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Kuhner Compares Obamacare To The Titanic.

Nov 15, 2013|

Jeff says Obamacare is going down like the Titanic.

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I -- the corner reports Howard. This is Jeff -- Boston -- cleaning up well liberal bowl. 7 AM you know o'clock and 705 AM you know what that means. -- that BS statements of the day you members of school and our country get the vote TSX 8680. -- -- what you think is the biggest BS statement of the days and I don't want to. We in your shoe scanning -- It's BS upon BS upon BS this may stalled the bulldozer mean now ran all around this there's so much UBS Sierra. Honestly this. This could finally have stalled the bulldozer. Candidate know Merrill -- Jay -- minister of propaganda. Now I mean he's just the press corps is now just feasting on now they're just devouring him. On broken promise after a broken promise regarding obamacare. And so but my whole Carney says don't worry. You're seeing quote measurable. Progress on the obamacare site roll it Britain. -- in a satisfactory way and there's no question -- from the launch date on October 1 the performance of the web site has been. Far less than satisfactory. I think that it's important to note and -- amassed his release some of this and what I can do it from here to that you don't. This progress is being. Made every day. Is measured against metrics. That focus on response time and error rate and size stability. Progress on these metrics are moving in the right direction -- pages are loading faster and error rates are down and we expect to see more progress each week. On response time we've cut the average wait times. And eight seconds for pages across the site loads to lessen once they can't ethnic ethnic. That's progress they actually need be but that is progress on -- -- -- -- we have reduce the error rate. The frequency on her case basis -- assistant assistant timeouts are failures that that prevented the user from advancing past. From 6%. 22% while it last week that was announced last week and I can tell you today that. That error rate is now below one. -- our heads of progress in other words I get on the web site is still doesn't work. But it doesn't work as bad as it didn't work a couple weeks ago we get a job it's his progress. Now. The Titanic. I imagine now this is this ubiquitous in the political political equivalent of the Titanic. You're on the Titanic this is the dear leader he's the captain of the ship. And of course now we've hit the iceberg. And now all of the partnership has taken on her. This year -- they can on water. -- compares the dear leader he's the captain of the Titanic. Now this is what Obama and his minions would be sank with the you know they're playing the violence. You know. The guys are young they're playing him are on the iPad -- all playing the violence. As the ship has fallen down there all playing the violin is women and children are getting on the -- boats trying to escape this is the dear leader. Opponent senator. Our conference is plugged -- on there and told myself that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're told us. She would. Want to hang on just a little bit longer. The running through this this. Is more. Home told the guys that built the shirt I'm not happy with their work don't blame me mumbling to do all the built the -- But I'm told him of the old MacDonald. But I wanted to stay with -- there. An army were gonna pull through this won't York. Won't get off the ship my region. This is -- important. We've never cross this ocean before we're gonna do here we're gonna door right now I'm tired just a little bit of water -- -- don't be afraid of the water. Finalists going up and open up I'm telling you. Don't worry don't worry. And then there's grace and on the boat we need it saying -- Come back. Jeff come back. And I'm like no -- -- who I'm getting off the ship. I'm not going down with the ship and I told all of you this ship was going down. But the extremist. An extremist don't you -- going down. Try to sneak that again he didn't give me a lifeline missed some people some like flights Demi a lifeboat belt somebody. Most terrorist. But one of them Marcus. Right wing extremist Tea Party crazy duck. Mission is just a little bit water here. Their -- afraid of water with that water shift for political -- -- -- the billion. Boy oh boy oh boy I guess I hope they don't do anything because they're gonna get shellac. If you think that's the biggest BS statement of the day -- the letter eight to 6868. Now. The mental asylum that is MSNBC. I kid you not is now arguing that the liberal mainstream media I swear to you. There are no rooting for obamacare to field. All of these negative stories. It's I swear -- pizza conspiracy by all of these pro Obama liberals to see obamacare fail. Here is Ed steal an election Schultz saying not mall. Mall the media now they want obamacare to go down. Roll it written why. Is it. We have the people in the media in this country. That as I said are fixed on failure are fixated with something negative that they just wanted to rabbit out. What do they understand the human element of this but how this is hurting people if obamacare doesn't succeed. Now all of profoundly point out again everybody who's in front of the cable cameras and everybody who's in front of the network cameras. They're doing pretty well they're not on minimum wage and -- all about health care. Most of them have never had a health care struggle in their life but yet they're almost like promotional items on Megan. You have rumors -- Owner of cops were Americans. We have done a lot of great things generation after generation who we've called on people of sacrifice and we have survived the great nation. Why is it that all of a sudden. And we have this huge conflict. In this football mentality that we just won't you -- up. The main stream media I believe once Obama care to fail. They look for every negative number they can find her friend do positive story because they're afraid that. Somebody might not watch. The media is just cherry picking the bad facts that are around there. Repeating them over and over again and in many cases they're making stuff up. -- -- -- -- And I told you this side giving you this advice I chased them off by the way he can -- -- Because I chased them off his slot in Washington when I did about show Washington DC several years ago. So he was on