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Obama raises minimum wage for Contract Workers.

Feb 14, 2014|

Obama signed an executive order to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour from $7.25. Do you think the minimum wage should be 10.10?

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No reports -- one and we here on the break WRK okay. Careful on the world today it's selective slippery it's -- and give yourself plenty of time before you leave for work. We're driving the kids to school if they do have school today and give yourself plenty of room between you when the car in front -- you you don't want an accident trust me. And -- right speaking of train wrecks speaking of accidents national accidents. That dear leader. A couple days ago. Signed an executive order. Raising the minimum wage for all federal contract workers to ten dollars and ten cents an hour. It's gonna start next year. And not only the -- sign. This executive order raising the minimum wage. He's also demanding that congress put in place a Nash in a nationwide national minimum wage of ten dollars and ten cents an hour. And then you went out and said on his own. He's going to be he's encouraging. Business leaders governors mayors. Anybody listening any local leader quote do what you can't arrays are employees' wages torture got a call. -- you got a -- And when people say well this is gonna depress the economy this is gonna kill jobs. Did cheerleader always disconnected from reality. You know although liberal lunatic a -- ago the will be left Winger that he is. It's like -- depress the economy bill bolster the economy could sure it will just make it this well everything is coming up it's gonna happen. Now. Yesterday and I don't advise that you do this. Debt yesterday I was driving on the road came back after my after it was I'm with a show yesterday. -- stay here for a couple hours after the show and I caught. I just to see what's going on to see what the lives are saying big mistake on my part. I was listening to The Who left Winger extraordinary. Stood tool liberal hacks. I'd like hacks like I've never seen. Jim Braude and Margery -- -- in -- on some show and station that nobody listens to accept me I think I'm the only one listening to. And I mean first of all IE yeah I IE REI pouring. -- home. TV it's. I swear to -- I almost fell asleep on to Rome to. Listening to this for five minutes I'm telling you it's an instant. I would out what I would do is I would -- to show I swear I had money I would bite the show. And I would patent and I would Celek as a cure for insomnia. You fall asleep you listen to this for ten minutes you fall asleep or your money back guarantee I'm telling you to be a gazillion. OK I'd be up there were George Soros and an end and Donald Trump. All right but the point being is this. So. They're they're they are. Ask. Ten dollars and had shut -- -- ask us the least we can do who. At. So there they are all right Dixon basically thirty seconds to say one word. And there they are basically saying wouldn't it be great. To have a ten dollar and ten cent national minimum wage. And taking the dear leader's Q where is all of these Limbaugh to do. You know elected Hitler youth he says jump they say how high. There's Jim Braude and Margery -- saying liberal should -- Al Gore round I swear to you. And asked employers shop owner store owners. How much are you paying your employees and if you are not paying him ten dollars and ten cents an hour if you're only paying him the federal minimum wage which is whatever 77 point five. We are paying him eight bucks an hour nine bucks an hour. Literally. They are calling for an economic boycott of that franchise that's spore that or that shocked that. They want a boycott. -- basically calling for economic terrorism. This network liberals still don't they never seen -- point a of their plan now let's -- but let's boycott but they don't. They know what's gonna happen if you do this right so what happens when exactly you boycott what happens there's no revenue coming -- there's there's -- customers. If your original revenue and all customers coming in now we're getting to be going from any could be. What do you think's gonna happen. They're gonna have to lay people off they may even go bankrupt. And so instead of making 89 dollars an hour. Instead of your preferred what by the way this pick is number out of -- hot this ten dollars and ten cents an hour suddenly you're making zero an hour. So Howard and then you're putting more people on welfare more people on you why more people want food stamps. So how are you helping the economy how where you supposedly helping the oppressed workers. By implementing an economic boycott. OK that's point number one. Point number two. If somehow he can live on 725. An hour well see that's the whole point. Many jobs are not supposed to be for career jobs. You know when you say -- bottles are flipping burgers I can't survive on seven point five an hour that's the point. Make Donald is supposed to be an entry level jobs for teenagers. Or whatever to learn some -- skills not written under the accord work on time. Know how to work with other employees. Makes an extra money for college or whatever for other expenses. And then you move on up -- -- you begin to make 1214158. 