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Michelle Obama: "Young people are knuckleheads."

Feb 21, 2014|

Michelle Obama calls young people knuckleheads. Do you find this insulting? Jeff does.

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Think 21 on WRKO. Welcome back Jeff career Boston's bulldozers and 666868. Is the number. Now I've been saying this now for a very very long time. They might lifelong study of progressive isn't socialism collective Hisham liberalism whatever you wanna call. They're fundamental guiding principle. Is that -- know what's better for you. They -- do. It is in fact the sin of pride. It is the sin of hubris. Whether they realize it or not. It's the belief. That man is like a god. That in fact they are bought. Through distinct. Taken control almost every aspect of life and they know how to run your life better than you do not suggest. -- -- check -- god as such are right wing extreme -- my Garrick this as we got to get -- the -- businesses then. Businesses whereas Romans business -- My -- right far rightwing kkk a meal let's see you thank god far right hard right ultra right crazy right. Okay. Last night. Mark system won't -- First lady Michelle Obama this time not what the 121000 dollar go home but she wore a T. Fancy state dinner with French President Bush while all around. All this I'm just gonna probably 34000 dollar outfit. Wears on Jimmy Fallon. Now this is the same people heard her husband. Who were basically propelled into power by the youth vote. These are the same people that the young people of America voted for in droves in 20082012. There are the ones that were considered -- hips so -- That everybody all these young people crying. I -- the dear leader of the cult of personality. This is what she openly sent. About young people and why he didn't need obamacare. Roll it Brittany. Right because a lot of it and see what has shown. We just on the why would they this is a Laguna monies. Well thanks to an Affordable Care Act young people can stay on their parents' insurance until they're 26. But once they hit 26 they're on their -- and a lot of young people think they're invincible. But it's youth is young people are knuckle -- You know. They're the ones who -- cooking for the first time it's like fifteen year old then -- dancing on the bar stool there and okay. Where if you are not true I think WOP. Apparently. We're knuckle heads and Jimmy. Basically she's -- Lawrence. Does -- so what she's saying it's brick and this is and this is the whole premise of forcing young people to buy obamacare. Is. You are sold stupid. Few are sold incapable. Of running your own life. You are such a -- child. That you see you don't even know what senior self interest. So we're gonna make it in your self interest we're gonna tell you how to lead your life and what's best for you. Then nanny state. Big government as Big Brother. So we're gonna force you against your will. Upon the pain of -- ML apiece as the French say a penalty. You must purchase health insurance wherever you want it don't want it with you need it. Or don't mean -- that's number one. Number two I've got to ask you this has -- -- -- -- the only crazy one here because. Since -- is 26 young. What I mean is a -- Dual port yes of course I'm 44 -- you look young to me. Bring -- point -- telling you she looks sixteen to me because I'm 44. Eighteen years old is the age of an adult. You can go to war and eighteen. You can be sent to Iraq or Afghanistan. You can vote at eighteen. When I was 22 years of HI. Was basically out of my parents' house. I went to graduate school then I got married. And then we got our first apartment I 2223. I flew the coop. Well I'm sure how many young Jewish person -- -- young. Since when are you a child and teenager -- perpetual adolescent. Until you're 26 years of H. Buccaneers also insulting but here's the mother of all points. Written rule is not a knucklehead. She's 24. I can tell guests younger people will do stupid things that's true no question about it. They drank too much often they do things that they regret in life but to be honest with you that's more 16171819. The college days by 23242526. -- may be Iran with a different crowd. But I'll tell you this. Some of the best journalists I ever had forever -- When I was at The Washington Times and I was the editor of insight magazine. People -- twenties. Frankly a lot of the women in their twenties dinner. -- Smith. Our reporter for the Boston Herald I think she won a Pulitzer. Ordering credible coverage of the DCF scandals and older -- incompetent inept leadership of -- Roche. Now I read the Boston Herald I -- to print edition but sometimes when I'm doing sharp -- I don't you know before I get next day's edition I will look online and see what their stories are and now the growing