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The President's Blame Game

Nov 20, 2013|

President Obama has had the nerve to blame republicans for the failed Obamacare rollout. Seriously Mr. President....More stories on Obamacare cancellations.

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Marco Rubio thinks we can and obamacare in eight weeks do you agree. Basically says condemns won't go along with the -- I mean the Republicans would like them that tomorrow obviously but the dams are rot. The dams were. -- and they're cracks are appearing in there they're so all the lines. No I don't agree unfortunately. Am only 33% think that he's now got his finger on the pulse there. Our 1877469432218774694322. Perks these weigh in health plans for lawmakers. The the members of congress like to boast they won't have the same health care enrollment experiences their constituents. Struggling with a -- federal web site that's a nice way to -- it is by the New York Times balky. Because the law they wrote forced lawmakers to get coverage from the new insurance exchange that is true. There's at least as one of their constituents have access to quote in person supports services like the ones being conducted. At the capitol and congressional office buildings by the local exchange in four major insurers. Or come log onto a special. Blue Cross and Blue Shield website for members of congress and use a special. Toll free telephone number quote dedicated congressional health insurance plan assistants line uncorked. You'll fine if I were a Democrat and I really freaked out. About the. About being reelected next year being held accountable for this. I would I would put it I would tweet out the number of the toll free telephone number. A -- for of the total free telephone line. A dedicated congressional health insurance plan assistance line. But I don't think the -- the that that. That would be frowned upon. Nancy Pelosi. And Steny Hoyer. And then there's the fact that the lawmakers have a larger menu of quote -- gold plan insurance choices that most of their constituents back home. While millions of Americans have been left to fend for themselves and go through the frustrating experience of trying to navigate the federal which changed. Members of congress and their raids will have all sorts of assistance. To help sort them sort through their options and enroll. Isn't that advice. All I'm so glad that the the the nobility. Of the gentry of the United States rule will not have to undergo the same. The same -- same sorts of indignities. That you and I will go through. -- forbid that they should ever have to do. Inhaled foul breath of the pour billions. Lawmakers can select from 112. Options offered in the quote -- goal here like the way this -- using quotation marks in the story. Of the District of Columbia exchange form or another are available -- most of their constituents. Aetna is offering -- plan options to member of congress Blue Cross and Blue Shield was offered sixteen. Acre available from Kaiser permanent the an easier for sale from the UnitedHealth Group. Lawmakers and moderates are not eligible for tax credit subsidies but the government pays up to 75%. Of their premiums that's probably that's -- got a brown missed by the government the increased the amount that the pay for the premiums. Absolutely -- and wanna have a vote on on on grass -- amendment. To war obamacare which put them in this special talent or slick and keep it the same ones so. Instead of having them instead of having a vote they got at one of these -- called Weaver or. Or special consideration from Obama. It was it was one of these deals was negotiated by April leadership on both parties you know when you -- this one month Boehner Pelosi now read -- world -- The government pays up to 75%. Of their premiums. Contributing a maximum of 5114. Dollars a year for individual coverage. And 11100378. For PM copper rich. Isn't that nice. Again I'm so happy that the that they don't have to say they don't have to deal with these you know you want we're just we're just. We just regular file tax. The president likes to say. So you know we kid we used to being batted around the like the members of congress like the guy who was a clot that buying some hope the other day in in DuPont Circle. The hip -- conservative. 18774694322. Mark your next with how we cargo ahead mark. Yes let -- -- like car or get us some numbers and all of call all of the call and -- -- Ann Coulter on your show us. Wolf first is in my right then that I remember and that they sent 650 million dollars of its web site. Yes let's -- 634 it -- but yeah basically -- about it. And the poster that showed that thirty million people recovered. Collect. So you'd think 650 million -- about thirty million people like 120 million dollars apiece straight. No I don't think it's twenty million a piece of anabolic would -- be more like 20000 pace. I torture I know which are getting yet it would've just been cheaper. To buy insurance policies for all of the uninsured people rather than wrecking and wrecking the entire health care system of the United States. My prediction it would've been a lot less. Destructive. And I think that -- the deep divide about thirty. I think there's like one yeah ideas but -- -- million dollars a piece -- -- by people. What -- only a hundred Billy you know 520 million that would be five that that would only to April 