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Democrats Seeing The Light On Obamacare

Nov 18, 2013|

Even democratic legislators are questioning the President's power to fix Obamacare. Howie asked when will the Congress realize the Affordable Health Care Act has to be torpedoed.

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Before. Before Obama care you'd get sick and go bankrupt after Obama here you go bankrupt paying for which would make you sick. The intro was little less sickening today chris' slipping. That would that you don't Chris just adjust and work with what he's got I it -- it wasn't there wasn't all that much to work with that was a tough day. Yeah it was I mean this bottle this model and happening. This they'd be you know with we it was Monday it was not an outstanding day I -- you heard the you heard Nancy Pelosi trying to what tap dance her way out of out of the and we have to read the bill before weakened with the passed a bill before we can read it that the that wasn't. That wasn't you know. Gold standard. I was and -- them worthy of Debbie Wasserman Schultz last week when she was really here you know. Every once in neutral with a hack of the week last week -- See here up appalled UPS guy once say yeah weren't we don't have to. We're gonna give aways from work shirts at some point but we don't have too many rat man church well up appalled UPS guy was give him one -- regular listener. Paula UB UPS guy semi your size okay send -- your size and your address and -- get your way dog actually a rat man teacher okay. That's the only wanna give away for a while. Today. Now if -- by the way idea with thanks to everybody who came out for the book signings this weekend that. Extremely well. The used used. Used pay you the used. Book superstore in Wilmington we did very well -- in -- we went down Wellesley -- Did well there left much of signed books written behind at at the Wellesley books and if you wanna order he won order both blocks. Rat Manning and rifleman and you get basically two books for the price of there for thirty dollars week you can go to my website how we core show dot com I'll be glad autograph from however you well one autograph from week. Howie Carr show dot com you get rifleman. And rat man for for just under thirty bucks plus shipping and handling. And again I'll autograph from if you wanna just buy would it be just wanna buy rat me and single a go to Wellesley books dot com Wellesley books -- com I don't wanna. I don't wanna war compete with the the retailers the we have that the that there so that so we put the books out so. Wanna just order -- mangled Wellesley books like call Miguel I'll come down to Wellesley books and -- -- the sign the books. And it next week I will be at the on Saturday albeit the handover. Bookstore in hand over from eleven to one in the albeit Balkans in the Winchester. From from three to five so hope you hope to see you down there and where perhaps tomorrow we have some fun. And will blow of a few teachers to give -- to share 18774694322. Who is Paul McCain -- trying to impress amnesty is in non starter in the Republican primaries. Yeah I that's the unanswerable question -- you know I can't understand that -- -- why would you why would you be for amnesty and what you wanted to lose the primaries I didn't understand when Marco Rubio was for. You know now Marco Rubio was -- try to make amends by. By introducing all these bills to protect the Second Amendment and and you know while oppose abortion etc. centuries trying to get back in the good graces of the conservatives in the Tea Party people but. You know if you you know immigration is this is is really true litmus test you know. Mean if you if you want to let in thirty to fifty million more. Welfare recipients weren't welfare recipients to go on welfare. To go one permanent. -- If that's the end of the report that's just the in the Republican Party that's the -- the United States of America as it in its current form. Mean we're were already slipping dangerously close to a Third World status is. And that that would be the end of the line and anyone who swore that I can't I can't vote for them. Number one their insane -- Democrat I guess that. Economic goes without saying and what they passed a moment here they knew there were were warning they apparently knew they were warning. The health care system of the United States and they just didn't care so now the -- now there just weren't the duel in the whole society period. And they just don't care. I don't why. I don't want. Again you know you know -- -- high ranking political official you get security. You have a you you have aids you have you could rent cars you can now rent guards. You know you don't have to worry about -- again hit over the head. -- an illegal alien but -- program and what about when you're -- in congress. You'll get Secret Service you know gets Secret Service protection period immediate some people get protections speaker of the minority leader a setter. But I mean who who they -- they think is gonna benefit from Sutherland illegal aliens -- come over here and and rob rape and kill Americans. And -- or port just live off the Fella live office -- 187746943220. Okay -- -- down. Paul. OK here. All right OK there's one other thing when I was at one when I was at the used book superstore. I took down the names of some people. Who -- -- promised church -- when I in my gut and I got both of those and I got most of those names left among postcards but I lost a couple. -- your name happens to be. Kevin -- and were Gio Valenti. I would I would ask you send me attacks mile lost your card. That's why I'm I'm specifically giving giving the names of these people wanna know what announced their forum so you know you can't fool me that way either. So walked -- overwhelming and da Joba went The Who were at -- and Warren it in Wilmington Obama on on Saturday. Give me a vicious and me attacks and tell me what side she -- again I think -- remember what's on major war but don't give it to me again it just. The T shirts. All right 18774694322187746943. 