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Justina Pelletier- kidnapped? Who has the right to take someones child?

Feb 25, 2014|

The saga involving Boston Children’s Hospital and the parents of Justina Pelletier has reached new heights after a judge order Justina to be taken into custody by the DCF

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We -- OK okay Jeff. We're Boston bulldozer. Cleaning up a little bowl. Good morning news Washington. A lot to talk about today come. Here's a story. -- I have to tell you and my wife grace as many of you know. He is very calm. Very level headed. She's a former professor she's now a columnist and writer. She's not given to move you know volatile emotions. She's not. You know mellow dramatic effect she's very opposite of melodramatic she's literally the anchor of our home. I'm very calm very cool very cold side. When she saw this story yesterday. I wanna give my hat tip to Megyn Kelly for really aggressively pursuing an investigating this story. She looked at me. White is a ghost. And so I can't believe this is happening in America. I am genuinely for the first time in my life. Asking myself what is happening. In this country. And again. Just was on Fox News yesterday was picked up by multiple media outlets. Both locally and around the country again. Massachusetts. Is in the line of fire. Again we are ground zero. And the growing liberal assault and war on the family and on parental rights. And in particular is the dramatic -- latest development in over the case of just Tina Pelletier. And as many of you know we've talked about the story a few times before well now there are new developments. Justine -- Pelletier. Is a teenager. From West Hartford, Connecticut. She had been diagnosed. With Mike told Kong's real disease. She had been diagnosed by several doctors with my -- Kong's real disease which is essentially muscle disorder. You and she went to tufts medical center. Which is one of the best hospitals in the country. She spoke with experts they -- she met with exports of -- her parents who and Linda pellets here. Met with experts there and they said conclusively hands down. She suffers from Michael -- real disease. Well last year. This young teenager. Who you see picture after picture obviously -- her father obviously loves her mother you see photos of them constantly playing together. Horsing around together. Was how it came down with the flu. And so -- to occur to Boston's Children's Hospital. Try to good reputation they needed somebody to treat the flu while when Boston's Children's Hospital. Took a look at Justine -- Pelletier. And they immediately started asking questions. And when the parents and Justine has said well yeah I suffer from my -- Kong's real disease how is this affecting my flu or flu symptoms except Iraq. They have certain experts -- there in the psychology department in the psychiatry department. Walked in and said no don't known -- -- role. She doesn't suffer from Michael corn real disease that's those symptoms are cycle semantic -- in her head there in her brain. She's imagining all of this mitochondria -- disease doesn't exist. We don't even accepted as a disease. And so literally the doctor stepped in and and they accused and charged. The parents -- and Linda Pelletier. With medical abuse of their daughter. Saying how dare you accept his diagnosis of my no country -- disease you're shortchanging your daughter. You're hurting your daughter. And so they went to court and any judge sure who literally took custody away. Took custody of Justine away from her father and mother and placed it in the hands of Boston's Children's Hospital. They took away their daughter. The parents have gone berserk. The parents have been trying to fight this in court the father has been out of his mind. Them the mother has been out of her mind -- her her sister Jessica has been out of her mind. And then on top of this not only do they take their child the way the check this out then the courts imposed a gag order. So the only recourse left outside of fighting this thing in the courts is to go to the media. And to try to. Popularize their case to try to inform the public so the media can shed a spotlight and put pressure on Boston's Children's Hospital so they can get their daughter back won't -- the court she jumped in. Liberal judges jump in and they imposed a gag order. So now they were purple what you think about this now they were prevented from talking to the media. What ever happened to the First Amendment. What ever happened to freedom of speech. What ever happened to freedom of expression. How come a father doesn't have a right. To talk about the case of his daughter to the media. And some judge not only orders your daughter be taken from you. But then gives you instructions and orders you against your will to not talk to the media. And so now here is the kicker because I have been I have interviewed -- Pelletier in particular spoken to the father on several locations. Their biggest concern and now it's been confirmed. Is that Justine and I'm choosing my words very carefully. Is dying. She has fallen into a profound depression. She now misses her mother and her father. She has been locked away in a room in Boston Children's Hospital. The parents have only been allowed to visit her on a weekly basis once a week and even then it's been a supervised visit. We're social workers surrounded by police officers have to watch them as they talk to their daughter for one hour once a week. She says she misses her mother and her father she just wants to be with mommy and daddy. She obviously says she's got might -- on real disease the father says it the mother says it. There is a doctor an expert at tufts medical center. Who repeatedly has said he wants to meet with experts at Boston's Children's Hospital to explain to them exactly why he came to his diagnosis. She has been wasting away any. She -- starving she's become little seeing that she cannot eat she refuses to eat. She has fallen to such a profound depression she's lost so much weight I kid you not she's now basically on death's door. And so yesterday. Her case was finally taken up. By age arch as Suffolk County. The charge. Whereby he'll rule. To the horror of the parents. -- now Justine appellate TA is not Pelletier. He's not gonna go back to her parents she's not gonna be returned to where mother and father but check this out. In collusion with the department of children and families DC after. Which helped spearhead. The charge to take Kirk custody away from repair its. Now the -- to place or check this out. Any Foster home. Amy Foster home. Now considering. All of the convicted criminals that are in the Foster care system. Considering all the kids that I've been missing are getting killed under DC up over the last three or four years. Believe me the last place you ever want your child place is under Foster care system in DC -- But let dot -- My friends. This case of simple. This is this clearest and -- any. This is an assault. By the state of Massachusetts. Against the parental rights and authority. Of the mother and the father. And let me say this very clearly. To that liberal judge in Suffolk County. Demeaning. To all. To the entire corrupt DCF system it's about time somebody said that's not your child time. Do you wonders can you wrap this around your progressive status primitive liberal mind. That is not you -- Childs. He doesn't belong to you. It belongs to -- and Linda Pelletier. Jingle what's best for their daughter. Now let me be very clear. This is not even a case. Let's say some. Religious family of some you know whatever some. The bizarre religion or bizarre cult. Where let's say the child has got diagnosed with cancer or leukemia. And they believe they don't believe in modern medicine and they don't want to treat their child and her child is I think. And the child will die unless you give a proper medical care were not even talking about something like this. Over what's best in the compelling interest of the child. -- you've got medical experts. One of them from tufts medical center. Expert after -- Pursuing what she's got Michael cornfield disease. And you -- Boston Children's Hospital says they disagree. I don't have a right as a parent to a second opinion. Look it's very simple. -- Ashton is diagnosed her with -- disease don't let me just make I -- I also read. And I see a doctor goes there's guidelines disease and I take them to Boston Children's Hospital would signal he doesn't have my lime disease not all of the -- imagination. Well I'm sorry I'm the parent. I get to decide which medical assessment I wanna go with much you. Not DC have not some arrogant. I dictatorial liberal judge. And certainly not some social worker or bureaucrat from BCF or meaning mis administration. Now my friends. The lines are blazing how many get to them in the second. Let me tell you what my wife said I'm gonna say it to you right now. -- this Ukraine. -- -- -- He's -- some Third World banana republic. We're now our children can be taken from us. We lose custody of our own kids. Because some so called medical expert or some liberal social worker or some liberal judge says men and -- and a I know what's better for your child and you do I don't give a damn about these other experts I don't care about your parental rights I don't care about your parental authority -- I don't know. The rights of the state trump those of the parents the rights of the state trump those of the family. This is communism. Full fledged communism. Free Justine. Pelletier. She has now become a prisoner. Of the state of Massachusetts. Of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. And of the liberal gangster regime move a BC -- And my friends let me just say this to all of you and I'm speaking now in particular to the liberals. Because you refuse to raise your voice against this corrupt out of control administration so let me say -- you very clearly. That could be your child. -- remember. -- could be your child. And god forbid if your child is very sick. And god forbid you should take your child to a hospital. And god forbid some. Arrogant doctor or some arrogant charge or some arrogant social worker decides to take the custody of your child away from you because they say you're not a fit parent. Because they don't agree with fewer medical decision and diagnosis free year old child. That's the precedent that's being established here. Justine Pelletier. Deserves to be one place and one place only. And got us to be home with her mother and her father and her sister and her loving family. Not in some Foster system. Not at Boston's Children's Hospital not as some. The medical facility. She deserves to be with her parents. That's right is given to her not by the government. Not by the states not -- meaning me but by god almighty himself. Upon the news of the judges devastating decision yesterday. Linda Pelletier the mother. Stricken with grief. Beside herself after this massive one year ordeal devastating. When your ordeal. Collapsed on this on the floor of the courthouse. They had a calling paramedics. To rusher to the hospital. The father loop Pelletier could be heard yelling screaming and crying. Reporters said they found them on a court bench. Weeping and crying saying please give me my daughter back. -- -- -- Demeaning me. -- the liberal fascists indistinct. Have -- notion. Have you ocean. No -- -- clean were children. No. Not in the United States of America. And sold to the parents and people of Massachusetts. I ask you this simple question. What do you make of the I'm Justine a Pelletier case and is it time to free Justine out. I say yes 6172666868. Is the number what do you say. Joseph Europe next thanks for -- and welcome. -- -- -- -- -- Well -- -- -- and it already does that bother people are good at it. And I don't look very heavy but I. Try to look at -- and it. No reason I. -- Don't get it I've really not that I thought okay. I mean well the question now are a little. Car Eric I got a good look at the didn't look it up. Well this is it true -- not share our air and it all I got it well. -- it all but. That's. Definitely right there just great that I felt that it. No question about it -- -- is it. Joseph let me explain because I've I've been working my sources behind the scene I've spoken to the -- is let me tell you exactly what happened okay. There is a psychiatry department at Boston Children's Hospital. And they have written several papers in which they get a lot of research money grant money. Whereby they have been on a