helped you won all the tragedy I'll tell -- the real tragedy. The real tragedy is he's not gonna get life in prison. Because of his age. They're gonna he's -- he's gonna have at least parole he's gonna have a shot at parole. Now this is a case to -- -- quite frankly cries out for the death penalty. At a minimum he should be serving life in prison after doing this if you're old enough to murder 24 year old teacher if you're a big enough man. To steal some box cutters and -- robbery and assault during cutter up and dumped her body and frankly you're you're big enough man to serve the rest of your life in prison. That's the real tragedy here. But EUU I assure you haters are unbelievable. So what I'm just forced to lay down Mallon and alana and allow these media lawyers to get away with everything that they want my way. 6172666868. Notice nobody stands up for the victims anymore. Mike here next thanks for holding welcome. It. -- -- Take power like. I lost you -- 6172666868. Is the number. John you're up next thanks for holding welcome. Yeah -- would then I think the news media should be held accountable bullet still think that we are right to know that doesn't just because of whatever it doesn't mean we have a need -- know what we have a right to know and who should really be held accountable as well in those people -- And you should be pushing net. If any of the ignorant of all let's build us. And people -- advertisement parliament that the difference between right and on the need to know we have the right but not necessarily the nation. I'm happy colleagues in the middle. There John not that's I you know what and that's a really nice distinction my -- that. Book I'll tell you are right now. If they win this case and the judge is gonna make a ruling on this very soon. And they wanna start -- some of these really sick grisly details I say boycott those media outlets. I say forget it. If this is what you need to sell papers that this is what you need to get people to wash your your your new shows and forget you know what we're gonna have certain basic standards here. I'm sorry out of respect for the family know we don't need this is not a horror movie is not a Hollywood. This is like conduct. 6172666868. Is the number this is someone's daughter. This is someone's sister. This is someone's in the east. This is someone's best friend this is real life. This is from 617. -- to -- she's guilty as -- so much for fair trial well I mean look. -- -- -- finally this year he. It's he's guilty -- look. You've got the video apparently you've got a confession. Apparently the evidence is overwhelming. Now you should have a fair trial. There's -- cramming you know just got to be a trial you have a jury of your peers you can go to pick your lawyer you can make your defense that's what a fair trial it's. But a fair trial doesn't mean you know closing your -- closing your -- -- -- pretending being definitely you know deaf blind and -- It's pretty obvious this guy is the alleged perpetrators. And now it's a question of whether the prosecutors can prove it 6172666868. Is the number which I think should be no problem. Kevin bill Mike hang on I'll get to all of your calls next let me ask all of you deaths. The media and now wants these search warrants. In the grand jury investigation of the death of call -- -- -- to be unsealed. So many of the gory grisly details. Of what Philip Chisholm did to Colleen richer. I say the privacy of the family the decency the dignity of the family. Comes before -- oppose it right to -- -- public's right to know. Where do you stand do you side with the media do you side with the family your calls now. Borders language culture the Savage Nation tonight at ten on a M 680 WRKO. Boston's talk station talk with the attitude. Welcome back to the corner report this is Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer cleaning up -- liberal bull. 6172666868. Is the number. -- hearing yesterday in front of a judge. Regarding the call mean rich search case. Several media outlets are now demanding that the search warrant used to go after Philip Chisholm. The fourteen year old student to allegedly Borchardt. Call Leno -- -- and then dumped her body in the woods behind Denver's high school the math teacher. -- that all of the details need now to be unsealed they say it's the public's right to know. The family is begging the judge. Cannot unseal the search warrant they're still in grief they're still in mourning. Their asking -- for some more time to grieve. And let all this information come out injuring the trial. I stand with the family. Where do you stand 6172666868. Is the number you can text -- at 68680. -- from 617. Jeff -- is disaster for the public's right to knowledge when it comes to the dear -- background. And my name. My name. His educational records isn't. Health threat Kurtz. Man. And