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Immigration: One Thing Is Standing In The Way

Nov 26, 2013|

Yesterday Obama spoke on immigration. He says one thing is standing in the way of immigration: certain republicans. Jeff weighs in.

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Reports -- 172666868. Is the number. My friends and then lots to talk about today. Did -- earlier. I think now is sensing he's going in for the -- The -- if you can see if you can imagine the dear leader he looks set America like as as a giant Turkey now we're going to be celebrating Thanksgiving and a couple of days. And were like one big mother Turkey. And now he's gonna golfer of all hold Turkey he's gonna slaughter the whole Turkey and -- cold -- So he's given us obamacare. He's given us this stimulus. He's given us Dodd-Frank. He's been killing industry after industry after industry. He socializing the economy. I now he cut this historic deal with Iran essentially giving the -- was a path now to acquire nuclear weapons. He's got one last minute to go before he gets cold Turkey. And that is amnesty for illegal immigrants. And so yesterday. Did cheerleader. Are on the heels of this. Six major B trail with he wrong. Which has polarized Capitol Hill polarize the United States. Polarize the Middle East. They did here leader says hey what the hell let me finish this revolution right here right now so he goes down to San Francisco. In Silicon Valley. And he's got seven fundraisers. By the way it costs a 176000. Dollars per hour. For us the finance Air Force One whenever he travels around the country per -- 176000. Dollars per hour. So the dear leader now has to raise money. He wants to raise a lot of money for the 2014 mid term elections. And to justify the seven fund raisers he says. Or I gotta squeeze -- up policy speech somehow somewhere. So the dear leader. Is now visiting CEOs in Silicon Valley. And one after another starting with FaceBook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. You now have all of these members of the chambers of congress a chair at chambers of commerce all of these are CEOs. And big business executives. Telling the dear leader where we if you -- amnesty. We want comprehensive immigration reform. We wanna give a pathway to citizenship. For eleven to twenty million illegals who have come into this country. And furthermore. A lot of people don't realize this. But the immigration bill that was passed in the senate. Primarily by the Democrats spoke with some significant Republican support. The open borders Republicans. Don't pro big business Republicans. Actually legalize this. Or gives amnesty it legalize his residence or our -- or or citizenship status or legal residency status. To sex offenders. To gang bankers. -- criminal aliens who have records. Significant and extensive criminal records. Now you're not gonna hear that from the liberal mainstream media but glad that goal. Why stop a revolution -- let the facts get in the way of good socialist revolution. And so now you have Mark Zuckerberg. And all of these other CEOs in Silicon Valley saying we need cheap labor. And so the immigration bill passed in the senate not only would give amnesty to eleven to twenty million illegal immigrants. It actually paves the way for thirteen million legal immigrants that come into the United States. Over the next decade. What they want to my France. Ish to flood the labor market -- domestic labor market with cheap labor. That's why big business is supporting this. That's why. By the business community is backing this that's why did dear leader is in Silicon Valley and he's trying to get all these California CEOs. To back and and put as much pressure on Republicans as possible. Because she realizes there's now one unholy alliance. Between. The open borders Republicans. And the open borders big labor Democrats. What do Democrats want they wanna bring in as many workers into the country to have them vote democratic. They -- import motors. What to do the big business Republicans want they want to import cheap labor. Now I want all of you to think about this before again and actually what happened yesterday. You give amnesty to eleven to twenty million illegal immigrants and you allow thirteen million immigrants legal immigrants that come into this country. Over the next decade. When most Americans can't find a job. When we have youth unemployment at at she I'd come over 20% levels. Where you have people that are underemployed were young Americans can't even find work. And now your gonna flood the labor market with thirty million more illegal immigrants forget the amnesty component leave that leave that let that -- leave that off the table. What is this gonna do little wages. It's gonna drive wages all the way down. It's gonna driving to the floor. How -- Americans gonna be able to get jobs when they're competing with low skilled cheap labor. This is nothing more and nothing less than an optional assault upon the middle and working classes of this country. Now I know why Mark Zuckerberg