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Did Obama Lie About The Iranian Deal?

Nov 27, 2013|

According to reports, Iran's foreign ministry says Obama has misled the public about the details of the deal.

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And the Iranians are now basically balking at the deal. In other words the Iranians are saying no all we want the right to enrichment. We want to write to enrich uranium and we're not gonna temporarily halt or freeze -- thing until there is a final comprehensive deal. That we agreed all of the terms. In other words the deal is just blown up. Even if the Iranians are lying about this then they're saying I'm sorry but what you guys are saying we don't accept so there's no deal the deal is just blown up. Or -- Merrill to. Number two. The Iranians are telling the truth. The text of the agreement the actual agreement remember we haven't seen the actual agreement worth taking their word the administration's word -- what was in the deal. Does give you wrong and the right to enrich uranium. Does give does allow Iran to continue. To develop their nuclear program and their nuclear weapons capability with no freeze no halt. Nothing -- If that's the case. Not only is this the most horrible deal since Munich. The president and Shaw Francois have been caught red handed they've been caught with their pants down. Lying and deceiving the American people and my question is this. Are they so stupid. Are they so arrogant. Are they so contemptuous of the American people that they don't know that they would be -- You think you can lie about something this big. That affects Israel Saudi Arabia the Arabs the entire Middle East. And not get. And you think you can get away with -- Here is my take. Now I wanna read the text of the agreement I am now calling for this administration. To release the full text of the agreement that was agreed upon in Geneva I wanna see it I'm gonna read a comic take my Thanksgiving weekend. I will read it word for word lying for one. And I wanna see -- telling the truth my suspicion it's. The Iranians are telling the truth and I'll tell you why. They're the ones with everything to win from this agreement. Remember. They're the ones that are gonna get their eight billion dollars in on frozen assets. They're the ones that are gonna get the sanctions -- -- they're the ones they're gonna be able to sell oil on the international market. So why would they try to blow up or sabotage a deal that gives them the money that they want. So what I think is happening here is this. I think the uranium said look at these guys lying on television. Selling their public a pack of lies. Completely distorting and manipulating and misleading what we agreed to and we have sold little respect for Obama. We have such contempt for this guy because normally how -- Don is that something how -- month. Burning burning burning -- all get older we visited president dumbing down. Fuzzy on mall or -- say air and what secretary of state -- he apparently occasional tough up. What John -- away saying these -- not -- He's in Monte McDyess who did that the next move -- section one article seven it says that led to Leachman. Look at section for tactical defeat he says then all freeze or halt until final deal. So why you -- And then the dearly would -- My poll numbers are dropping. By our problem was obamacare. I did -- got to throw me a lifeline here are running. I'm Mr. President you gotta throw me a lifeline I need help. I'll listen look you'll get your money will ease the sanctions. And listen look you think some -- from Kentucky or Missouri is gonna come down inspector weapons but worry about it I can sell this thing in my people I've been lying about this for I'm lying about everything for five years okay so he'll get you guys keep doing what you gotta do you get your money. And don't embarrass me about the short right -- -- meet in Geneva again. Six months that's how these things are done. In other words behind closed doors. For eventual -- public. They're just forgive me -- bitch slap Obama. They just slapped him in the face. They did what Putin did -- Syria. They're saying this guy is such an obvious liar such an army Charlotte and we still don't have respect form. We are gonna unmask him and humiliate him on the world stage. And so my question to you is this. Do you believe your -- means. Or do you believe your own president of the United States. Number one number two. If it is now proven. That the Obama regime deliberately lied and misrepresented. The deal signed in Geneva. What credibility. Does the president have left. Easy nothing more and nothing less. Many serial pathological. Liar. My friends this scandal will destroy what ever credibility. This