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Obamacare For Christmas

Dec 12, 2013|

The White says the problems with Obamacare will be ironed out before Christmas. Howie asked if you are looking forward to the great socialization of American health care.

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Karl Rove discovered good column that I am not a haven't been a big fan of Karl Rove since he is so. -- called and so misplayed the the presidential election last year. Since he raised all that money I guess close to half a billion dollars and god only knows how many tens of millions he -- himself for up placing the ads. But he he did EE did Abbott -- cheerful. Heart warming column today about the Democrats facing a day of obamacare. Reckoning. Am just asking do you think that people are gonna I think people are gonna remember this by by the I think. I don't think this is one of those scandals it's gonna goal way I -- I think this is a this is that this is released. The -- once in A generation. Type of disaster. That that. I was gonna say before all of the Democrats by the it's not that it didn't default. It it's self inflicted. Totally self inflict that. Yeah give me the community -- Krauthammer cut their via the Krauthammer on what he said last night on on fox. Look at every level and we know religion -- on this is either inflated or is deceptive. -- -- egregious -- from Steve and but and rulings are not news it's people who puts out for their shots card. Amazon would never call the sale until you get a sales. And and they don't even know how -- I've made this up and that's because what because euphemistically the backhand. Which is the cash register of the whole system is not working the idea that you've got to hand match. People who paid a premium with the insurance. Agent twentieth sentry technology its nineteenth century technology. It is an insurance to find the person. Called month. Could go over Arnold is that the details. On the form and then. Adjust them. Which of course is impossible to do it any substantial numbers administration -- about having -- three in the -- -- -- signed up by the end of December there's three million short as of now there's no way it's conceivable. That it would sign up that number and even if it -- there's no way it's conceivable. That the insurer as we've been able to handle that and -- information. I think all of this is to -- Democrats. To give them some things to to hang their hats on and pretend everything's okay. Our -- recess but the beginning of January. Is going to be a train wreck. Thanks up. So. They they've they've script five million people of their insurance. And they've signed up they claim they've signed up 300000. Thereabouts. Including 44 and in Oregon. A Blue States Oregon. That is has its own web site. That is not known for being particularly inept incompetent 44 people in what's in the you know and work -- sign up. Met Massachusetts by the way is is now threatening to shut down. To stop payments to CGI the the the system is such a disaster. Here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. So is Karl Rove today and and in the Wall Street Journal the Democrats faced a day of obamacare reckoning. Talking about the -- the -- congressman and and senators will lobby up for -- reelection next year. Either they didn't know the law would raise premiums high deductibles cost BM waste their coverage reduced hours for part time workers and stymie job creation for small business. All defects that critics repeatedly warned about. They just didn't care. Alaska senator mark -- get choose the say. If you got an insurance plan now you like it you keep it now he says why have issues with the Obama -- yes. Mr. -- get one in 2008 by 393953. Votes. A week after his GOP opponent was convicted on corruption charges later tossed out. In a state Mitt Romney carried by fourteen points no wonder he has issues with Obama here. You know whether you know I was tossed out that was tossed salad he would be Ted Stevens and I waited by the plane crash. Unit you know why that the conviction was tossed out because the Justice Department had -- withheld exculpatory evidence. This is the Justice Department. Under George Bush had withheld exculpatory evidence against any Republican senator. In in order to watch basically flying -- so that a Democrat could win the seat. George Bush was a hell of a Republican -- and let ma can you imagine that you mentioned Eric Holder row letting letting that happen in his his in Justice Department. Wheezing in a senator Mary Leandro has been elected by no more than 52%. Of the vote in three races against weak opponents. She used to say that those quote who like the coverage they already have will be able to keep the court their current plan on quote. Now she's out with an ad saying quote I'm fixing it and -- urged the president to fix -- on quote. Of the law itself however she admitted last week yes I would supported again. That's after a November 12 poll found queasy Evans opposed obamacare 5934. North Carolina senator Kay Hagan used to say if you got health insurance and our country you keep it. Ms. Hagan now sounds like she's a criminal investigator. We need to figure out why this happened. Her Republican opponent will solve the mystery this happened because of Kay -- vote but deceit that is switched hands every election. From Democrat -- Republican since 1974. By the way. Then there's senator Mark Pryor who wants reassured Arkansas and songs. Are you are we going to be able to -- at what our plan the answer is yes. On quote. Major release of the I mean they they obviously all the stuff on video this is -- -- -- did did these these ads have already are they right themselves don't they. Now mr. Pryor fiercely criticizes the government's enrollment website is -- it as it as a -- and as if that canceled millions of health plans. In a state mr. Obama lost by 24 points this may not help him escape responsibility for voting the past. The affordable here. Jeanne Shaheen in New Hampshire is at risk for having declared as she did. One of the things that I said as a requirement that I have for supporting a bill is that -- you have health insurance health coverage that you liked. You know should be able to keep -- on quote. Colorado senator Mark Udall will get intense blow back for mimicking mr. Obama's pledge. If you like your current plan you can keep it. And Virginia senator Mark Warner can't escape having pledged. I'm not going to support -- Health Care Reform plan that's going to take away the health care you've got right now. And obamacare will also heard Democrat congressman attempting to become senators. Like. I wasn't Bruce brought Braly who asserted that obamacare would allow Americans to maintain their choice of health insurance. In Michigan's Gary Peters who said if you're cupboard and you'll like you're insurance you know -- keep bit. These Democrats are now for an -- proclaiming their independence from obamacare. But when it truly mattered they were in lock step with the president but law exists because these congressional Democrats and hundreds of others voted for. -- while that voters over the political. Pain for these men and women has only begun. 