22 pass welfare reform and immigration reform will take care of itself along with most of our social issues. The problem is 080 to be we can't pass you you can't pass welfare reform when you have Democrats. And in large numbers in the but these legislature whether it's the state legislature the national legislature because of the bill the Democrats Euro are Malia. Are only always waiting to to what got any kind of welfare reforms mean look at look at you know look at some of the things Obama's I mean let's -- -- were aside obamacare just for second. He gathered to the work requirements for welfare recipients again professional courtesy for his his voters right. For the Obama -- people. He -- you don't have to work anymore pretty -- to come to work the welfare. Another thing he did that by executive order also by executive order he decided to let them that dreamers. State. In the United States of America the jury Mars so they can and so they can live. Awful loss. 1877469432218774694322. That's the poll Fareed. Number about how -- our show. -- -- -- cut here for much David brock's David Brooks Texas he's here is the quintessential. So called conservatives. Conduct in inside the beltway he works for the New York Times oh boy does -- think he's. What does she think he's Smart he's -- here's what smarter than you want me you know people who have talk shows -- listen to talk shows. He's much too bright to do that -- distance all things to. You know. He's the one said that though Obama's going to be a great president because he's got such an ex Kris. It's. I remember that one moment mention probably too often but the reason I mention this because it's such a preposterous thing to say. But now David Brooks -- shocked he issue once again about what's going on. Outside the beltway. Well I mean he is so popular only eat it turns out if you SOA health care plan on the basis of that we want increase today in -- we will be a loser. And when there are losers they get in man. And they were bound to be losers and so that's part of it. And but part of it is just -- the weakening of the law of the weakening of support law and the weakening of the on president's authority to say trust me trust me. I'm really struck by this by the downward slide that he's do a little surprised by frankly. And what what's interesting is compared to Reagan and Clinton in their second terms had very similar popular approval ratings which -- going up at this point. George W. Bush and Barack Obama have extremely similar downward slopes. -- went all the way through. Caused by Iraq and Katrina and Obama's case health care and other things and what's one of things that strikes me is the country has changed. Much more cynical much point in Washington and as a result the -- -- much less likely to be come in a big collective effort to help some. Uninsured off so much more skeptical of the law and second when it does is not implemented properly much more punishing on the government and so that makes it very. Lost socks. But law is a acts. The quote Charles dickens' mr. bumble in a in a different contacts. What does he think everybody should get behind all they gonna were they gonna wreck. The party they've -- everybody who bought individual policies that's either five to 8% of the population depend on your pocket. Have all I have lost their insurance policies. Next year it's our turn people get get the insurance from their the companies they work. We're going to be taken it taken up the you know what next year. Unless something is done. Temple -- for -- act for a war. For a bunch of illegal aliens for a bunch of people who don't work. -- won -- -- our insurance. They are wrecking our insurance they lied about it. Yes and David Brooks can't figure this out. -- Ruth -- Courtney I was all of that work for -- equally surprised. By the anti Washington sentiment out there all good but the Tea Party was dead. OK. 1877469432218774694322. H let's hold him to the same standards he held bush and the Republicans -- he's saying the regarding the financial meltdown the Republicans drove the car into the ditch and now they want the keys again I'd say obamacare is a pretty deep ditch. He -- I would let him fix a parking ticket prairie it. Ya -- hi it's me Gio Valenti you know you didn't even spell the name right OK I know how to spell his name. But again they'll try to trick me here 1877. And. Have your address either by the -- My chance to the Obama voter. -- chance have you had enough yet many of you have you lost your jobs or had your houses were or how were reduced. Millions of you were seeing your