con man -- 6172666868. Is the number. Do you believe the president do you believe the Iranians. And do you think they have now been caught again. Lying to the American people your calls next. The government works for a or voice could be you know one that change. -- everything. Welcome back to the corner reports 6172666868. Is the number. The Iranian Foreign Ministry has now issued an official statement. Saying that the claims being made by the dear leader by Jacques -- carrying. About the agreement signed in Geneva. Are quote one sided and valid and deeply misleading. Essentially -- they're accusing the Obama regime of. Lying to the American people. To sell the public what was agreed to in Geneva that they say was never agree to. Do you believe the Iranians. Do you believe our own government. And let me ask you this. If the Iranians throughout to be true. What they're saying is accurate and why would they why would they be lying to the ones of all the money at stake. They're the ones that are gonna get all the benefits from this deal. Not only has Obama lied to was about obamacare. But now he's lied to us. A body potentially historic deal. That would impact the entire Middle East and the world. Is the man seriously is the Manny pathological incorrigible liar. 61720666868. Is the number personally I would never buy a used car from the -- but that's just me. Brochure up next thanks for holding while. And yeah. -- -- you have to remember about this guy. Think that in fact we didn't get a restraining worker posting mom when -- -- Obama was taking credit quality Arab Spring. Then I Ahmadinejad was saying also told them I'm actually doing this. Big -- from policy whereby you the most frustrating that. And then. Obama -- bad -- salaries strikers now working out in Egypt is now working out with the Syria. And Turkey. In desert Stanton goes all of us are starting to love ingratiate himself put Iranians. And then I'm gonna buy this called a mile -- -- -- -- program. Stabbed in the back because they've got one of bringing down you know. It's can you imagine the Netanyahu. And your radius all agree on social until August Geneva. Agreement. And the -- calling Obama a liar. And then they'll back Sam. The main things. Bruce I mean that's. Buddy frank look that's that was might again I don't wanna see you work for the NSA can I mean. But a bad that was -- -- my conversation with -- this morning. I mean he's talk I'm shaking my head I'm talking you shaking his head I mean. -- the Iranians and the Israelis. Are both saying. Do you guys know what's in the agreement. You what you're telling the world and the public is not what's in the agreement. You're deliberately lying to sell the American people false bill of goods mount a mother think. I'm -- I believe the of them I mean I have to look I wanna read -- -- -- -- -- -- -- so I'm making a declarative -- -- statement. My suspicion is I think the Iranians are telling the truth. Now. If you order Tellme. Jack Jack Jack Jan. You're gonna side with the Iranians you're gonna say the Iranians. These. Terrorist Jewish dating holocaust denying mullis. They -- at all costs that they would actually be more truthful you're actually gonna believe them over your own government. I'd say you're crazy. Let's say you're mad men -- wanna pick. I ask you in all honesty. Do you bully in in your heart of hearts do you think the more underlying. Or you think Obama and carry airline honestly. Brent I think most of your -- and I think the Iranians are the ones telling the truth. That tells you everything you need to know. A -- of corruption the -- -- city. Frankly the criminality. At the heart of this regime. John Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Good morning record artist that I'm good -- huge. Very well I thought at first -- wish -- -- that it was your sample -- catalog of all what a coach Ian -- I do Gilbert work every day. And I'm very thankful for everything in my life I have certainly thankful that you got more -- Oh thank you thank you so much John and happy Thanksgiving in the best to you when your family my friend. But you know you said what I just gonna say I'm certainly going to excellent today that it's information and read I doubt there's got to be away. That get the true fact that this deal somewhere. And that arm you know can you believe that the Iranians they -- up. They're a culture how to treat pulmonary thing that we eat raw look at they're afraid that all of -- get it up. Let's tell the truth about coming -- that people Spain. -- -- -- let President Obama he went skiing narrative it yet again even with up like that I think the public -- common ground right. Read a poll yesterday that what you're bad bet that that. Where our numbers regarding our