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Should The National Anthem Be Banned From Sporting Events?

Nov 13, 2013|

An ESPN analyst believes that The National Anthem is a "war anthem"

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1717. Jeff -- Boston's boulders. On the query port here on WRK. Go. Okay and then now. As you know. There is now been a growing movement among some liberal pundits. That now our claiming the National Anthem the star spangled banner is a militaristic. And some it's a war and from. It's an inappropriate and for. And so recently on ESPN and there was a -- panel discussion is called around the horn it's a segment on ESPN. And that's where they get -- that jock sniffer is these talking head sports stocking hats. And a liberal journalism professor Kevin black keystone or -- stone. Was asked about apparently Northwestern University they have these football jerseys which have been adorned with the American flag. And it's created some controversy. Over how the American flag is presented on those jerseys anyway it's. Some people have been a little upset about how the American flag is on. And also. Whether the country should be playing a war anthem before sporting events. Well jury in this segment. The panelists the commentators are Haas this is part of the show. Do you wanna buy or sell in other words do you wanna buy things that you think are good or do you wanna sell things that they think aren't good. Well the host. Asks professor Kevin blackest phone. About these jerseys these Northwestern University jerseys with the American flag. And he goes on to say hey look. I don't like them -- solemn but you know what else site so. I'd sell a whole playing of the National Anthem before sporting events. I get rid of the whole thing because in the end it's nothing more then a war around them. Roll it Brittany. You. Backbone of Blackstone for Ayatollah and they've done they've created by ourselves -- here. -- all the modern Northwestern University that helmets and jerseys for next week's game against Michigan. Courtesy of under armor designed to -- America and wounded warriors under scrutiny for that is I would -- -- you do the blood splatter effects as well as. Queens of flag desecration. School says that Wednesday that is misinterpreting. Buyers all the uniforms have done that. We're often makes people uncomfortable box of war should make people uncomfortable there's nothing comforting about war and utilizing the flags. Any uniform we CNET and baseball have -- seen that in of the uniforms so that's nothing new facts about me it is not about a really says northwestern on helmets. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- awhile. Now and it's not just for this this professor -- home. You've had. Numerous other commentators like bill press. Who was on crossfire for many years he was the liberal host on crossfire. Saying we should get rid of the National Anthem completely. It chauvinistic. It's ultra patriotic. It's militarist stick it celebrates war why we possibly wanna celebrate war and our National Anthem. So now. To play the National Anthem before sporting events should now be banned and -- That the National Anthem is a warrant for him. What's next. The American flight. So these are the same liberals I want you to think about this now. Who now. Through the Obama regime have and are now banning they don't tread on me flag. They Gadsden flag they don't want military people wearing that -- not symbol has now been meant. This is the very same regime that keeps apologizing for the United States around the world. And now. They -- banned the playing of the National Anthem or at least some liberals won a band the playing of the National Anthem. My friends. What is more seminal. To country. To which identity. To its culture. To its very existence. Then it's a very symbols. Its flag and it's -- You know why the star spangled banner has so many military themes and it's. Because it was written by Francis Scott Key. During the war of 1812. When the British had invaded our homeland to win the British had burnt our White House to the ground. When parts of new England and parts of Maryland and parts of the south. We're literally occupied by British troops. Our homeland was under invasion. And the song celebrates. That we as Americans as patriots. The home of the brave the land of the free we will always be willing to sacrifice and shed blood and yes -- and yes global war. Did defend our republic to defend our constitution. To defend our liberties to defend this great country. That's why it's such a beautiful land them. Because what it's telling us and telling the world. Is that this great experiment in liberty -- you have patriots the blood of patriots. There are willing to be sacrificed and shed in defense of this great republic. What they want us to say it's a land of -- free and the home of the coward. What did you want Francisco out -- right come on and take it. Pick -- country the British wanted to recall -- nice America that's what the war was about looked. They wanted to reverse what happened in 1776. Isn't nothing sacred to you. Now I want all of you think about this this is very logical. In a sense for liberals it's very logical. What are they teaching our kids in schools. The constitution is a meaningless piece of paper written by dead white male slave holders. That this country was founded upon slavery and upon genocide and upon racism and upon homophobia and up on sexism. And that we are an imperialistic nation that have been dominating countries around the world. That's what they teach our children and schools. We have a president that apologizes for America at every turn. We have a president to openly said he wants to fundamentally. Transform this country what needs to be transformed. So if you're -- transform a country. You have to destroy its very symbols. Its very history it's very traditions. What greater tradition in the National Anthem. In the end. By attacking the don't tread on me flag by attacking the National Anthem with liberals are really saying is this. This country is not worth defending. This