20 million apiece that would only be part that's thirty. Thirty people -- if you would thirty people -- -- -- would be 600 million so it's obvious that's like quite -- artwork and that way. But I had asked him -- -- Yeah yeah okay now the Arab within a couple of you know she said that the young Republicans plan was you know free market but Obama care. Embodies the liberal agenda and ideology. And another about people United States believe in the free market like you and I do so. What the Republicans need is appalling and let him bodies are ideology assailant premarket that's our ideology -- all I agree. We've got a pellet with a plan that -- That's that's kind of what those trying to. Bookmark the thing is not an 85%. Of the American people were pretty. Well satisfied with their insurance policies they had no. They had no problem I don't think this was like an ideological issue this way the for the vast majority of the American people. They have a system they liked the government came in and -- the system but people like dead now and now they're angry. Mean -- mean they're angry now ideologically but I I think we're in order gambit Democrats -- that it for ideological reasons but. They be the vast majority of people don't I don't think look at the healthcare is -- video didn't look at health care is an ideological thing. I mean they just that I want the best deal like camp for vote for the least amount of money and I I wanna get as many services like and and I want to be taking care when -- second I don't care how it's done it's over the Democrats came along and correct effort. What is it that they did or there -- -- purposes because there's gender throw right and the and they you know the big -- did all they can't hold us. -- there is the ideology we would never gone for. You know so you know that's all I'm saying is that for us side. We need to have a plan that in -- ideology but felt it in the workable understandable plan for most people doing his homework and go with one hand irons that -- you can land planting -- and -- -- that -- work or because it's going to be kind of like what we. You know the thing is the market is that. The fault again this is is in the voters I mean we live in a in a and in -- representative collective society. It's up to the voters to make their make the right decisions and not vote in people who were gonna screw them. And in these people were not paying attention I mean. The they were pot again the Republicans in this case say you can you can complain about Republicans and at so many different levels but in this case. The Republicans know it was a if it was a totally flawed system that's why no Republicans voted for. Let's place a call mark 18774694322603. Says in order to save the system we had to destroy the system. -- that would during during Vietnam -- quote. There was a quote from an American military officer one time in order to to save the village we had to destroy the village. And all the people will destroy who have destroyed the health care system now. They they all they world big liberals back then and they and they thought that was shocking and stupid and and you know wrong headed and just totally. Totally terrible to say something like that but that's exactly what they did with the health care system that's a very good point 603. That they in in order to save the health care system they had to destroy. Andrea your next with how we cargo -- Andrea. -- as he plots in -- -- economic and helped get plans for like sixteen yeah hasn't had a protocol might not yet and it's an apparent -- insurance company. It's a lot and it's gonna cover directs a drug that had been on like seven -- -- I have to try not to ones which are pretty scary that I -- President is in the generic version of the drug or a different drug. Out to different drug. Does the same thing but you pay for it anymore and it -- it has entered the main paragraph you know -- She does nine bucks a month it was killer yet to come up with a box. But you know -- thing that's so amazing to me is this BM actual computer system for the health care for the paint -- -- that -- But people don't know about that should not even Poland. America couldn't help them know how to encrypt things that you are talking yes that they say they have got. Called the American club that would work. Over the American Kennel Club probably wouldn't of collaborated with from within a one veterinary care take -- option -- idiot. -- bass joined the young if you can handle -- you know simple medicine for me you know like I don't know just they you know just heart an occasional heart bypass operation is -- get older you know I mean why not right I mean mad dog is a -- ball. Right -- and they had it. Thanks for the call injury. One I've told -- this before there was a great story that it was last summer in the British papers about some guy him in the UK. And he sees he said that it it just occurred to him to take it is by his bond was -- activity got the -- The doctor. Taken the vet took the dog and immediately fixed them up in the dock was OK by nightfall. If he said simply it's it's suddenly occurred to me that that the -- If any dog in the UK if the owner has money can get much better care to be all -- camp. Because the owner -- the deal -- national health service. Was also -- the horrible story today in the in the UK. Some some woman not called. -- and an ambulance she was about the