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Criminals can be foster parents.

Feb 4, 2014|

In the DCF handbook, it says criminals could be cleared to foster kids in their homes under a standing policy.

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605 here on WRKO. Couldn't. Morning Boston Jeff -- Boston's bulldozer. This story I I ya ya ya ya I think you. We know about the ongoing scandal. That the department of children and cramps. How children who have been faced placed in Foster care homes. Some now have been a molested some have been insulted. -- Jeremiah all over the five year old kid did just that he wasn't placed in a Foster care system but BCF was investigating his. His case there were allegations of abuse and the -- five year old kid just disappeared. He hasn't been found to this day he's wrong the kid is just gone. So DC gaffe led by old guy Russia eighty. Has now been coming under increasing fire there in the spotlight. Four -- case after case after case. Whereby children they're supposed to be under the care of the state supposed to be under the watch of DC after. I've either been assaulted have been sexually molested have been abused or outright -- have just disappeared. And there are now dozens and dozens of cases. Now this to you is obviously all you as we've covered this on the corner report quite extensively. Here is a front page story. In the in the Boston Herald. It is an absolute. Bomb shell it's an absolute bomb shocks in my about it's not a front page story should have been a front page story. But it's a major story major expose a in the Boston Herald in today's paper. And I'm not making this up this is not a skipped this is not exact. Six years ago. DC after. Put together a department of children and families handbook. On criminal record checks for prospective Foster parents. And they updated. So we only have to have this handbook. How do you deal with criminal background checks of some people wanna be Foster parents and so they look -- what they laid out extensive rules and regulations. And they updated it six years ago. According now to the DCF handbook finally somebody looked and demand book. Looked exactly into what these changes were made what the rules and regulations are. Check not this this is stunning. Our according to DC yes. Only handbook. So you wanna be a Foster parent. You're a criminal or you've been convicted of a crime. Well according to DC after that doesn't automatically. Prevent you from being a prospective Foster parent Momo Momo. In fact there are over a hundred potential products. -- you may have committed. That would not -- automatically prevent short were pulled -- from becoming a Foster parent this is called quote discretionary. It's up to the people had -- CF so check this out. You could have rap sheets. Listing criminal convictions. For -- armed assault. Drug trafficking. Motor vehicle homicide. Even I swear to you soliciting sex from a minor. And you can still be clear. To take at risk children and place them in your home as a Foster parent. According to BCS. So I'm giving you know exactly what it says in and book according to the piece in today's. Boston Herald and I really wanna give a big hat tip to maxed out and -- Smith. -- was superb first class reporting. So according now to DCF policy guide arts. Some of the crimes that could be forgiven. By would be Foster parents case are you sending your application. He says yup I'm by being convicted of this crime this crime this crime this crime. They still screen you when they say you know what we like the income level. They're marrying order together this coupled -- and nice area they have a nice house. So what if they've been convicted of these crimes we still would be willing to place children under their care in custody check this out. Number one. Offenses. Such as indoor -- sex from a minor. Soliciting a prostitute. And possessing up seemed pornographic material. Not all a so say they wanted sex from a little kid they may have a fetish for having sex with kids dad doesn't preclude them all all. God doesn't mean they wouldn't be good Foster parents know all day not -- -- to solicit sex from prostitutes that's that's a very good wholesome environment for child. Dot small come on now you're big got all of you -- being discriminatory now. But just because somebody like that such a prostitute doesn't mean you temp Lisa Foster care and other -- OK come on now according to DC up. It goes on. Violent offense since including a sodomy allow its its its source it's so sickening -- you have to -- -- Lira. Violent offenses. Including assault and battery with a dangerous weapon armed burglary and even involuntary manslaughter. All NA. They like to rob places. They like to assault people with a gun they like to take a baseball bat the people's heads that doesn't mean a but doesn't mean that can't be good parents. That doesn't mean that can't be yet I've children under their care they can be phenomenal Foster parents but just because they now hold -- you know hold up banks and stuff but come on. About that doesn't mean