20/20 five whatever dollars an hour. It's not supposed to be a career choice. Now. 1010 and power is basically you blow old when he -- 2223000. Dollars a year. If Weis thought if it if it doesn't hurt jobs. If it doesn't kill or reduce employment. Why stop -- -- and if it has a by your logic you keepsake it boosts the economy is their argument is older are more money to spend Chris another making ten dollars and ten cents an hour. Our knuckles back into the economy so that boost the economy fine. By your logic why not fifteen why not fifteen dollars and -- why not twenty dollars an hour. Why -- why are you being so cheap since you're the ones for its not your money. You're forcing employers to pay eight. I did their own pocket what you think is a fair wage so all -- -- teacher ten dollars and ten cents an hour and all crazy. I think everybody in this country should be making fifty dollars an hour. I think that's a fair wage. I think Y fifty bucks an hour you can buy a house you can get a couple of cars you can have a nice vacation. You can raise a couple of nice bambino was in comfort. C'mon this is ten bucks an hour is peanuts all match shoot ten -- -- make it 5050. 6172666868. Is the number all the -- That would kill jobs. That's the point. RKO Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer. Funny -- I see Friday's be careful out there. Talk about liberal bull. You now have the president of the United States through executive order. Has now passed in order. Imposing a ten dollar and ten cent an hour minimum wage for all federal contract workers starting next year. He is now pushing business leaders local leaders. State leaders. Canal voluntarily imposed ten dollars and ten cents an hour as a minimum wage. This is going to kill jobs. This is going to lead to higher prices. If you start having McDonald's employees making ten dollars and ten cents an hour. My friends I hate to tell you this the next time you go for a big Mac meal. The next time we go for a big Mac combo it's gonna cost you it's gonna cost all of us. I think it's a horrible idea. It's more social engineering more government intervention. That ends up hurting you the taxpayer the consumer. And ultimately the economy and the worker in the long run. What do you say should we have eight national. Ten dollar -- sent an hour minimum wage 6172666868. Is the number. Eric Europe next thanks for holding and welcome. You -- Jabrel bode well for you this horrible morning. But. And basically. You don't he -- it shouldn't just Obama -- -- seminars are probably too darn much drought what's changed now but it was over 600. Economist that side -- said this is a great idea including seven Nobel laureate. Southern accent that this would do exactly what the president -- -- it. So I mean it's not just him saying that there's a that a lot of economists out there that are totally in agreement with a that this would be helpful. He had every right number one and also desired directed a mortar mysterious that's not going where and -- about it is. You know take great at all by doing Aggies -- and it did it and you certainly -- Also there's a lot of companies out there are saying you that would you know Wal-Mart considered -- -- -- -- people much. As opposed to other places that would get caught you -- like a hot stove that's doing extremely well that -- saying their people very well and giving them all benefits. And they're still doing extremely well so it's not that I necessarily hurt business that much. And out on top of that Jeff why is it the stuck at -- so bad for business. To raise this stop and not be at seven bucks an hour which is what based deadlocked -- -- there are ruined ruined the economy should we brace for seven -- what do we lowered the a five dollar an -- why -- the five fired a five dollar an hour -- that's going to be so much better prepare. OK well Eric and you may you made all your points are not forecast. First I get rid of the minimum wage. That's number one I think it's it's absolutely atrocious I think is one of the greatest job killers that's ever happened that's number one but I'll answer your points one by one. To get the liberal economists and so called mobile laureates many of them are frauds like Paul Krug man. Who I think Timmy is nothing more than a despicable ideologue and propagandist means nothing. This is the same president that told us the stimulus was going to boost the economy and and in gender and economic recovery it failed. What happened to the shovel ready jobs he says they're gonna be millions of shovel ready jobs he liked. So this president. The you can you like your doctor you can keep your