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Is The Tea Party Over?

Feb 20, 2014|

The Tea Party has stated that it will not endorse or support candidates in the mid-term elections who would vote to keep any of the current House leadership in the next Congress, including Speaker of the House Boehner. Howie pondered the question is the Tea Party the future or the past of the republican party.

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This is the fifth anniversary of the the key party the decision as you may or call. The -- party. The tea parties got started back in 20099. When win. Rick Sam tally was ripping in to the stimulus in the TARP programs and was just saying that that. You know the you know the maybe maybe they should give some some relief to the people who actually are productive and work. As -- pirates. Of course -- the pirates. And and he just sort win Rick Santelli is the Chicago while commodities market that reporter for CNBC. And he just kind of went crazy and they they just it was just in him he was he was just totally. Totally possessed it was a it was truly a magic moment TV and and when he finished up speaking at every -- that everybody on the on the floor of the exchange show started cheering and clapping and pretty soon there were tea parties organizing all around the country. And where are we just talked about you know a few parties have done and I -- I think the two parties are really been a positive in a positive influence but. Here's like here's a here's the here's the famous us sound cut the -- he went on for like five minutes the only the the Obama rump swabs in New York were given a walk -- of course but there were -- telling those are -- suffer fools gladly. Jason do you believe you -- think. I Chicago Tea Party in July and I want you -- -- -- the Lake Michigan I'm gonna start organize. We're. I was I got that and some of -- securities and I think the mayor Daley is is marshaling that that the police right now -- scrambled around -- national tomorrow. -- Jason -- you -- -- can you hear that I am but I don't have the gallery directly behind me so it's going to be tough to follow that yeah exactly as you'd think you'd agree that I got a pit. Clearly we're gonna debate the moral issues of elements. It put push push it back a little bit when he's really screaming and yelling about other screw one over the work and people press just -- you know where we were bad that's the Tea Party stop but he he really gets going earlier that it -- The water rejected a novel idea. Okay ready you know it's. Body in your hand did you hear. Not Joseph like bloody and -- ends. Our -- how many new people wanna pay for your neighbor's mortgage that has an extra bathroom and can't pay their bills raise our end. Bob are you listening to another we all stop paying our mortgage at the moral hazard. If it doesn't look like mob rule here -- bit scared I'm glad I'm unglamorous guy. He's staring at you know QB instead mansions and then it. Relatively decent economy they move from the individual and collective. Driving 54 chevys maybe the last great -- to come out of Detroit and -- I'm on water too which is a little strange to watch it Erica well -- Rick how about the notion that laughing when it will reported that you can go down to 2%. On a -- On the minus 2% still afforded yourself and still have 40% not get a good so why then -- so why -- -- to -- There's Summers is a great economist what I'd love the answer to that one. Jason yeah -- -- The wire. Where were they trying to keep them in the house I mean they did and now. -- now here it is five years later to the day and and what's going on they're there they're there were. Trying to reignite this idiotic bubble this housing bubble. By. You know they had a speech the other day in front of the US Hispanic real estate brokers are gonna all the gonna make -- real -- -- -- houses if you're if you're there you the right. The the right racial caste. Now and it's it's gonna end up the same way that the what the last bubble and that you know people will just be -- the that the prices will run up for a certain amount of time. And the people who don't work crap how who bought houses you know using welfare income as as an error as their income base. Well will just keep borrowing on the house as the -- price increases are the beat the this the speculative price increases. And eventually the bubble will burst in the won't be able to pay off the mortgage the mortgage will be you know two or three times what the house is worth the same damn thing will happen all over again. 