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Google Looking For Intellectual Humility

Feb 27, 2014|

Giant internet company Google does not look to hire elitist top college graduates because they tend to lack intellectual humility. Instead Google looks for the ability to step back and embrace other people’s ideas when they’re better. Howie thought Google has it right.

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I'm not a big Google fan for obvious reasons very left wing organization. Idea. They. They don't put a picture of of Christ or anything religious on Christmas Day. Acacia and noticed yet today I want to rule. And they've got. A tribute you know with the letters to -- -- buying back. The great California novelist. -- the best novels ever and they've got all of his books listed the grapes of cannery. Row travels with Charley. East of Eden. Setter etc. -- and myself so so John's 112. Birthday. Warrants 8080. Tribute on Google but. Jesus Christ's birthday does not warn that knee. Tribute on Google. However having having said that there's something's about to play like I just read this story here today. From the Internet why Google doesn't hear about hiring top college graduates which is kind of like -- segue from last hour you know. Mean here we have here your we have Obama you know a guy who. Went to all these top schools but obviously is not terribly bright. And it and I'm not saying that you know the people who would hire him because you know their their they keep their PC in their options are wracked with white -- open etc. seller. But according to this story. Google has spent years in analyzing who succeeds at the company. And they've moved away from focus on GPA's brand -- schools in an interview brain -- users. In an interview with the New York Times Tom Friedman Google's head of people operations Laszlo bock. Detailed what the company looks for an increasingly it's not about credentials. Successful young graduates. Have been. -- to rely on power which makes them unable to face the failed gracefully. So Google looks for the ability to step back and embrace other people's idea -- when they're better. It's intellectual humility without humility you were unable to learn says he's the crude for Google. Successful bright people really experience failing failure and so they don't know how to learn from that failure. Most people have an unfortunate reaction -- access. They instead commit a fundamental attribution area error which is that which is that something good happens it's because I'm a genius. If something bad happens it's because someone's an idiot or I didn't get the resources of the market -- What we've seen. Is that the people who were most successful here we want to -- will have a fierce position they'll argue like hell they'll be zealots about their point of view. But then they say here's a new fact in they'll go oh well that changes things your right. People that make it without college are often the most exceptional. Talent exists in so many places that hiring managers rely on a few schools are using it as a -- and missing out access. When you look at people who don't go to school and make their way in the world those are exceptional human beings and we should do everything we can find those people. Most schools don't deliver on what they promise. Fox says -- generate a ton of debt in return for not learning what's most useful it's an extended adolescence success. Where is that ever true. Colleges and extended adolescence. Succeeding in academia is a -- was a sign of being able to do a job. Mean this again is something that seems -- totally self evident that you've been in the work world while. -- previously said the college can be an artificial environment the conditions for one type of thinking I cue was less valuable learning on the fly access. For every job -- the number one thing we've looked for his general -- availability. In its not IQ. It's learning ability it's the ability to process on the fly it's the ability to pull together desperate bits of information. We assessed using structured behavioral interviews the -- validate to make sure there are predictive predictive. He was going pretty well until that last sentence and they kind of fell into jargon we're you we assessed that using structured. Behavioral interviews that we validate to make sure their predictive. It behavioral interviewing contests in contrast with post that asked people to figure out how many tennis balls fit into a tennis court. Might see how they were big house seat might see how you reacted to a particularly difficult problem in the past. They can also help find people who fit the company's definition of leadership. It's not about leaving a club at school or an impressive prior title blocks as. But the ability to step up and leave when it's necessary. So. This is this is different than you know whether or not who you know this does we've just in the past and talked about this a lot you know there's going to college mean anything. But this is I guess this is a different this is different type of question. Does it mean anything to be a student leader does it mean anything to have a really good grades in college. Mean it all means something that good grades in college if you wanna go to say via professional school law school. Med school sort of like that but I mean this it does it really make you -- battery employee. Five or ten years down the road furor. -- fight beta kappa. Or -- -- Or or your. Dean's list. You know for a or or you're one of those a big big. You know while. For. Fraternal like organizations because you're a big -- BM -- a big man on campus. I don't think so I don't think so. I think a lot of these guys what what. I don't know about bush met and a brand I don't know they graduate college or not the of those two guys from -- from who. But that we we know that we know Bill Gates did not graduate right from Harvard. Mark Zuckerberg did not graduate from Harvard. And they're certainly doing a lot better. 