crusade. Trying to show that might -- Kong's real disease. Is essentially a figment of people's imagination it's not a real disease. So their part of this new branch of psychiatry. Where they are convinced that many health problems are literally manifestations. Of your mind. It's cycle somatic it's not real. And so obviously what they want our test cases. They're obsessed with getting test case it's. So they see somebody like Justine -- Pelletier brought in -- she had the flu. They should all you were diagnosed with mitochondria diseased and normal -- you don't have mitochondria disease guys aren't finding shall mitochondria of disease doesn't exist. So if you're getting operations for it if you're getting treatment for a that in fact is a form of child abuse. Because you're giving her treatments and medication. That some of them painful and that she shouldn't be getting because this is not a real disease. Now the problem is you've got an army of experts tufts medical center being and one of home that says no normal. It's of course it's a real disease. Now I can tell you this I've looked at pictures of just -- Pelletier. Book and look them up on -- She obviously has a muscle disorder. You can tell just by looking. It's not cycle semantic. But that's not the issue that isn't the issue. It's that parents his decision. It's not the decision of the doctors of the hospital of DCF or the liberal judges. Don't know what happened was. They were collusion would be CF DCF does not have many medical experts so they take a word of Boston's Children's Hospital. And so they went to George Mason they look she and her parents are medically abusing her remove dramatically abusing twelve they're giving -- diagnosing her with this disease and it's not a real disease and the sport -- getting treatment after treatment operation after operation. No -- we can take care verbal you've got to take her away from her parents. Because her parents don't know what's good for her her parents are slowly killing her by treating. And so the judge again typical liberal bleeding heart arrogant judge says OK I know what's best for the child. Forget the parents is writes the child's welfare trumps the pure rights of the parents. And so they literally -- custody now the reason why the judge put this child in Foster care system is. He now wants to hear all the evidence so basically wants to putter and a state of limbo. She's not in the hospital but she's not with the parents. So he's like cutting a basically cutting the BB enough so let Justine just stay in a Foster system until this is all worked out in the courts. Meanwhile she's wasting away. Meanwhile she's literally she can't Ichi starving because she's so this is a parent's. Meanwhile her parents honestly they're gonna they're gonna get a heart attack or something you're gonna have a complete breakdown. Because they're just so despondent at having their child stolen from. What you're seeing indistinct. It stayed isn't the ideology and belief in the all powerful state of liberalism. Now peaking -- -- logical conclusion. Is a war on the family. Their rights trump your rights. That's the issue. And I'm sorry. But this was decided by human nature and by god almighty. My right as a parent trumps those of any government bureaucrat any liberal judge any. Any social worker. If I want my child to be treated for mitochondria a disease and by god my child's going to be treated for mitochondria disease. Andrea Europe Max thanks for holding well. I've read a lot less than the do you that would happen to do it they -- -- we disagree with that we don't take her out of her medication or not. We went out transfer back to conduct a cooler than. Every kid that chronic finger tapping away. The whole thing than saying it I think I think blown up it could. Guess he -- medical conditions deteriorated and I don't I'm guilty of it obviously is. I think it not on medication -- -- not seen any medical practice. And it seems a bit collusion between the judge between DC -- between children and what may be the governor. I don't know how do you think that put despite and a question you can make a different -- But can I do that in a lot left open the inaudible and -- -- actually -- I mean I couldn't help and so on capitol what is it how -- -- did pop out of the bobcat -- determined that bed and bring her back home and bring it mathematical problems. If you want to run for president that was the kind of -- It everything in politics I know yeah. Andrea. She was asked by Fox News and others for comment. He has no comment I swear you meaning me is going off on vacation to Costa Rica. So we've got no comment he's off to Costa Rica. So no let me tell you what happens if this girl dice. There and DCF has blood on its hands. Dot liberal judge has blood on his sentence and mini me has blood on his -- but again I go back to DC up and old Russia -- How many children have died under her watch. She's still there are many many refuse to accept her resignation -- six. From the media outside of Jeff corner and a few and the Boston Herald. Silence. Silence. So until you -- citizens of Massachusetts. Say enough is enough it's going to be business as usual. This state is so corrupt. That judges are in bed -- DCF who are in bed with the democratic politicians. Who want to -- the bureaucracy and government trump the rights of parents and families. That's what this is all about. It's about protecting Boston's children's hospital and BCF at all costs. We -- up next thanks for holding gold. -- I hate and considering a white considering a graduate program through. Up its order and not going to do that. I wouldn't separate it looked Elliott right now it's such a situation or the other thing I need to say areas. All part of their big grand theory that they all your children. You are not the owner of your child's. You cannot get -- university and bear doctors. Who would say you because you don't own your child the state drives. Lee have you ever thought of getting to talk radio. I have a degree broadcast -- regardless I'll tell you this I -- said it better myself. I mean honestly you nailed -- brand that Charlie Kevin can John hang on. I'll get to all of your calls after this very short break. 630 on WRK well let's take it that Angela Anderson in the news -- 636 here on the great WRKO. Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer. 6172666868. There's a number. Here's the story. From Fox25. Roll it. -- -- spent fifteen year old Justine -- Pelletier would now be a Foster child crippled her mother Linda. Subjecting her to a stretcher after collapsing outside the courtroom in the -- courthouse today despair -- it all over her face. Much different than when she and her husband Lou entered the courthouse this morning they were optimistic they can leaving with their family whole again hopefully. We'll have some good news only come -- instead they learn Justine now would be in Foster care in Merrimack two hours from the family's West Hartford, Connecticut home. It's into emotions soaring -- could be heard screaming by our reporters on the floor above here's what they want. They want to -- to -- them there's no argument that she was doing better under their care that under the care of the government. -- look I agree with them. So I judge has now ruled that Justine appellate she air should now be -- placed in a Foster home. Until these issues are resolved but -- Think of this think of this. Boston Children's Hospital has had this trial for over a year. Her condition has gotten worse she's been denied treatment for her mitochondria old disease she's now wasting away and on the verge of -- Who child -- The government's or the parents. And what the state of Massachusetts is saying and what that liberal judges saying is your children don't belong deal. Ultimate jurisdiction and authority is resides in the state and want to not with the parents while I'm sorry call me old fashioned. But might Ava in my -- and are my responsibility. They fall under my authority. Not the government's. Now let me just say this there were opened up to the phone once. Many of you have been texting me and saying Jeff what can we do now let me tell all of you this I need to stress this all -- you. Just by listening to the show. By calling the show by texting the show you are -- now voicing your opposition to this entire corrupt regime. And my friends let me tell you that's. The war on the family. The war on the individual. The war on parental rights the war on hard work. The war on individual initiative and self reliance. Is ultimately a war against human nature itself. Fish regime that we -- always liberalism. Cannot stand. Is like communism it's like marxism it's like fascism. It is and -- human it is anti nature it is anti god it is anti family. An Indian. Like every other fanatical ideology of the last hundred years it will come crashing down. So don't despair. We have to truth on our site. We have just this on our site. Every day that you listen to this show. Every day that goes on we shamed them and expose them more by more and more every day. Now the world can see. What -- liberals in this state really think about children and about parental rights I'm telling you. This regime who will fall. It's not a question of if it's a question of when and were the ones that are gonna portion Andrea Europe next thanks for holding welcome. How important the total horrifying. I prove myself you better legal representation. Quote I don't think they're trying to hate. The fact that -- -- the girls to a far probably Warren Riley to wage it can't meet with Larry to try it before they got to work. The courthouse yesterday they already knew they were gonna do that they had optimum online induction into. The state has not proved that they've done a better job like you -- In the past year where the doctors. Treating the kids aren't all on top. Why didn't they contact can't control it and and start for the family. Couldn't believe BP and a a couple of like how rich and holding -- to start the the god. When my arm of the premature baby are different thirtieth the averaged 31 -- he a Republican women traction they he would getting better but he couldn't -- yet. Wanted to transfer -- to queen's English spoken they needed his debt other kids and I thought well and I you could truly know because I was living eagle marsh. And that -- thirty years ago I. Parental rights trump everything I refused to sign that they thought I know nothing about Clinton constantly -- my baby territory controlled which mean each and they are blacked out. Just pitched. Just thirtieth. Andrea -- you nailed it it's it's exciting and it's really been twenty years I -- for you which thirty years but really it's been about twenty years. It's changed. And that's why I'm like when I'm ringing the alarm bell. The fire bell in the night as Thomas Jefferson sent. This state is out of control. They believe that the state trumps your rights as individuals and -- families and his parents. And I'm telling you they don't. Because your rights come from god. I should sit in the declaration of independence we are endowed by our creator. Which certain -- inalienable rights life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. She doesn't come from the government. That comes from god almighty himself. Brenda Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Thank you -- saying that (%expletive) I tell people that all the time government isn't god and does it get that -- and didn't frightening. It's amazing. -- medical issue. -- turned into child -- the battle. We'll get parents yelling screaming out of luck -- Bloomberg wrapped with glee for basically are acting out. When you mentioned something about what we can -- can you -- that's how important it lipped out calling it shell and -- Tonight spirit. That we share -- -- everyone an incorrect country should be polyglot alms and plot how -- -- Oh and how I guess today it's amazing how many people don't even know about the case -- people jaw dropping. And so people -- now I'd go and how other people because you know what they're going to be coming out there they're all here. Let -- -- -- and that. That become -- -- in their own. Cannot edit and that they're allowing public and that's what they act. It get how hard it may think and make that we have something called stately child protection they get pretty. Until one of the war does that tell you on the other day Aaron. We come to know until -- it'll spectacular work that you want everyone cooking. And Brittany Billy -- misinformation or lack act now that they can look