parish was passing out. And she she was she had that terrible pains in her stomach. And thus was young woman to -- twenties and she called and so the two we empties government he -- showed up and they show you just got a little but. Meet bug theory well what would at all don't worry about it jurors that a few hours later on what you wrong with -- but there was something obviously -- -- seriously but tummy bug. 18774694322. Obama pet care is big bowl will be covered when they when they nationalize. Pet care. -- -- Better get that better be sure to opt for those walks gonna stay in shape org you can you don't wanna get sick. If they -- if the go to war -- Obama pet care. 1877469432218774694322. A lot of veterinary empire by objects can be used by humans there -- a lot cheaper you you should stock up on them because you know there will be shortage with the government screwing everything up. And even thought about that. Actually that didn't didn't John beyoncé that they're giving up packs for dogs -- didn't say that one time. Yeah but you get a check and with the dosages are you know that does is that probably a lot smaller and they would be for human being. I mean I use my cat -- to get insulin like got a from the CD asked she was registered that's where I went to get her drugs now yeah. Was it the say it was it was a smaller don't know exactly the same -- that allows him being one out. One exception we're human beings. 1877469432. -- speaking of the American Kennel Club some guy reported it signed up for Obama -- has argued about getting covered. Yeah that was -- that was in the that was yesterday that was on the wires yesterday that's it that's another for such a true story. The dog got covered. Used to be you know what's kind of funny you know every every. Once awhile you'd read a story about some -- being called to jury duty. And so funny anymore isn't not when not when you can't be covered in your dog can or on your next what powered car go ahead Ron. Well our coaches warn -- about this implant that the Obama -- As. Mean just. Very jealous that we have to happen inflicted by a certain date what I'm saying -- wanna know what you might know well. What what are you look at what implants. Well this is just like bigger were it not for instance. You know they have to do this implant what it doesn't control. You sort of disease in Europe tear down and it just everything about it earlier period or -- history and everything should just -- loyal sponsor them you'll always you know what -- -- -- -- you know you know but now. Who graced domains or anything get. Another thing as rom though I mean that you know these days anything is believable is an. Well it just seems to be in this hoax obamacare in others did it just. No wonder everybody got -- contract. Right I mean who wouldn't who wouldn't be up in arms -- -- And Adam telling you this is that you know why John kind -- on the breaker on the powerline blog he spoke about what's gonna happen in a year from now. Let's see he would you know why the they were. There already he said one despite a businessman just returned from China told me that demand is down in Chinese factories because American retailers are cutting back on orders the reason. Middle class Americans have figured out that their health care bills going up under obamacare and cutting back on their spending. The time is not far off when Barack Obama yearned for the days when we have 37%. Approval rating I think I think that's right though. Things are only going to get worse as tens of millions lose their existing health insurance and a large majority of Americans in both the employer sponsored market and in the individual small market group. Small group market find that the cost of health insurance is rising that stroke. But actual call on bond Euronext with Howie -- going had gone. -- I don't know now he yeah you know I had an uncle years ago we got Fulbright. Over new Englander born yet Britain and he had had to he had been uploaded to the taken -- -- -- -- -- -- You know about the flight back to the US a begins to settle but you know we didn't Cooper on the fact that the brits had terrible -- and yet. Here we just ordered -- -- guy that wants to give it the. Incredible. So -- I don't I don't know I don't know how the -- -- how stupid can people be -- to a -- to a vote for this guy when he well when he was basically. Promising that the -- health care. You know. -- know how we had fitted don't want to. Incredible. Incredible the -- Thing is that the he got what eight to ten million fewer votes the the second time in the first on but it don't want to. Well yeah but that's only because they couldn't find another graveyard brake and pull -- more. Thanks for the call. 18774694322. H the dams are now blaming Obama for Obama -- -- possible they actually believed it was going to work laughing now while. Yeah that's -- that was that was morally shocked me during the senate campaign was when Ed Markey. The son of a milkman said that the his proudest vote in in congress and 37 years. That's enough to make you weep right there the guy's been in congress for 37 years. But his proudest vote was. Obamacare. In and I didn't know is is is he is people IE. In which case season. Despicable person for lying about a major something major like that. Or does he really believe that it's going to work that's gonna make everything better in which case. I wouldn't trust in the -- my pumps. To the end of the street. 