1877469432218774694322. Oh my god there's no way that guy -- Obama could get a job but who would the guy is never admitted he's ever been wrong it's always somebody else's fault. She -- so well this is what they're saying they don't they don't want a person like that they don't want somebody who's always had and it was almost thinking it's somebody else's fault. Because that person is if something goes wrong and you have to correct on the fly. He's just gonna be just a point the finger at somebody else when you need to just be getting down to -- and a trip to straighten out the masks. 18774694322. Ocean park ocean park don't go out that their car that's that that's that life for ocean park when they were gonna change the name of land. But with the BC says 617 if your daughter lives in the mod your IQ will drop by at least ten points. She's gonna be living in the march should be -- be off campus. Engineering yes -- matter. Rush -- Russia no college there's another guy with no college rush liked his job. So that really matter if -- rush liked his job Zuckerberg liked his job. Gates like his job that's the most important thing I mean again I know you know if you wanna be a lawyer you gotta go to law school and passed the bar exam. Of course it took the ball Patrick and his lieutenant governor three times reached past the marks him in the last judge they appointed took him three times the past bargaining. Well of course you wouldn't hire any of those people either widget to pick up pick up your dry cleaning I don't think I know I certainly wouldn't. 18774694322187. Good GPA equals great work ethic and able to be taught. But I'm not sure good GPA means that much anymore I mean issues. I get. I should these people come out of college in the they'd they'd they're not terribly well read don't get any literary allusions. That you that you may. They I mean that they may be good you know at Xbox or something like that but. I don't consider them -- I don't consider them very well educated. Now most problem. 18774694322. Mark your next with how we cargo ahead mark. I Kelly stuck in the last dollar overall changes around a little -- and I know what Obama want. Want to be economics of this one question. Why hasn't he addressed the health care deadline that's coming up on March 31. Without the nation and a record deep breeze. And half the nation and that drought. Advocates in this news on his news channel. Not rocks. But what I don't listed questions. All right. California and a drought and -- yes fruit and vegetables. And a double price. Right haven't been able to grow we you know part of that is all part of that part mark. A part of that you understand is that. It in the old days they would they -- they had reservoirs and they were trapped the Rainwater is that came men and in recent years though the EPA. Has ordered. As ordered the counties in the state of California. Collect Rainwater. Go win for the Pacific Ocean. So that water that they could normally used to was ameliorate the drought. Is now been turned into salt. Water. Okay what about half the nation and our record deep freeze system how are gonna take. In charge when they have these record oil bills such. I don't know what but it would certainly be nicer if they started allowing fracking all around the country where that and they and they and they started building the Keystone Pipeline so we can get a little cheaper oil. Mean it's kind of crazy that we're driving around here. With these high gas prices overly and that is just practically. Swimming is that they its practice that's floating were practically floating on oil. Thanks for the call 187746943221. The the that bid diploma means a lot for that first job I I know that diploma means a lot for the first job but. You know what else means a lot for the first job if you if you win turned at a place and and you showed them that you were pretty good. At whatever -- at whatever you were doing. I don't think it I don't think it really matters that much where you went to school if you impress somebody in the end and they know that you can fill in and that you could fill a hole. Yeah and that here if they're not there that you could take over in and there are certain things that you can handle it if they've got an appointment in the morning. And if you know -- they are more likely to hire you and -- if you went to war. You know. It's state state you. And then if you went to war harbored and and then we're just a complete spot. When you were were when you were in turning the previous summer because you thought it was beneath you. Dennis your next with how we cargo ahead of us. Ohio a couples thing you would talk about intelligence things I know quite a bit about that but one other -- -- wanted to make was on the 57 states I. Looked it up on the Internet and my gut feeling tells me that Obama's referring. To the 57 states and they all -- Which is news organizations Islamic. Autry