people considered to trot or the -- -- WellPoint. Eight mark so I think it is the beginning of the end everybody sees the writing on the wall that sent that note that they're going to lose their power all. All of a lot -- all -- not care about but what about our original blow up. The most influential or other than that Supreme Court in this country as the Washington. Appeals court you know and that cannot loader called Craig CE PA lot -- liberal. Gotta gotta be a back door bit. And now but it's also got people need to wake up you know I say it I know you don't like that I look so I told so patient. I have adult or -- -- -- -- Q -- work every day I told people it's agreement is gonna take you're out and chart. It's agreement go out quick work all the NC. Every great well not well just cater more -- or anger -- spot recent straight there where there wherever. -- -- Jerry -- and unfortunately. Most people are not going to be your position or are going to be able to -- -- what would happen. You know majority of people -- well actually we change bill lied about what. Thank you for that called John now look this is why I think this scandal so big. If it's shown and I think it will be shown that Obama lied about this. Not just obamacare but about this. Who's gonna believe them on -- think. I mean -- his credibility will be destroyed he is only saving grace and I said this on how we shall yesterday when I was filling in. It's Thanksgiving week. How many people are listening -- how many people are paying attention. There's tomorrow there's Friday Black Friday so maybe 34 or five days and it'll be off the new cycle that's the only thing that may save him. But if it turns out that he was deliberately lying to the American people to sell us this disaster is deal. He's a liar in chief. You think his poll numbers are but now they're gonna crush. 617. To a 666868. Is the number. Who do you believe Iran. Or your own government your calls next yeah. Jeff Blair Boston. We're here on the great WRK 06172666868. Is the number. You can also -- at 68680. This is round 339. Jeff you can't fix stupid but if you -- stupid like -- -- -- it will come back to bite you -- Well said 339. This is from Fy 08. Frying our turkeys in Chicago snake oil. A boy and a he can't tell you noticed even he couldn't even give us Thanksgiving week off. You know what I mean he just could not -- -- gore vacation go to Hawaii -- something. Go golfing someplace we know not only did you have before is the bad deal once. But now we find out to even more worried about the bad deal Liu foist that on -- this is it's incredible honestly the guy's incredible. This is 50 wait another one this is how far the presidency has fallen I believe the Iranians. Sadly 50 wait so why. This I love this one. 978. Jeff yet have to sign the treaty before you can know what's in it bingo 978. So. Remember when -- dear leader. Was going around all weekend just saying what if I mean practically wetting himself -- peace in our time. All right Donna -- our resolve the Iranian nuclear issue all we put him over a barrel all my god determines we got there were phenomenal we've frozen the whole nuclear program. Remember -- dear leader claimed over the weekend when the deal was first announced. Roll it Britain today that diplomacy open up a new path. Toward a world that is more secure yeah. The future in which we can verify that Iran's nuclear program is peaceful. And that it cannot build a nuclear weapon that's a life. While today's announcement is just a first step. It achieves a great deal. For the first time in nearly a decade we have halted the progress of Iran in nuclear program block key parts of the program will be rolled back lot. Iran has committed to halting certain levels of enrichment -- -- centralizing part of its stockpile to lie. Iran cannot use its next generation centrifuges why are used for enriching uranium -- Iran cannot install or start up new centrifuges. I production of centrifuges will be limited lie. Iran will halt work at its plutonium reactor lying. I mean it's just it's it's I mean that I did everything everything he said he is according to the Iranian switchers and it's a law. Did it look who we never agreed to halt production at the Iraq plutonium reactor we still. Until there's a final deal six to nine months from now and they keep saying this go to the text. They can keep citing the tax Google moment. The plutonium reactor that's gonna continue to gonna continue to spend centrifuges -- spanning the right to enrichment -- -- Everything is continuing we haven't frozen we haven't altered anything in fact you told us we have a right to enrich uranium that's in the -- So the Iranians are saying -- whole thing is BS. So. I don't want a repeat myself