at Britain. Child protection and and it looks like it didn't happen you know I don't aren't very I'm up -- say that. Yeah I got chewed over and let's not even go there are here -- -- not even go there look let me just tell all of you this that there's a true story. I like I saw this upfront. I've never really spoken about this but I will speak about it now. When grace denying we're thinking of adopting -- we found that we couldn't have children. And so we went through a couple of adoption agencies and I can't tell you. How many children. Were shown to us and we basically said PO we re still in our thirties or whenever. We didn't wanna have older children we just went -- 00 to two years of age something like February -- younger kids. I can't tell you how many children profiles of children we saw. And then after awhile. You just get used to the fact that well here's a child we'll see if she'll be accepted as a potential adoptive parent. And it's always I can't say how many rejections we had so after awhile you become hardened -- You just become ardent. And you wouldn't get your hopes these sort of profile of a child you don't even wanna look too hard because you say if I followed with a kid. My hopes are gonna be dashed and I don't wanna be emotionally crushed every time it happens. And then pulled the picture. -- are getting a little emotional -- of an eighteen month old boy. From Minnesota. And he had these beautiful red cheeks. Warrant hair hazel eyes but I'll tell you what struck me most about him. He had this incredible loving heart and spirit. That was almost like in defiance. Of you can tell all of the turmoil around him. He had this love of life. And this is outside of my wife. God is my witness. I never fell in love with somebody on the spot. And I saw this picture and it wasn't grace it was -- I I don't know what it is what it is blowing. Like this this is my -- I guess I'm telling you I'm convinced. I don't I swear to out of congress speaking to Ottawa so to seem to religious but I'll be honest with you this is my boy. And then we got rejected. We initially got rejected. I was devastated. But this time something happened that didn't happen before. Weeks went by every day for hours -- to walk down a -- in my office downstairs is crystal we got our house in Maryland outside of Washington DC. It keeps staring at computer screen of this boy's picture. He's eating pizza on a chair. And a little child's chair. With a little napkin around his neck. He's got just a little bit of a pizza sauce. Are on his adjust on the side of his lips just adorable obsolete adorable. With a big smile on his face with his beautiful little blond hair and his big shift at innocent hazel lives. And all I'm doing is staring at this picture. Increase is what's wrong I've never -- elected as I said. I just I can't stop looking at this point. It's my children. And then we -- a cult. I couldn't believe it. The adoptive parents that they had initially chosen for whatever reason it didn't work out and they have now chosen us. And we had to be there 24 our ports. I I mean I moved heaven and earth I called the bank I got the money I got the airline tickets I called my work to take some leave from work. And we flew down from -- And then I met her passion. The moment I met him. He ran into me. And hugged my leg. And the Mormon I held that he was mine. Now. We're now signing the POK. It's about eight hours later. I have to meet a social worker before the adoption contract is signed. The birth mother had ten days to change her mind but basically from the moment -- the clock is sticking. I'll never forget the six. This beautiful little boy I swear to you. He's bright beside me as I'm talking to this social worker holding my leg. Playing with a little on the Africa is a little car. And caressing his hair and I'm playing with him. She walks into. Grace tonight are beaming I swear I I think Alice how pure bad -- even if it's possible but I was on my wedding day. I mean grace so I I shall I McConnell my I've never had that kind of happiness except when we adopted it twice in my life. For every literally I'm like I'm floating on air are not ascribe to. She comes -- What I -- -- reports. -- I swear it was like it was the Twilight Zone was surreal. She comes in. To pressed. Squarely -- I swear like she's at a funeral. And I'm looking at Gracie grace is looking at me only. Behind it and miss thing here which -- she walks up to me she says what do you realize what you're getting yourself into only know. Well the chances are because he's eighteen months. And they moved him around from the mother to the and then he's had several caregivers. -- probably gonna have attachment disorder. And since he's gonna have attachment disorder you have to understand he's probably gonna have a what I swear a life of crime. I want you prepare you know XP I want should be prepared he may start dealing drugs such -- you'll start dealing drugs. He may get involved in burglary and he may end up is a very good likelihood that your son is gonna end up in prison are you aware. I'm like why. You're talking to me about it. What is wrong with a few. I swear to god god is my witness. She was basically acting like I had just adopted Palin's. I had adopted a future animal and isn't. That my kid was gonna be some school shorter. That's what -- and this social worker was trying to him like almost like try to talk me out of adopting this -- As if she had a crystal ball as if this expert. Literally think she's. Into second coming of Jesus we should -- you what talk about a god complex she thought she was god. And that won't always written in the stars my son's gonna be a criminal I've got a future out of -- I've got to next American Psycho one my parents. And I'm looking at this beautiful boy. And I see nothing but innocence happiness if fact you won and all the true. What is social worker could never understand. He was waiting for us. I know he was waiting for us. He was a miracle waiting for us. You wanna talk about attachment. Every day my mom died down. Every day he wants to play without -- every day he wants to play with mommy every day he's with his younger sister. This kid is as a normal and healthy as any kid on the planet. The point is this. -- social workers think they know what's best for the Childs. They don't. They think they're gone they're not. And if I had listened to them. I would not have my cashed in pretty. So I know. What -- and Linda Pelletier are living through. He is a parent's worst nightmare. To have your child taken away from you. And any regime. Had any ideology. And any person. That stands there and justifies this. You're -- 652. RW RKO Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer let's take it to Rush Limbaugh. Three new members of the LA city can. Seven here on the break WRKO. John you have been patiently holding thank you and and welcome to the -- report. Yeah I'm Harry you don't really well thank you you know let's just say. Children the blog -- haircut before they had the -- if you want it -- or Paris where we are today. I haven't heard any -- about the medical malpractice that what you and not allegedly would most certainly capital that occurred at medical. I really respect its position. Course and as the chief of Metafile record and it -- medical center he have a credential sheet that reached the Scott. You know they're also not not being the Scott. When mr. I would virtually I know she'll look at look at -- and talk show not a surgical procedure at this but I thought but -- By a doctor. I can't go through with that the -- that (%expletive) trucks are and that's. And -- there will be -- and are being looked are their bike course and what you got very sick with the will. Each center to the -- -- product -- what you're eating and he got inside and back up and such a serious problem and yet but the so she had children and -- -- -- in and I charts are it. The people like children spoke -- that's not what we're doing. And -- -- -- that -- that but I know it covered everything in order -- had been placed the cops are any leak in up. So they want to. -- -- absolutely. I mean now for what occurred at the never responsible for the job they are medically you are they well. If it would appear that -- -- circuit than what trot. And that obviously not the case for children -- and it's just it's just float around because he's a let court that ought to get them up. John look you know that now look -- to a very quick points. If for Boston's Children's Hospital to even have any say any claim over Justine appellate share. They have to prove that tufts was medically negligent and abusing that. And committing medical malpractice on her by treating her for Mallorca and real disease they haven't shown that. Number one number two and most importantly. Who is the judge. To impose a gag order preventing the fathering the mother from talking to the media. We get is do we still not have freedom of speech in this country. 7 o'clock here on WRKO. We're gonna keep this story going next hour if you didn't get on you wanna call in here's your chance. 6172666868. Is your number. That's going to take it that Angela ending your. So don't fly there. -- -- -- -- Welcome to our tour of the quarter report 617666868. Is the number. Clearly this is the story of the day both locally. And in many ways nationally. This is now a story that's gone beyond Massachusetts. It's been picked up by fox by CNN. By many national newspapers. And now even the international media is getting involved. A quick recap and then we'll go back to our -- busy phone line 6172666868. Justine. Pelletier. In an absolutely bizarre. Unbelievable. And frankly shocking case. Is a teenager from West Hartford, Connecticut. She has now been the subject of a Tug of war in custody battle between her parents Lou and Linda Pelletier. And he -- the Massachusetts department of children and families DCI. DC -- has sided with Boston's Children's Hospital. In forcing Justine appellate sheer. To stay away from her family. To have custody taken away from them to be placed under the care of Boston's Children's Hospital. Because several experts -- believe that she does not suffer from Michael Collins real deceased. Even -- tufts medical center. Even -- other experts other doctors. How did fact diagnosed her with my idol controlled disease she was getting treatment for my country old disease and now she has been taken away from her parents for over a year. With only visitation once a week for one hour supervised visitation. Without treatment she's been getting before. She is now wasting away she has become you may see -- it. She has lost a considerable amount of weight. The parents are now beside themselves. And so -- Suffolk County church. -- races in juvenile court which is why we don't know the name of the judge which is even why reporters were not allowed in the courtroom. Made the unthinkable decision. Of placing this child. In Foster care. A week from the parents again. And then there's something else. That I wanna talk about which has not gotten a lot of attention the gag order. Not only did he. The DC after and the court system in Boston Children's Hospital. Snatched this baby this trial this teenager away from their parents. -- surfing their parental rights are circling their parental authority. But can you prevent -- father and the mother. From going to the media and talking to the media. Why the good quarter. What are you so afraid of. Number one number two how -- you think about this this is big dramatic increase in state power this is how much power. And authority that government is now the surfing for itself. Not only can they pick your child away from me attendee can silence she. By posing a -- gag order on you basically telling you don't talk to depress dole talked to the media. Don't let the public know which really going on. Steel. And silence. Steal your child and then -- you preventing you from speaking out. Where does the government. How did the right. To -- Kuwait loop Pelletier and Linda appellate -- first amendment rights to freedom of speech and freedom of expression. I'm sorry did I miss the mammal. MI in my instead of living in Boston are we living in Belarus. I'm sorry tonight a look around me -- CW RKO Boston's park station. And I is there a problem with my eyes Isabella Russa stock station -- -- what does this Ukraine what is this Russia. It. Where did they get the right. Can now silenced the father should know the poor father he went the foxy -- finally broke that gag order. He went to speak on Glenn Beck and now he's got a hearing. In the middle of march for violating the gag order action where do you know the father may get thrown in prison. For talking about his daughter. Welcome to these people's republic of Texas trust sets. 6172666868. Is the number I swear. If we're gonna have this kind of thuggish regime we might as well bring in Vladimir Putin at least he doesn't which -- -- up next thanks for holding -- Why aren't you can't make up a -- of -- -- of President Obama saying it you know like you -- you have to keep on. I mean that's it's not like -- green where the parents you know sort of -- it. Very radically cutting them are bringing their child the Mexico some -- Cooper medical treatment that's. Apparent what are. Option they should be that should be made available to them. You know -- respect -- by they -- their their Children's Hospital which is a bit -- our goal. They gave them. The chant for their security guard out working they -- their options are bad to get a lot of these options. I know liberals were you -- you appoint. The carriage rights were trapped by the well perch out that's not true on the web part the last forty years. The strike to. That basically -- the well -- of that child on the wall and so I liked the face of all a lot of the place here and each -- -- -- control. It's unbelievable. Can let me ask it is are you apparent to army asking. Six a six while hey hey as the Italian sake salute or as the Jews and Muslim off their congratulations. Dan. And are now happily certain help the condemn. 