yeah. Now I've heard -- for people say that no panacea. Now the other thing is towards what other intelligence official himself. I think they've discovered. A quite awhile ago. Is that -- observation is I remember when kids in school. It's too late now. They didn't they had a difficult time an English. And it's -- that word in the English had a difficult time in -- And we take a look at the I accuse him made up of durable and nondurable. In my gut feeling about all this up is that if you did an -- that means you get to communicate well and talks which makes you. It's a typical politics. And would also explain. Ways people can talk but they don't have the number oval skills. Just put I don't know that makes sense to. Why does I does I was always good -- English and I was never got a map. Now amid I was OK it math but I was a lot better at. Billable skills in reading and writing and that kind of thing. You know my skills and the problem solving and English was terrible going to solve this topic OK is it. Here's I've got this all figured out and when you look at these politicians think why can't they figure that out this is really easy. The thing is it the thing is though I think if you if you read you know we've -- if you just read like a couple of newspapers every day like a lot of kids used to do when I was a kid. You know you pretend to -- you don't you may not be like you know John Steinbeck of without that we're thinking about today because it's his birthday but. But you can generally write well enough to it to get by you can write in complete sentences and the problem is that not enough kids read today and that's why the that's why they can't that that's why they don't -- to right right -- Writing is a product of the reading. And it's it's as simple as that and I think that's what I think again I don't think Barack Obama ever read that much. And that's why that's why I think he -- he support right and that's and that's obviously why he knows nothing about history. Most people who like to read. Read at least some history and they have an understanding of -- past events and how past events tend to. Repeat themselves down through. The nearest thanks for the call 1877469. 4322. Mumbled must be a math genius ha ha -- How we all these people defending college or tried to justify their ten year old student loan debt college doesn't mean anything. I think you have to do I think you have to have some college you know it to get you at least your foot in the door even if just and in turn four in that the war. But once you get your what you get in the door even as even if it's just as an intern if you could impress people. Those people are going to be your future employers are gonna be a lot less a lot more likely to bring you back again if you've done a good job as an intern. 187746943221. Now are. 1877469432218774694322. Why Google doesn't care about hiring a top college graduates. Guess some people said that that they really do they'd really are still hiring a lot of Ph.D.s but they just they want that the code for the simple code jobs that just soon have. You know some some ham and tiger who just got out of some state school you know what bout with without particularly good grades. I don't know I I don't I don't see that. They got there -- that impressed by people with Ph.D.s. Especially Ph.D.s. -- now. -- what what is a PH day. That means your psychologist I mean if your psychiatrist. You know she got at least if you got stabbed it may be the psychiatrist could. That could so you -- to do with decent job so -- up. And he pitcher went -- to some prescriptions to cut down. Would -- psychologist. Ecologists -- is just there for to talk. PH when they say. BS. In masks that means more more BS and a Ph.D. piled higher and deeper. 1877469432. To -- news was depressing Huckabee -- bush were doomed. I don't I don't put too much rate that poll that said they did Iowa poll may have a Huckabee was at a pack. That's Huckabee could make it as a talk show host. And always going to be president. I don't I don't see that happen in it was ahead of Rand Paul seventeen to fourteen and and bush was behind one that was -- All right 18774694322. -- talk about not paying attention BO was 100 senators even if completely bored and only occasionally attendants you think -- realized votes typically up to 100 not a 114. And that there were two senators from every state. Times fifty not 57 talk about the billions to learn on the opera problems all. Data. Exactly. I could and a canoe with you more. Gutsy putt -- Ph.D. piled higher and deeper. Ph.D. postal here. From officer marks what degree in Byzantine history will get to that great job -- Who will. Officer mark I took one course in in in mideast history was even Byzantine history mideast history in college and it was some Byzantine history -- But mainly I've I've studied Byzantine history after he got out of college was well liked it. It's it I I read I read does not just and not because I feel I want or something because it entertains me. I'd like I'd like. I enjoyed this in team history. I enjoy you trashy pulp novels from the forties and fifties through in Jordan more than a more than my injury crappy TV shows I admit it. But I'm I'm not -- I never thought I could make a living in Byzantine history from boredom much stoop it. Well stupid -- not that's the Bob your next with -- cargo ahead Bob. -- -- I -- -- replay. -- discussion earned a spot in business leaders all at eight