insurance policies go up like in a fire ball before your battery dies. Like a kiss concert only instead of singing I stole your loved the front man now sings -- stole your health care. I don't want you feel gullible this is Dave Carter. Were courteous. I think under the circumstances something approaching totally bamboozled. Would be understandable. We're smoker. Or what or hornets want swindled. -- scheme -- deluded to stop on. Bent folded spend bold and mutilated perhaps broken in that tiny dehumanized pieces to be redesigned. Into -- academics. Experimental light -- of the perfect society certainly. But not callable. OK let's see here. Here's NBC news. Let's see the they're quoting someone. This -- an expert he estimates 80% of those in the individual market will not be able to keep their current policies and have to buy insurance that meets the requirements of these new law. Of the new law which generally requires a richer. Package of benefits. He richer package of benefits. Then most policies today Honda the -- they writer take the Cologne without word richer and set the right word. -- -- did catch that last sentence yes says David Carter. Beat those policies which meet Obama's requirements require richer benefits. That means more expensive as you cannot keep your current plan and you will pay more for its -- placement. -- Oh rich richer. Now the president that waives his magic unconstitutional. War on the -- presto the insurance companies have a big problem. The loss still stands it's still on the box if they do what the president says they won't violate the president's laws. Do they take him at his word that they won't be penalized for following his order to break his own law. This word worked these days. Are there penalties that the IRS for example could levied against them for breaking his loss -- -- can't follow his companion. This isn't short of big hairy mess that demonstrate what happens when the government reaches beyond. The bouncer protecting your freedom and instead starts running your alive. Lottery -- -- region few of these things. They've got -- some won't -- what people said this is from the Washington examiner. Harry Reid. One of our core principles is if you like the health care you have you can keep it. Dick Durbin. We believe and we stand by this if you like your current health insurance plan and you will be able to keep it plain and simple straightforward. Plain and simple straightforward. I'm lion through my -- He's lying and just as fast as he can Chuck Schumer if you like your insurance you keep it. Senator Patty Murray -- bored real. A real lightweight lightweight. Again if you like what you have you will be able to keep let me say this again if you like what you have. When legislation is passed and signed by the president you will be able to keep. Senator Max Baucus. If a person has a plan and here she likes it here she can keep that. Senator Tom Harkin one of the things we put in the health care bill will we designed it was -- protection for customers to keep the plan they like it. That's the term grandfathered. Poor -- All thanks for explaining that senator. Then rep Tammy Baldwin under the bill if you like the insurance you have now you may keep it and it will improve. It was such a big -- now she's a senator. Senator mark a niche if you get a doctor now you've got a medical professional you want you get to keep that. Senator Michael Bennet Colorado we should begin with a basic principle if you have coverage and you'll like -- you couldn't keep it if you have your -- during -- light camera. You should be able to keep. Them as well we will not take that choice away for -- Senator Barbara Boxer so we want people to be able to keep the health care -- Senator Sherrod Brown. His wife is one of the editorial page editors of -- -- Shadow of itself former newspaper Cleveland plain -- Our bill says if you have health insurance and you like it you can keep it. Ben Cardin Maryland. For the people of Maryland this bill will provide a rational way. In which they can maintain their existing coverage. If you want to go on for the this they've got three more pages of this for just what the dams apology to them to win one ones. Pat Leahy Vermont. If you like to be insurance you have now keep the insurer that you. Jack Reed Rhode Island if you like the insurance you have you could choose to keep. Bernie Sanders who's now think you are running for president by the way. Several cars to stroke off the rodent for months. If you have coverage like you can keep it. Jeanne Shaheen. If you have health coverage that you like you get -- -- yet. My understanding is that if you have health coverage that you like you can keep that you do you you -- YouTube misunderstood. Jeanne Shaheen for Missouri by way of New Hampshire. As I said you may have missed my remarks at the beginning of a call one of things like set as a requirement that I have for supporting a bill is that you have -- health coverage that you like you should be able to keep bet. Well that's why she voted for Sheldon White House. -- -- Rhode Island it honors president Obama's programs. And the promise of all of the presidential candidates but if you lie and make the plan you have you get to keep it you -- that forced out of any date. I should have advised everybody get a big. Big the last cool laid. Before I started reading about. In the bush again -- about a half of loved ones like yeah I just read the pure ones that the pop with the leadership and I want the ones from the England. 