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Ann Coulter On The Fat Man

Feb 10, 2014|

TV political maven Ann Coulter joined us to talk about Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey and the future of the republican party as well as her book Never Trust a Liberal Over Three-Especially a Republican.

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Joining us now on the line is Ann Coulter the best selling author. Her latest book is never trust -- liberal over the age of three especially if he's a Republican. And thanks for being with us here on how we are sure of it. I. I I must say am I I thought that your column on Chris Christie last week was truly. Brilliant. It Heidi I try to write in that kind of mean spirit. You know from start to finish and sometimes -- Sometimes I do it but not often do I can like can I make it work for the entire 700 words or whenever. But you did I mean in this says this is a guy you used to like -- and that's what made it even better. Yet not anymore. Not anymore I couldn't I couldn't figure out. Well I mean I described in the column person with a head that god awful speech at the Republican National Convention. They you know bunch of it's a pain to get into conventions. I will win justice secrets could be our street fighter we've seen them take on these. These public school teachers and any stand up and -- talking about his kids soccer being. I mean people will often complain about our nominees not being tough against an off against the Democrat but. They're not thinking about this strategically our candidate. Whoever it and generally for whatever office. He spoke to sit back and be gentlemanly an appeal soccer moms and independents and not be frightening it's not supposed to be you know 24/7. Of -- through red meat to the -- to debate. That's -- at my job was supposed to be the attack dog communal wealth and job as its keynote speaker at the Republican National Convention. And and you know then the only time we've seen his flashes of anger and sarcasm. Our other fellow Republicans and as you well know the main reasons. -- completely flipped on on Christie is because he had -- The temporary senate appointee -- vote in favor of more government easing of rubio -- -- amnesty bill. Sucking up to its towels. I'm Mark Zuckerberg of FaceBook and is is Wall Street friends who want cheap labor. So that's been sort of the weirdest thing listening to all of the chick chat about bridge -- they keep. The -- liberal media insist on calling. Could you blow -- complete -- -- terrified the media is terrified of liberal on these terrified of Obama and Mark Zuckerberg and and and Wall Street. And the only Heatley got aggressively -- I mean besides public schoolteachers were making. You know 80000 dollars a year would gold plated. Health insurance and and vacation time and and work until 2 PM had still refused to do not you know take their designated. Pay increases. On all the rest of the economy is something other than public school teachers who deserved it. I'm the only people we attacks a fellow Republicans which is just the way of sucking up to the liberal leaning. Yeah you say it's a good bet he's afraid of his own shadow conspiracy shadow was probably pretty big and scary. About the only thing Christie doesn't seem afraid of is the Lafayette -- -- Let's see. That many said the accused of he's following the polls and you point he pointed out in Obama's case it isn't even true would that he had followed the polls if he did we would never gotten obamacare that's so true was well. Yeah that was the one thing I've -- -- -- entire convention speech which you know what the time which of them men of disappointment ever believed it would begin now. You know wanna completely right somebody off because of one -- and speech. Bill I did did criticize them at the time for it. But but things like that it happened to otherwise decent politicians before perhaps not that's. Spectacular Felix I read the speech the only on the -- he mentioned Obama and not by name. In the entire speech and that with the day Mr. President real leaders don't fall Opel. Which I'd point out is -- the biggest cliche in the block every -- Republicans they got about Democrats Democrats say that about Republicans dislike. You don't bonding out I'm only unite -- you can do out about any one. An escape oddly enough it isn't even true Obama doesn't care about people wouldn't keep doing more things that the country term map that we unpopular. That was the only time Chris Christie whose -- it was the Republican National Convention. To take down President Obama but the only -- even mentioned the president and even men not by name. Is that it isn't Mitt Romney's people's responsibility of the vote to vet the speech. I suppose so I'd like to know who I think the main meat and they. My sense is that I've never been that involvement convention but -- -- is hired I think is gonna do a good job. You write this speech. And then you -- it not to write it for him but just -- -- he's saying anything that conflicts with your message. I don't know why anyone on the Romney campaign wouldn't keep sending it back. But you know who knows the Balkans they may be nervous