18774694322. Witnessed the Tea Party yes succeeded. Did your party is elected some good guys and I think they're going to be some more good guys elected you know here. It's yeah you know -- again I. And when you Cooper's talk about you know by saying that you know but that have been some -- -- losses you know nominating that fool and Delaware the winch. And you know and I know some people Benson MB taxing you know what what's the point of electing Kelly -- or Susan Collins but. You open the point is if you don't have Kelly gay daughter Susan Collins in the -- you're gonna have. Might meet shoe or our or -- or were oh or. Paul holds. In there and and who you know again. Which we would rather have Kelly -- pol holds just put it that way it's it's as simple as that would rather have a Grammy wore a murderer Scott -- And a -- I hope I I hope that they keep. Electing more and more Tea Party guys they have like 678. Of these guys like -- that make me get McDaniel when there. Gets that from Mississippi get -- stockman in their from Texas. Few few more here and there in its salute you you have like Kia. You know also that. So that they wouldn't seem like century -- marginalized group you know not that not generally -- like Ted Cruz but. There's there's there's so outnumbered and in the east and he's just it's ripped apart by these. These visas. I know Republicans. Christie are next with how we are going to Christie. Christian I had sorry Christians -- From -- Called from Portsmouth UK but on pump from the -- You you were talking about you're talking about. That's happening -- yet. So what -- my favorite. Television. News outlets here in Russian times. Is that like MSNBC. -- audit on on heroin all week. I thought they were on herald the on our power -- -- yeah. Yeah act like. So they got straighten -- all of the talking that the TV on this channel they're all Americans it. It's a real lap especially considering all the -- that MSNBC at the -- And they like. They were interviewing a I think it was Lubbock Texas but it was a retired accident. Sure and they were showing him footage of the riots and asking for his reaction. And that all properties as well you know she doesn't they're used in those -- would you call petrol bombs that we hear call -- -- cocktails. And a I. They are geared it would be well within a bit of the law to be and their service weapons and applause deadly force. -- Apply it didn't just go to -- you know that was great date. There jobs were on the ground they couldn't get commercial back that -- it was it was awesome. But not you know it's funny it is that easy thing going on among other strange laws here are the UK pop parliament. I asked the static series -- -- that stipulate how accurate the weather may end capacity. All -- of Washington gently move into the UK. All that bill would really -- they're probably some professional liability insurance that might be out. But you like. I just brutally beaten Purdue didn't do it for the season so like big not all he's thinking about like -- they were they were accurate you know she's -- and the aren't. The metric was 63%. So you know they're they're not gonna get a bonus. Gotti -- got all the the well I work for the ministry of defense here in about one of the guys when the whole. Hurricane in the Philippines was going on we're talking about political climate refugees yeah of these dot. One of who I've a work a lot with the world maybe and the guy says to me he says well -- He says it's you know we just. Our aircraft carrier there because I I I I I haven't -- Because I haven't heard of any American aircraft carriers don't there. I think -- -- aircraft traders await your other aircraft carries as well we only have one -- you guys that you retire aircraft carrier -- product. It's pretty good. As well that was so so how did you went up here in the UK -- that I used to run the navy's top. Whether weapon. Whether weapon innovation lab down in the southern Pacific and you know kind of screwed up so animated sending elected to north. Would estimate they -- -- they just the the government the US government Christian had no idea what the weather was going to be. There were they would get sued in the UK last fall the climate prediction center of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicted that temperatures will be above normal. From November through January. And look better off just a little bit off this there was snow last week on the ground that every state except Florida space for the -- Christian keep less than. And how we car. 18774694322. Net. Your next with how we cargo -- neck. How does that -- Texas is -- attack it was really great drive at all on work the other night listening to you on the market and it choke -- Yeah. I just want to mention a couple went about about the Tea Party yeah. For all. And we all get people like us. Party it's all on his own words he said that gets. Pit crews had not created the linkage between amnesty and that it can agree that they'll. Immigration bill or about a lot further ought to probably would've gone to the house it would add in and it -- the SEC. -- that -- and everybody. Is Bachmann gonna get into the rise in a written to a runoff against corn and oh you are in trouble I probably. Accrued on the floor of the senate they don't like is. It one on Monday yeah. But more importantly. We're out of time I hope stock gets in the -- we car.