'cause she stood by. Each there's no way if if people -- obamacare was going to work I mean not just. Not just not fail but he thought it was -- to improve things -- I Izzy is a bleeping me I mean we know Obama's. That goes with -- But. All everybody all the Democrats in congress believe that's. Familiar only a few of -- had to be bought off like Stupak. Then fuel home like lynch. Here in Massachusetts were Smart enough. Not vote for it they org but -- in the leadership he went they have it's lightly enough more than enough votes to carry it so he was allowed to take a war I mean if it had been one vote he probably would vote for. Although it never admit it. But still nine -- 9% of the Democrats vote for this fiasco. Mean. Again party that stupid or they that. It's one or the other -- camp be it -- anything else. It's 18774694322. -- how -- car. 18774694322. Weaver state spending and says dear leader has listened to a -- offense so often people leave them. The self important fat head who never ran up boxing and but seized control of the nation's health care system needs to listen repeatedly that thirty -- final line -- Magnum force. -- mean it's got to know his limitations. Man's got to know was the only way you find out your limitations is when you actually have to do something. And then you fail. So he's never had to do one week. He's just been passed won't pushed along right up the latter because of for obvious reasons. And you know would solve some of which we don't even know I mean he may have claimed he was a foreigner. He may have gotten NASCAR scholarships at occidental or Columbia the reserved for people who weren't born in the United States remember he said himself he wasn't born in the United States when he was trying to peddle its first blocked. Which by the way he probably didn't write -- which was probably written by Billy Ayers. You know so he's never he's never undergone. The same kind of -- Baptism by fire you know that that most people the vast majority of people undergo wonder about fifteen years old. You know disbarred you start getting knocked about. The school of hard knocks -- that's one school we never went to the school of hard marks. 18 says by the way did you see Jay Carney -- pointing Mitt Romney again. Republics of the Republicans fault. To Mitt Romney's fault. It's the it's a bad apple insurer insurers. To everybody's fault but him he's the guy is is -- -- is alibi Ike. Here's what here's what. What Jay Carney said yesterday. If your building on the private. Insurance based system that the president is -- -- Using the model from the Republican. Government governor in Massachusetts. As he did this is not a government run insurance program. That's what Carney said he had cleared he had been asked whether Americans would be able to keep their doctors we cleared his throat before he blamed that on Mitt Romney. He continued. If you want coverage from your doctor -- after that you've seen in the past and want that. You can walk and see if there's a plan in which that doctor participates. And and that reflects the way but the private insurance system has long. But of course that that's -- answers to the question that was asked. Because your boss said if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor now you're saying we're using Mitt Romney's -- planned so if you gotta if you got a problem with the about -- the Mitt Romney. 1877469432218774694322. The president was informed as early as February of 2010 that the law would indeed forced people off their current plans. But a report reports surfaced Monday night indicated the presence on Justice Department authored a belief in October. That was last month. That showed most of the countries insured will have to seek new plants. Here's a quote from the purport he went under the grand fathering provision is projected that a majority of group. Health plans will have lost their grandfather status by the end of 2013. This shows us they never thought the grandfather clause was real in the first place national view contributing editor Andrew McCarthy. Told Fox News channels Megan Megyn Kelly. The White House as unilaterally that the laid the employer mandate to comport with the laws help insurance requirements in July. That's why in the world gonna get -- on let's -- that have insurance to run health -- however our employer. In -- the income verification requirements designed to determine who should receive subsidies or that won't lead to winning fraud well especially among Obama's voters. These are the same people who why you don't have multiple league BT cards who was. Put them that they earn all this in common but they don't -- so that they can get they can get earned income tax. Credit so called earned income tax credit which the -- admits there they're giving -- 120 billion. Enough fraudulent earned income tax credits. Over -- they have over the years. On both occasions the president flagrantly were fused when forced the provisions of his own. Signature. Legislative achievement. And now he's preparing to ignore yet another of the law's provisions. This time the inconvenient stipulation to be conspicuously overlooked -- one that would reimburse health insurance providers for losses they incur. As a result of extending coverage to millions of -- women in come on and shirt. Obama told insurance companies that there is no bail out in store for them. There's just one problem. The White House is preparing to do the exact opposite of what the no bailout headline suggests. To call all of this is a disaster is to kind. This is a debacle of virtually unprecedented. Proportions. Last week national abuse Charles CW Cooke who's very good actually. Attempted to identify a historical parallel to add perspective to be a CA rollout catastrophe. He cited prohibition on the national recovery administration's. That as policy as examples of policy failures the could be informed of discussion about the epic scale of the present fiasco. It is clear today that quote was being overly deferential to history there are no accurate complete historical. Comparison -- obamacare we are entering. Uncharted waters. 