management and they can't be fabulous role models. Motor vehicle homicide while driving under the influence. -- where do you according to BCF policy guidelines. -- but that's still could be acceptable if you're Foster parent just happened to get behind the wheel drunk and you kill people. But that's okay. Because there look at everybody makes a mistake in life. Drug offenses arsenal of drug offenses. Including trafficking in cocaine or heroin within a thousand feet of the school. You -- peddling and selling drugs. Coke heroin. Meth. Even within near school grounds you've been convicted. And according to all go over shaggy. And the clowns and both phones and incompetence at BC after. That's still doesn't mean you should be denied the right to be a Foster parent or halfback it's taken under your wing or under your care. Well paying -- kids like a little can be some people like Eminem's others like a little crack cocaine belittled the white -- stuff that. It to each his own live and let live and the people's republic of packs a truce it's so. The Boston Herald then asks the obvious question which is a question I would ask my -- Your policy guidelines. Allow convicted criminals. Even people who solicited sex from a minor. Who've committed violent crime links. Who've been pedaling cocaine and heroin even within. As stolen scroll of a school. I mural this is okay this is this doesn't somehow prevent you from it from a -- Foster kids under your care. So the question obviously is this. How many criminals. Have been allowed to become Foster parents in this date. How many children at risk children have been placed under the care of all. Are these criminals. Of these dangerous violent stick criminals. Spokesman Alec leftists. Said the. Agency needed more fine. To determine how many convicted criminals have been a probe. As Foster parents because as Foster parents because officials are juggling a few of public records request. Remedial lawmakers and the Child Welfare League of America. Do you know. You asked them there are we don't aren't we don't know how many we obviously convicted in other words. They're not even saying absolutely not all convicted criminals in the way we place them under the allow them to place children under their care -- -- the way could they be Foster parents normal normal. They're saying the exact opposite. They're saying we don't know how many. So where what is this is this routine and BC FO mean somebody is solicit sex when a minor and that's -- year. But that you don't see a problem that you don't see why children should be placed under their care or not that's not a that's not three strikes against them. Well that's just maybe one strike against number -- you have to look at the. Totality of what they are. And -- are running a -- running somebody over while drunk not all bad but doesn't Mona doesn't trickle the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That breaking into someone's house with -- -- -- man doesn't know that's okay. A dozen of social get a bigger role model for -- it's okay. And just below Coke dealer a heroin dealer mold that's OK but -- problem there. Why does all -- old Laura Shea still have a job. What what what that -- buffoon who testified a couple of weeks ago. And stands there and says there's nothing wrong -- DCF. There's no scandal there's no corruption there's no abuses and this is your own handbook. -- handbook is basically saying it's okay. For you. As it department to place at risk children 3456. Year old children remember these -- Foster kids. Many of them usually come from abusive environments. Many of them have -- been abused or sexually molested already. That's why the state -- to intervene. And then you're only handbook says that just because you've been convicted of having sex with soliciting sex what a minor. Course I I sleeping with across the -- Or drunk driving drunk and killing somebody while drunk -- that you can still place a child under some -- but that person's care. That's how shabby your standards are. That's how there's absolutely no quality control basically. Anybody anybody. Any criminal any gangster any murder any rate risk anybody any child molester come on now. You wanna you wanna do you want you know -- -- wanna be some kids obviously if you're child molest or in this state. It become a Foster parent. BC coupled with a stamp of approval no problem under roll over shake. Where is the governor. Where is meaning me. He's the one that keeps running around the state saying there's not a problem when DCF. There's not a problem would BCF. You're all policy guidelines. Openly -- your own policy. Governor I know some I know your people listen to the show. DCF's. Own policy guideline it's. Say it should not prevent somebody from being Foster parent even if they've been remembered not just accused. Convicted. Of soliciting sex with a child who -- Armed robbery. Violent offenses. Drug traffic think even within school grounds. Are you kidding me. I am -- and I cooks and I'm the crazy one. I'm launch Jack. I'm -- racist. They're not always attacking mini me own