from noon until three -- literate kick them out of the BC market. And he can't stand for that he's got a vendetta against me for years but let that go Ed what do they tell you NBC why chased you off the air there. You you got to stay on your medication said this is very important when you're this mentally ill you need to be on your Madson. So on well this man is the media is cherry picking all the flaws and all. Old train is painted this -- cherry picking bolt three is rotten. Does not think the cherry pick. So now the media the pro Obama media according now to the the moon bats and MSNBC all now know their anti Obama. Now they want obamacare to fail. If you think that's the big his BS of the -- -- the letter B to 68680. Jurists Doris Kearns Goodwin who by the way is a complete fraud and a -- jurist. She's actually being here and in Massachusetts and New England. A die hard -- you always hear on PBS I don't know why they still have run PBS because she's a plagiarism but anyway let that go. Doris Kearns Goodwin on sorry that they historian. Doris Kearns Goodwin says. I don't understand. Why -- what truth everybody in the media now how come they're not taking it easy on Omar what this is very another thing could roll it Britain. A lot of conservatives probably think the President Obama has a bunch of reporters in his pocket already. I don't think the country would feel that his his his way of dealing with the country has been eased by the press I think the press is much more complicated today I think they. Ever since Watergate there's been a more antagonistic view between presidents and -- it's good to have the tension. But I think you also need them as a channel. Hi I mean I. I mean she's pretty can just see on character like mall I thought were only tank for the dear leader I iPod what is this your reporting bad numbers it's it's always good. This is c'mon now it's always supposed to be good you to Stalin never -- allowed to stop him. This is a -- would never allowed to stop an assault was to be good. How -- all of a sudden -- is is antagonistic relationship between the media ended their leader. Their boy is going down. And they don't like it. -- the letter seat the 68680. If you think that's the big his BS statement of the day so quick recap. Jay Carney says we're making progress on obamacare. Page 68680. Ed Schultz steal an election Schultz says the media wants Obama -- to fail B 68680. V historian. Doris Kearns Goodwin says come the media isn't taking it easy on Obama. -- the letter C to 68680. Marine you have been patiently holding thank you and welcome. Well primary here on year. Thank you very much and you can accomplish what can I guess I count your page and I'm -- -- come without panic and enact. I don't and dignity and blank and get things -- arrogant -- I think Arctic trying to pay all the count I can -- -- -- currently. Kern a ballot in and I had he had that was our conference of dollars and -- a tiebreak. And committed a complete with an -- and I -- I will let. He can't can't actually show coming cats and her near panic to launch a practicality and try it dammit. Afghans would -- out and will announcement apocalyptic edge at staff could be Peyton Manning and I'm like south and I'm hoping against those products like can't take it because they aren't on mini -- it took people not using all of the hunch bit I couldn't wait to hang on them. Kidnapped want to look because mining and drilling at. I'm thankful I found out about -- and. Now marine if you don't mind me asking do you have health care. Well I have fallen from -- can't. I went along parent -- and upon -- on our current medical people because every chemical when you have. I can and cannot. Now I can't be yanks aren't getting curl aren't and -- without content -- And when it became -- lack. I'm I picked -- pearl continental cooking -- And now I helping him when he cool and I knocked her had a key tactical that I have to pick out which helped me yet clear at this. If you know and. A minority doctor your cynical I know I hear you thank -- thank you for that call marine. Look there are many ways to fix the health care system to make it better to improve it. Which you don't do is what the Democrats did and what Obama did which is taking wrecking ball. And destroy the greatest health care system in the world there are many things you can do to drive down health care costs. Which you don't do is build up a massive bureaucracy. And essentially get subsidized care free health care to thirty million people because you want them to vote for you and the next election. And that's what Obama did and now my friends everybody is paying the price. Carol Europe next thanks for holding Iran with Jeff -- on WRKO. Gordon Jeff Carroll. Colonel Colin because sides -- different congressmen and senators -- included Danish soccer but I doubt apply eight. There's no proceeding toward impeachment. But what they've said to me is. That even if -- passed the congress that going to this said that it's. Majority Democrat it would never fly so they have no plea in that -- change. Carol and there are now articles of impeachment being drawn up against Eric Holder and I might get to that story a little bit later. But now the GOP is -- with holder I don't know what took so long there -- going to be articles of impeachment being drawn up against holder. The who's ahead of our Justice Department he's the attorney general. Once the mid term elections are done next year I believe you'll have a majority Republican huge Republican majority in the senate. Then you'll see I believe Eric Holder be forced out of office. Today it will be Eric Holder tomorrow we will be Obama. If he continues doing this kind of damage to this country. Then we will have the country will have no choice but to impeach him. He says this is what liberals don't understand that there's only so much how -- you can wreak. There's only so much destruction you can -- there's only so much damage you can and in you can inflict. Before people say enough is enough. And so right if Eric Holder is now I'm telling you there are now articles of impeachment. The Democrats want him gone the Republicans want him gone nobody can stand this guy. This regime. There's now blood in the water. My only question is what took everybody so long 6172666868. Is the number. Coming up next. You have to see the fireworks on Capitol Hill. Is anybody in this administration. Accountable. For anything that next.