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Coffee With Howie!

Dec 5, 2013|

Jeff & Howie Talk Lunenburg & The Dear Leader.

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Welcome back. To the corner report 847. Here on WORK though as you know. Seats Thursday's. Coffee with how we we're now joined by the great how we car how we how are you my friend. I'm good I'm good at -- -- -- -- anybody loony -- actually. Shall not melancholy before we get the -- -- so apparently what you gonna stomach virus or something last week though. Are -- -- a bit but not how we did you know I think you gave it to me. Well I think everybody who might this is actually you -- a look -- them -- You'll discover what will be happy to know those last -- -- all the said the flu or whatever was broke so. Okay everybody around the exact fire smoke at that -- or what you're. I -- -- I know how we act you are how we are thinking of getting a T shirt I fill in for you my friend last week Monday Tuesday Wednesday. And I filled in for how we car and -- I got was this lousy stomach virus. And no I mean that's that's what I do for you my friend is and -- we grew up. Little things like rapidly and sure there. Are multiple where it would really won't believe what mom helps these troops to commemorate. A lot this. Wouldn't say they will of voters there well Boston. Only it's not a graph how we while we work hard -- and how we also shall go don't think it around the city all different there's. A lot of. That's -- that's how we would you make it his whole -- Bertrand so now it looks like the mother is now the suspect. And this could have been an elaborate hoax. Who spray paint their own house with a racist graffiti. And I don't look at all the other up for them most of it so important work -- -- you -- -- -- -- a -- Republicans want. We don't what is the problem isn't it sort of that's when. What was the last time you heard about whom scored. Just could not -- the brutal what is and isn't that -- school about who he supports about possibly it's was order as of yet. Good luck story that turns out now Britain's good or who used to think -- look pretty cool. It's not been convicted of vote as soon fourteen years and -- the one that just you know not because see here folks move along. If you heard what about you go by your side bite the guy who they -- there's a lot for. Nothing to -- what phobia everybody in the world let's go to bed now to shepherd -- open the wolf it's sort of just preclude over the Fed you'll include Ford who what was actually murdered by two members of warmed up. Or American boy boy love association -- -- Oakland police academy just I would say. No -- they want it you'll pay -- much sense that adapts. Once and number two Stanford there's a broad murder in the first suspect. The page to check out as the stops then now what they're racist graffiti the first person that well or as part. Hate graffiti to post the check out. There's a person who ordered the public beat -- -- billion cost it's just it's become. 880. -- eight it -- just let them do what Obama actually you know look like this I remembered used to Alter our partners in this six. The other thing is that always know the biblical valuable -- worse but I doubt about beyond that are now also not the surrogates. Or long races at. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Allegedly. How we do you think the superintendent. The principle we should they be fired do you think people should really be held accountable Arenas. I don't know and I don't think so I think they say they reacted to will be actually you know which facility you know -- would have been going toll but what do you teach. We worked they worked profiles in courage put -- people there who blew up a bureaucrat some YA. In the I would -- Ford and so you know what does it as you LS and local don't jump to conclusions as you -- you Bledsoe -- the first but -- giveaway was that. We greatly based laid the foundation of the house we're not where it's very easy to adjust you know war. You know little off with how well we're just repeated. No no they didn't -- vinyl -- were awarded a terrible job but I don't play society. Structure whoever did. And implementing solutions -- We -- when we -- you know multiple of these guys at each other all the effort GDP and artists. So it was important artist -- did -- well right. It's -- -- -- -- almost local parliament eased in its own person you don't own foundation house. It we didn't really retrospect I mean there. The one million red flag on the cops until the cops have their suspicions they want somebody. Yeah they're bound by the but by the -- little political stage at city says we. Now how we go to superintendent. Of Lindbergh high school is now saying that while what she canceled the season. She wasn't targeting the players she wasn't targeting the team's. She was just concerned about players' safety in and the students -- safety at the games she was doing it for the children now. -- -- -- -- -- and also sometimes I would do what are these people might be stupid decisions but the distance. I just hope that you rather than I've achieved at a towards solutions group doesn't hurt sort of -- not. Accused of well you -- gross insensitivity. And nobody is there anybody you know why shouldn't we try and so -- world will defend well beat me and it's -- they don't care about certain you know this is not a big -- -- -- almonds. And Burma and the moon -- she didn't she let courageous person obviously. Let. I don't let the other advocates of fire in defense. Now how he Obama yesterday the dear leader. Spoke at a youth summit and now he's telling people to promote the obamacare bartenders whatever jury happy hour. When bigger well how you've got to be thanked you gonna