88 fascist Jack Chela del wouldn't pop in -- I -- can listen I'm I'm with your brother you're speaking like a father. Let me ask all of you that's okay -- You're Childs here and I mean. He's diagnosed. With leukemia -- god -- -- diagnosed with leukemia. If you go to this straight up straight example if you go to tufts medical center. -- -- -- -- We need chemo we need a lot of and you bring the child the Boston's Children's Hospital. Just there's a second opinion. OK or your child gets sick and you take them to Boston Children's Hospital they have the -- and they come in they say well why. They said that your child has leukemia all your child doesn't have to leukemia it's all cycle semantic. This is all symptoms in the brain smoke all you mean -- been treating your child with chemotherapy -- -- -- -- You're abusing your child. We're gonna take your child away from. Now let me ask you this. -- as the parents. Do you not have ultimate decision should you not have ultimate decision. Well I'm sorry I side with -- I think my child has leukemia I wanna continue with the team lol. That's what this case is about who has ultimate authority over your child. Now I'll tell you this. Everybody's been saying what a wild man who Pelletier has been yelling screaming crying harassing people attempt Boston's Children's Hospital. If that was my passion or not was my Eva. Caught as my witness. Arts major break in. I take my child -- say listen I'm getting that child out of there that's my child you wanna throw me in prison and you throw me in prison. Hey listen my family's been in Blacksburg. -- generations I can sockets but I'm in prison -- on American prison compared to the -- in Eastern Europe it's all well. -- Europe next go. Training -- another whole bunch of them. Number one for people to get continued. Day by day. Click here now. And you can also go on increased -- We lost Q we literally lost you please call back. Just the your phone just -- who knows that could be the NSA Kevin in Europe next thanks for holding golf. -- let's not bring it up I mean we're. The government -- debate within not rogue state well also did don't wait. All the emotion any human link to win the western wind to yes it was more -- was come out at all mind. That's what that Pelletier is -- I don't know what I would often strong would that local PL -- This story has been in the new. Fraud -- -- issues head almost twelve months that you could do about the time and time again on your program. I'm with you Kevin outlook. I mean we're Boston week we're not Boston stroke. If you can't stand for this. Question and you stand foreign life Jimmy Europe next thanks for holding go. Yesterday how he was saying that you know that. They re not like -- -- and Louisiana and Illinois across say it's -- ones because. Aaron Blake yeah. Tony gated -- has put -- the most current and you can be arrested for protests outside of Boston court. But yet people couldn't you know gone -- and try to United States Supreme Court. I -- this stay here and so corrupt. Like that any do combating these twelve criminal creative people it's. Look harassment prevention a lot of little things crept up. And contempt of court. You know people speak and -- you know -- -- probation all the guys and drugs here on this and that did not fit parents. International watchdog -- talking about the feel this feel like some sort -- other hospitals doctors. In the is -- possible -- -- start to vote. Do you abuses of the department of public health. In the border registration has so little practice. You know that have been covered up. Yeah certainties. Every -- it -- -- Express so hysteria that degree of trust memory syndrome decide that they that the gates isn't people silos particularly people on the peninsula silent. Still expressing hope. And there was like a film witch hunt in which is so crazy you have no rights here in. Didn't they -- -- already a pretty good have been director at electric for its share in the courts and the things they do Pia and that -- -- -- -- condone. -- -- but look here's the thing. -- -- If no one else has the guts to say I'm gonna saint. This is what happens when you have one party rule after decade after decade after decade. This State's political system its judicial system it's media is so corrupt. It's like I mean literally it's rotten to the core. This is one of the most corrupt states in the union. And when people say well there's nothing we can do there's nothing we can do my friends I disagree. And I'm gonna tell you why. Because you the listeners of the show. You were the backbone of the state. You see you have something -- they have the political power true but we have the economic power. It's our taxes it's our work. It's what we do we keep this entire system afloat without us they're finished. So until we stop thinking like sharks. Until we stop thinking like indentured servants. How were -- fear of these people. Can -- no. He's our money. It's our liberties. It's our rights -- -- -- -- -- It's our families and yes. Its power state. It's Howard government's. You work for us we don't work for you. Until we have this kind of a weakening. Any movement. A free born citizens. That will no longer -- take it the wind down and will no longer tolerate the corruption and abuse of power in our midst. My friends the powers all arts. Do we rise up or do we stay silent. That's the only question now Jean Eric Europe next thanks for holding and welcome to. The quarterly report on WRKO. Yeah. I'm -- -- what I think that makes me. -- just about apoplectic issued -- and I yes. So I actually don't mind that I knew -- the parents need to be attacked by which it -- go. Had decided that she -- boy and wanted to -- actually moved everything out from the current I don't know how different the daughter and she's not old enough to I -- really make that decision about how much the state would go to the walk itself against this god and green -- -- own body which he -- fact that -- -- to do with her body but now -- -- -- the fact that she went to leave the hospital to do it now banks. She mentioned that -- you wanted to choose to two. Put out a couple late edition that -- -- going to school that way that took likely delay in the state can go to bat. Right. In -- achiever even your right but even worse assured to have an abortion. Sure wanted to -- her -- baby Matt -- should go to every Roddick no problem. Mortal men. -- children have the right to Schultz. Is their body. But suddenly when it comes the mitochondria old disease. And embarrassing DC after an embarrassing Boston children's hospital and embarrassing the Democrats in the state well all -- It's not your child she does little more personal choice -- where all the pro choice feminist that's what I'd like to know. Then all of a sudden she does little choice today but let your child that's our child 721 on WRKO. Bill Ronnie Don Ross Gary Jim hang on all of your calls after this. Very short break. Rush Limbaugh 06172666868. Is the number lions are loaded. You can -- -- at 68680. And Justine -- sheer. Cousin now according to a Suffolk County judge. Now been sent to a Foster home again. They are her parents have been denied custody she is slowly wasting no way she is suffering from my -- current real disease. Boston's Children's Hospital wants to continue eventually to treat her the parents want her home. Whose rights come first. What's your opinion 6172666868. Is the number. You can text the set 6868781. Whereas Deval Patrick on this issue 781 he's on vacation in Costa Rica. Not three -- on this issue run. Europe next -- Hey good morning -- he. Yes well I don't understand and all of that let's -- that prostate children this right let's face which was misdiagnosed if she doesn't doubt mitochondria and all that. How that the -- -- all. Yeah they're not doctors they're not diagnosing our. It's not like they sent there that some Buddhist priest for a diagnosis 600 adopts. And then everything that -- there was -- squad with the approved by the insurance approved by top doctor so. Even if even if you want misdiagnosed. How and then who has got the -- -- all. That's what I don't understand. Brilliant. Comedic brilliance. That Jim Europe next thanks for holding go. Yet shut my question is what about stayed -- Connecticut she wrote an -- stayed -- Connecticut why haven't they stepped in in and out. In all sets up an Obama looked unstoppable broke her back all -- -- to resist tapping -- a jumper and out of my mouth. It's legalized kidnapping. That's what this is where's the Connecticut state attorney general. I mean to mean -- you wanna talk about a lawsuit this is the mother of all lawsuits. Bill thanks for holding Europe next here on the corner report on WRKO. Just ask you out. Bill is subject orders are nothing new in Massachusetts so that sort of thing. -- your time -- -- interest or put -- I'm a bitch about fifteen years ago there was a single fifty Massachusetts. We children who -- youngest all your old were being lost out of control their parents from the schools. Just someplace that figure will want to be instructed in very very easiest things. The student -- suspect. A lot of parents don't win that senate no control over -- not stop the children go into the and and but it took facility and took a big deal that. And that those parents then became the subject of a gag order. Not to discuss this with the media or anyone -- incredible but he stopped at the same but if you don't match Tuesday but it's a very sick to order its. I mean activist. Look at. This is what happens. When the liberals completely take over -- looked really seriously. Every day might not demonstrating it. Liberalism as doctor savage would say he same mental disorder. Look at this mental illness. Brian in Europe next thanks for holding up well. Equipped XY one. It didn't pocketbook. Where it counts it's the only thing to say let's and so. Note to boycott the hospital for fear that your children are going to be kidnapped. And to what what. What recourse for the solitary I mean it's and are brought before judge -- recourse to let up now. Now what he's gonna go to court because he violated the gag order so the loop Pelletier the father -- -- guy he may end up in prison. So what is he done he's been harassing Boston Children's Hospital he's been trying to get his daughter he broke that gag order he went to the media. If I were him I would -- DC enough. I would soothe Boston's children's -- which are you I would shoot the entire state of Massachusetts I would soon Deval Patrick. That's what I would do 6172666868. Is the number. Gary Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Good morning (%expletive) as it's sent talents without actually died from my kids and registry quick and CX. First -- -- we need some more phone numbers of food -- because it seemed like. When corner country called we get things done and we call that hospital -- we're not gonna -- law. You -- they'll still try to do something. Second a -- at what point does mr. Pelletier asked you to Second Amendment Rights to say there's a