tradition or the growing habit. -- trend in journalism is to put people reporters' pictures along with their articles sort look at Aaron Smith I see your face. I believe said she was 26 or point out of order rages. She looks to me 26 point seven point here I could be wrong she looks quite young ish. Some of the best reporters. -- -- mid to late twelve weeks. They're not knuckle heads. Now think about this. The entire conceptual. A linchpin of obamacare. The only way they can somehow find eventually make it work. Each to force young people who tend to be very healthy. In -- -- system where they pay exorbitant. Premiums. Paid through the notes. To essentially subsidize. The older part of the population. The more unhealthy part of the population and especially those that want free or heavily subsidized health insurance in other words it's a massive transfer of wealth. From the young to the deadbeats in society. Who want essentially free obamacare. Or subsidized health care. Why would you do that. If you're 232425. If you're Britain's H. Why would she want to pay. 245678000. Dollars a year in premiums and health in shorts. To get into a garbage plan. Few choices few doctors. So to essentially subsidize. People many of what we're gonna be illegal immigrants so they can get essentially. Free or almost three heavily subsidized healthcare it's a racquet. And the reason why many young people are not signing up is because -- -- let's. Just because frankly. -- their self interest they can do the basic -- economic. Calculation hold on bad coverage. But care. Really not many doctors. Paying through -- -- no I'd rather pay the penalty of 95 dollars a year or whatever and eventually was up to 300 or 400 -- I'd rather just the penalty. It's it's cheaper for me to -- I'm young I probably won't get sick and if I do -- out of pocket I'm still coming out ahead. And here's the final point. To the young people out there. They're now openly expressing their contempt and disdain for you. There openly calling you knuckle heads in stupid. They're openly telling you you're dumb to know what's in your old self interest. And it was the majority view that voted form in overwhelming numbers and help put them in power. And who were the ones that have been ultimately shafted by this regime and this president. Who's the one that's saddled you with debts and and and -- and deficits that will last you for the rest of your lights. Who were the ones that have destroyed this economy now young people today there is a 50%. Unemployment rate. You have no jobs you have no future and now you won't even have health care. Or you'll have lousy health care my friends I -- not a title that's but if you're young person today. Did dear leader he wasn't your savior. Q was your destroyer. And. -- -- -- -- -- -- Would you personally why would they didn't do a lot of money to spend. Well thanks as Affordable Care Act young people can stay on their parents' insurance until -- 46. But once they hit point six. They're on their own and a lot of young people think they're invincible but the truth is young people unlawful it you know. They're the ones who are cooking for the first time the flight fifteen girls then there dancing on the bar stool there. Okay. Page 37 on the great WRKO. Jeff quarter Boston's bulldozer. That was Marxist macho. Yesterday on the Jimmy Fallon show. It's insulting. Two young people. I think it's condescending. I think to me I mean this. This to the young people. People their points. Many of you voted for that's what they really think about what you. Well let me ask all of -- this. Worry young people played for fools. By the Obama's 6172666868. Is the number. And -- and obviously everybody out there but in particular to people and -- points. When you hear something like this. Are you offended. Are you not insulted. I mean do you like being called basically stupid and your -- happenings are stupid they are honestly think your social period. That you -- need to force you to buy health insurance because you don't know what's good for. 6172666868. Is the number. You can text -- -- 68680. This is from 617 Jeff can you imagine if Laura Bush called the youth of America quote knuckle heads. Maybe now they finally get -- regime views them bingo 617 -- they'll all -- dull lives will be going berserk. If Laura Bush said young people were quote knuckle -- -- all all at duke it would be leading the front page of the New York Times the Washington Post. I think Anderson Cooper would get a heart attack I think Andrea Mitchell would would would would go apoplectic on the on the screen. I would UN near the end of -- this is from a 617 Jeff. I got married at age 25 I wasn't a kid -- channel -- my friend 603. Why would they vote for Obama if they weren't knuckle heads up a you know. I gotta set 603 that's certain but that's the only argument they have that's the only heralding have been their query and their clever. God this is from 781. Michelle is so offensive I'm 27 married a homeowner who really -- -- hit me congratulations. And between me and my husband. We've pulled down a very comfortable living I do not need the government telling me what to do. 781. Can -- has the Italians say solute. Congratulations. While a 27. I just had gotten married and I was living in a three and a half with my wife. Living off 775. Dollars a month you're doing very well for yourself congratulations. 