1877469432218774694322. Yeah right now and I'll get now Valenti now Valenti says he moved to -- he moved to war. New Hampshire today. That's good he its its amazing just move this morning and he's already got a cell phone from New Hampshire. Very good 18774694322. How easy it is approved the big -- if you say it enough times it becomes true that's what happened. You know -- about the bit between the big -- now on the big the big lie back when it was first used in the in 1920s and thirty's is that you now have via the Internet and YouTube. And it's a lot easier to catch somebody in the big lie I mean they can't just deny it and say yeah. You know and and you just -- quote in the medium. Used -- -- -- -- -- from a newspaper news it was what you said. In the say. Yup I was misquoted then now -- on YouTube the camp and I know these people and and I. That's why they are rough twisting slowly slowly in the wind. There are some good things about this modern age and there are some group you know I know -- talk about the Madden. You know were amusing ourselves to -- that seller so early we have more news at your fingertips Britain we know last we ever did before about current events. But in some cases things have changed for the better and this is one of those cases. None of these people can get away from what face that it's all out there on the Internet. 18774694322. A few of us in New Hampshire just ran off the road as well. Give an -- you know that gene -- was for us I mean you knew that means she's of the she's she's just. The thing about are those. All next week the Panthers and that. You studied real closely honey. You thought that you're gonna -- get to keep the York's to stitch once we get to keep their health care plans. -- you're next with how we cargo ahead aren't there. Bush well I think people but I didn't what are we got -- this judge. But I bush era Obama lied my health care died. Well you know what it is if it's federal government has attacked every working person as -- people who. Where actual cure it like it is the people who have a bit as far as like got it through okay we get older person. The best -- health -- right situations. If I'm okay. Yes you know they they say when will these navigators by the way. Now -- there they say they've got these these thousands of navigators do you find an average year. Are there -- -- in the yellow pages of the list of an information. Amid they have the they have they the they have a web site where do you go to find a navigator to help you out. -- -- -- of such an interesting choice of words for everything that they did they do. They called -- the affordable. Portable health care Iraq which is absolutely not talking about what you were talking about navigators. When his country is an -- without a captain. Well. I mean that's an important what's going to is incredibly credible. I don't know what happened to freedom of choice which is the basic foundation of this country and as it applies to everything and yet nobody is doing anything to. All right whatever but also if it ain't broke don't fix -- you know I mean is not one of those one of the the underlying. Parts of life I mean if you if something's not -- not screw up if you if you mess up something that's working properly they call you will be handled don't they. Well they do but can -- -- -- but weren't you looking for common sense and it doesn't exist anymore. Why don't they leave -- alone. You know people have to realize you know they were so apathetic for so long academic are stupid and dumb because they're -- educated. And so people who welcomed by the way I want to call the other very went away to where that guy looked -- blow to close election. The reason we're losing all these elections because of undocumented. Voters. Then by now. I and I know I I know that's the we gotta we gotta get control. We need big majorities in is in both the local legislatures and in the congress and we need to do so. We need to get these illegal aliens out of the country we need to get them off of every benefit imaginable. We need to get rid of this anchor baby law foolishness and we need to stop. From -- stop letting them vote. 1877469432. To -- our car. Yeah. One 877469432218776. Mind. -- to true that's the -- free. Number of them we commercial if you like to join us here this afternoon every week day. Afternoon. Very good call today by Charles CW Cooke in the national review online. President Obama is rather fond of presenting himself as champion of the people. The only choice for the average citizens who have through no fault of their -- having. Played by the rules are screwed over by a bleak and unjust system. To reward language was a main state during his campaigns of 2008 and 2012. Among those from the president has explicitly be deemed to be losing out through no fault of their wrong or illegal aliens. Federal workers were furloughed during a recent government shut down and homeowners facing exports foreclosure. Oddly enough however he has yet to mention the millions of responsible and admirable Americans who for years. Purchased health insurance on the individual market and are now being thrown off their plants through no