lot of these orders dotted die each. That's the second -- the -- -- -- fact. -- censoring its socket -- on the radio we like give -- -- censoring itself when you say that say to my outbreak in (%expletive) I mean I -- you'll be like a ball and -- I don't socket you camps stage of my outbreak in the what you really need to do Jeff -- -- if we could get the navy seal it had to say -- could you imagine what this country would be like if that happens right. Now I Kerry look let me be honest all of you. I would either be dead or being in jail. Not really -- I mean I'm just telling you right now. I mean if that was my kids and Boston's Children's Hospital at kidnap my kids. I'm telling you I go in I get my kid and I'm either dead or I'm in jail but my kids coming home Barrick Europe next thanks for holding and welcome. I -- but not about the don't don't don't characterize me immediately here OK I'm just got to dissect -- -- of like double effort here that the first second shift is that if their parents are right on this. They have every right to be upset and wanted to get your -- back -- stop. But I cannot imagine why -- thought bill would go through this this expanse. Did you guess. Detectors child away unless they had a real compelling interest. A -- to be profound feeling that whatever that parents are doing. It's something that is detrimental to the child I cannot imagine a -- putting himself in this position legally why more aren't that I would -- But this again look Eric listen look this is there and I'm trying to honestly I'm being very respectful. This is that disease of liberalism. Why do you assume that people in authority are benevolent. Why do assume that automatically they always have everyone's best interest at heart. Good to have you ever heard of corruption. Abuse of power. Greed. Self interest professional self interest. Arrogance. How you never heard of fact I've never studied history. How you'd never see what happens to people in positions of power. I mean it's -- book this is the liberal mentality. It's a surf mentality are masters know what's better for us shot up all the eight and let them do whatever they want. That child has been away from her parents for one year she deserves to com home no matter what you all gold rush days. Boston's Children's Hospital were meaning 6731. On WRKO. Let's take it to Angela Anderson in the newsroom. Boston's talk station. 738. Here on the great WRK you know. Just Tina -- here. Is now still. Away from her parents. Her parents continue to not have custody over their very sick daughter. She is now out of Boston's Children's Hospital -- yesterday in Suffolk County judge presiding over the case. That ruled that the fifteen year old is gonna be placed in Foster care. Upon the news of this. The mother -- dip Pelletier who literally collapsed on the floor in the state house. Forgive me in a state court passed out. Crying and screaming. Yelling she had to be taken to the hospital. Devastated. Almost had basically a nervous breakdown. The father -- Pelletier who has been fighting a yearlong battle. To get his daughter freed from the clutches of Boston's Children's Hospital because they refuse to accept the fact that she has my -- on real disease. Even though that was diagnosed by tufts medical center as well as other experts and other doctors. Broke his gag order went to the media spoke to Fox News spoke to Glenn back. And now he's facing prison time potentially. For violating the gag order. Here is. The news. Revenues package -- I mean riveting news package we're gonna get that soon where when the news was announced literally Linda Elliot. -- Pelletier according to numerous reporters. Was yelling crying and screaming. They found in sobbing heartbroken. On -- on a bench on a court bench utterly despondent. And I've been getting a lot of tax. Many of them from liberals this is from 978. Good job not answering of the callers question meaning Erick why would they do it. Now. Notice this is the attitude of the radical liberal left. All weeks trust authority. Always trust the government. Always trust liberal social workers. I'll tell you why they're doing this has been very well document. Fox News for example. Expose that yesterday. Where ended Justine a Pelletier was brought to Boston's Children's Hospital because she had the flu. She was seen not by medical doctors but by psychiatrists. Who asked her do you really claim to suffer from my idol -- real disease and she said wolf the it's been diagnosed have been diagnosed past medical center I -- getting treatment for it. There are several psychiatrists on stuff. Who have been receiving substantial research and grant money. To write papers and other studies. Proving that my little car and real disease is literally cycle -- And sold their professional careers are at stake. They're professional livelihoods are at stake to try to make their name for themselves. This is why when you have all of this money government money sloshing around it ends up corrupting every aspect of society. Because now you have -- financial interest in trying to prove something that blatantly now is against reality. She's wasting away. The treatments of the last year have failed she's sick she's ill she starving. And there's a further point. This is from 617. You have quote no concept of the egos of these Harvard shrinks. Who having huge ship on -- she whoever huge chip on their shoulders because other doctors think they are real doctors. Instead of conceding that they are wrong they would rather demonize the parents and hurt that child. Bingo. Professional egotism. Professional career resume. Professional financial self interest. Why do -- -- Pitchers because people are in positions of power that they know what's best for us -- her motives are pure. Doctor motives are innocent. Do you not look around you. Do you not see bosses in front of you work erupting who abuse their power. Do not see people who do things for greedy power hungry selfish self interest -- reasons every day. Do you not see people who blindly -- here to a policy even though it's obviously the wrong policy to take. Because they just don't want to admit that they're wrong. Final point and open up to the phone -- Megyn Kelly on Fox News yesterday pointed out something has been reported and other media outlets. These psychiatrists. That have been taking care of Justine appellate cheer against her will and against the will prepare its. One of them is a psychiatrist. Seven months out of school. Seven months. She's an inexperienced. Shrink. Who's out on the make to make a name any professional career for self. And because this state is so corrupt. With the way judges rely on VCR. And TCF rely on judges because one hand washes the other. Because -- liberals and the state. How one party rule -- no competition. There's no accountability. There's no -- Parents. It's the exact same reason at all -- -- -- refuses to admit she's made a mistake with a hundred dead children. It's the same reason don't fall Patrick refuses to acknowledge. The mistakes and a wall of squandering of money the abuse of power in the drug lab scandal. Thousands of convictions reversed. 300 million dollars down the drain. Nine million dollars to renovate his Statehouse. What is -- some African chieftain. What is he some sent eastern European dictator. 64 dead from the New England compound in scandal a compound in center scandal. I could go on and on and on. And now these -- -- But not here in Massachusetts since the moment they must have their reasons. Well all they have depicted children who weighed just being a belongs to a bad McCain. Who don't have papers stable. -- -- -- Hear no evil speak no evil. Heads in the sand blowing ideological. Fanaticism. Shots of the modern day Massachusetts liberals and you know what the rest of the country already knows it. Debra Europe next thanks for holding welcome to WRK. -- might get picked it up my pleasure. That -- act that act. -- and built and upload it. Look. At. What it didn't do it. The big guy you know. What. -- Our Deborah can you repeat that last bit. Where it is right now are primarily I don't I -- people aren't apple. And they half -- this is the point they have repeatedly. In fact the doctor at tufts medical center has -- I think half a dozen times. I want to meet with people in Boston Children's Hospital to shoulder then detail to them. Exactly why I made my diagnosis and why other experts agree with me. The psychiatrist don't want to -- put them. This is a very -- you can look it up they're doing research paper after research paper were virtual look it's like climate change. They have an agenda. And for these psychiatrists at BCH. The agenda is mitochondria will disease does not exist we need patience essentially Guinea pigs. To prove it. And Justine -- Pelletier is their Guinea pig. And the fact that she may die because. As of this. They don't care. Now this may seem horrendous everybody but I ask all of you. How is this different from BC -- Keep -- placing children in homes with convicted criminals. Because they're liberals they have to be compassionate. And showed diverse city and Paul Lawrence its social experimentation. And if children died many children by. Liberalism is the triumph of ideology. Over history. Experience and morality. And Justine -- Pelletier is exhibit any -- Europe next thanks for holding welcome to the -- report on WRKO. They get back to again protect it might call. I just got a couple of quick points from the respect those. A retired cops and the father -- sons and daughters should. Our war and kidnapped -- is not only a felony. In the state of Massachusetts -- federal cost. And my second most important point is. And I learned this many years ago in the academy. -- a public official. Acting under the color of law commits a -- They are ultimately responsible. To be prosecuted for that -- just like any other citizen and I believe you have kidnapping. Under the color of law and I don't know how far up the chain that goes. But I would like to see some people and present and hopefully that will happen within the next. You're so. Don. You're a good man amen brother amen. 6172666868. Is the number. Here is Megyn Kelly. Yesterday on Fox News saying -- one of these psychiatrists. Seven months at a school. This still wet behind the years ruler Britain. But a lot of background information research on this and we found that more and more there's nothing going on with the parents say that's an issue. In fact what we have is Boston children's hospital and the department of children and families DC after taking this child away. From these parents who love this daughter. And you want to care for this daughter and simply disagree. With me. Recent diagnosis of a newly minted physician who'd only been out of medical school for seven months. The disagreed with her actual treating physician from -- In fact couldn't join us where you're thirteen. They've been doing this for years he's a medical expert at tufts and in January up 2013. Justine was figure skating she was figure skating and ice competitions as well. And then in February she develops a severe flu and bad stomach problems unable to -- so the doctor. In tufts recommends she goes to Boston children's hospital and recommends she see -- gastroenterology. So what -- tell -- the Boston. So they checker in there but they never get a chance even to this day to see that gastric and try to just specialists and to. Because a psychiatrist the -- got in on it. There is a sought does taste though or mitochondria although pleased -- -- pick her up pick -- -- a seventh floor carpet -- seventh floor. By the way that person talking was mets' favor he's part of the legal team he was speaking with Megyn Kelly. 6172666868. Is the number. Look I'll tell you would -- said to me last night. -- -- -- that ever happened to us. If it can happen to Justine appellate here. It can happen to anyone if you were children. And that is why our cry. From this state from this cold stuff all the way to the other coaxed and everywhere in between. Our cry is simple free Justine. 