1877469432218774694322. What do you think you'd think you'd think people will hold this against the Democrats committed in the may Kindle lame stream media the state run media cover up for for Obama I don't think so. I don't think so they're gonna get people coming you know people don't go to the emergency room on January 1 and literally in the -- find -- they have no insurance. And what's gonna happen at that point. That's all that's not a voltage from -- -- beat which are over or Kay Hagan horror Mark Warner any of these people. 774 thank god all these morons read the bill first. How will you said Massachusetts is withholding payments to watch CGI is that correct. Story is on the -- is is that the it's a it's a flash at the top of The Herald website yes. 18774694322. How we Huffington Post headline yesterday was. One point one million. One point one million people sign up for Barack Obama care. It's amazing how they can get away with something so misleading most low information voters don't understand that over 800000 of that was people who have been added to Medicaid. Battle helped the deficit. And -- medicate it's not Medicaid is a welfare. Of course. 18774694322. I love these people who -- obamacare never read the law blindly trusting their own dishonest peers. 1877469432218774694322. The media can't hide the pain you're going to feel when your wallet exactly. That's why -- via the wind when it when they hit you when your wallet when they hit you when your drop public's eat in Europe. Your your public safety you know if you feel like you're you're not safe on the street if you feel like you know -- if if there was a problem with fire with fire that there's -- a fire department nearby. That's when people begin to pay attention. And when you're in when -- for him when you feel like in this is something none of us have ever felt like that. But it's possible that that we might we might not be able to get the kind of helped. Health care that would save our lives. That would none of us have ever felt that in the United States this is a new this is a new fear. I -- it's not it's not eight. It's not pleasant thing. Again because it's all it's like we've lost the war although I guess in a way we did lose a war when Obama was liked that we lost the political. But this is inflicted upon ourselves. Or inflicted by 51 or 52% of the people on on the rest of most of whom don't work on the 40% of us who do work. Mike you're next with how we cargo ahead Mike. They're our setup but yet optimism -- it was to the Supreme Court. I had optimism and I'm ready election would normally it's packed trowel over in that other -- Morris you know I thought it was more socially and -- I have been so just supported in the last twenty years. As far as like political ball pretty certain let's wrap in my country -- -- you know he I guarantee you that much. This'll go away the American people -- it. Obama killed become law it will -- British and the Democrats what we've made it well that's why police thought he actually is a. I always remember this conversation I hope -- -- and like. I always said that oppression in the -- still feel real world that is what -- we start. Look at look at the look at the -- this guy get away without an opening -- has -- -- in SA -- -- you've got us. The charity. Heard everywhere -- Payoffs to the alleged black farmers how about that thanks for the call Mike. Chuck you're next with how we cargo ahead chuck. -- -- -- -- -- -- Portland also very I agree with -- left -- you know -- but -- gonna vote for the -- -- is irregardless. Of what they've done. You know the -- people their own kind. Well we certainly did on Tuesday in Cambridge 9306. I can't go I still can't get that number out of my head. Yeah after the play live -- -- all of a gentler to the -- but who is the -- -- it -- PM how they try to drops of up. You know the guy with a terrorist. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah yeah again he gets. To what degree and he got rid of Winnie Mandela she was a real not in the family to we'd be divorced her you got to give him. -- thanks for the call 1877469432218774694322. -- like my doctor said we need to pass stool before -- -- that's him that's too. Doctor early say that six superior to Jamaica it's pretty funny mumble as Caroline you're next with power cargo ahead Caroline. I hate you -- Debbie downer but I agree with everyone else how we look what happened in Virginia. They elected that for easy pretty easy governor. And forget about that and what do you know I mean like you said. 3% screwed -- 48%. By. Now this will not matter and broke -- everybody get out ED about the current sorry. -- -- I hope I ask Carolyn if you have back -- -- Attitude we're definitely done. I know -- -- by -- I don't I don't think any. I mean armed people Europe from New Hampshire aren't people from New Hampshire gonna hold this against Jean -- Obviously didn't read that AM bill in now and now people in New Hampshire gonna have the drive fifty milestone. -- So across the fourth and we we you know her anyway. And that's the problem it's it's. -- -- it he supposedly Smart here and RY get to work I mean. We certain on the beforehand and I agree with your fur collar might when he said. You know we believe that. That the Supreme Court was gonna come he'll be right way. People to that Mitt Romney was gonna win I totally believe. Can turn into debt because I just I don't believe it anymore. -- acres have taken over. The got to -- They again Caroline if you give up they have taken or you know if you if you sir you can if you don't fight you can't web. And my boat only count more and you know how I I I hope but it. But I can't help it did you know everybody else is there and how they are voting the other way. You know I I know I can't I can't really argue with you that much Carol on the bottom I mean I have you know sometimes I have bought. The the black dog as Winston Churchill was set of depression comes over me tool like everybody else but. You -- you just gotta keep moving on and just keep working -- I mean he can't he can't give up on meet. How bad -- -- in the early late seven these things look terrible and then all of a sudden Ronald Reagan came in and I came out of nowhere he was behind. 