but there's not there's no getting there's no getting around us. Either. In -- saying. Let's say the Iranians are wrong com. They just for the sake of argument the Iranians are for whatever reason getting cold feet I don't know why they -- but let's just say they're getting cold feet. The -- finished. He's hearing you're single which are saying we don't agree to to the deal essentially has blown up. Or what I think is much more likely. The Iranians are saying nominal normal. There. Fifth here's the talks here here. The way you translated it. You deliberately misled the translation on your website and fed it to the media. The deal doesn't say what you say it says. You are -- Now I -- ask all of -- this. I know people say politicians lie which I have to ask yourself. He lied about fast and furious. He lied about the IRS scandal he lied about Ben Ghazi. He lied about obamacare. He lied about the NSA spying on civilians. And now he's lied about the uranium deal. -- They say serial pathological. Compulsive liar. And I was mentioning -- to -- he made a brilliant point we're driving -- -- I think so reckless -- they -- stupid. What they think nobody is gonna check the text of the agreement. I mean could they be that arrogant can they be that stupid and he said yes he made a very interesting analogy he said Jeff Flock is like a criminal. Once you start thinking that there are criminals and not respectable citizens can only makes sense. You've got to going to put imprisoned for 1015 years for stealing cars. We caught chew we punished you don't do it again what does McCarthy does the mall when he comes out he steals another car. And when you catch and should we told you we punished you what is the car -- silly but I didn't think I was gonna get -- This is how criminals behave. So if this is true then he's got zero and I means he thinks is. Poll numbers are bad now his credibility he will be I'm telling you. A little lower than now -- -- OK if you don't you kind of lower than that marine Europe Max thanks for holding welcome. Thank you can take and I can't yes and I'm sure. And they -- everything and you cap. -- -- -- Marine and happy Thanksgiving to you that I'm giving you and I wanted to know how to get down at least apple already -- in new. -- what it said that's why he came out so strongly in new working agreement actually one. And what's actually I didn't -- into the cable. No he wasn't. To know why not. -- -- -- -- -- their because they want to scuttle the deal let me tell you marine very quickly what happened. Take this to the bank I got this from my sources in in my for my friends in The Washington Times who have spoken to everybody let me tell you very quickly what happened. John Kerry Jacques Francois is desperate for a deal in fact let me tell you how the Iranians the uranium its character right -- from Schwab -- Not gonna get this from anywhere else. Quote as a dog in heat. That's how they referred him in private as a dog in heat. -- he was so desperate for a deal. That he would like he wants to sign anything. Now this is why -- I'm giving all the behind the scenes stuff now the French the Europeans. Who by the way are quite soft -- wrong. They were telling -- are you -- same. This is a soccer field. They're playing you like a fiddle. Q just he wants to deal for the sake of a deal. Kill sign anything. So what happened was is that Keri sees this as is great legacy. Because he wants to run in 2016 he honestly believes. That he should've won in 2004. That he'll beat Hillary and he'll be the next president of the United States so he was willing to sign the deal. Now the problem is if you get the Israelis involved and you get the saudis involved and you get the Arabs involved. They're gonna look at this taxed -- gonna say why. They get to keep their right to enrich uranium. That's gonna give -- the book and watch. It it doesn't freeze their nuclear program it doesn't halt the program. And you're giving away concessions. When the regime is buckling under economic sanctions are you crazy. So that's why he didn't just cut out the Israelis. He cut out the saudis he cut out all of our our partners in the Middle East that's why they can't stand the guy. They're saying were allies. And you do this behind our back. In the dark and we find out at the last moment when the rest of the world finds out. By the way we live here. We have to live with these analysts there are neighbors. And you force disagreement on us. So what I'm telling you is. Being. Gay hate this guy. They despise this guy and I believe Israeli intelligence knew they got the text of the deal. And I believe Israeli intelligence and Saudi intelligence. And that's when they began to feed people in Washington DC that's when he began to feed