doctor you like your health care plan you can keep your health care plan so every time he opens his mouth he lots and he's been proven that he's wrong that's number one. Number two. But you're wrong definition. If a ten dollar an hour minimum wage is such a phenomenal thing why stop at ten dollars. Why not go fifteen why not go 21 I've got 25 why not go thirty if -- According to your logic it has no impact on employment it has no impact on hiring it doesn't hurt economic growth at all why stop at ten dollars. So the reason why you won't go to fourteen or fifteen or sixteen is because instinctively everybody knows -- gonna kill the job market. Now I ask your point about Wal-Mart and Costco. Now I need to tell you this but this is where you and I fundamentally disagree you were not god. You don't have a right to tell Wal-Mart how to run their business. If you don't like working at Wal-Mart if you don't like working for eight dollars an hour get another job. We don't live in a Communist economy. We live in a free at least so far at least the -- free market economy until you liberals get to ruin it but the point is that's the point of a free market economy you have choice you can go to any other job that you might. I worked for five dollars an hour. When I was doing summer jobs. It taught me the value of work and I realized very quickly you know what I don't wanna work in a factory for five dollars an hour and -- encouraged me to go and hit the books so I can start making 20/20 53035. Dollars an -- it's called freedom. You should try it sometime. Now -- for Costco Costco does many other things. They have a very different business model then Wal-Mart. So what does silly ol' Costco pays their employees ten dollars an hour Wal-Mart pays their employees seven dollars an hour it works for Costco we should also work for Wal-Mart. You what are you sorry are you the president of Costco. Are you the president of Wal-Mart. Do you know what the differences between the two companies. So the fact of the matter is this. Wal-Mart provides. Phenomenal products -- incredibly low price in fact when I go to Wal-Mart Eric I don't you go to Wal-Mart but one might go to Wal-Mart I'll tell you what I see. IC working class people lower income people many of them. -- getting great deals on detergent. On food. On band aids on clothes on stalks on underwear on all the basic necessities of life. Now you force them to what do you think's gonna happen to Wal-Mart they got to pay an extra what three dollars per worker. Not gonna pass down the cost to me it's gonna end up hurting the consumer the poor working people you supposedly wanting help. It's about economics. -- -- -- just that a lot of economists out there that I didn't economies listen look I don't care what these frogs have to say I can surely. There aren't what they agree yeah -- all right -- -- Listen -- listen I bet there are 500 economies that have come out and said raising the minimum wage is a job killer in fact many economists say the one thing you should never do is raise the minimum wage. So how long -- where you -- making five dollar an hour I was making five dollars an hour in 1987. Okay 1987. So it's two -- more an hour in 2014. And you really think that the -- that that the cost of living now is it justice and it went back then. It's not Eric King. Eric Eric here's what you don't understand. I was a teenager. Mike and I said to myself I don't wanna make five dollars an hour. I see what five dollars an hour gets me ICL heart I have to work for that five dollars an hour you know what you like it was my father my father forced me to work it was a factory working at its plant. Where he worked it was a management he's I want my son to learn the value of work and he said son if you don't have the book and go for the shovel because that's gonna be your life. And I said dot I don't want to shovel I'm not made for the shovel I don't wanna work for five dollars an hour so I went to school. And I did all -- after all nighter. And I -- in my undergraduate degree and I did my graduate degree and I went onto a Ph.D. and and I went on into media and then went on to teaching. That's the point it's hard it's supposed to be you're not entitled to quit living wage you're not. And I'll tell you this I give you what talk about it living wage you can't live off ten dollars an hour you can't. If you have a family of four you cannot feed your family on ten dollars an hour so by your -- definition if you -- a living wage for everybody. But you better talk point 15 dollars an hour. And they'll destroy the economy and every economist says that. So my point is this Eric McDonald's he's not a career and point it should be a starting point that's what you liberals don't understand. Well the thing is -- that this didn't they haven't become that right now because of the economy. People there's a lot of people out there who aren't just the bunch -- used to it yourself when you aren't sure if you've -- McDonald's