that it would lead to the fact that Romney was asking for more aggressive attacks on Obama. Don't know why I'd like to know what they thought of that of that heinous heinous speech it would obviously -- Piece of crap. Don't speed to -- -- around the state of New Jersey it had very little to do what I had with with the country's barely got much to do with with New Jersey to mostly telling us about his mother has fathered kids in the soccer games that. What we've done in New Jersey and IIIIIIR. There was nothing there was nothing in the Mitt movie by the way the documentary about the speech and -- he. At Charlie Crist and John McCain a few times but that never any thing never anything about Christie so. Wasn't there reviewer called them a gust this -- populist that was a good line. That's -- it was so narcissistic. It's all about himself. He barely even mentioned drumming and I remember standing in the convention all the time when he finally got to a very very brief paragraph discussing our actual nominate. And thinking oh I got -- stick. Why are you saying at its all about how the country needs to go through hard times and we need to be told argument and we need to sacrificed and suffered. And the man who got to make up the operating Mitt Romney. -- -- -- -- -- -- Christie's daily checklist appears to consist of two items one suck up to liberals to ask waiter for more bread. -- Yes sized -- now. You -- other possibilities on that at. Yeah but it did any of Christie's people call to say what's happened to what what happened where did our love go down. Well I think it's been pretty Beers and he had his senate nominee vote for amnesty I mean haven't. Like I think you know right up politician for one thing one bad speech. Not one bad vote. Not amnesty vote with a massive massive betrayal because. Look those of us like fifty or his agility with words. On other than that the Republican National Convention. And and and what appear to be at street fighter persona. You know we've we already had to go out on the limb to forgive him for the temporary senate appointee to -- -- -- it got me. Good third floor or eighteen. Right Oregon there's no reason the Cory Booker should be the senator now. There's no reason. That's right and not only that even if if you're worried about your own the election which he clearly was. And and you don't want tick off. Independents or Democrats in New Jersey by by appointing a full. And appointee to feel the end -- senator Lautenberg term he died in and the governor appoints a replacement. He could either. The could -- either appointed. On his own guy to serve and acts like eighteen months. Or he could have appointed a temporary appointees who would then be replace. -- next election. And that could be did not of those things you know he held a special election. A few months before when -- -- himself would be on the ballot obviously for the purpose of not having a very popular Democrat Cory Booker. On the same on a boat or on the. Seem to maximize the Democrat turned it. Back. Now it turns out. We he didn't really need data to the contrary -- -- in the Republican who ran against Cory Booker. Did extremely. Well -- the good Tea Party candidate he was fantastic in the debates he was really coming up on Cory Booker. Probably it is that -- election had been held the same day as governor Christie's election. Wanna get very likely would have won because of all the people Republicans coming out to vote to -- So we were already forgiving him for throwing away a senate seat in order to help his own reelection. And then I don't think you could get out of that is. -- cable might senate -- dead numbered senate appointee is going to go to Washington and he's going to help one important vote. For the three or four months -- -- there's only one that matters and that's all rubio amnesty bill. And not only that could feed directly is temporary senate appointee to vote that monstrosity. But he's so harmless but that democratic senator Chuck Schumer announces to the press. Right after that boat that was that I talk to Christie for half an hour and related to supporting amnesty. Which -- big betrayal I mean it showed you how helpful under a parade of Chris Christie talk. Schumer and shows you how easy it is to -- like you said your basically in your column. And if you don't pull somebody at least respect them enough not to announce into the draft. Chuck Schumer didn't they are discussed -- So that have you been so you've been following this that this latest thing about the the obamacare in the 2.5 million jobs and now there are. And now we're going to war now this is a positive thing to lose these shops. You know I totally love -- I loved it. -- mean and how about the fact I thought I thought I was amused by this. -- the two people they send out they send out Keith Ellison the Muslim member. Of the state of the house right and then they send out. Senator Ben Carden the Jewish member of the senate. There they have the -- Jews in the NB Muslims have finally -- have finally come together in the agree on one thing it's great to be unemployed in America. Up -- up a yeah the thing about this is let me know and number one. Items to be addressed that has