fault of their own of course but by him and his central political treatment. These are the five million and counting again these that this is the canary in the coal -- these five million they were all going to be what the next year. These are the five million and counting self reliant type shall not really suffered the indignity of being forcefully deprive the plans with which they were largely happy. But have been forced to sit helplessly sit by while -- -- of imperious preening -- beats explained to them with -- barely concealed his name. Think Ezekiel Emmanuel that their choices would no longer be tolerated by the state. I am completely happy with my plan Margaret Davis of California. Lament that last week and a widely published letter to senator Dianne Feinstein. Perhaps you warm Margaret Margaret the president is not. Now for the same catastrophic plan Margaret Davis faces an 80%. Increase in her coverage in her premiums and -- coverage. Is this fame. At one level one cannot help but feel sorry for the Obama -- griped that while she wanted people to have health insurance. She didn't realize that she would quote be the one that was going to have to pay for personally. Why would she. The president promised that the law wasn't a factor but it would probably -- rates -- -- it was designed only to help the indigent. And punish the free riders while leaving these self sufficient alone. Nobody said anything about losers. Likewise when consult -- to Muster some pity for Lori Gottlieb a contributing editor at the Atlantic. Who related on the New York Times op Ed page that her arm chair progressive friends response to a 5400 dollar rate hike. With which she has been slammed was to assure that the collective was now better -- Quote has obamacare -- on PC to be concerned by a serious burden on my family's well being Gottlieb asked rhetorically. Before concluding reluctantly that the quote self employed middle class is being sacrificed on the Alter politically correct rhetoric. With nobody helping to ensure help fiscal or otherwise. To those of us who have been critics of Obama since the Outkast does come as no surprise that its architects -- for the practical consequences of their remaking. The truth has always been that the law was intended not only to ensure those who lack coverage but the force insurance products. To confirmed the president to what the president and his team. Believe. They should be. Acting -- if you were citing something absolute as opposed to merely the subjective view of the administration the president has railed against what he calls. Soups sub standard insurance while his acolytes talk from blowing up the market. Revolutionaries are -- -- -- should be. Trembling. 187746943221877469. 432 to let you know this is I mean again. The -- it. As we've said from the start obamacare works for those who don't have worked very well but it works a little bit for those who don't work it doesn't work if you war. 1877469432. To the problem with redistributed wealth is that. Very seldom. In human history has any as a society ever. As the median in the society ever improved well. Wealth wise. -- distributing wealth usually means. That popped yet for and the -- state pork at all. Then you know Obama doesn't realize Obama at -- he would need to read the thing. He did they just gave manei they'll look them in the game and they were ever want. So he doesn't know history. He'd be among the many things he doesn't -- -- Euronext what power cargo heavily. -- Eight did Scarborough and John Boehner mascot walker -- realize that they wouldn't have the majority in the house. Or have survived a recall without the Tea Party. I mean. They think -- -- got drop then parachuted in from from a farm land and this based. That that relentless attacks from people like Scarborough I think you can end -- turning. On. Scarborough got a -- and Scarborough is not a politician anymore -- he's Tuesday he's just lay around -- say about it is that here's a quiz like. You know today he's a collaborator. Is what he has in that to use the old World War II terminology. You know he's accused Tokyo rose -- off. Criticizing it Scott Walker wouldn't even survived that -- Collison and the band. He already mobilizing for him. I know the unions were looking to one look at the give him a necktie party to used Whitey Bulger for a as you know absolutely. I know I don't I don't know why these people are turning on the Tea Party they they they're fools they they don't they they have no one they have no gratitude and they don't understand. They don't understand who their real basis and they also don't understand the -- the beach the real grievances of the people in the Tea Party -- -- call late. Sergeant billion -- with -- cargo at sergeant bell. And how. Golf -- up -- it if you read the vote Obama can't support it but it's on the to people yeah it's. They act on black yen is a fighter pilot anybody and as good a fighter pilot. Pump crude because it might want to be. -- I'm remaining but I'm kind of our little weird Vermont quite so what you said but -- -- off road back. I want I want or need to run Ernie or runoff spending money it's. Are ready or able or a Democrat to admit they're socialists just. Now I would -- Actually would like bit Bernie to run he would be great thanks for the thanks for the call sergeant bill on our car.