once it. I know why the boys in Silicon Valley won it because they wanna hire people as low wages possible -- their goal. And so now they're backing Obama all the way so now you have the unholy alliance. Of big government. Which wants all these voters. Big business which wants all of this cheap labor. And big labor which wants to bring them in and unionize every single one of -- and bolster their ranks. So the Democrats get what they want a one party regime. Our entire class of people. That now dependent upon government handouts. Who will reliably vote for the Democrats for generations to come. And big business get what they want. What should they get cheap wages. Cheap labor and huge profits. And who gets. Who get shafted who gets squeezed who gets hammered. You do my friends. Not to Wall Street. Not K street. Its main street Louis the little guy. So -- -- dear leader. In San Francisco. And so now he's saying there's only one obstacle left. I've got big business in my pocket I've got big labor in my pocket I've got the Democrats in my pocket. They just passed comprehensive immigration reform in the senate. -- -- house Republicans. Are the only ones who stand in my way. And in particular my friends us. That key party one faction of house Republicans who were saying hold the line. Don't betray America's national sovereignty. Don't betrayed the working man of this country don't betrayed the middle class of this country don't reward lawbreaking. Don't reward rampant criminality. Toughen security. Toughen enforcement. Build a wall along the southern border don't allow gang bangers and sex offenders to be released from immigration detention centers. In other words in forceful laws of this country. And then once you do that and you secure the border. Then we can talk about how to deal with the illegal immigrants in permits in other words. Put America first. Well the dear leader. Is now want a campaign. To vilify a steamy air. And slander and demonize the Republicans. And here is did dear leader in his own words saying you know what my socialist revolution is almost there. That cultural demographic transformation of America is almost there. But there's one group that stands in the way. And it's time that we moved him out of the way roll it Brittany. When it comes to immigration reform. We have to have the confidence to believe we can. Get this done and we should get it done and by the way most Americans agree. The only thing standing and our way right now. Is the unwillingness of certain Republicans in congress to catch up with the rest of the country. -- -- -- today where the CEOs of some America's business biggest companies. And I I -- I'm positive not all of them voted for me. I'm pretty sure. And some of murder. Government at all. The thing they want to talk about their top priority blows. The fact that we -- and the brightest minds from around the world to study here many of them enrolled in the University of California system. And then we don't -- -- Wind up sending them home to create new jobs and start a dozen businesses someplace else. So we're trading our own competition. Rather than invite. Those incredibly talented young people. Like different. To stay here and start businesses create jobs here. Also all so let me ask you this mister president first of all nobody saying that you shouldn't. Bring in the best and the brightest from around the world that's not part of your bill. Your line. The heart of your bill. Gives amnesty to eleven to twenty million illegal immigrants who broke our laws who violated our sovereignty who are here illegally. Most of them I hate to tell you this don't have a master's degree in in generic. The problem is not too many immigrants from India with that evident a master's degrees in mathematics physics or engineering that's not the issue here dear leader. That's number one number two who. What about the thirty million immigrants you wanna bring in. Should you tell me how was an American got to get a job. And he's gonna get a job. Look at the labor look at the competition he's competing against. So what's he gonna have to work for eight bucks an hour to feed his family. Is this is this now gonna be the new America a Third World banana republic all I know Mark Zuckerberg is gonna make a like a bandit going all that. I'm a Mikey Bloomberg is gonna make out like a bandit. All of your big business friends they're gonna make out like bandits and Silicon Valley they love this stuff. But what about the rest of the ordinary American people the average American who -- to get up work everyday and feed his family. So. Again now I want everybody to think about that's where she spreading -- -- Elizabeth Warren. Words molecule or worse it marquee. We're all these Democrats were for the 99%. Against a 1% we believe we want to support the working -- we want to support -- it'll cost -- for the little guy really. So how come you don't stand up against the dear leader who now openly bragging. Openly bragging because. How all -- want fish big business wants fish. What you're seeing. And