sites yeah I'd expect. But there was quite well on that can't culture at a college education ever went to college. And it she'll probably the most impressive person -- at -- -- the most. And basically took our company you know a kitchen that you that actual grant or keep it -- up peculiar. And so compelling to the -- pocket. August told she couldn't do you know college education. About our great debate national. Not at the church but I think their biggest pointless. -- sure that they are a how much she's still -- that they are. -- just a refreshing to see that there is being more where people coming out of school just don't have obvious that -- to do everything right now. Will be better she must've thought the people were stupid you know when there's and you can't succeed making cupcakes because you didn't go to college. You don't need to go to college to make cupcakes. There aren't any cupcake majors in college. Exactly why don't you turn -- potentially a national brand that you've got a -- at three million dollar company now growing at. You're right it should cheaper reminder I think you ought to do you create this product had a this situation -- should be everywhere. And people just the last batter but he kept. That's what you that's what you always if you if you like what you're doing you have such a greater chance of succeeding than if you don't like what you're doing. Exactly -- disparate range thanks urge you like what what you doing. Just -- to be -- -- the world that can make a profit that you can you know everything is successful I thought that's the most common sense advice I ever heard. A -- as soccer technical or all the other stuff is great. And it's great that the demise to that spot police but. You know -- and actually running at -- it's common sense that all the -- but I think successful. Was working with a guy last week he was helping me out some -- stuff and and finally he had he gave us summaries so many good things that we were using to. Beat the crap out of the globe -- stories just you were we were dominating last week we're still pretty good shape this week. And I said I should go and finally the senate hope you get paid for the little stuff I've -- for a long time so I hope you get paid for the world this stuff because this is really valuable. And he said well. It's I'd tell me in some ways but it basically I'm doing it because I like to do it and I -- settlement ever thought about this before says you know it's really. Refreshing to work with a guy who's. Vocation is his Al vocation because I don't like guys going to be worked in. Four hours a day right. That's that's that's what that's what that's where I'm looking for if I worry if I were written from a company I worry I want a guy who loves the job so much you want to comment. These -- come -- and now on you know what 4:30 in the morning to walk like a were original story about the Pimco you know the bond company. In this at all those guys used to come in at 430 in the where they they they have this nice quote unquote campus right on the Pacific Ocean. These guys would come minutes 4:30 in the morning just because they knew that -- roast Leo the gross and a and Al Arian the two guys that -- company we're gonna be there at 430 in the scorn and they're just they're grass and you know shown that there there. But it up if you really if you really going there as you wanna be there that's the next great thanks for the call ball. 1877469432218774694322. Great -- I have a Ph.D. would you like -- would you like Fries with that -- from Joseph and national. College can be overrated I'm Poland 200 K with a high school education all the pins -- person's self confident and again how parties want to work. Mike you're next with how we cargo have Mike. There hours and explained you how intelligent upfront and relatives. Yes. Outsmart your ability to ignorant stupid people adorable all -- Stick. -- the doors are ordered gonna -- them. Are all about the other -- it were pretty do that made people wanna poke at. But I think it boils down to what you just said I'm gonna give you more stop than the other and Mitt Romney or John McCain is gonna take away your freestyle. And Howard outside are nervous tomorrow obviously upcoming election. Is already a line about what this and at. The very symbol. And you're going to be quite the -- -- the Republicans. Say I tried to get America -- that evil Republicans. Now. That might you -- said no Harry Reid said no I want ST Harry Reid get Harry Reid is the one set I'm -- -- with us. You know. How's -- how's -- gonna push to get pushed us. I know Harry Reid always gets the benefit of the doubt you know he's he he lied about that Mitt Romney not paying taxes now he's lying about the they're not being any. That repercussions. On patients from obamacare but you know he's. They can't get away from the fact that he's -- one -- I'm out you know the he'll be out of this of this minimum wage that. I don't think the minimum wage is gonna work. As a as an issue thanks for the call like a now card. Seven anyone says how we saw a guy that had a Ph.D. in culinary arts and try to get a job as an executive -- ship. Right out of school which are faster than he had experience he did not was laughed right out of the office it'll come back when he had experience. There is no degree to -- your hard work and determination. I would think that he did he. He would have been better off who went to work in the kitchen -- -- now we are.