187746943221877. Foresee if it's mud if it's my w.'s fault and it has to be mets' fall. Right there must there must be a Republican. Somewhere. The can be blamed for this and since apparently George Bush's. Is a stretch even by a even by the S standards of the low information voters who support Obama. They -- a -- Mitt Romney. 18774694322. 603 this would be a wonderful time for someone to release his school and follow I would can't wait to see those -- laughing out loud. 18774694322. H actor James more person is blaming Republicans for hacking health care about. As if a few glitches are the real problem right. Other Republicans are recommend it. There have been hacking and parties and you know but Tea Party. Is is organizing. -- parties at at the local Denny's you know where the where black people sometimes can't get served to go in there and they. The they try to hack into the system to to rule one for Obama Howard dear leader. Eric your next with how we cargo ahead Eric. I eight -- they're deepening we -- this this. Beyond belief. -- this is not stupidity this is. Evil. All capitalized exclamation point -- they knowingly new rule what what they would do this is intentional. And dumb. Do you think I mean but they're they're facing now. An epic electoral disaster next year or a media think they really wish -- from themselves. It's it's about -- we of people they are potentially do wanted to -- It's the status quo. And something to them next year. OK I spoke to see you back I don't know but eight years ago all bush arrangement syndrome. That as a status quo back then. Bush -- the booked on all the tools to Obama. It's a stable or know what the same -- it to our Indy. It was never this -- under bush I mean I'm an adult. And it was ranked it did. Don't know about it no doubt about this is on steroids -- Bert brought. I also stated that. It's bought subsequently when this diary character which ordering into. The highest office in the United States holy hole. -- -- -- it is bad. It works. It is it's getting and it's getting worse candidate -- it's a thing is why it's getting worse and worse. I mean Sebelius went the Pittsburg and she blamed the Pittsburgh Steelers -- they were doing and at their stadium because she couldn't sign on course. Where did this latest disaster happened -- -- this happened this latest one. Where Florida Florida is yet to blame the -- at the dolphins at the box are the jaguars sort of fault this time. -- -- It's it's it's just beyond belief there is no plausible deny ability. All war. Let's go to phrase you know what terrorism any plausible than that it's there they went out and did this right in front of everybody. How we just Allison wonder. What's up and down which is just that's not -- matters anymore. Scary sort and it's. -- Thanks for the caller 1877469432218774694322. Get it right now with the Tea Party folks hang -- a Cracker Barrel. While some of them do but some room like -- because they they mean the black there they've been discriminated against black people in the past that we all know that's that's. But -- you're right Cracker Barrel Wednesday good place for the party -- -- -- Ers. 18774694322. Republicans couldn't possibly a -- the site Democrats keep saying Republicans are out of touch grumpy old men. Why is George W been silent. Why would he say anything he doesn't need the same thing I mean million you know war. Why why interfere when you're win when your foes are were are killing themselves he was on Jay Leno last -- -- gave Jay Leno picture I guess he's become a pretty good artist and is. In his retirement. John your next what how we cargo ahead John. Payout nobody is bigger animal ultimately gonna stop and remember all animals are. All of walkouts over a longer view them you're pretty health here. -- ports you know or go home collectible and you can't spell it probably. You're right you're right in WW asleep before you are -- even though they haven't done a damn thing all by. Yeah a lot of assaulting her movement or a little old debate was more Olson saying it was so. The so. That's what. It's dogs sit there and skyward you up so I don't know what to do it Obama talks. -- -- And not the dog looks because but he really prices could keep growing talk that. Bet that's what -- -- that we talked about it that's interpret what you call -- -- You also was some woman said that the issue her husband works for company that has pet insurance and she's thinking that the pat next next year the pet is gonna have a church but she's not. I'll bet she's probably right. Thanks for the call -- 18774694322. -- by the way also have a meetings check. 18774694322. On -- car.