these are not my words my friends these are the words of Alabama Republican senator Jeff Sessions and he hit this on the nail. You -- now seeing and all we Gorky. The rule of the few. Being imposed and created right here in the United States. Where big business along with big government. Are now tailoring creating immigration policy. To shoot their narrow economic interest at the expense of the American people. And so my question to you is this. Did debate as now going from the senate to the hoax. That house is the last stand I believe for American sovereignty and for the American worker. Is it time to pass comprehensive immigration reform. Obama says yes. Big business says yes. Open borders Republicans say yes. The Democrats say yes in other words. The ruling class says yes. Jeff corner says no. What do you say Boston 6172666860. It is the number. -- your calls next on WRK. When it comes to immigration or. We have to have the confidence to believe we can get this done and we should get it done. And by the way most Americans -- great. The only thing standing and our way right now. Is the unwillingness of certain Republicans in congress to catch up with the rest of the country. Three Jeff Carter Boston's bulldozer here on WRKO. First of all the overwhelming majority of Americans do not want quote comprehensive immigration reform so that's another lot. Let me ask all of you this. Have you noticed when it comes to Obama when it comes to the dear leader. He will not talk about the mullis. The terrorists and -- the terrorist regime any wrong or you take anyone else. A Putin's. At any of our enemies around the world you -- at the Muslim Brotherhood you can run down -- list. With the the animosity that venom the aggressiveness. -- goes after Republicans. And I said this to people before honestly you wanna solve the Iran issue no problem. Just have a few Republicans sort of been wrong. And suddenly all up. The terrorists anarchist hostage takers should negotiate column vilified Obama bull come. The source of all the problems in the world you can negotiate with them no negotiations with the just want to wipe them out every single one of. If it's incredible. So when it comes to the mullahs in Tehran the -- the Islamic Nazis -- Being knicks bringing peace al-Qaeda in Syria. Beings. No problem alone mode so everything is good the Muslim Brotherhood peace. Putin's mind might be flexible my second term but only very flexible. I'm very flexible. Suddenly. When it comes to the Republicans and especially the Tea Party cool then all of a sudden there's stand in the way. -- America hostage. Big -- all -- rampant in our anarchist they're terrorists. Dershowitz I bombers are the makers -- well we gotta we gotta finish them off right here right now. I did this -- unbelievable. So let me ask all of you this. The dear leader is now making one last this is his revolution this is it this is he wants the completed he wants to finish it before when he fourteen. Can I think he knows he's gonna get wiped out. So he's got everything he now wanted he's got obamacare. He's nationalized and the economy he's destroying industries he staking everything over he's got to you know you name now he's got his deal with -- -- He's got everything. The only thing left. Is now he wants amnesty for illegal immigrants and as they say -- hello -- Is it time. To accept comprehensive. Immigration reform 6172666868. Is the number. Do you support Obama. And big business on this one or like me are you against Kevin Europe first thanks for holding welcome. Good morning to you -- And yet but the grace of Claude. I'm in a -- day we wait cup. It is not an impeachable and sense. From the over the weekend. Highly toxic and volatile situation. Which is only gonna win coverage. Nuclear. Right. Out proliferation. All -- well the Middle East OK making it showed dangerous. Now this in its -- Deval Patrick. Last week when he was under attack what he's doing to upgrade his blog that says nine million dollars. He stepped up press passes -- a few questions in the so called Katie all red. In this -- Obama flying first go to Seattle and then out to save princess -- He not been you know -- left it in the political bat to 200. Actually as a go our forefathers. The cousins that try and Adams CM Adams. Patrick Henry Thomas -- what would they keep doing it Franklin chapters cents. It would be outraged no -- and America. Agreed to provide. Any one from outside America to come visit to participate in the process. Of some sort of peace you're welcome. We highly encourage kids today don't we all types -- tourist haven Boston and across the country. This -- up from all -- we have an explosion. Or extorting these says. Well we -- hiding in the wind. -- we -- the most generous. Tolerant. Open country in the history of the world. So for these idiots. For these open borders Republicans like John McCain bad Judas. And and for all these. Democrats long personal racist all Americans officials' final form at home now. My car they want the border enforcement -- imagined this home my