750 young WRKO. 6172666868. Is the number. More here. Welcome back to an important report Jeff Horner Boston bulldogs -- 753. During the break WRKO. There you can also -- a 686 say this is from 617. Jeff my question is -- -- their right mind is going to bring their kids that -- Boston's Children's Hospital after best. 617 look let me be very candid almost like him in the confessional with all of you. I've heard honestly outside of this case. Which is obviously a conspicuous at at a vehicle I mean. Conspicuous example. I've heard. Great things outside of this case I've heard great things about Boston's Children's Hospital. Everywhere I can tell me phenomenal grade bring your ration their bring your -- there. After this I mean I'm not saying what you should do. I mean obviously it's a personal decision. Cannot of one a smear the good working people at Boston's Children's Hospital because of the work of if you want to control the bureaucrats over at the hospital. But I'll tell you this Alitalia conversation with -- on the drive in Tennessee. I don't know in the future of my evolutionary -- come often it is I don't think twice. The -- -- my witness I will think twice. Before sending like it the Boston's Children's Hospital -- I think I won't send -- at the BCH. But this will be in the back of my brain I guarantee about 755. Here on WRKO. -- you have been very patiently holding thank you and welcomes. -- trust but verify. You know this ignorant judges brainwashed to believe Children's Hospital doctors are infallible. I can tell you from personal experience. Children's Hospital doctors can miss diagnosed. In that could cause the death of the child. -- -- what do you mean by in my experience. Well my -- had a blood clot. Which they did not pick up on that's. And basically they started asking if there was personal problems at all. Fortunately our position in private practice. Said that she could possibly have a blood clot. He suggests that we take the children -- the two Mass. General. Didn't get it tested they immediately found she had a blood clot. They -- it -- term in immediately. I got to within their for a week at Mass. General until blood clot was cleared him. -- and -- I can tell you -- we did not gonna have justice for children. In this country. Until we have an immediate rebuke -- double checked everything -- judge's decision this our children are concerned -- -- her Russert so you that you dodged a bullet that -- write your daughters find a -- She kind of got a blood clot to the brain. Actually been dead. Thank you for not call -- I mean look pets and that's -- see this is my point. He's given a diagnosis he doesn't agree with -- he's the parent he knows what's best for stronghold. He's got instincts as apparent as he loves the child sizzle doesn't feel right to me. And because -- I can't tell you how many stories I've heard of parents think you know. The doctors said this I just in my -- so I know my child I know my child better than anybody it can't be this I got a second opinion and thank the lord I didn't. Or who is Boston's children hospital. To tell the Pelletier it's what's best for their daughter went tufts medical center is telling -- mitochondria disease. -- Popovic who is the street to impose a gag order to then silenced the parents are speaking out. I mean it's a double when. Coleman -- Jauron how you'll lot of comment. Jeff I can't these same bond about a remarkable not -- -- right now Anaconda released isn't real attention deficit disorder is. The man who I admitted admitted on -- bet that. That was done just to trample the pharmaceutical companies. And thought it looked open numb their planes I just wonder what the sport kids don't want to look at any psychological drug according apparently -- The problem with that shouldn't get when governments and that with any business of fond and you re search. You get what -- government wants. Bingo. Bingo really really well set common management I spoke electrical dissident Coleman a Jong. They're split from the gulag. Rock -- up next thanks for holding welcome. Can't jump all I'm good how are you lot. Your response to attacks that you just read earlier come. I have experience with children console this summer have a three year old in eat a lot of swing set and actually broken leg the FEMA. We didn't have -- like -- go to children he was brought to a hospital local hospital in that struck me as funny. Half hole they couldn't -- the -- -- -- people and actually sent him the children. In we brought the children we want to all profits which it's been sending social work -- the social work up the talk to him and very bloody. Actually we could talk enough we can communicate with some -- -- -- to begin based on the book. It lag in the area that was brocade actually extremely straight up it was very very straight that he -- like Cory broke it. And now -- It -- a welcome a comfortable feeling being here if you if you won't be able to communicate with deducted in the Portland big social worker cannot directly at all believe it ought to. -- -- -- All of -- they were sent out I think which -- trying to say is that strictly from wrong I wanna put words in your mouth. That they were sending in social workers to try to get your scientists say what that maybe you were abusing your child that this was not because he fell -- -- swing but because mommy or daddy broke his leg. Not. Indirectly that's what they were doing Botox for example -- we weren't happy about the urine. It was very small. In my right comport to implement it coming and claiming to be -- -- block between the hospital and asked if she got that the couple questions about the broken like. And that's a W I wasn't -- the -- I I -- Great WRKO. Jeff Porter -- his bulldozer cleaning up the liberal ball. 6172666868. Is the number. And frankly there's a lot of other issues to talk about but this one is just I mean it's burning up the phone lines of burning up the -- It's sweeping everything away. Yes -- day. And Suffolk County judge presiding over the case of Justine have Pelletier. In Boston. Ruled that the fifteen year old teenager. Will remain out of the custody of her parents -- and Linda Pelletier. She will not return home even though she's been a year at Boston's Children's Hospital. Against the will -- parents against the wishes of even people at tufts medical center who say she has mitochondria of disease. Boston's Children's Hospital is wrong. And now she's gonna be placed brace yourself. In a Foster care system. The same Foster care system to over three years has resulted in the deaths of a hundred children but let not -- My question to you Boston is a simple one. Whose rights come first. When it comes to your child. The government's. Or you the parent. I say the parent what do you say Boston 6170666868. Is the number. Jewels Europe next thanks for holding and welcome to the -- report on WRKO. I'd ask my jewels. Sound. Loud anti black and on the -- my camera and I have that we heard the story -- done. And at that time we thank the governor I had silly action and we had a choice they would end it there and play like -- Now I'd think about this story we -- leg and Yates say. We like it shocked about that both star and about how good in it and got it got taken away from Champlain it completely ridiculous. And jewels if you don't mind me asking how were you doing now are you being we will treat it are you being taken care of I want you -- -- -- and. And I read into it and then you're you're better now. -- -- -- I -- I if you'll let me ask you -- mean your better bet you still. And you're still getting treated. I know because I am I to carry out okay and that they did -- could be arming parents and you know -- MM I'll let you -- three month that eat that month. It could be that it'd be any time. And we rented a comment they do I do it like right after consent and we god I don't know that the -- Those are on the right didn't get on the -- and look like -- had -- and they helped me a lot debt bubble hey you know I I. And did not mean it going to be okay. Now. Jewels this was in December of last year right yeah off. You don't know how lucky you are jewels yeah. A lot of obamacare. Yeah I know you just beat the buzzer had you waited a couple more weeks of the January god knows what you have been seen. I no name saying boy you jewels you got American health care just before obamacare is ruining it. I that they now. Now the jewels you seem very intelligent very articulate used -- -- if you're asking how young are. How many -- how old are you how young how -- thirteen and her thirteen. Yeah. What -- point out what I swear if I like 1718. Ever and then. -- what I mean jewels do you go to public school private school I've got to ride at all -- -- private school. Unharmed do you have today offer arguing your way to school I actually I don't protests for the freedom I would -- -- I'm. All Europe with your parents your golf -- think I'm -- and -- read and read that there. Wow. Jewels in your parents don't mind you missing a day of school. I think -- what the product. So your whole family's gonna go out to free your broad campaign to free Justine. Match. Payment that they had a jewels. God bless you when your entire family. Thank you and thank you so much for calling I really appreciate I'm very happy that you are treated you feel better. Yeah. Take care jewels I had to act do you take care 6172666868. Is the number. Who let me see let's go to Kirk Kirk thanks for holding and welcome to the -- report. Killed I do really appreciate what you're doing. This time it's very disturbing to me. This story it's don't like the government is where users who were way out of control. I think there should be protests do we look for a lot of people wondering if you could -- -- -- Get up to a million. Or even millions of you have to -- protesting the should these sort allowed in it should create so much chaos. To get this problem resolved itself that it's very disturbed intimidate. Kirk look I can tell you in the listeners to us with a 110%. Certainty. This show is having a real impact. They look at the ratings. They seized the listening audience. They see the caution of the audience. They see how it's growing in depth in strength in influence. And their listening. Deval Patrick people are listening. Elizabeth Warren's people are listening Obama's people are listening and they fear us. Because what you're seeing happening. It's almost like the ground underneath your feet beginning to move. -- you -- now seen a prairie fire. Develop not just here in Massachusetts. But in many states much of the heartland of the United States. And the liberal regime. It's now being exposed more and more day after day it's like a mask were just pure pushing it repealing it back. And now we're exposing the ideological. And more -- rocked. The corruption. At its very core. And you know what we're doing my friends. And many of you may not even realize this we are now shaming the left. -- York shaming the liberals. They have now been placed in -- morally and intellectually indefensible position. How can you not stand would Justine that Pelletier. How can you stand with all -- Shea. How can anybody with any serious moral integrity defend that governor of this state rule. This is how the civil rights movement one. This is how the anti Communist movement won. This is how the abolitionist movement one. This is how the patriotic. Pro independence movement that won our country our freedom one. We had a moral right on oversight. And we were not afraid to speak truth. Remember the truth is the greatest weapon in life. The more you speak it. The more people with touches the more people -- converts the more hearts and minds it changes. That's what to show always doing that's what you -- doing. We are speaking truth to power. And this regime. Expected venal corrupt. Incompetent. Timor -- regime that radiates. It's gonna come crashing down. So many me go to Costa Rica. Go to Switzerland. We go to ball we go to Hawaii. Go wherever you want a goal. You can run that you can't -- Because liberalism in this state sooner or later. It's gonna meet its -- hell and you know what we're the ones they're gonna put the political mail in its coffin and I say amen. -- -- in Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Did we lose Jonathan OK we just lost Jonathan might Europe next thanks for holding and welcome to the quarter report on WRKO. -- -- -- Liberal philosophy has stoke Park Ridge. -- feelings for people really. That very cold. -- the ideological. Left that generated it is scary but he -- repression Brazil. Safe harbor you -- based in your home there's a bachelor but he drilled us I mean that's how I would feel I would be over and -- it. They take security bureau racial. These people -- people established Christian church didn't believe that mr. Pelletier the bad Jerry it's by design. If you speak out. They have they bring in another person or witnessed -- well -- so harsh -- feel pressured. Sort and so forth so we can it wouldn't would -- -- should be judged BP. That's made -- of these stretchers and then you get these police. The all polar opposite with deep black leather gloves relieved are you to voucher for the -- white church and you get the police department set to meet Apple's. And fired upon him you know pop up. Middle class people they -- board board would do you have -- mr. grant that the the five door pull gorloks. -- -- -- -- -- Look at the way -- Pritchard lookup the mainstream media if they dare touch this story during the last year look other -- portraying the father -- Pelletier. He was a crazy kooky -- They're -- really they're presenting this guy is such a semi insane I psychotic wild man. Now let me ask all of you this. Fathers and mothers. -- your daughter. You send her to the hospital because she has the flu and she's not eating she's recommended by -- to see this expert at Boston's Children's Hospital. Before you roll it they stepped in and say sorry you've been -- diagnosing your daughter medically abusing your daughter she no longer belongs to you she belongs to us. They'll literally ripped out of your -- And then the judge -- hospital. DC Def box hospital the entire political machine of the state -- gospel. If you go to court to shut you down in court David impose a gag order you can't even talk to the media. You wanna see your daughter you could only -- once a week one hour supervised visits literally surrounded by security officers like -- some profiles. -- you're gonna stand there and -- year old daughter. A month of this two months of this three months of its six months of this a year of this you're not gonna go crazy. Rock gonna start yelling you're not gonna start swearing you're not gonna start shaking your fist you're not going to be blowing up left trying to center. I think what he's supposed to be Harvard professor. Law and all the state may have a compelling interest in. And -- my daughter passed. Let me go one ma Marjorie and our Brian -- Marjorie Egan and brown Jim Braude -- The gym and Marjorie ha and discuss beyond all legal ramifications. Had. I'm sorry. That's not the real world. Any red blooded father with a heart a conscience and soul. Wants to protect his daughter and his family at all costs. You -- -- truthful being honest with few. Just has been a model of restraint. If that was. I swear to god as my witness my -- might you look. I mean I'd be dead Arabian prison. Forget swearing in yelling and administrators and doctors. I'd be imprisoned. Greg and from my child no way would you take my child away from no wait 6172666868. Is the number. George Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Hi George. Yeah you got out. On the -- Oh no I'm good how are you could -- similar situation with that children's right couldn't get my daughter out of there and I did at a hospital attorneys are at ten years so I knew the ropes. And I went that extreme of firing like when it follows the best health care attorney I can get. He basically told me you know once they can't find the most georgians. The children start. And you know you're not gonna get anywhere and it -- The social worker at the hospital. They look pretty blunt about it you don't label all of us we're gonna we're gonna take your daughter away however called 50% of the time. So it was very are fine and talk about feeling helpless or early -- Absolutely horrible experience. George I know it was a horrible experience and please don't misunderstand -- mistake this question. But do you feel at least a better knowing that -- not the only one. That there might community of people who support Chu who understand you and who were now willing to defend your rights. Oh it's terrific guy when I site I just. Kind of heard about the story yesterday and I think it's great to -- that the father so I spoke well. Because. You know you do feel helpless and in my situation. I'm out there fighting to get her out of there. All the sudden. Well -- and tell us they discharge terror. -- right when he insurance ran out I'm surprisingly enough and suddenly it was located just chatter over the complete. Probably you're out situation that's all they care about agenda to the detriment of side she's fine now. But there was really you have. It's a scary thing when you think you're doing the right thing -- kidnapped. And stranger to try to take it take to get away from. George thank you so much for that called for sharing that with all of us -- some different. -- -- Take care 6172666868. Is a number I've got to tell you that text Thursday's audience has been on fire over the last couple of weeks. Here is. A couple of -- 603. -- the rights of the child come first. This state has it all upside down taking kids from good parents and returning kids to bad parents Bengal. 978 Jeff. The same thing is happening in nursing homes parents are being kidnapped from their adult children by the facilities. You know what my disseminate great point I -- -- -- of this is from and another text. I'm getting a lot of these 617 Jeff who is the judge handling this case a juvenile court. How long have you been asking about the have not to release the name of the judge -- -- -- trying to protect a judge -- -- and named the judge believe me. If I knew the name of this judge I would be saying it every three minutes. It's because it's a juvenile it's in juvenile court. And so I believe a lot of it has been sealed the name of the judge has been sealed it's why the reporters were not even allowed in the court -- So that's why they have not released the name of the judge they're keeping it secret at least for now Ryan Europe next thanks for holding and welcome. A typical morning. Are you it just didn't apply and -- thank -- limit on for the first first for a from broadcasting all of the silver lining up -- the line -- -- a girl thirteen year old Julia are simply going out doing something about it. I love the way the Republicans responding about this but it is you know it's only one discipline falling and the government control and to be very very brief -- You know it and that is not sensationalism that is one of the reasons why we can't let the government take our our firearms right away and that's why you're afraid. About having those rights because we've seen a -- -- control potential. By having those -- so that that's you know that's obviously not with talking about this something to keep in mind. And all -- I wanna get sidetracked but -- look you touched on the fundamental issue. The First Amendment is useless without the Second Amendment. Well look -- think about it. Who do you think and I must say this everybody. Do you know who the biggest proponents of gun rights are in the world info world. -- Did you -- there's. Just for the preservation of firearms a lot of great organization to honor all I know I'm Irish Catholic and that's my favorite moment. I know and -- look I'll tell you why because if you go to Israel let me tell you they have holocaust memorial holocaust centers. Let me tell you this is why people don't realize this do you think we have a Second Amendment. Do you know Switzerland. 'cause X. -- as gun rights Israel has some of the most expensive gun rights in the world you know why. Because they'll tell you this how do we do in order to. How we've been able to defend ourselves. They're never would have been in -- cost. So the point is this state tyranny. Is impossible. If you have an armed citizenry. The First Amendment is fundamentally backed by the Second Amendment. It's why they come in first freedom of speech freedom of religion freedom of expression and coming in Ryan at number two. Is the right to barracks that's not an accident. Notice -- as we lose our rights. Look how the state gets bigger and bigger more intrusive more intrusive up to and including now. Snatching children away from the parents. This is Justine -- year is the future if we all make a stent. 6172666868. Is the number coach you have the name of the judge. Okay we're working on it cook she's doing everything possible. To get the name of this judge I would love to get back judge's name or who -- -- please I'm asking for a favor. And talk doesn't stop -- -- three of Stanley Cup now according to some Texas. On be free just being a FaceBook page. Many members are saying the judge -- -- shoot -- gag order not to judge that made the ruling yesterday -- confused between. But they judge that they shoot it gag order preventing these various little DiFelice here from speaking for the media. -- judge Joseph Johnston. Felt bad genius. Was who want to essentially denied their First Amendment right to speak at a press judge Joseph Johnson. How -- how -- June dollars of bonus. Liberal liberal. In deadwood the Democratic Party and probably tied to the hip with mini -- I bet she's a big gold rush defense. Well I'll bet anybody a steak dinner rob you're up next thanks for holding well. I -- doesn't Google frightening example of the ultimate power. A fascist he like as a tyrannical state brother. A friend of mine once said yeah regulate our own house outright no mortgage. It -- you that you own your house tried not paying your tax will feel that you don't. And you think your kids they're -- traffic home schooling in Massachusetts. The home schooling have been going through there. For forty years with Massachusetts and it is really frightening. Got -- Geez I wish I -- called back again in the future. Because I'm thinking of home schooling Nash and I'm not happy with the schools have been looking up. That's all I need now. So I mean what they're gonna take my -- away little. Yeah WRKO. Jeff -- The voice of the resistance. 61726. X 6868. Is the number. Just the -- Pelletier. Fifteen year old teenager. Has been -- against her will. And ripped away from her parents three year at Boston's Children's Hospital. They say she doesn't have my -- can't real disease her parents say yes experts at tufts medical centers says yes. A DCF says no -- judge yesterday now. Not only they intervened in the days but in fact am presiding over the case. Output to the fifteen year old teenager in a Foster care home temporarily. The parents are absolutely devastated. And I was just telling us the Cox during a break. We go 401. The judge. I judge Johnson okay he's been involved we can -- this just came from the news department is involved in the case said from the pretty much the entire time. He rolled in December in back in in January that the child could not go back -- parents. But we don't know if he was one who ruled yes yesterday. But he's basically been the judge judge Johnson yes. That's been basically the source of a lot of people gag order and he rolled in December and again in January according to the news department. That she could not go back with the parents. But I do not know if he was the one in the -- -- to discuss incredible. These are fashioned symbol and these are fascists and black robes. -- the only difference. Instead of wearing brown shirts are now wearing black robes that's the only difference. This guy's incredible. Who is this guy. To take custody away of the daughter from their parents. Who is this guy to impose a gag order upon the father and a mother telling -- -- to speak to the media. Are you sir what is he had Benito Mussolini. There should firstly what are it would discuss is unbelievable. -- it's about time we reined in these out of control judges now. A lot of tax and I was just telling mr. Cox I sent off for -- We are so gonna get audited I'm telling you right now. That dams have such a target on my back you. The outraged and is now coming from people in Boston in Massachusetts. Text from around the country. The spotlight that you that this audience has put on this thing over the last 21 half hours. I'm telling you we've racked meaning needs vacation. There's gonna be held to -- And now we're just telling -- boy we better pay every penny every shot goal every Ruble and taxes. Because they're an audit is coming I guarantee. You can tax assets 68680. This is from -- at 978. Jeff may be -- ball should borrow his buddy Barack spend and phone to call the judges in this case before this case consumes the mall. Are 978 that's inferior right when he's in Costa Rica. And the phone lines in Costa Rica they don't do it all worked out well. So when you're on the breach and caused the -- parents like us all I'm -- static can I can't get through it we'll have to wait like get back. This is from 617. Where's the -- the community should be going knots in caps over this. Only the multitude can change what's happening Boston which wrong -- more like Boston -- down and -- 617 I am telling you. They can feel