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Knee Walker Mayor Rob Ford Of Toronto

Jan 22, 2014|

Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto, Canada - you know the mayor who admitted to smoking crack cocaine - was continuing to maintain that his drinking days were over. Then a video of him knee walking in a fast food joint at three in the morning pretending to be Jamaican appeared. Howie wanted to know would you vote for this guy.

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Where do we have a rob floored by the wife. We're rob -- about getting on getting get off my driveway. -- -- The police. And believe me we're -- Are quite right when I did yeah you know the driveway please let me tell you -- -- -- -- that you're you're ultimately get -- my driveway -- Many of these you've got all -- -- the bullpen. My property. Yeah. I hey take up our property. You may -- thank you thank you for him. The properties are -- yeah. I'll take you back. Thank my. Thank you very -- That's why -- I. You know what I liked this guy. I gotta tell you I like this guy. He's I don't care be strong I don't care he smokes crack and -- He's he's my kind of mayor he's not my. Did you hear me yes and -- one. Off my long. So anyway last November you know after that -- -- and he had him when he admitted he smoked crack. He he was going to be the other excuse she was -- point smoked crack so easy and Bibby said IE he quit drinking. So I guess a couple of nights ago he's he's at this restaurant in this it -- it's a pass from restaurant about 3 in the morning and -- -- these reporters somehow caught up with them -- or -- or following them around or something and I don't think he moves around stealth -- around the city you seem to be kind of really big moving target yeah well he he was. He was Lola he he. He was -- okay he was. I notes and on PC thing to say but he was like us he he got he got several bad ice cubes the other night. And so these reporters come up to while he's waiting for is you know is. Is chocolate shake him his double big Mac bacon cheeseburger the locks. And -- starts talking to -- and so we have we got what would only it's not really all that great audio but here's some here's some of the job. 20. Almost. I. What is. Her eyes yeah. You know again bottlers. -- -- Moment. -- -- you know you -- but I don't I swear to god and it's humans on this single month series. We now know -- It is you it and -- But -- are very. Yeah sure that I you know policy -- -- and it's and yeah yeah it would deep down. You have fish and now -- on the. -- I'm sorry. I'm sorry -- -- are responsible -- say that if I lived in Toronto would vote the real like those guys I just fine music whereby you'll -- the would you vote for that's this crazy. Think I don't the mayor of Toronto a lot of power. And me and you know I I just like the fact that he's tellem oppressed -- -- to go screw themselves. I don't I don't the keys I like him. 1877469432218774694322. How he was not the Jamaican bobsled team I think source of jamaicans with them and then they said that the you know when you were saying mom and no money -- But he was actually. Him you know one denigrating the one. -- one Jamaican member of the Toronto City Council I guess one of his enemies. But -- the jamaicans were with them and they seem to like him I don't know the Jamaican bobsled team by the way is back in business they're gonna what they're gonna what take a they got did they raise the 80000 dollars to go to the Olympics so they're all set. 187746943. Mayor Ford is great it truly honest politician. To a seven mayor of Toronto was trying to take crisp or at least place on -- now. You know. It -- -- takes awhile -- after -- after -- stop do when the bad stuff -- was actually kind of calmed down become sort of you know non mom and less judgmental I should say it like Marty Walsh is not particularly judgment he's a former alcoholic. This guy this. It's I mean it's bad for this guy but it does he realize how how -- it is for a for the for the people for the media certainly of Toronto for the for the people who were who were hanging out. For the via. The readers and listeners all looked at those stations. 1877. Foresees is 978 says reminds me of dates on interest. Yeah agreed that he does Dave's gone verses the guy who was who was the city counselor kept that. Who got drunk one night and kept calling up 911 demanding to speak to 11 of the police officer of the police. Deputy superintendent says it rookies -- marine in -- -- to me and you know there. He was kind of sad this -- just kind of funny. 1877469432. To -- approval ratings are higher than Obama's by the way before and -- Ford's approval ratings in in in Toronto aren't -- 47%. Obama ratings are at 38%. I daresay that that. Mayor Ford is -- less damage. To the city of Montreal than Barack Obama has done to the United States of America by far so what do you think of Bob -- fort. 18774694322. -- would you be cutting him this kind of slack if his last name was Kennedy. No I probably wouldn't but you know off his last name Kennedy he probably would've killed some girl by now. 18774694322. -- now car. 18774694322. What do you think of mayor for which you vote -- -- -- if you lived in. Toronto. I admit if I said Montreal apologizing -- wasn't I knew it was Toronto so would would you vote for a four. Somebody's city. Like a 71 how we like mayor forties a conservative -- 1413 H Ford was listed as an enemy of cycle listened to until one Boston Globe moon ban editorial few weeks back. That makes him an enemy of your enemy mine too. Exactly I. You know he's got problems of -- and now there's no doubt about it and that's a serious disease and the other is colonel former politician recession December ashes are recovering now he's -- You know. It's as as a text or just says at least -- jumped the line. To get the Harvard by claiming he was -- by claiming it was me and mean if you talk about a cure the flaw I would say that the I would say the Grammy Award and fake Indian. Is is is that much more low some human beings rob Fortis. 