home meaning these black band mobile criticizing -- mean that raises mound gem. Welcome Jeff leave it alone Jeff Conine is a people's republic of back secures its there's no corruption is no problem -- -- all of the children. I mean we molest the children but we loved the children. Why has -- guru Shea not been fired. Why is the media in this state outside of the Boston Herald hat tip to them where's the Boston Globe. Where's NPR. We're channel four were channel fibre channel seven -- channel 25 words. All that's right I'm sorry court Seymour Hoffman died while I'm sorry yeah the Hollywood actor overdosed IAEA that mean that needle in his aren't they found them. They found him dead in his apartment to -- forget the children. None offered a tour allowing child molesters under policy guidelines to be able to -- Foster parents are similar. Kaufman died -- at the local media's interest that it. My question to you is this. Is it now kind. With official DC after guy blanks. Official. Saying that even convicted. Child molesters. Can be Foster parents. Is it now time. For Governor Deval Patrick to be held accountable. Pat answer to the people of Massachusetts. And for God's sakes. What does it take to fire -- rush day. Do you trust DC app which you place children under the Foster care system knowing this. Is there or something rotten in DCF. 6172666868. Is the number. Jeff you're -- first thanks for holding welcome. -- I think my call. Everything descent should happen -- but in this state it's it's a sad case and probably. And it doesn't don't get -- and you go to -- -- one of the biggest doctrine -- agency in the world I think. -- say true or told not told they couldn't do -- option anymore because they didn't adopt Saddam basically give homosexuals. But the chance to adopt kids. And they couldn't do it anymore. Got into the same kind of thing I mean it's but it just the opposite I mean that -- -- -- more kids being called anybody ever. And did it without any government assistance without it government now and now who will be new districts and against. But people will look what. Could it backward and and trapped in the -- -- backwards. I have to say just in all honesty. It's almost like her becoming like ancient Rome. It. Really -- like collegial it's like ancient Rome it's. It's everything is inverted white is black a black is white. What is true is considered lies where lies are considered truth. They want it going Jeff. It's gonna do a good job without government help they got to find a way to shut you down. Shut you down because. The government knows better than you and that's exactly what out or other networks we're Olmert totally can't because they knew what happened it might take 23400 years. But what happened and but there are afraid of any of that happening right corner are all -- and we are doing nothing like you said we care more about the -- order I'm sorry Bob brought some in got kids. But that's not important right now what what is important is tapping -- or we're ignoring. Bingo thank you for that call Jeff -- and -- I don't know what more sacred trust. I want to look less -- let's just get on a personal level okay. You guard Jeremiah all over I understand he wasn't in a Foster home but he was under the care of BCI. He's a five year old boy. There are allegations repeated allegations. That this boy is being abuse. Even being molested. Nobody shows up to look at this boys under the care of BCF TCF oversight. One month two months three months four months. Finally this sister tells a teacher. My Brothers missing he's been gone for months. The teacher is like why. You're kidding no honestly sir. -- and she says please help. This teacher starts calling BCF. He's the one that blew the whistle. Saying and I got nothing from everybody I got literally if -- hung up the phone on me hung up the phone on -- hung up the phone on me. Nobody want to look into the case of this boy nobody wanted to be bothered. I'm sounding alarm bell after alarm bell after alarm bell. And now you find out that in their own guy points. If you're convicted child molest gates right here if you work -- a convicted of endorsing sex from a minor. Nevermind -- soliciting a prostitute. Possessing obscene pornographic material a child porn so you've been convicted of having child -- no problem we're gonna put a child brighten your home. Don't show worry about it no problem. And these same lips turn around but it's all about picture obamacare it's a -- children. More government spending it's about the children. Food stamps welfare EBT cards it's about the children. But when children are actually being molested or -- or abuse or disappear. Under the did -- under the not always of DC after. And this is where the governor comes and this is where meaning he comes up. Stop telling me you're doing your best meaning mean. Stop telling me all the time -- there's no problem meaning me because if you actually cared you would impose higher standards. You would comment tell DC after -- all I'm sorry call me crazy. But if you've been convicted of molesting kids and you can't you can't be a Foster parent all you've been convicted of having obscene pornographic material child born. If you can't. You can't adopt children. Is that so hard in the state. 