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Parents are outraged over school removing words from the song "Silent Night."

Dec 20, 2013|

Words related to Jesus removed from the song "Silent Night."

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And a beyond. Eden. Now. Oh yeah. A team. And here and I. Really. -- man. And so are. Okay. On I love this song it's one of my favorite Christmas Carol us. We are gonna be playing it at the corner household. All on Christmas Day Christmas Eve in church we always sing silent night. It's one of my favorite songs well my friends. You've just heard something now that will become increasingly illegal in the united. States which you just heard now I kid -- not according to some liberals leftists are radical secular progressives. In New York. Is hate speech. Which you are -- ice wordy which you just heard right now is hate speech. And according now to officials at the Ralph JBoss good intermediate school -- on Long Island. They had their annual hall at. Need Carroll's. And they were the kids there's fifth graders you've got to see these little months since they look adorable they all have white shirts. Slacks I think blue prancing doing the girls have little dresses but they're all dressed in white. And there's a piano there's a singer. And they were singing Christmas carols. Another holiday Karen some Jewish songs and others because it's New York is every Jewish population. And the teachers were dead in attendance parents were in attendance. And the teachers decided. That when they were going to sing silent night which is a song about the birth of Jesus Christ. And why do you sing I mean it's -- honestly it's almost getting ridiculous but I have to say this forgive me it's almost like life one on one but I have to say it is. Why are they singing a song about the birth of Jesus. Because Christmas. Good day everybody is getting off on December 25 that's why you have the day off it's why you're. Employer pays you that day off it's why government bureaucrats get the day off. Is Christmas and Christ mail us because it celebrates the birth of Jesus. So that's why they sing a song about the birth of business. But this was too much this is wished for many liberals this was too offensive. Because we have to be. Lawler. And practice -- of her city and show compassion. And so many teachers at this school are talking fifth graders -- fifth graders. Said that not only if you mentioned the words in the Christmas Carol around young virgin mother and child Christ the savior is born. That was a big non home. Holy infant those words how to be edited out they had to be deleted. Because they would -- And sold those words were taken out in the singing of this Christmas Carol. And many parents who were there were absolutely livid they were furious. Parents walked out they walked out and utter disgust. And they rightly pointed out that the decision was made obviously my teachers. Because they didn't want to offend anybody who was not a Christian. The irony is. That by doing so they offended the majority of the people in the room core Christian. So again in the name of tolerance. They exhibit imports. In the name of tolerance they are being intolerant. Of Christians. And what the real goal here my friends is very obvious. They wanna take the Christ out of Christmas. They wanna turn it into basically a pagan holiday. That's why it's happy holidays it's not Merry Christmas. That's why they don't want nativity scenes. That's why in -- people are complaining or some lives are complaining about putting a cross on someone's lawn. In other words piece by piece by piece by piece. They want to purge christianity from the public square. And they essentially wanna destroy Christmas. That's the ultimate goal. It's part of their larger war on christianity. And is part of -- phobia. The discrimination. And bigotry of Christians. You're not allowed your religious symbols you're not allowed your religious holidays you're not allowed your religious aux. You -- the blacks of the 21 century. You must accept segregation. You must accept the par -- you must accept Jim crawl shot up and do what we tell you to do. That's what this meaning that's what this movement is all about. And so here via the parents are absolutely -- I don't blame them. And according to. A couple of them they they just walked out just to give you a little bit of brief history about silent night. It's a Carol that goes back several hundred years I think it's a beautiful Carol. It was originally written in German India Germany it's called steel knocked. Which was composed by Joseph -- first performed an 1818. In Salzburg in Austria. It was translated to English at 1859. And it -- for students if history is Diane in World War I it was a very very powerful song. Because it was actually sung together is very famously sang it together in the trenches. In World War I when they had a Christmas truce of 1914 as they were slaughtering each other for months. But amid all the bloodshed amid all the slaughter. French