187746943221877. But it's -- -- -- if we get some calls on our rob fort here. 18774694322. That's the couple free number here. C'mon now it's bad enough to hear on the -- over six AD now I hear you doing that on the news. Separated at birth how we car and mayor Ford I doubt that I don't think so I resented that. 187746943. -- to -- bits of episode mocked calls appears and he won 8774694322. He's you know. But the bottom is he he eventually he he doesn't that pull any punches with anybody he just let the heat you collapse at the he talks that whoever -- hammer comes by even if he's just screaming you know get off my -- Mean I can imagine that you don't want I was in TV if somebody if I'd been in the back kind of situation I was in the accounts which -- a couple times you know with. You know what the mayor of Chelsea or -- Chelsea Ian you know calling me first class -- and screaming at me. Mean you've just I mean that's -- it's like. It's like Ecstasy you feel like Richard Sherman that we tipped the ball in the end -- and there are the other day in the NFC championship game you know you you know you've heard me either in the shade. You know. -- we've already -- there's certainly nobody in the media and him in the a token ever be against the guys seriously. -- next with how we cargo I have bill. Well Ali you know -- -- I'm a loyal family -- that a long time color. But on the one hand you're rant and rail against alcohol. And then you'd say this guy is okay shouldn't be a leader -- -- and. -- who should be the leader then bill. I mean that I'm sure there are a bunch of moon bats they're on the at Toronto City Council who would like to succeed this guy. It would like to -- up to all the bicycle a -- -- are running a mocked and making it tough for Iran all of us who drive cars. I don't want them either but I mean. This guy is -- complete. Is -- about -- -- we dragged on board and our Budweiser right now. I think he's taken crack. Keep it -- I don't want it's bell okay he did it wants we all all ultimate. She says that it wants. I just I don't I don't see that the you you know I I would I pick AEA AA. Eight he the guy a conservative not any day over radio over Ramon -- I would take them over the Bosnia would you take them over the glossy yellow. Outcome would Buick has more that I get them. And I'm -- out of -- Do you think do you think you would do what the blogs don't supposedly did last night which is it just to say screw the rich people on -- compile the upper east side. -- for a while important wouldn't do that. I think what we -- get it it's not. With the way have a depends what you when you're working you don't drink. -- not working you can do what you wanna do. Those guys all that but you know what his work when your politician thanks thanks for the call bill 18774694322. First time I -- Buddy Cianci was the mayor in Providence I was bound for each worker for channel seven. The -- was. And I'm down it was it was it was it was one of these. -- you know ribbon cuttings or something and they were sure they were doing they were giving out champagne in in little plastic that passes. Then he was he he he he proceeded to get pretty much loaded. In the 45 minutes I was I was with a rush you're next with how we cargo ahead -- You know how we -- no different than most other politicians -- the people's business most of us to have. The and -- appreciate that just like different breed of -- that the that the data are all dark right. Right. Let's -- a our actual I just wanna dog who's not gonna bite me so you know I and I think and I don't think rob Ford is gonna bite me year. As opposed to the -- ago. -- -- Although Palin ornament to one other thing you know what I opened that stupid John Kerry Foreman at the multi purpose of the death penalty in Texas. You know if this is a different period in American history you pick up the firing squad to be in a turncoat. I don't know if you -- got the firing squad but he would have been valued people wanna help -- with tomatoes when he got that guy and he got the guy in North Korea. He's he's being held hostage in and and Dennis Rodman just you know basically says he's guilty as charged. You got this guy in that this -- December minister or priest. And I ran again he did does John Kerry give a damn about him. He's he's he's -- you know trying to -- candor. To the illegal alien vote thanks for the call -- Robert you're next with how we cargo that Robert. -- Caller I. -- yes. And I had I maverick Beaumont and you bet that there -- more. Or fiction impact both -- or you got the actual star which you're probably aware of but he. They're like even laughed a pot smoke but there 88 spot because and so every Internet that ever happened over years. Over -- old term and then the reported by the track star. And so as a result the guys didn't you know I don't approve -- they -- But I'll play my mother's a liberal of liberals get -- support -- for why. But because he -- he's -- the taxpayers about a billion dollar. Is. Hey you get results and eat it you know I don't want -- want I like -- W you know you talk to -- -- is quite a personable -- -- it's like it's like I was -- -- I you know if if all politicians would argue wanna talk the talk of a bite your right I mean if if a guy gets the job done what are you cure what he doesn't spare time. Yeah but it's also a case that you know the guy makes move and it and it and the problems are which is now I don't know how they can. It be called paper at but they managed stated that -- -- -- everything he does and and it and it happened without. -- goes out there ever in paper rock for. Right the worst of -- you mentioned the globe earlier you know the globe always used to like play down Ted Kennedy's alcoholism and every six year when he was running for reelection let's say he was turning his life around. Like you were some kind of rap or -- but you know. Was never turn in his life for around. But they you know again he he he would he was politically correct so like Wendy Davis or build the Bellagio -- he always got the benefit of the doubt and after Chris Christie Euro rob Ford. Euro was not to get the benefit of the doubt I'm now car. -- -- 1877469432. To someone says -- Fortis moral went wrong that Boston's former mayor's sober. I could that could be said of most. People who've had. Too much to drink. 18774694322. On how we car.