country. It's not worth dying for. And how beer. How dare. He insult and smeared the memory of Pat Tillman. That man. Gave up big multimillion dollar football career. To going joined the army Rangers. To fight and die in Afghanistan against the very people that would slip professor blackest storm stroke and a second. If you think up you think a black non Muslims like professor blackest on the liberal black non Muslim like professor blackest phone would last ten seconds with the Taliban. You don't think they're the biggest racists in the world they slit his throat and hang -- from a tree in my in -- blink. And yet you smear that man because he was killed in friendly fire. What he's got he's got more guts he had more guts in his little pinky in his little hole then this guy will ever have -- his entire life. But you see that's liberals for you. -- little pot shots the little cheap shots they stand there with their big money contracts on television under three piece suits and. Fall home. The war around form that it's an all points imperialists. Fact I had. It's been -- pairing laugh. It shouldn't be play dodge sold -- sure our. I'm above at all I'm a citizen of the world. I'm a liberal rule -- 6172666868. Is the number. Should the National Anthem be banned stopped from being played at sporting events. And is the National Anthem. He wore around them. The liberals increasingly bill press professor blackest phone the Huffington Post the Daily Kos it's coming to say yes. I saying no what do you say it is now 728. DJ Europe next Iran with Jeff corner. Can't WRKO hey DJ this morning take. Absolutely not being who should be played at every single sporting event. Because it's not a warrior and that's how this country stood up to cheer went. Howard stood up to a second lesion and how we stick together. And site whether or not solve blacker light each everybody stood up and we've -- in each. Drove back the British tradition each put them back and ships and furthermore. We sent -- old ironsides. Which also got a little -- -- 1812 and we Sean Bell what our navy to a beach so we should put these union she acts. Let you inject you are -- reject Barack Obama jackets ensure the product of what this country made out. Thank you for that called eject. I mean when I sing the National Anthem when I go to -- sporting event and I put my hand on my heart. Whenever sing the National Anthem. I am telling the world that's why it's -- -- -- the words or shall stirring. The words are so passionate. They're so evocative it's so powerful. Because what we're doing is we're saying I'm sank. If need be I will fight and die for this republic. I will fight and die. For our very freedoms I will fight and die. For this great land. That has given me and my children so much. To say -- mock about it. To say you shouldn't sing about. To say that's say Warren from. My friends. Those are the words and attitudes. Of -- self feeding America. 6172666868. Is the number. Should the National Anthem be prevented stopped from being sung at sporting events. Professor blackest phone says yes some liberal commentators say yes Jeff corner says no. I wanna hear from new boss then 730. Back with all of your calls here on WRK -- right after this short break. And. Black doll while an ability to those same reasons they're being -- his belt before -- we should -- be also be selling. The rest of their military hit him symbolism and brazen. Sports whether it's the -- of the war and from the open every game whether it's not going to get hot dog and being able to sign up for the army at the same time. What is the NFL's embraced them acknowledges that Pat Tillman story that's been going on sports since. The first National Anthem was played in the in the World Series back in 1970. And it's time to -- -- -- that the difference -- -- call -- hopeful -- a battle right and then singing the National Anthem. This war games it is good you -- couldn't -- a war and film with a simple game and we US military -- than all the other military symbolism -- -- -- sports I think you've got to ride in this particular case you were not where the -- -- you have. Professor blackest phone ESPN commentator talking head. But wants us to abandon National Anthem it's a war around -- before this thing and of every sporting event cannot just thinking with these lives. Why stop there. Marley does ban motherhood. They just look what the hell. I mean somehow good -- somehow a bad mother some never hug mothers that's not fair. That's just not fair let's -- motherhood contact. Forever a mom and you know America mom and apple pot well when they're getting rid of America slowly let's get rid of mom. An apple -- imagine if you're cherry or blueberry -- does that make you feel bad apple -- is like our nation's distinct pot. And I mean that would be very insulted that we should get rid of it get rid of apple pies get rid of mom we can have this socialist utopia not going. Mary Europe next 739. You're wrong with Jeff cooler -- on the great WRKO. -- I don't -- are you I'm sorry you -- I'm good idea of the National Anthem should be created it I felt like I had a symbol of strength and the resilience. You know -- -- and liking and the British didn't adopt and and and showed. You know that we -- I was and we are back we were put out. We are resilient and you know I want to get credit because oaks state and I can make a comment that they're making. But it is pretty brave men and national -- out and I bet I let how. Based people can be able to make it currently outreach Ali -- -- -- -- comments yeah it impeached and don't like what an accurate and how. -- 41. Minute and look at those other countries should encourage you would let our laps they are. Keep our my grandparents emigrated which and then he. Don't worry my grandmother -- America I -- Marie -- turn it did she -- What is she playing this country itself. I'm sorry if you don't like it leaves. Bingo. I'm -- bingo thank you for that call. I mean he -- stupid. Honestly he's so stupid. And many of these lives are so stupid. They don't realize that very flag. That very apparent from this very