61720666868. Is the number let me ask you this. Our our children safe in the Foster care system. And India and if kids are being abused and molested. And their own guidelines say it's OK to have criminals as Foster parents. He isn't old Perot Shea and the governor himself. Ultimately responsible for taking place. And shouldn't somebody hold them accountable. Gap -- in the morning rash. 27 here on the great WRKO. Might have been patiently holding. Welcome back Jeff first of all -- thanks so much like good. That until I doubt that the political down too well. I would appoint another huge contract all of -- look at. Patent dispute and restraining order it's not a conviction that it -- allegations by one person against another his -- against you know first. That stuff that'll pick the kids away north -- cut city in such cases and you look at convictions. And they're letting these people here can't I think you're right to point out. You know that lacking any reaction. From from the mainstream TV news people from the Boston Globe where all the and here. Mike I'll tell you what's going on this will bring down the governor. This will bring down mini me there's no question about it. This is. Under abusive power this is utter incompetence this is utter inept -- if vapor forget Chris Christie. OK for I want you think about this mantle objectively liberal conservative Democrat Republican think about. What is much more important and ultimately damaging weather -- governor was responsible for closing a couple of lanes for three or four days causing traffic jams. OK to go after some political opponent. Or whether our own governor is turning a deliberate blind. And criminals being placed in DCF as Foster parents were molesting and abusing and killing children. Kids are being raped me and murder. Under this governor. And nobody says anything. Because everybody's afraid it's like Obama. It's on a micro level its onset of a macro level. You go after -- always the first black governor -- monologue I'll be races don't do anything that's why the media doesn't want to touch this story with a ten foot pole. Because it's got it's got meaning me and all the -- -- written all over frank you're up next thanks for holding welcome. Jeffrey -- frank. Welcome thank you pick my call and I'm I'm and avid listener and I didn't know what what's going on the secretly brought. Not happen milieu. I had strep throat that frank had a very severe case of the flu when strep throat that's why I was out for a week. I can go nuts right. I have forty years I'm tired from let's just say the biggest metropolitan police. Agency in the state and I'm retired now and I was hired to. Abdicate or beating up local tribal 618 it looked as kept wondering can get -- late child abuse shut. Our case and so on. In 1940. Tried that someone once led the more we do do you collection believe it look you know Joseph -- Yes and Jason Joseph -- what he. And and and and between Obama and between the well I don't have any personal agenda to get. But the fact is that that they are absolute. It and say it's insane that you have to beat the on the radio. Anyone who would argue what you -- noble but -- stance on this whole issue is that that's insane. And it's played. Pension so it's Sosa hadn't been. Like and twelve years old. Applied for a moment and then restore but it was a -- supermarket he couldn't get a job. Because he had an amidst the mood on the record they wouldn't hire them because. He. They had some sort of domestic dispute with a girlfriend who crazy like that. And let them know entrusting our children. In the hands in the running the -- background checks on these people just. Yeah. I'd be convicted -- frank if you have summit can literally convicted of having sex with a minor not no problem. What you wanna be a Foster parent no problem. Cracked me I know I'm I'm finally collapsed bridges solo outrageous. I had it right at anything if I look I'll read to you the critics I'm the problem. Why am -- mentioning this why in my humiliating meaning me why am I humiliating the governor why am I humiliating the Democrats. In fact -- they're coming after me for adopting two kids. Bull -- there that you would all Jeb would do let George Ball maybe not the biggest crime DCF ever dated. In other words she mere destroy eight. Protect all costs. These -- children forgot six. Are you gonna put politics above children all I'm sorry that's right bring to people's republic of -- that -- sits. 630 to one. 636 here on the great WRKO. Jeff -- -- Boston bulldozer 617266. 