card. What is -- nation. But its borders a nation is defined by its borders. If you don't control who's coming in and who's coming out. You don't you are literally not only going to be importing terrorism here importing criminals. Now here look. Don't I don't want you to take my word for -- wanna see what a disaster that senate bill is. You wanna talk about really sticking it to the working man and to the law abiding citizen of this country. The bill is called and that's 744. The bill not only calls for amnesty for illegal immigrants not only says we should bring in thirteen million new immigrants over ten years which will swamp the labor market. You can legalize. It's. Criminal aliens with extensive criminal records so. You're a sex offender mole problem you get legalization. Look it up and take my word for you're gang member -- all problem you're going to hear from men call my own problem we legalize it. You've committed rapes you've committed sexual assault you've committed armed burglary -- problem. Because that's racist. Actually say get lost the leaf. So we're now gonna allow these criminals. -- our society and give them not only that. But a path to a green card and citizenship. That 23 year old boy. Matthew Denise. Riding a motorcycle. What's literally run over. By an illegal immigrants. Who -- reminder with his band and then they be reported him back to his home country and now he's laughing artist who's gonna give Matthew Denise his life back. Who's gonna give his parents their son back and what happened here with Matthew Denise is happening to thousands of families across the country. That's just this. That's putting America first. 6172666868. As the number. Bob jam bill John -- hang on all of your calls next. Freezing in Boston this morning on the. Welcome back in the corner reports 636. Jeff Carter Boston. Bulldozer here on the great doubles your K oh you can also -- -- 68680. This is from 617. Jeff why hasn't this man been impeached. 617 to be honest with you. They he's a liberal -- progressive. So basic. Leave nobody really hold them accountable. And to the top it off let's be candid in black. So he's got the magic combination and nobody wants that touch him for fear of being called a racist. And that's why he's getting away practically with a bloody murder. This is another text then. For a one we -- great country of immigrants you should know that better than most what's the big deal for a one here is the big deal. I am an immigrant. I am an American not by birth but by choice. I did it legally. Are respected this country's laws. Its sovereignty. Its history its traditions. I didn't sneaking in the dead of night I don't walk around committing voter fraud. And I'm certainly not a gang banger or -- missed. Or somebody who goes around assaulting people were shooting people. So I paid 25000. Ball works for my work he says and Mike Green cart. How come these people get to pay get citizenship for breaking our laws. And they're gonna get a final 500 ball marks. If they choose to pay for 500 dollars. According to that bill that was passed in the senate. So I pay 25000. For waiting in line and obeying and honoring this country's laws and assimilating and becoming an American. But them. For breaking our -- For running around. Committing all sorts of our identity fraud. And and and using services they have no business using. They're gonna get not only a basically a free pass only gonna get legal status but they're gonna pay a lousy dinky 500 dollar fine. It's wrong. That's the point. So let me ask everybody this. Word Roy get my 25000 dollars back. I I'm not kidding. -- the biggest people who are opposed to illegal immigration or illegal immigrants. You you want you want a definition of the corner report sure I'll take what is it's an Indian or Pakistani and a Russian who came here legally. That's got -- emails I get from people saying whoa whoa whoa -- Jeff hype they threw them all loose. Why did everything right -- -- rules. And now these people just because they're part of a growing political constituency. Suddenly they get the break the rules. And suddenly become Americans. Well let me ask another question. Why should rapists and murderers. And criminals. And gang bangers be given legal residency. That's what we need. That's what this country needs on well so all I get it. It's a way to contribute to the economy so more can play the knockout game all I get it we need the -- moral ladies -- have been a -- a little bit more. Because then the -- go to the hospital EC and they get treated when they get treated they need bandages they need medication and that contributes to the economy -- -- that's a great stimulus like data now I see the logic. And 6172666868. Is the number. Bob Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Jab jab jab good morning Bob -- -- -- I do this is not a Reagan there he goes again moment if you had kept Cruz and I -- to -- Opteron import needs somebody. Without our profile whether it's likely Ted Cruz. Did he came out there and they can get on the Sunday show. And -- -- -- President Obama is looking forward but yeah you know and -- Immigration reform -- -- much and always have to do is say while there he goes again just telling. He's he's telling more more. Armed troops and lay out dictate you know lay out the case just as you get. How -- gonna go out there remember the 1%. That's all I have to do I have this true. -- to big business but 1% and -- kill it right there. Well I'm with you Bob. Look I think we can win nest I really do. This is I think this is even easier to defeat and obamacare. I mean this this is sold out. So bad for the economy so bad for the working man so bad for law and order so bad for the safety and security of our citizens. This is such of -- mean this is sold out honestly. I mean this is laughable. So the only way they can do it is guilt trip the American people in other words guilt trip the dumb gringo -- I'm growing your -- is how come you don't allow everybody to come and how come you don't give amnesty and I flipped it around a -- simply OK okay you want. -- immigration policy we'll tell you what because I'm the dumb gringo okay fine -- -- What is Mexico have. Whatever Mexico's immigration both to be my immigration policy you don't like Mexico okay above the Bolivia. Guatemala Nicaragua Venezuela Colombia what are their immigration policies. Award. They police their borders. War you mean they don't allow illegal immigrants no role. Model you meaning in my ankle. They actually imprisoning illegal immigrants in some Mexican jail. And all. And when you legally immigrate to -- call. You mean you have to speaks Spanish -- Cole. Cole. You've got to be kidding me you mean you have to become a Mexican import it may call on my -- Malone. Told me so they're fascists don't wanna palm icon. Oh I'm sorry everybody is a -- I'm just gonna join the -- bandwagon. 6172666868. Is the number. Steve Europe next thanks for holding welcome. And -- just as. China or another audition and I am pissed that I took a little bit DID group tried what I read and I mean Obama had to come up with some than there. Did you HL -- off speed are the spotlight sorrow that want to let you know action. Yeah Steve I gotta tell you I think you're half right I'm with you brother but here's here's the thing. He said he was gonna do this five years ago I wrote a long big column about what his goal was for America. At I I gotta give them credit. I say it I say you're gonna see massive spending trillions of dollars in spending and debt -- did it. I say he's gonna take over Wall Street in the big banks did edit. I say he's gonna nationalize American industry especially manufacturing he did it would GM and Chrysler indebted. I say he's gonna pass it cap and trade or empowering the EPA to regulate American business and essentially crusher he did it. I said he was gonna be very sympathetic and appease radical Islam he did it. I said he was gonna break our alliances with Eastern Europe and Israel are traditional allies around the world he admitted. I said he was gonna nationalize healthcare he did it. I said he was gonna raise taxes he would -- And I said the last link because I she you know -- know this is not even you don't even have to have some crystal ball. It's what George Soros tells him to do. He won understand what Obama is doing he just -- re George Soros. George Soros says jump this guy says how -- And -- Soros said which you need in America at the complete revolution to bring you make it a full socialist country. Is you have to have socialized healthcare. That's the most important thing. Number to destroy America's sovereignty by essentially making America a puppet of the UN and appease the Muslim world bingo. And third last but not least. Destroy and erase the borders. Through massive amnesty. This is it he's going for a whole enchilada now my friends. Jim you're up next thanks for holding welcome. Good morning Jeff did you -- that this does it from the slightly different angle. I would like to suggest that the United States does not have the resources to be the welfare -- -- crowd for Latin America. We we accept that fact we have to. Wake up to the fact that we may not have the resource is to be. The kind of welfare department in America that some of these people -- That was. How are they going to pay for a -- Health care program. If you bring in the millions of people who are impoverished. Still educated. Refugees economic refugees from Latin America. One of the biggest villains in this case is Quebec Government of Mexico on the yellow billed as a -- the United States. The Government of Mexico has been a terror alert Castro like revolution in that country is that -- -- pressure building up. So what they've tried to do is to export their property to be a part of it. Bingo bingo bingo. They are they're dumping their poor. They're dumping their low skilled workers. They don't want a revolution at home because they're so corrupt. Social social the social status it's a basket case it's basically -- narco state to a weakening Mexico is run by the drug cartels. And so they go bump. Until the -- -- the -- go pick up all his problems but the -- it'll give him drops but the number angle given welfare. And then they send the -- sit back home now final point and I gotta go. Do you Congressional Budget Office. This immigration bill. If passed. Will cost this country. 