constitution and republic and he defends and upholds and symbolizes. Is why he's got the freedom of speech to say what he saint. That's how stupid idiots. Now. -- this is such an oppressive country. If this is so bad. It and it's sold jingoistic and it's so militaristic. Kind of social -- -- that and it's all races then god knows homophobic and sexist then you're just throw it all in their. AA every -- Islam phobic whenever. Leave. I mean I I've never understood this about people. They want a fundamentally change everything about this country while we committed that much we've. We wish things. And then try it's somewhere else and then you'll see how good you have it. Because they'll tell you this right now this bomb this loser. He -- last 48 hours in Saudi Arabia. They slit his throat are from a some kind of a dungeon. So you tell me are professor blackest phone now you tell me a -- Tree gets freer -- this country you show me a country that's been more generous to its people in this country. And -- don't even take my word for this is not even an argument this is not even a debate. It's fact. Why is this country taking in more immigrants than any other country in the history of the world. Why have tens and tens of millions of people voted with their feet to leave their country to come here. Which opened. George thank you for holding sir you're wrong with Jeff corner on RKO and welcome. -- -- what -- did you go back on the -- the right that the anthem is patriotic. -- -- and this patriotic purple. Experience. As a tribute. To be resolved but Americans are never quitting surrendering. Or retreating. And I think that would fears. Well put portraying -- liberals that we get America back -- and industrious people who -- liberals. It's fair for. He beat it it sure that we as Americans or not retreat no surrender mean thing to look like it is that would personally love our country a liberty. And that's -- -- the global. -- -- what they hate. They are look I said it before and I'll say it again you really wanna know what a true progressive secular liberal is. Self hitting American. -- self creating American. He hates the First Amendment he -- the Second Amendment he hates the Fourth Amendment he -- the tenth amendment he hates the constitution he hates our founding principles. He hates our Christian roots he hates everything this country stands for he hates our free enterprise system. He hates the very system of personal and economic liberty that we have they wanna destroy everything. If somebody comes into your house and says the whole thing has to be transformed from eight -- -- Including. Your crests. Including your family banner. Because now that's offense. For what does that person telling. I hate everything about. That's liberalism. -- national. 61720666868. Is the number. Mark 744. You're on with Jeff corner on the great WRK -- welcome my friend. But aren't -- -- -- I was waiting with bated breath on Sunday night he would walk officers earlier response. And I was really bummed out it. I'll get this thing with guys like Kevin Blackstone -- shell open minded and it's bring it rained all not at this pet. And I can envision a scenario in America -- -- next. OIDS. Checked -- they're gonna comment there where it has got to be tarnished put on the table and that's what people are gonna say cops or not. -- what charitable acts or doesn't realize it. When that happen. He's not one of the types if you do for himself -- turn it says hey this is the way I want -- -- you guys in uniform that I really don't like. You guys don't do it. But -- ordinary car. So pushed arms that shot he's the first person that loses because he -- to firms now he wants everything -- or. And that's the problem with a lot of these you know -- -- so it sort out your -- They want everything bear little socialist utopia way but whatever -- is not about. Like they beat. Well how -- -- -- that -- that they are not gonna do it themselves and it that only certain military help. How where what boat people you know they like the jet lag it and they like -- put it without that lot. Mark -- they're bullies. They're cowards they're bullies and are thugs. And they hide behind their TV screens. And they stand there with their microphones. And they puffed themselves on the -- With their lucrative salaries and -- three piece suits and their metro sexual looks and they stand there and I think they can lecture us. And somehow they know better than we are and we do yet clinical -- they put -- right up there. Why do you think now they're pushing for this why. Why is there is -- and I'll -- if people saying all I'm so inconvenienced every time I go to a football game or basketball gamer baseball game that we have to sing the National Anthem. No it's the opposite people love to sing the National Anthem so is there a crisis now in the country know. What -- game plan is this. First they wanna ban it at sporting events. Then they're gonna wanna ban -- in sports. And eventually to drip drip drip drip then it is one of panic completely. And they want a rewrite the National Anthem. That -- that they want is something like you would after the UN. The peace one world brotherhood event sisterhood of all mankind we include everybody. A stray gay and lesbian black YE a brown rich poor or you can just sit. And change the flight to one big giant rainbow. And that's that's what they really want. I mean who are we kidding here. But the moment the moment there's any trouble here -- Syria. All they hate the military but when it's time to save the dear -- political rear end. They're not gonna go fight they send your voice the fight they want your boys to die on the battlefield along with al-Qaeda. Paul when it comes to Syria and all then they want you to start world war three you do the fighting in -- Disco ball do the fighting in ninth. Chief spreading -- won't do the fighting in -- Obama won't do the fighting in ninth. The rule then you're not a hit -- not a patriotic hit. Can. -- wrong with Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer on WRKO. What Jeff -- Yeah a lot of Americans would be shocked and our