soldiers English soldiers and German soldiers they put up their flags and they say we're gonna have a troops tonight's Christmas Eve. And all of these soldiers -- just been killing each other for months and months. Got together. They got they are priests they got a pastor they are religious people. They held -- -- and they sang Christmas carols and one of them was silent night which was extremely moving and very powerful. Com and according to some of the parents. And here's the father in particular has one father he's very live and I don't blame him. It's offensive if you're going to remove words to not offend other religions. What about the religion that that song belongs to which is christianity bingo. -- And so you I think of -- of hope circuses. So the absurdity was you had these students singing the song which became utterly in it became incoherent. I -- did it is they erect a song they actually shredded the song. But the birth of anything relating to the birth of Christ. Around the young virgin mother and Childs whole -- in fanned -- all of these words were perched. From the song they were not allowed to sing and of course the big one Christ the savior is born that was the big metal bulletin. Forbidden moan moan don't -- -- Yet. Britney let's let's hear a little bit more of that silent night let's play some more silent night we want to offend some liberals here but I Merry Christmas to all of you. And I want you didn't look at the hate him. Look how hateful the songs they hate the -- tolerance and a few weeks of intolerance. Yeah. Get. Is on the -- Okay. Or homophobia. This com home racist. I. It's chili chicken. Or. Virgin. Branch I know. Okay. Polian and I've been controlling. And. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Volcanic debris can you find some rap music Demi really popular rap songs. Because that's what the kids play in school all the time. Offer Monica I'm sorry I'm out there wasn't aware of that but he didn't give me Britney Curran did get a nice to get a good rap song gets something from Snoop -- Can get something for additional dog July traffic like it's hot. Drop it like it's -- one should do dot. Because that's honestly that's what they play in schools nobody -- nothing is ever censored by the way or not. If you censor that I swear you freedom of speech freedom of expression and -- that's racism. Because that's part of black ghetto culture now all all that's racism. Well if you would say c'mon stop using the F word stop mother beat this mother of this come on now he'll -- the start of easing of sanity to make a song. Not on all -- -- that's freedom of speech -- that's the First Amendment. But -- -- huge I just played -- this this. Is a Nazi -- It was written in Germany 200 years ago -- they first played even Austria any teenage plume. Hitler was Austrian. It's out of a few people who can't connect the -- here on this as much public debate. I can hear in the background tension here at -- Title the title. The intolerance the hate my cart. Series like I hear this song Olympic -- is -- -- let's what do you think you might opt. 6172666868. Is the number. Walter in Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Hello Walter Walter I wrote -- -- The morning -- wanting to try to read you down because you can hear in the background. No I had no radio -- -- charter boats are okay that's okay want to go ahead sir my back go ahead I don't think you might not -- questioned -- -- live in the country where the majority rules in order chopper. All of this stuff the majority of Americans as far as I know collection and so welcome. -- Gordon has some dirt track in this country like the good news. Walter I'll tell you why OK I am and economists say this as a loving brother all of you out there I'm not saying this to. Criticize you or or or be condescending how many be very candid like I'm in the confessional. I blame us. I blame us. We have been a silent majority for decades. And they slop us and they slap us and they spit out us and they spin out us and they insult us. And we stood there and we -- Now notice. -- the LG BP are they silent. Is the Gestapo are they silent. For a pro abortionists Planned Parenthood the feminists are they silent. Look at Elizabeth Warren issue assignment is that -- silent he's the dear leader silent. The radical secular progressives are they silent. They have been pounding their issues for decade after decade after decade. And what have we done. Were afraid. Work cowardly. We stand back and do nothing. Until it's now almost too late. And let me since this Christmas season let me be even more confessional with all of you and I include myself. Because you -- for the eighties I said all the big issue was economics the big issue was tax -- the big issue was government. The big issue was communism which is true they were big issues. But we didn't fight the culture war you see the left was fighting the culture war we were not fighting the culture war. We've been focused on other issues except culture OK I include myself. Which is