and now here the -- global anger and backlash and frustration. From the listeners on the show. And it's spreading like wildfire across the state and across the country. That's why I'm telling you they fierce. This is why I'm telling you we're gonna get an audit we are spoken and an ice. We're gonna we're gonna go so we're gonna so get audited 781 -- -- call administration offices. The operator said call back at 9 AM they have been swamped with calls since yesterday afternoon. They are really feeling the heat reference -- forty -- WRKO. Dole -- hope -- saying that correctly. Dawn my about dom thank you for holding and welcome to the coroner report on WRKO. I'm a position in the surgeon who actually train their heart school in the I graduated in from do you law school. The problem here is that. There's no patient right in Massachusetts. For example doctors win 92% of malpractice cases in port. Juries are very reluctant to find against doctors and hospitals. Talk show host and I must say including you Sean Hannity bill O Reilly talking about frivolous lawsuits. So this is what the people get sure -- so -- and try and attorney Ian Hart playing third. Anti victim my patients. This -- this is what happened. -- have no more rights in the court. It's not so much that judges are doing the bad job picture that you used to trying trying again -- -- -- on energy throughout -- courses are cherry. Like -- in general they're used to jury trying for the hospital in the darker. If you hear this term for bullets or since -- do you think -- struggle losses to Massachusetts. Do you root your -- Ctrl+Alt. Country there's no triple flustered to Massachusetts why because they're outlaw it. We have the tribunal walk before you -- doctorate hospital you have to -- stretcher -- -- wouldn't commit -- independent doctor. You're an independent -- tribunal. So therefore. -- lawsuits for. Are illegal in Massachusetts they don't happen yet trying men congregate -- listen to talk shows they talk about struggle lawsuits frivolous lawsuits. These politicians see who passed laws they don't even know they outlaw electrical sources. So this is really what happens when patient -- get eroded. So much now on another issue. We. Hear a whole -- dom but before we get to that. Look I gotta tell you this but we have we have an avalanche -- frivolous lawsuits in this state and across the country and I'll give you an example. -- you're driving a car. Art and somebody. And before you know what that person has a right to sue the pants off the -- she made a mistake of hitting somebody in the back. -- aren't very you're -- -- -- are currently own an outdoor cook I'll give an example here I'll -- a classic example there was a nice girl she was a nurse. And other clinics that I go to. And she was on her way to work mind -- -- business and going 225 miles an hour she had a Dunkin' Donuts coffee. She was taking a sip it literally slipped out of -- -- it's very hot coffee he burned her lap she'd look down. Before you know what she hit the car in front runner stops on. She had a -- twenty miles an hour. Or bumper. Just a little little fender Bender. -- she's back crying at the office already got a lawyer they're already suing they want millions of dollars in damages. Then neck hurts -- but Kurtz they'll never be able to work again so this person's pro life has been utterly ruined economically destitute. Because of a fender Bender. Well a trial lawyers -- would all do respect the trial lawyers have been -- think. On people in this country so you're gonna tell -- -- frivolous lawsuits -- you're kidding me and let me tell you hold on second point penalty to respond. Second point. This is where you and Reagan fundamentally disagree. This is not an issue of patients' rights. This is an issue of parental rights. Not patients' rights. And a parent is in charge of the teenager it's their child it's not your child. It's not Boston children's future two -- hospital's child and it's certainly not the judges try I just tried tribal. So if they believed that their child has might -- Kong's real disease. And you have experts at tufts medical center saying she has Michael Collins real disease or who the hell. Is a liberal judge or a couple of social workers or psychiatrist. At Boston's Children's Hospital or you. To tell the parents what's best for their kid never mind ripped a kid from the custody of their parents this is not Nazi Germany. -- or -- let me respond to that first of all the issue of the nurse drinking their cup -- In Massachusetts you can't name the amount of money you're suing excellent someone telling you they're suing for million dollars. It doesn't matter they're gonna be soon moved. Or allow fender Bender because they got an ambulance chaser who's trying to destroy this woman's life your career. They were screwed because insurance company won't current. Sure the insurance companies don't have paid the money look are you a shill for the trial lawyers -- really honestly did a more important to talk about -- corporate priority is normal every listen every every serious expert in the country and around the world. Says that we need serious tort reform. Because everybody's suing everybody in this country. So don't stand there and tell me that the more frivolous lawsuits when there are frivolous lawsuits. -- I can't open up a TV I can't watch Judge Judy without seeing that immediate trial lawyer what's his name coming on to stupid cowboy hat if you are off hole. You'll have a lawyer. So don't stand there tell me there weren't frivolous lawsuits not forget that I don't care about frivolous lawsuits let me ask you this we'll -- you appreciate. Why should we just steal hold on why should Justine Pelletier. You're not be with her mother and father today explain. If you are for mother father but the -- why -- not what the mother she is because the hospitals are so used to winning cases in court. They never -- cases because bridge juries only let the hearts yeah. I'm talking about the jury decision juvenile court you should know better than anybody there's no jarring you know there are prepared before you actually get I was listening -- look what appears to point -- little here's the point okay. Don't here's the point here. Who gave the psychiatrist at Boston Children's Hospital. Who gave DC you have the authority to snatch Justine Pelletier from her parents and don't popular through most of us are. How port -- to your party opponent I didn't really authority or eight jury pictured here note that the world shot well jury. It -- public yet surely public open from the public when the personal jury I listen mark for all listen -- happen. Listen there was one judge. There were social workers and their psychiatrists. So there's no jury and there's more public at practice was done behind the back of the public. Know what you want is a license for trial lawyers to go out and shall and shall ensue by the way I have news for you when this thing is seven Don. I guarantee you. Not Pelletier is how the mother of all lawsuits so they're gonna get the lawsuit and they're gonna win. The question is will her daughter be a life or be debt that's the only issue now. 6172666868. Is the number that's why this state is in the mess that its Internet. Not does not frivolous lawsuits you know all no problem here. Since the charges aren't the problem is social workers aren't the problem the liberal culture isn't the problem loan if you conservative talk show host talking about frivolous lawsuits yup that's the problem I would say just your Pelletier. Ever -- -- sue the pants off of a hospital right away. Cindy Europe next unbelievable Cindy Europe next thanks for holding. Yet that's unbelievable you're right it people don't know the truth about Mattison and I have to say I. I research really thoroughly iams pet therapies in the United States and what's going on with the children -- that but the hospital in the government are now involved with each other and and the children have no ride there they're actually being active I think they're being killed. An injured by the chemotherapy or radiation in the third reason -- not a typical case it's just getting out of control. People don't know how bad the medical system really is it going to look at it it was the case but young boy that was given came out late in the eight and the doubt that would kill any child. Hewitt bought into that treatment and after he died they showed up a documentary Belmont that's Atkins Diet though apparently. They'll paint all vote medical bills they had to be yeah. They couldn't find any god. The they're completely I'm broke. After the medical system got a hold that child and now it is very important state the United States that allow families to actually. Decide how has the -- going to be treated. -- you -- -- -- eight I state that has to be done state by a statement to distribute the second they do that because I'm. I I felt so badly that the children in the Stanley that happy people the medical system and it doing it blindly or not. Getting informed consent they don't realize that natural method -- Late if you people are like eight interest competition in mental deficiency is. Whatever it is toxicity if you get rid of all that that the fight will heal -- -- that's something that's being and I all the people the true. And if you spend it there -- cases of it happening all the time what -- terrible diseases being. Actually securities that that -- -- even cancer. -- -- the can be accurate everything has to introduce these commitment and everything -- -- wanna give a pharmaceutical track yet they're not comfortable stride. If nothing that the people don't realize how toxic. Environment making everybody. -- you know that the truth and it and it's all being denied -- everybody they don't know which. Simply thank you so much look I'll be honest with you look I like natural medicine and I take vitamins myself. I listen to doctor Michael Savage I'm a big fan of of natural. Health and and and taking vitamins. I'm not sold down on pharmaceuticals as others are. I have blood pressure they were great I have cholesterol they were great I'm very grateful for my medicines. My point is even -- to me it is such a moderate commonsensical point. I temple leaders even a debate but only in this state is this a raging debate. It's my child. If your child. I have -- right to multiple opinions from doctors who by the way I greatly respect and admire. In the end it's my decision. And it's Greece's decision. It's not the government's decision it's not a liberal judges' decision and it's not BCF's decision. If that who flew and Linda Pelletier. Believe their child has my -- Kong's real disease. And tufts medical center one of the world's leading experts says yes. And other experts say yes. And they have a right to go with profits. Boston's Children's Hospital has no business no right no power. To take that child the way she ripped it from the arms of the parents. How of them lose custody treat it treat support kid free year against her will. And now that she's dying but she's wasting away because the treatments haven't worked -- GI's have been treated for mitochondria disease now the same judge who caused all the problems or. I want to jump the gun one of the judges -- been causing all of this problem. -- Johnson puts her in a Foster home. The rights of the parents. Trump the rights of the state. Now if we can't agree on -- my friends we can't agree on anything. Because then we'll have a free society. 6172666868. Is the number. Pom Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Yes Jeff I don't think it is bingo it. But I think we got to go even further the globe reported five about the kids and a lot -- keep -- mind. And at the same thing happened I don't know what the specific doubt we got to look at that back. -- because they're just trying to coveted I don't know that that god is a coveted name and they used to have a good reputation. But I wouldn't bring a doctor that many well. Thank you for that call Tom look I'll be honest with you I I'm going to be very -- I've heard wonderful things about Boston Children's Hospital. I don't want this one case. To tarnish the wonderful work that many doctors do there. So my point is this -- could be your child it's time to send the message. To that to the administrators the social workers meaning old DC -- the judges it's not your child it's our child. Hands off my kids 6172666868. Is the number. 853 on the great WRKO. We'll be right back after this short break. Action Jeter flame thrower hill raiser he can only eighteen my.