been a longstanding and all Republican plans to reform health insurance. If you look up the McCain plan back in 2008 which he obviously had nothing to do it because it was fantastic plan. I think it was written by heritage number line is parity to individual in. Employees who don't have employer based health insurance. But that's part of what. As screwed up health insurance in America the fact that FDR imposed wage and the price controls during World War II still employers had to compete for employees by offering them. Something other than a higher -- what they decided to offer the public health care could have been held in which case and we -- -- crappy expensive houses right now. Now what employers decided it was. What will offer you health insurance. They got a tactic that that that the companies themselves get a tax breaks -- But if you don't work for a large enough employer. And your buying health insurance on the individual market. You get a tax break the and so every single Republican plan. Didn't at least as far back as -- John McCain of course Romney of course the Republican says three individual plans. On in terms of tax credit the same way you treat employer based plans and and that. That is being the advantage the Democrats. Are purporting that's another -- writing this story of 2.5 million people losing their jobs. But it will be great because right now they're stuck in these jobs that they need the health insurance. Well you don't way to do what without. Having them go home or have no job at all just treat individual plans the same way -- group. How about the fact too that there yet they're basically they're not saying that if you go home someone else is gonna have to pay for your plan. And those -- the people who we're still working these are the people who. Aren't planning to become the next generation of crappy polyps in America I know these other people who like come out and picture plumbing -- your air conditioning in the summer. Right or you're or or you're chairman the of the public faults -- -- plan is it doesn't matter what your job is you won't get a tax advantage for having. On a working for a large employer as opposed to working for a small employer or working for yourself the Democrat plan is. Don't work peace peace process both subsidize it. Well I've run them -- over the weekend when the CBO report came out sent me an old. I think community -- and it's unlike the kingdom he would. And wizard of weathered it okay he's promising -- Is subject in frame after frame on just like the Democrats. We will give you don't provide food stamps for you and we will provide free health care and we will provide. On you know housing aid and then the last spirit I like analyst something like an animal really get. Get all of you employed again in the and then the last panel that subject saying wait like I needed -- like all that stuff -- And that's exactly the democrats' plan no I don't want you don't want the tax code and tax -- does this and so many ways. Do you favor one particular type of work over another type of -- But it should be favoring work overcome more action this. Right right in -- is more bad news here high school class civil war. 13%. Neither working or studying 23%. Living with parents these people or 26 years all. So in other words thirty -- a bit more than 13 of people who graduated from high school ten years ago. Are neither working or studying but they are living with their parents -- over a third. Lal. Enemies and it's you know if I know. You know we've spent seven years trying to persuade right wingers know he really was born in Hawaii we have a birth certificate stop with the crazy. Conspiracy -- What's this thing you know for a thought experiment for a moment. If Obama were born in another country had no -- for this country and had set out to destroy America. What would he be doing different. I can't think of any supplies and now let's get them smoking pot yeah. -- -- -- yeah Marcus a liberal columnist for the Washington Post she she she came up with something I mean I think we're been checked that Ira Michael might -- -- pot makes you stupid -- -- in north empirical. Way yes and and she apparently there have been studies and studies that show that you lose eight the you know regular marijuana smoking cuts eight. Points -- your IQ. Opponents and -- hundred points -- your initiative and ambition it isn't it stable legalize retard that. -- -- -- -- but you'll be able to accomplish anything in your life including delivering a news -- Right here how here's another one to -- I've heard about this one from people who listen to the show -- either there's an army guys call me. And dog he has why he was trying to get his wife into the country she's a British subject -- guys in the military he's an officer. His wife as a British subject I mean that would ensure that these -- the kind of people you want coming into the country. Not from our -- and a. We're looking for a Pakistani -- go -- No no. Remember when all decided he needed a shiny new object to show Latino voters before the election -- read this. I'm yesterday yes and it's shocking it's not going. -- so what they did was they decided to -- that they decided