why they show why devote a lot of at the culture because I believe that's the front line that's the real battle for the heart and soul of this country. But let me be even more honest with you. The story of Jesus. He's -- in a Manger. He's the prince of peace where do you believe he's the son of god or not leave that off the table what did he say. Turn the other cheek. The golden rule treat others as you would be treated the whole basis. Of western wall. Of western society. Of western ethics. This sanctity of the individual. Stems from our Judeo Christian heritage stems from our belief in Jesus. The historical belief in Jesus spoke at bear with me. But what is the ultimate story of Jesus. When he was being crucified. This this is the key story. Remember. Conscious pilot to bolster the crowd. And says. We have a tradition we always allow one criminal to be freed. This -- Jesus is for products. -- this was a thief and a murderer. And to the crowd he says remember the crowd -- liberated Jesus. Cures a man who -- talking peace. Here is a man who is a murderer. You pick. You decide and the crowd yelled out for rabbits barrage missed Burr rabbits. In other words it was all of us who crucified Christ we turned our backs on Christ. So for decades. While liberal secular radicals. Have been demonizing Jesus demonizing christianity. Demonizing Christmas. And we stand by Jesus. Can we defend Jesus. -- we speak out on behalf of Jesus. Where did we internalize. The liberal view. You're nothing but a primitive hit. It's like Obama said you claim to your guns in your religion. Your primitive superstitious. -- And so were embarrassed but all of us but many of us and we stay silent. And we turn our back on Jesus just as we did over 2000 years ago. My friends. Is time we. Who formed the backbone of this country. Who gave birth to the greatest republic in the history of the world were how were great rights and freedoms flow from god himself. Say enough is enough. He you have the right to practice your religion and god bless you or if you don't want to believe in religion god bless you. But you're not gonna attack us anymore. We are Christian warriors and we are now gonna defend Christ. Are you with me. 6172666868. Is the number way off my Christmas attitude. Okay. Number I love I this is this could be I think. I love only I love Bob I -- -- -- night. I'm -- silent night O holy night. This may be my favorite. I really love this one I gotta tell you that I got to Hawaii get chills everytime I listen to where I wanted to sing it and turn -- look at the just look at it it's a date fast mcginniss hi when I hear this I think that -- I think kkk. But take a look guys I wanna put on a white sheets are learning process and look at us look at the -- -- -- you're up next thanks for holding welcome. Jeff did you -- Good morning is what I just wanted to say I had a great time at that at that party a couple of months ago while the Y anniversary of we had a great -- on its regulatory solid he's their Jimmy I can't tell you much I appreciate all of your support it but yeah national recession it can be ten times as big. And it has -- go to -- discussion enjoyable -- he did that he were -- really gave it to him. I was in my fridge you look at why all the -- I got I got four or five of them but he's playing with all of them beautiful and -- I gotta tell you a tribal -- -- I gotta tell you this. I think he's listening to the show now because grace always usually puts on the radio in the morning orange is trying to run in the car. So not only is he playing with a bulldozer I swear he knew I -- -- Jeff -- Jeff corner Jeff corner for all he says now all day. Is Jeff couldn't just connect Jeff -- poor man's version of a normal normal. I got letters and Ashton slam to go to sleep you wind was seriously obviously -- and normal normal at an -- goal at. So regular engine. Yeah I adored being the street where. That that that credit so Robertson said -- played about you know father. About you know all year for a short time as a driver and and this morning and I had -- and Natalia. That I got it should be a priest. That I I I never heard such. And federal. You know anybody try to make up before -- from a family. I'm lower capital Tripoli -- -- -- you know -- likely the -- Christian and not. But valujet's. But it -- also Bart tipped the minority because every Christmas people might get too small he's been looked at -- -- but I on the -- so we've been. And we go to the Manger of the common. -- or small other adults but I shall try to -- maybe Christmas -- who appears -- Just received a Manger scenes beautiful you know without talking about just. Yes. -- I -- look I think prayer is beautiful. Especially during the Christmas season we have so much to be grateful. Horrible. And honest -- my fear he really is my favorite time of the year. Like he -- and I don't know what is about Christmas or something special. Family with friends. And Christmas Eve mass. We always go to the midnight mass so we literally usher in Christmas. Malicious and and the parents are real world I just love the characters. -- let let me know what are some of your favorite Christmas carols Rendell let's blame for the rest of the show everything we're gonna play you know whether that's annoying couple liberals. It's OK let him coming through and let -- cite me for hate crimes go ahead listen to at any moment and 617266. 