6868. Is the number. Now and. Here is the connection. Between government here in Massachusetts. Washington. And Hollywood. And how the instinct is always to circle the wagons. So. For example here. I want it comes to -- all NB CF. The media circled the wagons Mets not humiliate me -- mean because I have to always our first black governor. When it comes to Obama. Circled the wagons. Let's not humiliate the dear leader no matter how outrageous the scandal now take Hollywood. We've been talking about the abuse of children. Look at now the case of Woody Allen. Here you have over the weekend. His daughter. Coming out -- -- wherever former daughter what everyone call. Comes out and I mean in an absolutely. Heart wrenching peace. Where she repeatedly. In deet tails pain -- Says that Woody Allen molested her sexually molested her. At the age of seven. That it began with him wanting to sleep with her and then when I wanna get into the -- it's a family show but. It escalated into the point that essentially she says look I was utterly sexually molested. And raped by Woody Allen. As a as a child as a young girl. Now. It's his word against terse. I understand that I don't want to convict somebody in the in the court of public opinion but remember this is Woody Allen. This is the same man who when he was dating whatever marry can -- Farrow there were living in separate all please marry him Mia Farrow was with Mia Farrow. And as she had this daughter signed me what it now Woody Allen was in her father was in her stepfather was in her step dad whatever. But it's -- nevertheless -- When -- was the age of seven is when Woody Allen brought together with Mia Farrow and there are a couple. And for twelve years it's. There was Woody Allen -- -- Mia Farrow with her daughter and then at the age of nineteen I want you to think about this at the age of nineteen. He then marries. Mia farrow's daughter. What does the. This is your girlfriend wife whatever she was your partner and then suddenly you. You end up marrying her daughter. Who you knew since she was seven years old. At the age of nineteen in your 55. You're -- dirty old men. The -- dirty old name. And so. So you've already got -- shall we already know about his proclivity for very young women let's put it that way now you add this. From -- -- -- now I think we're fifteen years of age whatever is 1516 years of age and she comes out with his heart wrenching peace. Saying I have been betrayed by everybody in Hollywood. Alec Baldwin where are you. Diane Keaton where are you. -- blank -- where are you. All of these people have been starring in Woody Allen movies in fact he's got one coming out it just it came out -- jasmine my wife -- -- says a very good film. But -- black Chad is now up for best actress award. And everybody wants to get into woody Allen's films he's a big producer he's a big director he's got a lot of friends and Hollywood. And this sport girl saying he you knew me. You used to come over to our house for parties you knew me you saw me. And when my mother warned everybody that this guy had molested me. You did nothing. And now here I am warning all of you telling you what this man did to meet. How I was molested at the age of seven how which destroyed my life physically emotionally psychologically. And everybody is circling -- well against number one is Barbara Walters. So now what you think about just says they're circling the -- around. Around Obama. Just as they're circling the wagons around the ball NBC out. Look -- now in Hollywood. The Hollywood left are now circling around Woody Allen when it comes to allegations that he abused and molested his own child. Check here's Barbara Walters. In her own words on the view -- -- Just a couple of trips to top the statute of limitations by the way he's saying Russia in the -- charges -- -- I let me just means you are officially legislation. And then -- apple -- and -- -- This is why -- -- it's tragic that after twenty is a story engineer and by and then fell love resurfaces. After was fully vetted and rejected by independent authorities. The one to blame for Delis distress is not the -- and now wouldn't. They're pointing a finger at the end of may show I would I know me -- and I have and a good relationship begin with there. I I know but I've been -- -- many times with his two daughters she's got much attorney here. Our marriage just singing which started as a sensation that just solid marriage he has two children -- us. The -- is fourteen resisted change. I have relish being a father as sensitive. And does a lot of things and just carrying. As as -- isn't sending to these two -- I don't know I'm not until I can only tell you what I've seen. But it's gonna marriage and that is a loving that -- -- question Barbara accustomed to shut it does but you know. I mean. I I in order to pursue all the panel was almost like hey look first of all. He married a nineteen year old girl. Where they admit he was having sex with her at seventeen. That's below the age of consent. Okay that's technically that's statutory rape. -- is only white sunny that's number one number two. She was seven years of age when he first met her with Mia Farrow who. Who ends up marrying the daughter of the girlfriend pitcher -- if it's sick. And then you got this incredible allegation that he raped Dylan. And look at the way she circling the wagons. All he looks like a good father to -- seems to me like it's a good solid marriage