the people the Washington free beacon. And the story got out and then the Iranian said you know what it's gonna get out let's really humiliate Obama. And just call him out literally bitch slap slap him in the face. And there you go that's what's happened 6172666868. Is the number. Bill you're up next thanks for holding welcome. Just let's just let it lecture quick election. You think all at any particular that's not a word they're trying to pressure away and not trading gold -- outside of the theatrical. Yes. -- I mean look I think there's a lot of there's a lot of economic motives behind this deal. Bill my senses and assuming cleaning ladies my sources deters the CIA spoke term cleaning ladies. Mike cleaning ladies are telling me this. The president knows that obamacare is an albatross. He's it's it's it's he knows he's in big trouble and he knows the Democrats are in big trouble. This was the ultimate diversion. They needed a big foreign policy victory and they want to make this the biggest thing ever. We've given us peace and our time we've averted war in the Middle East we've attained the Iranian -- we've told the world the world was on the brink of war and we pulled it back. And they thought this would give him such a great legacy that people would forget about obamacare. And that's why they were running around like chickens without ahead trying to sell us. That's I'm telling you that's exactly what happened. It was basically bait and -- 656. Jeff corner positive. Bulldozer here on WRK. Though. Bob you're up next thanks for holding and welcome sir. Snag good morning Jeff they believed. Who needs Thanksgiving -- that Turkey. The article gets -- We remember that. Remember what he told Medvedev that he. He'd be more flexible after his reelection on man he wasn't kidding was you know -- is just the same thing now he he just have to -- -- highly. He'll be more flexible after the next reelection. They're very happy Thanksgiving Bob Eric Europe Mets thanks for holding welcome. You're more jab followed it was a great right all right you're on the right call target -- scooter in the morning I'm Bob and hundreds. Quick comment and a question anyone because you brought up last night which had been sent me up indeed it was a question that I've been partly. One how the Democrats voted in Obama care without really first. -- -- ball and -- Ron. I know. You how QB I don't understand how you do this nuclear power to -- you did it true didn't it get hot style. They -- wiped everybody out. I don't understand. Eric look here's -- here's my take. Having studied Obama. Unlike most journalists I've read his autobiographies. Having interviewed people who knew him. This is very important for people to understand he really beliefs remember this is what his father taught him. This is what he's lived with this is his legacy is his autobiography is called dreams from my father. His father was from Kenya who believe that the plight of the Third World especially the Muslim world. Was caused by western imperialism. By America and by Israel. And sold the goal is to create a post American world. Where you reduce America on the world stage reduce its strength reduce its wealth reduce its power. And you empowered the Third World meaning the Muslim world. And sold this is why Obama's been apologizing. This is why Obama has been borrowing to the Saudi prince. This is why Obama wants to empower the Muslim Brotherhood -- the radical jihadist in Syria because he wants finally. To what he thinks. It's that leveled the scales of justice. And so in his mind I think he wants you want to get the bomb. He in his mind I compared I know how we thinks why should America have the bomb. Why should England have the bomb why should Israel have the bomb. But. And so I think he obviously he knows what's in the tax obviously he knows that the Iranians -- have a fast track to the bomb. I believe he wants you want to get the bomb. And this way the Muslim world he thinks will feel protected will feel empowered and true justice will be done. And this is his perverted mind set and that's why I've been warning people. It's been five years now he is not your traditional. Democrat. He's not Harry Truman he's not JFK. He's not even Jimmy Carter or Bubba. The fact that he was in reverend Wright's church was not an accident. He is -- America heeding. These real heeding. The west Haiti and radical socialist. He said disciple of Reverend Wright. Would Reverend Wright why we want to get the bomb. Whatever reverend white right wants bass with -- dear leader wants he's just a polished version of Reverend Wright. 6172666868. Is the number. Coming up next. BS of the day you don't want to touch that dial and we'll take more of your calls next. This is Jeff --