his ties to bill heirs to a Bernadine don't want him to reverend Jeremiah Wright. Long months and decidedly moral compass racism. Oh lord that's not -- whole -- that's racism. Suddenly now don't get the ratings up a little bit. Or sell a few papers suddenly all we have to all we need to know everything. This is from 954. Jeff this is a clear example of just how sick our society has become the press needs to leave the grieving family alone. Period. Excellent -- you absolutely nailed it. 61 to Jeff I noticed that dear leader didn't say if he had a son he would look like Philip Chisholm. Why isn't he opening his big mouth now. Could you can exploit. He can't exploit their racial divisions in this country that's why the doesn't work form on this one. This is from the 781. Jeff presumed innocent is mandated within the jurisprudence only. There is in the whole law preventing -- you from using prejudice and logic this kid is a savage yes. A fair trial. Is for a legal term but suddenly I don't have to suspend my judgment and logic and reason. I -- is like OJ Simpson. OJ Simpson was guilty -- He killed his wife. Now we had a right to a fair trial but don't tell me this guy was guilty 6172666868. Is the number. Kevin your -- Mike Europe next thanks for holding well. Jeff you have to have. A blow to the agreement we achieved I think it's fair to allow them to do what they want. -- -- they publicized this more more people before the death penalty bring it back so would serve that purpose which would serve for just -- or her family. The -- sense. Mike let me just play devil's advocate -- it's gonna come out and trial -- is gonna come out in the trial anyway about six months. So why not just give a six month grace period it's gonna come out. And let the family grieve in some dignity and some peace without having all of this horrible stuff regurgitate it in the public. Well I mean it's gonna come out of the newspapers like feel the same way. I mean I assume is gonna be a trial is going to be a closely watched trial is going to be sensational trial. So all the gory details are gonna come out during the trial. So you might quit my point is why do it now we know it's so fresh on the murder. I think I did that that -- is that the frequency issue I agree with that. But as far as -- that letting the paper do what I mean if it wasn't for that that we can see issue I think let them. Because people are too insulated out there it is there sterilized because they don't hear about this field but it's out of sight out of mind. So need to know more about these heinous crimes so they bring back the death penalty -- my back. Thank you for -- call my mom with few. I'm on mount a big champion of the death penalty 6172666868. Is the number. Brenda Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Good morning gap outlet topic coming out of bed that had the column and there with the jets spent something neck and then. Constantly in my mind and in my Prius what the Stanley and it it's it's unimaginable. And not a -- Have gone through anything like -- -- I I continue to pray for the stadium lights in my opinion echo what Egypt said. Let's look at the windier -- I -- the media and that kind of get up they go step. This sense of urgency that they needed to know about now like big deal with that deck. Link to these stories that a Japanese so that Starr thank outlet but it. We seem -- just kept that black culture. That that is -- New mindset that we know we need to get and -- these. Core reason island -- jail which and I don't know what are the exact -- a lot of course to get Billy says the practice thank you said it's selling newspapers because -- -- -- Irish actually immediate effect as. Though they're committing these crimes. But again back to. You know. The media -- Just not having that same contend that urgency what things that could have been important track you like they do what -- this trash yes. -- younger brother is no longer let that somebody that would have done something probably great. That it is unconscionable to make. Brenda and -- a secret -- am I gonna see you tomorrow at 21 year anniversary. Don't tread on maybe the immediate. And. Looking forward to meeting you thanks for that call no look. -- this is like what is this horror slasher film. I mean is this what some kind of a blockbuster and ridiculously -- -- Netflix or blockbuster video all the gory details you want an all. To see she ate our desire now to get get titillated the official gonna come out. But you touched on something Brenda which is the culture. And the shift in culture. And how much more violent our culture is becoming and how much more -- our culture is becoming especially with young kids today. Coming up next. You know what the fastest growing sport among young kids just had a I've got the story next my friends. It's MMA. Cage fighting.