to. Legalized behalf of millions so called dreamers one of which was just arrested for running over to American kids in Washington State. And edit and minutes and instead. So they they would let the dreamers the illegal aliens command that a country. And so what came to be that a half a million families many of them with children remain split to this -- purely because Obama needed a mega pander to protect his own -- electorally both parties swear up and down that this won't happen with comprehensive immigration reform. Illegals will be sent to the back of the line for green cards behind people like the foreign born spouses of American citizens who followed the rules. And waiting for waited patiently for approval but there's no more reason to believe that that there's a reason to believe the probationary legislation. Under the edge -- GOP plan would be rescinded if the borders and expeditiously secured so late so they it's so they they gave priority. To a half a million lawbreakers. Over a half a million people. Who I'm guessing 99% of whom spoke English and they have followed the rules. Well these are American citizens. Who has. Who has. Married abroad or at least Mary -- Warner had been living abroad. They come back this story there was one after another -- an American engineer when he Connecticut -- got a job in upstate New York. He's been married to an Australian woman -- like seventeen years they have three kids. On he came back -- can't even come back. The airport -- with them that they thought they'd be joining a week later. On it's been eight months he got to open their gifts for the -- -- just showed them what he had gotten. You haven't seen that want to come here on a tourist visa and risk. And risk violating a rule. But he's apparently not been reunited the one the one thing that. I irritated me about the article although I it's technically that irritates me about the law. What could be American citizens. Natural born American citizens who happen to fall Lovett married for her fine I'm all with you know letting legitimate spouses. And and children and obviously. The -- that ticks me off -- that opinion or side. Which is breaking the bottom of the barrel on the net. -- to this country. Go back to India and find dispelled I don't wanna get the belt and I'm thinking if both you and your spells were not born in America. Eleven and I mean should not be Automask -- if you yourself. I have had to go through the process of becoming a citizen. Now you've got to bring in another foreign senate then mobile it seems to mean everything's working together you're suggesting -- be living in India. But I know what's coming next it's the siblings that that. The brother in law at the parent. That's the siblings to the siblings aren't as bad as apparent because the parents are all near retirement age in the wanna go on they they wanna go on SSI. They can't get on -- The problem and not only that just I -- just thinking about it logically. It would I didn't lead you need your ballot and children with Yale. What you -- with bringing the parents that automatically know I'm sorry that's a different track. Itself and sounds even mother and father and we -- woman discovered that it would be apparent journal. Nobody -- that when they come over when the parents come over they the that the kids have to sign this affidavit saying that they would -- Parents will not become wards of the state. But of course that that. That affidavit is paper it's printed on and they go they go down immediately to the welfare office and say we've had a falling out. And I need a section eight apartment and they go right to the bottom line over veterans and America and other Americans. And then they put him on the only after the get in the section eight they put them on SSI. No that's right in fact I was working for the Senate Judiciary Committee in the ninety's. The last time this immigration actually not the last time it's played as Mickey cal says what is obvious you could never kill. On this demands for four amnesty for illegals and more and more about emigration to get the Democrat voters but we have we had. Pamphlets. Written in you know Cantonese. Is being distributed in China explaining how to immigrate to America have an elderly person and start collecting Social Security. The other they've taken care of they are Social Security problem by -- people he. And that's why you'll not be collecting Social Security -- -- I wasn't planning on -- -- -- security -- I mean I see him walking down the street and I you know I. I don't wanna be unkind but I know that there I know they never worked that day in this this their wives in this country and yet they're going to be they're getting the Social Security that I should be getting. No that's like that's not what the deal of Social Security is it's one thing to have. A social safety net I think we can have a little more intelligent and who we choose to bring to this country. But one -- just have a general welfare that's but -- -- welfare that's not what Social Security was supposed to be it's that you were. The government takes a portion of that money and then give that back to you when you get -- That's not the case when you're bringing in a