6868. Is the number -- silent night and isn't. In the words related to Jesus made any doubt -- I'm not a concert on the New York. Assault on christianity. Censorship. Or do you think he was just being sensitive I wanna hear from you your call. -- -- Go okay. It's time. -- age 37 here I'll your video camera corner box and -- bulldozer. Getting NBA Christmas smooth celebrate the Christmas season. This by the way is Britain's favorite Christmas. I after the play O holy night she got very defenses. She said who's running the board here near you arsenal can walk walk what is. So she said she's going to be breaking the Christmas carols and this is one of her favorites. We just got another whole draw. From sweet spot to -- Craig was a big supporter of the show and he's in fact who volunteered that -- massive cake by -- -- one year anniversary party. And I got to tell you I just finished having a chocolate fudge cookie. I now believe that Craig is a secret agent for the Democrats in the state. I believe -- is now been sent by the likes of many need chief spreading bull in my -- to kill the corner man. I believe they know I have diabetes. They give they -- they sent this guy what is incredible cookies his incredible cupcakes. Are Brittany is chowing down a brownie. This guy's gonna kill me. I'm telling your race and it's addictive I hate it and it is phenomenal on the moon. Whom I have one but I have to have a second one and I have to have a third one. This Miami dead demand by the end of 2014 of great keeps doing this but my friends I'm telling you. You wanna have a phenomenal. Christmas holiday. I'm trust me on its true rushed me. Goal to sweet spot too big Corey it's in Melrose. They will serve you some of the best and I mean the best. Cupcakes cookies pies pastries they even have the Brittany cupcake don't cook seek cookie and of course the corner kick. I'm telling you you have not lived like. Until you beat NetSuite -- bakery so as a little gift. But -- sixth caller right now. At 6179311680. To win a free eight inch gore may cake from sweet spot -- in Melrose serve your family the best and I mean the best desserts this holiday season. Including cupcakes cookies pies pastries and more. Visit sweet spot Melrose dot com for more info that's sweet spot Melrose dot com so be the six caller right now. At 6179311682. Win in eight inch cake. But trust me make that call. You'll thank me. You'll thank me believe that your taste buds wolf thank you meet your family will find out. Dean you have been very patiently holding thank you sir and well. -- currently our Merry Christmas theme. Well one thing we can go I mean I look at some -- formulate its overall we're becoming the next Cambridge. Protect -- her younger children are put America Alpert school. You wanna make it different you want to kids they have an excellent opportunity. To meet a lot of different people a lot of different cultures. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Look at your Japanese schools order open houses check how well they go from pre K to twelve. -- content area. -- -- -- We are up parochial schools let's say you're not Catholic go to a nice Christian school or good Jewish school. But I would say go to a good parochial school. And by the way many of them are very very affordable. But it's very important that you anchor your children with religious beliefs and moral values especially in -- sore. Because I'll tell you that's. A silent night and got us to be edited and deleted dots offensive. But I'll tell you which -- kids are going to be hearing explosion public school guaranteed small dog. Yeah mother after this after this mother be this believe me your your nine year old kid's gonna be coming back swearing like a drunken sailor. It's gonna come back -- him -- -- the original I don't even know ought to swear like that where did you learn those George junior. We're now joined by Craig from sweet spot bakery. Greg I want should be honest with you my friend. You are a closet liberal. Who wants you wanna finish me off right now we -- you keep giving me one for drop after another I'm afraid to look at my blood sugar. -- -- -- But I got to ask you really what do you mean when you put crackle what you do -- -- you put crack cocaine and error. I mean it's incredible. But what happens when you -- real slow. At a -- I tell -- cycle you can tell right away it's nothing but the best ingredients. You can. That. Now that's what we've done from the beginning and it's worked now. Craig have you gotten any increase in business. Since we've been promoting your place over the last couple weeks. I guess yeah definitely had I mean it's always visit the Stanley have from. A