really 5519. Ball very solid all very solid all your choice of seven years old. No the bigger question is this for me be candid with -- If there's one there could be two or three or four or five. Clearly this guys got any issue with younger very younger women. Girl it's this guy like some young -- like some really young could. But notice nobody will speak out against Woody Allen because in the end he's got to get his lifetime achievement award at the Oscars that's what it's all about. Not everybody wants their park everybody wants to make money off this guy disguise a big Hollywood power player. It in Tinseltown so nobody wants to go after Woody Allen everybody circling the wagons and this sport -- in her letter. Says do you know how frustrating it is. To know that this man is a monster who did this to you. Who did some of the most vile heinous things possible to a child. And yet everybody in society everybody in Hollywood is to be -- -- and glorifying this man. It's the same thing with Roman Polanski. The yeah I mean look it's an absolutely sick culture and dots were liberals live. And they -- all they do if they all they do is protect the powerful. They do with Obama they do what with the fall NBC have another doing it with Woody Allen. -- -- end of liberalism herself Barbara Walters now defending du -- alleged child rapists. 6172666868. Is the number. What do you make of these Woody Allen allegations. Do you believe the daughter do you believe Dylan Farrow. You take her word against Woody Allen I wanna hear from you -- -- Sharon Europe next thanks for holding welcome. You know put in -- like you've got it won't quit they did thinking whoopee Goldberg. Just well I don't like a raped raped like what's supposed to meet economize some but she's like defend that guy say didn't really a rape. People are unbelievable hopefully anything to get their friends out of the champs and it's so disgusting despicable. And the -- get another 1012 years. Built to indict is gonna come out and -- let's take a though he contacted me tell. You know at one shot -- LA and no -- no attention but that's what's gonna happen because. Absolute collapse. Bad night for the children and that settlement still loving it's a wonderful wish they -- advocate. Of course -- big advocates. And step step and -- and excitement and people and I'm gonna go and movie and you know it should. Go and do anything that I -- again. Thank you so much share thank you for that call look are very quickly and I I got a friend who works here -- RKO I won't mention the name. He. I don't -- characterize it too much but. How can I wanna give wake -- -- said to me in fairly much -- confidence in terms of the details but not the actual point I'm trying to make. He knew somebody that was close to a former wife of tennis. Where he's set to meet Jeff this guy was a child molester. He was always around my kids he was always around everyone else's kids. My wife however loved him her friends loved him and they kept saying make up a name might. Mikey is great with the kids all the kids love Mikey and he said Jeff you don't understand whenever there was a social occasion. There we are -- -- as adults we meet the kids are playing a 567 years of age. This guy right away will leave the company of adults and run to the children. And he'll play games she's frosty the snowman he said but Claus he's -- ever and he'll play with the kids for hours and hours and hours and he said Jeff I swear to you. It was a feeling I had from the beginning I said disguising the kids. It's exactly what Sharon said. They love the kids they love to play what the kids they love to be around the kids but I mean to an obsessive ridiculous degree. And I think it's obvious. Because there are lusting after the kids. 6172666868. Is the number DJ Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Good morning -- out now you notice how all of that they don't circle the wagons or something like Mel Gibson who -- these very strong feeling towards thought. I took very good point. -- was a devout Roman Catholic. A very devout Roman Catholic who -- passion of the Christ and all known all you say yeah he was in a drunken rage you say some stupid things about the Jews and all the sudden. Well cool they went thunder -- on him for. Your Phil Robertson. And you say you believe homosexuality is a send nobody circling the -- around Phil. Yet but exactly what if you're -- dead junkie like Philip Seymour Hoffman. With the added that the needle. That that the needle at the heroin needle in your arm all the time then. All here to the memorial all -- life that landed too short the great Philip Seymour Hoffman and by the way. When this guy was a junkie in his death spiral the anybody in Hollywood care. Anybody said -- you gotta go to rehab. Anybody said you need help. They couldn't care less That's Hollywood in a nutshell make -- money. And that's that's liberalism in a nutshell make -- money and if you get into trouble all circled the wagons. 6172666868. Is the number. John -- Charlie hang on. All of your calls. 649 on RKO. Are some of the big.