fight to learn of the network. Working against. And trying to -- American patriots took. I mean it's now required reading a lot of public Spoelstra ample. Howard -- book. The people's history of the United States America how -- -- First publisher and certainly the question. What -- French for the KGB. This guy -- guys up Matt Damon's. Cambridge next door neighbor is mentor. You know and so you know the heat stroke number doubt they step up our ripped out aren't historians have called it a joke book. But because it's this great American history because an embarrassment to Americans. You know it's required reading now a lot of public school systems. This national at some -- -- This guy now this is a joke I mean it what it basically saying that you point out is no matter what we're gonna defend freedom no matter how desperate the situation like. The bombardment that we're facing that Graham was observed by the author. While it -- under detainment by the British by the straight to a pretty rhetoric net knowing that they could review is. -- -- But our whole National Anthem is about the spending to the very end. The experiment liberty over are capricious -- and go back to those states. -- -- -- I mean I think and look and I've heard a lot of national anthems around the world -- -- many most of them have stirring patriotism in them. But very few anthems like ours in fact none. Explicitly say that the purpose of this country used to defend liberty. Is he to meet the most beautiful anthem. Ever written in the world. There is nothing more honorable there is nothing more courageous. There is nothing more dignified. There is nothing more freedom -- think. For you would hate this time come. For you to say it's a war anthem. For you to say it shouldn't be played. That's everything I need to know about you if your mother didn't tell you I'm telling you hero loser. Jeff corner on the corner report 750. More of your calls Max I. It's. Okay. News. Look at the hate. -- listened to the hate. Listen to the jingle look at that rockets. Yeah. The perilous fight look at the war the bloodshed. And violence. My god the militarism what is this teaching our kids. The rockets' red -- the regular now -- all the bombs bursting in here oh my god. And oh my god. This is. There's devotional songs this is Hitler is up. This is that this is war monger is -- this is I wish that we've the banned this thing right away almighty god -- start killing each other now because of this and this is -- is unacceptable my France. Ernie you're up next thanks for holding 756. Iran with Jeff corner on WORK no welcome. Good running from the longest solicitor and TO but that's -- that's something else that. I want to say that this it's not the epidemic not a lot song is depressed. And -- Stanley street generation could go to rob of this country might battle within the Indian head disinfectant -- been -- recently the wrong one. I spent four years starring. Convent and missions and -- -- Korea America's forgotten walk -- -- -- America's forgotten that say that that. And I young talent I'd rather young defendant who was in the Iranian and direct and that began in. And we believe runs again that aren't going to try to protect this country. Ernie can you imagine everybody in your family sacrificing their lives are putting their lives on the line. For this moron for this nit twit today and stand there and -- the fly demolished the National Anthem. -- Almost makes you wonder -- seriously you know I can you imagine if you're the boys in the foxhole years something like this you gotta ask yourself I don't know. But I don't know maybe it's not worth it maybe we should go back and I don't know. You know work at a restaurant or something one needs this meal Europe Max thanks for holding welcome. -- -- the other book hasn't put her up to travel along the world and there's no better place in the United States. So thank you for sticking up for our freedom you know I think what we need to do is just not going -- Well with what could this happen because we allow companies and people like Kurt Kurt could get away with -- I mean I think Hillary is upping it the elect ESP you know. You know how we feel it could do something about it and be an expansion in training and take a look what happened in Philippines I think. -- the first. Country to go through either their country America the United States that have the USS George Washington that loaded up in Hong Kong. Two weeks Klein political fooled with the first people would go a bit so that people understand that you know we got the greatest country in the world what a better. -- amen brother. Thousands dead bodies piled up in the Philippines they're victims of a massive typhoon. Is like something out of a horror movie. Who does the world look to right away. The great Satan. Uncle Sam who is their first on the scene Uncle Sam. Who's there helping people saving lives giving them food and water Uncle Sam when the earthquake hitting eighty remember that who is their first Uncle Sam. When everything is going anything famine in Africa who is there Uncle Sam. And then and the very same -- to say goal goal goal. Then they say turnarounds are all but your shall militaristic. -- so patriotic. Your solar rays says you're so oppressive really. If for such a racist nation tell me why are we spending so much money in the Philippines right now. Why do we help so many people in Haiti. Before race is nation which say forget it. -- brought -- why we care. Just show you how stupid and hypocritical they are Carol I got about thirty seconds Europe next. It's sad I could say what -- how to. Right open people in the peak that crap if so what could probably military. Carol. Is a thin green line between barbarism and civilization. You what I think thin green line is you. People like Q who served in the military. And that's why every time I see one of you that's one of you military members all I can say is thank you. 6172666868. Is the number coming up next. Kids in Colorado. Are now turning up stone and could it be because they legalize marijuana. I've got that story and so much more next.