be -- sheets to the wind you wanna sign up for that thing. What does that that would is that date rape drug development the other. Then they just have -- but I thought that you're going through that's probably helped you look at our little more opposite voice. About the fact that he once was something about income inequality and that would actually up desperate incumbent at all. Of course is Mr. President Americans -- perhaps a million common because we can discuss income inequality development. Length one million people blocked the workforce size twelve million people -- disability. -- seven not 47 million log full -- so we noticed you didn't citizens. But couldn't or wouldn't come out and other supports the Columbia and and long term in in so so the question. How -- before I let you go there's a new poll out saying that now Obama has lost the youth vote the millennial differently turning on him. Is this regime imploding how we do you think this is the beginning of the end. It stays this way and it certainly hasn't yet visibly. The universe also that left. But people under 151 of them out of office means that you don't get much worse there's an attitude on the strategy that delicate services Harvard university's. Institute of all of its influence subplot odd. Admission that this is literally -- the -- Obama group could not the way just a one dimensional that's great battle of all is what we need that spectacular markets come under the radar -- other. Series. We're gonna continue the fight against the Muslim lands in the US house -- And that election is next that is next Tuesday that's opened separate is a little bit you know that -- -- that you were on the shell -- -- it's all about the other stuff. -- words not my problem -- any friend of yours is a friend of -- we'll get him on the show how we. Congressional district open Rumsfeld went for probably got a free media that so it's brilliant it's typical bastions there's been such a good idea actually about and that'll be the politics for the cold -- as -- -- that's something that's what would provide the street. The Austrian restaurant that you really don't want not the one that you what are the party that -- When the wind and on the bigger one of the better ones. The bigger one the better one let's talk a little bit like the -- and that's a long body industrial psychology and what you need to -- -- under the radar screen. -- you -- Democrats weren't aware of the mothers of the election got Republican front and the next Tuesday called local -- -- screen. How -- before you go my friend working people buy your book. And you any book signings this weekend. Yes Ali car won't let how we are sure why it dot com you can go to air that you can buy the books and I've got. Sightings all over the place such a couple sons -- Stop & -- on Saturday. Importantly. We -- and seeing them value -- proud at how we parked on bot Tom where whereby yes citing charts. Let them all about Sunday night of our site and let it looks superstores in the blood in person all of -- so come on down and such a great it was Christmas -- but they're gonna get beat here or schedule. -- at how -- got bumped from I am delighted that break out of and -- was fine that's as a streak restaurant and precision. We have been talking with Boston's talk radio legend the great how -- car. Bloodied. About third but unbowed -- sick but he's coming back how we god bless you my friend. Normally I'm so on what strictly marble covered your second -- -- I -- thanks holly bill I want to thank you my friend and that's -- -- care how we. 6172666868. Is the number -- Europe next thanks for holding her -- Hello right. -- -- -- until the Christ -- that -- ultimately he'll seek help we forgive you Christian fanatic -- You fell off -- I don't know what happened you just try to call back. 6172666860. Or try to get you back on -- I think how we infected the phone lots. I think how we according to my understanding. How we came back what a virus how we gave it to any who is my guess how filling in on the board that date. AD I don't know what that he did but apparently somehow the germs are the bacteria whatever the virus was in the studio. And in the corner man scooped it up on Monday. And it got worse Monday was really -- Tuesday and so how we gonna gave it to any and gave it to me. But that's low that's okay -- how he and that's what I do for you my friend. Cigarette that's what I get for filling in for you how weak that's that's solved my problem. And noticed by the way he gets the bigger better place at the pearl street cafe. -- place was great grandma complained a place was great but you know look -- this right now I saw this a couple of weeks ago. And so poor at the arbor chiding were in the hallway and how he's offices is weighed down from my office. And I he comes by we start chatting and were in bill cooks and I share an office. And there's a picture of how we are framed picture of how we on cook -- desk. And I said how we. Is a cook senior executive producer by any chance he said no he's my executive producer correct he goes yes. How come you as a framed picture of -- who -- his desk and not me. I know the money is. Leslie I know who's up wherein they have two kids you can't accept. Leslie Europe Mets thanks for holding. Welcome combined camp and I just I was glad that you can't cook saying that he has I don't then I'm -- I -- Do when I'm at a crap what. All I know them. It's increasing its happy holidays and you have to write Merry Christmas but he's just happy holidays well I ended up in fact our front pocket and had. But I am I don't have a -- rap he keep up the good whack and I'm I'm definitely voting had given no one next week. God bless you Leslie Mary Christmas 6172666868. Here is Angelo we can use here on.