34 weeks before the election in 1980 and he just he men and swept everything. Any elected even a Republican senate and be mean to be you know on his -- it's. It it can be it can be done again tonight I know the demographics or change that there's a lot more rather more takers now in a society than there were then. And -- you know welfare is out of control illegal immigration etc. etc. but -- you know what's it. They didn't discuss this is really screw I still think there's a majority of people in this country work and was just a bare majority but. We got to get a 18774694322. And now we car. 1877469432. To crawl the gloomy Gus isn't nervous now he's in good Debbie dooms their out there are mean -- -- remind you will be at 2000 -- elections. Mean. 63. Seat changed hands in the House of Representatives. And I was just with The Who act of Obama care. Now. People are living with the consequences. Five million -- already lost their insurance another fifty to 100 million of us I include myself among among them. Are going to lose our insurance next year the people with employer -- Health health care points. How how where they gonna get around. How for the gonna get around. Is it the deducted deductibles. Are going up. The co pays -- how how we -- -- how was anybody can afford the deductibles. -- of course if you in if you if you go for the law or a plan with the lord that electable shall call platinum plan and that's gonna break you. With a monthly premiums. None of the math works here -- they can't make it war. But planned. Is a fiasco it's fatally flawed. 187746943221877. Our only hope is that the takers are too -- devote the I was open for that on Tuesday must admit on with frank I don't know I was hoping it would be. Most -- a lot of the the BO lay -- the BP people would be falling asleep. The trust affair in in Cambridge. That was not the B Ross you're next with how we cargo ahead Russ. Ali you know they erected in the morning -- states. You know all these stupid move and that could get rejected by the depth panel. And they'll bail out subordinate die any day would be for a Democrat. Why do you think that is Ross I don't I you know I'm not disagreeing with you but I I am perplexed why people vote against their own best that -- Well let me tell you why I believe for a lot of reasons. Which you know I like that a lot of cynicism the gas tax us for everything it's just that I got into and out of us so market. And I had a simple methods but he idiot that -- Yet the gas tax has been raised -- can be put on automatic increase. The -- -- it can't -- an up and down and the next election police and the addition. Believe me probably figured that I got. Ten people walked by it ignored me because they're able wanna stop -- think that I'm approximate. That's how ignorant of the general public about -- I'm sorry but that's the way -- And now a -- that you know was Ian you know as I look back on in Russia was really a who who were. Court -- -- like effort for us to get the those signatures you know. And how am I play. There were many people can opt in only a great hitter and Alec are shorter runs up going along his side okay yeah and the people -- -- talk radio web site called radio where you look I. They know what's going on and and they will do everything that they can but unfortunately got a lot of idiots out there that -- no -- what's going on. I know I like I I know I know Ross thanks for the call. 1877469432218774694322. H lived here for 26 years and done probably the lives the only time my vote -- it was election of Scott Brown I'm done with all this crap movement to the west where men. Our men and women are glad of it get to own guns with no war problem too. By the way Scott was one of my first client when I started my business he had his office in Boston back then. 18774694322. Please Howard yearly pension scheme did not read the bill of course she knew I would lose my policy of my doctors. And she told me I could keep them anyway. If she did she was pretty stupid I I know she's not the brightest. -- Bulb on the Christmas tree but. You know why would you go hot and flat out all right knowing that everything everything nowadays is is recorded you know. The he'd be certain these are correct quote try to offer video -- that Karl roll past. And you're right he people are right he is too giddy about that especially after calling the 2012 elections -- wrong. But I mean this is going to be this is gonna be hard for these people to get around Michael your next with how we -- ahead Michael. Now you know Republicans just don't understand how that game play. We're -- evidence are you just -- -- -- -- gonna vote that evil business I read all about the people for the children. It's -- big key words to. Use -- -- and then to Michael -- and the they'll write an editorial about two in the -- when they'll say that so and so has grown. In office so and so has no vault. And that's where again. Much acknowledged. That let's see how quickly alienate all words and those people would drive Prius. You know what. But people would side street is not contributing. Susie have transportation bill Hartley on what we use which he. From violence but people are finally -- to -- -- attacked. They've already come up with I. I hope you realize Michael they've already come up with the idea they filed the bill. That's for every. Despite the Hollywood don't really. Think. And what it makes over the unions still -- there's still would be hired actor. All -- yeah -- right Michael to go all these actors really need to make twenty million dollars per picture. Now they don't know no more than a -- to -- make in this kind though thanks for the call and how -- car.