603. Jeff when I was point three I was married and had my first house. -- -- This is an insult to me. To the people of their points. And it shows you the utter contempt. That he utter condescending. Attitude. That many liberals hold for Americans and their problem all ages but especially for the younger. They're basically telling you you're so incompetent your social big huge solar inept you know what's good for you win what's good for you. Mike Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Good morning -- Spiritual all the major -- this year but about a comment like that to me wish. But it shocking actually. What -- the as a symbol of encouragement to our young. Should be an example to our young people. Especially young Jews are struggling in school -- -- a -- late general William they had what I'm Michael -- and it would make a statement like that. In contention and -- published a borrowed much. It changed the culture I know people -- opponent which include her two little daughters reportedly private schools make -- open ten national. -- -- -- than in the yellow and there you know Belinda Markel has a they'd elect gore has still fresh shell. It's a -- -- -- apology to all the parents that -- try to put it gives you this school. And cheek and give them there and overworked question that might actually can get a good grade and you column about alleged. Every. Thank you very much Mike this is from 77. Forgive me this is from 603. Jeff in the Marines at eighteen. Married at 23. Now 34 with three kids and I still feel like and knucklehead kids to. This is from 774 Jeff I'm 23. And up by that time I was point three I was married. All go home and led Marines in combat wow. Wow I salute you. They just show you how bad things are getting. Here's another story according to a stunning Gallup survey. Nearly one out of three US adults. Under the age of 35 in particular point 9%. Of all US adults under the age of 35 are living at home with their parents. Thank you dear leader. That's Obama's America. There you are sitting on the couch here 3032 years of age. No job no future no opportunity. And a fading hope and change posters are right there. That's what this man has done for you and don't forget. The eighteen trillion dollars in debt picture and viewing your generation are gonna have to -- that's also been put on your shoulders so. Thank you dear leader. You screwed us. And good running Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Hey good morning Jeff fumble for a make my point that I called and or bought obamacare I just have to say that you have been on fire. This week I listened to that I -- an extremist monologue from yesterday three times last night. And I'm just some of the most popular radio. I have ever heard so a lot kudos to you Jeff I want to thank you. Just incredible stuff this week thank you -- much. As both the 95 dollar -- penalty for obamacare I had my tax has prepared yesterday. And that's part of the new regulations on your tax preparing have to show you what your penalty is going to beat each year for the next three years if you don't have insurance. If I'm uninsured next year the -- opiates 580. Dollars. If among ensured the year after about the penalty of 770. Dollars. And -- some uninsured three years from now the penalty will be 12126. Dollars job. So that 95 dollar penalty thing is fixed income net and I'm sure I am I trying to elicit that have been having that tax is prepared. I'm can verify what I just told you but those are the three -- before and I'll play over the next three years if I decide to not have health insurance 12126. Box. Three years from now will be my panel they. Running let me ask you this short. There's obviously you're not I mean she may think you're a knucklehead but obviously you're not a knock -- saw the incredible invention you've brought in but was it running last week OK I mean just. And obviously you've been on the show often and and the audience loves you. How is -- the government's business. To force you to compel you. To purchase health insurance even if for example you don't want it you say you know want from me for my life for my family. Whatever reason there it's been donated that if I have to pay they'll pay out of