654. Jeff corner across the bulldozer. So then dear leader was in San Francisco. Before shooting her work comprehensive immigration reform and amnesty. And of course for many of these pro amnesty activists. Even did dear leader has been too much of a hard liner because they don't want anybody -- -- it. So jury in his speech. He's interrupted by several pro amnesty tacklers who were saying stop the deportations. You're the dear leader bearded dictator. You can do anything it's now time for you to stop all deportations. Now. Listen to his response. And look. Yeah very carefully listened carefully to what his responses because it reveals. Everything you need to know about the dear leader role it Brittany. And most importantly we -- all about what most importantly we will live up. Most most importantly we didn't live up to our character as a nation. That's that's good that's exactly what we're talking about. And that's why we're here. -- What -- yeah. -- -- And that's why we're here. Okay Starr are there and but summer at their hold on 12 now because this -- set up. So he says eat -- pass an executive order like everything else just pass an executive order come mural president. He did you know leader. Yet that can deal as we say in Latin America you're the boss of the dictator. And he's like so just stop all these deportations. -- I don't get under your watch once you have the power you have the power while president. And then he says actually I don't. And then he says this. Role in Brittany. Let yeah. I respect the passion of these young people. Because -- deeply about the concerns for their families. Now what you need to know. When I'm speaking. The president of the United States. And I come to this community. Is that. If in fact. I could solve all these problems without. Passing laws in congress. But I would do so. But we're also a nation of law that's part of our tradition. And so the easy way out. Is to try to yell and pretend like I can do something. By violating our walls. And what I'm proposing is the harder path we choose. To use our democratic processes. To achieve the same goal and you want -- achieve. But it won't be any of these there's just shouting. It requires a -- And getting about. If in fact I could solve all these problems without passing laws in congress. Then I would do so. But we're a nation of loss. So. You can basically you re saying is this if you can read it because I go. I got I wish I wish I just thought -- our nation abuzz that -- tradition Zurich's we got a lot yeah got to put pressure I. I got a demonize these Republicans like I gotta go after the team party I got a pat Cummins Landon Harman column names and put pressure and get big business and -- big labor and yes and lobbying lobbying lobbying but. -- The confront a -- solve all these problems without passing -- and congressman I don't soul. If we didn't have our constitution. If we didn't have our system of checks and balances and a separation of powers. Does anybody listening to the show with half a brain I actually think. That this man would not be doing -- his spot to us what Chavez did in Venezuela. With Castro did in Cuba. Which socialists and marxists and collective us have been doing to their population all over the world. What he's basically saying Israel I'd love to be a dictator you -- I hear you I hear -- -- thought -- young I miracle mud straw this kind of bloody thing called congress. Oh I got to deal with some -- got to deal with them. Might I got about a minute -- baby. Hello my picture up till we re doing the sixties the Soviet social justice issue. You'll have the -- it sure is still have a colleges. He. Poll. And sure so what this thing will be -- you mark my it would still be in Washington merchant. And I deal with these children the -- -- this does this straight this behind them. I don't play the sympathy. -- -- -- for the children. And that churches including the Pope was a big advocate for a illegal immigration in America he -- -- I mean again. I against capitalism and they're gonna do this the American people wish go baby. Mike I gotta tell you look at sixty to 70% of the American people don't want this it's like Syria. We didn't want his war he didn't get his war obamacare we didn't want it it's now unraveling. If that house Republicans are Smart guys you wanna keep your seats. You wanna keep your majority in next year's mid term election then you better not -- on amnesty because I'm telling you. Hell hath no fury like the American people -- 61720666868. Is the number. Coming up next. Could it be. Shop frost swat to duress few of Obama. Check out what the liberals are now saying about Shaw Francois. And their recent deal cut in Iran that story next. This is Jeff Carter -- Rush Limbaugh this is very Armstrong.