bunch of elderly Cantonese speakers with their forms on how to come to America and start collecting Social Security. How big how -- you -- the Mitch McConnell getting along the Tuesday's. I've not -- men you know the well yeah because these alleged phony conservative groups funded by George Soros are going after. One Republican candidate after another you know it's weird just meeting about the New York -- -- a few other papers. Conservatives on patriotic Americans how -- who distrust. The media and the New York Times when they tell us who -- best candidate as we finally got Republicans do that. And -- that we trust an -- on -- process on who the most conservative candidate yet. They have this article today on how the establishment. Is you know Washington. Washington that the true concern that the Tea Party candidates and pushing these -- she -- on on the Republican. Big table and Barbara. Stopped in her up. -- Barbara Comstock she AMP. -- fight against Bill Clinton she -- our -- -- right wing fighters and by the way I checked just to make sure you have not changed she is. Went on immigration in the that you Virginia house of delegates she is voted against giving on illegal. Driver's licenses. In state tuition there in fact prohibiting them from from from getting in situations. Allowing our I think mandating law enforcement officers to ask about these citizens -- that anyone they ran out. So so what makes her that the establishment candidates. But you know Mitt Romney undoubtedly you're from there on the you know endorsing her and and I'm not a candidate look I'm sure -- -- to integrate diet that. Think that you -- that mean it looks like he might be a little bit -- -- -- can character a little. Little rougher around the edges. But and you will help us that they did that taught Aiken type candidates. No he -- -- fruit Tea Party you're you're being betrayed rightly I I just don't understand that but that's that conservative on and something called -- -- -- group. They are being funded by George Soros and they are collecting money and redecorating their offices. And establishing alliances with certain talk radio host. Hi how could we are born on nine Hannity and saying this stuff on at night you know I mean that. It just before I called in your -- wouldn't that is you know actually I think your ball out I looked at all. I may write my column about this weekend. Because you know Glenn Beck Glenn Beck was spending half the morning up promoting -- evident and. Ankle I argue with him all the time about it on the Gillette beyond any more because I -- above that. He doesn't like McConnell for summaries and. It's it's it's not. It's a way of proving you're -- a few days to people who are believing the New York Times when they tell us. Who the conservatives are we finally caught on Americans don't listen to New York Times when they tell you -- most electable candidate he has. But but we apparently have not top of Bill Clinton and our time will make value of the community party area. This might putted from Tea Party doesn't take a big government bail out. I think the true Tea Party or would vote against Marco Rubio they amnesty would oppose campaign finance reform. And would in a virtual -- apple get every single Republican in the house and the senate to vote against obamacare and that. Mitch McConnell. Did Mitch McConnell gets -- for the from the bailout. It was an -- -- or something on Kentucky's. Yeah that was like like -- the next hurricane -- Katrina they've been. They that he didn't get anything out of -- -- don't look that is not a deal needed to be built. I mean you you brought it up that's I. Deaths than Katrina. This with a totally phony dole because there's something they are in the state of Kentucky they did not feel that dale. On and you'd all be complaining about congress for setting up another Katrina and -- to count will be wiped out -- -- -- -- built. They've been talking about it forever they needed to get it with an emergency they need to get right why Mitch McConnell wasn't even a guy who put -- and it's been something they've got to do for a long time. Okay am I'm gonna let you go here but we I wanna close with some relief good news here today there was also in the New York Times. A group of Sunni Baghdad a group of Sunni militants attending a suicide bombing training. Class at a camp north of Baghdad were killed today. When their commander unwittingly conducted a demonstration with a belt it was packed with explosives army and police officials said. When he to crisis members usually guys that are farther to the right -- to the left and al-Qaeda. Were killed and fifteen were wounded in the explosion at the -- Stores of other explosive devices and heavy weapons were also kept their eight militants were arrested when they tried to escape. This is the best we can hope for us. Obama has just washed his hands of our victory in Iraq. All we can hope for it but the other side is screw up. To blow itself up to blow -- -- -- early on and. Thought so yes that's that's the days. Ten days and non. -- of lack of progress story. All right Tim thanks for being -- -- as we really appreciate it okay good dark -- calculate CO later today and called their.