holiday but -- Also they make a point to doubt there are -- now. And yes it's Atlanta and an increase. Craig honestly what I love about the show is we're creating a real community. And that's why we know we support each other. And that's why I want people to say look honestly you're not just gonna get phenomenal desserts I mean I think the best you can possibly get out there. Which are also supporting people of like minded news. Right so help me help you. And the -- while -- flooded out are here but -- Merry Christmas are you guys certain. We have a happy holiday and he has. Well Craig I think honestly. You may finish me off next year my friend the only thing I ask is this. One I mean in my coffin next year because the diabetes just killed me because I couldn't stop beating Craig's food all the desserts and sweets. At least throw up at my funeral can you show up at my funeral. A -- fellow who's gonna bring them any pastry. Oshkosh. Credit the corner kick put it with me in the coffin. -- I can take it with me when I go up man and and at the pearly gates of heaven also got connected it's with me please. Judge now bring out bring all my little else -- that they've all been worked really -- but still. Craig Merry Christmas all the best to you when your family my friend -- daycare Craig keep up the great work honestly my friends really treat yourself. Go to sweet spot bakery believe me you won't regret it. Our congratulations to one choice. Joyce congratulations. To -- she was the six caller Joyce in joint 61 set. Who is from when. Or Joyce from -- OK sorry Joyce from land so. You think maybe cook -- hand them this may be this was the land mafia. One in 01 -- person helping the other one I don't know and a state you never know. Chris Europe next thanks for holding welcome. We just we just dropped Chris soak it all back Chris Alexandra. You have been very patiently holding thank you and welcome to the -- report. Thank you catch Berry creek and Merry Christmas all the best you know thank you and ask for a while I and I'm completely. Cut it in -- back I I didn't. Irish -- -- Christian how kidnapped BER I I I know a lot worse but. As you say oh my you pretty well at golf. By -- What it would become apparent that I'm in complete agreement what you I am a Greek orthodox Christian and I can opt out of it if issue right now is active that it will eat at Christian and I either. Not only in my own family betting circle of friends of mine who are all still. Christian and specifically Greek orthodox Christian. That we succumbed to be completely accounting and marketing overload. Protection and and as it'll get on with our children. And teaching them -- -- I've seen in my records and I meet our Christian hate Hillary such. And so profound. We succumbed to the general marketing who under the game and then get out outcry. Larry I think I called -- aren't Q I eighteen hour as to how what Libby and about. Britney don't want to keep her Ron but. OK -- Alexander I I agree with 210%. I was just gonna say this to you and I want to get your feedback comments and I grew up very very close friends with several Greek families on my street in fact my sister Jenny a caller ski. Short for -- Kofsky because Tchaikovsky was a favorite composer. So -- caller ski. -- best friend with Sandra witch -- a mother and father were from Greece she was born in Canada. And some of their so we knew them their family and other families. I remember how beautiful. Because they would come -- whorehouse on Christmas Day we go over to their house on Christmas Day. And of course they have Christmas orthodox Christmas which is a bit different comes falls at a different date. But I remember the food. The family. That happiness. How they prayed before the -- The pictures of saints on the walls. How the Greek orthodox Christian faith sustained. Greek culture and Greek civilization. And changed. I mean within. Really -- 20/20 five years I cannot believe how fast it's changed. And look just in my own home and to be very candid with you -- armament devout Catholic Alexandra you're back on OK good good. Not in my own home and I wanna see if this is -- sing with you. I gotta go shopping this weekend. Like I mean I've from -- stressful I'm under pressure I gotta get gifts for Ashton. I got a -- -- for -- I gotta get gifts from my in laws I gotta get gifts from my friends honestly I get a gift for Brittany I got to get a gift for -- C. I gotta get there you know. And so all of thinking right now is I'm not thinking about the saints. And I'm not thinking about Jesus and I'm not thinking about them you know his birth and what it means. I'm not even thinking so much because requirement Croatian dissents are very similar to the Greece we have slam on Christmas you guys have lamb on Christmas. Well no -- typically carries through okay -- -- -- we have paid we have -- we have pork and -- on on Christmas. And so we have a big reached -- I'm not even thinking about the food Alex yeah I'm thinking about the shop open. Now now and and attacks and and that's