pocket where how where is the government's business. To tell you Ron. Whether you should or shouldn't have health insurance. Just a little understanding -- how the Supreme Court just this -- said that that 12126. Dollar federal penalty isn't attacks. I I I -- it just makes. Absolutely no sense to me all an annual Rite -- it's a completely re you know redistribution mechanism. The idea that I have to play you know 34 times more and get lash. So somebody else can pay less and get more it's just ridiculous yup it's just ridiculous let me that Benedict huge. Double -- and a penalty for not buying some that tactic I don't know what to make him. Thank you gonna call running -- it's a bit about -- finality. For not buying something. Air -- that this is incredible. So this should not I don't I keep asking this nobody can answer this question. Where in the constitution of the United States I look look look you can look over a -- I'll buy you the most expensive steak dinner you wanna go to Hanover street chop out route -- -- you picked the locale. You show me in the constitution anywhere. Where the federal government can compel you against your will. To purchase a good or service. Gotta buy bread to feed your family. To buy milk to feed your kids. And by the way Allen doing is buying milk for Russian naval lately but again. That's another expense says it's seven bucks -- they had to offer them it's nothing but organic if I give them their regular rail against secularist. There's stomach begins to hurt so from my kids it's it's got to be a seven dollar to -- seven bucks for a gallon. Of this organic milk at seven by accident would pose to kids but again I don't I told grace where -- milk of politics. Where despite that stuff with with crack cocaine but anyway let that go. Where does it say in the constitution. That you can compel an individual in theory free born American citizen. To purchase a good or service against -- will. Whether it be health care. Whether it be a milk bread. Meat. I mean if I don't eat I guy eight. So by their logic he should be compelling read -- to -- to go to buy groceries once a week. -- just think about it and then you have the nerve to impose a Penelope. 6172666868. Is the number -- Europe next thanks for holding pen well one WRKO. How I feel I'm good how are you John I'm great I'm chuckling I wonder what she called and when he needed to all of America. 57 states. No I don't I gotta tell you if you look at the 20082012. Complaints. Do you know how many times he referred to this country's 57 states. And I want you look at this he's in Kansas City -- he says he's in Saint Louis. He's in Miami but he says he's in Fort Lauderdale this kept happening over and over and over again. I -- he the most basic elementary things about the United States he doesn't know. And the -- making fun of George W. Bush they kept calling bush a moron president. Eric I'm looking at this guy height. Really you pick away the teleprompter no it's when he's not at a set piece. When he's not packaged when he's not reading from a script and he's there on his own. Look how little he notes. Look how we trips up over himself or we'll talk about in the fourth hour we'll have open minds Friday but what the topics are gonna be Ukraine. Ukraine is now on fire. You know have -- basically civil war erupting in downtown Kiev. You've got Russia involved you've got the EU involved. You've got. Armored personnel carriers pouring and you know -- -- revival of the Cold War east vs west. That situation is incredibly explosive. And what is the dear leader do. She draws another red line. After having to redlining Syria blow up in his face like he's like an eighteen year old kid like a child. Well I'll tell you what it is I honestly believe Michelle this project and. She's saying and I'm married to marry the mr. self he would be long legged. Danish prime minister like you never saw a woman before in his life. And she's probably thinking -- her husband. She's thinking and Michael had like my yell at my husband and I like you don't like young people are dancing on bars schools they can't cook and they cut themselves and -- she's thinking about her husband that frankly is the big is Michael out of the -- Thomas are up next thanks for holding welcome. -- Korea I'm good Harriet. There were eight you can that's all alone and I've been using to demonstrate some honorable -- how silly obamacare aside you know you hear the PSA -- and even not cocktail you know wanted to send people struggle with hunger. I tell people we should solve -- wonder until on the move must eat and buy groceries and that they don't we should find them and that will cure world hunger. And when people say that's the dumbest senator ever hurt and I say thank you very much you you just made my case. Very very good point Thomas.