should not just the much akin to working here. It's a bunch of you know Stanley guys you know guys well garden women that have still have a sandwich because that's your job didn't get where the moment -- -- -- the. -- what does that do and why is that. Policy I mean I want the whole why is that the only job tell you what what what so again where you got honey you know that's the only job. How do you honestly any reason why did -- get carried out which I must say I understand that a lot of people weird enough but what you just there you -- older now I know I think when people take jobs for many reasons. My point is that you see you only know why the reasons why they take the job you -- you don't you just wonder what you're saying I bet that market might. Point is this it doesn't matter I don't need to know the reasons I'm saying let freedom marine. Let people make their own individual choices on what's best for them you don't have a right to tell employers in people how to lead their lives and what's it just wage and what's not just -- -- short. Say that they people five bucks an hour. You'd think that would be fine. Listen it's up to the business and if you don't like -- don't take the job it's called freedom. Look let me ask you -- how much how much was and how much do you think. What's -- what's your plan when McDonald's decides automating the service is cheaper and eliminates people because that's what's gonna happen. Are already doing in the supermarkets they're already automating everything so then nobody has a job because -- the labor costs or to life. So who are you helping them. Jeff it's -- racially that the for the working cost that much I mean nick says even if they take everybody -- Not a not a denying reality of course students if -- -- somebody -- -- an hour or more dollars more in -- how does -- not raising labor costs for birdie on one final question well what can let me ask you this. Okay let me ask you this -- should a person flipping a -- make. If you're in in -- liberal view in your world view. What's what's that network aren't aren't Europe are an hour why oh why why is that what what what magic one -- you wait how did you come -- to spend ten formula except. That he was told by your president giving you your marching orders and putting that number in your head like a robot. White white tent -- How did you com how did you come to a compacted to not computation would you pay is sixteen year old ten dollars and ten cents a pitcher -- I think you have to really try to bank did not record the song and not the point my point is this so why why suddenly did you come up with ten dollars and ten cents an hour how is suddenly fair. I don't I don't particularly acute we're forward -- art I read what probably what you wanted to say that your read what he told you. Tax cuts -- passed the lips. Died. Dietary winner if he says eleven and a quarter it's eleven and a quarter if he said 999 B 999. Raises -- that's. Comrade we need you for sanity how are you Coleman -- -- -- -- I don't know I think he's he's gone. I a lot of pop -- yeah but I was 30000 times that the global warming -- that would turn the oil and treat you out. Now that's some of them have quite the bigger point that -- executive brought it no longer the president he is the energy. I'm the president can sign an executive order this isn't one of them -- that -- -- first move. That slotted and now what snack. I agree with you. He has no business. Telling employees how much they can be making that's not his drop back only congress can do that. That's another thing it's extra legal it's extra constitutional. Look it's wrong politically it's wrong morally it's wrong economically. 6172666868. Is the number John Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Good morning at the canal -- that I'm good how are you John. I'm very well thank you are -- -- -- -- -- About Marbury warmed up -- yeah art talk about -- and Derek yeah. Early in the US or. A minimum wage increase is because probably generate. We thought that whoever else they showed that in -- more than minimum play its outlook accurately boxes or it off -- But. -- that bad -- -- a little -- is different but we will go to Wal-Mart is very simple. Both fitness model garden and what it's easy to get -- Well I when people I know where because the opera is greater error that the people old or accept free market. Wal-Mart. It won the group is confident in this country. Are actually god but we all -- all of these file is. It's quite a cop who -- you can walk in the dormant in the middle played. It'll come. Up until that 90% of Medicare. Or sports. Pool or in the war in you know just at the end there because the air and let it -- abilities. Well that's how all about well a little bit over and it is your record supply. -- -- -- -- -- We live in. The second shot that because I heard the duck that question how well you know why it because you're. Boxer race them at -- place that than an hour. Not -- people. Up there and people are able to follow. -- the pricing that. You know that John. Are well set 6172666868. Is the number jam Europe next thanks for holding go. Jack I messed up that their daughter and backgammon ninety. -- -- -- back in the ninety I couldn't I have a Latino. But our minimum wage because they were just too many jobs in the area that I would bet. And now it's much stick Brent. Because people can't find jobs in in my area that. I -- which tightlipped saying it about an hour at McDonald's. -- wow really. Well that's because of that tracking another guy that well that there would have. Right right that's right now in the Dakotas and in that area that's right. So what's happening there if you. If you end up jobs. -- -- -- that they nobody will want extra minimum wage. And dad's -- if you know who expect to I would like you wanna know what they're -- they are like five dollar an hour increase in waitress -- The minimum wage a waitress at that rate -- -- in electronic menu is being dropped on cable right now and Eric and when the other night in -- you do it just you can look and see what's on the menu you can. You can press -- -- you can go to that drink you can order they'll begin our credit. That's where it's going you you raise the minimum wage of wake second raiders and you gotta keep electronic menus aren't rock band it was O Lebanese state. Thank you so much -- very good point well look I look at were my Stop & Shop -- order shots and Stop & Shop it's increasingly becoming automate. I'm seeing less grocery clerks are almost by the year. You drive labor costs too high people start automating you're seeing it everywhere. So what these morons are doing without even knowing it is they're gonna price people out of the labor market and cost employment. Look you won and all the best thing to raise rage wages you won in the eighty's and ninety's wages kept going up and up and up you know why. And economic boom. Economic growth. And what's the key to that. Unleashing the private sector in capitalism. Is the greatest anti poverty program in human history. Its -- that's always the music part we talk about that all the time the difference between liberals and an extremist conservatives like us. It's that we want to unleash. The the private sector lower taxes. And allow people to pull themselves up and work. Into different -- Are different letters of the economic scale. And they want you to be happy -- -- a burger. And they want that to be your career path -- ten bucks an hour down and we say no let's -- some changes everything. And let's -- corporate taxes and let -- let the free market take cold and you see you would happen and they say no pour coffee and shut up here's ten bucks here. Ten bucks an hour pour coffee and extremist yeah flip burger shot up behalf because that's your career. And were the ones that are saying aim for the Scots. Become anything that you want. Here I didn't want to work at a factory floor sweeping the floors and and and and and digging ditches for five bucks an hour ice at all that's not for me. I wanna be behind the microphone and take abuse from left wingers are liberals I said that's my career goal and you're right damn good living the dream. 61726. X 6868. Is the number cooks but he wanted to go to next -- dean Europe next thanks for holding welcome. But it's actually a a couple of quick point should. What has required for the ten dollars an hour job completed the seven dollar hour job now you don't have -- have it all -- -- saw just an eventual senate. To be able to literally take -- golf. -- well but it into something that I want to think so we can talk now what do you do that the person who is -- as they've worked their way. To -- eleven garden that I'm getting paid someone who knows so that's what they're blue. Then they beat the different than the seven point five which and they. Could that put into all of that but that's the pay the difference also the group including the bad and the messaging on the investment this -- -- -- 01 K or how you. Never that three dollar increase. The way over effect against -- -- those private business so that that's the day and that they don't look at this goal by Chris managers. You go from seven dollars roughly a ten dollar and 40% increase. But the one told everybody. That the lowest in 40% that's what's gonna -- -- -- -- -- But when -- look at the sixteen or eighteen that we are played except. All I want 40% what to. -- very good point I cannot you know that look this is gonna decimate jobs. This is gonna kill small businesses it's got a crush -- It's gonna impose another massive cost upon the economy let me tell you what's gonna happen we have 92 million people out of work you're gonna see a hundred million people out of work. You think the economic growth is now stagnant you ain't seen nothing guess this is another jaw and economy killer. Thanks to the dear leader at 656 here on WR KL let's take it to Rush Limbaugh Roland -- well.