what a little and that's exactly what I -- and -- airplane to get it all without commercial which. You know back that is definitely part of the even think you understand how I'm not I'm not ignite cap capped an -- -- about it. That's what happened to protect and and I were we aware boat I'm orthodox Christians. That would kind of challenging cheese and try our our heart and no -- isn't. In the unfortunately the second great public school -- -- hearing from mountain. Eat into centering around what you really mean it wouldn't all of different power and -- -- a it's big getting different particular morning it -- on track and all but why can't we do we met. And that's what we have to continue OT and try to sell around -- challenged. Alexandra really if you aren't a nasty this final question my parents sent me to Croatian Catholic school on -- -- You want and you keep up with the language -- -- mean they want me to learn English I was right about it but. On Saturday has take a few hours at least she'll understand your mother and father -- -- talking to one another now. And by that point I got a lot of my Christian my Catholic faith through my priests out that's Saturday. School which offset a lot of the secular stuff I was getting in the public schools have you thought of doing that with your child out of there -- Saturday Greek school you could take him to. Absolutely she our daughter our -- know fortunately we got married last chi chi and again how courts stocks as well and she and and that the church part of my life. It's part of -- like part of every day. And he was weird we try to attract every day be -- can be our meals. Come to that part of a like what I have -- all fell into. Another challenge. I have in my -- and it at eating into the orthodox church. Yeah there are. More me. Under that mainstream commercial -- com. Even though I mean of course BD they're teaching them what to try it out by. Excellent that's. Another tantalizing a male actor and it's not just a Greek orthodox church is the Ukrainian orthodox church the Russian Orthodox Church. The Catholic Church sadly many mainline Protestant churches. We we gotta we gotta hold the line Alexander we we have to do it for killed. Currently at my favorite metallic -- Chris we got you back on welcome Howard. Hello Jeff how are you daring to -- I hate it wanted to call and on behalf of myself and all of the and I called on my family members now -- their country. Our FaceBook group we definitely issue angry and actually in an -- and Britney and country a Merry Christmas. Happy new year. And you know -- you can't you do that at such a great job frankly to float a -- so much. And that fit my favorite Christmas Carol it's O holy night all they really -- -- -- Christina I've been trump any -- cook broke Brittany -- -- -- bring you think when you think by popular demand what do you think north. Alba Chu wants to play no well first Christina I swear I don't know what it is being in that board first it's coaxing and now it's her. It's like our rush it's like a power rush. And it I don't know what it is with tad bored and all of its possessed I don't know what it is but everybody becomes a dictator and abort. It's just it's phenomenal it's just I've never seen something it's incredible. -- all the best do you Merry Christmas to all of you about their FaceBook members of corner country. I love you god it's so OK Brittany I like coach C is in control and so she's gonna play no well first. But then we're gonna do O holy night he think we can do that -- year what he said do me a favor and generally risen. Not only man you know this morning. Was this for rebellion which Tony the night. So it's fairly and are here. And I -- remaining confident he can he can. Mommy is not the army -- -- song you've got the bill that anyone hanging -- my. And yeah so we need to build non said he thought. You made this request and in the spirit of Christmas and turn the other cheek. Bill you wanna know well you've gone and my friend. Manually -- to -- we don't -- I'm really you Merry Christmas we'll be back with more of your calls next. It doesn't matter what should -- Is okay. Yeah. Saint Petersburg. The hand him. Wow. Okay. It's. -- separation of church I would edit the whole thing just edible thing I would just I'm via the music in the background take -- all the lyrics that's it that's when I was. Common complaint at my church don't shoot bears sing this song and don't -- better send him. My friends coming up next hole then we'll lines Friday eight or any topic any comment any question is fair game. NSA stunning developments there -- and actually admires it. I'll talk about that very briefly we've also got -- mean his first cousin has been pardoned. Doctor dynasty. A lot to talk about. Whatever you wanna talk about is fair game the lines are open to use the audience corner country it's now on 9 o'clock on WRKO. Merry Christmas every single one of you let's take it to Angela in than -- This is Jeff Carter the -- Rush Limbaugh this is very I'm sure this is how.